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    Worst Sonic Game Soundtrack?

    Chronicles. Hands down. Central City's theme wouldn't even make a Game Boy blush. Hell, it probably wouldn't make an Atari 2600 ashamed. How such atrocious music made it to the final product is anyone's guess. It's weird because the videos before release had marginally better themes that seemed original. But alas, the final game had extremely crappy remixes of originally excellent songs. They took Jun Senoue's fantastic Mega Drive Sonic 3D Blast The Final Fight music and warped and mutilated it to play to an area that doesn't even suit it in the slightest (Mystic Ruins). They took Richard Jacque's suspenseful Panic Puppet theme in Saturn 3D Blast and slaughtered it. They even took Naofumi Hataya's Tidal Tempest Past theme and committed heresy by turning it into a horrible mechanized parody of the natural and mysterious Sonic CD version for Metropolis Ground Zero. It's song mutilation of the most awful kind and easily takes the title of worst Sonic Game Soundtrack BY A LONG SHOT. There's no originality and the song choices are odd as well as made into extremely poor parodies with weedy instrumentation.
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    The Boost Topic.

    I found Crisis City quite easy. Planet Wisp on the other hand...
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    Hardest Zone ever in any sonic game

    Regarding all the complaints about Sonic 2 8-Bit, I'd argue that those problems are mostly exclusive to the Game Gear version and caused by the lower resolution and zoomed-in view (things hard to see, off the screen etc). Personally, add me to the group of 'Eggmanland is pure evil'. It epitomises Unleashed HD's problem of cheap instant deaths. Yes, it's the last level and it's supposed to be hard, but it's really a pinnacle of cheap difficulty at times. Still, moreso than the day parts, it was a few of the Werehog sections that really got me. One part where you have to walk over a lot of narrow pipes (although in fairness, most of the parts where you had to tightrope-walk were hellish), the camera conveniently locks in a really unhelpful diagonal view. Normally at the narrow-walking parts, you could at least centre the camera directly behind you and hold up to walk in a straight line. But not in this case. Oh, and also, on the subject of HD Unleashed- DLC, much? I swear that almost each and every one of those stages was designed by a hardcore sadist from the darkest most evil depths of hell. D8 D8 Mad Space and Meteor Herd from SA2 also get 'notably frustrating' mentions, as does Aquatic Mine. Oddly I had hell with the latter on my very first try (I think unfortunately for me one Emerald shard appeared in one of the most complex places), I tend not to have trouble with it now though. Oh, and as someone else said, 06's Aquatic Base, for all the wrong reasons. In fact, a lot of 06 was pretty difficult... mostly for the wrong reasons. D: Can't really think of many other stages that I've found hellishly difficult. EDIT: Just remembered how much trouble I had with Planet Wisp DS boss. D:
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    Favorite Skills

    Mine is the Lightning Shield. Because I love Double Jumps!
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    Double Agent Motobug

    Mod Happiness Quota Query

    I like how it was serious business until Wolfy was like "WELL I'M DANDY!" xD It's like it broke the tension with a loud and sickening crack... in a good way!
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    A Match in Oil Ocean Zone

    Toys of Your Past

    Do you know who this dood is? I DON'T THINK YOU DO. This is Sonic, SONIC THE MOTHERFUCKING HEDGEHOG. Not only can he run fast, but he can talk, climb walls, grind on the guardrail of my staircase, and run really fast around my cat and defeat his p-p-p-p-PUSSY ASS. He has JUMPED OUT TWO STORY WINDOWS AND DIDN'T BREAK A SWEAT. This is Tails. You know, just a fox and shit. MOTHAFUCKAH'S GOT 2 TAILS AND CAN FLY this shit ain't a typo. I said FLY. AS IN THE MOTHERFUCKIN SKY He not only has soared just out the window of my school bus and lived to brag to yo momma's fat ass about it, but he survived an encounter with my neighbor's dog Yogurt. He only got one foot and he's saved the day more times than yo basta'd-ass dad has brought home some groceries. Naw. Naw foo'. AWWWWWW SHIT. IT'S KNUCKLES THE ANTEATER. Yeah, mang. This is Knuckles. He's a G. He can glide and shit, and Sonic can ride on his back when Tails is trapped in a cage built by Satan (tell y'all later.) Knuckles can dig in my bedroom and have ghost adventures IN MAH BASEMENT. Knuckles protects the Master Emerald I drew on a piece of notebook paper, so that's pretty cool. Sonic can use it to turn into YELLA SONIC but we're talkin bout mah mang Knux. Knux once climbed up on my roof and pushed Eggman off it into my POOL. Maaaaaan, Knux can punch through my sister's bedroom door. KNUX AIN'T SCARED UH HER BOYFRIEND. Maaaaaaaaaaaan, when her ass moved out, Knux and Sonic and Tails had some adventures in there that would make you CRY TO YOUR DEAD MOMMA BECAUSE LOSING A PARENT IS SOMETHING KNUX IS OK WITH BECAUSE HE'S BADASS. I like to think I had a pretty cool childhood.
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    PSI Wind

    ~The SSMB Christmas Tree Thread~

    I brought back an old friend
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    Chaos Warp

    The Boost Topic.

    Ima copy-paste a good idea that was taking another thread off topic. That sounds like a good idea. You gain the invulnerability when you hit top speed right?
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