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    Wow. Just... wow.
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    How much Sega has improved to be honest.
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    One thing I love about this game is the presentation of the menus, HUD, title cards, results screen etc. The whole design with the spinning stars, erratic symbols with bright, vibrant colours is absolutely gorgeous, reminiscent of the Japanese classic cover arts and fits the series wonderfully. We always end up having a different style in each new game, some better than others but I really hope that Sonic Team continue with this style, especially since they're going for consistency these days. I hate to go to the cliche of this comparison but look at Mario. The games always have incredibly similar presentation styles (not really sure what to call it all), exactly the same typography and so on. I helps games like 64, Sunshine and Galaxy feel like their directly linked to each other and now it's instantly recognisble and linked to Mario, it's brand establishing.
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    I'm actually glad that there isn't a Super Sonic tune like that. Since it started, I've always been annoyed with hearing a jingle on loop for minutes straight. Jingles aren't meant to be played as songs, or they'd be songs, XD. Sure, keeping the same song going while it happens makes it less "WHOAAAMG," but also being in the state for more than 30 seconds to that loop kills the feel anyways, to me at least.
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    The tornado in Classic Crisis City. What a troll.
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    Pelly <3's U

    Please change this

    Uhhhh we can't change something in your game, we're not the developers of the game. This forum is for bugs/suggestions for our forum. sooo yaa...you seem to be confused but this forum is not for making topics about what you want changed in the game. Locked.
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    Won't happen, and moreover I don't think this topic has a chance.
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    I like Call of Duty. Its an aged shooter, but it runs on a reliably user-friendly engine. Its fun, simple as. Call of Duty 4 is (as I've mentioned more than I can remember) one of my personal favorite games of all time. I don't hate the people who like Call of Duty, such as myself. I do hate CoD fans who believe their favorite game is superior to all. I also hate the silly little c**t-mushrooms who have some bullshit elitist attitude towards CoD and hate it when people find it more enjoyable than x video game they like; calling them biased or some other derogatory word.
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    Sonic's shitty friends

    I think the only solution to this problem is for people to stop being so fucking stupid.
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    Its time to move on.

    Keep the Generations gameplay. Why fix what isn't broken?
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    Shadow's ideal characterization

    He was so bland and void of personality in 06. I'm sticking with Free Riders being the best portrayal of him in recent years.
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    Well, I'd personally find the original Speed Highway more fun if it had kamikaze helicopters.
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    Mega Man

    Zero is the greatest Megaman series of all-time.
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    Ok thanks. I've been thinking of working on creating a topic about all the different Sonic canon's and I was wondering if I should break the Sonic X anime and Sonic X comic into two different canons. It's confusing since some of the storylines in the Sonic X comic take place inbetween episodes of the anime.
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    Blazey Firekitty

    Sonic's shitty friends

    I'm kind of amused at the thought of the whole "Sola Sonica" thing being taken to its logical conclusion. We'd have the hero Sonic the Hedgehog followed by his loyal sidekick Sonic "Sonic" Sonic The Fox, Sonic Rose who is in love with both of them, and they all fight the evil Dr. Sonic.
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    VGChartz is notorious for being incorrect and unreliable. Their figures are unofficial and complete guesswork.
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    Shadow's ideal characterization

    30% Angst, 20% Emo, 10% Nu-Metal and 40% Damn! = Shadow The Hedgehog. So even Big shows more emotion than Shadow?
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    That's no excuse for developer laziness.
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    Rarity is fucking awesome! Now off to school
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    MW3 sold for $1725 on Ebay

    And you're going to play it for...what? Like 11 months until the next CoD game is released?
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    The Sonic Generations Review Topic

    Neo+ gave it 8.5/10 saying that "Its Amazing "Museum" of Sonic history with outstanding graphics, great Soundtrack and gameplay. If you are fan its total 10/10 for you. Now get to shops at the speed of sound for this awsome game!" Yep no bashing for level selection. Heck they even said that level selection was great. Reviewer mentions Sky Sanctuary as his fave cause of Amazing view and feeling of stage. He mentions great Bosses too. I Love my Country for no-Biased Reviews.
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    I actually like the level list, keeping in mind that (apparently) the levels ARE being pulled from the same games that were used for the level selection in the console version. The first 5 levels are great choices to represent the games they're from, and Tropical Resort could be an awesome final level if they treat it as a "fallen paradise", if you will, with the station becoming a living death trap as it falls apart (based on the meteors you're dodging on the grind-rails, it looks like that could be the case). The only level I think was poorly chosen is Windmill Isle. It's just so bland, and Green Hill and Emerald Coast already serve a similar level theme. Plus, was it really THAT popular of a level? Savannah Citadel seems like it would have been a better choice all around. But overall.. it ain't a terrible list. I am a bit miffed that the Rush games pretty much got the finger, but what can ya do.
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    Sonic Generations sales topic

    Yes but remember this, back then Pre ordering wasn't a big deal, and not a popular thing. Today, everyone's advertising gamestop and what not to get pre orders in, so you gotta count that in as well.
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    Barry the Nomad

    Archie Sonic Main Discussion

    I doubt you've read it, but if you have this comparison would make sense, but I'd love for a game based Sonic comic series to play out much like the old Marvel Star Wars comics. While adaptations did occur, inbetween the adaptations existed original stories of the main characters depicting what was going on between A New Hope and Empire Strikes Back. They'd usually have 24 issues between each adaptation, but I could see a game universe Sonic comic having a two to three issue adpatation followed by six or so issues of inbetween stories. Heck, I wouldn't mind if there were no adaptations and the series just existed within a game universe without Freedom FIghters or Chris Thorndyke and friends. Over the past 20 years the series has established a very believable world with the islands of the Genesis games, the human areas of the Adventure titles, the United Federations government and the many countries from Unleashed. I can just imagine a series that takes all these game based locals, throws in the characters as we know them from the games and expands on how these many elements interact. I remember after the NiGHTS into Dreams three issue adaptation, they had an original story for the second mini-series and even had a third mini-series planned. Despite not being an adaptation, the original story was a lot of fun and totally felt like something out of a NiGHTS 2. It was a lot of fun. Anyway, not making an argument against the current series. I enjoy it and have a nostalgia for it thanks to my being an original reader. Still remember discovering issue #0 at a gas station while on vacation as a kid. But I think the Sonic game universe is now big enough to have a successful comic series where simplification won't be a problem.
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    The songs for Super Sonic were always repetitive 10 or 30 sevond loops which got incredibly annoying after the first couple minutes I'm glad they didn't continue that tradition.
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    I think it's really good start. In top 10 with only 2 days out. I'm not expecting to beat Battlefield or Uncharted but it will go higher. Solid Start for Generations. I hope it goes up from here. There are some big names coming so i won't be disappointed if i don't see top 3 or something. EDIT: Shame on me for forgetting. THANKS A LOT SHADZTER! =D
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    I like to think that the Time Eater is actually the resurfaced and not yet fully recuperated form of Mephiles the Dark. His portrayal in 06 gives me the idea that he's the embodiment of entropy- the inevitable decay of the universe. And as such, he cannot be destroyed, merely deterred. But like with Dark Gaia, he hasn't been fully revitalized in the state he was discovered by Eggman in. But unlike Dark Gaia, this gave Eggman the opportunity to take control of his energy. Mephiles' connection to the first timeline resurfaced the events in it, hence, Crisis City. Again, that's just my fanon... As for Silver and Blaze, they canonically recognize Sonic in the second timeline because of Rivals 2 and Rush respectively.
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    I remember opening a thread a long time ago about how anoying I found that you couldn't enjoy the level musics anymore when playing with super sonic. Sonicteam made a good choice if you ask me, especially with the fact that you can pick music tracks now
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    The Sonic Generations Review Topic

    So what if some haters gave it a low score. IT'LL TAKE MORE THAN THAT... TO DEFEAT US!
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    Right click. Saved. Hey now. You implying that Eggman is a furry? ..... *shudders* Swiiiiiiiing looooow, sweeeeeet chariot. Comin' to taaaaake me hooooome.
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    I think what people are saying is the models aren't perfectly rounded / edged, even on PC with AA enabled theres still some jagged edges and unfortunately in the PC version you only get On or Off as an option verses AA x4, x6, x8, x16. I know there are a ton of screenshots from the PC version out there but for the sake of comparison take a look at this screenshot Steam took while I was running the game (standard click to expand, its a 1080 image folks ): Look carefully and you'll see the jagged edges of the models, that being said its really not that bad and you're only really going to complain if you're a perfectionist.
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    To be fair Blaze is incredibly tough in comparison to every other Sonic female. I mean come now. She has her own Super form.
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    Final Boss sucked, it was such a boring boss. Not to mention, broken. I even liked Unleashed's final boss better. If they swapped the final bosses around (but the two Eggmans control Dark Gaia or something) then that would be awesome. Oh and the BG music SUCKED. Urgh, so generic. When I unlocked everything, I wanted to play Rooftop Run using the original soundtrack for it....to find out there is none. Then I realised. Bar Classic era, the levels featured in Generations doesn't have their original music! I was absolutely gutted. Crisis City was so annoying especially Classic Sonic's. It looks like a broken level. Thanks for reminding me how bad Crisis City was in Sonic 2006, Sega. Most of the challenges are very boring or annoying and makes me not want to play them again. Ever. Especially the Vector challenge with Modern Sonic. I'm a trophy huntress, and Sega pulled another glitched trophy for me to delete almost everyone on my list for that trophy to unlock. No CGI cutscenes. I like in-game cutscenes too but I prefer some CGI cutscenes like Unleashed had. In game mixed with some CGI. Not to mention the in-game cutscenes visually look much crap compared to Unleashed. EDIT: Super Sonic. I just forgot about the Super Sonic Skill. Why? Because I hardly use it. It's almost useless. Why did they add this feature that if you boost, you lose your rings much faster? Why? It's not like this will be on the leaderboards and rankings. This made me not want to touch Super Sonic again because there are better skills to choose. I can see why reviewers gave this game an 8 now that I have played it to the fullest. They improved the gameplay for Modern Sonic and we have "classic", but outside that, the content is---poor. Unleashed had a BETTER story. Colors was much more fun. The content in Generations was a stepdown compared to Unleashed and Colors. Yes the challenges were better compared to hot dog missions I agree, but what's the point when the challenges are not extremely fun? I would never want to play that Crisis City Classic Doppelganger race again. And Cream and Knuckles in challenges CHEATS. I have to jump on the enemies and platforms while they just...fly over them? >.>
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    Mechano explained the differences in the opening post.
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    What are you disappointed about?

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    I'm disappointed in way this board doesn't remember posts if you accidentally change pages. FUCKING RAGE! As for Generations disappointments... Difficulty It's too easy. All of it. Bosses, main levels, missions... ugh. Sonic games shouldn't be hard, but they shouldn't be a cakewalk from start to finish. Planet Wisp upped the difficulty, but prior to that everything is easy enough to S (or at least A) rank on your first run. And for some reason, even red ring hunting is easier than in Colours. Hard mode for bosses was lame too. I didn't even notice the difference for any of them except the Egg Dragoon. The only challenge to come out of the missions were some of the Doppelgänger ones. Length 90 missions I'll only ever want to play once and 18 short acts. Wow. That's horribly short. Each Sonic should have had at two main acts for each stage, and there should have been another stage or two. It's all really fun, but over way too quickly. The bosses were too few in number, and they all felt incredibly random in the context of the game. Classic Characters I couldn't have been happier to see Classic Sonic again, and then when they said he'd be mute I was over the moon. But then they fucked that up royally. Classic Tails showed up out of nowhere and started talking. Classic Metal could talk too (funny thing is that Modern Metal can't talk- it was Classic metal in Heroes), and then Classic Eggman as well! So, what was the point in Classic Sonic having no voice? He ended up incredibly stale and uninteresting as a result. He should have had a voice too or better yet, the entire classic cast should have been mute and cutscenes should have been beterr structured so they actually did something worthwhile. No Classic Amy and Classic Knuckles really upset me too. I can't imagine why they were missing. Story I'll summarise the story for you. "One day there was a Sonic game. The end." So many missed opportunities. The story is fine I suppose, it just needed a lot of bulking out. There was a huge cast to use, references to be made and plenty of opportunity for just more cutscenes. I didn't like how they did the Emeralds either. You had to get them to progress so, and one of them is handed to you via cutscene. Lazy much? Level Selection I can understand all the choices, the problem is that there isn't enough. Like I said before, 9 stages isn't a lot for length and it's even less when you consider what the game is trying to do. We didn't have any representation of the ice, desert, mountain, carnival/casino tropes. If I'd picked the levels from the same game selection even it'd be a lot different.
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    Mega Man

    RIP Megaman, you were awesome while you were still around :<
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    Things that don't make sense! *Spoilers*

    I think him remembering future events isn't such a bad thing. Explains his homing attack in S4 and, heck, going off of the possibility that he really didn't talk at that age, maybe his older self inspired him to open up and speak his mind.
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    Was pretty annoyed about Classic Sonic being mute. It's cute and all, but how come the other Classic characters could speak and not him? Erf. =[ Where the fock were C. Knux and C. Amy anyway?? It made no sense for them not to appear, and it would have been great to see them in the game.
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    1: It came from outer space. So it's an extraterrestrial cosmic horror. Which is mundane as anything in this series. The second set of arms don't matter. If you notice, it loses them towards the end of the boss fight, so they were probably just mechanical attachments. 2: He'll be back. I remember when I was a kid I was afraid Robotnik was dead since he was left inside his defeated robot when the Death Egg blew up at the end of Sonic 2. 3: Apparently the Time Eater's abilities include bringing back erased timelines. Silver is there because that's where he's from in said erased timeline. Bad Future Stardust Speedway is back, too. 4: Makes perfect sense. Eggman specifically said his goal was to undo Sonic's past victories, so that he's actively manipulating the past events to make them more dangerous to Sonic fits perfectly well with his goal. Of course, if time were allowed to continue normally after Perfect Chaos was defeated by normal Sonic it'd just reform since Super Sonic has to neutralise it n'stuff. 5: Since Sonic rush. She stayed airborne plenty long during the boss fight with her. She was at the party because the whole "other dimension" thing seems to have a rotating door these days. 6: They were the real stages, but not the real stages. Eggman deliberately altered them in the hopes that Sonic would fail to repeat his past successes. Since time resumes at the end of the game right before the Time Eater appeared, I imagine the stages go back to being exactly as they were in their own game and story post-Generations. Which would also mean Bad Stardust Speedway and Crisis City go back to not existing anymore. But really, the entire plot is just an excuse to recreate lots of past Sonic levels.
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    So that's the final stage huh? I would've been really disappointed if I had any expectations for the 3DS version.
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    Emmett L. Brown

    Ugly pixellated FMV cut scenes?

    You're right, they look pixelated. And I don't care. Wow, I don't care. My not-caring is so powerful if it could be focused into a beam of pure energy it'd be able to power a generator and provide free electricity to the community of a small country. That's how much I don't care. Yet in spite of not caring I still responded to this thread. How weird.
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    Ugly pixellated FMV cut scenes?

    Is that what this topic was about? The importance of the cut-scenes? Them not being important, of course, that makes it OK for the presentation to seem about 10 years old!! You reckon some MIDIs and megadrive music rips were more important than the presentation of the game?
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    Called it...? Wow, "History of the First Stage" seems to be a much more fitting title for this version than "Blue Adventure".
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    I actually feel like speedrunning Unleashed. Not so with Generations. Which is unfortunate, because I really like Generations. I also wish S ranking was a challenge.
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    Because most critics today are fucking biased pricks and/or bandwagon followers. And I'm not just saying that because I'm a "Sonic fanboy". I seriously feel that way. If something isn't Call of Duty... Or Batman for whatever reason... basically, if something doesn't have guns, and doesn't look grim and gray, it's not worth your time. Everything about video game "reviews" is a total joke now. From the actual reviews themselves, to the scoring system. A lot of them make it out as if games that don't receive 9's or 10's aren't important. Almost every video game review company needs to get their shit together, and higher actual professionals. Fuck.
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    No one here remembers Breech Loader? Like this if you do! ...or not... Seriously, if you remember her, then you are one of the oldest members here. Or Strong Bad...wonder where he's at? Also, we used to have Clubs for a while before the forum wipe, but that didn't attract enough attention so it got axed. Shame to, as Claire (and old mod) put in a lot of work for it. Other than that, I can't remember too much regarding the forums alone that everyone else hasn't already said. Yeah, he's the bastard who changed his name to Sean about a few years back. Wonder where he's at?
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    Achievements List!

    Holy shit! Look Both Ways Reach the goal in CRISIS CITY Act 2 without being hit by a tornado-carried cars or rocks. 0 of 1 (0.00%) users, have earned this trophy. Estimated Difficulty: Impossible
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    Your thoughts on Sonic's English VAs

    Ryan Drummond is my favorite. He brought a flame to Sonic that can't be re-lit for me personally. Also, he was used in today's video 3:04 Ryan can clearly be heard making 2 grunts. I'm sure they are just old clips used by mistake.
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