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    Chronological confusion

    Luckily, all canon fuckups were rectified by me, Dr. Jackstraw, months ago, with my OFFICIAL and TRUE, timeline. wall o' text incoming now, now, I'm only here to help. you might have a lot of questions after reading that, like "what the fuck is wrong is this jackstraw guy, fuck him, he's gay", or "tl;dr". Honestly i don't have ALL of the answers so go ask sega or something.
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    The Boost Topic.

    I found Crisis City quite easy. Planet Wisp on the other hand...
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    You don't need the boost. You have those speed boosters that make you roll on contact littered everywhere throughout the game.
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    Well, it's uniquely terrible.
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    Double Agent Motobug

    Mod Happiness Quota Query

    I like how it was serious business until Wolfy was like "WELL I'M DANDY!" xD It's like it broke the tension with a loud and sickening crack... in a good way!
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    Aha! I see that new scene right there. That's the ticket! The one at 0:04 is precisely the floatiness and freedom that the others scenes need. Your colors are very nice. They capture the original environments very well. The ones in the new scene though seem a little blurry in comparison to Sonic and don't mesh to well with him.
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    PSI Wind

    ~The SSMB Christmas Tree Thread~

    I brought back an old friend
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    Chaos Warp

    The Boost Topic.

    Ima copy-paste a good idea that was taking another thread off topic. That sounds like a good idea. You gain the invulnerability when you hit top speed right?
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      Seeing Endgame in just a few hours from now. Can't wait!
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      hey 馃憜 guys, 馃枛
      here's 馃枛聽a concept 馃憠
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    • PaulyBFromDa303

      [97] Journey Cross These Worlds
      芦video禄 https://soundcloud.com/paulybfromda303/journey-cross-these-worlds
      Track 097 // Length: 5:17 // Style: Drum 鈥榥 Bass // Speed: 170 BPM // Measures: 225 // Loops: 28 // Clips: 15 // Time Taken: 10 weeks
      Lyrics written and performed by Pauly B
      This commissioned track was created for an upcoming web-series known as Journey Across Worlds. It鈥檚 a comic and animated series based off of so many video game references from Mario, Sonic, and Crash Bandicoot to Nights, Star Fox, Undertale, and I鈥檓 not gonna give too much away cause there would be too many spoilers if I continued this list. It鈥檚 an ultimate mashup as various video game stars interact and save the universe from the just as various evil entities that lurk throughout. I will say that from what I鈥檝e seen so far, this is sure to be an entertaining project altogether.
      This is the main theme of the series. The only stipulations were that it had to be upbeat and had to have very certain references to the games being featured. Drum 鈥榥 Bass is usually my go-to, but I wanted to make this just a tad bit different. What I really wanted was for this to sound like an opening to an anime because most anime music I鈥檝e heard is just as epic as a main theme should be. My jazz past has definitely come in handy here, using a variety of pianos and chorded synths as well as bells to balance out the mix
      The hardest and most time-consuming part of this whole thing was the editing of the vocals. It鈥檚 still a learning experience, but quite the learning experience it is. I鈥檓 getting much better at identifying wave forms and separating them but I don鈥檛 think it鈥檚 perfect as of yet. There are still many choppy areas that I at least attempted to fix by inverting a lot of the clips and removing extra noise. But it鈥檚 also the fact that this track has the most lyrics I鈥檝e ever put into a song. One clip would often take about three and a half hours at one time. It was very tedious work, but it鈥檚 the experience gained that really makes it all worthwhile.
      I don鈥檛 have too high expectations for this track but I will say it was a fun and interesting experience. Good practice. Plus, at least it sounded very close to what I had in mind. As always, thank you all for the listen, and I鈥檓 open to suggestions and reviews!
      LYRICS posted on given sites
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    • PC the Hedgehog

      Ya don't stop
      Ya proceed
      'Cuz this is what ya need
      What ya need
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    • Ryannumber1gamer

      Why has Diary of a Wimpy Kid become a meme in like the last month
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