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    All they have to do is provide a better service than the pirates, and it will then become easier and more convenient not to pirate. Valve's Steam is a fine example of this in action.
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    Initial reaction to Sonic X

    I totally agree with the notion that Shadow was glorified unconvincingly in X, the aforementioned episode 73 being a particularly fine example. Though he's still nothing compared to Chris. He takes down Sonic in one single attack. Now when you consider that Sonic is practically made of iron every other time, even getting up after the immense beating by E-99 in ep 26 which entailed being sent flying through buildings and punched into the ground, ep 73's one attack beatdown of him looks downright stupid and very unconvincing in comparison. Whilst Chris himself actually fulfills all four criteria for Creator's Pet status with flying colours; Need I say more? Is in every single episode sans 17 and 68, has sympathetic 'flaws' and gets hugely influential roles. OH DEAR GOD. See episode 8 in which Tails built another seat in the X-Tornado at the brat's request and so many other episodes that focus on Chris' input in the latest scheme to foil Eggman when much more competent and powerful characters are fully or should be fully capable of dealing with such situations by themselves. Steals character roles (See episode 38 when he shamelessly leeches Amy's shot at character development by acting as Shadow's conscience) Frequently praised by Sonic above other characters even when he had minimal involvement in saving the day, is put on such a massive pedestal by Sonic himself that he's willing to abandon the people he's been friends with far longer to satiate his selfishness...
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    Initial reaction to Sonic X

    You know... every time I think about Sonic X, I remember watching the first episode on Channel 5 back in Summer 2003, when I was just 12 years old. Ah, yes, I remember the awe I felt when I watched Sonic and his entourage infiltrate Eggman's Tower Base. The shock when I saw them get engulfed in that Chaos Control explosion. The fear when Sonic first appeared on Earth... alone. The sheer, unadulterated, pants-wetting glee that coursed through my body when I saw Sonic shatter the sound barrier in that chase sequence with the S-Team... ... and from there, one more thought usually pop up in my mind: "Where did it all went wrong? Why weren't the other non-Super Sonic episodes this awesome?!"
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    DaHog's character voices

    So I've finally perfected one of my Sonic character voices. It's my Tails voice, the one that puts the most strain on my voice. Tell me what you think! Tailstest2.mp3
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    Kuzu the Boloedge

    Initial reaction to Sonic X

    The early 21st century was a pretty high point for new Sonic fans so I understand, I just still find it hilarious that a show you've come to hate so much was the very reason I'm talking to you right now.
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    It most likely pertains to everything under the care of the MPAA and the RIAA. Popular music and movies, in other words. So, if you downloaded an Xbox 360 game off the internet, I doubt anything would happen. But if you downloaded Justin Beiber's new album (And oh god why would you do that)? There might be hell to pay for it.
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    If I saw someone was visiting an import site, I'd think, "Hey, this guy's going to import something." I would not be instantly suspicious that piratical behavior might be imminent. So anyways, I'm an impatient chap when it comes to shows I'm following; I have to watch them as soon as I can after they air, DVDs take too long to come out, and Netflix too is really slow on the uptake (possibly thanks to the industry trying to shit on it constantly). Also, cable TV is far too expensive for us and our TV antenna only picks up CBS reliably. Therefore, our only option for watching, say, the latest episodes of The Walking Dead (Season 3), is illegal - Torrenting and whathaveyou. If they would just put these things up on Netflix et al as they air, or just after, I wouldn't feel the need to, but they don't so I do. Am I screwed?
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    ARTWORK: Swiss' Arena of Artwork

    Thought I'd revive this dust-filled heap with...this! Nothin' special, just finally starting to get to grips with Photoshop painting and shizzle:
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    Uhhh...doesn't this already happen? My brother torrented Bully once, and the next day Comcast sent us an e-mail and told us to cut the shit or they would throttle our internet. I'm not quite sure why people are acting like this is new. It's a problem but, not a new one. Edit: I should mention this was about 2 years ago.
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    ARTWORK: Swiss' Arena of Artwork

    More artwork, starting with my most recent Sonic piece, made for TSS' Christmas Carol Competition: My first real go at getting an 'official' look down. I definitely like how it turned out, but I much prefer doing my own styles. This is actually just an edit of my super-secret image used for a recently-revealed project, but my original image won't be unveiled until the New Year by a member of this very forum...wait and see! I had to use this instead of creating an entirely new one due to spending far too much time thinking up that insanely cheesy Carol to go with it. Still, all in good spirit, eh? For now, until the New Year comes, here's more 'other' stuff... This is a character concept I did for a College project about 2 years ago...: ...and just recently decided to give the whole thing an overhaul in the form of: Same character, different look (using my improved techniques and shiz I've gathered since I made the original). Here's some enemies I designed to go along with it, I won't post them all since we'd be here forever: You get the idea... humorously grotesque was what I was going for. They easily could have been more grotesque, but I think they did the job. Again, there will be more to come! I promise I'll get the other SEGA/Sonic-related stuff up soon. :3
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