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    • Jango

      So Bandai didn't announced anything?
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    • Ryannumber1gamer

      E3 conferences from worst to best
      Koch Primetime Gaming Show (Deep Silver) - no exciting announcements, literally just boring interviews with random devs.
      Bandai-Namco: One game focused on for ten minutes. What was even the point?
      Capcom - Announcement of an announcement for RE8 DLC, Monster Hunter Heroes 2 and Ace Attorney news that could've just been thrown into the Switch direct, and then ending it off on garbage ESports. No thanks.
      Gearbox - Literally just a behind the scenes for the Borderlands movie, what was the point of a conference?
      Warner Bros - Overly long demo of one game that we already have seen tons of times already, including at least three times in other conferences.
      Summer Games Fest - Basically fuck all of interest beyond Elden Ring. Geoff's show format continues to be one of the worst parts of these conferences each and every single time.
      Future Games Show - Not many interesting updates or reveals, Colours Ultimate looked less than graceful.
      IGN Expo - No interesting annouuncements.
      Ubisoft Forward - Nothing of interest beyond DLC and shit we already knew. Mario + Rabbids 2 was alright enough
      Square-Enix Presents - I'm one of the few people who really enjoyed it. Guardians looks great, Black Panther expansion is neat, although I wish Avengers got proper updates, Stranger of Paradise was neat enough too. Not particularly great, but better compared to basically everything else.
      Xbox and Bethesda - Serviceable enough. Decent format with rapid fire titles. I feel like it probably would've been less exciting if Game-Pass wasn't hard-carrying it. I liked it because I kept hearing "coming to Game Pass" over and over again, meaning I'd have a ton of things to try out on my Series S. If it was all just announcements with no Game Pass, I'd probably be singing a different tune. Still, it's good enough. Psychonauts 2 was the highlight probably, but Forza Horizon did make me interested in trying it out, as did the Jack Sparrow expansion for Sea of Thieves.
      Nintendo - Heroes of the entire event. Legitimately the only company I can say was not only good, but actually great. I am absolutely flabbergasted by how well they knocked it out of the park after the disastrous Direct from earlier this year. Plenty of varied games, long-awaited series finally getting comebacks (Warioware, Metroid, Advance Wars), neat ports (Danganronpa), A remake people wanted for a long while (Mario Party) long-awaited third-party games (Monkey Ball), rapid fire news, news on BOTW2 including a release year, finally. Even Kazuya for Smash was neat enough, since Bandai doesn't have many reps and it's a underrepped series in Smash. All I could've asked for was a new DK game, and a new Mario.
      All in all, this E3 fucking blew, frankly, and I say that as someone who's hosted Motobug's E3 streams for several years running now. If Nintendo wasn't as insanely good as it was, it would've been a complete and total waste of time. There were many conferences that basically had no fucking point to exist, with only one game being shown, or pathetic non-updates for other games. It feels like it was just a Direct and MS' conference that was prepped properly, and everyone else was half-heartedly going along with it just because. There were also massive absentees too. GTA V PS5/Series X, Gotham Knights, Hogwarts Mystery, Suicide Squad, or any of Take Two's franchises in general. It was just a waste of time, and honestly - I don't think any E3 before now has felt so utterly vapid and pointless. Most of it was total fluff. 
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    • Jovahexeon Jax Joranvexeon

      Nintendo actually made a Jojo reference. Oh my god.
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    • Supah Berry

      Gentlemen, let this sink in:
      The most Modern Tails gets right now is acting as the Lakitu for Sonic in Colors
      Meanwhile, in a non-Sonic game, Classic Tails makes his 3D playable debut
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    • Ryannumber1gamer

      Bandai Namco's showcase starts in 5 minutes! Come watch with us!
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