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    ARTWORK: Sonic 20th Anny Collab

    Add me for Big if no one's done him yet. I've only just discovered this thing and didn't ask to contribute because I thought it was waaay too late.
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    So..... some of the assets of the demo won't be in the final game..? D'aw, that kinda sucks. I rather liked the level list (mostly), as well as the missions each level had. I hope most of them stick around, or at least hope that each level will still get 5 missions. Still, there's hope that maybe we'll see some additional content that wasn't in the leak Anyhow, it seems co-op still might be in, you just won't be able to play as the characters. OR, what Aaron could have meant, is that the only characters that Player #1 can use are Classic and Modern Sonic, while you still might be able to control the secondary co-op characters with a second controller, kinda like how you could control Tails in the classic games, or the other characters in Shadow the Hedgehog. That's my guess, anyway, but I'm guessing that they won't be fully fleshed-out characters like we're hoping for; they'll probably just have very basic movesets, again, like the co-op characters in past Sonic games have had. Also, a trailer for August? That's cool, I guess... I mean, we've only gotten 2 trailers so far, and it's coming out in November, I was honestly expecting a trailer to show up this month. But hey, it should be good, so I'm willing to wait. I mean, Rooftop Run is freaking awesome. Wait...
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    Apple holding more cash than USA

    As much as I dislike Apple in general, and share in your sentiments, I'd be more worried about the bit where one of the world's most powerful countries can't work beyond party political differences and save itself from a catastrophic financial meltdown.
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    Eh. SonicParadise says that a new trailer will show up in August, not September. ... Wait.
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    ARTWORK: Sonic 20th Anny Collab

    Hello Happy People of SSMB. I'm sure you're all buzzing with excitement over Sonic's big 20th Anniversary taking place, so I thought that in the spirit of things why not try to organize a nice little art collab to celebrate. The idea is that each person who's interested in taking part can choose a character to draw, then when we have them all (or reach the deadline, if that happens first) the gracious DJ FLiGHTS has elected to put them all together into the one super duper (happy :3) image. The deadline will be set for the 7th of July (7/7/11) (EDIT: Deadline was extended to the 14th of July (14/7/11)), by then it should have been sent to Silva Rymes through PMs. For each individual drawing itself, it should be a large image (minimum of 1000 pixels for the character size) and coloured when submitted, and it'd be preferable if it were saved as a PNG file and that a transparent background were included also that the character be positioned roughly along the same plane as this example (drawn by me, but not final :V)
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    Who pissed in your cereal? Was there really any need for that outburst, regardless of anyone's opinion on it?
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    The game only needs pumpkin Sonic.
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