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    I deeply hope that Fox is held accountable for this and that whoever is responsible is tried for treason. Putting this man's life in danger has many more implications beyond his own safety. What if he's kidnapped a interrogated? We can say that he won't reveal anything because he's conditioned to protect his country, but there's no way in hell of knowing for sure that he won't spill vital information that terrorists are looking for. It would be beyond despicable to have no one punished for this, but with the chokehold that corporations and the media have on the government it wouldn't even surprise me.
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    TMNT script found

    Man, you guys take everything far too seriously. I think it's a real shame that this won't be the script used for the movie. This could have made for an amazing bad movie night.
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    But then how will old people learn that Obama is a Kenyan Muslim terrorist? It's not like they're going to hear it from any other news station! The truth must be heard!
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    The First Man on the Moon has died.

    I don't really know the proper etiquette for liking a post. I like the OP, because it shows respect for an incredible man. But if I was to like it, would people assume I liked it because of the fact that Neil Armstrong has died? Because that's not the truth. I feel bad that he didn't get enough respect from other people, because they would cling to their stupid conspiracy crap. But that's an entirely separate discussion... If there is an afterlife, I imagine he'd walk up to those golden gates and the angel standing guard would immediately say "Whoa, it's the guy that walked on the moon!?"
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    I don't really get what people mean when they say "stop feeding fox news". Are we supposed to ignore this issue? They put a man's life in danger on national television with Jihadist's wanting this man dead and we're going to what..? IGNORE IT? I honestly don't get it. As said before, smart people don't watch Fox News. The problem is that there are a ton of brain washed people that do watch Fox News. This is why you often hear people hearing one side of the story (completely twisted by Fox) and not getting all the information about new policies. Fox is made with the intention of getting the republican view point out and disregarding any negatives. If something is proven wrong, they won't go back and retract it. Or if key evidence slanders a republican, they won't report it. It is like everything negative to them just doesn't exist. Fox News is so out of touch with the outside world and everyone laughs at them. They're banned in Canada and scolded in Europe. Honestly, it says a lot and people can't believe people still watch Fox. I can agree that it is quite embarrassing that some people use Fox as their "news" source. You wonder why a lot of people have ridiculous claims about certain things.
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    Apple Vs Samsung: The Verdict

    Let's not beat around the bush here - it's an apt demonstration of why the patent system is fundamentally broken. It's also a demonstration of how utterly hypocritical Apple is, especially Steve Jobs, as much as I don't wish to speak ill of the dead. Back in Apple's early days, Jobs effectively said that ideas are built upon from prior ideas, which is true - no idea is made in a vacuum, to claim as much is ludicrous. Nothing is original, the creation of ideas is ultimately a collaborative process involving the whole of mankind. This applies to any form of creativity - invention, art, music, film, games, etc. It's also why copyright is also becoming increasingly outdated in its current form. And yet, his whole attitude towards Android? "EVIL THIEVING SCUM IT MUST BE DESTROYED!" So, yeah.
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    Sometimes people want to post a video without embedding it into a post. As it stands, any time you post a link to a YouTube video it will automatically become embedded even without the use of media tags, whether it's the normal URL or the shortened one. You can always put the link in text to avoid it, but some people don't know about this or how to do it (you simply highlight the text you want, and then proceed to add a hyperlink as you normally would with the 'link' button). Could this little nuisance be fixed?
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    The Sides Of Sonic The Hedgehog 3

    I feel absolutely nothing in my heart for Sky Sanctuary. Nothing. 8|
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    The Sides Of Sonic The Hedgehog 3

    Sonic 3 has Hydrocity. Sonic 3 wins.
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