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    Because Sonic has been doing that since DAY 1.
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    You mean exactly like how the original Chemical Plant was like?
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    Me before watching it: My Little Pony is good? Lolz, CWC made one out of pubic hair. *enter backlash* Me during the first episode: Lolz, this won't be that good...huh... Me after the first episode: I liked it...I really liked a post-2003 cartoon?? Better be careful not to get sucked into this...*one month later* screw it I'm watching more episodes! Me after a few more episodes: I very much like this show! something about it feels so right and it ain't just the colors. sort of reminds me of the cartoons I watched as a kid do but...Better! I can't say for sure but I see a great show that doesn't make me facepalm or flip the channel in boredom. More at 11. I'm now a brony!
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    Sonic Colors

    but don't forget that everyone's been farting out that whole "it takes more than one good game for Sonic to not suck" bullshit. Colors was a fantastic game on its own (3rd favorite Sonic game after CD and S3&K), but an ulterior purpose is to be one of those games on "the checklist". Sonic Generations is the ultimate "game for the fans"; do you want people to start calling it a "fluke" when it comes out? I'd hope not. Colors basically eliminates that possibility (though there may be some especially stubborn people who will want a third good game before pulling their heads out of their asses) of people saying Sonic's recent games have sucked. One fluke? You're grasping, bro. Two flukes in a row? ... You seriously want to believe that? Three flukes in a row? You're not even worth my time.
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    I still don't see the problem here. It isn't anymore linear than the original, so why is it now the root of all evil that he's running in a straight line for more than two seconds. What do you want, a bloody song and dance routine? It's ok for Sonic to run in a straight line in 2D, but 'ooooooh, it's in 3D now it's shitty boost to win'. He said just that one section.
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    ARTWORK: Sonic 20th Anny Collab

    Add me for Big if no one's done him yet. I've only just discovered this thing and didn't ask to contribute because I thought it was waaay too late.
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    Archie Sonic Main Discussion

    So Sally helped Sonic get through Labyrinth Zone? Excuse me, I'm about to go rage somewhere....
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    Sonic Colors

    I've spent far more hours playing Unleashed than Colors. But Colors for me, is still the better game, and was not boring in the least. Getting through levels in Colors felt fun and rewarding. It was consistent and managed to offer me the same fun and exhilaration throughout. While it might not be the most over the top Sonic game, for me it does the important thing a Sonic game hasn't managed to offer me since Sonic 3&K, and that is pacing itself well, unlike Unleashed which is the most awkwardly paced game I've ever had the misfortune to play. Unleashed has very well designed facets and I can respect that it would eventually serve as the framework for future Sonic titles, especially since there's so much flash put into them. As a game though, I dislike it. It's like digging for maltesers in a bowl of cabbage. The criticism of Sonic Colors being safe played is one I can understand, especially one that it seems more as a spin-off. It's also worth remembering though, that from the get-go, the development team never intended for Sonic Colors to overtake the hype they had prepped for the hardcore audience with Sonic 4. Sonic Colors was meant to be a run of the mill title for the kids that somehow exceeded the developer's expectations, and for what it is, it's a damn solid title that everyone can jump into and enjoy. If the Generations dev team can continue off of what made Sonic Colors consistent and focused, alongside the flashy nature and thrills of Unleashed, I'd love that.
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    The weaving paths never had a purpose other than to look nice. Why are you surprised/annoyed by this? No its not quite that simple. On a fixed 2D plane (not even 2.5D) there is nowhere else to fall. You jump, its physically impossible (unless you're debug-mode-ing) to land anywhere else, but on the lower path. Not quite as simple in 3D, because you can fall anywhere. Unless of course you put invisible walls in, to force the player to land on one of the 3 paths. Which of course, you seem to despise. Of course the only solution remaining, is to add a floor. The only point of those tube-things is to look cool as you weave up and down. Heck that's more or less the only purpose they served in the original. I already don't care. It seems like it was more-or less just tacked on after the Sonic 4 breakdown, which was a year ago. The 2D Stages were probably just meant for Modern Sonic, in all his boosting glory. They probably added Classic Sonic and his gameplay after Sonic 4 exploded. Heck classic's engine is literally just a slightly modified modern engine.
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    So..... some of the assets of the demo won't be in the final game..? D'aw, that kinda sucks. I rather liked the level list (mostly), as well as the missions each level had. I hope most of them stick around, or at least hope that each level will still get 5 missions. Still, there's hope that maybe we'll see some additional content that wasn't in the leak Anyhow, it seems co-op still might be in, you just won't be able to play as the characters. OR, what Aaron could have meant, is that the only characters that Player #1 can use are Classic and Modern Sonic, while you still might be able to control the secondary co-op characters with a second controller, kinda like how you could control Tails in the classic games, or the other characters in Shadow the Hedgehog. That's my guess, anyway, but I'm guessing that they won't be fully fleshed-out characters like we're hoping for; they'll probably just have very basic movesets, again, like the co-op characters in past Sonic games have had. Also, a trailer for August? That's cool, I guess... I mean, we've only gotten 2 trailers so far, and it's coming out in November, I was honestly expecting a trailer to show up this month. But hey, it should be good, so I'm willing to wait. I mean, Rooftop Run is freaking awesome. Wait...
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    Apple holding more cash than USA

    As much as I dislike Apple in general, and share in your sentiments, I'd be more worried about the bit where one of the world's most powerful countries can't work beyond party political differences and save itself from a catastrophic financial meltdown.
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    Bottom left of every post.
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    ...Really? ONE section of linearity and you say the entire part of the level is shit? Think about that, I can understand if the whole level was leaked and you hated it, but one fucking section is enough to make you cry RUINED FOREVER? The entire level isn't going to be wide open, hell even the original Chemical Plant had spots where it was linear and played itself, so why is it that ONE section of it in this game is considered taboo?
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    You can, but there is nowhere else to go. If you jump, it is impossible to miss the other path unless you glitch. This is because you're on a fixed linear 2 Dimensional plane. As opposed to running-forward-without-the-boost-to-win? I know you expect better. That's pretty obvious.
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    Step 1 - Fix gameplay Step 2 - Make the game ^That's how they should have done it instead.
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    Kid Icarus: Uprising

    My 3DS's face when this news hit: No games to keep it company. It's...it's like the stars aligned to make sure I haev no gaems. Nintendo, why yew no gimme no gaems over the summar?
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    Sonic Colors

    I just mean I prefer to have my gimmicky unSonic gameplay either not there at all or seperate. I love Unleashed and was looking forward to a bunch of new levels to enjoy that gameplay on, but the Wisps just keep butting in on my fun, and since the levels are designed around them I just can't play "normal Sonic" without taking a weird route. I find Colours very comparable to Heroes in this regard, which I also didn't enjoy due to the fun but "not QUITE Sonic" flying and fighting sections breaking up the Sonicy platforming. Colours' gimmicky platforming is still a million miles better than Heroes' gimmicky platforming, but yeah. In the long run I think I'll like Colours as an inbetweeny game. It was just dissapointing at the time because it was hyped up enough to feel I was getting a "sequel" to Unleashed. But it looks more like Generations will fit that bill - and boy am I excited about it. (Btw, while I admit Unleashed was more linear than Colours, that doesn't mean there isn't potential for a wide branching level with standard Unleashed gameplay - look at the latter half of Empire City as a prime example, and while I'm avoiding spoilers, I've HEARD Modern City Escape in Generations is looking pretty good).
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    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B7F22Bks4Ns Sure why not
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    LOL, is all I can say to this. It won't go as far as total internet sensorship, because, contrary to your beleifs, the UK government isn't fucking retarded. As for this whole "is piracy moral." Video games and software are luxuries. You don't really need them. If you can't afford them, don't buy them, until you can. At the end of the day, its just a game. There are a lot of games I want. So many games I want. Many different types of software I desire. I can't afford it, so I just won't get it. I'll wait until I can, and economise. It doesn't matter how much you want something. A want is a desire, not a need. Chances are, you can live without it.
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    Well they already confirmed Co-op on the official site, and that's all I care about. I was wary from the beginning about having to fight CREAM.
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    Nintendo 3DS

    Okay, I'm probably going to get blasted for this, buuuuut..... I don't mean to sound ungrateful by any means, but am I the only one who thinks that the twenty free games we're getting (well, we know what ten of them are, the other ten aren't announced yet) don't exactly equate to what is likely going to be a good £60-80 price difference? I mean, most of the free games we're getting, I either already own, or aren't interested in. In the case of Mario kart, what's the point? It'll basically be made obsolete by Mario Kart 7/ 3D/ whatever. Again, I really don't mean to seem ungrateful, but I think it'd have made more sense to just give everyone applicable a certain amount of free eShop credit, or at least give us a wider choice of games. At least we could get what we wanted then, rather than being given free things that we might not necessarily want or need. I dunno, maybe I'm just being stupidly fussy. EDIT: I will say, though, we don't really have too much a right to complain. Even if they weren't offering any compensation, it's not their fault. Nobody forced us to go out and buy a 3DS right away. Ultimately, we were ready and willing to spend that amount on it. Ultimately, it was our decision. If that was a stupid or wrong decision, we still accepted the price we were given, and bought it at that price.
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    But even then you could pick up a second controller and play as them.
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    Oh boy, strawman arguments all up in this bitch.
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    Eh. SonicParadise says that a new trailer will show up in August, not September. ... Wait.
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    Wait...you mean we can actually...play as someone..other than....Sonic? Let's hope they play different enough.
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    Dr. Crusher

    Sonic Colors

    Actually, food metaphors are common around here. I guess deep down, we've got a little Fawful in all of us.
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    Nintendo 3DS

    I always thought it would be stupid for Nintendo to announce a 3DS price drop at E3. At least Nintendo waited til after E3 to do it. Despite the Vita being launched at the same price, and third party developers losing faith that Nintendo can compete with the iPhone, all these reasons and yet this price drop is still a surprise. While early adopters might be excited for these upcoming free games, it's potentially going to cause Nintendo more problems, namely from angry consumers. According to the press release there's currently no plans to release the downloadable GBA games to the people that don't buy their 3DS after August 12th. And there's already some note worthy titles on that list, Yoshi's Island, Metroid Fusion, the GBA Mario Kart. So because I didn't pay your overpriced launch price I don't get the chance to obtain these games? Why Nintendo? Another problem is that it's now come to light that the 3DS is fully capable of playing GBA games. So the question is why no GBA slot? That slot could also be utilized to play GB and GBC color cartridges. So why no GBA slot? I already have Metroid Fusion on a physical cart, why can't I play it on my 3DS? Oh right, cause it doesn't have a slot and you won't let me download it cause I didn't buy the 3DS before August 12th.
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    Nintendo 3DS

    Meh. I'm glad they're giving us early adopters some stuff, but when it's only a bunch of games I could have gotten for free anyway... >.> That and I'm disappointed they lowered the price before the Vita came out. I wanted to see some completely equal competition between the two (or maybe I just want to see the Vita kick the 3DS' ass xP).
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    Nintendo 3DS

    Nintendo pulled a fast one. A $80 price drop on the 3DS in roughly six months? That's nuts. Eh.. I already made up my mind to get a Vita first tho'.
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    Nintendo 3DS

    Proves that competetion is good.
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    Chaos Rush

    Dumping on Dimps

    Um no. First of all, I became a Sonic fan in 2003, and my first Sonic game was SADX, so technically I'm a "modern fan". Yet for some reason my favorite video game of all time just happens to be Sonic 3 & Knuckles. It's not that "if it isn't Genesis, it sucks", I view it more like, "if it sucks, IT SUCKS". The reason why people tend to like the Genesis titles more is simply because they're just flat out better games. And you know what? I love Sonic Heroes. I love Sonic Colors. I love Sonic Advance 1. I think those three titles are equal to the classics in terms of greatness (and I'm sure many of you will disagree with me about Heroes, but IDGAF, Sonic Heroes is the sex) None of those are Genesis titles. I found an earlier post of mine:
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    Dumping on Dimps

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    After seeing those screens, how can 3DS not handle Sonic in 3D?
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    Personally if I had to choose one of the old games it would be the first Sonic Advance with the following features: *HD graphics and hand drawn sprites. *Polished level design that features sections that better accomodate the characters abilities (for example more speed sections for Sonic, exploration for Tails and Knuckles and more platforming for Amy's abilities) *A S3&K style trasition between acts and zones. *Re-worked special stages that are more accesible and fun to play. *Increased speed cap for all characters.
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    There's a report button?
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    Pretty sure you could jump from one path to the other in Sonic 2. Even if you can't, this is still shitty boost-to-win level design. Because I expect better than this.
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    Quite frankly the amount of bad grammar in this topic is making my head hurt Piracy is bad, get over yourselves. ordering an internet provider to block sites of piracy is stupid, the court clearly aren't up to scratch with modern technology and/or what the internet is capable of (Proxy sites Etc.) so then again its just another stupid move by such a small force trying to tackle such a big problem. they used to be like this with people pirating cinema releases by taking a video camera into a movie and recording it, they put rules and laws in place to stop that, yet somehow people are still doing it. at the end of the day its just proof than human's are selfish and will take, and keep on taking until there is nothing left to take. However there are ways to avoid breaking the law, if you legitimately own a hard legit copy of said game/movie you Can indeed rip it to iPods, personal media devices etc. even R4 DS Cards, only as a means of Back up only. you can't argue the fact piracy isn't illegal because it is, and no amount of debate or bitching will change a stone cold FACT, if you have a problem with paying for something that people put a lot of money and effort into making for your viewing pleasure, then take it up with them.
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    Man! Now I canNOT wait for September to come at all! Even though it is just two months from now. I do not care for what level that will be revealed by trailer. Whatever it may be, I am excited to see it!
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    Sonic Colors

    Honestly? Colors felt like a spin-off. I mean, look at all the hype that Sonic 06, Sonic Unleashed, and Sonic Generations got. Colors... I wasn't even aware Colors was a mainstream game until close to its release. And I love Sonic and Tails, but it's lacking in characters, too. Mainstream games tend to have more than three characters, whether they're old or new. Not to mention, Colors felt almost undeniably kid-focused compared to other Sonic games, which tend to appeal to a broader audience. The gameplay was way easier than other Sonic games, and the story... yeah. There was very little replay value whatsoever, and collecting the red rings didn't even challenge me. There was no sense of challenge in that game at all for me, no "YES!!! I did it!" moments. Hell, Black Knight had more missions and more replay value, and I'd take unlockable concept art, voice clips and music over unlockable Super Sonic any day, ESPECIALLY since you're halfway through most of the levels in Colors by the time you get enough rings to make it worth transforming. Colors was 'good,' but it was mostly because every dimension of that game played it safe. I'd rather have an 'average' game that took a few risks, quite frankly, considering most of the games that are considered average (Sonic Unleashed, the Storybook series, the Adventures around here anyway, and even Heroes) are the ones that leave me with the best impression. ...I like Colors. But it's partially because I'm convincing myself to.
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    And this is why I will not be having kids:
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    WARNING: This is my opinion. Including Shadow the Hedgehog Shadow the Hedgehog: I loved it! I like how you can be good, evil and neutral. It added variety and replayability. The paths you could choose should be in every Sonic game. Sonic 06= It was glitchy but it was a fun game nevertheless. The story was excellent, the main characters were excellent. The bosses were good. Pretty good for a launch title.
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    Badnik Mechanic

    The original Tails

    I'm on the iPod so I can't link to an image of Jeremy Clarkson, so just pretend there is one right... Here.... Yasushi Yamaguchi designed tails, he called him 'miles prower' he designed him to be a boy... So I have to ask, where on our cool wall has it ever said that Tails is has or was ever going to be a girl. And no. Putting up a picture of him from sonic 2 and asking us to squint whilst we pour bleech into our eyes whilst listening to a xylophone does not constitute as proof.... In the fastest possible time. All I know is that Tails was once called the Stig!
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