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    This was supposed to be a joke but I ended up making myself look like an ass. I won't do it again. Sorry folks. EDIT: I'm going to be more careful with what I post. I'm sorry if I pissed people off. I'll think twice before I speak...er, post.
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    Does Sonic Unleashed Stack Up?

    I'll be frank about this: You are trying to play Devil's Advocate for a situation for which it doesn't apply. Except when the game obfuscates what the "proper" way to play it is. Then it is the game's fault. Let me put it this way: You ring a bell. You get a piece of candy. You ring a bell. You get a piece of candy. You ring a bell. You get a piece of candy. You ring a bell. You get a piece of candy. Etc. One day, you ring the bell and you get a piece of candy. When you go to put it in your mouth, I punch you in the face. Now, is it your fault for ringing the bell, or is it my fault for deliberately defying your expectations after spending so long purposely building them up? Because that is basically Unleashed's difficulty curve in a nutshell.
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    The Logo Thread

    I'm really surprised nobody's posted this yet: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0OAQe5UlpGI This is an absolutely brilliant short film which I encourage everybody to watch and enjoy.
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    20th Anniversary Animation Concept

    lol, it's not our fault that new My Little Pony series is kinda addicting.
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    Why do you like sonic ?

    I'm going to have to disappoint you all in being the extremely weird person here and not liking chili. But as I recall, I can remember wanting to play Sonic way back when I was little, whenever I saw small glimpses of him, be it in a commercial or a game review or watching someone else play the game. It's weird though, it was a subtle enough want that I never even thought to ask for a Sonic game for my birthday or Christmas, and none of my other family members were interested in the game, so I never got to play any Sonic games until.... late 2009. Bam. I try Ultimate Flash Sonic, love at first sight. (no gay) Then I go to load up an emulator and I immediately play Sonics 1, 2, 3, and a little bit later, Sonic & Knuckles, when I realized it existed, liking those even more. The rest is history. In short I kinda always knew I would like Sonic, I just never tried a Sonic game until relatively recently. I remember getting a jolt of excitement the first time I made Sonic move to the right. Wow, THAT'S fast. Much faster than any other video game character I've played. Oh yeah, favorite Sonic game. I'd have to say Sonic 3 & Knuckles.
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    Indigo Rush

    Rebecca Black

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    Speak for yourself buddy, I don't mind it, theres a lot of other cartoons out there which are much worse than Sonic X.
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    Dark Qiviut

    Rebecca Black

    ...And why the heck should you hate her? 1. She never wrote the lyrics. That blame goes to the person who actually composed the song. 2. Before Ark began producing the song, she was given two song options. "Friday" was her choice; the other one might've had worse lyrics for all we know. 3. Removing the autotune, her voice is actually quite decent. Listen to her singing a verse of the Star-Spangled Banner, and you'll hear a really decent singing voice. 4. She's thirteen and had zero intention to gain all this notoriety. If anything, it was produced because she just wanted to sing and have people she knew get involved. Fame and displaced hatred weren't on her mind. Put your anger on the studios, because Black was merely a bystander and poster-girl for this.

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