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    I always look forward to having this thread pop up every year It's how to distinguish the spoiled rich brats from everyone else so we know to hate them
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    Not to randomly jump on the Dimps-hate bandwagon, but I honestly believe S4 would have been much better if it was actually made by Sonic Team. Retro Engine or not, I'm positive they would have done a much better job of it.
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    I GOT MYSELF A....
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    Good lord I'm always shocked by the amount of games some of you guys get for christmas. Where do you even begin? Do you like never buy games the rest of the year? o_o
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    You never learn, do you? Keep this baseless drivel off of the goddamn boards. You've earned your strike after countless warnings, and I don't want to see this shit from you ever again. EDIT: Forgot to mention, but get back on topic. Don't argue about this.
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    *slurp, shlick, shlop, gurgle, gargle, spit* Well, fuck. In any case, to answer your question; probably, but Sega would have had to use the sense to actually utilise the Retro Engine before Sonic 4 could even have come close to being good - and then there's the matter of the rubbish level design and crapola bosses to sort out on top of the core engine...
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    The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword

    So the reaction to the "Link dies" timeline (not just here, but everywhere else) shows how little people know about alternate timelines/dimensions. Think of it in this way: After any single action that ever happens, an alternate dimension is created. Remember that Great Fairy Fountain outside Ganon's castle that Link needed to lift a giant rock in order to gain access to? Since he fights Ganon regardless of whether or not he does so, it creates a split in the timeline. Here's a random stupid example I came up with as to what could happen: Timeline A - Link lifts the rock and the Great Fairy rapes his eyes or whatever. He then goes on to fight Ganon and wins. Timeline B - Link doesn't lift the rock and beats Ganon regardless. Years later, some Hylian explorer discovers the fountain and claims it for himself. He becomes a rich, powerful man by charging access to the fountain (for its healing water, I guess) and buys himself a large district of land in Hyrule Field. Is timeline B expanded upon? No. Therefore it's completely unimportant and doesn't need to be acknowledged. HOWEVER, this split still exists because of this aforementioned option to skip the fountain and go straight to Ganon. It just isn't expanded upon in any games, rendering it unimportant.
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    Wow, and I was worried that I might have got too much stuff. By danfieldj86 at 2011-12-25 My Sister got me that plush Rabbid. It's so freakin' cute! XD And makes everybody who looks at it, laugh. By danfieldj86 at 2011-12-25 My brother got me a 32X and Knuckles Chaotix on the right, there. I wasn't expecting that!! 0_0 By danfieldj86 at 2011-12-25 My other brother gave me that Super Mario Land 3D 3DS case at the bottom there. By danfieldj86 at 2011-12-25 If you had any doubts before, now it is confirmed. I'm a 100% Otaku!! XD
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    Best Sonic Game Soundtrack.

    Sonic and The Secret Rings HANDS DOWN!
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    Dr. Mechano

    Your Favorite Fictional Characters

    So I realize this is a super bump, but I figured it would be more efficient than making a new topic; Said new topic would probably just get merged with this one, so I hope I made the right choice! I posted in this topic in 2009, but my list has actually changed. Significantly. So in my boredom I've decided to share my current taste in fictional characters. 5. Wario It's-a-Wario! My favorite Mario character, this greedy rapscallion is always out to get cash and boost his own ego. His comical hubris makes him quite the lovable rogue, and he's quite good at being genuinely awesome out on the battlefield as well. There's not a lot for me to say here, but I think Wario is fantastic. I will say that I prefer greedy treasurehunter Wario over nose-picking fart joke Wario though. As much as I love WarioWare and do still find him quite entertaining in those games, I feel his personality's a bit skewed in them. 4. Dick Gumshoe: Detective Gumshoe is a recurring character from the Ace Attorney games, an awesome series where you play as Phoenix Wright- the titular ace attorney- as he defends his clients and fights for the truth! Gumshoe at first appears to be little more than the comic relief of the series, but he proves to be that and so much more as the games progress. He can be surprisingly competent when he wants to be, and his goofy nature is contrasted by having an awesome "Big damn heroes" moment in every game, where the dundering detective comes to the rescue and proves himself useful. His friendship with Miles Edgeworth and his little crush on Maggie Byrde are also really endearing. 3. Kogoro Mouri (aka Richard Moore) Like Gumshoe, Kogoro is a bumbling detective, this time from the Detective Conan/Case Closed series. It's a pretty great anime, albeit quite a long-runner, so check it out if you've got lots of free time! Kogoro is a greedy, narcissistic goofball of a man. His shortsightedness and impatience constantly get in the way of his deductive skills. Still, there are times when he can actually be a pretty decent investigator, and the show has no shortage of heartwarming moments to demonstrate that he really is a decent guy who cares about his family. I personally find his ego to be the most entertaining part of the series, and I always look forward to his scenes. 2. Dr. Drakken So, since my last posting here, I got into Kim Possible and discovered the amazing Dr. Drakken, a mad scientist who comes close to- but just short of- Dr. Eggman in terms of endearing villainous charm. Drakken tries everything from robots to clones to starring in a rap video to achieve his dreams of world conquest. This maniacal madman is nonstop entertainment, and his interactions with his deadpan assistant Shego make for some of the best scenes in the show. I could go on, but I'll just say that if you haven't watched Kim Possible, you should- Drakken's only one of the many hilarious supervillains in the series, but in my opinion, he's the best. 1. Rarity and Dr. Eggman (Tie!) What's this? A tie for first place? I just couldn't decide between these two, so I've come to the conclusion that they're both number one on my list. Rarity: Rarity is the best pony. ...Okay, I'll elaborate a little bit. What I like about Rarity can be summed up in three neatly-organized points: 1.) She's hilarious. Rarity's totally melodramatic personality, ego, and tremendous flamboyance make her scenes comic gold. I think this is self-explanatory. 2.) She flies in the face of stereotypes. On any other girls' cartoon, the "rich, fashionable girl" would automatically be cast as a vapid antagonist for our hero to clash with. Rarity is such a refreshing break from that trend, and actually portrays an affluent, fashion-minded person as... well, a person rather than a flat stereotype. I can't express just how much I love that about her. On that note, Rarity is more than just a trend-follower. She's an artist, and a successful businesswoman at that. 3.) I feel that she does have many of the flaws related to point 2. She is vain, and she is often preoccupied with social status... but never at the expense of what really matters. Her flaws are realistic and only make her good points all the more meaningful and sympathetic. So yes- Rarity is awesome, and I love her. Dr. Eggman: And of course my other favorite is someone you're all familiar with. I gush about Eggman enough in other topics, so I won't really go on about him here. He's great, and still shares the top of my list! So yes- There's my updated character list. Yay.
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    Nothing. Merry Christmas people .
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    Detective Shadzter

    Blaze the Cat

    Behold, we have new Sonic Rush concept art, courtesy of Sonic Wrecks. http://www.sonicwrec...istmasdayblaze/
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    As much as I agree with you on your assessment of Crisis City, I still can't help but find that stage fun. I don't consider myself to have poor taste or anything, but its simplicity and effective linearity is enjoyable. Not sure why....I guess homing attacking isn't that fun. No....what I find most enjoyable about Crisis City, is that beyond the Lava-stomping and homing attacking, its a well layed out level. Its so much fun to ait-boost-stomp through platforming. You need to be absolutely spot-on with your timing but when you perfect it, its glorious. Though you lack the energy, I would really like to know what exactly is so crappy about the other stages. I know Green Hill, that's fine, Chemical Plant I assume is similar to Green Hill, likewise for Rooftop Run. Really not sure about the other stages. Seaside Hill is ridiculously massive and you can't say it relies upon Homing chains as much as Crisis City. It has a lot of 3D platforming that is well layed out. Same goes for Sky Sanctuary. Speed Highway is just a bucket-load of fun. Its fast, its furious yet it also has its fair share of platforming and even though its "Boost to win", you still have to think about what you're doing and it is far from mindless spamming. City Escape...I know how you feel about that. Then there is the big one. Planet Wisp is probably the least loved stage for both iterations. Both for being far too long and both for their implementation of the Wisps. However, it has to be stated that, at least to me, the stage is fantastically designed. The 3D platforming at the beginning, yeah you get a couple bots to home in onto, but there is a lot there. Its very dense and very thoughtfully designed. The later bit involving the construction tower also has some neat design elements in it. Its certainly not the best Sonic game, and I know it still has flaws. However, I personally found it a really fun game, when I had the opportunity to play it. @Velotix I'm not willing to settle for second best. I am however, willing to commend where commendation is due. Generations is a good game and I will congratulate Sonic Team with their achievement. I have my criticisms and I will let them be known. One thing I should say is, we should never expect something perfect, because then it would be like Lemmings. I don't want Sonic to be like Lemmings. I want Sonic to live for a good long while, not die in the vacuum of perfection.
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    Still a work in progress. *EDIT* Not sure why the embed isn't working, just click the name to watch it on YT. *EDIT*
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    Your Favorite Fictional Characters

    Jack Spicer "Evil Boy Genius" from Xaolin Showdown I fucking love this guy, he is made of awesome and hes a joy to watch whenever hes in an episode. Hes basically a spoiled rich kid who want to rebel from his neglectful parents by taking over the world. Whats wonderful about his character is that he truly is awful at being a villian he seems to concentrate more on being a proper villian than a sucessful one. He practices his evil laugh reguraly, creates his own theme music, and names anything he creates as "Jack Spicer's evil (insert invention here)" on the grounds that hes trying to build a brand. Hes pretty much the laughing stock of the show, on both good and evil sides, hes incredibly incompetent builds robots that are completely useless against the more tougher opponents. Addimettly he was a pretty competent, threatning villian at the beginning of the show. but by the third season, hes simply reduced to comic relief which is a shame, as he could be a "badass normal" is he wasnt so flanderized, but I digress. He almost never takes a hint no matter how many times hes beaten and constantly strives to be the greatest villian ever, though hes held back by his insecurities about wheter hes truly evil or is just doing it to be cool. Thats what I love about him, hes like a rebellious teenager taken to 11, and is actually smart on a technical sense. He also is just plain entertaining to watch as he does some cooky shit like actively filming a battle between him and the monks over the Shen-gong-wu, or building an army of robot cheerleaders, or even going through time and teaming up with various villians from history like Atila, Blackbeard, Billy the Kid, and his First Grade Teacher. Simply put, I love this guy.
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    That is complete bullshit. Sonic Generations HD has shown to put absolute care into the games since the development hell from 2006. Despite questionable decisions, it's very obvious that Sonic Team HD has put a lot of passion into the main games as of late and is putting in a lot of heart into them. Generations HD is evidently a very passionate game despite its small quantity, and I don't mean by a graphical standpoint, either. The atmosphere and gameplays also function very well. And if you think it's "hold forward" or "boost to win," too, then I doubt you played the game/played it right, much less seen gameplay footage, because it's anything BUT this in Generations's Modern gameplay, especially Sky Sanctuary, Seaside Hill/Ocean Palace, and Crisis City.
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    Its that time of the year again... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-zCkHesMoAE
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    As someone who completed it with one... No it isn't. IF you go with keyboard. Map the keys to places you'll find comfy really :B
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    I imagine it's a combination of their mutual affable charm and visible breaking points. It wouldn't be a stretch to say Rarity would be a good supervillain and Eggman a good socialite.
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    Pretty fucking terrible.
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    FANFICTION: Suprise party for Silver

    She's trying to use a Colors styled script.
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    What did you GIVE this holiday season?

    I am but a lowly poor boy so I gave out hugs and called it a day.
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    That's missing the point. There's nothing about the Rush engine that means S4 had to turn out as badly as it did. It was all because of lazy and misguided development. SCD isn't a brilliant port because it's on the Retro engine, it's a brilliant port cause it was made by someone who gives a shit.
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    Long nose and combination pliers, socks and beer. Manly Christmas is best Christmas.
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    I gave the gift of kindness. That was all I could really give. Haven't had enough money to do what I wanted to do.
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    If they had access to it? No. I think the development of Sonic 4 would have gone exactly as it did. The reason S4 turned out the way it did was because SEGA/Sonic Team didn't recognize the importance of replicating the Classic experience. Even if they had the Retro Engine they probably wouldn't have bothered to use it. But since we're discussing hypotheticals... Let's say SEGA actually released Taxman's Sonic CD using the Retro Engine before Sonic 4 was considered—or at least being produced. If SEGA saw the amazing fan response, critical acclamation, and strong sales I think there's a good chance S4 would have been influenced. I imagine if SEGA could do it all over they would use the Retro Engine or at least something comparable.
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    It would have been of good quality to be sure. It would have been fresh, meaty, charming, original, fun, and worthy of being called Sonic 4
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    FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF- Close second goes goes to getting frozen for 26 turns in a row in the Battle Tower on Heart Gold while the opponent very slowly kills me because of defense raises I got on my Pokémon, and then getting swept because I lost my only counter to a certain Pokémon.
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    Ha. The mod looks better than when I last saw it. (If only there was a way to fix the animation issues. Then it'd be perfect. ) But seeing it now is making me feel guilty for holding off Super Sonic until tomorrow. (I still gotta zip up the files, and edit the 4 videos.) Oh well, here's a screenshot to show a minor cosmetic change I made. Yes, I'm still using those Super Shadow and Super Silver texture swaps. And yes, those are some text mods in the screenshot. They were stored in textures, just like the boss titles. And I've gotten the hang of changing those textures (Annoying Alpha Channels...) If anyone wants help with those, I'll try my best to show you all how it's done (or make some for you. Whichever takes less effort.) P.S. - Another fun screenshot. With some sloppy editing. It gets a good point across...
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    Before you editied your post, you said you paid $20 for it. But the bit you just said now about sky sanctuary... Now I might have got my dates wrong here... But when you talked about the gameplay in generations being rubbish and just boost boost boost, classic Sonic being terrible etc was September 18th, but arron webber didn't start doing playthrough's or video interviews of Sky Sanctuary until October, ealiest one I can find of this is dated October 15th. Like I said I might have my dates wrong since thats the earliest article I can find on the subject. But when you were saying that Generations has QTE's in it back in August, I have to suspect that you're just saying you don't like it because you just... well... don't want to like it for some reason. Well anyway, not too bothered if I have got my dates wrong here, only it just sounds like you're disliking it because you just want to dislike it so I'm not going to argue with you on it if thats the stance you want to take. I loved that bit too... just wished they'd had a mission called 'race the flag post'
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    So are the characters in a Final Fantasy game. Does that mean we should just "fuck all" to the writing staff? That's real faulty logic right there, because the focus is on gameplay, that automatically means the writing should get lazy and repetitive? You know what would fix that? Better writing. Both Tails and Amy went through significant development in Sa1, so that statement is completely false. What's wrong with wanting it in a game?
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    I'm gonna go with Black Spy on this, the series severely downplay its characters and simply slap a character archetype on them and call it a a day. These are characters not random toys that you throw around with little care for handling, they're supposed to expand the series based on their experiences and grow from them. Nobody is asking for Final Fantasy levels of depth, but would it really hurt the series if the characters were actually able to expand beyond their generic personalities? As much as I loved Sonic in Colors, he felt less like a character and more like a mouthpiece that spouted lame one liners. The storybook games aren't really that complex with their stories and fairly simple plotwise, but both games managed to give Sonic, and the characters involved(Both hero and villain) far more depth than any game ever has and probably ever will. They laugh, they cry, they were treated like actual characters who changed because of the experiences that happened to them, and its the reason people hold the series in such high regard narrative wise. This wouldn't be a problem if Sonic was never meant to have a character and be an everymanish character like Mario, but that's not the case, the series has gone out of its way to give Sonic a distinct character and as such are obliged to expand and build on said character.
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    In all honesty, the series is suffering from, what I like to call, "Trying to hard to cleanse the things it's done wrong." They fix the gameplay and aesthetics and make everything else considerably worse. Sonic games can't remain a consistent FPS these days. (Generations runs at 30 and it still can get choppy. But that's minor.) The major thing, however, is how they are treating the story and characters. Sure, they are saying they want to make games that all fans can enjoy, but I dunno about you, but I find it annoying how they want to ignore everything else about the series. The story of the 20th Anniversary Game was worse than that of a Saturday Morning Cartoon little side adventure. I found Colors more enjoyable to play through because at least there was a story that tried to immerse me into the game I was playing. One thing I like doing when getting to the credits of a game, is remember the events and things that I saw and had done during the game, and it solidifies my enjoyment for that game. I couldn't do that with Generations. Generations story was what I thought would be big. The teaser of the game, that CGI Opening, was perfect for the start of an epic Adventure. The real game came out, and what we got was so much less. Only 13 (Or was it 15?) cutscenes, all of them being short, and not very interesting. The first and the Super Sonic cutscenes were the only ones I would really like to go back and watch from time to time. Even though the game was bigger, it didn't feel that way. It felt like it was trying too hard to be simple when it really shouldn't have. It was the worst example of playing it safe, and it suffered for it. But both were really a step down to Unleashed. A game that kept the characters it had have some limelight, it had well done symbolism about Sonic's transformation, and the characterization was well enough. (Sonic felt a bit bland at times though.) The Hub Worlds immerse you into every different continent you go to, the civilians of each had their own personalities and quirks, it actually felt realistic. The stages while smaller than Generations, felt much more grand and adventurous. The Day stages took you on a High Speed tour, while the Night stages let you explore deeper into the hearts of every place you decided to go to. While the gameplay had some hiccups, the story, aesthetics, and grandeur of everything was great. It feels like Sonic Team do well in one area and then get lazy and say "Fuck it." to something else. And I know they can manage to do everything well if they would try goddamn it. Mix the good thing about Unleashed's great atmosphere and story, and Generations polished gameplay into new games, and we'd have a winner.
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    When I found out how to get past the barrel of doom. Fifteen Fucking Years Later. >:T EDIT: Okay now that I think about it, it was more like 12, but still >:T
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    Mod Happiness Quota Query

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    1. Mario Kart 7 2. Doctor Lautrec and the forgotten knights 3. Air flo controller for the xbox 360 (used it on generations for pc, awesomeness) What has not come since it's still going through the mail 4. Nyko Shock n rock for the 3ds 5. Sonic Generations (3DS) I actually wasn't going to ask for anything, but I kept being asked and asked, so I went with a few things. I might be getting things from other relatives so I'll probably update this later, regardless christmas has been a great time since we have other relatives that I don't see often. So it's all good.
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    You have the love of your family and that's the greatest love ever. ...Oh yeah and FINALLY, I GOT A PS3 NO LONGER WILL I MISS THE BIG GAMES BECAUSE OF POORNESS, HAHAHAHAHAH. So this now takes my inventory to: A Samsung HDTV A HD Bluray player Playstation 3 and $50 from my Aunt Body Wash Yeah it was a good Christmas.
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    The satisfaction of doing a spindash up an incline, timing a jump at the top of it and then bouncing off an enemy. The momentum gained is so sexy because of the fact that spindash is stronger.
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    Mod Happiness Quota Query

    I dislike my rl job but on the brightside i got rid of a crazy girl who was ruining my life and am moving soon. it's cool.
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