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    As a Dinosaur Rights Activist, this offends me.
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    I feel that the Advance games are some of the most underrated games in the series. They may not have anything stand-outish about them like the ones on the Genesis, but they're straightforward and solid - 2D platforming, big levels, branching paths, multiple characters, vivid and saturated visual design, energetic music, simple level progression, unique Special Stages, non-complicated stories, and even multiplayer races. This is Dimps in their prime, and I kind of miss my Gameboy Advance, now.
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    Okay guys, don't worry, I know how to get this under control if the dinosaurs break out. We use freshly 3D printed Kuratas, and we catch the whole shenanigan on video, and release it as a science fiction movie.
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    This is the same guy who's making Titanic II? Why is this even news?
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    I wonder if this guy realizes that dinosaurs really can't survive in this environment.
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    Having characters be clones of other characters. Adventure 2 and Sonic Heroes were TERRIBLE about this. Yeah, you may THINK you're playing as someone else, but you're just the same guy with a slightly different ability set, animations, and a different voice. I like my characters to be unique, which is why I like how Sonic Advance gave everyone different stats and an ENTIRE MOVESET, sharing only basic abilities and physics.
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    By giving us a series of mandatory fishing stages which are from the perspective of a portly lovable dofus searching for his lost amphibian companion.
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    Darn, thought this thread was for a new game. XD Still, that's cool, I guess. Nice to see Klonoa isn't completely forgotten!
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    Gotta say I'm getting real sick of people crying about cartoon characters looking like cartoon characters.
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