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    Beavis and Butthead returns to tv!

    TOPIC REVIVAL! Don't worry about the show being outdated, humor like this is obviously timeless. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LzlIGCWV1Ok EDIT: Oh poo, stupid thing has been taken down. This rather puzzles me since the footage clearly wasn't shot on cam or anything at Comic-Con, it was a direct feed as if it was an official upload. Regardless, don't worry folks. It's seriously like the show never ended, it just picks up right where it left off: absolutely nowhere, and we wouldn't have it any other way. There's no footage of it, but another new episode is about them seeing Twilight and trying to get turned into vampires to get chicks. While it's still a bit odd seeing a kid in a Winger t-shirt in 2011, it seems they've translated this highly sophisticated humor to the modern day quite well.
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    If other developers had Sonic

    I would love to see Nintendo's innovation in a Sonic game And Capcom would also re-release Sonic Battle and Sonic The Fighters and call it SUPER Sonic Battle and ULTIMATE Sonic The Fighters with a WHOLE NEW 4 CHARACTERS
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    If other developers had Sonic

    I'm not sure about Nintendo Making good 3D Sonic games are probably more of a challenge than a Mario game. Firstly, because Mario is slower and thus easier to handle, secondly, because Mario can have any kind of level design or gimmicks, and still be considered good. Whereas, Sonic is only good if his gameplay is kept within a specific band, outside of which, its considered not good enough. This may make Nintendo play things too safe and just release New Sonic the Hedgehog, repeatedly, or just make a faster Mario game. Then again, they are Nintendo, and they could probably get people to like it, just because they are Nintendo. Personally, I would just want Sonic Team to make a new Sonic game. However, with a proviso. They pay no heed to fan input, and are given as much time as they need, and a big a budget as is affordable. We really don't know what Sonic Team could do with enough time and money, with no fans screaming at them. I for one would like to see what they could do, with a Sonic game from scratch and no biased (i.e fan) external input. Maybe with a little assistance from Platinum Games.
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    Story and character development wise? Could use much more depth, and less jokes aimed at small children; more jokes aimed at all ages. Gameplay? If City Escape's layout is anything to go by, this is the best Sonic's been in 3D since... ever. Now make Sonic roll instead of slide and we have a winner / standard setter. From there, let the series continue to expand with more unique features and gameplay gimmicks that improve and add onto what's currently being laid out in Generations, and also introduce more open usage of other characters than Sonic. If Sonic games can follow this trend, then the franchise is looking at a bright future.
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    Don't even try that with me sunshine... what I've forgotten about boasting and inflating my ego on a forum and talking about things I know nothing about you've not even learnt yet. So you don't have any idea as to how much work and effort went into making the originals? But you do I guess? Yes... and our argument is... can we have more levels & or content to make up for that fact? Or must we endure replaying the same level over and over again? Alright I think it's clear from this that you have no idea what you're talking about do you? Those games might only be 1-2 hours to complete today, but back in the day when your first attempting them, you cannot beat those games in such a quick time frame, not on your first attempt, there is no way you could do it. The lack of save states, the shere fact there wasn't the kind of mass communication and information sharing that we have today, you were on your own and it sure as hell didn't take you 1-2 hours to beat on your first try. A rather grand example of this would be illustrated by the level select codes. Today these codes would have most likely been found and shared within a few hours of the games release. Back in the day it took weeks for them to come out. Similar patterns can be found with hidden extras and secrets which were added in the later years. Or to give a grand example... the bouncy barrel. There is no way that would have caused anywhere near as many problems had that game been released if the internet was as widespread as it is today. Don't even try to convince us that you're some kind of gaming god and found or beat those games within that time when you first played them back in the early 90's. If we had common sense like the kind you have demonstrated so far I think I'd have a rather more grown up conversation sitting on a park bench with the town nut.
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    If other developers had Sonic

    You know who should publish and Develop Sonic games?
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    Oh, hey! There hasn't been a Knuckles thread in, like, a month and a half. Is that a record? Put me down for preferring Comedic Idiot Knuckles over Brooding Serious Knuckles if I'm forced to choose between those two. Idiot Knuckles is hardly a paragon of characterization, but I'll take pratfalls and short tempers over another boring, sullen plank of wood any day. I have a high tolerance for silliness and a very low tolerance for characters who try too hard to be badass, and the common idea of Knuckles as a serious loner reeks of the latter to me. Also, no Sonic game with Knuckles in it feels complete to me these days without a good ol' WUD JOO SAY?! I really think that some kind of comprimise between the two ends of Knuckles' personality would be for the best, though. Adventure sort of got it, and there were hints of it in Zero Gravity as well (any post of mine about Knuckles needs to mention Zero Gravity at this point). He's almost the opposite of Shadow, actually: while I've long felt that Shadow would be vastly more likeable if he had some comedic moments to balance out his constant scowly grimness, Knuckles' buffoonery would feel a lot more natural if it were backed up with the occasional display of actual talent or wisdom, and no, knocking down big stuff doesn't count. He can still get angry at everything that moves and constantly bicker with Rouge and be the butt of jokes; he just needs to be grounded a bit. He's supposed to he a treasure hunter and sort of a warrior priest; let him disarm some traps (or set some, S3&K-style), read some glyphs or talk about destiny or the history of the Chaos Emeralds every once in a while. Let him say the stupid mantra. Let him talk about his personal history with Eggman and maybe even let him indicate that he's a little sad about how that all turned out. Just don't let any of that be his entire character. He has an interesting personal philosophy, too, or at least he's supposed to: one that deals with duty and responsibility to contrast with Sonic's carefree nature. I think that a greater emphasis on that and how it makes him unique would be a great way to help him find a niche without resorting to pratfalls or trying to make him seem way cooler than he is. One of the few times I think Chronicles really got Knuckles' character right was when that one guy gave you the sidequest to find his stapler. Pretty much nobody gave a shit except for Knuckles, who was grievously offended that an injustice had been done and insisted that the quest be carried out no matter how menial it was. I think; maybe I'm just embellishing it and he was being just as boring as ever in that scene. Anyway, that's the kind of moment that I really want to see: it lets Knuckles be silly (a goddamn stapler) and yet simultaneously demonstrates what he's all about.
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    That actually gives me some ideas... For Speed Highway, if they're going to embellish certain aspects of the level that set it a part in its original incarnation, I really hope we get a neon-lit tunnel, with Sonic racing along side loads of cars in the neighboring lane. Think of a futuristic freeway! I've always dreamed of seeing that in a Sonic level, I really hope they follow through with something like this. I also hope we get an awesome sequence of Sonic floating off of a massive building and down to another area, to showcase the height of the buildings and scope of the highway, maybe after the part where he's taking a ride on the helicopter? Also, just to a unique twist on the level, maybe during the building chase, it could be fleshed out to have a portion where the camera pans behind Sonic and starts firing at you with machine gun rounds? I mean, it COULD make sense, given how in Sonic Adventure DX, they retextured the helicopter to have the GUN logo. Heck, I'd love to see a lot of levels re-imagined in this style. As a subtle nod to the Egg Robo piloting Eggman's mechs in Knuckles' story in Sonic 3, as well as the fact that some of Eggman's classic mechs appear in Sky Sanctuary piloted by Mecha Sonic, maybe some Egg Robos piloting the Wrecking Ball or Flying Eggman could make a cameo, appearing as mini-bosses, like the final enemy from Act 6 of Asteroid Coaster in Sonic Colors did? Or for Seaside Hill, the turtles that appeared in Ocean Palace could reappear, maybe bursting out of the water as you approach them, rather than being just stationary? Heck, maybe they'd knock over some ruins upon their appearance, or something. And this kinda creativity shouldn't be limited to levels, either; bosses should get in on the action. For Perfect Chaos, for example, imagine if, for some parts of the level, Sonic has to run on the sides of the ruined buildings to avoid Chaos' attacks, and as the attacks miss Sonic, they further damage the building, perhaps sinking it once Sonic jumps off? Or maybe the Shadow rival battle can take place on Prison Island, and as they race/battle, the island behind them begins to explode as the fight nears its end? Stuff like this would be really epic to see in the final game, I think.
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    Gaming Misfit

    Problematic Sonic Heroes CD?

    I've never had the issue on my PS2 copy of the game, I've also never heard of the issue until now. So I imagine it's just the disk.
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    I personally don't like it when Knux loses his temper easily. I prefer the prankster that we saw in S3. I also would like for him to just be chill and easy going (not on Sonic's level of course) until things go wrong. Then it's serious buisness.
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    Sonic nowadays? Not bad. Not bad at all.
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    Do you have any idea how long it takes to create these massive levels in a modern Sonic game? Do you have any idea how much detail and effort is put in to these enormous stages? Consider how fast you blaze through a Sonic level. Consider all the alternate paths that are created and consider all the massive detail that is put in to the levels. Do you honestly think creating more levels is just as easy as Sonic Team saying "Hey, lets have 25 zones instead of 9 guys! It's gonna be so freakin long guys". No. The only way to create a massive amount of more levels is to either completely slow Sonic down so you're going through the levels at a much slower pace, thus the game lasts longer which means they don't have to create levels as big. In other words take out what makes a Sonic game a Sonic game. That would not go down well. Or take out all the alternate paths, which completely destroys the replay value of a Sonic game. Fans wouldn't stop bitching about that if that happened. Hell, even with all the alternate paths in Generations already there are some people complaining about it being too linear. Or they could add a slower alternate playstyle completely different from Sonic gameplay. You know, the thing that made many recent Sonic games get hated on for? Bad idea. Or many other ideas to artificially lengthen the game. Either way, if you want a Sonic game to play like a Sonic game you're going to have to settle for it not being especially long. The only other way you're going to get a longer game is with a development cycle double the length of the current one, which isn't going to happen so deal with it.
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    It never ceases to amaze me just how quickly a pony discussion will turn to talking about colors. Take this image: The intended discussion point that the picture was posted for is obvious: RAEP TIEM IS CANON. So of course the logical thing to occur was a dozen posts all talking about Pinkie's eyes being gray.
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    Doctor MK

    Sonic: The Age of Steam

    I'm in a generous mood, so you know what that means... it's update time! SONIC: THE AGE OF STEAM II CURSE OF THE DAMNED A few months after the events of The Age of Steam, it is a prosperous time for the city of Victoria. Everything is running smoothly and a bright future can be seen for all. But no one could have foreseen the darkness that lurks in the shadows. When night falls, a foul creature begins to prowl the streets, threatening all those who stand in its way. The citizens must choose to fight myth with myth, and so call upon the help of a speedy hedgehog whose deeds have been passed down as legend... but is even Sonic a match for the mystical beast? Sonic: The Age of Steam II - Curse of the Damned is coming late 2011. Be afraid, be very afraid. To coincide with this announcement, I'm also launching a new official blog which will encompass both the first story and the new one in one neat, easy-to-enjoy package: http://sonictaos.blogspot.com/ And that's about all there is to say for the time being. There is no set 'schedule' as such for the story's release, it'll come as and when it's ready, so I can only ask for your patience when things finally get underway. Rest assured though, it will all be done eventually Let the speculation commence!
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    What needs to be done is this...
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    I just want an entire game with the atmosphere of the first half of Unleashed's opening. Action packed, but not too dark. ...dewd. *-* I dunno why it has to be all the way to either extreme.
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    I miss the old stories. I miss multiple characters.
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    yeah my idea rules right?
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    Indigo Rush

    Your special zones

    My special zone? It's in my pants. I don't let anyone touch it. Remember, if someone tries to touch you in a zone or in a way that makes you feel uncomfortable, that's no good.
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    Official Anime/Manga Thread

    One Piece's very first opening will always have a special place in my heart. Always been my favorite theme in the series due to really sounding like the main theme and not just some licensed J-Pop/Rock song with superficial connection. The animation is pretty dynamic here too, showing off spinning camera angles to make the fights seem intense. I really hated the TVXQ version though, would have preferred they got JAM Project to do it instead for the 10th anniversary opening. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_NokxznEqHk Also, Re: Cutie Honey's opening is awesome. Great song, appealing art and animation, and an onslaught of sexy that puts every other fanservice-laden opening sequence to shame. Delicious in every way.
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    Barry the Nomad

    Character costume redesigns

    Sonic games should have an item shop and a dressing room where you add as many accessories as you want to the characters. I'm kidding, but holy crap would that be both an awful idea AND a great way to make some hilarious looking characters. Big in Amy's tutu, Eggman in nothing but rollerskates, Sonic wearing a hat, sunglasses, no gloves, Knuckles shoes and Big's belt.
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    Team Fortress 2

    Cow Mangler 5000 in a nutshell Engies be hatin'
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    Because I don't like having to come into this topic, I'm going to ask darkhaven3 to not get so worked up over this. While you're free to express your dislike about the show, openly calling the people who like it a cancer blindly following some fad isn't going to win you any points anywhere, and it would be appreciated if you just left it with your first sentence alone. What you said is pretty insulting. EDIT: D-damn it why does this post have so much +rep, don't you bronies know I'm not even on your side you fools
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    Speed Runs and Scores

    Deja vu? Wut now? This is a thread dedicated to speed running and score attacking, WHAT FUN! Just post your times/scores from any Sonic game, doesn't matter which. Pretty simple, really. Edit: Oh, and please put all Generations runs Thanks. I'll start with my Unleashed runs: Apotos Act 2- http://img706.images.../apotosact2.jpg Savannah Citadel Act 1- http://img190.images...citadelact1.jpg Rooftop Run Act 1- http://img830.images...ftoprunact1.jpg Cool Edge Act 1- http://img97.imagesh...ooledgeact1.jpg Dragon Road Act 1- http://img844.images...gonroadact1.jpg Arid Sands Act 1- http://img190.images...idsandsact1.jpg Skyscraper Scamper Act 1- http://img28.imagesh...scamperact1.jpg Sonic Stadium 1st place holders I'm far too lazy to actually keep up with this thread now. Whoops. d:
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    If other developers had Sonic

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    If other developers had Sonic

    I always wanted Retro Studios to be the ones to develop Sonic 4 then Dimps. I love what they did to DKCR.
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    Dr. Crusher

    Your thoughts on Sonic's English VAs

    "You might be under the delusion that you may spot one's resemblances, but that will prove to be most ineffective, for I have the keen hindsight to predict, with exquisite pinpoint accuracy, of all the fisticuff actions of the very opponent before me! PREPOSTEROUS, ISN'T IT!? HUTUTUTUTUT!" *moustache twirl*
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    Dr. Crusher

    Your thoughts on Sonic's English VAs

    Great, now I imagine Martin Burke's Sonic voice saying something like "Cease your insidious pedestrian pickpocketing ways, rabid ne'er-do-well!" Thanks for that.
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    Considering that there are two bosses per three zones and it seems like most of them will take place in different environments from those zones, they may not be associated with the zones at all. Metal Sonic wouldn't be the boss of Chemical Plant, just a boss that happens to come after Chemical Plant. It doesn't look like there's anywhere on the hub/menu to access bosses separately from, so I could be wrong, but keeping them seperate would make more sense to me than shoving them in with whatever zone just because they're close by. Besides, it might lose them an opportunity to name-drop another zone if they did that, and I imagine they'll want to do that as much as possible to make the game look as chock-full of references and content as possible (and they're welcome to do it, since they went to all the trouble of including Stardust Speedway in the first place).
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    Twilight Spines

    Batman: Arkham City

    Some Comic-Con Goodness Talia al Ghul Voiced by Stana Katic And some Trailer Goodness that's
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    If other developers had Sonic

    What I'm 100% sure of is that Nintendo would get the classic physics perfectly. I think they'd do like with Mario: keep the same formula but change the sauce (... I think I'm hungry). I think they'd use the Unleashed gameplay, if only because it's better than Adventure's, but they could give Sonic back his "normal" moves (as in, Spin Dash and all, with stuff like Light Dash being obtainable by getting a special item). And if Nintendo uses the hedgehog engine in some of their other games, it'd be an impressive combination (Super Mario Galaxy + hedgehog engine = DELICIOUS). And if Retro is the Nintendo team that develops the games, they're going to look like Sonic Generations graphic-wise. I'm not sure Nintendo would get the "modern" physics right though. If it's Capcom, they'll cancel Sonic's games because the fans didn't meet their expectations, trololol.
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    Gameplay wise, overall, I'm thrilled. Love where they're going with things, especially with Generations' Unleashed-style Modern stages but with more exploration. Classic Sonic in gorgeous HD should be wonderful, too. I hope both gameplay styles are as good as they look. Story wise, overall, I'm satisfied but still wishing. Nothing wrong with a chill, feel-good story, though I do hope Generations feels like more of an adventure than a vacation. Fix a few characterization issues and cut back on a bit of the corny jokes and I'm happy. The new writers have talent and characters' dialogue seems a lot more natural than it did before... I'd like to see what they can do with something a story a bit more dynamic than Colors. Opinions suck, don't they? I'd argue that they're aimed at a general audience. And pretty much every video game with a villain is somehow about forces of good and evil meeting. And 'ever since the classics' doesn't justify anything. *grumbles under breath* We all know this. People can stop saying it now. Sonic was never nonsensical until Colors came along. Not even the classics. Maybe lighthearted and cartoony, but not nonsensical and stupid. Plot holes are a result of erroneous writing, not of serious plots. That's fact, regardless of either of our opinions on what plots should be. But I realize that's not the point you were trying to make.... You're grasping. Come on now. EDIT: But just for the hell of it. 1: How can WE talk? 2: Genetic mutation. 3: Not many video games even bother to explore this kind of thing anyway. It's not an issue exclusive to Sonic. Can this be proven? If someone can PROVE Sonic was created for kids, I will respectfully rest my case, but until then I hold that Sonic was meant to be for everyone. No it's not.
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    Starts Unleashed by blowing up the planet. Had Sonic bring all SEVEN emeralds to him, once again in Unleashed. Once again blows up the planet. Shot Tails out of the sky and threatened to kill Sonic in the Egg Dragoon. He shoots Sonic out of an airlock into the vacuum of space, while making fun of him, and that's AFTER Eggman outsmarts Sonic completely, to the point where he pissed Sonic off, something Sonic never does, get angry at Eggman. Yeah, your claims are kind off considering his track record got BETTER as he became a manchild.
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    I also hate how people associate "light" with childish, Colors story, I must admit, felt a bit empty, the reason being probably because the story was incomplete, but it's moments and characterization were fantastic. Humor and a simple plot is far from childish.
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    Ultimate Marvel VS Capcom 3

    I've sort of been wondering whether or not She-Hulk hitting Wright with would cause some kind of quantum collapse. Hobo Phoenix form acquired. I hope to god Frank Tieri has his know-how on what kind of character he is when writing him though. Some of the lines he wrote for Viewtiful Joe and Amaterasu were eeeeehhhhhh.
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    No. I LOVE the way things are going. This new gameplay style isn't a "platformer", it's "Sonic". There's absolutely nothing else like it and I definitely appreciate that. I also think the general tone and style of SA2, Shadow, and 06 sucks total ass and needs to stay dead. Do improvements need to be made? Yes. Do they look like they're being made? Yes. I really hope Sonic Team stays like this and doesn't suddenly decide to be total idiots again.
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    Mr. Awesomest

    Character costume redesigns

    So he could eat himself?
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    My two biggest problems are story and character-related. Write stories that are solid and relevant the entire way through and give other characters their narrative purpose and playable status back. Also, we need to stave off of the nostalgia crutch. If nothing else, it's counter-intuitive considering the main protagonist of your series is known for not looking back all that much. Do these things and I will be peachy keen as they continue mucking around with Unleashed style gameplay. I'm pretty confident in it.
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    Zones we hate

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    About status updates

    *feels like an ass for joining in the Siver_Hedgie dogpile* ... ...I'm sor- :r ...
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    There never is... I had to wander back and forth for a while before someone remembered they were supposed to be working and eventually turned up. That display is awesome! Didn't have any luck talking the guys in Hamleys into parting with any of it, but they've got the cubes in the Sauchiehaull Steet store too, and the dude who was serving was kind enough to go through the back and get a spare one for me. Apparently they still have quite a few of them that they aren't using, so if you're after one it'd probably be worth checking in there. And if anyone's wondering what the hell we're talking about: (Excuse the rubbish phone pic)
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