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    If there's one thing I've learned when it comes to exploiting the genuinely charitable avenues of the Internet, it's that willful deceit and preying of this nature will not be stood for.
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    I just can't believe 20,000 dollars worth of people fell for it. I mean the guy is a total prick and stuffs but I'm more surprised at how long and far he got away with it by the people dumping their paypal at him rather than the con artist himself. I mean if he was openly buying just games and entertainment shit out of his donations, wouldn't someone get rather suspicious eventually? IDK, boggles my mind. As for it being illegal and him getting scotch-free or not, I recall seeing something on my local news not that long ago about if a person is dumb and gullible enough to hand over a fist-wad of cash in donation to a random stranger over the internet, then it's their problem. I mean I'm pretty sure this guy will get in some form of trouble, but I doubt any of these gamers or anyone will be seeing their money ever again lawl.
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    Still don't really see this lasting more than 6 episodes. Seems like it's just wildly out of place on Fox. Dan Vs. is Flash. Dan Vs. is the best show on TV. Therefore, all TV must be in Flash. Also, Archer.
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    Shame on you. The idea of a group of friends banding together money to help someone afford surgery that can drastically improve their quality of life is not unprecedented.
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    You know who this guy reminds me of? It was the only videogame related sketch I could find that they did.
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    Jurassic Park

    I would go watch the first movie in theaters again, but I just want to watch the first movie in theaters again. I don't want to see it in 3D, which basically kills it.
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    Rogert Ebert is dead

    The Nostalgia Critic discusses Ebert. A very apt tribute; really covers why the man was so important.
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    Dr. Crusher

    Metal Sonic: A Rant

    He's alright. But Mecha is better.
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