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    Blueblood posted this in the status updates. Microsoft has partnered with Pizza Hut to release a new app on the Xbox 360 which lets you order pizzas after or during a session of gaming. You can build custom pizzas using the xbox controller. Alternatively it's powered by Kinect! So if you order a meat feast, you can expect anchovies & onion to turn up. Xbox Live director Larry Hyrb said "We're always looking at ways to give our audience more of what they're interested in" PIZZAS! The app will be ready for US customers on April 23rd and any order placed by May 6th gets 15% off. Source Staying with Xbox food news. There seems to be a problem with the Xbox dashboard in some regions. It's supposed to be playing an advert for McDonalds... only theres a problem, it gets stuck in a loop as they take a bite out of the wrap, it's hypnotic. It's not affecting everyone but... it's just weird.
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    Seeing as the entire game revolves around those four simple directional options in terms of puzzles, layout, rules, trainer's seeing you, and the whole works, simply changing the gameplay to free 3D movement is a bigger step than it sounds on paper. Completely alters everything you know about how playing Pokemon outside battles work and I think just has to be done correctly in order to keep the same appeal and work right. Sounds trivial, but I definitely think doing that is a much bigger step than just finally upgrading the graphics to full 3D objects. I mean I'd love to see it more freed up too, and I even bet Game Freak has played around with it already, but I just think it has to be done right.
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    I really hope Nintendo or SEGA get up on this bandwagon too. There's a chance this will actually do a lot for the future of game movies.
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    Let's look at this again: having 140 episodes to look back on and pick from for reruns is really not that terrible. While the end of a beloved show is sad, especially one so clever as Futurama, 7 seasons is a good amount; not too few to have been underexplored, not too much to have gotten bad. Even more that it's a chance for them to give it a good and touching closure, a last farewell. If this truly is where it ends (meaning it doesn't change networks again), I will not be sad, because I'll know that Futurama will have ended before rotting away - like The Simpsons or Family Guy did. This is the lifespan that a great show deserves.
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    Let people buy pizza from the XBAWKS? Get fat. Fat people are fat? Need exercise. Need exercise? It's called creating a need with your customers. Marketing 101.
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    It all makes sense now.
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    Good news Silver members. Your version of the Pizza ordering app is ready! Someone photoshop the Xbox logo on the phones dial.
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    *looks in to the future* Thanks Microsoft.
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    The FIRST episode? Fuck. I'll give you a pointer. Never judge a show based on the pilot.
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    Official Sonic 2006 topic

    YES. Apparently it does. Wow.
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    now all they need to do is do the same for Sly and MY LIFE WILL BE COMPLETE
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    Sonic-related pet peeves?

    25th Anniversary Character revealed
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    Back in February Sony had a poll on it's blog regarding Playstation Plus' future content. It was "What game genres would you like to see added to the Instant Game Collection?" These were the options you could vote on. Action Adventure (Uncharted, Assassin's Creed) Platformer (Sonic Generations, LittleBigPlanet) Puzzle (Tetris, Angry Birds) Shooters (Borderlands 2, Call of Duty) Multiplayer (Guardians of Middle Earth, Gotham City Imposters) Sports (SSX, FIFA) Racing (Ridge Racer, LBP Karting) RPG (Mass Effect, Ni No Kuni) Other - please state Fighting (Street Fighter IV, Mortal Kombat) The blog entry got a lot of feedback, over 450 replies from registered users, which is very high for a blog update (typically you're lucky to get over 50 or so depending on the update). Well today they announced the results and... I'm quite suprised at what got voted number 1.Over 73,000 people voted, though these will be both PSN+ and non + users, and you can bet some people who don't even own a PS3 or Vita voted. But... it's quite interesting what the results show... Action and adventure I'm not suprised at all with... however it was beaten by RPGs, which came first. Now... it's possible that because they included Mass Effect as an example of an RPG people got into their heads games which have RPG elements such as borderlands and... any other game which borrows RPG elements but isn't what one normally thinks of when it comes to an RPG. But what is really shocking... look at the drop from RPGs/Action games... to shooters! Even in the poll example they listed Borderlands 2 and Call of Duty, and that genre is so massive I thought it would have been up there near first place, but the difference is enormous! However biggest suprise of them all? Multiplayer games are second to last! I am genually shocked by this one, whilst I don't like multiplayer games much myself, to see them that far down is really suprising. Though since most shooters are described as multiplayer games, it might explain the low numbers. But to see that one behind 'others' is very suprising. They say that the poll isn't going to mean they're just going to focus on the 'winning' genres. But I thought you'd find the results of this interesting since it is a sizable vote of a gaming population. Anyone suprised at some of the results?
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    I don't think a 3rd Party franchise should have more than one representative or stage, no matter HOW interesting they are. At the end of the day, this is Nintendo's party, and Sega and Konami are just along for the ride. They shouldn't be allowed to crash it with more guests.
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    Is there a Season Pass available, or do you have to buy them by the slice?
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    Sonic-related pet peeves?

    Personally I think they should be aiming for somewhere between the two.
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    Blue Blood

    Official Sonic 2006 topic

    Does a mod of Sonic carrying Eggman instead of Elise exist? Cause you know, that'd be just dandy.
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    Game Grumps

    what the hell have i done
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    People will be banned if they straight up join to role play and spam in character for whatever they're roleplaying. We got rid of people before in the past after letting it slide for weeks and it's just no good. This forum isn't used for that.
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    Meanwhile in London. He beat both Buzz Lightyear and Superman.
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    I'm betting 9 out of 10 he will be in the cliffhanger extra scene that will sequel bait.
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    Honestly I've felt there hasn't been enough slipping in Sonic ice levels. It seems like a natural extension of the series' focus on momentum, but most of the time Sonic's got perfect traction.
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    The majority vote for less shooters and more Action/Adventure could have to do with people actually purchasing them on day one (we all know how well CoD sells), instead of waiting for a PS+ update. Maybe people chose RPGs and Adventure games because they own less of them, not because they like them over shooters as a whole. PS+ has always been a way to get games you "just sort of want but never have the chance to play", sort of like Gamefly. Either way, this poll isn't exactly a representative sample of the current trend in gaming.
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    I'm not the only one who actually laughed out loud at the teaser am I?
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    official teaser Can't wait for it, looks good, and Loki's hair looks cuhrazy.
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    [Video] Pet tribute video

    I'm not quite sure if this sort of thing is allowed or if it deserves it's own post, but if Mods think it belongs elsewhere feel free to move! So I've been keeping the news under wraps recently until I finished this video. My cat Soxy just died today, from a stroke. I made a tribute video in his memory. This is my first time creating a video from scratch and it's 6 minutes long. I decided to use "Dear My Friend" because it was so fitting for my current situation. R.I.P Soxy, you will be missed greatly.
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    -looks at Palas's previous posts- My new dream is for Palas to work at Sonic Team.
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    I don't see a point in Game Freak introducing a new type to be honest, there hasn't been any balance issues since Gen1 (aside from Steel being useless as fuck as an attack move I guess). I wouldn't really care either way if it turns out to be something.
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    Futurama Is Cancelled... Again!

    While I'm saddened by this news, I'm not at all surprised. The lack of any sort of announcement from Comedy Central well before this point was a painfully obvious sign that they were dragging their feet about the renewal. It's difficult to compare the early episodes against the later episodes for most of us since we were just beginning to grow up when the show was around. To say the newer episodes were bad as a whole is a bit misguided, as any show which had been on ice multiple times or has been around as long as Futurama is bound to have a change of feeling after a while, but it's the fact that Futurama remained fresh all these years that made it good. Most viewers would be hard pressed to say that another show as old as Futurama managed that feat. The Simpsons was starting it's 'downfall' even earlier than that point. Edit: It's also worth mentioning that, based on my memory of the series, the newer episodes had a bigger inspiration from real life events than the series initially did. Some of the newer episodes which are considered to be the worst of the bunch are directly derived from actual events, like their take on homosexual marriage being between humans and robots.
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    Favorite Major City and why

    It'd have to be Birmingham of course Followed closely by my birthplace, Solihull. Solihull is more 'refined' and it's nature as a very prosperous and rich city is well epitomized in it's appearance and houses and it has the pure awesomeness that is Touchwood shopping center but I'll focus on B'ham. ^ Birmingham city center at dusk. ^ Solihull. The place I was born. Birmingham has a reputation for it's city center being an ugly concrete urban nightmare which I think is now largely undeserved considering we got shot of the old Bullring and built a much nicer one in it's place and we're revamping New Street Station as well as getting a new Library in Centenary Square. Birmingham was pretty much the center of the industrial revolution for cryin' out loud! It was the very heart and soul of the industrial revolution. ^ Oh sweet wonderful Bullring shopping center. How very awesome you are with your Bull statue outside, your 4-floored Selfridges and Debenhams and your GAME, Disney Store, Swarovski and The Entertainer. When it first opened in 2003, I loved how 'fresh' and 'open' it felt with it's glass roof and colourful glass orbs in it's fencing. I love the city's moderness nowadays. It has a very interesting Chinese Quarter, it's Own Cyber Candy shop which I always buy from (Mtn Dew varieties, Peppermint Crisps, York Peppermint Patties and Japanese sweets FTW!), It's own Forbidden Planet store as well as Nostalgia & Comics and then there's the Flea, Rag and Meat markets And then there's the wonderful museum and art gallery, Millennium Point, Symphony Hall... ^ The Museum and Art Gallery. Been visiting this place fairly often since I was a young child. The second floor which was closed for a few years and fairly recently reopened is amazing, showcases various eras of Birmingham's history. Can't forget the cool canals and the boats that travel up and down them When I go abroad for a length of time, I always get homesick for B'ham. Heck, when I travel to other cities in England they just can't compare to the Moderness and feel of B'ham. Harrogate surprised me with it's expanses of greenery and how old-fashioned many of it's shops are compared to B'ham's. I don't like Manchester at all and London's far too busy, crowded and crime-ridden and the Underground scares me The NEC just caps the awesomeness of this place. It's nice living so close to it because it's so easy to get to the shows that are hosted there by train such as Crufts and the Supreme Cat Show. I know that ginormous place very well because my father builds stands there for big events and I often get the chance to look around it and the adjoining Airport. Birmingham isn't really that crowded and I can say that I feel pretty safe when walking around the city center. People are commonly pleasant and there's so much to see here. I don't think I could live anywhere else to be quite honest and I'd be very unwilling to move far away from this city.
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    1. A game with somewhat of a return to SA1-ish gameplay. Rolling, spindashing, somewhat slower pacing, more slopes, whatnot. 2. A Sonic game focused a bit more on the exploration aspect, or just using your abilities to move yourself around an environment rather than just an obstacle course. 3. A 3D version of the Sadv2 boost. This just seems like it'd be so cool and give so much more flexible gameplay than the boost we currently have does. Bonus points if it looks like the wind wooshy thing the beta Unleashed boost did. 4. Another game that focuses as much on game atmosphere as like Unleashed, or SA1. 5. Another good story with more consistent (or at least realistic) character portrayals. Like Adventure, but without bad writing. 6. Going for an art direction that's more out there than what we currently have. I've never liked the really bold, over saturated and forced "Heroes" approach that the series is going more in the direction of. I like the art style when its more vivid, abstracted and with loads of depth. Sonic CD, S3K, SA1, Unleashed, all of those games had that (even including the more obscure games like Sonic R, SegaSonic Arcade, and Chaotix). Had much more charm than this really plain thing with primary colors that they've been doing. Sorry, I just reaaally like color theory and I think its a very important subject to focus on when making something, and I just don't think the current approach to designing Sonic stuff is exactly the way to cut it. I'm not really talking about things like the environment (since those are usually fine) but the whole way the series shows off itself, like through Uekawa's really bland, jagged and overly saturated character poses, the really boring 3D model stock poses, the overusage of primary colors and it just has this really bleeehhh feeling that came around when Heroes was big. Not surprising since Iizuka seemed to love that so much. Okay I'll stop ranting in the smalltext you can keep reading. 6. Reinstating some of the older mythos of the series, like the history of the Chaos Emeralds, referencing places like South Island, revisiting Angel Island, I dunno. It'd be cool! Well, as long as it wasn't in a forced 'throwback' kind of way like Sega has really loved doing lately. 7. Naofumi Hataya or Masafumi Ogata coming back as regular composers for mainstream Sonic games. Please. 8. Another game starring both Sonic and Blaze, preferably 3D. 9. On that note, a game where we can finally forget that Blaze and Silver were ever associated :VVV andddddd 10. More playable characters, all done in a way that actually works with a Sonic game. Either I have too high of hopes or too low of expectations for Sega. LOL
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    Further confirmation that Purple and White Pikmin are returning. Good to see them again!
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    You guys realise Rainmaker Studios are the Canadians who were responsible for making ReBoot which was also a fantastic video game orientated series? This is going to be goooooooooooooooooooooooood~ C'mon Canada, show that there Hollywood a thing or two about making game films.
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    Sonic-related pet peeves?

    ...The cast getting annoyed with Sonic?...why not both?
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    KrazyBean, on 22 Apr 2013 - 16:09, said:Not to mention that these are the FIRST EVER main 3D Pokemon games. And yet they still are dead set on keeping 4 directional movement.
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    Introducing a new type would be pretty cool, balancing be damned. It would be like the Griffon Rider class being introduced in Fire Emblem: Awakening. That class came out of nowhere, and what use does it have to prefer this class practically instead of a Wyvern Lord? Pretty much just a higher Skill stat. But fucking A you can ride griffons now. Fairy-type would give me the same impression, if it's used well. Excitement at something new and out-there first, practicality second.
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    Ugh. No Fairy-Type please. I mean, out of Light, Sound, Magic, etc. we get FAIRY?
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    Fuck! Comedy Central you made me cry! Such a shame, I love that series so much.
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    We got him, we won. You don't have to kill him. Throw him in jail with a life sentence or something. I don't like seeing getting killed, victims or terrorists.
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    Just saw this. It's hilarious so I thought I would share on here.
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    Chili Dawg

    Yoshi's New Island (3DS)

    I really don't get the "soulless" complaint. The Yoshi animations maybe, but those'll probably be improved by the time it launches (and if they don't, feel free to quote this post and laugh at me). The backgrounds and shit look like good old Yoshi fun, just more painty and dimensional. A different take but I really don't think it amounts to having no soul.
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    Guys...GUYS. I SPENT $30 ON SIMS SOCIAL. NOT KIDDING. AND I STILL GO ON IT. When I opened up my Facebook News Feed and saw the announcement (5 minutes ago) my heart sank. I hated Origin and I said I would never buy an EA game unless they get rid of it, but this is a whole new level. I will swear now, I will never buy an EA game again after this. Even if it's Burnout. I never felt so robbed after this. That's it! My $30, DOWN THE ****ING DRAIN. I'll tell my friends to not buy anything EA. So mad right now.
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    UPDATE: This was an April Fools joke, while I was Mariotahplumber. XP ------- VSDFGWGIOFBUIQWEUGQWEA F**K! WHY SEGA WHY?!?! Why did you ****ing make these TWO ****ING GAMES FOR THOSE QUILL ****ING SUCKERS, THESE ****ING SUCK! These ****ing games ruined the ****ing Sonic franchise! Adventure 1 Alright. Let me start with Sonic ****ing Adventure 1 okay? When you love a franchise SO much, that they release a game that starts to ****ing ruin the whole franchise for you, it's this game. SONIC ****ING ADVENTURE. I put the disc in and when the menu pops up, this ****ing hardcore music starts to play that I don't even wanna hear. And most importantly the character design. The character designs are ****ing dumb, they are ****ing gay, they are ****ing retarded, they drive me ****ing insane that I DON'T WANNA PLAY THIS GAME AGAIN. F***K. THIS GAME also introduced the hentai Sonic that nobody likes. Then you play as these ****ing annoying characters. I ****ing hate choices! You have the ****ing gay robot, fat cat, bitch with hammer, (censored) Knuckles and Pussy Tails. It's ****ing cancer. Now for the gameplay and the store-ies. Sonic's storeie is bad, you can't control um, you ****ing die like a ****ing million times...you have to watch those ****ing quills that are for the hentai f*****s, you pop a capsule and the animals fly...ANIMALS DON'T FLY. Animals are suppose to jump out of the console and hop along like the classics. Sonic also needs to wag his finger like in the classics! Not have those green eyes and those long legs like noodles. It's ****ing gay! You then ****ing Tails when all he just do is fly across stages and it's ****ing boring, then you have Amy that ****ing runs away from this ****ing robot like a ****ing coward. It's ****ing dumb, and all she has is a hammer I mean it ****ing sucks! I F***ING HATE THIS GAME! GOSH. And we havent scratched the surface, we have Gamma that ****ing sucks, all you do is shoot with lasers and stuff I mean--- it's****ing s**t, who wants to shoot things all day... Then we have ****ing Knuckles who looks for s**t with treasure ****ing hunting. It's NOT SONICY. URGH. SUCKS. WOW I ALSO FORGOT THAT F***ING FAT F***K, THAT F****ING BIG! VDSFUFUBWF! You go and fish it ****ing sucks! EVERYTHING in this game is wrong. EV-AH-IE-THING! But.... despite all my hatred towards this game, it's better than... Adventure 2 > *gets the game and throws it towards the wall* BAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! This is NO question, THE WORST ****ing SONIC game of all time. MAN. THIS GAME SINGLE HANDLEY ruined the ****ing Sonic franchise! This overrated piece of s**t. Anyone who LIKES this game are MODERN MORANS. This game is a RIP OFF. IT'S ****ing hentai and for ****ing f****ots! Let's start with the ****ing flaws in this game. The opening when you boot up the ****ing game is ****ing ridiculous, you see all these ****ing characters in it. And on to the gameplay. When you start the ****ing hero storie, Sonic jumps out of the ****ing plane and he looks a million times worse than before. I ALMOST HAD TO ****ING GORE MY EYES WHEN I SAW THAT ****ING SHADE OF BLUE SONIC HAS. Then when you play that city level, those ****ing quills bounce up and down IT'S ****ING HENTAI. Then those ****ing shoes, those ugly shoes are as gay as f**k! It's ****ing S**T! URGH. Sonic's voice acting sucks even MORE. You go down with some ugly ****ing skateboard and you see these ****ing robots, WHAT HAPPENED TO THE BADNIKS?! Then you go to the Tails levels OH MY ****ING PLUM. ****ing Tails. All you do is ****ing shoot stuff and fight Eggman. Which brings me to ****ing Eggman. YOU GET to play as Eggman in this game I mean what the f**k? WHAT THE F***K SEGA?! And what's worse, he plays exactly like Tails! Then we have the worst ****ing character in the whole ****ing franchise. Shadow the ****ing hedgehog. He is ****ing emo, ****ing cries over Maria like a big baby and he's nothing but a ****ing Super Sonic recolor. His levels ****ing suck, just like ****ing Sonic levels! They are ****ing gay, uncontrolable, retarded as f**k, game breaking glitches happen in every level...*sigh* GOSH. We have Knuckles. He talks like a f***ing (censored n-word) in this game. He ****ing restored the Master Emerald in the first game and he has to find the pieces again this game I mean what the f**k? It's just ****ing dumb. Then we have Rouge who plays like Knuckles and is after the pieces like Knuckles...and she acts and dresses like a slut! She has ****ing boobs for the hentai fans to drool in to and it's ****ing STUPID. Then in the last story you become ****ing Super Sonic and Super Shadow, a ****ing Dragonball Z ripoff when they become ****ing Super Saiyan and take on Finallizard. It's SUCKS. Shadow dies but GUESS WHAT? SEGA ****ING REVIVED HIM IN ****ING HEROES! BECAUSE THE GAY MODERN MORANS WANTED SHADOW BACK. I HATE YOU ALL. YOU ****ING DESTROYED THE FRANCHISE. *breathes in and out slowly* Anyway I give Adventure 1 a -10/10, and Adventure 2 -9000/10. Don't play these ****ing games. EVER.
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    Black Hat is the Landmaster. EA as the train. Change your name EA, the damage is done. Permanent.
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    Eh, I don't see Sonic settling down with anyone. That's just not his style.
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    The reason is because there are more things that Sonic can't isn't allowed to do, than he can is allowed to do. Whereas, there is nothing Mario can't do. What I'm saying is; there is a very fine tolerance for what is deemed acceptable in Sonic games: -Can't be to linear -Can't be too fast -Can't be too slow -Can't have too blocky platforming -Can't have to little platforming -Can't drive a car (ASR proved all you disbelievers wrong) -Can't have a sword -Can't have too many bottomless pits -Can't be too easy -Can't be too hard -Can't be "cheap" -Can't have too many gimmicks -Can't have too few gimmicks -Can't be based on the real world, but with a fantasy twist -Can't have Pixar-like humans -Can't have Anime-like humans -Can't have realistic humans -Can't have humans at all -Can't have too big hubworlds -Can't have too small hubworlds -Can't have hubworlds at all -Can't have extra characters -Can't forget/leave out characters -Can't have a Monster as final boss -Can't be too mature -Can't be to childish -Can't have an epic story -Can't have a simplistic story -Can't have 'x' voice actor -Can't have voice acting at all -Can't have 2D/3D perspective shifts -Can't have too childish theme songs -Can't have theme songs at all -Can't have too much rock -Can't have too much orchestral -Can't have too much techno -Can't have too much jazz "Wait but aren't some of these statements contradictory?" Well, that about sums up Sonic's situation right now.
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