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    Sick of the Hate. Am Leaving.

    Hello! First, I am sorry, but we do not tend to let topics dedicated to members leaving stay open for various reasons, so I will go ahead and lock this. We are sorry to hear that you feel this may not be the forum for you. There is indeed negativity from time from time, and we wish that members do their best to contribute to a fun and positive atmosphere, and I have to admit that I do not frequent the Sonic portion of the boards all that much these days, so I have not seen how good/bad it really is at the moment. If this is the case, I suppose members are frustrated that little Sonic news is available at the moment? Once again, we are sorry to see you leave, and we hope that you change your mind or perhaps come back at some point - SSMB's doors are always open! If you truly are not returning, then best of luck, and I hope that you find what you are looking for.
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    Wolfy's Drawinz

    Heyo :U So uh, I like to draw and doodle in the sides of my notebook...or just all over my notebook. IDK, it's always been a habit when I was in school, and now everytime I go to draw it's usually on some notebook paper I found in the depths of my house. Anyways, I'm not really an artist by any means, I just draw random things for the lols. So here's a random black guy, obligatory Sonic drawing, random eyeballs, fire (?), a retarded blue wisp, brain dead pikachu, not-impressed mario, I-don't-even-know 1-up mushroom, and a few of my own character dealeos: the other bit of the paper is metal sonic, some beastly face going "rawr", some sorta dolphin thing shooting lasers at it from it's eyes, Knuckles reacting, and a poor cartoon of myself for no good reason. I also tried drawing my character as a pony, regardless of never trying to draw a pony before (I'm officially the scum of the earth) So uh, stay tuned for more stuff like a turtle wearing a top hat or something
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    So there are at least two threads regarding your personal GotY. Come to think of it, I haven't posted in one yet, BUT for the record mine is Kid Icarus: Uprising so yeah. Now, to arouse that extreme pessimism that lies so deep within us all, what gaming experiences did you have last year that...weren't so great? Oh, and this doesn't just include games that came out this year that happened to suck - I'm going to take a page out of meaning that this includes events, specific moments, and games you simply played last year, but that came out some time before 2012. So, as for mine: Repeating the Final Boss of Final Fantasy X God Knows How Many Times Well, this is a party I was more than a little late to, considering that Final Fantasy X is about eleven years old, but hey, when I played it before, I was a young, stupid child who didn't have the patience for a 50-hour long RPG. But sometimes, even all these years later, the patience I've gained from playing these games can be quite thoroughly tested. Don't get me wrong, Final Fantasy X is a good game - far from one of my favorites in the franchise and fairly dated due to being the first installment with such innovations as facial animations, spoken dialogue and in-engine cutscenes, but a fun little game nonetheless with a strong battle system, a great stoyline, a fantastic setting, and great characters...eh, well, three great characters. But that's not the point here. The point is mostly regarding those previously mentioned in-engine cutscenes. Yeah, Final Fantasy X has basically cemented in me a seething hatred of unskippable cutscenes, one of the reasons being the final boss. Prior to the final boss is a cutscene that's actually one of the most well-done and emotionally moving in the game. That's great. Then the final boss kills you. Oh, well, look at that, you get to repeat the last fifteen minutes of gameplay again! The five minutes that included running around collecting gems in a rotating room full of icicles that pop out of the ground right beneath your feet, initiating an enemy encounter! And then you get to watch the five-minute long cutscene again! Oh, what's that? You died again? Aww, that's too bad, WELL BACK TO THE LAST SAVE POINT WITH YOU! This happened to me at least ten times before I finally decided to go back to prepare myself - which, by the way, meant trekking back through almost the entirety of the final dungeon to get back to my airship, constantly being molested by randomly-encountered enemies along the way. By the time I came back, my party was totally composed of powerhouses, because God help me if I was going to sit through all that crap again. And the moral of this story is: unskippable cutscenes are bad and you should probably be a bit more liberal with save points while you're at it. Oh, and speaking of Final Fantasy... Playing Ten Hours of This Piece of $#!7 (self-censoring cuz I've got class) Yep, Final Fantasy XIII-2. We all know it sucks and we all know why it sucks, but I suppose I'll beat that horse just one last time. *ahem* Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you a set of videos and images that metaphorically describe the experience of playing Square Enix's RPG, Final Fantasy XIII-2. Enjoy: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tA_4myP3fKo Thank you. Oh, and I know that lots of people are going to agree with me on this one: E3 2012 Everything sucked except for Ubisoft. Everything. Okay, I guess Sony was okay until they brought out that moronic storybook thing that no one gives a crap about, but for the most part, it was just so...disappointingly weak. For me, there wasn't really anything that incited much excitement, and there were hardly even any massive announcements. I mean, I guess Pikmin 3 and Scribblenauts Unlimited were...things? And Halo 4 was the only even remotely interesting thing Microsoft showed at their press conference. Bottom line, it was so...depressingly meh. And on the subject of depressingly meh... New Super Mario Bros. 2 Dear Nintendo, Why? Okay, to be perfectly honest, this is kind of the odd one out in this post. It's by no stretch of the human imagination a bad game - in fact, taken objectively, it's pretty good. The mechanics are solid and the level design is, if nothing else, competent. But Mario is never supposed to be "competent". Mario games are supposed to be great, and greatness is something that this game...thoroughly lacks. I mean, some would argue that the New Super Mario Bros. series is by its very nature Mario in its most bland and dull incarnation, but New Super Mario Bros. U, released mere months after this game, is easily my favorite platformer of the year. I guess it's true that both games suffer from some of the same problems - both essentially rehash the same tropes and BAH-BAH-tastic music used in previous NSMB games without building onto the gameplay the series' 2-D entries have been milking for more than twenty years aside from adding a few new power-ups, but New Super Mario Bros. U's levels actually had tons of creativity and diversity to them. Almost every one introduced a brand new idea or mechanic, and even the ones that didn't felt meticulously crafted with all of love and effort you'd expect from a classic Mario game. New Super Mario Bros. 2...lacks...any sort of soul, really. I mean, yeah, it has the coin gimmick, but that's literally one of the most worthless ideas to ever have been implemented. The power-ups are kind of cool, I guess, but the coins themselves don't really do anything differently or complement the level design in any way. And the level designs themselves just feel like they were put together without any actual thought to them. I mean, obviously, there was some or else the game would be unplayable, but there's no sense of meticulousness or diversity and genuine creativity is fairly rare. There are a handful of kind of creative levels and even occasional flashes of brilliance, but nothing stands out because the game is insultingly easy, especially compared to its Wii U counterpart. It's incredibly short as well, and while Mario games aren't usually that long, the amount of content generally makes up for it. Here...not so much. Really, it feels like Nintendo just slapped together a 2-D Mario game in half a year just for a quick cash-grab from people who wouldn't be able to buy the game they actually cared about for Wii U. The coin gimmick is basically the perfect metaphor for this game - Nintendo only made this to make money, and it worked because it's freaking Mario. I can't help but feel like Nintendo knowingly put together a mediocre product and shoved it out because they knew people would buy it anyway. I really just can't buy that the mediocrity of this game even compared to some other NSMB installments was just a complete accident. And that's really sad. Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days There are some people out there who would say that Re:coded completely sucked and is the worst installment in the Kingdom Hearts franchise to date. To that, I say, "hahaha NOPE". I've actually had this game for a few years, but I didn't suffer through the entire thing until last spring because it always bored the crap out of me. Basically, it's a mission-based gross oversimplification of the Kingdom Hearts gameplay with disgustingly repetitious mission design and bosses that test the limits of your patience. It has a great story, though! Which only makes it hurt that much more that everything else is so insipid. It's not one of the worst games I've ever played, but definitely one of the most frustratingly dull. Watching Capcom Continue to Treat Mega Man Like Garbage I don't even know if I can say much for this one. Even Street Fighter X Mega Man, while decent, wasn't exactly much, especially considering that it was fan-made rather than officially made. Let's just hope that 2013 is better, but knowing Crapcom, it probably won't be. Trekking Across Tales of the Abyss's Pointlessly Vast Expanse of Blandness God Knows How Many Times I love this game. I really do. But I hate its overworld. I hate its overworld so, so much. Imagine Hyrule Field in Twilight Princess. That was pretty dull wasn't it? Now imagine four Twilight Princess Hyrule Fields. Imagine having to spend about a fourth of the game in those Hyrule Fields. Now imagine that you don't have Epona. Then imagine that you get some sort of air vehicle, but it doesn't make navigating the heinous geography any less tedious. Imagine that vehicle gets downgraded after you have only had it for about an hour's worth of gameplay so that it can only travel over land and sea. Yep. This was a great game with a fantastic story, an excellent battle system, and quite possibly some of the strongest characters in RPG history, but at times, playing it could be quite the taxing experience. *sigh* And finally... Replaying Sonic 06 For the First Time in Years hoo-ee yeah Basically, I did this so I would have an excuse to review a game I really hated. About six months later, The Great Clement reviewed the game, and did I much better job of it than I ever could or would. I felt bad then. But hey, you know? Life is all about feeling bad, it seems. Life sucks. Everything sucks. Everything... ... SO YEAH. What were YOUR worst gaming experiences of 2012, HM?!!
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    Archie Sonic Main Discussion

    I'm sorry. I'm not.
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    The insinuation that prerendered CGI is useless because game graphics are advancing acts like there's no technological leaps being made with hardware-rendered CGI too, or at least that hardware rendered CGI isn't still beating the shit out of software rendered stuff in terms of the ability and practicality in getting across huge amounts of visual detail. It's true that games look better now than they did a generation ago, but having to be rendered on the fly will always be a setback that forces a lot of detail to not even be considered as practical. The day a game contains as much visual information as Unleashed's opening and final cutscenes is a day I imagine I'll never see in my lifetime, when consoles become big veritable render farms and cost thousands of dollars and need cranes to be delivered to homes or some shit like that. And if that day is even inevitable, the improvement only raises the question: "What the hell are movies going to look like?" I also think there's unique narrative value for prerendered cut scenes. Since they're more detailed than the rest of the game, they inherently act as focal points for the storytelling, expressing particular beats or events as being significantly important. The amount of detail that comes with prerendered CGI also allows the levity of the action taking place to come across better than it would with inferior graphical quality, because we associate more detail with being more realistic, which means anything big or fantastic happening that looks realistic has an easier time coming across as very visceral to the audience. I mean, really, this is why companies spend millions on CGI appearing real. I guarantee you Perfect Chaos' rampage would not have as much of an impact if it were all done in-game, especially with that hilarious model and the shitty water they were using at the time. Overall though, prerendered CGI has a place in games and probably always will. But I'm curious: why has this discussion even concerned itself in any part with disk space anyway? We're talking about a Sonic game, not Elder Scrolls.
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    A video file is a video file. A video of a pre-rendered Sonic at HD resolution running along through Green Hill Zone would be more or less the same size as the same length video at HD resolution of just Sonic 1 footage from the Mega Drive. I'm not talking about story length, I'm talking about stuff to do. Sonic Unleashed had NPC storylines, about thrice as many medals to collect, media collectables, missions, souvineers, food collecting, hot dog challenges, DLC, secret acts, levelling, and S-ranking. Generations had missions, S-ranking, about a third of the amount of medals to collect and... uhh the bell ringing/note chasing thing. I'll just refer to Nepenthe's great post with regards to the advantages of CG over in-game graphics. They aren't NECESSARY but Sonic Unleashed's opening using in-game graphics would have not been as anywhere near as striking. It starts to veer into the awkward territory of opinions on what is "necessary" for a game. Like just because it's not directly part of gameplay, it doesn't change the fact that expensive CG cut-scenes can add to the overall experience of a game. Like, at what point do you stop? Was the exceedingly complex lighting system development "necessary" for Sonic Unleashed's gameplay? Not at all, but it really boosted the sense of place, adding to the experience of the game. Unleashed's opening did the same for the story and staging as the lighting system did for the envioronment.
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    How is Unleashed's intro any less "part of the game" than any other part? Just because you're not actively playing something doesn't mean it can't be awesome. Spectacle doesn't always have to be interactive to evoke a feeling in the player. You'll probably also find the cut-scene related stuff was handled entirely seperately and long after the game's gameplay content was finalised in terms of what they were planning to create. Zelda being well recieved has nothing to do with whether or not it has CG cutscenes. And maybe the narrative wasn't interesting in the long run but that opening was. I was glued to the screen during that thing. Also we're using that dangerous "necessary" word. How do you decide what is "necessary" for a Sonic game? Because video files are video files. They are a set thing, it doesn't matter what their actual content is. Much like how an mp3 of fully complex orchestral music for five minutes is going to be pretty much the same file size as an mp3 of someone randomly tapping a xylophone for five minutes.
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    Archie Sonic Main Discussion

    That's about as hateful as what I just finished making.
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    To kick off the end of the year, I completed my main ponysona.
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    You could follow your own advice and not complain about the complaining. And is it really not that obvious it was freaking joke?
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    Asterix is a French comic book series by René Goscinny and Albert Uderzo. The first adventure started off in the French magazine "Pilote" back in 1959 and so far, there have been released 34 comic books (which sold 325 copies), over 10 movies and various videogames. 50 years BC, the Romans have conquered nearly all of Gaul, besides one small village. The villagers got a magic potion made by the druid Getafix, giving them temporary superhuman strength. The hero of the village is Asterix, who is often send on adventures to help other people because of his smartness. His best friend, Obelix, aids him on almost all of his adventures and is often accompanied by his little dog, Dogmatix/Idéfix. The adventures of the heroes reach from stories that just happen in there village to journeys in Gaul to neighbour nations like Germany, Spain or Britain to far away lands like India or North America. The main character, Asterix, is a small, but really smart Gaul with a winged helmet (probably his most recognizable feature). He is the typical hero character, although he often loses his temper when Obelix has his "slow" moments. Obelix (the guy with the red hair) is Asterix' best friend. He is rather dumb and fat and immediately loses his temper if someone tells him that he is. He got permanent superhuman strength because he fell in a cauldron filled with magic potion when he was a little boy. His favourite food is wild boar, he likes chiseling menhirs and loves beating up Romans. Dogmatix/Idefix is Obelix' pet dog who followed the two friends during their journey through Gaul in "Asterix and the Banquet". After the journey, Obelix finally notices the dog and makes him his pet. He loves trees, howling whenever a tree falls. He is also getting very jealous when Obelix falls for a woman. Other characters include the druid Getafix, the bard Cacofonix who gets beaten up whenever he tries to sing, the chief Vitalstatistix who often falls of his shield as a running gag and many more. So, did some of you guys read the comic books, and if yes, what's your favourite? I read all of them, and I really love the series. I really hope I'm not the only one here.
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    I never really payed attention to the Persona series, much less the Shin Megami Tensei games made by Atlus. Throughout the past couple of years though, I have heard alot of good things about Persona 4, some calling it the best JRPG ever made, one of the best stories ever told in a game, etc. Even with all of the great reception, I never really bothered to try and play it. Maybe it's becauase most of the time whenever I play a game that tons of people love, it's usually over-hyped, or maybe it's because I was afraid I wouldn't like it because I haven't ever really gotten into a JRPG before. But none the less, with my Vita quickly becoming a dust collector, I figured "What the hell" and decided to pick up this game out of the blue one day. And I have to say, I fully regret not playing this game sooner. I can easily say that this game is one of the best RPG's I've ever played in my life, if not, one of the best games I've ever played. People weren't lying when they said I was in for a fantastic experience. This game has taken over my gaming life, I've logged in almost 50 hours into this game already, and I've only gotten it about a week ago. It's not perfect or anything (there are indeed some flaws that I will point out later) but even with these flaws it's still such a lovely game. The story,(without spoiling too much) to put it simply, is your average murder mystery with a twist. There is a rumor called the Midnight Channel, and it says that on a rainy night, when you look into a turned off television at midnight, you'll see a certain someone. That's not the odd part, because when these people are shown on TV, they end up missing a few days later, before being found dead in an unsual location. So you thinking we gotta run around town and create traps ala Scooby Doo right? Haha wrong. We have to go inside the televisions and save the people who are missing, before the shadows kill them when the fog lifts, which only happens when it's foggy over in the real world. But wait, aren't people calling this a generally upbeat, funny, and overall happy game? That doesn't sound too happy. Well here's where the High School simulation comes in. On the days when you aren't saving someone in a T.V., you are hanging around the town of Inaba, doing whatever you want. Whether it's hanging out with your friends, studying, working part time jobs, your time will (and must) be spent wisely in Inaba, especially when the Weather Forecast says that the fog is coming. Of course this doesn't mean you'll have to spend your entire time going "What can I do?!? Do I hang out with my friend, go to work, or level up?! I'm running out of time!!!" The amount of time from when a person goes missing to when it's your last day to save them, is usually about 2 weeks. The days are broken up into 3 segments: Morning, Afterschool/Afternoon, and Evening. you can usually do 2-3 activities per day, and while the days do go by fast, most of the time it generally feels well paced. You also have to level up not your strength/magic, but your personality. You can gain Courage, Knowledge, Expression, Understanding, and Diligence from doing most of the activities around town (and there's alot of things to do in Inaba). At some points it feels like some of these never level up no matter what you do, but before you know it, you'll have maxed out half of these before the summer's over in-game. The characters are all unique and very well written. Excluding the main cast (pretty much the Investigation Team along with some side characters) almost every single person has a backstory. It makes the game world feel so alive and you can tell Atlus poured their hearts out into each character. They may have bland names like "Old Lady" and "Man in a suit", but I assure you that their story will make you either laugh or cry. It really keeps you in the Immersion, and while I'm not saying it makes it feel like "The real world", but you'll feel like you actually are in Inaba, and you'll start to have emotions for most of these characters. I've always used Majora's Mask as an example of a game that has characters that are well written and have backstories, but from now on I'm gonna have to use Persona 4 because this game does the exact same thing, only 10X better. Oh yeah and the gameplay. Like I said, on the days you aren't in a T.V., it's pretty much a High School Simulation. You choose various things to do and to pass the time. There's also alot of choices that you can make that while it won't affect the entire game's story overall (well some do), but it will affect the choices you can make later in the game. Of course not saying it's a bad thing, but there are some times where I wish I'd have picked a different option for a choice just to see the results. The dungeons are very cool. They each use a different and unique theme that you don't usually see in most games (A toxic underground Lab, a suana, a stripclub, heaven). You basically have to fight through each floor to reach the boss of that dungeon. The floors are randomized, meaning each and every time you switch a floor then come back to it later, it will be different. It can be cool and frustrating at times. But if you want to leave a dungeon and you're at like the 8th floor, you can just use a special item (they give you like a billion of these) to leave the dungeon and come back to that floor later. You can even visit other dungeons in the meantime. It's a great way to level up and grind before fighting a boss. Let's talk about dem Personas. They're uh....jeeze how do I explain...I'll just say they're fucking awesome monsters that help you out. See you get Personas in a card, and you use this card in battle to activate those Personas. It's hard to explain (took me awhile before I understood it) but they are extremely helpful in battle. You can also fuse Personas to get a bigger and better ones and add skills to them. To put it simply, they are the equivalent of what "Magic" would be in most RPGs. And the music. God is this music just fantastic. I'll just link my two favorites and let you be the judge of this amazing soundtrack. Your Affection Time to Make History Well I don't want to run my post over too long, so I'll try and wrap things up a bit. The flaws, hmm well the only real major flaw I have besides the couple I mentioned earlier, ( and this is a problem with most RPGs in general) When an enemy kills your protagonist in battle, yet every one else in your party is still fine, the game ends and you have to restart from the floor that you were on in the dungeon. RPGS STOP DOING THIS It's so fucking annoying and has cost me a ton of battles. Not to mention when you beat a miniboss but die to some cheap monster who knew your weakness. So frustrating. Ahem I'm still not done with the game yet, I feel like I'm about to reach the Endgame, but when I tell some people how far I am, they go like "Oh good you're almost halfway done" and my jaw just drops. But I'm happy though, glad I still have a long way to go before the game ends. This is probably a game I wouldn't mind if it went on for as long as it wanted to. Oh yeah, since this is a port/expansion of the PS2 version guess I'll mention some of the new features. Besides the many new characters/scenes/events, you can send an S.O.S. whenever you're in danger (kinda like the notes in Dark Souls) and have someone else who's playing give you some power for the next battle. I haven't used it that much but it's nice. You can also see what other people do during the day to help you see what activities others are doing to spend their time. I like this feature. Gah, I almost forgot one little thing. Social Links are awesome. Basically you hang out with your friends and every now and then you'll get a scene that further goes into their backstory/personality. Doing this increases your Social Link with them, and when this happens cool new things happen in battle, like them taking Mortal Blows for you when you're low on health. It's also nice to get to know the main cast better. My favorites are Naoto and Yosuke. Also Teddie, he's beary cute. The story is just so hilarious. I don't think I've ever laughed so much at a game before. Not to mention how sad it can get at some points. Whenever Nanako needs some help, I ignore everything else and help her out, cause you know, it's Nanako. Speaking of Nanako Alright I need to wrap this up. You're probably thinking "Why is he explaining the game to me instead of just saying he likes it? Off topic *Clicks Report*" Well it's because I want you to play this game. I'm pretty sure we got alot of RPG fans up here who's never played this before. This game that I'm not afraid to call a masterpiece. Whether you buy the Vita version (all 10 of you) or get the PS2 version, I want others to know about this fantastic game and try it out. So yeah Persona 4's my favorite 2012 game, and will probably remain my favorite RPG for a looooong time. Edit: Almost a year later....still love it
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    So fucking boring. So glitchy so slow. Such a fucking waste of disc space. It's unbelievable. THIS piece of shit is the great Assassin's Creed? This is the shit that tops metacritic and dominates game sites and magazines? It's almost fucking unbelievable. When I play a game called "Assassin's Creed", I want to fucking kill people. Not run back and forth doing errands and shit. Fuck that. And why the fuck does it take 20 years to even see the fucking protagonist? Like what the flying fuck?: And the glitches. THe graphical glitches are just terrible. The game would randomly get blurry as fuck and drop framerate and have texture issues for NO GODDAMN REASON. And the gameplay glitches? I got fucking stuck to walls. Enemies randomly floating and phasing through shit. Fuck this game. It is ass. I got a full refund. Maybe it was porting issues, but I can't imagine even a version that's patched up could be that much better. Fuck this game.
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    I agree with this massively. Talking about whether or not something should be excluded from any game simply because it's not necessary for the game to function is on par with wondering why we bother producing films in color because they can function in black and white. It's just a slippery slope that inevitably leads to a supply of potentially and technically-inferior products than we'd have otherwise because games are, yanno, art.
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    PS Vita It had a decent enough launch line-up by current gen standards and it was guaranteed to hold one over for a couple of months until the big hitters came around. It had a solid couple of weeks in sales, and it was pretty good hardware. Then the sales dropped. The games started coming out at a lesser rate. The only game that had any hype after summer was pretty much the only one that's on the radar, which was an enhanced port of a game from 2008. Sony had to reduce forecasts from 16 million to around 10 million in March and this process was done twice. The panic mode Black Friday bundles didn't kick off in any significant way. It still hasn't sold more than 3 million. It's practically suffering leprosy in Japan where it's second holiday results are abysmal. The only thing Sony seems to want to tout it as is a cross-platform PS3 bridge. I can't think of any kind of technology that looks and is built that good yet no one wants to touch it with a ten foot pole, and what's the only thing Sony has to say about all of this? "It's just hitting it's stride". And when Sony's hyped "must-have" PS Vita title Black Ops Declassified finally rears it's head? It's turned out to be absolute bile with no redeeming qualities, developed in a matter of five months. How the fuck could something as agonizingly, astonishingly terrible even pass Sony's quality control? The only thing that's salvaged itself with my purchase of this thing is Persona 4 Golden, which is just that good that it's made me forget most of my buyer's remorse with this thing. Other than that, it is ridiculous how much this console has failed to not even kick off it's own way, but to not even compare favorably to PSP's numbers. It'd take a miracle at this point for it to churn out any really good numbers, but at this point any chance of the Vita becoming that awesome portable everyone wants to get is lost forever. Which brings me to my next disappointing experience: Gravity Rush I had way too much disposable income this summer. I knew I was going to get a Vita eventually despite my cynical assumptions of what the future entails for it. It was two days before Gravity Rush's release, and having played the demo in a kiosk it was the only thing I thought looked good. At the time I wished it were a PS3 title, but I enjoyed it nonetheless and I actually really wanted to play it more. So I bit the bullet and I got the Vita, and I got this game with it. It was the least excited I had ever been walking out from a store with a new console to play, but it dissipated when I knew I'd be playing a game that looked really good and seemed to fit right into prevalent interests of my own. I was naive preserving that judgement because it was really evident to me that Gravity Rush was one of those "play the demo, now play it thirty more times and you've played the entire game" type of games. I had fun for the first couple of hours when stumbling and fumbling through the air as Kat, but it all soon started to wear out on me. The awful combat, the lack of intuitive gravity puzzles, the fact that the only real pass time is flying throughout the stylized yet totally barren city, that "epic" music that plays in the overworld giving the impression that the game is much bigger and adventure-filled than it really is. The more I slogged through, the more aggravated I became. I was honestly convinced that the only good things about it could only been considered good because, well, it was one of the few Vita games that wasn't forgettable, a port or a rehash of something we'd seen before. But as a game it's a bunch of boring design decisions one after another and I can only hope all of this is remedied in a sequel, because it's insanely frustrating how much wasted potential has gone into the game.
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    Since I remember someone or a few of your or something trying to draw ponies, I thought I'd try for my first time tonight since I wasn't doing anything, XD. Ended up making a terrible ponified version of a character thing of mine, so I'm officially a terrible person. I also can't draw fyi
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    I can't really say there were many truly bad experiences I've had in games this year. Ever since Other M disappointed me so badly, I've been pretty stingy about buying games that I'm not sure about. Because of this, I rarely buy games that I end up regretting purchasing. I think 2012 just had a severe lack of games that made me give a crap, rather than having actual bad games that I didn't like. But I guess I can try to remember particular games that left me disappointed. First off, Sonic 4 Episode 2. Ya know why this sucked even more than it could have? Because it was hyped up as a game that would fix the problems that E1 had. I.E. the physics. Which were improved just barely. They got rid of uncurling, and the momentum was like .01% more noticeable. It was still nowhere near the level of good controls the Genesis originals had. The level design was still shit, most of the music was hindered by the synth instruments, the special stages were another re-hash of the shitty half pipe, the list goes on. Despite this, I still enjoyed this game somewhat, as it wasn't completely devoid of fun moments. But after playing Generations - which I REALLY enjoyed - this felt just plain lackluster. Next up, the New Super Mario Bros. games. These are not bad games. But releasing two of them in one year really made us notice how lazy and uninteresting they really are. I don't own NSMB2, but I tried it at Best Buy. It is exactly the same as the DS one, albeit with the coin gimmick. And the reward for one million coins is utterly pathetic. I DO own NSMBU, which is a bit better. It's a fun romp, and the Challenge Mode is great. However, when playing the main story mode, it still feels like that cookie-cutter platformer with few interesting ideas. And the few interesting ideas they have usually feel unrealized. Plus it just feels like less of an adventure; there aren't as many cool secrets as the old games, you still can't bring adult Yoshi to the map, and level tropes are still being effortlessly rehashed. Super Mario World is still a much better game, and that came out over two decades ago. Nintendo should be trying to build off of that formula and take it to new, interesting places. Instead, it just feels like they're going backwards. But to be honest, those games weren't really bad experiences, just ones that could have been a lot better. The only things that made me really upset this year were regarding upcoming and unannounced games, like: - Rayman Legends - DELAYED - Pikmin 3 - NEXT YEAR - Doom 4 - BARELY ANY INFO - Retro's new game - NO INFO - New Zelda/Metroid/F-Zero/Star Fox/3D Mario - NOTHIN' YET Yeah, stuff like that. But to be optimistic about it, this could just mean that 2013 will be that much more impressive, now that we've got this sorta meh year out of the way. Here's hoping the new year brings us a plethora of fun surprises!
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    Final Fantasy XIII Lightning Saga

    OK guys remember how Hogfather dissected XIII-2 with his "Why FFXIII-2 sucks" posts(If you haven't read them take some time to search this topic for them, they're a great read)? Well i've decided to continue where he left off. Why? Because today, since i had a bit of cash left in my account I've decided to get the DLC with the real ending for shits and giggles, and i just finished it. It's called "Requiem of the Godess" and you play as Lightning. Sounds cool right? Well it's not. It's quite possibly the worst example of game design i've seen in a JRPG and the so called "real ending that explains everything" only made me even more confused. Why Final Fantasy 13-2 is shit part "we're completely lost" OK, first here's what happens plotwise, Lightning is still monologuing bullshit about...I don't know, something about atoning for sins. What sins, Lightning? Who has to atone? PLEASE EXPLAIN! After that we fight 2 bosses and we get the real ending which goes as follows: Serah's soul(i guess?) appears right in front of Lightning and starts talking about how she's dead and will be forgotten. Fortunately the game didn't make Serah's character even remotely appealing so we experience no tension. After both of them...hum...somehow being transported into a white limbo space, Serah pleads to Lightning to not forget her. Hum, hey Serah, how exactly will you be forgotten? You think your fiance will? Kinda doubt it. Your friends could also keep your memory alive. What exactly makes Lightning the only one that can do it? It's like every new plot point in this game comes with 3 plotholes. So Lightning comes back to Valhala and starts monologuing about how she'll become a stone epitaph so Serah's memory will live eternally with her, because apparently she can do that. After that the game ends with more monologuing about stuff that has nothing to do with anything. OK, here's my question: What about chaos still consuming the world? Serah, don't you think saving the world is a little more important than keeping your memory alive? Lightning could try to do something about it. So basically Serah is sacrificing the world all so she won't be forgotten. Our heroine, ladies and gentlemen. Mr. Nimoy, could you tell us what a good hero would have thought?: Well some of you might be saying "Well at least it's only 2 bosses and then it's over". It would be that simple in a good game, but here's how this DLC works: You start at level 1 with a paradigm for each role in the game. Lightning levels up automatically by gaining CP in classic JRPG style. Since you're at a low level you obviously need to grind a bit. Sounds simple right? Well here's how you grind: You fight Caius and lose in 2 minutes because you're too weak. In this episode you gain CP each time there's a game over(Because that makes sense). In case you haven't realized it yet, the only way to defeat Caius and Chaos Bahamut is to battle them and die about 20 times until you're at the necessary level to be able to defeat them. And you can't just wait for your death either because the amount of CP you get after a game over depends on how long you managed to survive and how much damage you inflicted. What in the living hell kind of game design is this? Square is literally making a 5 minute DLC episode last hours by making us have to fight the exact same bosses multiple times, you know because that's not repetitive at all is it? This is not challenging or fun in the slightest, it's just an annoying and long chore. After finally beating the bosses, Lightning instantly levels up to max level and you also get a level 0 option so you can "try to challenge yourself". Yeah right, no thanks. My verdict is: Don't buy this DLC, it's a horribly designed mini game that will waste the rest of your day and insult your intelligence even more. If you really want to see the ending just go to Youtube. That's all i wanted to add, thank you for your attention Good god, this pissed me off
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    I like how the credits in this game were pictures of Sonic and Chip on their journey instead of just gameplay screenshots.
  20. 3 points
    While that is true, nothing can match the opening of Unleashed. Nothing. I liked Night of the Werehog. It was one of the signs that really showed that SEGA were serious with Unleashed. So much money, and love went behind that project. Whilst its probably not feasible to have a big budget CG short made for every game, a CG opening I think isn't a bad thing. Doesn't have to be epic like Unleashed, because not every story is going to start in the same way, but still its a nice thing to have. Also, thing about animation studios is that they can do work for other companies for other projects and bring in a little extra $$$, which otherwise wouldn't be obtained. Doing things like NotW, just demonstrates to potential customers how talented the animators are.
  21. 2 points
    Yeah. Unfortunately Shadow went from being a pretty damn good rival to an immensely shitty one as soon as SA2 ended.
  22. 2 points

    Mortal Kombat

    So I went ahead and downloaded the kollection on Steam, it was $5 so why not. Installed my Arcade Stick, and went to town. God I had forgotten how good it felt to pull of a fatality.
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    Badnik Mechanic

    2012 Christmas Gift Thread

    Well this took a while to do because I've just been too ill this holiday to do much of anything. Anyhow, heres what I got. First of all the good people at the NHS decided to give me not one but two different types of powerful meds to try and stop me from turning into a zombie. This was a welcome gift since I almost dialed 999 the day after boxing day as I was that sick. Anyway, onto the better stuff. My girlfriend got me all of the above amazing stuff! I'd wanted that statue for a while but just didn't want to spend the money on it, so when I saw that I jumped for joy. The Beano cards will also go great with my Beano collection which is vastly larger than my Sonic one... I should really show you guys that sometime. And those STC's? German versions. Oh, the Blaze pack is technically a trade though, but I was so pleased when this turned up. The MegaDrive bag was from insert coin, they also have a Dreamcast one but I liked the black better. Also got a Sonic snuggie blanket. The Sonic bedding was a nice surprise, almost want to frame it and hang it on the wall as it looks so awesome. Also the clothing you see there. Aside from the muppets and the wolly sleeping pants, the jumper actually has a Sonic patch sewn on by my mum, as does the hat (you can just make it out). Only it looks so good I thought it were official pieces of merch at first. Love my mum so much for making these. Yes I got the chaotix pack and the mini flocked figures, only due to errors with TRU order, I got a lot of dupes. So I really need to decide what I wanna do with the dupes. Got this years Beano Book, yay. Also got Wonderbook which I'm really looking forward to try out, as well as some other games. The other book you see there is the Dark Souls art book from Japan, really awesome book, just a pitty the interviews are in Japanese only.
  24. 2 points
    Spoiler tagging 'cause there is a lot and I am not sure if what I draw breaks any rules or not anymore on the board (I'm not drawing porn though haha). Not sure if I have posted some of these before, if so then there might be doubles but w/e! Part 2 coming in a second post Edit: Nvm, won't be happening. I think it won't let me double post without merging the posts together and that makes TOO MANY IMAGES wah haha. Oh well! Part 2 of all my doodles will drop when it drops I guess.
  25. 2 points
    Neat. I guess I can save time and tuck my idea for later. That's a load off my back. I wanna see how this banner thing will turn out. If it gets too pricey, consider me in to pitch some cash at ya. :]
  26. 2 points
    This. Hell, Wraith even warned me about this and I still bought this shit. This has got to be the most awful purchase I ever made, nothing about it was fun in the slightest because it's so fucking tedious and boring. The worst part of my experience being I paid 60 bucks for it and when I returned it I got only 14 bucks back from GameShitFucktop essentially shitting 45 bucks down the toilet. Fuck GameStop and fuck this game.
  27. 2 points
    Sonic Adventure 2 Being the only main series Sonic game that I never played combined with the fact that it is highly praised by Sonic fans everywhere I was pretty excited and had high expectations for the game. Well for starters if this is what a large portion of Sonic fans call "the best Sonic game ever!" I'm pretty disapointed. I had more fun playing the Master System games than this. The only stages that are ok by my standards are the "Speed type" ones. Metal Harbor for example was fun to play and City Escape was pretty good for a first impression of the game. Now the Treasure Hunting and whatever Tails and Eggman stages are where fucking horrible. Knuckles/Rouge stages where way too big, the hints where misleading as fuck ("In the ghost nose" What ghost nose? Oh! You mean the fucking montain that looks like a pumpkin shaped like a skull? Ok.) and the radar was even worse than the one from Adventure. I mean why does it only detect a Emerald shard at a time? The Tails/Eggman stages? Fuck them. You just walk around pressing a button that makes a horrible sound for some time then release it to shoot some robots, then repeat this 20 more times until you reach the goal ring. The story? It was mediocre at its best. The music? That one I have to say that like in every Sonic game they nailed it. To resume all this, it was a horrible experience. All those years wanting to play this so called "masterpiece" and what I get is that "thing".
  28. 2 points
    Is it alright to bring up Mass Effect 3 and it's ending, or is that just beating a horse that's already decayed, eaten by maggots, and decomposed into the ground?
  29. 2 points
    Oh wait, there WAS a big dissapointment for me. I've played a few free MMO's. Most of them seem to offer pretty enjoyable experiences regardless of you not paying a dime. You might feel encouraged to buy a couple things from the store, but the big fancy subscription models tend to be aimed towards those who *really* enjoy the game and want to experience everything available. I like to compare it to a club. A club where everyone is admitted and free to enjoy the bar and sample the food, but it also has an exclusive VIP lounge for the regulars. Lord of the Rings Online, DC Universe, Champions, those all gave me this sort of impression. So why in the fuck does The Old Republic, a game that where I'm *actually* a former subscriber, feel more restrictive then any of those other games? Highly reduced XP, I can barely touch the space missions, my character options are pitiful, my inventory space has shrunk, and until recently I couldn't even have more then two quickbars. Again let me stress: I am a former subscriber, meaning I am what's called a "preferred" player. Look, I understand I am no longer subscribing. I *expect* restrictions. But when the basic F2P models of all those other games outshine ToR's system for former subscribers, something is really wrong. If you want to draw in former subscribers- people who STOPPED paying money, mind you- then locking every little feature behind a pay window isn't really a good way to do it. If ToR is a club, then it's one that begrudgingly lets people mingle on the front lawn and doesn't let anyone in until they pay up. In the meantime, they keep opening the windows and shouting "Mmmm, we're having delicious cake in here. It's so good, and only $3 a bite. If you losers pay up you can have some, you know." And you know what, it wouldn't be so bad if they offered better solutions in the in-game store. I certainly wouldn't mind paying a one time fee of $10-$15 for permanent access to space missions or regular XP gains. Truly. I might even be willing to play ball if this was done on a character-to-character basis. I know the game still needs to make money, I'm willing to spend a few bucks. But instead, they feel like mini subscription fees. You can buy more XP gain...that will last for three hours. You can buy your way into the space missions...for a week. You can buy more access to PvP warzones...also for a week. With the F2P model as it is now, what's the point?
  30. 2 points
    Um no, he does? In 233 Sonic explained everything to Knuckles that had happened. I believe it's also implied that since Espio has been seeing NICOLE recently, that he has also gathered up information about the going-ons in New Mobotropolis and eventually reports back to Knuckles/ the Chaotix.
  31. 2 points

    [MUSIC] My Stuffs

    I sort of have the Classic Green Hill snare. I cropped it from the speed shoes version of the track, but it's not very well-cropped, and you may be better off cropping the sound yourself. I just add reverb and whatnot to make the snare sound better. Anyway, I have a new remix:
  32. 2 points
    Oh hey! Well that's interesting. ... Wait... what if that means... I hope not. The wait will be unbeara- FFFFFFFFFFffffffffffff!!!!!
  33. 2 points
    Johnny Boy

    The Movie Thread

    I seriously hope they don't make a fourth toy story. The ending of the third movie was perfect and another full length feature would just ruin the impact the ending of the third film had. Pixar should just stick to the shorts.
  34. 2 points


  35. 2 points
    They don't; people love Colors and Generations. Regardless, the issue of Sonic's sales isn't some Disneyfied dichotomy where reinstating rolling will make everything okay. Sonic doesn't sell as much anymore because he has a reputation, he's a non-Mario platformer in an age where non-Mario platformers aren't that competitive anymore, and he doesn't have the luxury of a home console to bundle with. It doesn't really matter on this particular front how much you improve the gameplay because there's simply lower demand in general. As an extreme example, it's like trying to turn 10 million sales off a realistic submarine sim.
  36. 2 points
    Gemerl was the dumbest thing ever. "Hey! Let's recolor Emerl and make him the villain!" "Okay.. what do we call him" "Uh.... Gemerl?" "...That's about as bad as Cinos." "Just do it or you're not getting paid"
  37. 2 points
    I've only played Advance 3. It was crap.
  38. 2 points
    And then you'll run into a second problem with swapping the werehog with Knuckles: Level Design. Simply put, gliding and wall climbing would break the way the whole half of the game was designed in the first place because Knuckles would be allowed to reach places with such ease that everything else about the level design would be pointless and unengaging to travel through. While this isn't me trying to praise the nighttime stages, it should be noted that Knuckles' gliding and wall climbing would allow him to climb to the top of the highest structure in the game and glide all the way to the end with no obstacles, essentially bypassing everything the level would require him to do and making it even easier that the "boost-2-win" gameplay people associate with Modern Sonic, which isn't going to do it any wonders. For you to have Knuckles playable in the game at all, you need to redesign EVERYTHING about the nighttime levels to fit him. Because the way they were for the Werehog will not work for Knuckles the same way.
  39. 2 points
    Um...it did? How so? Sonic Unleashed is ultra realistic and not bright and fun? I'd beg to differ...
  40. 1 point
    No the purpose of the CG intro, was to get you excited about what's happening and to set the scene. If it wasn't there we wouldn't know what the hell was actually going on in the game. The writing being mediocre has nothing to do with the CG cutscene. In fact better writing would merely enhance the impact of the CG cutscene to even greater heights. Granted its not necessary to have full-blown CG epics everywhere. Having them here and there where they're justifiable and actually doing something with the situation at hand within the game's story is much better. Having a CGI intro to Generation's little birthday party would be a total waste, because nothing is happening that justifies the need for the extra production values. But a CG cutscene showing off the final boss or something makes sense, because something of that magnitude would warrant a little extra. Diverting money doesn't suddenly increase the amount of time Sonic Team have to make the game. The money thrown to the CG cutscenes is extra. It wasn't taken from the game development budget, it was an additional expense made at SEGA's discretion. By that I mean, the CG cutscenes had likely already been factored into the game during planning, prior to the final budget being set. Given that the CG contributes to the game, the 2GB is going towards the game. Its not like its 2 gigs of random YouTube videos thrown in, the cutscenes are relevant to the game. Anyway, the 2GB wasn't taken away from the gameplay, it was probably reserved during the game's development. The game's planning probably included the use of CG cutscenes and they probably balanced out the storage needs for the game before committing and actually commissioning the production of the cutscenes A CG cutscene is still a cutscene. It still contributes to the story, just as any other cutscene would. It is merely of a higher fidelity to provide additional impact. EDIT: Holy shit, I've said the words "CG cutscenes" sooooo many times in this essay.
  41. 1 point

    Archie Sonic Main Discussion

    It's the way the body proportions are inconsistent throughout. It's the way their eyes stretch as if they were drawn by Penders. It's the way their hands are drawn to be super tiny in proportion to their heads. It's the way the poses look stagnant and still sometimes. That's just to name a few reasons why people probably don't like his style. It would be great if he mentored under Tracy's style rather than Ken's style.
  42. 1 point


    Honestly never thought I'd get the awesome chance to breathe a little more life into this topic, but have you guys seen the news/rumor for possibly more Solatorobo action? http://www.siliconera.com/2012/12/03/cyberconnect-2-working-on-new-project-connected-to-solatorobo/ Kid showed me this a few weeks ago, but I'm absolutely stoked. Solatorobo is one of my favorite games of all time, and was sure it was probably a one of deal that I'd never get to see more of it, but here we are I guess! Though I kinda suspect that Red won't be the main character this time around, but I guess we'll see. What do you guys think? And for the mass of you that probably don't even know the first game, definitely urge you to look at it and check it out. It's like the best story in a game I've ever experienced.
  43. 1 point

    Archie Sonic Main Discussion

    Butler.. how can he still do art for this comic, I don't understand... And also, Knuckles wasn't aware of the Death Egg nor Sally Robotization, but he knows that there is a Team Fighters, aaaah phone calls off-panel :a
  44. 1 point
    Kinda sorta both; They're both tracks based on gothic horror-esque places, so a split staircase is the first thing that would pop into a designer's mind when doing that locale. The devs probably looked elsewhere for inspiration(note the Metropolis Street Racer sticker, maybe a sign that Gareth Wilson's racing game career has gone full circle? XD).
  45. 1 point
    Oh hey, so I was just passing by and... ... <.< ... ... Sure... ... >.> *leaving for realz dis tiem*
  46. 1 point
    I'm not saying he shouldn't be both, I'm saying I don't think he has to compromise (or not much, at least) on being mad to be more threatening. I mean, what's not frightening about a narcissistic, tantrum prone, likely-insane man who commands an army of robots, a number of mechs, and can consistently dig up new sources of even greater power?
  47. 1 point
    The simple fact is that Colors owes pretty much everything good about it to Unleashed. It would not exist, at least as it does now, if Unleashed wasn't made at all. And aside from setting the stage for the franchise's gameplay and general light-hearted atmosphere, Unleashed still stands as a marked improvement and departure from Sonic 06. This renaissance began with Unleashed; don't you Colors fans forget that. xP
  48. 1 point
    I've always found that the mirror section of Amy's Twinkle Park is rather creepy because of the music. The baby laugh doesn't help either.
  49. 1 point

    Favorite Sonic couples

  50. 1 point
    Semi-colon e

    Disney's Wreck-It Ralph

    I don't do quote dissection much and it's overdone, as is the matter here, but I'll bite. I've wanted to make this post for a while, I'll try not to be too much of a douche (difficult, for me ). Depressed forever? That's a bit extreme! Aren't you the guy complaining about people not respecting others (i.e. your) opinions? This sort of thing is why. I never understand this sort of logic. Why do you hope it will fail, just so Sonic won't be owned by Disney? Do you actually think Disney are gonna go all NWO and own every franchise ever? Besides it's a pretty petty thing to say, among the levels of people who want Sonic 4 Episode 2 to be on the Wii, but since it's not, they say it should fail. Completely entitled and illogical. The suing point has already been brought up, so I'll leave that. And who says they're not very good? You do? You don't speak for everyone, chap. And here we go with the "true fan" bullshit. What is a true fan? A miserable pile of people who agree with you exactly! I don't get you man. You always go on about how you're a victim and everyone hates you and doesn't respect your opinions, but you're so quick to denounce everyone else's for illogical reasons, and act really aggressive towards everyone, use the "true fan" card which means you're not willing to listen to other people's side of the story, especially when you say things such as hating Sonic fans liking Disney. You can dislike things, but goddamn, why do you have to be so venomous to people who DO like those things, even if they like things you also like (Sonic!). You also seem to act so entitled that you want it to fail just because it's Disney, it's not like Disney is going to take over the series now Eggman is in this film, it's probably a cameo anyway! It's not like this film is about Eggman, and even so, surely it's a good thing that Eggman is one of the classic videogame villains who inspired this Ralph character? ... Anyway. Sorry for derailing the thread further, everybody. It's nice that Eggy is gonna be in this, as well as being an inspiration, but I'd like to see an actual trailer first I seriously hope Pollock will be in this, it would be awesome. But at the same time, it might be literally a short cameo with no lines.
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