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    Sonic Level Assistance Center

    Funny, I thought this topic could've actually had some use, both as a resource for the few stages that are indeed hard to beat, such as the Dino Egg mission, but also as a place to share tips and tricks on levels we may simply find difficult. We're not all the equivalent of amazing Japanese Unleashed speed runners on every single Sonic game that existed. No indeed, sometimes we suck balls. While it's easy to simply look up tutorials on YouTube which eats into its potential discussion value, I still saw enough possibilities in the discussion to at least keep the topic open and see where it led. Thanks for making a decision for me, because almost every single response in this topic before mine is nothing but unbridled dickery. It astounds me that this is the way you guys sought to not only shit up this topic, which is something we tell you not to do, but to treat a newcomer. So congratulations. You fucking failed. Topic locked. EDIT: If you're reading this now, more than likely you have gotten striked for poor behavior. Seems staff is still livid over this. I'm still livid over this. It continues to flabbergast us that nearly all of you reacted in such a poor manner to a topic that had some use and ultimately caused a newcomer to conclude for a minute that this was a shit place. And can you really blame them? I wasn't sure if the message had really been sent, especially after subsequent conversation with people, so here I am. What compounds on top of this is that some of you, either in the past or perhaps sometime in the future, are going to complain that SSMB has a volatile atmosphere for reasons that I hope are now exceedingly apparent to you, and it makes a lot of the discussion we've had before on this subject inherently hypocritical. As I've said before, it's just plain ol' negative behavior, which is frighteningly easy to avoid by just not being a jerk. So, pretty much all of you except for a few have been given warnings. I don't care if you were just playing. I don't care if you think this is old news. I don't think you care if I am in turn shit-stirring. Frankly, I sometimes think we're way too lenient because we worry constantly about whether or not we're coming off as fair. Well, I think strikes are fair in this case. As usual, you have an avenue for appeal. Take it up with an administrator if you feel this is unwarranted.
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    You tell me, considering you're posting from the same IP as the OP. Come on, entertain us.
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    Welcome To Your New-Look SSMB!

    Hello! You might have noticed that this place has changed a little bit since you last saw it. Welcome to the Sonic Stadium Message Board - 2015 Edition! The moderators, Bmn and myself have been working really hard these last few weeks to make sure the upgrade from IPB 3 to IPB4 was as seamless as possible, whilst also taking the opportunity to update the look and feel of The Sonic Stadium in a modern way. So there are a whole bunch of technical things that have changed, as well as cosmetic changes that relate to how the forum works. You'll see your username above the main content area: click that and a dropdown menu will appear containing most of the options you need to work your profile. Next to your username are a bunch of quick icons that take you to Notifications and Direct Messages. In the blue bar underneath the header, you'll see an 'SSMB' link on the far right (next to the search button), hover your mouse over that and you'll see different sections of the forum, like Calendar and Forum Staff pages etc. Posting replies is simpler than ever, and a lot of the bugs that have been prevalent in the forum this past year have been squashed. (Needless to say though, that if you're seeing anything that's a bit wonky, do post in the Member Feedback/Bug Reports forum, as it will help us troubleshoot stuff!) The cosmetic changes are part and parcel of a wider initiative by myself to reinvent The Sonic Stadium in 2015. Did you know that this plucky little website will be 15 years old in October? It's been through an awful lot, and with the changing habits of forum goers and website readers alike I've been spending a lot of time trying to figure out the best way to present the site (and forum) in a way that makes sense for everyone in today's era. That's why you see a chop-and-change of some of the forum listings on the homepage - SSMB has been re-organised so that discussion is at the top of the list, and the more popular forums are front and center so you can access them much more easily. Needless to say, SSMB's butterfly change into this current form is a prelude to what will soon happen on The Sonic Stadium itself, later this year - a lot more housecleaning is needed on the main site yet, before I can fully unleash the revamped design. Either way, I hope you like this new look and functionality, and are looking forward to what's coming soon! As this is brand new forum software, there will naturally be some elements that haven't crossed over to this new SSMB immediately - namely Badges. We are working hard to get these back, don't worry. They're not lost forever! We're working on a way of getting them back to you. Stay tuned on that front!
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    Yesterday we had the Freeze microwave, today we make fire out of water. Is it too much to ask for a shrink ray before the end of the week?
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    So apparently, sometime around anywhere from late October to just a few days ago, there was a big get-together celebration thing called "Sonic Day" that talked about some history and legacy of the Sonic series as well as the Mega Drive / Genesis, at Italy's "VIGAMUS" video game museum. Whatever it said and if it was new or not, who knows. We could really use some more info, or at least a translator to give some idea as to whatever this was all about specifically. But they gave some kids cool swag-swag-swag and played what seems to be Lost World, Heroes, and... 06...???? I don't even know. But lets get onto the pictures, shall we? Eager McBeaver Takashi "Beautiful Animal" Iizuka giving the fans what they want: a thumbs up. One of those things you see on the walls where they say the thing at the museums. A wonderfully badass Mega Drive signed by who seems to be one of the designers of it, plus Yooji. Iizuka drew classic Sonic by his signature. How heartwarming <3 Naka after finishing a masterpiece. And probably the most amusing/cool thing in this so far, Uekawa drew a super cool picture. If this wasn't obviously aimed towards this taking place in Italy I'd mistake this for Sonic World Adventure 2 concept art my hopes and dreams crushed DON'T YOU JUDGE ME But yeah, this was a thing that we all somehow missed. Anyone live near Rome? Even if not, I'd like to see if there's any way to watch these videos anywhere and possibly get a translation of it all. We probably won't get anything new from them, but watching Naka or Iizuka talk about their son's legacy is still great so I'm still interested. :v
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    He is your worst nightmare

    Hello friend welcome to 2013 Mario and Sonic have not been rivals since 1995 Good day.
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    New Skin Unlocked

    Bugs below, please. Very little is finalized on this skin (especially the header/banner backgrounds). Will likely be going over the topic view again tomorrow, but for now it's very usable.
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    Pikachu interviews Aaron Webber and some major new info gets revealed! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c2v0CCRSniI
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    I guess the punches and kicks didn't quite kinect.
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    Sixth-Rate Soma


    It seems that one team was not communicating with the other.
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