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    It all makes sense now.
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    Good news Silver members. Your version of the Pizza ordering app is ready! Someone photoshop the Xbox logo on the phones dial.
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    Futurama Is Cancelled... Again!

    The FIRST episode? Fuck. I'll give you a pointer. Never judge a show based on the pilot.
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    Honestly I've felt there hasn't been enough slipping in Sonic ice levels. It seems like a natural extension of the series' focus on momentum, but most of the time Sonic's got perfect traction.
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    The majority vote for less shooters and more Action/Adventure could have to do with people actually purchasing them on day one (we all know how well CoD sells), instead of waiting for a PS+ update. Maybe people chose RPGs and Adventure games because they own less of them, not because they like them over shooters as a whole. PS+ has always been a way to get games you "just sort of want but never have the chance to play", sort of like Gamefly. Either way, this poll isn't exactly a representative sample of the current trend in gaming.
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    -looks at Palas's previous posts- My new dream is for Palas to work at Sonic Team.
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    I don't see a point in Game Freak introducing a new type to be honest, there hasn't been any balance issues since Gen1 (aside from Steel being useless as fuck as an attack move I guess). I wouldn't really care either way if it turns out to be something.
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    No live action, has the writer of the Ratchet & Clank games on board, brilliant animation...this could be the best videogame movie adaptation yet! =D If only all videogame adaptations could go down this route and just be CGI. I'm actually surprised SEGA never made a movie based on at least one of their franchises. A Sonic the hedgehog movie would be epic. Anyway, my younger brother's gonna love this, as he's a big fan of R&C.
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    Ugh. No Fairy-Type please. I mean, out of Light, Sound, Magic, etc. we get FAIRY?
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    Chili Dawg

    Yoshi's New Island (3DS)

    I really don't get the "soulless" complaint. The Yoshi animations maybe, but those'll probably be improved by the time it launches (and if they don't, feel free to quote this post and laugh at me). The backgrounds and shit look like good old Yoshi fun, just more painty and dimensional. A different take but I really don't think it amounts to having no soul.
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    Guys...GUYS. I SPENT $30 ON SIMS SOCIAL. NOT KIDDING. AND I STILL GO ON IT. When I opened up my Facebook News Feed and saw the announcement (5 minutes ago) my heart sank. I hated Origin and I said I would never buy an EA game unless they get rid of it, but this is a whole new level. I will swear now, I will never buy an EA game again after this. Even if it's Burnout. I never felt so robbed after this. That's it! My $30, DOWN THE ****ING DRAIN. I'll tell my friends to not buy anything EA. So mad right now.
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    The reason is because there are more things that Sonic can't isn't allowed to do, than he can is allowed to do. Whereas, there is nothing Mario can't do. What I'm saying is; there is a very fine tolerance for what is deemed acceptable in Sonic games: -Can't be to linear -Can't be too fast -Can't be too slow -Can't have too blocky platforming -Can't have to little platforming -Can't drive a car (ASR proved all you disbelievers wrong) -Can't have a sword -Can't have too many bottomless pits -Can't be too easy -Can't be too hard -Can't be "cheap" -Can't have too many gimmicks -Can't have too few gimmicks -Can't be based on the real world, but with a fantasy twist -Can't have Pixar-like humans -Can't have Anime-like humans -Can't have realistic humans -Can't have humans at all -Can't have too big hubworlds -Can't have too small hubworlds -Can't have hubworlds at all -Can't have extra characters -Can't forget/leave out characters -Can't have a Monster as final boss -Can't be too mature -Can't be to childish -Can't have an epic story -Can't have a simplistic story -Can't have 'x' voice actor -Can't have voice acting at all -Can't have 2D/3D perspective shifts -Can't have too childish theme songs -Can't have theme songs at all -Can't have too much rock -Can't have too much orchestral -Can't have too much techno -Can't have too much jazz "Wait but aren't some of these statements contradictory?" Well, that about sums up Sonic's situation right now.
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    Metal Gear Solid

    I already have MGS1 on the PSN, MGS2&3 HD versions, MGS4 on PS3, and Peace Walker on the PSP/Vita. What extra content is going to be in the Legacy collection that would validate me re-buying all those games for practically the same console. Since this is PS3 only, will we get stuff like Snake vs. Monkey put back in? I hope MGS2 Skateboarding and MGS3 Secret Theatre make it in there, but I doubt it.
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    So the WiiU Virtual Console launch lineup has been confirmed; Balloon Fight Donkey Kong Jr. Excitebike Ice Climber Kirby's Adventure Punch Out!! F-Zero Super Mario World Ok I know people were telling me to chill out a few pages back, but the Wii launched with far far far far more than this. On launch day. This has taken them 5 months. What the heck is up. I'm predicting a trickle of NES games, maybe one NES game we've all played before per month. The most depressing thing is, like many people have said, Nintendo have access to such a huge and amazing range of games and yet they're ridiculously hesitant to release them, even when the WiiU is suffering so much. This sort of thing could really increase console interest. No? No. Ok.
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    I don't think people are complaining as much as they're pointing out how useless this feature is. Heres just a few problems I can see with it. 1: You don't have the full Pizza Hut menu. Even for take-aways/delivery, it's not the full thing. 2: Unless you have a preference set, it takes a long time to make a pizza and submit it. 3: You don't have to disconnect from Xbox Live or leave your couch... Now number 3 ties into what I'm about to say next. Every single problem on there can be solved or makes this feature completely useless by this man. That is Alexandar Graham Bell, who invented the telephone. If you sit on your couch and ring up Pizza Hut, you can order faster, have more choice, and still keep connected to Xbox Live. So other than getting a discount until May 6th... what use is this feature? And another reason why this is useless... the selling point is 'keep playing/using your Xbox/don't leave the couch' Scenario 1: Me: Ok order placed.... 30 min later the doorbell rings Me: XBOX! ANSWER THE DOOR! 10 min later... Me: Xbox... did I not make myself clear... You have to stop using your xbox anyway to go get your pizza when it turns up =p
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    As I recall analysing the announcement dates all the way back to 2005 shows May and April alternating each year. By that pattern, this should be a May year. No need to panic, gents! Our long wait will pay off soon enough... we'll get Sonic 2013, Sonic Boom, and Summer of Sonic all in one month likely.
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    So Microsoft want people to eat pizza and then they want people to play Kinect. Like... are they actually trying to kill said people?
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    Wow uhm. This trailer has actually got me really wanting to play the games. Since I have a PS3 I guess I have no excuse at this point. Also the trailer is the best fucking thing ever.
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    Archie Sonic Main Discussion

    I always had a little headcanon that Enerjak kept Sonic's Core as a personal trophy because of the stated emnity between them i.e Sonic was stated to have been jealous of Knuckles in that timeline because he did away with Eggman once and for all. Having his body shackled to the wall of his citadel was one thing but having his very soul was probably the bigger 'prize' and he didn't want to lose that 'prize' by sending Sonic's prelate out and possibly losing it to the FF's.
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    Calm down. You really don't need to type in all caps to get your point across.
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    Legosi (Tani Coyote)

    [MUSIC] My Stuffs

    I've always really liked these fan Generations remixes. Quite some nice ones you've got here! What I really enjoy is when it has a particular rhythm that you are able to actually clap your hands to, myself. I think you captured the Classic feel very well; there's some chiptune there, but at the same time it's modern and very electrified at the same time. You've been commissioned you say? Congratulations! I can certainly see why they commissioned you; hope the project turns out well so more people learn about your stuff.
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    What really surprised me was they had this same plot device in both strips. Which led to a lot of claims by the StC fanbase that Archie had stolen the idea since Archie did it much later. Admittedly, it is suspect but... hey, small homage to StC, right?
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    That Charmy Bee was a Prince in the Comics.
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    I'd take that with a grain of salt until we hear from an official source.
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    I just want to see Retro's newest game and at least two new surprise announcements, one of them which I hope is a new Metroid or Starfox game. I'm dying to see that Super Smash Bros and Mario U footage though~
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    Dr. Crusher

    Sonic-related pet peeves?

    Your mileage definitely varies regarding that. I myself couldn't stand him, and thought it was way too much.
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    Legosi (Tani Coyote)

    Worst game you ever bought

    Sonic 06 is 100x better than Spyro: A New Beginning. That game is atrocious and is like Sonic Unleashed, except without the characters I love and adore, and nothing to separate the Werehog stages from eachother. It's never ending melee after melee and gets boring and stale very quick. I bought it to try and diversify my collection of furry franchises that I could obsess over. I bought the classics for PSN; they are FAR superior. Every time someone says Sonic's fallen from grace, I'm going to mention Spyro and Crash Bandicoot.
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    Riff-making Love

    Futurama Is Cancelled... Again!

    It was time. DiMaggio's doing voice acting for Adventure time, Sagal is on that awesome show Sons of Anarchy, the voice actors will always find more work, especially since most of them have actually had onscreen acting time anyway. Having Futurama on your resume would say a lot so the production team will be fine. Many people thought that despite being more clever and funny than PLENTY of the mature animated TV on right now, it's fallen off and it'd be best to kill it off before it gets over-repetitive and haphazardly gimmicky (i.e; family guy).
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    Have you thought about that maybe whoever did it didn't care about copyright?
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    ^Even if the music is good, I doubt it'll be enough to save the film if everything else (char development, animation, wriitng, etc.) is terrible. Though I don't understand why EQG is having a theatrical release (a limited one I might add) and not a TV special or straight to DVD type of thing, which is what it sounds like? Also, why release it during the same week as Man of Steel and a week prior of Monsters University? Like many are going to flock to the theaters for something that even most bronies are skeptical of than a movie featuring a legendary comic book superhero icon or a sequel for a Pixar film, one of their good/decent ones I might add. Not to mention that we have seen neither hide nor tail of a trailer or footage/promo material (well, a couple of images and rumors of Spike the Dog) of sorts about this when release is near and bronies and little girls are NOT the intended demographic for this one but for the Bratz/Monster High crowd. Also, I'm kinda worried if this fails then we might not see a chance for an actual worldwide FiM movie. Heck, there haven't been much news about this on the Hub as well, which makes me think even the creators are doubtful about this. This sounds like bad marketing no matter how you look at it.
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    New show, constantly changing audience over the years, etc... It's more for those new to the series than it is for those who've been watching since the 90s.
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    Archie Sonic Main Discussion

    I'm surprised nobody is aware of the true reason why that issue sold so many copies...
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    The Conductor

    Archie Sonic Main Discussion

    You know, if anyone said "You know, there's so many Superman characters now, we don't really need Jimmy Olsen and Lois Lane do we?" they'd called out as utter idiots. The simple fact is, Sally, Antoine, Rotor and Bunnie have been appearing in Sonic the Hedgehog media since 1993, they've been in Sonic stories for longer than they haven't. Removing them is idiocy because you know what will happen? Sales will drop because you know the people who are the most critical of the non-game cast? People who do not buy the book, and they will continue to not buy the book if the large cast is dropped, while some long time fans will drop the book.
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    Iizuka has confirmed that Athletics is a main series title, occurring after Colors and before Generations.
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    Sonic Athletics Announced "Jay goes fast"

    I demand a shitty kinect port where you run on the spot, just like in real life.
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    The almost-trolling continues. This pleases me.
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    Ming Ming Hatsune


    Why are you guys talking like condoms are 100% safe? They are not. If the condom tears even a little bit or slips out, you are at high risk of getting the girl pregnant.
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    Worst game you ever bought

    I have a soft spot for the game which is probably out of nostalgia (it was one of my first Mega Drive games and we played it a lot when I was a kid), but that mine cart section is still one of the worst things I've ever experienced. Just played through the game again a year or two back and it was a billion times worse than I remembered! Jet Set Radio Future was the biggest disappointment for me for the same reasons Mark said, and considering it was one of the main reasons I got an Xbox in the first place, it just made it all the worse. I love the original game despite it not being perfect by any means, but Future just stripped out everything that was awesome about it and made an entire game out of the worst parts. I haven't gone back to it since it was released and have no desire to, but I remember the levels being very long and very dull, and the soundtrack (which basically made the first game) was totally uninspired. I will never understand why it still receives so much praise. Oh yeah, and I got a preowned copy of Bubsy 3D for 49p and still feel like I was ripped off.
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    Spin Attaxx

    Official Sonic 2006 topic

    We already have an Elise the Hedgehog. We call her Amy. And she's even better than Elise as a human.
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    Ming Ming Hatsune

    April Fools 2013

    A Special Message from the President of the United States! (This is from the official whitehouse channel btw)
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    At least we can all agree on something. This is nothing compared to DmC's Dante.
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    Your point? They did pour their heart, soul and affection into the game, and did their own thing instead of building a game that plays it safe to appease critics and select Sonic fans. You might not like the result, but you got what you asked for.
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    Sonic 1, 2(WK), 3&K, all in the style of Generations' classic stages, remixed music (oh yes) and all. EDIT: Why the heck not, let's throw Sonic 4 in there too.
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