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    This. Hell, Wraith even warned me about this and I still bought this shit. This has got to be the most awful purchase I ever made, nothing about it was fun in the slightest because it's so fucking tedious and boring. The worst part of my experience being I paid 60 bucks for it and when I returned it I got only 14 bucks back from GameShitFucktop essentially shitting 45 bucks down the toilet. Fuck GameStop and fuck this game.
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    I wasn't really disappointed by much, really. Sure, Episode II and NSMB2 could've been great, and they weren't, but I still had fun with them. One was mediocre (I liked it, shut up), the other was just good. Which is weird for a Mario game. That said, those two are only disappointing because they could've been better; I still play them regularly. My biggest disappointment is probably SONIC ADVENTURE 2 HD Now, I lost my GameCube copy years back, so the HD rerelease was the first time I was playing it in literal YEARS. At LEAST 5. So, I booot it up. The game starts out fun, but I finally see the complaints about the Mecha and Treasure hunting stages. Basically, everything past Pumpkin Hill that ISN'T a Sonic stage will make you want to pull your hair out. And it's not even the concept! It's the execution! There are so many design choices that could've - and SHOULD'VE been fixed. But, I digress. The Sonic stages had me grinning like an idiot. There's just something about them. Maybe it's nostalgia, maybe they're just really fun. Whatever it is, I had a blast with them. However, that was before disaster struck. The other day, as I booted up the game, I started in Route 280, rather than where I was supposed to be - Egg Quarters. I thought "Oh no, the game skipped me ahead. Is it possible to beat without upgrades? Do I even have upgrades?!" White Jungle confirmed to me that yes - I had no upgrades. Was this a random glitch? Was it due to the fact that I swapped the voice languages? Either way, after stumbling through the Egg Golem, Sky Rail, Mad Space, and the Knuckles boss fight, I arrived at Cosmic Wall. And I was stuck. It's literally IMPOSSIBLE to complete without it. I mean, sure, that wouldn't be bad if the levels showed up on the map, but they didn't. It was like they never even existed. I haven't really been motivated to touch the game since. To be fair, this was only a few days ago. Maybe I'll start a new save and blow through the game. Only time will tell. Now then, I'm off to finally play Shadow of the Colossus. What a way to start the new year!
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    Possibly the latter, but seeing how it was one of the most anticipated conclusions in gaming, I think it's worth repeating. The thought process behind it all is incomprehensible. Nobody was expecting an uber-happy conclusion (though that's basically what the new Synthesis ending is, and it's just fuckn' creepy as hell), but the most devoted of players should at least be able to earn their happy ending. Instead, the war assets didn't count for shit, and we get a deus ex machina that not only breaks the established lore, it also completely contradicts the themes of the series. The Expanded Ending does nothing to solve this, and even adds a "fuck you" for the hell of it. ME3 was, otherwise, absolutely fantastic. How the hell Bioware could fuck up the ending that bad boggles the mind.
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    [MUSIC] My Stuffs

    Made this around the same time
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    Has it seriously been a year since we got and beat this? Felt like I only first played it in the summer.
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    Mortal Kombat

    Nobody talking about Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3? I gained this game in my 10 years birthday, my father went until another city and spent 1/3 of his salary to buy it for me, when I woke up I saw that cartridge box full of purple skeletons, nice memories And I miss the fatalities where the corpse explodes and you can see 5 skulls, 7 ribs and 13 femurs flying with a lot of blood. No no no noob Saibot is the best
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    And that my friends, is that. Happy Holidays~!
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    This sentence defines all of Sonic's rivals. Every single one of Sonic's rivals have been better than him in every way (with the exception of Silver, but he can gtfo), due to literally being him +superpowers. Knuckles "was" just as fast as Sonic, but forty times as strong and could pretty much fly. Metal Sonic is FASTER than Sonic, can fly, has claws, etc. Shadow was Sonic but with plot-convenient magic. Blaze was Sonic, but can hover/fly and use fire. Then there's Jet, who was pretty much the best at the sport they were competing in. Sonic still whooped ass all over every single one of them. Every time. All the time. All night long. Rivals should have more conflict than just showing up, using a fancy power to get the upper hand (Knuckles punches Super Sonic, Metal steals Amy, Shadow Chaos Controls him, Jet...uh...knocks him down), then getting beaten down later on and becoming best buds with Sonic.
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    Looks like Nicky Parlouzer in drag but without his glasses
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