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    From a gameplay perspective, Shuffle leaves much to be desired. The AI obviously and constantly cheats, the minigames are typically so-so at best, and the whole thing feels like a less competent Mario Party. With that said, I loved the game anyway. It was still pretty fun, despite its terrible balance, and I can only imagine it would have been even more fun if I had people over to play it with me. Of course, the main reason I love this game is because of Eggman's penchant for wearing disguises as he attempted to rob you. Seriously, the Doc steals the show for this entire game; Dressing up as a street vendor, a traveling musician, a game show host, a priest, a burgler, a suited businessman, and a few other costumes- Eggman's pulling all the stops to go on the most bombastic crime spree in his career. Occasionally, he'd be nice and give you stuff though. Even the manual basically says that the only reason he's even there is to ruin your day, and in-game he shows no real interest in ruling the world or even harnessing the Precioustone's powers for his own ends. He's just a jerk, and it's fantastic. Favorite moment? In the Sonicola minigame, where Eggman shakes up a can of soda to burst on the character unlucky enough to open it. If no one falls victim to his childish prank, Eggman frustratedly yells "I'll get you NEXT time!" in the most dramatically villainous way possible. And that's great.
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    30 Days of Video Games

    A-Freaking-Greed. Reshiram's appearance in Black is more powerful than Zekrom's appearance in White though because not only does the magnificently beautiful music suit it more than it suits Zekrom (As Reshiram has an angelic-like appearance and looks more elegant, fitting the music to a t), it answered Hilbert/Hilda's fight for the truth by appearing, as it believes in truth over Zekrom's ideals. Black's cutscene with Reshiram appearing to the main character is so much more meaningful than Zekrom in White as the ultimate truth of the matter is that you're basically fighting for truth over N's warped ideals, that people and Pokemon do live in harmony with people and do not need to be separated in different worlds. That said, my favourite videogame cinematic? The ending to SatSR; SatSR's story pulled me in throughout it's entirety and I honestly cannot see how that ending could have been more perfect to top it all off. It's so satisfyingly well done. You have Sonic acting with true ruthlessness, exacting what could be construed as revenge at the same time as dishing Erazor his just desserts. The Hedgehog had witnessed the sacrifice of a girl he considered to be a good friend all for his sake practically moments earlier. He saw her getting relentlessly emotionally manipulated by this monster. Hell, even he himself was being run ragged on pain of death if he did not comply with Erazor's blackmail. He's seen the state poor King Solomon was reduced to courtesy of Erazor, he's seen how far Erazor's hatred of the stories stretched when he summoned the Ifrit to expand upon his dirty work by burning whatever pages remain in the book and he's seen how far Erazor's ambitions stretch when he's told that he wants to break out into the real world beyond the book for the purpose of world domination. And now Sonic wants his revenge. Out comes the reformed lamp much to Erazor's satisfying displeasure. Note how he goes from laughing in triumph because of his immortality and the self-assurance that Sonic can't do a damn thing to him to looking stunned and suddenly worried when Sonic reveals his lamp in the space of a split second. Talk about being taken down a peg or two XD. But before we get to the Genie-Pwnage, before anything else, Sonic's very first priority is demanding that Shahra be returned to life. There's absolutely no indication of reluctance on Sonic's part considering she basically betrayed him, there's no hesitance, there's no putting the Arabian Nights first. His first priority is to make use of Erazor's abilities to bring back Shahra before everything else. Speaks a lot about Sonic's ability to forgive in relation to his priorities. Secondly, he inflicts the ultimate humiliation on Erazor by forcing him to grant his wishes totally against his will for the "Dirty rat". He's literally forced to undo his own hard word-mutilating work. That's quite the setback for the world domination bid isn't it when the road to world domination beyond the book is mutilating those words and now they've been restored? Thirdly, he gets condemned to his lamp for eternity. In a vain effort to evade this fate, Erazor starts emotionally manipulating Shahra to stick up for him but she's now firmly on Sonic's side. Even whilst he is being condemned to his prison, Erazor has the audacity and arrogance to claim that the world belongs to him and that he's basically so powerful that he shouldn't be denied this by that filthy rat. The amusing running gag pops up again when Sonic takes visible offense to his species being misidentified, maintaining with style "I'M A HEDGEHOG!" once Erazor is within the lamp, blowing the flame off the lamp spout with a puff of breath. And to make sure this sticks, Sonic even throws the lamp into the Evil Foundry's molten metal either preventing the lamp from ever being found or actually destroying Erazor for good. Man that's ruthless. And then there's that ever so sweet if a tad Narmy ending where Sonic subtly comforts Shahra and reassures her that she can grieve openly, suddenly reverting to a much gentler, much more compassionate manner in extreme contrast with the hard as nails demeanor he showed just seconds earlier. It's also a cool little nod to the opening in which he was the one who desperately required handkerchiefs for his cold. Sonic doesn't immediately disrespect Shahra and whore-out her capabilities for his own benefit, just like he didn't whore-out Erazor's capabilities of granting him any 3 wishes, instead using them for the benefit of Shahra and the Storybook world. I just love the funny funny expression from Sonic here; "Bitch please! I've got better things to do than watch you grovel like wish for mountains of hankies" And I got a light sense of amusement from the fact that authoritive Sonic is so little that his feet don't even reach the ground when he is seated upon the throne. He's a tiny badass! It's just such a satisfying ending and very well done cutscene. The music was enchanting and the visuals quite stunning.
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    30 Days of Video Games

    Canary Mary. This... Jet fuel-farting bird-human...thing(?) who stores pages from a book in her you-know-what challenges you to races that involve tapping a button as fast as possible - however, the rubber-band physics during the race with her at Cloud Cuckooland are atrocious. As you can tell from reading the Facebook page, there's not much to like about her. This race can get so bad that the creator of that Facebook page, an acquaintance from the DK Vine forums, used Rock Band drums in the Xbox 360 version of Banjo-Tooie in order to beat her. That's how bad it is.
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    [COLLAB] The Sonic Stadium Music Album!

    This album is the Most Radical Thing and I will post and discuss my favorite song from each contributing artist once it is officially released.
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    AWWW YEAAAHHHHH! Oh, that's not the cool part. This is the cool part! I even got his animations in! Mainly because he needs them. We can walk, stand, and take damage and look normal, but anything else and he becomes a magical speeding petrified floating statue positioned at a 90 degree angle. Apparently he's not rigged like the other characters, who can use Sonic's animations just fine. Gonna try Egg Robo and Egg Fighter next! Should be fun.
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    30 Days of Video Games

    Picture this if you will. In the game's opening, we see a young girl attempting to shoot herself in the head for purposes unknown, but she becomes distressed and can't get herself to pull the trigger. Well okay, I mean, logical assumption is that suicide is hard yeah? As the main character of the game, you're moving into a new dorm as a transfer student, with all your roommates being incredibly secretive about themselves. Although who are you to judge with such a cool and quiet demeanor? Either way you kick off a rather close friendship with the girl in that said opening, perhaps because the chemistry of having lost your parents means you two are able to relate on an emotional level. She shows you the ins and outs of the school and the town, letting you get acquainted with everything. Everything is fine and dandy, until one night she wakes you up in the middle of the night when mysterious monsters start invading upon an eerie green moon. She hands you a sword to protect yourself with, and you try making a daring escape with her only to be cornered at a rooftop. Suddenly out of nowhere an eight armed freak of nature appears, holding lances in some of it's many hands and a mask in another. The logical course of action is to fight back somehow. Instead, she pulls out her gun again, presumably in some attempt to commit suicide you'd think. Just what is her deal? But the monster proceeds to knock her out cold, only to have her gun fall next to your feet. It might have been your common instinct at the time grabbing hold of the gun, or something else. Whatever the reason is, you point the gun at your head. The only thing you can hear at this point is your beating heart. Suddenly a sick grin forms on your face and you pull the trigger. Bang. It's almost like a metaphor, but just like that, a mysterious being claiming to have stemmed from your soul has awakened, and is ready to perform battle with this abnormal, horrendous abomination. This scene is cool with that on its own, you realize you've had an underlying avatar that is a source of immense power, and to awaken it, you have to shoot yourself in the head. That insidious face of the protagonist just makes it the more cooler, as if he had some sick pleasure in blowing his mind to bits. But then something happens. The protagonist loses all control of this facet of his personality, his Persona, Orpheus, and it starts being ripped apart from the inside. Out of its slaughtered body emerges a badass fucking grim reaper with coffins surrounding him and a giant fucking sword, the very personification of death; Thanatos. Going completely berserk and uncontrolled, he proceeds ripping the monster to shreds. Such a swag fucker. You don't fuck with this coffin carrying motherfucker. Not only is the badassery of the events transpiring this cutscene so powerful and ballsy, the fact that your new found awesome power has an underlying and even more bad ass form that you can't have and won't have the ability to use for more than half of the game, makes you want to strive even harder to reach and find out how to ascend to that power. I was disappointed that Persona 3 Portable didn't include this cutscene, as it's just astounding. It gives a new definition to the word "mindblown".
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    30 Days of Video Games

    Day #21 - Least Favourite Character from a Video Game Natalya Simonova (GoldenEye 007) I'd assume she was locked up for being the biggest pain in the arse you'll ever meet. Why don't we get the option to leave her there? This chick defined all that is bad about escort missions. If she wasn't running in front of my bullets like a headless chicken, she would aimlessly walk into the line of enemy fire and take a few rounds to the head. All she had to do was stay out of the way while I risked my butt to protect her... or just tag along behind me. It's really not that hard. Don't I have enough to deal with as it is? Does the fact we're being shot at by a bunch of mercenaries mean nothing to you? Is it not enough that you annoy me with your constant whining and moaning about things nobody cares about? Well, apparently not as I now have to aim around your stupid face if I want to finish this bastard of a mission. You just have to wonder... Why does this woman have absolutely no regard for her own life? Why is her only purpose to find as many ways to die as possible? How has she even survived until now?... Why can't I just gun her down and be done with it? Yeah, you know what? I don't care any more. Kill the bitch. See if I care. ...Actually, can I do it for you? Please? Runner-Up Baby Mario (Yoshi's Island) I've always found the baby characters to be pointless enough at the best of times, but that's not why one of them made it on to this list... no, it's the fact that I wanted nothing more than to strangle the little shit when playing through Yoshi's Island. Yeah, if you manage to keep him on your back it's all well and good. Maybe you'd even go as far as saying he's kinda cute... while he's quiet. But should you collide with something and he falls off... well... that's when you're subjected to the most annoying sound effect from anything ever and suddenly have an urge to put the controller through your TV just for the sake of getting it to stop: Basically, if you drop him... he floats away in a bubble... screaming his lungs out until you manage to get a hold of him again. And it's such a horrible racket that you just want to grab him as quickly as possible and never take a hit ever again just so you won't have to listen to it. Thanks for giving me another reason to never have babies, Nintendo.
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    Burnt Ash

    30 Days of Video Games

    Favorite cinematic: Sonic Unleashed's opening After seeing Sonic so...soulless in Sonic 06 (his best moments were his opening and closing scenes), Unleashed's opening just blew me away...it was just awesome. It may be a bit lengthy, but it set up the beginning of the story pretty well. You're treated with a beautifully detailed CGI opening with a downright epic scene with Sonic and Eggman fighting, to Eggman tricking Sonic and Sonic becoming a Werehog...with very...detailed fur. In terms of Sonic openings at least, I'd say it ranks up there along with CD's opening.
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    30 Days of Video Games

    Day 21 Mike Dawson Here's the deal, I played his shitty game Darkseed 2 as a kid, but never finished it. The recent Retsupurae reminded me of this game and so I decided to replay it again. While the game left a shit stain taste in my mouth, the main protaginist Mike Dawson just pissed me off to no end. He is the wimpiest, dumbest, unhumane, worthless, pathetic, loser I have ever seen in a video game. He is everything opposite of what a protaganist should be. Does he gain character development? Nope. He stays the same, constantly wining to everyone about a crime he's being framed for. The ironic thing is, the game devs must have felt the same way. Everyone and I mean every single fucking character in the game hates him. Even his mom hates him. And for no reason at all, which makes it hilariously ironic in my eyes. Let me tell you some of his fuck ups. He fails in simply pushing an anvil off a cooler in order to get some medicine for a sick clown, kills his nieghbor by acciedent but then gets happy about it when he finds out his friends Rita hated Mike but liked him. He lives with his mom after the events of the first game, which makes him become a coward and child. Always being dependent on everyone else, he constantly whines "NO IT'S TRUE, THERE REALLY IS A DARK WORLD!" or "DID YOU KILL RITA? I KNOW IT HAD TO BE YOU" To every single character in the game. The reason I hate him is cause of how downplayed he became in the sequel. In the first game, they depict Mike Dawson as an unfortunate home buyer with optimism and braveness, rather than a wholly incompetent wreck of a human being. The ending of the game made me happy, cause of what happens, but the 7 hours I endulged to get through it, makes me wretch with shit. You're probably wondering why I am him if I hate him so much. I dunno, I guess even though he is the embodiment of a human failure, I still like him a bit for some strange physco reason, like the way someone would like Sonic 06.
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    I am disappointed that there is no mention of Sonic Goes to the Store in this thread. I am also disappointed that you have neither read nor heard of said fanfiction. ANYWAY THIS IS A GREAT IDEA AND WE WILL GO THROUGH WITH IT
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    PSI Wind

    30 Days of Video Games

    FOX, GET THIS GUY OFF ME! WOAH! HELP ME! HEY! LEAVE ME ALONE! Slippy fucking Toad. God, there is so many things I can say about him. The annoying voice, the almost-uselessness of him, and just being a huge whiner. He is the most annoying character I have ever seen in a video game. EVER! Sure, he got better in Assault. Sure, he built the Blue Marine. But man, anything else he does just makes me want to kill him. .......STOP GOING AFTER THOSE DAMN SHIPS DAMNIT!
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    30 Days of Video Games

    I considered bitching about Samus and Adam's Other M iterations but I prefer to pretend that game doesn't exist if possible and don't care to get myself angry by talking about it. So I'll bitch about this: The Demoknight (Team Fortress 2) I love TF2. I've played over 900 hours, as I've mentioned before here. In fact, just today I played it for six hours. So I don't think the many updates its seen have ruined the game, not at all. It's still plenty of fun and most of the new items are great (Some are not; e.g. the Phlogistonator). But its not without its problems and the Demoknight is the image of everything wrong with TF2. New weapons let classes do things they shouldn't be able to. The Demo isn't meant to run fast or have especially long melee range. They stop classes from serving their purpose. The Demo is supposed to lay traps and make people explode, not fuck around the map whacking people with swords. They encourage people to be useless. Any decent player should have an easy time killing someone who constantly tries to melee them; a Demoknight is just a wasted slot if they get steamrolled by everything. They discourage teamwork. Because what good does a useless, melee-only class do for a Medic, or for protecting teammates, or aiding a push? None; all a Demoknight is good at is running around and killing people as a lone wolf, and at that point you may as well be a Spy. All of this applies to other weapons too, but none to the same extent as the Demoknight. The Stickybomb Launcher is the main point of the Demo and getting rid of it is just as bad as having a Medic who can't heal or a Spy that can't backstab. Everything about a Demoknight is so far removed from actually playing Demo usefully and properly that it's an entire class of itself and that shouldn't happen. There is only one thing in TF2 more horrible than having a Demoknight on your team. Having more.
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    Archie Sonic Main Discussion

    You know you done f'ed up right? I actually took the time to look at these links and it just defecated all over my joygamsing. Now you must feel my fanboy fury! So! Let's get one thing out of the gate: You're all fraggin' retarded. Why? Well let's go one by one. First of all, it's DISDAIN not dis-stain, unless that was a piss poor attempt at some awful pun. Next, did you need to waste a whole 15 minutes reading (and terribly I might add) the links that you already posted? I never watched these videos before, and it looks like I didn't miss much. You don't even have the sense to edit the damn things for time. Then there's the second one. "Oh herp derp, Flynn's pissed off all these people at deviantArt and FurAffinity (because these are SUCH the respectable places) and some of us, instead of being sensible and patient and watching to see how it unfolds, are going either stop reading, or keep our subs and not open the comics lololol" ...I'm sorry, WHAT? Who the hell cares if you don't open the comics? Keeping the subs gives them money, meaning they're still winning, genius. And then you turn right around and openly admit that you're going to pirate the things on youtube. Despite the fact that you're also paying for them. THEN you go right on and name the guy who's providing said scans. Guess he'll be getting a suspension in short order! And then...that's it? I wasted 20 minutes listening to you read links that I could have read myself and then you begging not to be flamed? Really? Are you some kind of retarded troll or something? Never mind that! The whole thing reeks of you being butthurt that you got banned from Flynn's forums SIX YEARS AGO and trying to demonize the guy in every way possible. I got more to say to this, but I'm gonna add it to the next two guys. Damn, I knew I was right to not watch the blasted things. I'll save everyone the time of clicking on this one cause it's short: I'd say you should have calmed down so you could post rationally, but seeing as how I'm doing the exact same thing, I'll let you go on that one :V But BOO FREAKIN HOO, a main character in a comic book gets a forced Face Heel Turn! Stop the presses! It's such a vile deed, it's like I've been touched by a Catholic Priest! I'm pissed off that a bunch of crappy and/or stale characters got some character development or killed off! No really. Seriously? The Brotherhood? Locke? Hershey? Granted, I've been on and off with the book, but I don't remember any of those characters being ever useful. In fact, I think those are all Ken Penders's love children. Are you one of his alts or something? Sally being roboticized is probably a really good thing because honestly? She was a boring character. And this is coming from someone who likes her a whole bunch! She was one of the first Sonic characters I'd ever seen, and I do admittedly have on some rose tinted glasses when it comes to her. This seems like the dumbest thing to complain over though. The status quo is being shaken up in a good way. Things are happening, and you're crying for what? That Sonic and Sally can't waste more panels with hawt furry buttsecks or something? The one that strikes me the oddest is the Nicole complaint. This is character that went from being a boring little handheld to having one of the most emotionally moving stories that I've seen in a long while. Like, it's really deep when you sit down and think of it, but that's for another day. I'm not saying you can't complain, just that this complaint is rather daft. But that's nothing! Wait til we get a load of this guy! This is probably the saddest one of the bunch. The guy seems to have some kind of boner for this "Other M" thing that some random characters in the Silver Arc were based on. He can't let it go. He thinks it's the driving force for everything when all it got was a few cameos. He links to an email from Flynn where he talks about how he pretty much knows exactly what the hell he's doing, and how Sally got blown to hell and back by a random turret. In fact, he goes on to list a few things which have happened recently and how they're HORRIBLE HORRIBLE things. Let's see here: What did you expect the turret to do? Send her into a Death Throws pose and make her restart from the last checkpoint? Last time I checked, most good guys are perfectly ok with ending their own lives if it means saving others. That's why they're heroes! Oh sure, she probably was upset at the thought, but there are limited pages, and a Hero's gotta do what a Hero's gotta do. Plus, if the age old "redirect the death laser to it's source" is "ridiculous and contrived", I'd hate to see your examples of great storytelling. What's sick about it? It's a god damn robot! Usually a blowtorch is needed to mod and repair the thing. Weaponizing his newest acquisition was probably the smartest thing Eggman could do in that case, and a refreshing aversion of the villain ball. Speculating out of your ass like a Wikipedia poster, I see! Yes. They should totally focus on one dead character when the evil wizard king is overthrowing the monarchy and the 3rd tier villains teamed up with the forgotten villains and blew the city to hell and almost got the planet sucked into a black hole. Oh, and this is right after the Megazord sized Metal Sonic ravaged the city! It makes perfect sense! But wait, it gets better! I think you missed the part where 1. It's a set up for a future plot point, 2. Reality just got screwed to hell and back by the Genesis arc and 3. this act involved Ixis Magic and a Chaos Emerald. You know, those gems that have proved to be the most bullslag macguffins in the history of ever ranging from being able to morph water creatures into dragons, being glorified batteries for Megazords, turing your spiky hedgehogs into super saiyans and reviving hedgehogs from the dead. And that's all Sonic team's work too, so you can't pull the "herp derp archie sucks lololol" card on this one. What writer DOESN'T shake up the canon as they see fit? That's what being a writer is all about! You know what happens when you lock yourself into a corner with no character development and major events? The Sonic X comic. Know why that's not going anymore? Cause aside from Eggman's wacky antics, the slag sucked. (Sonic X as a whole sucks balls too, but that's another rant) Flynn's "playing god with the story and cast now?" because the slag got boring and stale. Just as he said in that email that you linked and apparently didn't read. The good guys were winning. All the time. "Bold New Moebius" went out on a whimper. Aside from Regina being sexy as hell, "Iron Dominion" wasn't really anyting special, but it did help set up what we have here. You know why 175 was so friggin awesome? Cause Eggman got slag done, and he got it done with style. We've basically had 50 issues of the good guys kicking ass and taking names and you wanna complain cause the bad guys are getting the upper hand? I'd almost say you're all the sort of fans that should be ignored, but as that email said, you're doing exactly what Flynn wants you to. Your whining and crying over a boring character is playing right into his hand, and Archie Comic's wallet. You can't wait for Sonic to go back to being a boring invincible hero and having hawt furry lovemaking with Sally or Amy so in the meantime, you're demonizing the writer for making things actually interesting. Seriously, we just got Team Metallix, which includes METAL GOD DAMN KNUCKLESTM and you wanna whine about a bunch of characters that hardly anyone gave a slag about in the first place? I almost wish that Metal Sally ends up as disposable as Metal Sonic's been before this arc, just to watch you cut yourselves in agony. You even got an Anti Mecha Sally club started on dA (with all of two members! Guess who's one of them!) Seriously, let go of the Other-M boner. It's as dead as Fleetway's Sonic now, and not really doing anything to help/harm the book. This whole thing is like complaining that Sonic Unleashed had a terrible story when all you've seen is Super Sonic getting owned at the beginning. How about you let the story play out first before whining? Or better yet, just keep on whining. I'm going right back to ignoring the whole lot of you and grinning like a retard over Archie solidifying their dominance over Sonic Team in character usage. God Damn.
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    Indigo Rush

    Concept Art Fridays

    I do believe the worst stage in Sonic 3 & Knuckles is the level you play when you don't have the game running. That can be easily be fixed by turning the console on and playing Sonic 3 & Knuckles.
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    Hmmm, I think I'd like to take part in this project. In terms of roles, erm, I guess I'd take whatever's available. This could be fun. In terms of voices, I have my standard voice, a limited deep range, and a high range, which I can sorta make sound like a girl or young boy, depending on how I change it up.
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    30 Days of Video Games

    So after searching through my mind for notable cutscenes(pretty hard since most of the games I play are interactive), I finally thought of one. I miss old Dante so much.
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    30 Days of Video Games

    Day 22 - Favorite Cinematic AKA favorite cutscene from a game.
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    Lady Soniko

    A 3rd Person Metriod Game

    Take a skyrim approach to it. being able to switch between First Person and Third person would be grand. See Other M isn't all that bad once you throw the story, authorization upgrades and voice acting out of the picture. they brought back Samus' agility and after playing years as the heavier, much slower "Tank" Samus from the Prime series it was like a new game all over. Seeing Samus get hands on in close quarters combat was both nerve wreaking and exciting (i don't think i've ever held my breath that long, ever!) The lethal strikes and more melee based take downs would be a welcome addition to the next Metroid title for me. oh an please remove those slow walking moments in the game... i mean She looked so awkward when walking to begin with, and i was too busy watching her weird shuffle than paying attention to the "creepy atmosphere" they tried to bring to you. a few nit picks i was upset that didn't make it into Other M was the modifications to her arm cannon when she upgraded beams, in prime the shape and colour of her cannon's lights changed to match the shot choice she was currently using, the only thing that changed on Other M's arm cannon was the nozzle on the end for fully charged beams and launching missiles. its probably been said but Other M was WAY too linear for a Metroid game, it probably had something to do with the movement also being restricted to a D-pad hence Samus' movement being rather clunky and awkward to use most times (especially in jumping up elevator shafts with the footholds) also the auto-targeting seemed necessary in other M otherwise the combat system would also be awkward to use with the D-pad, but it certainly felt too easy because of auto targeting anyway. as for things Other M did right then they can definitely be improved on, especially with Wii-U around the corner. Pros & Cons for Other M Pros - - an Agile Samus has been welcome back into the series for the longest. - Lethal Strikes and Take downs were awesome - Speed Booster upgrade was fantastic, and made traversing the long straight corridors a lot faster. - Morph ball felt a lot more stable compared to prime games, and quicker too. - Wall jumping felt fluid and awesome - The cut scenes where fantastic, bar the lame voice acting Cons - - Voice Acting - Samus was better off not talking imo - Story lacked a lot - Clunky Controls due to D-pad restrictions. - Lack of unique Enemies compared to Prime. - Enviroments where too linear - please, please remove the slow walking areas... - No scan visor or Log book present. - not being able to move in first person mode. - the way upgrades where unlocked via authorization from Adam was fucking annoying *climbs volcano, taking heat damage all the way* Adam: Samus! activate your varia feature on your suit! *faced against boss* the cons heavily out weigh the pros, but the pros can hold their own since those are what made Other M fun. as for talk of Wii-U Dio is right, using the Tablet as Samus' Visor HUD/Map etc. to be perfectly honest i'd rather go back to the Prime gameplay style, but if they could incorporate both into the mix, even better.
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    Click spoiler for more =o The result of when I ask an amazing person for one thing and they send me the exact opposite, the possibilities are endless.
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    Whoever makes a mod for Tails and Knuckles to follow you in Seaside Hill has my money.
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    Detective Shadzter

    Suda51's "Lollipop Chainsaw"

    Picked up the latest issue of GamesMaster. Here's their preview of Lollipop Chainsaw: If anyone wants to archive the scan, it's GamesMaster Issue 248 March 2012.
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    The Album releases on the week of February 6th! Original post below.
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    Okay guys, here they all are. Although it's very minor, but I noticed the bottom of one of them has corrupted a little for me (it's right near the bottom, not even noticeable if you're using it as your main wallpaper), so if anyone has a better version of the Green Hill background wallpaper, that'd help.
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    A those...children? Considered me creeped out, even if they're not children.
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    30 Days of Video Games

    Can we put Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children and leave it like that?
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    That time where I brought Colors to my aunt's house for Thanksgiving and ACCIDENTALLY S ranked 6 stages. I could not do it when I got home. ;A;
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    I also have to give it to Final Rush, no matter how good I do, I always come up short.
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    30 Days of Video Games

    Day 20/21 - WHATS YO LEAST/FAVORITE NPC/CHARACTER IN VIDYA BlazBlue (series) - Kokonoe Seriously, a catgirl scientist, with small breasts and daddy issues. This may seem pretty fetish-y at first, but it may not be so (or even more so) once you find out that she's always making grand schemes, in schemes and possibly using people all for the sake of science. Girls who are evil are beautiful. Kokonoe is but one of the many exemplars. She's responsible for a lot of things in the series, and even though she's smart, she also knows too much about whatever the hell is going on in people's lives. Don't forget the whole Murakumo Unit project where Noel's real self has been transmitted over several robots, cause she's responsible for that. Final Fantasy XIII - Hope Estheim Angsty, very clichéd and altogether very mopey. I may have liked FFXIII, but this was one glaring flaw that Squeenix has to learn from. We've seen this in several FF-related games already, as well as TWEWY. Angsty guy talks about how life sucks without a parent. But at least we actually see the death scene. Okay, who would rage over their mother and avenge her over something that she put on herself? Self-sacrifice is what every parent would do. You should thank them for enabling you to at least live--learn from your mother and learn to be tough, Mr. Estheim. Then again, you get much better in XIII-2, but you can't resurrect the dead! Well, then again, you don't really cope with grief very well.
  31. 1 point
    Johnny Boy

    30 Days of Video Games

    And this why people want him to be playable in a future smash bros game. So we can beat the ever loving shit out of him for mocking us during our childhoods.
  32. 1 point

    Official Anime/Manga Thread

    The first thing I thought when I saw this scene was "Himeko's been listening to too much Rebecca Black";
  33. 1 point
    Picked up the latest issue of GamesMaster. Here's their preview of The Last of Us: If anyone wants to archive the scan, it's GamesMaster Issue 248 March 2012.
  34. 1 point
    Detective Shadzter

    The Last Story (Wii)

    Picked up the latest issue of GamesMaster. Here's their preview of The Last Story: If anyone wants to archive the scan, it's GamesMaster Issue 248 March 2012.
  35. 1 point
    Detective Shadzter

    Mass Effect 3

    Picked up the latest issue of GamesMaster. Here's their world exclusive feature on Mass Effect 3: Spoiler tagged for size.
  36. 1 point
    The Kid

    30 Days of Video Games

    Favorite Side Character: Alright let's do this! This is one of my favorites, even if I no longer play the games he's in. "Resetting... it's like...pressing an emergency call button. You press it and I gotta come read you the riot act. See?" "The name's Resetti. Mr. Resetti." This is the first character that actually makes it fun to reset your game without saving. Not only that, he teaches you a fundamental lesson, SAVE YOUR DAMN GAME! He goes from calm, to slightly angry, to swinging his pick axe at you in blind fury. I remember resetting my game repeatedly just so I could piss him off even more, until I actually got a little creeped out by him. Then he really starts to scare you, in a "I'm going to come out of your Gamecube and kill you in your sleep" sort of way. He even goes so far as to fake reset your game for you! I mean what kind of sick bastard does that? At the time it really made me hesitant to reset because I knew when I turned it back on, he'd be there, waiting for me. All in all Mr. Resetti can be hilarious and slightly creepy (and insane, don't forget insane), adding a fun little twist to starting up your game now and then. Honestly I'm wondering why he has that job in the first place, considering he hates it to the point of probably killing someone.
  37. 1 point
    It's the Neuroi. The Neuroi are in Antarctica.
  38. 1 point

    [COLLAB] The Sonic Stadium Music Album!

    BADGES we got sum And they're the cymbal springs from Music Plant. xD Congrats, everyone!
  39. 1 point

    Sonic Boom 2012!

    We need a Winter of Robotnik here on the east coast.
  40. 1 point
    Sega DogTagz

    Sonic Boom 2012!

    California again? FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF--- No love for the east coast.
  41. 1 point
  42. 1 point
    Looking how far modders have gotten, I wonder how long it'll be before we see a HD version of this... Please.
  43. 1 point

    Regular Show

    I prefer Rigby a bit more myself, but Pops is still awesome It was an awesome episode though, especially the massive explosion that Benson unleashed on Mordecai and Rigby and them being deaf at the end was pretty hilarious XD
  44. 1 point
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ILGkVbNrB5s&feature=mfu_in_order&list=UL Playable characters are back babeh.
  45. 1 point
  46. 1 point
  47. 1 point
    Now if we look here, we can see the native Eggus Pawnicus alongside his spiked blue friend, the Classicus Tubbicus Hedgehog inside their natural environment, the Mystical Invisible Island of Mysteriousness and Wonderment. Anywho, something dun' goofed and an entire island inside Seaside Hill became invisible, and left poor Classic Sonic here stranded alongside an Egg Pawn who looks just as perplexed as I am. Oh well. I could think of worse people to be stuck on a magical invisible floating cliffside with! EDIT: Not sure why the big ol' gap is there. Looks fine in the post editor. Welp.
  48. 1 point
    Dark Qiviut

    Kid stabs bully...

  49. 1 point

    Kid stabs bully...

    It's one of those situations where everyone involved is in the wrong to some degree. (The kid doing the stabbing of course being the most wrong). A) You shouldn't stab people to death, B ) you shouldn't let people get away with stabbing people to death because they were bullied, C) you should do your damn job and stop kids bullying others so this shit won't happen and D) you shouldn't bully others. But as I said, no-one deserves to die for bullying someone.
  50. 1 point
    No more

    Sonic games that are 'special' to you

    <.< >.> Sonic and Mario at the Bejing Olympics.The actual game that got me into the fanbase
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