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    First Gameplay hack(s) of the demo.

    That just showed me why everyone needs to stop bitching about homing attacks...imagine trying to bounce on enemies...it would be the most infuriating thing to do ever. Especially if the enemies are made with the level design. You can't do Classic Sonic fast in the level and integrate outside forces without being sent to oblivion or it being a cumbersome task that few can enjoy...that's why Sonic was streamlined so that the player had some sense of control WITH a sense of speed. This only proves it further. Of course you can dumb down things and slow sonic down too Mario levels...but it would be a Sonic game now would it? Apart from that though that was indeed fucking awesome...gonna get the hacks for kicks!
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    It's certainly not as bad as it was, but it's still far below what it was before that. Considering Sonic's well-earned reputation (both of them, negative and positive), I doubt he's going to shake it off until they do something that's really, truly spectacular, rather than just good. Y'know of all the terrible things the series has done, the werehog is by far the least terrible. And no matter how many alarm bells the first werehog sighting set off (and there were many, from myself included, and they were fully justified considering what we've been through), if the whole "Sonic turns into a werewolf" concept had been handled by people with half a clue what to do with it, by people who actually wanted to make it fit the series rather than doing it as a deranged fan-baiting experiment or to serve as half a game's worth of padding, there would have been absolutely no problem with it. The more hate I see piled onto the werehog, the more I come to believe the fans have been burned so much that they're terrified of this series trying anything the least bit creative. And that's sad.
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    Arguments with idiots

    Here's a brilliant quote I found from Irish book author Clive Staples Lewis. "When I became a man I put away childish things, including the fear of childishness and the desire to be very grown up." This is how I distinguish mature people from people who are insecure about their maturity. I can play Sonic games in front of others without even a tinge of guilt. I'm as open as I can be about my interest in Sonic. Everyone practically knows me as the Sonic guy. Does it bother me if some people think Sonic is "gay" or "childish"? Not even slightly. It just goes to show that maybe they are only playing "mature" games to compensate for something.
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    Gaming Misfit

    Arguments with idiots

    This is not a thread about arguments among other SEGA fanboys and Sonic fans. This is a thread for those people that challenged your like for Sonic and tried to oppose it but had stupid reasons, or better yet NO reasons. I actually had one of these only like a week ago... It happened on a gaming forum when we were all talking about our excitement after E3. I mentioned Star Wars: The Old Republic, Skyrim, and gave a brief mention on Sonic Generations and how it had grabbed my attention as of lately. Someone asked me "Sonic Generations? What's that". I replied with "It's a new game from SEGA combining the modern and classic gameplay, and taking all 3 'ages' of Sonic from the entire series. The fanbase seems pretty excited for the most part". His response was "Oh, that's cool". Of course though, some retard had to challenge it "I just looked up that interview on Gamespot at E3. That game SUCKS". Of course this grabbed my interest and so I responded with "Okay, why does it suck? What's so terrible about it?". He posted back after a couple minutes with "The camera is all over the place, it's an absolute mess. Also, I know the fanbase has been arguing about the camera ever since Sonic 1" I lol'd at that and then responded "Out of ALL those comments on youtube I fail to see ONE, NOT A SINGLE ONE complaining about the camera. And as for previous games, camera has never been that big of a problem. It may have been a minor one occasionally, however I fail to see much anger towards camera issues" He responded "The classic stages camera goes absolutely nuts and all over the place, it's like it's jumping on a trampoline" Then it became clear he had no clue what he was talking about. "So tell me, if the camera just focuses on Sonic and his surroundings, then how in the world is it all over the place?" with that said he responded "It sucks. Get over it. Sonic is stupid and for little kids." With that I decided to end it with "Of corse it izz,letz go pla cal of dooty blak opps insted becuz it is awsum becuz it has shuting and nuketown!!!!11" He logged off after that. It might have just been coincidence though. Anywaaaays.....This thread is for those humorous conversations you had, with idiots who tried to mock the series or a certain game, with little to no proof, enjoy.
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    In the video, I noticed that one of the options on the menu looked like you could toggle Omochao, or a "control tutorial". Will Omochao return to give you tips, rather than the hint rings? If that's the case, I can't wait 'til Crisis City. Omochao: "Be careful! That tornado's carrying a-" *Omochao gets hit by the car*
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    *reads Werehog comment* And you wonder why there's all of this overblown negativity against the Sonic franchise with comments like that? Really? Anyway, waiting for some classic-level return to form is nothing but an unrealistic fancy, partly because I believe Sonic's popularity back in the day was aided by being in the right place at the right time. I can't imagine what in the world it would take for the hardcore gaming culture not to treat the series with the out-and-out disrespect it gets on a daily basis sans a game that would make Miyamoto retire, and even then someone would make some overblown case about why the Spindash not being a 1:1 translation of the S2 version is not a valid decision but some desecration of golden classic ideals. I don't expect this attitude to go away anytime soon, if ever. Sonic is not getting his undying devotion from the public back, but I'm fine with that. What I do expect is for Sega to continue this commendable streak of improvement while proudly saying "haters gonna hate," because really, that's always going to be.
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    Arguments with idiots

    Honestly, most of my fellow teenagers are so one-track-minded about their endless reams of homogeneous sports titles and mountains of war simulators, that they simply don't have the raw capacity of imagination or suspension of disbelief to even do so much as comprehend a Sonic game without stereotyping it or criticising its outward demeaner to the point or sheer prejudice. The franchise is "gay", and "for kids", they say, before returning to their virtual murder-fests that sport age ratings well above what they should legally be allowed - Sonic Heroes and Sonic X back in 2003-4 certainly didn't help the franchise to shed its "kiddie image", but the complete and utter unjustified contempt that most gamers under the age of 20 hold the Sonic series in is not something that that game and that cartoon series alone could ever have afforded. I suppose that the real kick in the balls came last year when I was browsing my local GameStation, examining the back of the GameCube version of Sonic Adventure 2: Battle in the retro section, when I heard two kids who couldn't have been more than eight or nine talking about their kills in their online bouts of Call of Duty - and was horrified when their discussion turned to size of the breasts of a woman on a piece of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas artwork. I looked back to the copy of Sonic Adventure 2 in my hand, sighed under my breath, and casually put it down and walked away - the thoughts about those two eight/nine-year-olds discussing tits while I looked at a 3+ rated platformer lingered in my mind like a bad smell in an elevator for quite a while, and it wasn't long before I deduced that there was something badly wrong with that picture...
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    First Gameplay hack(s) of the demo.

    The Spindash sure would have made things easier, but then its just like boosting in the end... I just find it funny that Modern Sonic seems to be more fun playing in the Classic level than Classic Sonic himself...and in vice versa it seems...unappealing. Not ragging on genesis titles at all, but you can easily see where I'm coming from in the 3D area. I bet the team struggled a bit on whether or not it was a good idea to bring him back for this game and I bet at the end of the day they chose to just make Classic Sonic 2D because in 3D it was just not working. That might be the reason we also have this.... They were thinking about it...I'm sure of it now... This may bring some light in peoples heads...everyone needs to watch this.
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    Okay then.
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    The in-game grunts are always misleading. For awhile, we thought his Colors voice was to be in the same range as Jason's until AAUK came with that cutscene and cleared up the speculation. However, if it's revealed via another cutscene later on that Roger isn't doing his Colors voice anymore, then so help me Inferno....
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    What I'm annoyed about is websites like Kotaku are still bashing on Sonic's friends and blaming them saying that Sonic's friends is one of the reasons for Sonic's downfall. Because of critics like that, a lot of Sonic friends hasn't been playable characters or had an important role in a main Sonic game since Sonic 06. The critics finally got what they wanted. They finally got their Sonic only games for 4 years now and the only time we get to play as Sonic friends are in the spin offs or multiplayer games. But I guess that's not good enough cause they still feel the need to bash on Sonic's friends every chance they get which pisses me off. That's why I'm glad that Sega is finally bringing them back in Generations as a huge middle finger since the critics can't shut up about Sonic friends so I guess they want them back in the games.
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    Anyone post this yet? It's pretty amusing.
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    Why are you apologizing? If people get offended, who gives a shit? You're not breaking any rules by expressing your dislike of the 360. They might think you're a douche, but don't apologize for that shit. Stand behind your opinions.
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    First Gameplay hack(s) of the demo.

    I will forever be confused by why people are so impressed with M. Sonic in C. Sonic's level; going as far as to call it more fun than playing with C. Sonic. I'm seriously at a loss.
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    That video of Classic Sonic in Green Hill shows why we need the homing attack in 3D Sonic games.
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    I know people will try and eat me alive for this, but if that was the case then I'd be disappointed. I'm perfectly fine with this level list. To be honest, I'm not even sure if I'd believe that because the game is coming out in less than six months anyway. This demo build can't be that old.
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    Peter Falk (Columbo) has died

    I hate that a guy from Jackass is getting more attention than one of the greatest actors of the mid-20th century. =/ This man deserves better. Those of you who've never seen an episode of Columbo are depriving yourselves of one of the most entertaining and compelling character performances ever put to celluloid. His acting alone could draw in audiences and keep them hooked to their television sets, I swear. He was a very talented performer, and he is already missed dearly.
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    To me, Sonic would be a lot better off if they stopped trying to cater to multiple audiences at a time. For fuck's sake, just pick a path, stick with it and keep improving it as you go. There really isn't any need to split the entire game in half to throw in a seperate playstyle that only superficially, if at all, resembles anything anyone would expect or even care about in a Sonic game. And even if you're just to leave it at Unleashed daytime alone, it's still so constantly in doubt as to whether it wants to be a 2D or 3D game that it decides it has to keep switching between them and not doing particularly well at either of them most of the time. If there's anything wrong with the Sonic series right now, anything at all, it's still a lack of consistency in gameplay, coupled with the fact that they just can't seem to get Sonic to work anymore without automating large parts of the game at a time. I'm certaintly okay with what we have right now, but there's definently plenty of room for improvement, and improve, they very well should.
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    Courtesy of Chimpo. All the explanation of the poor rolling in Generations that you'll ever need.
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    Sonic CD in Generations

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    What the hell is a 'Shitbox 360'? Is that some fanboy dribble for an XBox 360? This isn't the place for it.
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    Actually looking at it, lets go by the idea that Generation actually DOES have no variety. Using the logic I've seen so far, we'll look at the other games why don't we? What about the classic Sonic games then? Sonic 1 then has one grass level, two ruins levels, two city levels, and one factory level that also has some ruins in it. Sonic 2 has even LESS "variety", Three grass stages (one of which is also sort of water), one casino, one cave, and the rest are Eggman's bases. Sonic 3&K ends up having the most variety, but guess what? It's an outlier. Sonic Adventure, one beach, one grass stage, one ruin, and one ice stage. The rest are city stages or Eggman bases. Sonic Adventure 2, Several city stages, a few ruins/moutains/ghost train what, and then everything is space. Heroes also comes out with just about every level being different. Once again, obviously an outlier. Shadow yeah everything is a burning city or the inside of a meteor. Unleashed, most places are civilized. Excluding Holoska, Adabat, and Eggmanland? Everything is a city. Colors everything is a theme park ride. NOW WE HAVE GENERATIONS, which contains a grass level, a two ruins, five city stages, and a grassy theme park. In retrospect, it's actually pretty much the same in terms of variety. Now, if you look at it in a diffrent way, yes they're cities but hey would you look at that they're all completely different otherwise, suddenly, yeah the other games have more variety also. I'm going to TL;DR this for you guys, and I'm going to put it in big letters so it's very clear, and I don't do that kind of shit usually. It's not yelling at anyone, don't change my tone in your head, I'm simply making it bigger so it's clearer, because this post is looking kinda weird and possibly hard to follow. Don't hold Generations up to standards you don't hold the other games up to. If you think Generations has no variety don't complain about the other games having more because they sure as fuck do not half the time. The other half they have JUST A LITTLE BIT MORE. In which case, once again what the fuck are you complaining about.
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    You know, I just remember how City Escape Classic's BGM has part of Endless Mine in it. Makes me wonder if they're going to try doing that with classic remixes of other modern stages too. Like maybe Stardust Speedway or Starlight Zone in Speed Highway, Aquatic Ruin in Seaside Hill, and Lava Reef in Crisis City.
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    It's like we've all forgotten what variety even means. Or maybe I'm just fucking insane and my definition of variety has be skewed the majority of my 20 years of existence. I really don't know anymore looking into this topic. There is variety in these stages. Absolutely none of them are alike in their original forms when you compare them and the outcome will be the same in the final version of this game.
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    So Crisis City is being drained of all its color, same as the rest of the world. So it's up to the two Sonic's and their friends to restore it to it's deathly and apocalyptic self again. Yep.
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    How big is Angel Island exactly?

    If I have to go over this again... No, okay, it's cool, we're cool. No problem here. Anyway, I'm not really sure if it is smaller in SA; the area you visit obviously is (naturally, comparing a game set entirely on the island with one where it's only a small part of the game), but it still looks pretty big in the CG scenes. Actually it isn't; the only shrine we see is the replica in Cannon's Core, and when we first see Knuckles and Rouge arguing over the emerald, they're in the desert near Eggman's pyramid base. Personally I think people are just dumb. The CG scenes clearly show it's a big-ass island, the NPCs talk about it (admittedly no one really pays any attention to them), and it should be obvious that Ice Cap is Ice Cap. They showed as much as they needed to show. I think the only thing they did wrong was putting a floating island (the bit with the shrine) on the Floating Island.
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    *squints* *in Daffy Duck's voice* You're despicable.... That said, I doubt his speaking voice will that high compared to his Colors voice, so...eh. The only grunt that actually grates is the "Hah!" Every other one was fine to me.
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    Think of it as the Zangief Kid pile driving that bully. No wait that's a stupid comparison. Either way I'm pretty pleased with the news since they've become so incredibly obnoxious and full of themselves on their Twitter recently that I wish I could punch them through the monitor. Topiary's drowned in his pretentiousness.
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    i don't like pie

    Sonic CD in Generations

    well preston there's always dlc in the meantime
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    Dark Qiviut

    An Open Environment Game

    They work in Knuckles's collecting stages, but when it comes to its true core gameplay, no, it doesn't work at all. Sonic is predominately a platformer with a great dose of speed and/or quick-paced gameplay in the mix. Making the game open like a one-hundred-mile-wide map would make the game confusing. Sonic's goal is to go from one point to the next. The sandbox-style Sonic gameplay would make the platforming and purpose of a Sonic game generally redundant. Sandboxes are great in small doses like Hub Worlds, but an open-world gameplay for Sonic entirely is overkill.
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    Not to mention you can make a fair argument that it is broken, to some extent.
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    i believe a youtuber by the name of mardic said it best when he said "twenty years of fighting over nothing"
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    Anyone here besides me look forward to hearing the new remixes of Speed Highway for both Modern and Classic Sonic?
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    No. There's a Dimps game being made for the 3DS, but I can't see it being any good. I think the Dimps game might have something to do with Sonic but it's just another game with their favorite character, Shitty the Graphics and possibly Terrible the Gameplay might jump in there also.
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    The dialogue for the Crisis City cut-scene has been leaked. Read at your own discretion.
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    Sonic Generations : General Hacking Thread

    I'm going to pretend people care and post my own thoughts on each level in the list: Green Hill Zone - I've honestly never cared for the original Green Hill Zone. The aesthetics have always bored me, and I was never even a fan of the music (it's not bad, I'm just completely neutral on it). Now, this may be because I don't feel much nostalgia toward the stage (the first video game I ever played was Sonic 2, so I'm an Emerald Hill kid), but despite this, I love what they did with it in Generations. It completely reinvents the stage in a brilliant way; you can easily tell it's the same place, but you still want to explore every nook and cranny to see what's new. Chemical Plant - A gimme, honestly. It's the most popular Sonic 2 stage, and I love the music. I'm looking forward to seeing it. Sky Sanctuary - Another very popular stage with a unique trope. It's a bright, colorful ancient ruin, situated in the sky. Freaking. Boss. I really wanted this stage to be in. Speed Highway - Another gimme. I expected (and feared) Emerald Coast would make it in, but this is an easy second best in terms of popularity. Would I have preferred Twinkle Park? Yes. Windy Valley? Well... no, but I'll explain that later. Speed Highway is very different from the other City stages present, which is another thing I'll explain later on. City Escape - If you didn't see this coming, something is wrong with you. I love the original City Escape, and I was looking forward to seeing it redone. As is the case with Green Hill, the aesthetics are very faithful to the original level while still having enough original content to make the level seem fresh. Seaside Hill - I was initially very unhappy with this choice. Seaside Hill is nothing more than a slightly more tropical Green Hill. That's it. If the level was presented in the same way that Green Hill and City Escape, I would definitely understand the criticism, and I would probably be participating in it as well, honestly. Thankfully, however, they didn't do that. For whatever reason, Sonic Team decided to name the level "Seaside Hill" despite the level seemingly taking far stronger influence from Ocean Palace. Thanks to this, we now have another "ruins level" that interprets the trope very differently than Sky Sanctuary did, as well as a water level. Awesome. Crisis City - I'll be honest, I can understand why people didn't want another city level in the game, but that never stopped me from always wanting it. xD I'm sorry to use Nepenthe's own quote against her, but I absolutely love her description of Crisis City. Speed Highway + Windy Valley + ON FIRE = Crisis City. How could you not love that? And the music. I freaking love this stage. *o* Rooftop Run - This is the only stage I'm really unhappy about. Rooftop Run is pretty bland, and despite being a fun stage, is not a good representative of Unleashed at all. Dragon Road should have gotten this slot; no question about it. To top it all off, the stage is nothing more than a European version of City Escape. Lame. Really lame. Planet Wisp - Many people seem to forget just how different the design philosophies for Colors and Unleashed were. Colors gave you a simple (very fun, mind you) platforming challenge with a very pretty background. Unleashed, on the other hand, loved to weave you in and out of the background. The stage would also benefit from being reinvented with the Hedgehog Engine. My problems with the list - S3&K is considered one game. - No Hydrocity. D: - Rooftop Run is a terrible choice. - It would have liked more stages, but DLC can fix this. tl;dr - I'm happy with the choice of levels, with the exception of Rooftop Run. *Prepares for nobody to even read the post*
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    Hey guys. I have an idea to make stupid SEGA do things right with this boring, DULL, and ABSOLUETELY CRAPPY game. Are you ready? ... Are you absoluetely sure that you're ready for the awesomeness? Warning: it's awesome. Let's boycott SEGA by purchasing Sonic 3D Blast and Sonic R.
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    I can't believe people have gotten so worked up about the level select....come one guys...we haven't even see gameplay footage yet...give it time. I bet we will be pleasantly surprised...don't you guys remember what happened when CITY ESCAPE was shown... DID YOU GUYS SEE WHAT THEY DID TO CITY ESCAPE! Its AMAZING!! Not only is the level list fine...but it makes ABSOLUTE SENSE!
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    I think it has more to do with it be 3 eras instead of two. There are 3 levels from Classic Era, 3 levels from the Adventure era, and 3 levels from the Modern era. I doubt they would've intentionally let Classic Sonic get underrepresented that way, especially when each era played differently from each other. EDIT: That, and I think that we're forgetting that the the Classics only had 3-4 games where as the later ones have over several and therefore there's likely going to be more of them than the Classics. Remember, this game is using levels from each game, so complaining about the modern games dominating is on the verge of completely missing the point as to what the game is suppose to represent.
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    *Level list* Fans: It sucks! *Tons of awesome stuff comes up* Fans:*Minds blown* SEGA: Just as planned. Also yes to the Werehog! They really are trying to make each stage feel like the game it represents which should add variety.
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    O3O My eyes are no longer spoiler virgins... I'd say I'm kinda contempt. I'll admit, I'm kinda pissed at the repeated stage themes, but I understand that it's not about the themes with this game, it's about the fan favorites. Also, my Chao in space prediction was also correct it seemz. this game has ALL 3 levels that had Chao in space 1, 2, and 3 posters.
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