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    Had a missed called from an unknown number this morning... Text it asking who it was and got the reply 'Steve Lycett at Sumo Digital wanting to talk to you about your Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed entry!' Turns out I placed 3rd in the competition and my design will be featured in the Graffiti City stage! Omgggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg
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    Of course it is, but using that as thing for your argument, as a brony pony fan thing, just seems backwards. I mean most of us seem to get upset when other people judge our show from the outside as "pfft, it's a kids show, what are you doing." Why should it be any different in this case? I'm not saying it's wrong to not like that stuffs, I'm just saying is a personal preference for everyone. I mean I don't get pissy when I'm scrolling through art and find, well, Pinkie Pie's pie on my screen, but I'm not like "AW SHIT! *right clicks*" It's cool if people like it, and it's cool if you don't is what I'm getting at XD.
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    Official Anime/Manga Thread

    Here is a little secret. Just saying.
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    Your Favorite Version of Super Sonic

    The one that didn't consume like 3 rings every second.
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    I hate the word "clopping", when I first heard about it I thought it was the pony equivalent of clapping. ...Boy was I wrong.
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    The bikes were pretty much light-weight cars. It's like Diddy Kong Racing, pick anything but a light-weight and you lose. Easiest way to balance them would to have drifting and turning become a lot more harder to perform and it'd have also stayed more realistic in that regard. Bikes are for mainstream scum anyway. Ace Ventura in Monster Truck for DLC.
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    As a Dinosaur Rights Activist, this offends me.
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    I think Sonic 3 was my favorite overall. Super Sonic seemed more staticy, I think. The way his hair stood up was almost like electricity was flowing through him or something. I know his hair always stands up, but there it seems to be more than just Shadowy-hair. Though, could just be the way the sprites looked. As far as more recent designs, I think the Unleashed one is pretty close. A lot of times he had the standing up hair, or at least in the cutscenes. I never really viewed Unleashed's Sonic in gameplay. Don't own it. Don't really care to look it up. Besides, he look f'rlz cool in the Unleashed intro.
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    Hyper Sonic is my favourite. RAINBOW SEIZURE POWER!
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    That's the same list we had since the E3 press-listings with the exact same games having the exact same release schedules, so it doesn't really prove anything.
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    I feel that the Advance games are some of the most underrated games in the series. They may not have anything stand-outish about them like the ones on the Genesis, but they're straightforward and solid - 2D platforming, big levels, branching paths, multiple characters, vivid and saturated visual design, energetic music, simple level progression, unique Special Stages, non-complicated stories, and even multiplayer races. This is Dimps in their prime, and I kind of miss my Gameboy Advance, now.
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    I just started watching the start of them last night. Watched about 10 episodes and I love it! I'm going to watch more now!
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    Let's clear some up then! That's known as Host Migration. If the Host quits either in the lobby or in-game, then the software chooses a new host and it carries on. This is something we didn't have, and are in the process of getting in. Not going to promise it will be there on all platforms (as they all have different networking code and systems) but we'll do our best Actually, he can show his art, but not any in-game shots he may get that have his art in them... Nope, we did that as a one off last time as I'd bumped into Bentley at Summer of Sonic and we worked together to get a theme track in. As this game is all original music (or at least remixes and re-engineered music!) we're trying to get one whole consistant set all the way through. Bikes are out for a couple of reasons. First to reduce the advantage they had last time of being able to squeeze through tight gaps and be hard to hit with non-homing weapons. This is especially important when it comes to the air sections as there is plenty of free space. Second, the whole transformation aspect requires vehicles to have a certain volume, so we've got places to store and hide wings. Well in most cases Balancing a game is HARD. Especially when you've got multiple characters, varying sizes, stats that differ and more. Especially when the design team add wheelie boosts to bikes at the last minute and you don't get time to tune them properly. That and I'm a biker, so it always seemed OK to me anyway --- S0L ---
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    I've said it many times, but The Sonic Stadium is the best Pony forum I've ever been... Want some food for thought? Remember back then when Sonic was the best thing ever? We had like... 3 or 4 years worth of awesome titles on the Genesis and some arguably good spin off games on the GG and other consoles... There was a whole world loving the blue guy! He was more popular than many other pop icons and was the talk of gamers and rad kids all over the place, we had all sort of awesome events to promote the guy and the spin offs weren't just limited to the games, we had cartoons, comics and all sort of merchandise with his face... okay, maybe not so much in the latter, I'm not sure about it, but hey! Sonic pasta! We also had (I think we still do have) a pretty big community with all kinds of colorful people and one of the most active fanart/remix/game making fandoms I've seen... A few years and a pile questionable decisions later we are where we are, and I can't shake the feeling that all of this sounds awfully familiar... Of course, nowadays we have the internet, which might prevent the decay process... Or accelerate it. *RDDUNDUNDUN.flv* EDIT: I should probably mention, that I love Sonic and the fandom, and while there might be some odd cases here and there most of us wouldn't be here otherwise. But hey! Why be so down and gloomy like that? Let's sit back and enjoy today's edition of... Episode 10: Use an Apple... And if That Don't Work, Use MORE Apples! Never ennuff apple! While posting this I realized that I made some progress, but not the one I needed to make, I was doing episode 11 when I started to think what should I do for B-Side, and then I started making those 2 posts instead, which means I have nothing beyond playlist 11 (and that one isn't fully organized either)... I suck at this... Anyway, pretty much like with episode 4, today we are taking a break from the love this comunity has for electronic music, today we are going to talk about an artist who makes orchestrated music, so please sit back and enjoy the musical engineering(?) of Tsyolin (AKA, ApplejackTheEngineer). 01 ) We begin with this little piece of epicness, Glaze is a pretty good artist and releases some of the catchiest stuff this fandom can produce, and of course, the fandom answers with remixes... A lot of them in certain cases... This is Tsyiolin's take on what some might consider musical classics of the bronydom (bringing me back to the time when I questioned the use of such words in a fandom that has around 2 years of existence), I personally think some tracks gain a lot as orchestrated pieces (IMO, Nightmare Night and Beyond Her Garden, though this one here isn't my favorite version of it), all in all a very good piece. And I guess it counts as a teaser of something I'll post at some point in the future. 02 ) Somehow, putting this next to Rainbow Factory just fits... While I don't think this is my favorite version of the track (hard to top MIU's cover) The different instrumentation is something worth appreciating. Also, Til this point I didn't knew Veggie could play the guitar, nice surprise I got when I found out. 03 ) While I never understood the whole NLR thing I have to admit they have a really catchy theme. I also must admit that I spend a lot of time thinking Makkon's version of this track was the original one. >_> Anyway, this remix really manages to make me feel some emotions, especially considering the context it was made in and how well it fits with it. (I personally wasn't so affected by NACP's departure, but one can't deny what he did for the musical side of this fandom) 04 ) I love the first minute of this one, it's so chill inducing... Then it comes back at 3:22. 05 ) While I love the Original (and certain remix of it) I also feel that this track really benefits with the orchestra treatment. This piece in particular is above anything else, relaxing and calm, might be a bit on the repetitive side but I'm not sure if Tsyolin was going to something beyond what I stated previously. 06 ) My Little Orchestra . Intro Theme/Giggle At The Ghostly. I spend a lot of time with this and the next 2 ones... You see, Tsyolin released a whole album with Orchestrated versions of Season 1's song, and I had to pick up 3 (due to other tracks taking a bit more priority since I feel they were more unique and I didn't want to link to the whole album). All of them good pieces... At the end I picked the ones who sounded kind of good next to each other. 07 ) My Little Orchestra - Winter Wrap Up Second track of this My Little Orchestra section, "Twilight solo" near the end sounds really good in this one. 08 ) My Little Orchestra - At The Gala A little late, but I just realized I put the intro and the 2 most popular songs... I'm so mainstream... We close this block with what is pretty much THE orchestra piece of the show (and some other genres thrown in it), hearing RD's part in orchestra was interesting to say the least... 09 ) Sharing Is Caring And now, for something completely different... Trancey electronic thingie... While I don't think it stands out too much It's still a nice piece, and I think it fits next to the track bellow. 10 ) This is a remix of a deadmau5 track. With Tsyolin playing as mau5 and Aviators singing as Chris James. While the original is more like a club track this one has a more relaxing sound, and while it can be argued if his inclusion was necessary I personally think Aviator's voice fits this version of the track. 11 ) A Winter Alone Oh hai there Griffin Village! Long time no see! :V Not sure if I like the autotune this time, but the instrumentation is appreciated. (there is an instrumental version FYI) 12 ) This track brought me back to the discussion you guys were having about pony music... There are pieces like this one (more noticeable in the original version) that I feel they make a really good job at fitting a character without using music that would normally be associated with it... Besides... Flutterstep... 'nuff said. But back to the track in question, I loved the original and while I don't think I'll be able to show Replacer's work (in what nowadays I call Season 1 of this series of posts) I felt like I had to sneak some of his stuff at some point, and this one was the perfect opportunity in this very community. I loved the original, so when I saw this I felt like it had some very big shoes to fill, and while I don't think it fully succeeded at that (very big shoes to fill) it still delivered an amazing piece with some really epic moments, and by that I mean the part from 3:00 onward (especially after 4:00)... It's just so... Magical... Is the only word I can use to describe it.... it's magical... But that might be my brain (subconsciously) not daring to compare anything with certain musical legends. 13 ) Man, to this day I'm still having troubles thinking this came from Tombstone. This is a really good piece, mixing Tomb's Good Ol' Days and Smile remix (though TBH you'll barely hear the latter, sounds a lot more like the original song rather than Tomb's version of it) and putting them together, while giving them the orchestra treatment that I hope you've learned to love at this point. Also, while I don't think it can replace the original, this instruments simply works better at delivering that old school feeling (or maybe the right word is "Nostalgic"). ... 3:10 OH GOD THAT CHORUS! IT'S BACK!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAARGH! 14 ) Surprisingly sad track with a happy tune... Such a Silly song. This one has SoGreatAndPowerful written all over it, and I think that's enough reason to love it. But what stands above for me is the ending, the chirpy tune goes and goes and goes but then it hits 2:40 and it becomes something else... Something moving... A beautiful melody like the ones I've learned to expect from SGaP (those words in the middle are tear inducing too). Of course! Tsyolin worked on this track too! And his influence (as well as his voice) stand on their own, its just that I'm a total fangirl when it comes to SGaP. I guess this is the reason why I chose to put this track in the end too, despite the sudden ending... And it's like this that we close another episode of The Playlist, I'll spend what's left of this day trying to figure out what to make 2 weeks from now on. >_> Oh well, unless some sort of horrible catastrophe of epic proportions happen (or if I keep being lazy) next week I'll post B-Side Episode 2: Wooden Toasters... How do They Work? Just before posting, this list had 13 tracks (not because it didn't have enough music, a slip of mine made me forget about one of them, if you guess which one it was I'll reward you with 1 epeen point).
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    Archie Sonic Main Discussion

    Part 1 Here is a massive post explaining why I hate Sally as a character and will continue to do so until the writer stops writing her in the way that he has before(which is funny because she has not been given much character since she has been roboticized hence why all the posts are years apart). I am sick of having this come up so I will bookmark the page where this post will inevitably lie. Note that I do not insult people who are fans of the character. Note that I don't get defensive and remain tactful to others while explaining why I dislike the character.
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    Sonic The Hedgehog CD

    I have pasted below a post from a member on the SEGA forums. This was a response to a question as to why SEGA had not released DLC (Desert Dazzle & Final Fever) for Sonic CD 2011. Lets be honest, the chances for DLC being released for Sonic CD 2011 are slim to nil, and does the game really need it? Anyway I thought it was an interesting read: 'I've stated this earlier but I think it's because they are having two major releases coming up, Sonic Adventure 2 HD and Sonic and All-Stars Racing Transformed, so there is the possibility that perhaps Taxman is working on it or has already worked on it and that SEGA have told him to keep it "quiet" until around end of this year or Q1/2 next year. I don't think they would have anything major around then so that would be great spot to be filled in with the release of Sonic CD DLC. But we can only hope, I'm sure SEGA wouldn't turn down a decision like this, the original Sonic CD sold millions (partially thanks to it's incredibly low price) so releasing some DLC for it would not be as bad as an idea as releasing DLC for Sonic Generations which of course didn't sell anywhere near but has DLC demand. Rather it would be a really good idea, the DLC would cost perhaps 1/2 or 1/3 of the game price and that is really low and affordable I can see heaps of people buying this (You just gotta let them know the DLC exists for that price and they'll be on their way right away). This would also be a low-risk way to gain SEGA some extra money, especially since it's a digital release and that's what SEGA plans to be focusing on in the future. So at the moment, it's a possibility and from what things look like it has a good chance of release in the future, but nothing's certain unfortunately. If SEGA chooses not to allow Taxman to release this at all I and others who are wanting this DLC would be really upset that's for sure. One thing I would like to mention is this doesn't even have to be DLC, it could perhaps be included in a new game that Taxman works on, but I don't think I see that happening so I really do hope we see this DLC released in the future.' What are your thoughts? That boss really does look like an interesting concept.
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    Permission to use this quote? In short, I hope this doesn't become a reality and I thought the Titanic II was a tasteless concept. What's next a recreation of the Chernobyl disaster turned into a theme park? Also wouldn't there be laws or something to stop him from doing this?
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    Hey guys, I'm just popping in to say never ever read Cherliee's Garden. Ever.
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    And she's not the only one G1 Derpy! Also, welcome Debug
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    Sonic Adventure 2 Coming to PC http://www.sonicstadium.org/2012/08/sonic-adventure-2-coming-to-pc/
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    Eh, sorry for actually tugging that along as a topic to talk about. As this stuff is kinda touchy on this board to talk about anyways, I think we should stop.
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    I actually tried reading a bunch of them one day just to see how far I could push my limits, but what I found out was that gorefics don't affect me at all. I read Cupcakes long before I ever became a fan of the show and thought it was boring, and my reaction to Rainbow Factory was "That's it?" Cheerilee's Garden didn't make me flinch, either.
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    Rich guy does stupid shit with his money more @ 11:00
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    Sonic Colors

    I love Sonic Colors, it is one of my favorite Sonic games actually. Like all Sonic games, it has it good and not-so-good points. I'll mention first what I didn't like about the game. As fun as it was, I really felt like I didn't get my money's worth due to Sonic Colors being so short. As beautiful as the graphics were all around, having 6 Acts per zone felt a bit much. Having more zones and less acts per zone (like 3) would of been ideal, I think. This would of worked too in Sonic Colors considering there were 3 different music tracks per zone. I think having all of these acts within the zones was an attempt to pad the game, but it failed miserably. As others have said before about Sonic Colors, the 3D aspect of the game was pretty much non-existant. I thought the boss fights were all wrong. They were too quick and easy to defeat and way too similar to one another. Another thing that I didn't like was the "Sonic Simulator". In short, it seemed like some kind of bad joke, being very boring. I thought the idea of having multi-player in this game could been better utilized with Sonic's friends instead of robots in a simulator. Whereas the writers did somethings right, they got some things wrong too with some missed potentials to really amaze us with the story. Don't get me wrong, I really liked Sonic Colors, but in the end I was disappointed. Amid all of the repetition and gimmicks the game was over way too fast, leaving me wanting more. Wanting more of a story and more gameplay. Now, as for what I did like about Sonic Colors: I tell you this game was an absolute beauty to look at with graphics and level design, all the more impressive considering it was made for the Wii. Everything, from Tropical Resort to Terminal Velocity (I'm still undecided on what was my favorite in the game) was a true delight to look at in my opinion. The soundtrack for the game was downright goregous. I think Planet Wisp Act 1 has to be one of the most beautiful pieces of music I have ever heard. My favorite part of the whole game was listening to the music while playing. Sonic Colors felt like a Saturday morning cartoon, and it was really enjoyable. Aside from the lack of explaination as to why Yacker disappeared I had no problem with the story really as I thought the writers did a pretty good job. All the jokes didn't bother me any; I didn't really find them bad nor excessive. I enjoyed the jokes actually. I found the story light yet enjoyable with good characterization of the all the characters to a degree, with the bromance between Sonic and Tails being portrayed excellently. Speaking of characterization, I thought that Sonic Colors had the best characterization of Tails. He defintely showed himself as the "little brother" in the brotherly rapport that Sonic and Tails have. Sonic was always cracking jokes at Tails, and Tails made a point to "flip the script" by making fun back at Sonic (the dead robot cutscene comes to mind). When Dr. Eggman was about to fire his mind control ray at Sonic, Tails pushed him out of harm's way, and took the hit. Tails had no idea what the ray could do but without thinking about himself, he saved Sonic's life with the possibility of him dying if in fact that was the purpose of the ray. Tails immediately reacted being more concerned with Sonic's welfare than that of his own. That was both incredible and impressive showing me that Tails has a lot of heart and character. And of course Tails showed himself to be very smart by converting the Miles Electric into a translator and was able to tweak and adjust it to get down what Yakker was saying perfectly. As regards to Sonic, he acts like a big brother towards Tails, being very protective of him. What comes immediately to my mind in Sonic Colors in the cutscene before the final boss where Sonic shoved Tails in the elevator to get him out of harm's way (yes, I know Tails was doubtful to whether they could defeat Eggman or not but that's besides the point). But right before that happened, Sonic held his arm in front of Tails when Eggman confronted them with the Egg Nega Wisp, so as to shield Tails. Then at the end of the game with the infamous "brofist": That made me so happy. It was great to see that bromance between Sonic and Tails in a game. Sonic Colors as a whole made me happy overall, as it was short, yet sweet. I just wish there was more of it to enjoy...
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    I love him in the classic games. If only he didn't ruin the music by making you listen to the same 5 second tune stuck on loop.
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    Some more before I go home....!
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    Digimon - Digital Monsters

    Oh wow, today's the day that the original Digidestined were sent into the Digital World (within the show) haha. Happy Digimon Day, I guess!
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    Man....what I would GIVE if that Crash photo was real. Literally, I'd give anything. Sony, want a kidney?
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    Okay guys, don't worry, I know how to get this under control if the dinosaurs break out. We use freshly 3D printed Kuratas, and we catch the whole shenanigan on video, and release it as a science fiction movie.
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    I don't have a problem with Eggman or Robotnik, but in my heart Robotnik will always be this guy:
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    Generations felt slapped together in terms of story, but Colors kept it simple and sweet. Even though Colors had its cheesy story presentation at times and corny one-liners, in most places it just felt...right. Still, I want to see a Sonic game with a deeper story next time.
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    Advance 1 is a beast of a game. To me it is the real Sonic 4 because it retains the superb classic formula: slower paced more platform heavy level design and momentum physics but also expands on the Mega Drive era formula. Firstly 4 playable characters from the very start and Amy's gameplay was something completely different and new for a 2D Sonic game in that she cannot simply jump into enemies to destroy them. Also the boss battles were really creative and challenging and definitely a step up/improvement from the previous games and finally some very animated sprites were used too. Anyway one of my favorite games in the series just do not play it full screen on an emulator because that will ruin the experience thanks to poor resolution and slow frame rate.
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    I've said it before and I'll say it again: keep R-rated material far, far away from MLP. I enjoy this series due to it being lighthearted without being gut-wrenchingly cutesey, so the last thing I want to read about is the characters murdering each other and having sex. Not to say I'm against any dark material at all showing up in fanworks, but it needs to be done right and have a purpose. Or perhaps done for the sake of parody, like in .MOV.
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    Killed a Yankee. About goddamned time.
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    Isn't the sole reason that dinosaurs were able to grow so huge that there was a hell of a lot more oxygen in the atmosphere back then than there is now? So my question is: Would dinosaurs today be able to breathe?
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    I got confirmation yesterday that I'll be one of the testers starting monday, really looking forward to it.
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    Below are some of my sentiments concerning Sonic Generation's plot. I would also like to add how in Generations I enjoyed how Eggman actually managed to usurp the time eater rather than be usurped by it. It shattered the trend of Eggman being overshadowed by a more formidable force in very direct fashion,. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Usually discussions involving the plot of Sonic Generations revolve around its negative and disappointing aspects. I in no way regard Generations plot as being exceptional but I do feel often the disappointment of the game's plot hinders a proper appreciation and interest in what I feel are some of the plot's strengths. I list a couple such examples: 1.) The Progression of Sonic: ​I enjoyed how they actually made the boost a subject of plot involvement. Recall the scene when the two Sonic's are racing to the recently rejuvenated Chaos Emerald and Modern Sonic surpasses Classic Sonic when tapping in his unique ability to boost leaving Classic Sonic mesmerized. If I recall correctly, not even the Spin-Dash had that kind of plot attention to detail. Modern Sonic's ability to boost is a material instance of Sonic's physical abilities evolving over the course of history. The point is demonstrated by Modern Sonic's ability to defeat Perfect Chaos while in base form due to the Boost being able to replicate the water surface mobility of the Thunderbolt Attack from Sonic Adventure. Furthermore, Sonic developed not just in physical abilities but also in overall leadership intangibles. His coaching of Classic sonic particularly in the cut-scene leading up to the Final Boss displayed Modern Sonic's wisdom acquired steadily over the course of his many adventures. 2.) The deterioration of Eggman: The juxtaposition between Classic Eggman and Modern Eggman indicate subtly that Eggman's moral character and sanity has noticeably deteriorated over the course of time. Modern Eggman is far more domineering, insulting, impatient and overall more nasty than Classic Eggman (Robotnik). Furthermore, Robotnik's rhetorical question, "Will I really get that crazy?" as well as his quickness to resign and entertain the possibility of living a normal life as a teacher upon learning of Modern Eggman's countless failures imply initially Eggman was once more sensible and sane than he is now. As it is in the present, Eggman is irrevocably fixated on destroying Sonic and has become increasingly blinded to the light of reality as time progresses. 3.) The appreciation of Sonic by his friends: For some reason or another the fact that Sonic's friends where willing to arrange a surprise birthday party for him really resonates with me. It bespeaks the tremendous amount of love and respect Sonic has gained from his peers. This is an insight only a fan who has followed Sonic for a while can truly appreciate as such a fan can make sense of why the various characters would attend. Despite faith in Sonic being assumed throughout the series by the rest of the cast it was refreshing to see them collectively express it in such concrete fashion. Indeed, the respect which Sonic commands is so strong that Blaze is willing to transverse her dimension to celebrate Sonic's birthday. The point can be equally made with Knuckles suspending his guarding duties in view of Sonic's birthday. Within this framework, the cheering for Sonic to succeed against the two Eggmans at the games end is a lot less cheesy. 4.)Implications Of The the Opening and Ending Birthday Scenes: I Also appreciated how authentic the two birthday scenes where. Like Colors, it faithfully portrayed a sense of the day in the life of the Sonic universe. Despite not having much cross character dialogue the scene solidified and played on the roles and relationships previously established in the sonic mythos. Knuckles and Rouge still appear to have mutual interest in one another, Blaze and Cream have remained close friends, Shadow remains distant and dissimilar from the rest of the cast etc.
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    Definitely the Unleashed model. To me, it was perfect. I love how his spines are so upward-facing. Sonic 2 and 3&K were good, too, but he just looks SO COOL in the Unleashed one. The model kinda bugged me in Sonic Adventure through Sonic Heroes. He was way too shiny. And in Sonic 06? well, I just didn't like the gross and lanky Sonic model at all. Seriously, though, just look how cool this bro is.
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    I seriously can't believe I didn't notice this Totally went right over my head, XD. I think that's a pretty cool shout out to the previous shows, making a mane 6's mom like one of the past pony designs and such.
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    Bonus Edition alert! http://blogs.sega.com/2012/08/01/sonic-all-stars-racing-transformed-bonus-edition-announced/ OutRun Bay track + Metal Sonic confirmed as exclusive extras for this edition.
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    Hey, new guy. Point to us where any of us said on the Sonic Stadium message board we wanted Sonamy. I guarantee you'll find a few, but plenty of others couldn't care less; even more, you'll find plenty of people who say they actually like Sally but hate the way she's portrayed or just flat out like Sally. This insane troll logic of hating Sally = wanting Sonamy = hate the comics you're trying to pull makes no sense. You see two or three people (or a few more, I'm just throwing out numbers here) make comments about not liking Sally and you judge the whole message board for it? For one, hardly any of us here are shippers enough to care about Sonamy in an official sense, so you can kindly drop that nonsense. And second, we've seen how they've been handling Amy, and none of us have been saying that they're doing a bad job with her. I don't know where the hell you're getting this Sonamy stuff from, but I'm pretty damn sure it isn't here, so don't even bother making assumptions.
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    A Sonic Jam remake with Sonic CD & Knuckles' Chaotix. Then I'm sold.
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    Colours - The characterizations of the antagonists. Orbot and Cubot were genuinely comically endearing and I just loved Eggman's deviousness. He managed to keep his mind control cannon secret from Sonic and the only thing that technically resulted in his failure was something that was beyond his control. He was also pretty wicked, pitting poor selfless mind-controlled Tails against his big brother despite Tails not being his initial target. I also greatly enjoyed the way his short-tempered and intolerant side was shown regarding Orbot and Cubot. So amusing his interactions with Cubot were - The Bromance between Sonic and Tails. How utterly wonderful it was. The way Tails pushed Sonic out of the way of Eggman's mind-control weapon. Tails, in all likelihood would not have known what Eggman's weapon would have done. So it speaks volumes about Tails' bravery. I ate up Sonic's visible protective instincts like an Aero bar. Just look at the way he places himself in front of Tails when the Egg Nega Wisp mech shows up and the way his arm is in front of Tails as if shielding him; - Eggman's PA announcements are incredibly clever and extremely funny. It's just annoying how hard it is to hear them in-game because they get down the darkly humourous, highly apathetic side of Eggman down so well. Generations - Continuity nods and meta humor. The Colours and SatSR references were really cool and it's always nice to see Sonic reference his past experiences. I also found things like the pink water in Chemical Plant making Tails nervous and Classic Tails wondering about where Sonic keeps his rings quite awesome. It's also a really sharp observation on part of the writers to acknowledge that Tails is not familiar with Green Hill Zone because canonically, he had never visted it.
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    I'm hoping this is the case.
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    Doctor Who

    During the Olympics. the BBC has been parading their new season of drama each night with "specially-made feature length trailers," and Doctor Who has received a 90 second trailer. Here it is. I believe it begins on the 25th of August, running for 5 episodes before the next series of Merlin begins (why can't they push one to a Sunday evening slot?), then it'll be back at Christmas for the rest of its run. Also, massive promo pic:
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    Sonic Boom 2012!

    Dude, you would have been the perfect Axel Stone
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