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    This was supposed to be a joke but I ended up making myself look like an ass. I won't do it again. Sorry folks. EDIT: I'm going to be more careful with what I post. I'm sorry if I pissed people off. I'll think twice before I speak...er, post.
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    The Logo Thread

    I'm really surprised nobody's posted this yet: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0OAQe5UlpGI This is an absolutely brilliant short film which I encourage everybody to watch and enjoy.
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    My post applies to this as well. If I'm not mistaken, Sonic takes 3 turns in a row. And did you just intentionally ignore the quote where Shadow said Sonic was the fastest? We've never SEEN Big the Cat break the sound barrier, that doesn't mean he can't do it. And I feel like mentioning that CSS said that "If you wanted to be an ass, you could bring that up." Congrats. Because those are machines. They aren't alive. We're talking about organic beings and their natural abilities. And by the way, that title isn't thrown around because it sounds cool; Sonic is the fastest thing alive. And to a further point, those sections where they "outpace" Sonic, his top speed seems to mysteriously cap itself, even when boosting. Observe that when you get the chance. You'll be surprised. Yeah, we've gathered that by now. You're entitled to that viewpoint, even though you've ignored everything we've said. Shadow being second to Sonic isn't beyond the suspension of disbelief though, but then again, we haven't matched Blaze for Shadow in a proper race. (Funnily enough, you can argue that Blaze uses her pyrokinesis to accelerate faster as well, looking at her Sonic Rush animations) Sonic's the best at speed. Shadow's the best at Chaos energy. Knuckles is the strongest. Tails is the best at flying and mechanics. Amy is the best at stalking and wielding giant hammers. Big is the best at being chill. Everyone has a strength, and no other character is rendered obsolete. And please actually read my post again about how the other characters can still keep a quick enough pace to facilitate the traditional Sonic gameplay mechanics, because I'm not convinced you did so much as glance at my post Nice attitude there, boy. Didn't you just get through a whole rant about how Sonic and Shadow are equal? You're not making a very solid argument. And I told you this. See? You really don't read. We're deducing the outcome with educated theories and prior knowledge to the game series as a whole. If there's really no point to the discussion, then why are you even here?
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    20th Anniversary Animation Concept

    lol, it's not our fault that new My Little Pony series is kinda addicting.
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    Indigo Rush

    Rebecca Black

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    Speak for yourself buddy, I don't mind it, theres a lot of other cartoons out there which are much worse than Sonic X.
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    Dark Qiviut

    Rebecca Black

    ...And why the heck should you hate her? 1. She never wrote the lyrics. That blame goes to the person who actually composed the song. 2. Before Ark began producing the song, she was given two song options. "Friday" was her choice; the other one might've had worse lyrics for all we know. 3. Removing the autotune, her voice is actually quite decent. Listen to her singing a verse of the Star-Spangled Banner, and you'll hear a really decent singing voice. 4. She's thirteen and had zero intention to gain all this notoriety. If anything, it was produced because she just wanted to sing and have people she knew get involved. Fame and displaced hatred weren't on her mind. Put your anger on the studios, because Black was merely a bystander and poster-girl for this.
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    Dark Sonic

    Wow, didn't think people would disapprove of Dark Sonic that much. Well, I like how Diogenes at least compares Dark Sonic to other things. Your comparisons to Darkspine and Werehog Sonic remind me of Riku from Kingdom Hearts. He was once devoted to the darkness, but now he fights on the side of light whilst using his dark powers to gain a new and unseen power. I see Dark Sonic as a Dark Riku, except Dark Riku's clothing changes and the transformation can be controlled to a certain extent. What I really don't like is when people just say "Dark Sonic sucks @$ cuz he looks like some crappy fan recolor job done in MS Paint". I think that the entire dark side aspect of Sonic brings a whole new idea to the Sonic world. Sonic has always fought purely for good. Even in Black Knight when he said "Guess I can't be the hero every time", he was still fighting to stop Merlina from ultimately ruining the kingdom. Not every hero needs to be a hero forever. It might even get, dare I say, boring after a while. Its kinda interesting to see a new side of Sonic besides his darker and stronger forms that STILL fight for the force of good. I like seeing Sonic just burst into anger and fight people using nothing more than pure rage. Of course, doing this forever would be cliche and fan fictiony, but being able to occasionally transform would fix that right up.
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