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    By the way, from bro to bro, you sir, deserve something. This makes me wanna start a topic of my own!
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    This thread is severely lacking in flavor.
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    Okay. How do you cope with all this shit?

    After reading T-Man's topic on the four most common complaints about the Sonic franchise, I realized that this can't just have been used by reviewers to attack the Sonic franchise, but the vocal minority of the fanbase often uses these complaints to shape the franchise into what they believe can change it for the better. This sector of the Sonic scene is practically the only thing they know about the franchise because of how publicized they are, and in TV Tropes, they fall under the fandumb category of franchise lovers. Having analyzed these complaints and see what they have in common, they all spring from the mentality I'm about to describe, otherwise known as acting like a so-called 'true fan'. 'True' Sonic fans are often like the Mad Bride type of fandumb, but instead of being attached to a particular character, they all try to attach themselves to the franchise like a parasite and insult it for what its worth like a stereotypical Asian-American-Jewish mother--pointing out whatever 'flaws' the franchise has, like the use of 3D gameplay, and not sticking to the Backward Processing methods of long ago. Therefore, these fans only believe that Sonic Team can only create those flaws over and over again simply because they have. Whenever I encounter fans like these, I then think of what I've posted in a previous topic a loooong time ago: How do you cope with fans like these then? Tell us!
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    Weird similarities in Sonic music

    Crisis City's music. The Music from Super Mario 64's Bowser stages. They're similar. Can't unhear.
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    I'm not sure I appreciate the Star Fox comparison, because as far as personal opinions go and deviations from gameplay style is accounted for, none of those games are infamous for being bad games, far from it. Assault has a 71% review aggregate, a good reception, and Command and Adventures were critical successes. From an objective standpoint I honestly think this was a good misjudgment on your part, especially when you're attempting to pit a couple of games only looked down upon by their respective fanbases, against roughly three games that are by a wide group of people considered as some of the biggest blunders in video game mascot history.
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    Blue Blood


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    The purpose of this article wasn't so much as to be 100% objective so much as to attack statements I saw as illegitimate, unfair or uninformed. Honestly, I think an article like this would be at least somewhat opinionated by its very nature. Regarding that second point, of course not everyone's going to agree, but on the subject of Advance and Rush, the critics did seem to agree. I don't necessarily hate Espio and Silver myself. I'm just saying that they're kind of unnecessary, and I can understand why having so many such characters would get annoying to some. Yeah, but no one really knew who the Chaotix was until Heroes XP And like I said, I wasn't necessarily saying they were bad characters. Just that we don't need them and quite a few of us think they're bad. AND I LIKE SHADOW. RAEG!!!!!!!!! I guess you're right about this XP That part where I said "no one remembers those games" was moreso me trying to be funny, but I'll keep this in mind.
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    Another Story Arc

    "I do give the games credit for looking good, but times have changed mang, technology has advanced, sprites aren't used now." My point being that just because characters can have voices does not mean they must. A great story can still be told without dialogue and it's unique these days, to boot.
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