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    Press conference times (PST, CST, EST, GMT): Thursday 31st May Company ----------:-- PST --::-- CST --::-- EST --::-- GMT --: ------------------:---------::---------::---------::---------: Konami -----------: 10:30PM :----------Friday AM----------): Watch now: http://www.konami.com/e3[/code] [b]Friday 1st June[/b] [code]Company -----------:---- PST ----::-- CST --::-- EST --::-- GMT --: -------------------:-------------::---------::---------::---------: Konami ------------:(Thursday PM):: 12:30AM :: 1:30AM :: 6:30AM : Watch now: http://www.konami.com/e3 Sunday 3rd June Company ------:-- PST --::-- CST ---::-- EST --::-- GMT --: --------------:---------::----------::---------::---------: Nintendo -----: 3:00PM :: 5:00PM :: 6:00PM :: 11:00PM : Watch here: http://e3.nintendo.com/ Monday 4th June Company ----------:- PST --::-- CST --::-- EST --::-- GMT -----: ------------------:--------::---------::---------::------------: Microsoft --------: 9:30AM :: 11:30AM :: 12:30PM :: 5:30PM ---: Watch here: http://www.xbox.com/en-US/e3 (Or watch on Xbox Live via the 'Xbox Live Event Player' app, now available for download.) Electronic Arts --: 1:00PM :: 3:00PM :: 4:00PM :: 9:00PM ---: Watch here: http://www.ea.com/e3 Ubisoft ----------: 2:00PM :: 5:00PM :: 6:00PM :: 11:00PM ---: Watch here: http://www.youtube.com/user/ubisoft?v=aKRWubusKBU Sony -------------: 6:00PM :: 8:00PM :: 9:00PM ::(Tuesday AM): Watch here: http://us.playstation.com/e3-2012/ Tuesday 5th June Company ------:- PST --::-- CST --::-- EST --::-- GMT --: --------------:--------::---------::---------::---------: Sony -------------------Monday PM---------):: 2:00AM : Watch here: http://us.playstation.com/e3-2012/ Nintendo -----: 9:00AM :: 11:00AM :: 12:00PM :: 5:00PM : Watch here: http://e3.nintendo.com/[/code] [b]Wednesday 6th June[/b] [code]Company ------:- PST --::-- CST --::-- EST --::-- GMT --------: --------------:--------::---------::---------::---------------: Nintendo -----: 6:00PM :: 8:00PM :: 9:00PM :-Thursday AM-): Watch here: http://e3.nintendo.com/ Thursday 7th June Company ------:- PST --::-- CST --::-- EST --::-- GMT --: --------------:--------::---------::---------::---------: Nintendo -------------Wednesday PM--------):: 2:00AM : Watch here: http://e3.nintendo.com/[/code] Currently [u]confirmed[/u] games showing are: Obviously, all eyes are going to be on Nintendo, expectantly awaiting their Wii U launch extravaganza, but Sony will also be revealing the second wave of its big Vita titles, and hopefully we will also get some news on NeXtBox and PlayStation 4. Additionally, rumors continue to persist regarding a 'Steambox' system from Valve, and who knows what else we might be shocked and awed by? The likes of Zynga are in attendance this year as well, so it will be interesting to see how seriously the media takes social gaming against announcements from the other major players. So, what do you want to see and what do you hope to see?
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    Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed...!

    Just catching up on stuff...! 1. Yep, Rich is very much involved, which make me happy, Rich happy and hopefully everyone else happy 2. We'll have main theme of course, not sure it'll be a CD release like Bentleys last time! 3. Sorry - can't answer this right now! 4. We are doing remixes, I've posted earlier in this thread about the dynamic music - go and have a look for that Although I have an AWESOME piece of concept art for a classic Sonic car based on his Sonic Drift car, we're not planning classic versions of characters right now. Remember this is an All-Star, we want to get a lot of characters in, and they're complex builds, so best not to have two Sonics As to more universes, yes absolutely! 1. Isn't three enough, each character has his own car, plane and boat? Wow! No, we're not planning alternate vehicles for any characters, we'd have to be insane 2. Nope, Eggman crashed it, so he had to build a new one 3. We did a concept based on the Tornado, but it wasn't really working. Instead we've (as some folk have spotted) based it on an upgraded version of the ASR plane... And the Sonic Drift car! 4. Can't talk DLC right now. SEGA still get to pick of course, they pay the bills! 5. Not saying - sorry! 6. Not sure I know what you mean here? 7. Sorry can't answer this... yet! 8. Should I be worried? We will have some shots out soon, SEGA wanted to start showcasing Sonic, but we've provided shots and some other things for SEGA to release. Bear in mind any weapons in the video are old placeholders, we'll be talking about new weapons shortly... Hazards of course are part of the game, and chance for us to do some fan service too I like I'm getting help with the answers here! Want to come help in the SEGA forums --- S0L ---
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    I'M THROWING MY MONEY AT THE SCREEN BUT NOTHING'S HAPPENING. Well played Hub. Also, it's best pony's birthday today.
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    Sonic 3ds Max work

    Hey thanks!! Im afraid havent been able to put much work into animating final zone yet, but hopefully will do at some point. Been improving my Tornado model over the last couple of days, so at least something
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    "* It is for this very reason professions like government service, politics and judiciary are meant for number three people." So THAT's how Chancellor Puddinghead got into office!
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    I have come out of hiding/lurking just to fight for Billy Hatcher's honor, as ridiculous as that is. He's great, his associated music is even greater, and if he's not in Transformed I will be very sad. In the interest of deeper discussion, I thought he had one of the more effective all-star moves and a couple of the better tracks. Even if he doesn't return, I hope that we get a new or recycled track out of his franchise. The only thing stopping Billy from being awesome is a lack of proper mentorship. ...yes I scribbled this just for this post, shut up.
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    Meh, while I liked the original origin better, this won't mess up the movie for me that much. I can see why for some die-hard Spidey fans, but whatever..... Has anybody else noticed how flexible and acrobatic Spider-man is in this movie? Yeah he did some cool tricks in the old trilogy, but those were too far and too few. Thankfully this movie brings that back, and it makes Spidey look more like a show-off, which is how it should be.
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    Well I can't wait to see the 8th gen console in action plus some other rumors.. And I wonder what great 3DS and Vita titles we'll be getting along with some games I'm hyped to see (Halo 4 and Luigi's Mansion for starters). But we all know who's opinion truly matters, so I called up an old friend who has connections with developers and he had this to say. E3 Bear: " Hohoho! We got all the shit at the top, with some special ones at the bottom. This year's gonna be great!"
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    I think the biggest weakness of Iron Man 2 was one that was prevalent in its predecessor, which was namely the villains taking a backseat for the lead characterization and the action. It feels a bit more offensive this time around when the villains are relatively interesting, especially since both Ivan Vanko and Justin Hammer are desperately competing at who's going to screw each over first. That said, claiming Iron Man 2 isn't a movie about anything straight-faced is rather presumptuous. The premise obviously revolves around Stark having abandoned his weapon-manufacturing ways but at the same time becoming a superstar celebrity. The congress scene in particular sets up the fact that he has no intention on ever sharing his shit with the good guys. His ego is what keeps the movie spinning as he's being gunned down by a man with a vendetta against his family line, a rival weapons manufacturer who wants the Iron Man technology and his best friend who is starting to reconsider whether or not Stark's irrational behavior induced by his ego makes him worthy of carrying a potentially destructive weapon like that. Because of Vanko's intervention at the racing track, people finally start to question Stark's "high status". Couple that with the pressure of his worsening heart condition he hits the bottle, because his birthday party was, as he assumed, the last one he would experience. Rhodey doesn't steal the armor to save the party goers, who for all intent's worth were enjoying the show. He takes it to subdue him because he's fed up with his antics and gives the technology to the military who could actually put it to "responsible" use. The movie isn't about Iron Man developing into being a team player. It's about him improving his ego, which he succeeds at doing because of Nick Fury's assisting intervention and the revelation about his dad, and I'd like to think the movie succeeds really well at improving Stark's motivations. EDIT:
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    1. No, 1 vehicle, for one character 2. Eggman's monster truck isn't returning, its more of a Tank with 6 wheels, and is red. 3. his vehicle was more re-designed from Sonic Drift, and for the record the SA2 car and tornado were not "cool" 4. DLC at this stage...? *laughs* no, its still in production, DLC is normally considered after final production or release. 5. Panzer Dragoon? question answered. 6. i don't think this sort of game has that extensive feature for track creation and so on. 7. probably 8. i have faith Ryo will be returning, considering the impact he created in the first game, caused quite a stir in the SEGA Dreamcast boy's hearts.
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    Honestly, I think the fact that it's negligence and not deliberate torture reflects even worse on the police than torture would.
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    Still trying to find cool videos from youtube... Is this cool?
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    I commend you for taking in a dog from the streets; most of them aren't long for the world either because of the elements or the shelter system. But I'm surprised a Pom of all things even survived long enough to be found. It's very likely you found someone's lost pet. xP Also, I find it quite the coincidence that the first dogs posted here were a golden and a lab because I've got a feel-good story involving both that inspired this thread in the first place. Dat bonding: Blind Golden Retriever befriends dog at hospital who becomes his guide: Source: http://www.nydailyne...ticle-1.1070177
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    The Amazing Spider-Man (The Movies)

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TyTdRSZitCk I don't usually say this about movies but Oh my god the cinematics are amazing! I love how this movie tries to make you feel like you're there with Spider-man in some parts. Plus I like how Gwen looks like she's actually doing something in this movie unlike that redhead girl from the original trilogy who kept screaming and bitching. And since I don't know that much about Peter's Parents, I'm really interested in what their story is.
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    Now that that's outta the way, Ohhhhh Yeaaaaah Time to get to work. Matter of fact, since I finally got some free time recently, I already have! http://soundcloud.co...rog-forest-demo Just a demo of one of my submissions, "When the Rain Falls", a remix of Frog Forest from Sonic Heroes. It's not done yet, I still gotta add some stuff, like a better piano, more jungle-ish sound effects, and some extra instrumentation, plus I'm going to extend it. I'm also still working on some of my other stuff that I started on awhile back (the updates aren't up yet, but here's just a piece of what they are.) ¿dn sı ʎɐʍ ɥɔıɥʍ- Hang Castle/"Petrified" by Fort Minor- http://soundcloud.co...ade/remix-1-wip and and unnamed Original Track- http://soundcloud.com/alien_renegade/wip2 I've also got a ton of other thoughts, but for the most part, they're just conceptual thoughts. I'm not completely sure which ones I'm going to attempt at the moment. But two that I will definitely try working on are a Chao Race remix (Sonic Adventure 2) and a remix of a song from Ollie King. can't think of a closing statement, so yeah. I'm just gonna end this with a... "IT'S GOOD TO BE BACK!!!!"
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    Captain America really is perhaps the most interesting Avengers tie-in, partially because unlike every other super hero movie out there, it's not that special. It's the only straight-faced, genuinely upfront movie about a masked avenger to be released. The fact that every super hero movie tries to be unique in some sense of the word such as being cynically realistic (Watchmen), filled with snark and wit (Iron Man), a character that's reluctant (Spider-Man) or one that's psychotic and brooding (Batman), ironically becomes the norm, and the fact that we get a movie about a patriotic good-guy who's neither obnoxious nor douche-y about it is refreshing. Chris Evans captures Cap's sensitive but devoted side so well, a natural leader, who doesn't even enjoy killing anyone, during a time when the war was still at high and he continuously attempted in enlisting to the army just for the sake of finding an outlet for that persona of his, which ultimately becomes his character arc, instead of a traditional one. Honestly, I really love Captain America. It's completely free from any semblance of irony, runs it straight and is incredibly enjoyable. The fact that it isn't trying to be particularly fresh is what makes it fresh.
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    Unfortunately, Valve has nothing up it's sleeve this year. They will not be announcing anything new this year, just focusing on DOTA 2 and Counter Strike: Global Offensive. http://www.joystiq.c...012-will-be-at/ My eyes are on Ubisoft and Sony as they usually are. I'll watch the Nintendo conference as long as Reggie doesn't talk about sales for an hour. I'm really interested in the Wii U.
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    That chart is pretty interesting. I chuckled at the random Twilight at the top, as well as "Additionally, in an ideal universe, we would all have ponies." I'm kind of surprised that Shipping is beaten by Normal, but as Solaris pointed out, the reason there's so much shipping fanfics in most fandoms is because some of it is smut, and EqD doesn't have any of that, so...*ponyshrug.jpg* On the other hand, I'm not at all surprised Rainbow Dash + shipping is so popular, but Twilight Sparkle being just as popular in shipping 'fics is a bit surprising...then again, she's (sort of) the "main" character. Yes. And that is wonderful.
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    I don't see any reason for hate towards this. It's an option, that's it. Why should I wait another year or 2 to afford a 360 with Kinect if I can get it now on the cheap and pay off the rest as time goes on, with slight interest. You wanna pay for everything all at once that's your choice. But it's a nice option for those that want to go that route. Heck I might do it even since I've been eying the S model and Kinect for awhile now but can't afford to swap.
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    The Amazing Spider-Man (The Movies)

    Peter would be the kind of dork who puts his name on his property that he is using while donning the superhero outfit.
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    Oh my god. I've just realised how absolutely AMAZING a stage based on Rez would be, I can't even describe what it'd be like but I just know it'd be awesome xD Seriously, imagine racing through
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    Gentlemen, we have our lab coat!
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    Dr. Crusher


    I know Colours' Intersteller Amusement Park might be similar to this, but I think it'd be cool if there was a gigantic fortress/island/whatever created by Robotnik, and all the regions/sectors would all have different kinds of motifs, traditional or otherwise. So one part could be a steampunk factory filled with lava and other volcanic elements, another could be a series of tunnel networks underwater, and there could be some sort of icy maze, a personal battle colosseum, a port for warships, Badnik-making factories, a Robotnik-esque shrine, and many more wacky and possibly disturbing stuff. The final level and battle would be cybernetic and technicolor ala Digital Circuit. Essentially, Sonic's answer to Crocodile Isle.
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    I'd sooner see this stocky gentleman.
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    Rusty Spy


    Two words: Bottomless Pits If I had a dime for every time I made a perfectly planned, supposedly safe jump over a small hill, and fell straight into a tiny crevasse that just happened to be over that hill, I could buy a new pair of shoes to replace the ones I chewed out of frustration. For a game that boasts wide expansive courses with intertwining routes, bottomless pits actively discourage players from improvising their route because a lot of courses boil down to a deadly game of hop-scotch.
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    That works, but the lack of proper Analogue-sticks which can be clicked is pretty unforgivable. Circle pads work for the 3DS, which is a handheld and needs to conserve space, but this is a home-console.
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    E3 2012: 4th - 7th June ~ Details in OP

    I'll only watch it to see Pikmin 3, the Wii-U Super Mario and possibly Luigi's Mansion 2 and Paper Mario.
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    I agree. I don't really care for the boost anyway. While I'm on the subject, here's something I've been thinking about: I think that instead of a boost, you have a button that works as a speed modifier, such as it is seen in Mario. When the button is not pressed Sonic controls much like he does in SA2, and when it is held down Sonic is able to accelerate and gain more speed but also looses handling. So it's not a burst of speed, but actually gives you a choice of tight platforming controls, and more racing like controls.
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    Thanks. I've added it in to my news post and credited you EDIT: I thought there was a bit missing. Ashthedragon has uploaded it with the missing extra bit of footage at the end.
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    Don't mind him, it's only AoStH Sonic trying to get in.
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    I'm not rushing at all. Not that it's completely my choice...
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    ...No I'm pretty sure no-one else is.
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    This is exactly the same thing I've been trying to make a point of in this thread hahaa. I think we oughta be aiming for a QUALITY album rather than a 500 disc epic. I mean I'd say the last one was great and all but we've set the standard for ourselves and now I think we should be focused on rocking it to the next level rather than just expanding the number of tracks we have. Although its a bit ironic to be saying this on a Sonic site, I think we all need to slow down some here haha.
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    Yo. This is such a fantastic project. I'm definitely about to get in on this action. It seems like everyone has so many good ideas for remixes flowing...I'm still trying to figure out what to remix myself but I've been working on something original for about a week now during school (I'm just finishing up my frosh year as a music major ). I want to try to get a sample of at least SOMETHING up on my SoundCloud soon since everyone's been sharing. Also, I'm new to the SSMB, so hi all.
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    2 more screens have appeared at Xbox.com http://marketplace.xbox.com/en-GB/Product/SONIC-4-Episode-II/66acd000-77fe-1000-9115-d802584111f2?cid=search
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    Right, catching up on my daily question quota...! Come now, what game doesn't come with some FMV these days LOL - I'm not sure we could deal with all the bad language and puddle! Again, remember just because someone appeared in the last game, doesn't mean they'll appear in this one. SInce it's you, I'll accept the huge amount of questions! 1. If it improves the game, yes, but we've not made a final call on this yet. It will be optional as always. 2. No comment! 3. Trust me, we fully intend this, we have some real fun coming up with those! 4. We're not planning this, but there are reasons for that I can't yet talk about... 5. All of them. Grrrr. Hence lack of sleep! 6. Again - all of them Mostly proper real ale though, even make some myself! 1. If we're talking the Sonic VO cast, then yes, we've sourced some new stuff and borrowed some from Generations. 2. RIght now, we've not looked fully into that, why would you not want all the new music we're working so hard on though! 3. What balancing problems? You know I'm a biker right? Can't see what's wrong there! But yes, one goal this time is to ensure a bit more fair competition 4. About this much bigger *holds hands apart* 5. Expect a tweaked and revised handling model, it's still all about drifts, but we're making it deeper. Should make for interesting online races and time... Oh yeah, can't mention that Oh good one. We're not quite ready to talk fully about weapons, but making them work - especially over multiple surfaces - has had a lot of time and attention. They will change to fit the surface you're on, for example a dropped 'mine' does different things on land, air and sea due to the play space you have for each, but weapons share elements through all three. We do this so you can get good grip on how to use them, but not have to learn dozens of new functionality. Watch this space. We're still locking this one down, ask me in a few months When you are aren't dealing with fixed camera angles, this is a real tricky problem to solve. It's the only real solution without some really horrible facial animation fudges to make it face the camera, most folk adapted to it last time. Have to pick on this, sorry. We have spent a LOT of time making sure the transformation and alternate handlings are very much not a gimmick. It's really important to us that each surface adds something new, has it's own techniques - and it's own areas to master. Don't worry either about a lack of speed, we've got something to talk about down the line which will make that worry go away. Nice to know you like Shibuya Downtime though, one of my favourite tracks that (and one we had in ASR Arcade!). Right... That's it for today! --- S0L ---
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    My god the lyrics, they started off incredibly cheesy but once you get into it they're freaking hilarious
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    Sixteen minute video interview with Producer Joe Neate over at SEGAbits, check it out! http://segabits.com/blog/2012/05/01/interview-with-sonic-all-stars-racing-transformed-producer-joe-neate/
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    So many characters I'd like to see... I know absolutely nothing about the franchise what-so-ever but Max from Dinosaur King would be a cool addition. If you really want to dig deep into SEGA history Bin and Pin from Dynamite Düx could be a new duo of characters, though I doubt many people would remember them and they're inclusion would probably confuse Sonic fans who'd assume they were just Bean recolours... Hmm...Maybe The Girl from Project Rub? Since we need more female characters and you could get quite creative with her vehicles since well, literally anything can happen in those games. Also Greendog The Beached Surfer Dude LOL NO.
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    Nice try But if I told you which games we were referencing, I'd be confirming a hell of a lot! You'll have to wait and see on this... Don't worry, it confuses us to be talking about tracks for the tracks! As we're doing brand new remixes of multiple pieces of music per race track, and it changes dynamically, we probably won't have a music select option as a side effect. In terms of total music tracks in the game, it's actually higher than ASR - but there we didn't have to worry about air and water. Or the other stuff we've not talked about yet. I'd still like to do a classic sound test, but we need to see how easy it will be to get in and setup. It's 16 brand new tracks, and 4 'Classic' tracks that are revised versions of the ASR ones. That's not everything, but it's everything we've revealed so far It's a side effect of how we capture them - it's a lot more vibrant in the flesh. But then you'd have to be working at SUMO or SEGA to see them In no particular order... iOS - We did this in house, bizzarrely we actually started and stopped on it about three times as between us and SEGA, we didn't know if it would work or be well received. That showed us! WiiU - What's that? Ulala - What makes you think Ulala will be in Transformed. See rule A Steam - As SEGA have confirmed there will be a Digital Download version of the game on PC. Other than that, can't really say much more. There is some cool stuff planned PC wise, but you'll have to hold on a bit longer to find out...! Mac - Currently not on the list of announced platforms, we have done Mac stuff here at SUMO (all the Doctor Who games were on Mac for example) so we've got experience, but that's about as much as I can say on it. If there was enough call, I'm sure SEGA wouldn't ignore it. --- S0L ---
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    Well that was quick. Also, apparently using a secure connection breaks it too. Just use https:// instead of http:// at the start of the address. In other words, this ruling does, as everyone expected, precisely diddly-squat. The internet is explicitly designed to be difficult to censor: look how far China has to go to get anywhere, and it still doesn't work properly!
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    So this movie is gonna be real? o_o
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    I suppose a raping dog would be a bit of a problem if he were let loose on a ship. I don't see a point in recreating the Titanic, let it rest.
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    Sonic 3ds Max work

    He does have stellar art, but no, it gets bumped up when there's a new post by him or someone actually posting about it. Not just a mindless bump post, don't pull this again.
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    A stirring and frankly beautiful tribute to the gaming habit of going right. Lovely.
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    Oh mau5. You really are making some insanely amazing stuff.
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    The Amazing Spider-Man (The Movies)

    Sorry for the double post, just thought I could post my thoughts on the first one since the thread died down for a whole day: Holy shit, this movie is hilarious. It's incredibly bad when I actually try to take it seriously, but watching this movie with a friend (pppp, in this case) is a freaking blast. It's almost like a 60's cartoon; so incredibly corny, yet so fun to watch as a result. My verdict for Spider-Man 1 is the same as I expected: Really stupid, but a lot of fun to watch. Everything else is basically just what I've been saying earlier in this thread: Spider-Man isn't Spider-Man, Mary Jane isn't Mary Jane, etc. Oh, and the Green Goblin was comedic gold. I was laughing my ass off every time he was on screen. XD Edit/Update: Watched Spider-Man 2.1 (the Director's Cut). ... Wow. That was fucking awful. The extra scenes were boring as shit, and Mary Jane was an awful, loathsome bitch. I hate her. Not just because she's different, but because she's nothing more than a dumb slut in these movies: "Hey Harry, your dad just died? Oh, you need me for love and support? Tough shit, I'm hot for Petey now." "Too late Petey, you turned me down. I like this new guy now. Getting married. Sucks to suck, Pete." "Wedding day? Possibly the biggest day of anyone's life? Guess I'll just not show up and leave John hanging without saying anything to him at all! I LOVE YOU PETEY WETEY!" "WHY DOES SPIDER-MAN GET MORE ATTENTION THAN ME!? IT'S ALMOST LIKE I'M NOT AS IMPORTANT AS A SUPERHERO OR SOMETHING!" Just... ugh. Fuck her. And fuck Raimi for turning a great character into an absolutely miserable human being.
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    The Amazing Spider-Man (The Movies)

    I fucking hated Spider-man 2 and 3. Everything just got too pitiful too quickly.I could go on about the flaws of these two movies for ages, but I will just stick to one. The interpretation of Mary Jane Watson. First, let's explore the character of Mary Jane. 1.) The coolest popular girl ever(second to Pelly) The thing that I hated about Raimi's films is that she was not "the typical beautiful girl that every guy wanted and was so reserved for football players" shit you see in romantic comedies. Weisman's Spectacular Spider-man had it correct. She was beyond the "In" crowd. She didn't just hang with the jocks and cheerleaders(she was an actor and therefore a natural thespian), she willingly inserted herself in the click of nerds like Peter and Gwen. She may have dated Flash Thompson, but she was not to be heralded as a trophy. She partied(for underlying dark reasons), and she did not let any social click define who the fuck Mary Jane was apart of. She never was part of the crowd(the lingo and slang she used was completely distinguishable from the rest of the characters) and did her best to set herself apart from people. She wasn't how Kristen Dunst portrayed. Mary Jane was not Mary Plain. 2.) She was never jealous of Peter's success as Spider-man whenever he received it. This one pissed me the fuck off. Goddammit, I nearly left the movie theater when this scene happened in Spider-man 3. Your boyfriend is loved because he is a fucking hero and you are jealous because of the press isn't focused on you? Bitch. No. She steadfastly(One More Day never happened in my eyes) devoted to Peter's success as Spider-man. Although she wished that he would stop being Spider-man so damn much, she would have never held it against him for it. 3.) Mary Jane was fun. Not a token romance device. What was so special about Raimi's Mary Jane personality wise? Nothing much, right. That isn't right. Raimi's Spider-man was a token damsel in distress. Mary Jane is the fiery red head who parties as well as sass her captors. Mary Jane was as her name implies. She had the charm to lift you to the clouds. Spider-man and Mary Jane have been married for over 25 years(One More Day never happened and this is just a horrible time in the comics). That would have never worked if Mary Jane was just a beautiful girl Peter Parker was boiking. The writers did something media hasn't ever done correctly. They made marriage fun. There was no need for cheating. There was no need for petty arguments. Just a couple being a couple with an extra dose of "Holy shit, it's Spider-man." In order for them to do that, MJ had to have a completely distinct personality that the audience could identify her as. And finally.... 4.) Mary Jane's love for Peter was beyond him being Spider-man Most mainstream fans don't know this, but she always knew that Peter Parker was Spider-man. Of course, she fucking known, she literally lives next door. The moment uncle Ben was killed, she saw him on his roof crying. She watched him as he snuck in and out the house as Spider-man. This was before she formally met Peter Parker. Before she known, she admired Spider-man because he thought he was a true free spirit. He seemed to be having the time of his life and didn't have a care in the world. Something she envied. See, Mary Jane had a rough life. Her dad was a struggling writer who regularly abused her and her sister because his literary works were not up to par and thought they were holding him back. The family moved from city to city on a whim so MJ never could establish a solid base of friends or a core unit of support other than her mom, who was too busying acquiescing her Jack-ass dad. Daddy bailed and she moved in with her Aunt Anna Watson who was next door to that batty old lady May and her husband, Ben. She only wanted to party so damn much because she wanted to escape the hell that was her life. She put on this mask, just like Spider-man, of a party girl and played the role well. Did you get any of that outside the typical bullshit in the Raimi films about her character? No subliminal bullshit was shown outside daddy being a dick. It was a shitty representation of her and the entire relationship. I honestly could not take it seriously. Look, it wasn't about whether Dunst was beautiful enough to play MJ or whether if she could fill in the bra. It was about the writing for her character that turned me off and that had something to do with Raimi.
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    Oh my god I am an idiot how could I forget this... 9 straight hours...
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