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    I'd say this pretty much sums it up.
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    The Unsung Heroes

    A group of Sonic games are Unsung Heroes. Sonic Heroes, if you will
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    Well, no, I wouldn't really call this "huge"... I wouldn't be opposed to a multi-game arc, but I don't really want it to be a character arc. Most characters don't really have any hooks for such an arc. The whole Blaze/Silver/Nega thing is, I think, an unsolvable clusterfuck, plus I don't really like the whole Blaze and Silver team-up thing, or Nega at all, so I'd rather they avoid the issue and keep Blaze and Silver to their respective time/space locations (I wouldn't mind seeing another game focusing on Blaze and her dimension, though I can't think of anything that would necessitate multiple games). And introducing a new character for the sake of a multi-game arc is...probably a really bad idea. If we're going to have a multi-game arc, I'd rather it be more like S2-S3&K or Colors-Generations, where the arc has more to do with the events (most likely Eggman's schemes) than a focal character.
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    I can smell Diogenes writting something huge. Cant wait to read it.
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    I just find it funny that they replaced the cast...when the voice actors themselves just started to give a fuck.
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    Your Thoughts on 2011

    I discovered SSMB Year well spent
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    confused about the rules

    A fanboy is someone who is obsessive about a certain company or series to the point of hating anything else and having nothing to back up their claims of why they love whatever so much. Example: Bob the Reasonably Pleasant Forum-Goer: Boy howdy I sure do love playing Call of Duty on my PS3! It's a very fun game and I enjoy playing with all of my pals! I also think the PS3 controller is really nifty for it! Joe the Retarded Unloved Fanboy: FUCKING HOW DO YOU LIKE THAT PIECE OF SHIT SUCK ONE THOUSAND COCKS YOU FAG, PC MASTER RACE REPORTING IN PS3 IS SHIT PLAY WITH A MOUSE AND KEYBOARD LIKE A REAL GAMER Basically don't be a dick.
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    Indigo Rush

    The Unsung Heroes

    They may not be the absolute best that the series has to offer, they certainly don’t hold the same kind of fanfare and nostalgia that the Classics have, and they definitely took directions that strayed from the original Genesis gameplay, but the handheld Sonic games on the Gameboy Advance and Nintendo DS are, in my opinion, unsung heroes. Sonic on the Game Gear was never as popular as he was on the Genesis or Saturn, and the same can be said for the Advance and Rush series, and depending on your personal opinion, to an extent the Rivals games on the PSP. The difference however is almost inverse, as while the Genesis games were pure gold and the Game Gear games were relatively mediocre (or at the very least nowhere near up to par as their console counterparts), the following generation of post-SEGA console installments saw the opposite, where games like Heroes or Shadow were downright mediocre while the handheld games were relatively brilliant. But it’s one thing to just gush out opinions and make statements, but another to actively defend them. The reasons that I feel the Nintendo handhelds were some of the absolute best in the franchise boil down to four basic factors: Gameplay, Flow, Atmosphere and Replayability. Gameplay: So Sonic Advance is essentially, in terms of control and level design, more of Sonic 3 & Knuckles, but with a melee attack and Amy added into the mix. Some think of this entry as relatively dull, and I don’t challenge that notion, however I want to say that it’s definitely solid. The next installment brought some overclocked speed into the fray, making Sonic and friends faster than ever, almost shoving platforming to the side as a sort of compliment to the speed instead of the other way around. For what it was, it wasn’t necessarily a wrong thing to experiment with. Luckily, Sonic Rush managed to harness the raw speed in a way that was fun and addicting. You still had your spin jump, you still collected rings, bounced on springs and bumpers, and throttled through shuttle loops, and the game was still Sonic. Physics issues were minimal and barely noticeable, and it provided an intense sense of speed. You can see how the games evolved the gameplay over time, and while it’s definitely something different, it’s not so different that you can’t identify it with traditional Sonic gameplay. It’s solid, fun and fast. Flow: But as important as it is, gameplay needs a fluid sense of flow. What I mean by this is that the Classics, while later incorporating short cutscenes between Zones, maintained a steady flow from one level to the next. You didn’t have to divert yourself with anything more than a bonus level or Special Stage. No alternate Genre-Roulette, no mind-bending hub worlds, just simple progression that made the game itself feel fast-paced and fluid. The handheld games capture this relatively well. While Advance 3 incorporated a hub world of sorts, it wasn’t anything like the Adventure Field in Sonic Adventure, nor was it anything that was out of line for the series. Any dialogue exchanged in Sonic Rush is quick, albeit dispensable at times, but is never presented in a way that hinders progress. You’re generally always on the move from one area to the next, ready to take on the next Zone and get back to running fast and collecting rings at Sonic speed. While not as direct as the Genesis Sonic’s, they’re still very fast-paced, and this is something that’s starting to come back into the console games, which is definitely something to be happy about. Just like the classics, you complete your acts, sometimes with a Special Stage in the mix, and finish each Zone off with an old fashioned boss battle. That hasn’t changed. Atmosphere: This may be the least important of the four, however it’s still important. These games, though they vary in gameplay and flow a little, maintained a consistent aesthetic atmosphere. Saturated colors, energetic music, fairly light-hearted stories (without being condescending) and colorful creative worlds to blast through were all present in the Advance and Rush games. While we were dealing with gray and gritty with Shadow and some incredibly dull and overused motifs in Sonic ’06, the handhelds provided those fun and fantastical environments that we got from the Genesis Classics. Replayability: These games are generally short, not unlike the Classics, and this is not a bad thing, as the handheld games have fun and addicting gameplay that lends them to be very replayable. This is something that they have in common with each-other, they are the kind of games you get length out of playing the game over and over to find multiple routes and hidden goodies. There’s also the presence of other characters that add their own variety and spice, and I think that’s one of the series’ greatest strengths. All things considered, whether you’re a fan of the speedier pace of the Nintendo handhelds or not, what is factual is that they were all well received, they’re all fluid and fun, and they’re not just good video games, they’re good SONIC games, and that’s what’s important. These games were some of the best. Not as good as the originals, but they’re definitely up there, especially in comparison to the other Sonic games that were coming out at their time. My personal favorites are generally the faster ones: Sonic Advance 2 and Sonic Rush. I love the incredibly fast-paced nature of both of them, and I get such a rush out of them every time I go through those colorful bouncing levels. I love how Advance 2 pays no mind to the notions that Tails, Knuckles and Amy are slower than Sonic, and gives them an equal amount of speed, keeping a consistent pacing while giving each of them a little something extra to let them stand out. The same goes for playing as Blaze in Rush. With that dissertation out of the way, I’d like to ask what your thoughts are on the handhelds. From Sonic Advance to Sonic Colors DS, and if you like, the Rivals games too, what are your favorites? What do you like about them? Even if you don’t, is there anything at all that you appreciate about them? Discuss!
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    Just be careful you don't drop your rings in the shower, otherwise your fellow inmates may rock your place.
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    Actually... You know, there wouldn't be a problem having both Super Sonic and Hyper Sonic. Think about it. Beat the game (plot involves the Master Emerald somehow), get 7 Chaos Emeralds, get Super in-game, have him involved in the Final boss, as per usual, and play as him in the levels. Accomplish another special condition, get Extra Boss/True Ending (Super not involved!), SEGA adds Hyper for the battle and makes Hyper more distinct and unique other than a simple souped-up Super, and you play as Hyper Sonic uniquely for that fight and nowhere else in-game. Everybody wins?
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    I didn’t much like Hitchens, personally. He and I had some very severe political disagreements, mostly concerning the Iraq War and how he would approach Islam. But I respected him. He was an excellent orator and spokesperson for free thought and secularism. He won my undying respect when he and Stephen Fry together handed Ann Widdecombe and Archbishop John Onaiyekan their asses in a debate over the Catholic Church, which you can if you’re interested. Not only did he and Fry handily defeat those two, but they also proved that debates can change minds. I shall certainly miss his no-nonsense approach to religious absurdities and his excellent command of the English language. However, while I hate to do this in a topic about a man’s death, I’m afraid I cannot let these ignorant comments stand uncontested. My apologies if anyone is offended; that is not my intent, but I feel it would remiss of me if I said nothing. Moreover, I think Hitchens would have wanted someone to say something. Do you have examples of this? And, I’m sorry, but atheists saying things that simply upset religionists won’t cut it, when religionists are saying that we are going to burn in hell forever for not accepting their bronze and iron age fairytales, that gay people shouldn’t be allowed to be married (or should even be killed), or when they aren’t saying anything at all, they’re just doing a lot of horrible things to people who don’t share their beliefs or live according to their god’s commands; everything from taking their rights away, to outright killing them. Do you believe in a god? If your answer is anything other than “yes”, then you’re an atheist, whether you choose to use that label or not. Agnosticism addresses knowledge. Atheism addresses belief. You can be (and probably are) both. And, by the way, well done for distancing yourself from the people trying to stand up for your rights as a non-believer. It’s like a black man throwing Martin Luther King under the bus that Rosa Parks is forced to sit at the back of. When was the last time someone flew a plane into a building in the name of their lack of belief in a god? Or do you use the word “militant” to describe anyone who is simply outspoken about their views? Because nothing atheists do compares to the kind of violent militancy we see from fundamentalist Christians and Muslims in the name of their god. Moreover, in my experience, in their eagerness to distance themselves from atheists (or to outright throw them under that bus), self-proclaimed agnostics can, ironically, be every bit as “militant” as the atheists they dislike. Sometimes more so, really. It’s pretty sad, given that most agnostics actually are atheists.
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    Honestly, Nuts & Bolts had the perfect sense of style for me to consider it a true Banjo game. The environments, atmosphere, music, and the game's feel as a whole just screamed 'Banjo' to me, I loved it. The gameplay was very different, yeah, but it had practically everything else I loved in the franchise.
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    This new Sonic CD is the first time I've heard the entire Japanese soundtrack. I've only been exposed to the US version all the hundreds of times I've played this game in the past. You know what's weird? I like the Japanese soundtrack better, and the only reason I can think of is because the Past tracks now match the rest of the soundtrack. An awful lot of the US Present and Future themes were so different that it felt like you went into an entirely different level when you went to the Past, with Stardust Speedway being the worst offender. Now the entire soundtrack matches, and I like it. I can even tolerate the ridiculous nineties vocals with a smile. What's that? He's cold-hearted? Gosh! Does he stand a chance? No? Oh, that's a relief.
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    YO DAWG I HERD U LIEK SUPER FORMS SO WE GAVE SONIC A SUPER FORM OF A SUPER FORM SO HE CAN SHOW YOU WHILE HE SHOWS YOU Yeah, no. The last thing Sonic should be doing is turning games into power-level based dick fights and making perfectly servicable existing mechanics redundant in the process.
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    Stop Online Piracy Act & Protect IP Act

    They can censor the internet. If they do, then we'll probably see an increase in young people developing a huge interest in Computer Science and learning how to bypass all the censoring. That and organisations like Lulzsec and Anonymous will go ape-shit and start tearing into the US (and any other offending Government)'s internet security and start fucking the bastards over in ways never imagined before.
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    Kinda cool article: Source Now I wish Nuts & Bolts was called Banjo-Kazoomie xD
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    That line gets trotted out every time dangerously authoritarian laws are introduced in normally liberal nations, and it holds no water. It's as bad to me as starting a sentence with, "I'm not racist, but..." If someone reasonably influential in the government doesn't like 'your type', and there are laws/bills like this in place which allow them to get rid of you, then they'll find a way to abuse the system, and it won't matter what the real truth is because their truth will always win out. If they have friends and allies in the intelligence services, then they can conceivably forge and plant incriminating evidence and lock you up indefinitely without charge. That sounds exactly the sort of thing you might see in Gaddafi-era Libya, Iran, China, Soviet Russia, Zimbabwe, Nazi-era Germany, Burma/Myanmar and other autocracies. And yet here it comes, barrelling down the corridor, straight towards America. The slippery slope toward dictatorship is very slippery; it only takes one misjudged law or bill or whathaveyou and you're on the way down.
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    If it's beyond legible, if it's beyond comprehensible, and if a vast majority of the members were annoyed, then we would've told him to sort it out ages ago. Now drop the argument, it's not getting us anywhere.
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    Stop Online Piracy Act & Protect IP Act

    I'm not sure if this was posted up yet, but I'm throwing this on here. http://www.avaaz.org/en/save_the_internet
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    Well then you missed great games like Kameo, Viva Pinata and Nuts & Bolts.
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    Do Modern and Classic Sonic gameplay styles have to be separated? No. Do Modern and Classic Sonic gameplay styles have to be conjoined? No. Do Sonic games have to be good and fun? Yes.
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    I just love how the word clusterfuck has already appeared twice... no, make that three times already, and its only page 1.
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    Sonic CD for XBLA/PSN/Steam/mobile phones

    RipTen Review: 9/10 http://www.ripten.com/2011/12/17/ripten-review-sonic-the-hedgehog-cd-xbla/ ThisIsXbox Review: 9/10 http://www.thisisxbox.com/360/sonic-cd-review/
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    What ever happened to Hyper Sonic?

    @Christmas Warp That's the kind of DBZ stuff that the series was slowly going into with Chaos Control powers before they were pretty much dropped afterwards, and it's also exactly the sort of thing I really don't want to happen.
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    Ever wonder why we haven't seen Super Knuckles in a while? This video has the answer as to why! Haha, anyways, this is an animation that I've been working on for the last three days, and I use the term "animation" loosely. I don't have Flash... or a tablet (>__>) so this video is a bit crude, in terms of animation and artwork. Feel free to check it out and let me know what you think.
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    R.I.P. Christopher Hitchens

    One of the very finest intellectuals of our time has, very sadly, passed away. http://www.guardian....ns-dies-aged-62 I shall miss Hitchens' entertaining, witty and incisive lectures on YouTube - one of the finest raconteurs of the past 50 years, along with Gore Vidal (who once publicly named Hitchens his appointed heir). The man could be irritating and hugely entertaining, and his seemingly tireless fight against the malicious quackery of organised religion made him loved and hated in equal measure (and very successful on the US talkshow circuit). How he ever became quite so popular in modern America with his fiercely anti-religionist views remains a mystery. Farewell, Christopher. You will be missed.
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    Why is Chaotix non-canon?

    My specific thoughts about Iizuka's statements said nothing definitely about canon either. But I will admit, the current lead of Sonic Team distancing his team- past and present- from the game by essentially stating it wasn't their product in any way, shape, or form, hammering home the fact that the characters are meant to be taken as completely different entities than what was seen in the original, and deliberately making absolutely no references to the game whatsoever in the eight-plus years the new Chaotix have existed beyond a music track that wasn't so much a canon reference as it was for the sake of nostalgia, simply aren't points in favor of the game's status as canon.
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    I actually like the slow effect. Makes the whole thing more special imo
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    Why is Chaotix non-canon?

    True, that same strategy guide also said that Cream debuted in Sonic CD back in '93, sooo... yeah.
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    Why is Chaotix non-canon?

    Honestly, that seems pretty clear to me. The Team Chaotix of Heroes and onward are not the same as the characters from Knuckles Chaotix, and therefore either there's two Espios, two Charmys, and two Vectors, or Chaotix isn't canon.
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    He says the characters have been reinvented, and that's totally true, and that Chaotix was made by a different team, which is true for a lot of past Sonic games that I wouldn't drop out of canon for that reason. Team Chaotix not acknowledging Knuckles in Sonic Heroes isn't something I would put any weight to. Sonic never acknowledges knowing Cream in that game, even though he met her in Sonic Advance 2. Besides, when those two teams finally meet up they've got more important things to deal with than catching up on old times, what with Metal Sonic's ambitions of godhood and whatnot. I'm all in favour of the idea that Team Chaotix was reinvented after their eponymous game, but I don't think Sega consider the game to never have happened. After all, they put remixes from Chaotix in Generations, which is a pretty major nod to that game.
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    Have you guys heard the US ending's music? It's Sonic Boom except the outro sounds completely new. Go to 3:13
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    Iran puts captured RQ-170 on display

    This is clearly what has been happening in this thread. Because remember: No one EVER said this. Not even when I said that exact thing. Grow up. That's all I can tell you. I explained in detail why I found Iran's claims unbelievable. Far greater detail than Eon did when he said (basically) that everyone in this thread was being stupid for not believing what Iran said about the matter. If the only thing you can come up with in response is "stop being so racist" and shitty strawman arguments, then you really have no reason to act as if you were right all along. I don't think it is too much to ask for an explanation behind an opinion when: Iran completely changed their mind about how they even got the thing, which also throws the validity of this "oh, we hacked the GPS signal of the drone" statement into question. I'd have a far easier time believing what they are saying if the first thing they said wasn't such an obvious lie. The U.S. government said Iran didn't do what Iran said that they did. Not the most objective of sources, I know; but neither is Iran. No one; not you, not Eon; had actually explained (until you stealthed it into your post) why one should believe Iran possessed the capability to do what they said they did (as soon as they got around to choosing the story they wanted to tell). You just repeated a variation of "stop being so arrogant" and expected everyone to assume that was enough to justify "Iran can totally do this." And I'd really prefer it if, in these political topics, you'd stop using your moderation powers to make those who disagree with you look foolish (even though you are probably doing it on accident). It is getting rather annoying trying to debate you on something, only to have you delete the post I'm responding to or greatly change the overall contents of the post after I finish up a response through a stealth edit.
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    OR, we could y'know, make Super Sonic not shit. I know, what a shocking idea. But seriously, everything about Hyper that could hypothetically improve apon Super could just as easily be applied to Super itself instead. By the stage that you have one abilitiy that is made redundant by the other it really begs the question why you'd ever need both, and frankly, doing that kind of thing in some ham-fisted attempt to fix the problems of the former is a pretty fucking stupid thing to do. Because Super forms have always been presented as an extension of the character's own abilities rather than granting new ones in an even more Deus Ex Machina manner than normal - suffice to say, when a character's entire gimmick is essentially moving faster than anyone else in the cast, suddenly being able to chuck bolts of lightning at people is a Big Lipped Alligator Moment waiting to happen, no matter how you try to justify it. It's also the main reason why I have issues with Sonic and Silver spontaneously being able to Chaos Control right out of the blue, but that's a slightly different subject.
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    Stop Online Piracy Act & Protect IP Act

    I just wonder how people think this is a good idea. I'm still a stupid 13 year old boy and even I know if this bill passes shit will hit the fan more than ever before. I mean, do most of the people voting for this to pass even know what they're voting for? It'll be a sad day in this world when people get arrested on account of posting a walkthrough of Super Mario 3D Land on Youtube.
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    So a little heads up. I've picked Dissident, Shadic93, Nepenthe, Marco, and Verte to lead in one the six categories we'll be discussing. So far: Fandom Characters - CSS Gameplay - Shadic93 Story - Nepenthe What went wrong - Dissident Gaming media/press We're waiting on Marco and Verte to pick between the two left. With that said, there will be an introductory part that will be made before tackling the points. I will send an e-mail to Dead3ye in regards to this. As for everyone involved, we'll try to get as many peoples voices in on the matter, but if push comes to shove, we may not have enough room for everyone's thoughts in each point. I'll discuss with those heading the points to help figure a way to balance this, but while that's being said here are some things to keep in mind:No inflammatory material. You may disagree with points (in or out of the fandom), but you will not bluntly insult those with whom you disagree with. If found, you will be asked to re-write it or it may not go in. Examples: Good: "I find the idea of X to be silly" or "This completely disregards how X wasn't Y because of Z" or "It sounds like doing X is the cool thing to do, but here's y" Bad: "This notion of X is stupid and so are those who believe it", or "If you think X is Y, then I worry for you", or "Only retards think X is great because of Y" [*]I would ideally like everyone to make 1 paragraph on the points they will discuss, but you writings must be no more than 3 paragraphs. No exceptions. And try not to have each paragraph too long. [*]Although we're making observations and points from in and outside of the fandom, keep in mind we're only speaking for those of us at the SSMB, so don't put yourselves up too highly over others as some may find that insulting. I find it better to acknowledge ourselves as the "Gray section of the Sonic fandom," but that's just me. So with that said, be ready for when we make the next annoucement to begin your work.
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    Didn't we have this topic like 5 other times?
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    Such a shitty Christmas present Congress! Its a shitty present!
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    This piece of shit bill will cause a World War if it passes. Don't let it pass. This is riot-worthy.
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    What ever happened to Hyper Sonic?

    I enjoyed Super/Hyper Sonic because he was fun to use and break the shit out of the game. I don't give a flying fuck what story ramifications it could have because hes fun and that's what I play video games for dammit!
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    TAKE A LOAD OF THIS! Master Xehanort, the skilled keyblade master form has changed. He stood in the way of keyblade wielders from before who fought to protect the light, and has yet to be stopped. The screen is spit in half, left is Sora, and to the right is Riku. Sora: This is... Riku: This is... Sora: Traverse Town? Riku: Traverse Town? Riku: My clothes changed... Sora: My clothes changed! Sora: Riku! Oi! Riku: Sora! Joshua: Well, it seems like we’ve both have been seperated when arriving in this world. Sora to Neku: Noise?... What’s your name? Sora: Neku... Sakuraba... That’s an interesting name! Neku: I don’t think it’s so interesting. Shiki and Riku Shiki while holding Mr. Mew: You came to rescue weak little me, didn’t you? Mr. Knight! Riku: Huh, Knight?! That’s not what I am! Shiki: ...you seriously shouldn’t be so embarrassed. Mickey: Maleficient, what are you trying to accomplish? Maleficient: Do you know Xehanort? Mickey: Why would I know him? Maleficient: I found out from him, about the worlds 7 ones of pure light. With the 7 in my grasp, the worlds would be mine. Go to the imprisoned Pinocchio Pinocchio: Huh? My nose, what happened?! Jiminy: It’s surely because you told a lie. Pinocchio: That’s not true! There was a guy in a black coat. He was messing with Sora. Notre Dome priest(?) approaches Quasimodo: It can’t be helped that you must leave here. It is for your own safety... Hanging his head, Quasimodo turns over in his bed. 3 Musketeers World Sora: This is a keyblade! Mickey: Shh! I know. It came from another world. To be honest, that’s the reason why I’m in this world to be a Musketeer. While inclining his head, Sora replies: You don’t remember being a king in your world? Riku opens a large chest, and inside is Minnie! Riku: Minnie! Rhyme with a floating moogle. Rhyme: My memory!... I have to go back right now. Beat: Get out! Dream eaters! A dream eater appears in front of the approaching Beat. Sora: Neku, that’s a dream eater? Neku: Ah, you can fight them too, right? Suddenly, a man in a black coat and dream eaters appear. Sora: You! Neku: This isn’t the time to talk! At his shout, the black coated man faces Sora and springs down at him. Poised to take the attack, Sora suddenly becomes drowsy and collapses Sora: ...what, why did I suddenly become so... tired... (In the next shot, Sora appeared in a world playing a shooting game. Then in a carriage, Sora attacks at the dream eaters) (Yen Sid) In the beginning, while the worlds engulfed in darkness were reborn, their rebirth was in complete and the worlds fell into slumber. Even though the worlds have gates to them, the heartless could never enter through them. Therefore, in the heartless stead and another threat from the darkness existed. Those were the ones who devour dreams; the dream eaters. Within them, there are the Nightmares that plant bad dreams, and the ones who eat the nightmares; the good spirited Spirits. These are the two creatures that exist in this world instead of the heartless. These creatures that live on the opposite side of the world’s gate, with the dream eaters guidance you can find the Key to Sleep. (During this shooting game and battles were playing (Pre-render movie) Fighting with Xemnas, Sora/Riku, Axel, Roxas, Xion, Kairi, Namine, DiZ Sora and Riku in Destiny Island Sora: Yen Sid said, the worlds that cannot wake from their dreams... if they can’t wake up, they won’t be able to be reborn. Joshua: It’s the same, however, it may be different for other worlds, if it’s only one is impossible to say, get it? Riku: Dream? Scene of Pinocchio being swallowed by the whale. In the 3 Musketeer’s world: Mickey, Donald, Goofy, and Sora Mickey, facing Pete onboard a steamboat: Over there is Pete! Joshua: Didn’t Mickey give up on you? If he gave up one you, isn’t that the same as giving up on the worlds? Riku: What the hell are you saying? Axel, Ienzo, Eleaus are in sight Axel (in black coat): I came here to look, because I always get stuck with the dirty work. 3 Musketeer world Mickey, Donald, Goofy, and Sora collectively point their swords: All for one, and one for all! Riku to Quasimodo: You can’t tell what a person is like just from looking at them. I have a friend too who can see right through me into my heart. Sora to Joshua: It’s okay, because Riku heart and mine will always be connected. That’s why the feeling you had must be connected. Riku before the dark hooded man: What are you? The man lifts off his hood revealing that same face as Riku. Riku: !! Me?! Xemnas: Within a being with no heart, a heart dwells... Sora: Even you guys can have hearts? Axel, with his head raised: My name is Lea. Got it memorized? (He calls himself Lea, but he’s the black organization Axel) Riku: You... Who are you? In front of him is Terranort Terranort faces Sora: Your heart also wasn’t trapped? Sora: Your the guy from before! What did you just say?! Terranort / Vanitas: You heart is the exception!
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    What ever happened to Hyper Sonic?

    On that note... Super Sonic exclusive levels. That would be totally freaking awesome.
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    He's probably not canon. Not even in the game he appeared.
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    I was able to keep myself in control until Navi started going "Hey LISTEN!!!". That shit was gold and so appropriate.
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    Am I the only one that REALLY loved how the animation worked out without flash? I think you could differ yourself from other users by keeping this animation style, make yourself unique.
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    Stop Online Piracy Act & Protect IP Act

    I love you, Rep. Lofgren.
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    Correct me if I'm wrong... but all what you seem to have done is re-editied the Sonic OVA and the Sonic CD intro and put a dodgy soundtrack to it? Am I missing something or is this anything other than a glorified youtube video? Are you actually making a film or just re-editing other peoples work?
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    Seeing as the SOAP shoes are much cooler looking, I'd prefer they somehow keep them.
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