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    Actually, Sonic Battle accomplished something most (pff, more like all of them) never accomplished. I found out when I started playing it these days, and noticed something. The characters we normally don't see them talking with each other, were actually talking with each other. Lots of character development. Since when could you see people like Sonic talking to Rouge, or Tails talking to Rouge? You normally saw Knuckles and Rouge fucking nit-picking each other for the shards of the Master Emerald. Zero character development. Though really hard on the player at times, (ugh, especially in early Emerl parts) Sonic Battle had a little story that was pretty damn cliché, but the way the characters socialized with each other was intriguing. Not to mention, each and every single on of these characters' little individual stories formed this sort of chain of connection with the Big Picture, which was Emerl turning into this uncontrollable monster, and they had to stop him. it had it's customization bits for new combos and strategies, Challenge Mode... All in all, it was pretty good. And I don't think I've seen any Fighting game on the GameBoy Advance that wasn't the omnipresent Street Fighter. EDIT: If you're a Sonic Adventure 2 fan, and you don't like this game, I'm frankly quite surprised. It looks more like a fanservice to those fans of SA 1 and SA 2 to me. Sort of like Dissidia, just much cheaper.
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    It doesn't fucking matter! What the fucking hell is wrong with you people? It doesn't matter how easy or hard they found it, the fact is it's a crime and you are siding with the criminals. Again, what planet are you guys living on!?
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    Oh fuck off... This whole 'well hackers are doing this to make things better' argument is the biggest load of justifiable bullshit I've ever heard. What you are saying is that is the same level of stupidity as saying that it was the bank/shop/garage/pub's fault that it got robbed and that it should have invested in a better security system. I feel like I've gone to la-la land when I read some of these replies about how it's the fault of the company that got hacked. What planet are you people on? In what other situation would you praise a criminal for breaking into somewhere and blame the person who had their property stolen?
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    I once cried because Sonic's World wasn't real.
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    What are you guys talking about, we're celebrating Shadow's 10th Anniversary in less than two weeks! I'm hoping for the announcement of Shadow Generations! :D :D
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    I'm not tired of Green Hill. I never will be tired of Green Hill. It's fucking Green Hill.
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    This. Lulzsec's actions have supersceded their original intentions. Their initial intentions was to point out glaring faults in a companies security infrastructure. That's well-intentioned if a little misguided attempt at bettering the situation. Now, however, they're starting to fuck with peoples' personal information. This is NOT funny any more. I'm going to be explicit here. If you DO think its funny, then you are fucking retarded. Empathy is required in this situation, not smugness. If you think its funny now, then chances are it hasn't affected you, but if it does affect you, then chances are, you'll stop finding it funny. Again, they are now fucking with peoples' personal details. Yeah, they may not post it anywhere, but the fact that they hold it, is enough. A group of real, malicous cyber-criminals, may then attack Lulzsec themselves to take the information from them, rather than from the companies directly. This would be realtively easy for them to do, whilst Lulzsec are too busy worrying about corparate and legal action (or are too naive to realise the implications and are simply laughing about it), and the governments and corparations are busy hunting Lulzsec down, these criminals can sneak in amongst the Chaos and nab the info. This information, regardless of its source, can ruin peoples' lives. It is no Joke, and it really shows how immature and naive Lulzsec are for thinking this is acceptable and funny. I want these fuckers jailed, so they can quiety contemplay the serious implications their actions can have. Its like Velo said; nothing is unhackable, and Lulzsec or any similar group is no exception. If they can hack a company and steal information, then criminals can hack them and steal the information too, or at least determine how the information was obtained and implement the same or a similar technique. Opening a wound in this volatile environment is just asking for an infection.
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    *looks at comments* "Oh wow, these actually aren't ba-" "*Sigh*, well one comment is alright I gue- WOAH." *Comment by DissidentGenro* *DissidentGenro* *DissidentGenro*
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    It'd be much easier to sympathize with these hackers if they weren't inadvertantly hurting customers in the process by taking their personal info. You want to prove a point to the corporations? Fine; leave a note. Why do you have to steal sensitive information to "get the point across" and leave me, the customer, open to fraud when I've done nothing wrong in this scenario? It's completely counterintuitive to their so-called message. We're not absolving these companies of the responsibility of protecting us either. We're simply saying we're tired of these guys constantly ruining shit, and saying, "Well, the companies should do better," doesn't address the fact that these guys are still constantly ruining shit. This is all ignoring their pettiness, however; they went after PBS for airing a documentary they didn't like. So noble. Keep fighting the good fight.
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    I'm with Hogfather on this one. I really don't think we should be praising or glorifying these hackers, because even if they are "proving a point" they still have many people's personal information, which they shouldn't be having. Seriously, what you guys are saying is pretty much the equivelant of saying "That girl was wearing revealing clothing so she deserved to be raped".
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    Sonic Generations: PSN/XBL Demo

    I see...i didn't know about the twitter that only said about the demo. The "soon" came straight from Iizuka-san, can't get more reliable than that. I mean you can hear it at the videos from Sonic Boom unless i am mistaken. You know what i'm going to find that video and see it again so i can put aside any doubts i have. Okay, okay i found a good vid that you can hear what Iizuka-san and Aaron says. Here: Go to 4:17 and see until the end. Iizuka-san announces the Demo and he says that he can't give specifics and we should wait for Sega to announce it "very soon" Also Aaron says that exclusicely announced at Sonic Boom etc etc coming in the near future. Well that's that!
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    So it's entirely okay if I were to hack into a website you log into and frequent, steal your e-mail and contact information and do whatever the hell I want with it because I'm under the excuse that I'm 'pointing out security flaws?' Even under the pretense that the security was sub-par or as you say 'nonexistent' I still think that's a load of shit.
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    I absolutely want to see more interaction between characters who don't normally appear together. I liked that aspect of Battle, even though it handled the characters themselves rather badly, I liked it in the Rivals games (I mean, Silver and Espio? How cool is that?) and I even got a little enjoyment out of it in ShTH, even if most of the "interaction" in that game was just other characters talking AT Shadow. And, yeah, Colours DS handled things pretty well for a platformer. It's sounding to me like Generations HD at the very least is going to follow in Colours DS's footsteps, and I can only approve of that. Also, it's obviously ShadowXOmega, you guys. Rouge is just their beard. JUST BECAUSE THEY'RE BOTH ARTIFICIAL DOESN'T MEAN THEIR LOVE ISN'T REAL
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    You're not alone there I too absolutely hate Archie Sonic's personality, what they've mutilated him into; A whorish big mouth with incompetence in the extreme. I also extremely dislike Chronicles' Sonic because of the immensity of the OOC'ness pertaining to his snarky dialogue choices. To me, the dialogue in Chronicles is almost like script you'd see in fanfiction done by an author who has a blatant disregard for both subtlety in the depiction of emotional states of characters and a fixation on turning Sonic into an asshole. As for Colours Sonic, well, he's been hit by the Flanderization bat. His character was just exaggerated and pimped-out for purpose of lame comedy. It's a far cry from the Sonic depicted in the Storybook games, who was characterized so well that he was funny without being annoying and obnoxious.
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    Green hill is to Sonic as The Mushroom kingdom is to Mario. *smug faec*
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    Any one else tired of 2d/3d?

    I felt colors had limited 3d sections but had excellent 2d. Whats funny is it works both ways for me. When I played as modern sonic in generations. 2d felt pointless with awkwardly basic platforming and I just wanted to hurry up and get back to the 3d sections. I feel as if two different teams made each game, and they should stick to what theyre good at snd market appropriatly. If one is done well the other is usally halfhearted.
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    Oh wow, didn't realise the trailer was up for download. It's good to see the game in motion on my 360. Gives a more accurate idea of how it'll feel look and everything. And it looks great.
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    I can't believe I'm about to do this, but this whole conversation reminds me of Deadly Premonition (great game by the way, well more like best terrible game ever, but still more of you should check it out). In the game, the question is posed on what makes a crime? When is a crime justifiable?I am going to use some of Agent York's wisdom to guide me here. The point is brought up how to compare these crimes, the instance of the man who cut off victims heads and used their skulls to eat from compared to small thefts at a local grocery store. Emily (the female cop) feels like her crimes were nothing compared to his. However, York disagrees. All crimes will have a "criminal" and a "victim". No "victim" will welcome a crime, no matter what the size. Fundamentally, there is no difference in size. Later in the game, such a criminal is trying to use justification to say why what he is doing the right thing, but York as he says it doesn't get what he's trying to say so he'll simplify it for him. This next scene has Deadly Premonition spoilers, but listen to the conversation between the "criminal" and Agent York. The criminal tries to justify what he is doing, but all York see's is a criminal committing a crime, no complications since what the criminal is doing is a crime and justifying it is only prettying up the problem. A criminal is a criminal, and is a criminal since they commit a crime against a victim. There are clear criminals and victims here, no excuse in the world can change that. There is another issue here about society, but these LulzSec are reaping off that excuse to commit crimes. Let that issue be dealt with on it's own, we don't need some false "justice bringer" to hack systems and commit crimes under the guise of righteousness.
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    Regarding colors, I just feel it was just marketed wrong. It was pushed as "unleashed minus werehog" when it was clearly an experimental, exploration based game. A modern day Sonic CD basically(even with the different art direction). With generations, 2d in modern is solid, but pointless to me. To casuals, classic looks pointless bc modern has 2d and 3d. To fans, moderns 2d is blatently inferior and once used as a crutch for poorly controlled 3d. I guess, now that 3d has been nearly perfected with alternate paths and good controls, id rather appreciate the potentially best 3d since sonic adventure as a complete 3d game.
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    Voice Actors

    Heres my Sonic impression which I think is pretty close... I spent a LONG TIME trying to perfect my ryan drummond impression. I do a little jaleel also, but its not as good. And my friend Kyle does a MEAN pollock impression http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Sg5Dacnh3Q
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    *facepalm* It's a clip of a new Rooftop Run, an area that was nowhere to be seen in Unleashed. It's confirmed for Generations. Why you would think otherwise is beyond me. EDIT: Photobucket may have corrupted the image. New URL. Also, lol neg rep? You guys make me laugh.
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    If Bridge Zone is in I'm buying 2 copies.
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    so its confirmed then... Nice to see a continuation of tradition.
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    ...I've been known to try running "Sonic Unleashed style" during a jog when no one was looking. ... ..... YOU KNOW YOU'VE DONE IT TOO. >_> Sh*t felt good man.
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    I once asked a friend of mine to draw an explicit picture of Silver getting raped by a giant mutant goldfish snack.
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    Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D

    Surely the 3DS battery life already has that covered.
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    All being well with work (because they've decided to really fuck me over on this one), I SHOULD be going to see TF3 in IMAX 3D, which I'm very much looking forward to. Yes, RotF wasn't a fantastic film by any stretch, but as a few people have mentioned, I just turned my brain off and enjoyed looking at what was on screen. This film should be an improvement on that, but I'm guessing we'll just have to wait and see on that one.
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    Any one else tired of 2d/3d?

    With Colors they did it wrong,the 2d overtook the 3d, 2d had too much exclusive stuff,like Wisps,the precision plattforming etc. I like the dynamic shift of Unleashed and Generations so far, neither felt like they were overtaking each other,and shared all the features so to say(plattforming,Multiple Paths). Alot of times, Unleashed neither felt 2d or 3d. Personally I think 2d used in right doses for a 3d game for the sake of Variety is always good. But neither should feel worse or better than the other.
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    I completely agree except that Sally isn't an ENTIRELY horrible character, just.. To add a thing to my "list:" -I'll admit I kinda hate Sally and Silver for the sole purpose that they kind of cockblock/vaginablock other characters. I REALLY hate Silveraze and Sonally. Besides that they're perfectly good characters, just get them the fuck out of the way of my Sonamy/Sonaze/Blazenobody. (If we end up with Sonamy, I want Blaze to stay single. There aren't really any characters besides Sonic that are suitable mates for her, imo. But then there's the problem that she's the princess, thus she'll have to take a prince eventually, right? Hopefully they just make a Rush 3 and introduce a new male character in it or something, that's the second best thing they could do besides just making Sonaze canon.)
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    Sly Cooper series

    I can't wait for the game. I already put it up for pre-order.
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    Blue Wisp

    Any one else tired of 2d/3d?

    All I want is a game like Sonic Colours but PURE 3D. THAT'S ALL I ASK FOR SEGA D:
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    PS Vita

    Whilst, you probably are right, I don't ever recall there being a game remotely like LBP on the DS and Wii (unless, I misconstrued your point). Realistically, though, you and I both know that whist the core LBP2 engine is the same, the stages given will be brand new and completely different, with various gimmicks. Calling LBP Touch "LBP2 with touch gimmicks", is about as fair as calling Mario 3DS "Mario Galaxy 2, but with 3D and Touchp-screen gimmicks". Its a harsh generalisation that can be applied anywhere. Little Diviants and Sound Shapes are obviously not system sellers, in the same sense that Steel Diver 3D is not a system seller. The only thing selling either console, is the [promise of] first-party titles; Mario, Kid Icarus on the 3DS, and Uncharted, LBP Touch on the Vita. The point I'm trying to make is, the Vita isn't devoid of any kind of pick-up-and-play games. They are there. And Sound Shapes sounds really awesome in my opinion. The level music is played as you play and beat the level. The better you are at the level, the better the music becomes. Its a really interesting concept and from impressions I've read of it, people are quite excited for it.
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    So is this topic basically to say "stop calling it Sonic 4 when it's actually Sonic 4 Episode 1"? Cause like, it's a moot point at this stage when there's only one episode.
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    Bump! Sorry for the double post. Just dropping off LOADS of videos and or links to videos. City escape modern (Gamespot) G.U.N. TRUCK CE Classic with more G.U.N. TRUCK City escape Trailer http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IKx0xWXwprA GHZ at Sonic boom with Spin dash drift. Woah that's was a lot of stuff. Good thing we don't havee to dig through that long 90 page topic anymore. Can we PLEASE post videos here so they don't get lost in topics anymore.
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    Couldn't we just leave the land alone and plant trees and plants.... just saying....
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    Dimps' version of Bridge Zone. Remember kids, you can't fix it unless you break it.
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    I like Spagonia. It almost sounds like spaghetti. And I love spaghetti. Therefore, I love Spagonia.
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    I... used to draw Sonic characters... with necks ... OH GOD I'M A MONSTER! ONLY DEATH CAN PURIFY MY SINS!
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