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    Eggman was trying to get jiggy with it. LAAAAAAAAAAAAADIES!
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    Wow. Just... wow.
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    Flyboy Fox

    Please change this

    I love this. I wish we could post bugs and issues and suggestions for Sonic games in here and have them fixed XD
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    How much Sega has improved to be honest.
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    Personally, I was absolutely overjoyed when I turned into Super Sonic and the music stayed the same. For years, I've despised Super Sonic as being playable in stages, almost solely for the fact that he completely destroys the soundtrack. So I'm really glad they've 'fixed' that, even if it is at the cost of a little nostalgia. I'd still say that, ideally, Super Sonic should 'jazz up' the music (similar to how riding Yoshi in the Mario games adds an extra layer to it), but it changing nothing is still preferable to looping the same five seconds of music until you want to rupture your own eardrums.
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    One thing I love about this game is the presentation of the menus, HUD, title cards, results screen etc. The whole design with the spinning stars, erratic symbols with bright, vibrant colours is absolutely gorgeous, reminiscent of the Japanese classic cover arts and fits the series wonderfully. We always end up having a different style in each new game, some better than others but I really hope that Sonic Team continue with this style, especially since they're going for consistency these days. I hate to go to the cliche of this comparison but look at Mario. The games always have incredibly similar presentation styles (not really sure what to call it all), exactly the same typography and so on. I helps games like 64, Sunshine and Galaxy feel like their directly linked to each other and now it's instantly recognisble and linked to Mario, it's brand establishing.
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    ... Wow, this is a friendly forum that counters all my beliefs about the Sonic fandom...
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    Ladies and Gentlemen. How to Kill Amy Rose In Sky Sanctuary Alright, this is very hard to do, chances are you won't be able to reproduce this without restarting the stage a lot, but it is possible to do it. During the classic Sonic mission where you have to race Amy when you're on that orb thing, it's possible to kill Amy and then go on to win the race with only the clock to worry about when it comes to rank. How do you do this? You need to be flying above her on the orb, when Amy does her hammer attack she flies up, if you stop and let the orb start to fall, it'll crash into Amy and she'll fall directly down... and won't stop until she hits a platform... yet if theres no platform, if it's a pit, she'll fall to her doom and will never respawn until you restart the stage. I triggered this totally by accident as I'd misheard Omachao's instructions, I thought you couldn't hit Amy with the orb at all, so when I saw her fly up, I stopped running, and she crashed right into me, fell down in that daze annimation... then vanished. When I got near the end of the stage I noticed that her character icon haddn't moved. Even though I was no longer in line to get an S-Rank, Amy was nowhere to be seen.
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    ^ Sounds like she's been through this all too many times. That's the mark of a great employee really, she probably wants things to change as much as the customers do.
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    I'm actually glad that there isn't a Super Sonic tune like that. Since it started, I've always been annoyed with hearing a jingle on loop for minutes straight. Jingles aren't meant to be played as songs, or they'd be songs, XD. Sure, keeping the same song going while it happens makes it less "WHOAAAMG," but also being in the state for more than 30 seconds to that loop kills the feel anyways, to me at least.
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    Why does the fucking My Little Ponies topic get so many fucking reports?!?! WHAT THE FUCK?? Seriously, you guys... what. the. fuck.
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    There's a lot of difference, yes. Aside from being separate continuities, there are a lot of personality divergences between the two. First, let's talk about what's the same between them. Both versions of X Eggman are incredibly over-the-top mad scientists. Both versions are, at their core, pretty good people. Both versions have a friendship with their minions, and both versions have a respectful enmity with Sonic. (Also, both versions are the best part about their respective series) The differences are subtle, but noteworthy: X Anime Eggman is a villain through and through, no matter how many redeeming qualities he may have. His end goal is world domination, and he never- even for a moment- wavers on this front. X Comic Eggman's motivation differs from X Anime Eggman. While he does want to conquer the world, it's more like a means to an end. His motive is not power, per se, but love and adoration. He wants to be praised, adored, revered by his public- And on several occasions he's been willing to do genuinely good deeds just to feel the rush of public approval, with no ulterior motives. El Gran Gordo started as an evil scheme, but quickly spiralled out of control, with Eggman "becoming the mask," so to speak, and embracing his heroic persona. When Sonic's about to unmask him, Eggman begs him not to, wanting fully to remain a beloved public figure. Sonic, in a moment of kindness, lets him have his wish- Though he'll be pushed back into villainy later. In one issue, Eggman and Sonic switch brains by accident. You would think this would lead to Eggman trying to take over the world with Sonic's powers, but he doesn't. He actually decides that- now that he's Sonic- he'll enjoy the life of fame and fun that he's always envied the hedgehog for having. He lounges around basking in the glory of Sonic's fame, and enjoys every minute of being the hero, Sonic the Hedgehog. He even tries to genuinely save the day to keep up the charade, and there's not a hint that he wanted anything else from it. Later, when the secret organization S.O.N.I.C.X. makes Vector into a giant monster, Eggman tries to stop it in order to get the people of Station Square to praise him for his awesomeness. It doesn't work. Point being, the anime version of Eggman may want attention, but power is still his primary goal and he's always been after control of the world. The comic version, by contrast, just wants to be the center of attention in whatever way he can get it- Whether that's from world domination or hiding behind the mask of a superhero persona, he doesn't care. It really makes you wonder why he never just reformed to become a hero full-time. This is one aspect about X comic Eggman I love. He wants, so badly, to be loved and appreciated, and he'll do whatever it takes to have that need met, and he gets a real rush from being good because- well- being good feels good. The comic was cancelled before Ian could implement all his ideas, but another Gordo arc was among them. What could've come of it? It's not sure, but I think if any canon version of Eggman could have feasibly reformed and straightened out his life to use his genius for good, this guy had the likeliest shot of eventually doing it. X comic Eggman's is a complex case. I think I'll let this final excerpt from the comic speak for itself:
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    Two awesome new adverts for the game - one with a Mario ending, one with a Sonic ending: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BGn6yK9C9xY"]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BGn6yK9C9xY http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NGI73p5eKsM"]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NGI73p5eKsM Some pretty cool jokes in there, I must say!
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    Its time to move on.

    The next Sonic game should kinda look like this... Just a tad bit more realistic and we got a sure win in the gaming world of today. Edit: Change the shoes design into a darker red with a Soap Shoe like design...and give Sonic finger-less black/white/dark red gloves. Edit 2: Oh an a murky sky...and its should be raining. Turn rainbow rings into smokey purple-black rings. Edit 3: And make Sonic look like he is always pissed.
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    The tornado in Classic Crisis City. What a troll.
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    Pelly <3's U

    Please change this

    Uhhhh we can't change something in your game, we're not the developers of the game. This forum is for bugs/suggestions for our forum. sooo yaa...you seem to be confused but this forum is not for making topics about what you want changed in the game. Locked.
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    The balance of the universe demands that if there's gonna be a thread about what people were disappointed by, then there must be one about what people were pleasantly surprised to see. And I know I'm not the only one who would like a break from reading about how Generations failed to live up to expectations. Here's a few of mine: - No quicktime events. Thanks for removing the most bothersome part of the Unleashed daytime levels. - Most detailed branching paths in 3D ever. That really impressed me. Not just shortcuts, but actually enough alternate paths to give every single act at least three different playthroughs without repeating. - Every boss is unique. Metal Sonic is a completely different playstyle than Shadow, same for Shadow and Silver, and same for Silver and Metal Sonic. Not to mention the three era bosses. Came as a happy surprise after both Unleashed and Colors had you fight the same bosses again with more lasers. - Sonic controls better than ever. Subjective, I know, but unlike Unleashed I rarely missed a jump due to failures of game physics rather than my own misjudged timing. And with homing attack happily separated from air boost, it makes correcting undershot jumps easy and useful. - Skill systsem didn't nerf the unequipped characters like in Secret Rings. Huge relief, especially since all the missions are played skill-free. - Unlockables for just about everything. Going for red rings was a lot more satisfying than before when every single one unlocked something instead of having to stockpile them for future rewards. - Finally a ranking system that encourages instead of insults. No resseting the score to zero for every death, like you sucked too hard to play a Sonic game if you couldn't do a non-death run every time. No need tor obsessive boosting and dashing to barely meet the mark for a good rank. - Great musical call-backs. I was expecting music from old games, but never something as rare and obscure as tracks from Knuckles Chaotix and the menu music from Sonic Mega Collection.
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    There have been many continuities of Sonic the Hedgehog, and a different version of Robotnik in each! What's your favorite? More importantly, why? I'm going above and beyond and listing my top five. While I did a similar topic years ago (Entitled "Eggmen"), that was more of a neutral and analytical list of all versions. This is my personal list of favorites, so it's definitely more opinionated. 5. AoStH - Dr. Ivo Robotnik I love AoStH Robotnik. AoStH was actually my first exposure to Sonic, and while it's silly and ridiculous, I think it still holds up. The Robotnik of this cartoon totally steals the show with his flamboyant personality and hilarious quotes. AoStH Robotnik is a bombastic mixture of egotism and self pity. To quote Milton Knight, "[Robotnik] is very excited about the fact that he exists. He's jealous of the hedgehog. Why should Sonic get the praise? Give it to Robotnik!" And that really sums up his character- AoStH Ivo wants attention, praise, and recognition- Perhaps moreso than he even wants power. I find that fantastic, and I always enjoy watching this character because of what an entertaining fellow he is. 4. Sonic OVA - Dr. Eggman OVA Eggman is great because he explores an aspect of the character not really touched upon in the games- Romance. His crush on Sera is a great part of the OVA, and a major factor in his evil scheme as well. I always thought the two of them made a cute couple. There isn't too much I can say about this version of Eggman since the OVA is only about an hour long, but I thought it did justice to the Eggman character, making him simultaneously hilarious and yet really threatening as an antagonist. 3. SEGA - Dr. Eggman The main man himself, this is the original Eggman, the one that started it all! He takes a comfortable third place on my list, as he has all the basic traits I love about the character. He's both a menacing foe and an endearing character at the same time, and has contributed loads of cool stuff to the series since his debut in 1991. What I like about Sega Eggman (and moreso in the following two versions) is that, despite his evil nature, there's the faintest hint that maybe beneath it all he has some sort of human side; Some innate goodness beneath his evil exterior. SA2 and a few other games hint at this, though at the same time, many of his actions are still unambiguously evil. This makes the Doc a complex character, and one who's really morally ambiguous. His personality is wonderfully bombastic as well. This has reached a new high in Colors and Generations. I absolutely love hearing Eggman make grandiose announcements over his amusement park's intercom; It only goes to show just what a quotable character Eggman is. 2. Sonic X (Anime) - Dr. Eggman Both versions of Sonic X portray a much more sympathetic Eggman, so the anime and the comic are very close on my list. With that said, the anime version of Eggman feels similar to the Sega portrayal, albeit with a little more creative freedom to let the character do some really wacky things, such trying to take over the anime itself, turning it into Dr. Eggman X. One of the best ideas ever? I thought so too. What separates X Eggman from Sega Eggman is his morality- Sega Eggman's good side is vague, and relies more on subtle implication. X Eggman's redeeming qualities are overtly stated outright- He has serious qualms with harming defenseless hostages and mindless destruction, and calls out the Metarax for their crass methods. He also has a friendship with his robots that goes beyond what we typically see in the games. X Eggman comes across, to me, as a deeper character because of this. Essentially, he's game Eggman- Except funnier and more human, so naturally I'm all over that. But as awesome as this portrayal was, it doesn't hold a candle to the next one. 1. Sonic X (Comic) - Dr. Eggman The Sonic X comic Eggman is my ideal version of the character. He's always up to incredibly over-the-top wacky schemes, but shows a very deep human side all along. He feels like an actual person, not just a grinning antagonist for Sonic to foil. His motives are love and adoration- He just wants to be appreciated and held in high regard by his public. This actually leads to some great character development where the doctor is almost willing to totally reform in order to embrace the life of a public hero, finally getting the praise he's always wanted. In a twist, Sonic actually intentionally pushes him back into villainy so he can have his old nemesis back. Like OVA Eggman, he also develops a romantic interest, this time in Ella. The comic was cancelled before they had much time to expand on it, but it was pretty cute seeing him try to win her affections. Moreso than even the anime, X Eggman displays a strong friendship with his robots, and arguably even with Sonic himself. The two feel more like old pals who happen to fight for the fate of the world than hated arch-enemies, and there's just something really charming about that take on their relationship. Oh, also, El Gran Gordo. El Gran Gordo is basically the single most awesome thing in the entire Sonic franchise, bar none. Seeing Eggman beat up a giant professional wrestler with his bare hands, to the cheers of the adoring masses, is simply the best thing. I love this version of Eggman to death, and while the comic was short (at only 40 issues), it was definitely sweet. ----- So those are my favorite versions of Dr. Eggman! What are yours? Tell us in this topic!
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    Won't happen, and moreover I don't think this topic has a chance.
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    Alright, aside from all the obvious stuff like the great 3D platforming and general awesomeness and references, here are my specific things: - The Sonic 3D Remix. Made me smile SO much when I realised what it was. - Silver getting crushed under the debris ball when you defeat him - not because I dislike Silver but just because it was a cool, clever idea that was really satisfying, they could have easily just been boring and cut to him falling over or something. - The way some of the missions change the time of day - that was one of my favourite touches in the DLC levels of Unleashed and glad they kept it up. - All the beefed up/remixed versions of music you can unlock. - Crisis City's sign post flying away before you reach it. - Chemical Plant's explodeyness and general grounding in reality Unleashed style - Eggman interactions - Rooftop Run, the level I was most looking forward to, did not dissapoint at all. <3 The music in particular was just beautiful, especially modern.
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    Well, quick update for those who still care (if any ) about the ongoing dramatic fiasco that is my quest for the Collector's Edition... Still didn't turn up yesterday, and I was quite worried this morning to see that the tracking information had all gone and been replaced with "Your parcel cannot be found". Called the company and spoke to the same nice, friendly lady who was shocked and appalled that I still didn't get it on Saturday. She tracked the parcel and found that it's still at the depot, but that the drivers had put it down as 'return to sender' now for whatever reason (even though she said they shouldn't be allowed to do that ) So anyway, she intercepted and it's apparently out for delivery again today, although apparently it won't be showing up until this evening. She said she'll call me later to try and get a more specific time. To be honest though, I'll be very surprised if it actually does turn up today at this stage. >.< I did say that I'd call her again tomorrow if it hadn't, which she was fine with, but fingers crossed it actually will. Surprisingly, amidst all her apologies, she actually told me how to go about filing a complaint if a wanted to, which I found pretty surprising. I mean, how many people working for a company will give customers advice on how to file a complain against them? D: Anyway, keeping my fingers crossed, but can't say I have my hopes up by any means.
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    You are mixing three different characters in the same boat when they have obvious differences. Vergil is a power hungry anti-hero who is trying to reach the same level of power a his father. Solid Snake is a former special operative soldier and legendary hero who infiltrates enemy strongholds in order avert a nuclear crisis. Shadow is a former villain turned anti-hero working to maintain peace as an agent of GUN against potential threats such as Eggman. And this is just a basic summary of the three. They go far more deeper than that. So you mean to tell me that he was ruined in SA2 where he debuted, because he was amused, happy, sad, confused, and angry at various points of that game. So because he had emotions like that, Shadow's concept was ruined when it began. You see how dysfunctional that logic is?
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    The way these scores are coming in is like a rollercoaster! Highs, then lows, then mid-ranged... TIME FOR A CHANGE OF PACE
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    Rabbid A

    The SSMB Banner Thread

    Seriously hoping that this will work xD
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    Just recalled another one. I was doing that mission in Classic's Sky Sanctuary in which you race Amy on those platforms that move up when you run on them. For some very odd reason, Amy completely froze and wouldn't move. Her marker on the bar wouldn't move either. Hence it became a joke of a mission because there was no opposition :]
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    "I never thought a girl could be so tough!"

    Can't believe people forgot about the stuff in the Heroes manual. ohwaiteveryonehatedheroes Nevermind. ;w;
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    I like Call of Duty. Its an aged shooter, but it runs on a reliably user-friendly engine. Its fun, simple as. Call of Duty 4 is (as I've mentioned more than I can remember) one of my personal favorite games of all time. I don't hate the people who like Call of Duty, such as myself. I do hate CoD fans who believe their favorite game is superior to all. I also hate the silly little c**t-mushrooms who have some bullshit elitist attitude towards CoD and hate it when people find it more enjoyable than x video game they like; calling them biased or some other derogatory word.
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    ....... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cGJsrRWLnG4&feature=related Nuff said.
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    The Sonic Generations Review Topic

    Gaming Irresponsibly Review - 9.2 http://gamingirrespo...nic-generations DOG Review - 4/5 http://www.denofgeek...360_review.html Console Monster Review - 88% http://www.consolemo...p?id=0000001081
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    While I'm certainly not going to argue against opinions or preferences- since that's what this topic is about and you're totally fine preferring SatAM Robotnik- I do have to question your assertion that Sega Eggman's goofiness is a recent invention, considering that even in the 90s the guy was using mustached Death Stars, giant mallets, robots that looked like Fisher-Price toys, and other totally cartoonish villain tactics. Even the amusement park in Colors is nothing new- Knuckles Chaotix took place entirely within Eggman's amusement park-themed Newtrogic High Zone, which was a similarly festive base. Again, not arguing against your disdain for goofy Eggman, since that's your opinion and you're entitled to it. I'm simply saying that the Sega version of the character has always been kinda silly.
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    Here's a big bug I ran into several times in Greenhill Zone. Honestly I haven't had many problems other then homing attack fail.
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    Sonic's shitty friends

    I think the only solution to this problem is for people to stop being so fucking stupid.
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    If I had to choose what was in the 3DS version:
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    Its time to move on.

    Keep the Generations gameplay. Why fix what isn't broken?
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    Shadow's ideal characterization

    He was so bland and void of personality in 06. I'm sticking with Free Riders being the best portrayal of him in recent years.
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    What are you disappointed about?

    Nothing at all, the game looks like the tits but it's just..... in real life the sad truth
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    Yay, a positive topic! With all the criticism Generations is getting recently, it seems like we hate the game (which I know we don't)! Alright, here's my list of standout surprises. -All the 3d Platforming in Modern's stages. I did not expect all the stages to be like SSH/SS (I did not spoil the other stages for myself). But they all were! Almost all stages had good amounts of 3d and 2d platforming, and when there was a speed level, they compromised by having 2d platforming (like Chemical Plant and Speed Highway. Chemical plant is good, but Speed Highway, now THAT'S how you design a speed level. So many paths!), with Green Hill being the Unleashed-like odd one out. -The music. OH GOD, THE MUSIC. Something for everyone in this soundtrack, and many of the remixes are better then the originals! My favorite track is probably a toss-up between Crisis City Classic and Rooftop Run Modern. CC Classic just feels so, epic, and the guitar harmony is just made of awesome. RTR Modern feels a lot more bouncy and lively then the original, which is saying something because the original already has the said qualities! And of course, the piano is awesome. -The dynamic between Modern and Classic Sonic. It was great to see two cocky hogs' interact with each other, and I love the way Classic Sonic kind of seemed to look up to Modern Sonic as a big brother in some situations. The encouraged each other on and helped each other through the adventure. There's plenty of other good things, but these are the things that REALLY stood out. Overall, despite it's story and length flaws, and the fact that the gameplay can still be improved, this game is still awesome. 9/10. I enjoy it more then Adventure 1 and 2, and I'd say as much as S3K or the other classics. It's a classic in it's own right, people.
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    Blazey Firekitty

    Sonic's shitty friends

    I'm kind of amused at the thought of the whole "Sola Sonica" thing being taken to its logical conclusion. We'd have the hero Sonic the Hedgehog followed by his loyal sidekick Sonic "Sonic" Sonic The Fox, Sonic Rose who is in love with both of them, and they all fight the evil Dr. Sonic.
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    Sonic Friends Gameplay

    Everyone should share the same core "Sonic" gameplay, with their unique abilities used for variety and alternate routes. So if I were to go into depth, I'd have to explain Sonic's gameplay first.
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    What are you disappointed about?

    - The extremely minimalistic story. One cannot help but feel that the characters were nowhere near as well utilized as they ought to have been, Classic Sonic in particular. The meta-humour and continuity-references ("Where does he put all those gold rings?", Sonic putting the idea of the jump dash into his younger self's head, the two references to SatSR, the references to Colours etc) were simply fantastic and it was so satisfying and refreshing to see the series reference itself. It's just that there was very little involving story and character development. - Super Sonic. He's way too difficult to use competently because of his ring-draining ways. - Planet Wisp Act 2 goes on for WAY TOO LONG. - The horrible pixellation in a few of the 360 version cutscenes. Those are my only main issues. I still think the game is simply brilliant. I loved it from start to finish and the missions are extremely interesting.
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    What are you disappointed about?

    Story was even more simpler then Colors.....
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    MW3 sold for $1725 on Ebay

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    I also forgot to mention that the 'Happy Birthday Sonic!' clip at the end of the credits actually made me choke up a bit from happiness. I guess knowing that my voice was within the 1000s that screamed that very line really hit a soft spot. And the fact that it's really been 20 years since we were originally introduced to the little blue critter. All that love, shown in just 3 words. Magical. You may laugh at me...now.
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    Its time to move on.

    Time to move on? Nope. Not yet. While Colors and Generations have healed a many of the wounds (I would place Unleashed in this roster but Werehog did a ton of damage to that game even though the day levels were fantastic) no one has truly said, "Forget about all of the alternate gameplay in Sonic Adventure, Sonic Adventure 2, Sonic Unleashed and the monstrosities that are Sonic 06, Shadow the Hedgehog, and Heroes! Sonic is truly, truly, TRULY back for good!" We're not there yet. What we have is great, the improvements are showing which each game. Unleashed bought speed that we had never seen and some levels that were thoroughly enjoyable; a massive step from what we saw in Sonic 06. However Werehog was simply a terrible shot in the toe for the game. Colors lacked alternate gameplay (Which has existed since Adventure), had a great gimmick, platforming (which Unleashed have very little of) and perfectly working controls. However, the game was so safe that some would call it boring and the platforming was so excessive in some levels that the speed aspect was overlooked. Also having a Sonic game with over 40 levels of running didn't work well. While it sounded great, it quickly became tiresome. I believe if they made Acts 4 through 7 optional would have been better. I think it's obvious that I personally dislike Colors, but I'm thrilled with what it did for the series and I can give credit where credit is due. Now, Generations. Man, this one is a winner. This is truly what a Sonic game is; the speed aspect is not overlooked and the platforming does not break the speed. The more I play it the more I love it. The difficulty is present and generally fair (some of those later challenges are kinda mean, but its expected!) There are only 18 levels, which is fine because traditionally Sonic games are short, but the extras keep one playing. The game is fantastic and I can't see why any one would review it negatively. These successes are not enough to say Sonic is back. He's on the right track, but it's not time to change the formula yet. Sonic used to sell systems; he used to be a powerhouse. Sonic, today, is no where near that status. If one mentions Sonic games, most people only think of the classics. I'm sure most of my friends didn't know Sonic games went past the Genesis. Others don't consider Sonic games to be worth anything. I doubt he'll ever be able to outsell the latest shooter (especially without a home system), but he needs to be a respected icon again. Give us five truly successful Sonic games, then we can move on and try something fresh. Until then, Sonic's great where he is now.
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