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    Well, I think it's safe to say his life of crime has gone down the toilet. I'm so sorry.
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    Titanic Hundreds 100 Years On.

    And my faith in humanity plunges ever further, that is disgraceful.
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    Titanic Hundreds 100 Years On.

    So many people celebrating.
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    It's a pretty effective close combat weapon if you tell the victim how recently it's been in a toilet before sticking it in their face.
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    Titanic Hundreds 100 Years On.

    I've watched the movie dozens of time, at home, school, etc. But I've only cried at it once, which was last year! Basically, I thought about it when watching it and when it got to the scene of the ship sinking, people dying, etc. I imagined myself as if I was on the ship, witnissing the horror, hearing the screams of hundreds of other people in trouble, watching their deaths and it got to me somewhere while watching it. It's a great movie and an even greater event in history! though now I have reason to share this: Pistol Shrimp are amazing, I reccomend watching more of their vids.
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    This guy kinda sounds like a badass honestly. Guns? Fuck guns, those are pussy weapons! I'm a real man, I use a goddamn plunger, bitches!
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    Doctor Sοnic

    Unused SatAM pilot intro

    From what I can tell, this seems to have gone mostly unnoticed by Sonic fandom. Certainly I only discovered its existence today, though its been on youtube since 2010 (though originally as part of a longer video). Its a short piece of animation, which appears to be the ending of an unused set of opening titles in the style of the SatAM pilot episode: Its a very interesting watch and gives further insight into the development of the cartoon. I certainly hope the original footage still exists.
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    I guess his common sense was clogged up at the time he robbed the bank. Hopefully when he regains it, it won't overflow into him and make his brain hurt. Those two were the best I could come up with. :/
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    Advertise the Obscurities

    Once again, I'd like to promote El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron. As far as God of War clones go, the gameplay is very simplified and repetitive, but it's worth experiencing just for the unparalleled art direction. No, this isn't concept art, these are actual in-game graphics. It has a very innovative use of an actually pretty simple graphics engine and no two levels look alike. Many of them have vastly different shaders and lighting altogether. This is a game that only could have been made this generation, and if you have an artists' eye, I highly recommend you check it out.
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    I'm worried about the implication here that art must be technically perfect to be fit for a gallery. Anyhoo, I can easily see Sonic Adventure being there for historical reasons, and in that context I don't mind its inclusion at all. Besides, it's fun watching modern Sonic get some lurve nowadays.
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