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    asdfghjkl Jeff forgot to respond to my Gate of Your Dreams remix asdfghjkl. Also, here's my second submission: (thanks to DJ EAR for all the mastering and mixing!) A Look Back Before Heading Off* ...for Sonic Mega Collection Intro https://soundcloud.com/gottagofas/a-look-back-before-heading-off *I NEED NAME SUGGESTION FOR THIS ONE AND THE NiGHTS GATE OF YOUR DREAMS REMIX. JEFF, ARE YOU TAKING THESE TWO IN? I hope you are. If so, I'll send you a DL Link for both in PM. Okay, so yeah, feedback appreciated on that track and the NiGHTS one.
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    Untitled Sonic Engine

    Hey SSMB, I just began working on a Sonic Engine and I thought I'd share the first development video. This is pre alpha so it is still very incomplete. I may release this open source in the future if it is well received. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2J_2IBtWHJE&feature=youtu.be
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    You remember when Ian had Sally killed before Operation Clean Sweep reset reality? Then after Sonic set things back a few minutes before she got shot and saved her life before she got roboticized? How about when Antoine took a point blank explosion from a Metal Sonic and his hand fell limp to imply that he died, only for it to turn out he survived and is in a coma? I know a few people were hit by the latter and some were glad for the former. This wouldn't be the first time Ian trolled us with the narrative like this. So stop making conclusions and getting on to people for doubting this until we get through the whole arc. We're only at Part 2 to know everything and we don't even know all of what the settlement allows, for damn's sake.
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    The Pokémanz Thread

    Big news confirmed to be VOLT TACKLE EMOLGA
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    Star Wars

    This is pretty awesome: She could feel her mother's emotions through the force during the pregancy, I believe. It was stated somewhere, but I can't remember where. Her saying she was beautiful probably also came from the force, ut I dunno..
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    Crash Bandicoot: The Thread

    Why, hello there new Crash Bandicoot design!
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    The Mario World map looks nothing like that.
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    So first of all Nintendo doesn't allow account transfers, and second of all second hand consoles get everything those previous accounts had for free? It sounds to me like Nintendo shot themselves in the foot by not letting users transfer their accounts. I still think it's ridiculous that Nintendo are so anally insistent on making their loyal users pay for things multiple times.
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    Johnny Boy

    Winnie the Pooh's Home Run Derby

    You know a game is hard if The Goddamn Batman has trouble beating it.
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    Winnie the Pooh's Home Run Derby

    *ahem* Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to tell you a little story. A story about Hell. And once again I clear my throat. *ahem* I thought I had experienced Hell. I thought I had experienced it. Several times. I believe Hell does exist on Earth, waiting to grip a living being in its thick grasp. It grabs hold and then drains you and drains you and drains you until you finally escape, changed forevermore with ten years cut off your life expectancy. And so I thought I had found Hell in many places. I thought I found Hell for the first time here: That. To me, that was Hell. That was the Helliest Hell there was. But Hell wasn't finished with me. From the depths of Hell rose this: Pure, concentrated Hell. In every word of spoken dialogue, in every lagging of the framerate, in every moronic plot point, there was Hell. Or so I thought. And still Hell had more in store for me.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1yKnPbI_xGY, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6ohT6DjssO4, to the irreversible corruption of eight years of twisted nostalgia, to oh god get it away right now, I thought Hell had had its way with me. I know I'm going to die because of all this. Soon. But at least, I thought the onslaught was over. I could live out what few remaining years I had in peace. But no. No. Little did I know that I had yet to experience Hell in its most concentrated, most vile, most deadly form. I have experienced that today, and it came in the form of this: Hell loves to imitate cute things. It tricks you, drawing you in and then lulling you into a false sense of security before smacking you in the face with a giant wall of demonic fetuses. You will not find a wall of demonic fetuses in Pooh's Home Run Derby, but you will find this: (mute if you need to) And so in this I have found true Hell. And in it I shall burn. This simple little game about Winnie the Freaking Pooh has destroyed me. It has drained the last of my life force. I do not have much time left. Already, I feel as though I can't breath and am coaking. My eyes are turning red, my teeth blue. But at least I was able to pass on this message. The last words of The One and Only T-Man. Sayonara, T-Man the Hedgehog... (*ahem* Imagine Metal Sonic is there instead of Shadow and yeah.) ... oh god what did I just write I mean seriously is this how tired I am like what[
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    Winnie the Pooh's Home Run Derby

    only the dead can know peace from this evil yeah upgrading is key to winning this shitfuck, some how
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    no one

    Official Anime/Manga Thread

    For the first time since DBZ, I think I found an anime I can get into. Sgt. Frog
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    Welcome to my musical hub! Would you like to go to the Hotel of Originals, where you get to swim with Chill House and have a nice stay over at, or would you rather go to Restaurant of Remixes? We serve you all types of cuisines from Trance to Dubstep! Oh, you're not a fan of either? Well, you can always take the Collaborations Train to other musical hubs or take a short look at the seaside with my upcoming annual Demo Reels. Follow this thread if you want to keep tabs with my music. Alternatively, you can follow me at https://soundcloud.com/gottagofas or http://www.youtube.com/user/GottaGoFas! Now, jump aboard the train tour around Station Circle! The Hotel of Originals - Check in now! The Restaurant of Remixes - Dine here now! Collaborations Train - Jump aboard now! Demo Reels coming some time soon! Hope ya guys like what ya see and do provide feedback, thanks!
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    Badnik Mechanic

    Resident Evil 6

    Because I want to get 100% completion on RE 6. I've had to play the whole game again on professional difficulty. Only because of this I've had to endure the story again, and I have a question to ask. What is it with games that have the number 6 in them? Is there some sort of rule that says when your series reaches it's 6th game you have to come up with an utterly terrible idea that nobody in your development team has the courage to say 'thats not a good idea.' This is the plot for Resident Evil 6 now if you're worried about spoilers, don't worry, Resident Evil 6 is one of those games where you play for hours on end and it feels like nothing has actually happened, it's that bad. But the stupidity of this game doesn't just end with the 'Fuck Ada' plot. Oh my no. You know how in past resident evil games, the final boss is normally a Tyrant who is unstopable, you unload torrents of Ammo into it and it keeps coming. In resident Evil 6, the final boss is a QTE wrestle match with a Tyrant... No I'm not joking, you actually have a wrestle match with a tyrant. Complete with suplex's and body slams. Some people have said 'this Resident Evil game is scary.' Those people... are wrong. Well that fact seems to be all well and in order so lets move on. Hey! Do you like QTEs that are unfair and often impossible to do first time? That if you fail lead to an instant death? Well maybe you should play Resident Evil 6! The QTE's... dear god these are shit. Normally I don't get why people complain about these... but in RE 6 they are bloody stupid. Example 1: Theres a boss fight which ends with you crashing in a helicopter. You have to push the X button to catch a parachute to save yourself. So Sherry says the following line. Sherry: Quick catch * that parachute it's our only chance! If you do not push the button by the time the dialogue reaches the * in that line of dialogue, you have failed that QTE and subsequently died. You want enemies that can put your character into stagger lock which means you'll die? You got it! You want boring set pieces and mindless 'flying turret segments' it's all here. Seriously, on professional difficulty, when playing as Ada you fight a dinosaur.... no really... you fight a dinosaur... and it goes on... and on... and on... and on... for about oh 20-30 min... because your 'flying turret' is so weaK you do barely any damage. My god the NPC's won't shut the fuck up. And quite often I don't even think they know why they're talking... Here is an actual dialogue moment between one of the characters and an NPC. e.g. Chris: HQ! We've sighted Ada wong! Requesting backup! HQ: This is HQ. (voice over) This happens 4 times by my count . Thats it. No really, thats the conversation. This game is by far one of the worst games to come out of 2012. I can only think of maybe one or two which is worse and one of those is that game called 'Amy' the other is 'Record of Agarest War 2.' It's just dreadful. In everyway, forgettable music, pointless characters, boring set pieces, frankly bizzare story. Oh and... did I mention how Jake has antibodies for the C-Virus... I did didn't I. So you'd think Carla wants him dead so he doesn't ruin her plans... Kinda makes you wonder why she didn't kill him after she captures him and locks him up in a research lab... FOR SIX MONTHS! Not even Ada Wongs arse can save this terrible mess... and when you play her scenario... you'll be seeing quite a lot of that as the camera tends to zoom in on it every single time she has to crawl through an air vent.
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    The game has been under £20 for a while now at a few places. It's not selling too well judging by the UK chart.
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    Official Anime/Manga Thread

    So this Black Rock Shooter thing would be infinitely better without the melodramatic slice of life bullshit. Just saying.
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    Game Grumps

    Banjo-Kazooie is making a comeback, only Grant Kirkhope is going to join them. The DKC2 ragequit was Arin's decision, not Jon's. Jon was the one who put up the act. Ironically, Ego wants to do DKC3 eventually. New JonTron and Pokéawesome 2 in the coming weeks.
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    The Pokémanz Thread

    THAT WOULD BE AMAZING. edit: ash loses pokemon league Coming up right after the commercial break is a NEW breath taking discovery about grass! It's green!
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    can't believe i missed wizadora, i'll be taping stuff tomorrow though, thanks for the heads up
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    What do you want to see in Episode 3?

    I wouldn't count on it, because that's essentially how Episode II was marketed by the PR, and it didn't even come close to doing so-both in terms as a sequel to the classics and as a sequel to Episode I.
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    The Pokémanz Thread

    Why doesn't he switch Pokémon? Why the fuck would you make a damaged Pignite fight a Samurott with full hp? Godammit.
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    And on the topic of Ultimate Spider-man, I'm so fucking happy they ended the Hydra War crossover story and we can get back to Miles and his challanges as Spider-man. I mean he's going to be contending with a new Venom next and it looks damn scary now.
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    Crash Bandicoot: The Thread

    My only problem is how big his hands are, but other then that I like it. His face reminds me of the original design and looks much better then the tattoo-covered modern looking Crash Also looks better then the 2010 design "Reaction: Nintendoga gets $1million dollars from winning the lottery" *cough* just saying
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    Sonic Rush's Soundtrack

    I like the Sonic Rush soundtrack quite a bit and I think it fits the game very well, although admittedly, overall I don't like it as much as the "traditional" Sonic soundtracks. Back 2 Back and What U Need are definitely my favorite tracks from the game by far. Also, (unpopular opinion time) I like the Sonic Rush Adventure soundtrack WAY better. I don't understand how people could call the Rush Adventure soundtrack boring or unmemorable. Sky Babylon, Haunted Ship, and Big Swell, to name a few, are absolutely amazing and some of the best tunes in the entire series (in my opinion, of course). To each their own though.
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    Blue Blood

    The Pokémanz Thread

    Oh, you're right. Pokémon is not only one of Nintendos biggest franchises, but one of the biggest in gaming regardless. It does seem very odd now you mention it. They own Pokémon at any rate but it's not actually their idea.
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    Detective Shadzter

    The Pokémanz Thread

    Yeah, the way they're promoting this through multiple channels AND worldwide means it's got to be something big.
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    So I just got a PS3 ...

    Yes, absolutely. Generations is a fantastic game and you won't be disappointed. Easily one of the greatest Sonic games of all time. Stay away from the 3DS version though. It's poop.
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    Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed...!

    'Still' as in the copious amount of time they've had since Christmas, or just the 3 days they've had since New Year's? Give them some time, for heaven's sake. The character hasn't even been officially available for two weeks yet! Besides, remember how long it took Nintendo to pass that last patch they got before Thanksgiving; even if Sumo had whisked a fix straight out, we'd probably still have a couple of weeks to wait.
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    Sonic-related pet peeves?

    On the subject of SRA, the biggest friggin' annoyance of that game until it's drilled into your memory is that there's no autosave. That lead to one or two real frustrations after long plays. Nowadays I remember every time of course.
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    More brony fanart coming! Say hello to best pony, Derpy Hooves!
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    Well since the topic was created by a ban dodger, I'm sorry to blow everyone's fun but I'm going to lock it. It's the same person once again and I'm not going to send a message here saying it's ok for people to just join up real fast to make a topic and still have it slide through when they get banned. Doesn't work like that here at SSMB.
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    Different strokes for different folks. What you deem horrible can actually be great in another person's eyes. I personally believe that both gameplay styles were good, even if their level design needed work.
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    I loved Jason when he came into his own as a Sonic voice. Specifically in Unleashed and both Storybook games. He...wasn't all that great in early Sonic X and in Shadow and '06 and Riders but then I also love Roger too. What really stood out for me when it came to Roger's Sonic voice is this bit of pure unadulterated funny; I freaking laughed my ass off at the way the lines just roll off his tongue whilst coming off as a motor mouth at the same time. "Well when I feel the ground shaking under my feet and see plumes of dust rising and rubble tumbling and aliens running for their lives yeah, I get a bad feeling. So...how about you and me make like Eggman's hairline and recede?" Not only is the last bit hilarious but both lines were emoted and spoken perfectly. The way he's speaking in such a casual tone both puts across how witty he is and how calm he is at the same time. Now these scenes are what stuck out to me when it came to Jason's Sonic voice; Both of these scenes put across Sonic's curiosity and thoughtfulness extremely well. In the Unleashed one, he's as cool as a cucumber despite the transformation and the line "Do I need a reason to wanna help out a friend?" is natural and unstilted whilst in the SatSR one, the degree of wonderment in Sonic's voice concerning what could be achieved with the White Ring's power is in-character and very well acted. I think both VA's bring their own interpretation to Sonic which is just as valid and interesting.
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    Penders a feminist? Best joke I've heard all day.
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    Archie Sonic Main Discussion

    Amazing. Even when he doesn't even work on it anymore and hasn't been for years, Penders is still ruining the comic.
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    http://youtu.be/tZ_oTSk8mWE After I got my DAW back, I immediately started this with Sly4Good. It was awesome doing this with him. https://soundcloud.com/faseeh-1/ice-cap-white-space-remix (DL link)
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    Sonic Unleashed has the personification of sheer awesomeness that is Professor Pickle. Him alone is a reason why I love this game so much.
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    Mention of Suicide

    There has been a few cases here on SSMB mentioning suicide in the past recent months, and this is an announcement to tell everyone to not bring that here. Without pointing names, we've had mentions of people telling others to kill themselves, wishing a group of people would end themselves, as well as members asking about suicide personally. For some of these cases, I frankly don't care if it was in terms of joking around, it's something that's not allowed here because it's not something to joke about and it really is a subject that's extremely sensitive. I'd like to remind everyone to checkout the first rule in the personal discussion even: Like the thing says, for those with a personal matter, we aren't professionals and should not be handling these types of situations. If you need help, I urge you to check out this awesome topic. This isn't really up for discussion. It's a clear reminder, and if it continues, expect to be out the door.
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    Anarchy Reigns (PS3, Xbox 360)

    I'm pleased that they're actually releasing this game. That doesn't stop me from thinking that they're an incredibly stupid company though.
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    Medri's Art

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    give it a week and Peter will be back and everything will be Normal I hope this Ending suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuucks
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    I think we're going in circles here. Extreme as in, he's hardly taking a fucking alien invasion of the entire planet seriously. He should be at least slightly more concerned than hopping up and down screaming "TIEM TO ROCK AND ROLL! :DDD" the jumping and shadowboxing would be fine if Sonic weren't acting as if he had too much caffeine for most of the game. Also you keep showing me SA2, but that has perfect examples of Sonic being more balanced out in his attitude towards situations. It's not about being realistic by our standards, but moreof being realistic to as we know how his personality is. And in situations like this he's mostly described as someone who usually can stay his cool self in the bleakest of moments, but he still gets deadly serious when the world or his friends are at stake.
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    Eternal EX

    Most powerful Sonic character?

    Top 3 most powerful characters: 1. Metal Sonic 2. Silver 3. Shadow Metal alone can take anyone for a spin and kill them with ease. I mean he already matches Sonic's speed, strength and skills. And with his copy ability, he can match or even out do the full cast. Like someone said, it did take the full cast (at the time) to take down Metal's strongest form. And that was in 2003. Imagine how much stronger he's gotten now. Like I've said in a similar topic, Silver is also one of the few characters can can easily kill someone w/o question. His pyscho whatever powers make it possible. Remember how easily your arses got beat in that uber cheap battle against the fucker in 06? Yeah. And how many times could he have killed sonic in that game? Too many to keep count of. And finally Shadow. Basically another sonic with chaos powers. So it's just basically a semi super sonic.
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    Mr. Taxi

    Sonic Rush's Soundtrack

    I used to hate it, now I hate and loathe it. I find it absolutely terrible. As in one of the worst I've ever heard. It's not only annoying: it also never fits the stages, making everything look bland and silly and it only complements the speed-over-everything philosophy of the game. I can't say I completely dislike the soundtrack outside of the game. As an indie album, it'd be good. But as a soundtrack? For a game? For a Sonic game? No. I like SRA's soundtrack a little more, if only because I love Sky Babylon very much (out of the game).
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    Sonic Rush's Soundtrack

    Ironically I was listening to some JSRF before seeing this topic. So if you dont already know, I personally love the music, I find the "repetitive" quality of the tracks help give it a great sounding beat to most of the tunes. Personal favorite is probably Get Edgy, Bomber Barbara, and Wrapped in Black.
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    This one is a bit creepy... there is a ghost in Hitman: Contracts. For a certain mission you need to kill some people in a hotel. What's interesting is a closed door in said hotel. If you pick the lock in, you'll find a bloody room and a cop saying there has been an accident. Of course, you do what any sane gamer would and kill the cop. But when you go into the bathroom... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XRAx_4bmaj0 A ghost scares the crap out of you. More interesting is, the game is know for its realism, and even more, the ghost has no explanation or relation to the plot whatsoever.
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    what the fuck is a sonouge
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    Tails just get's the Home Improvement theme for every stage.
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