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    I'd say it's pretty tame for an M rating...
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    The way it was handled was pretty tame. They didn't show blood, you don't see her hit the floor... Now, I'm not saying the situation, the murder of a child, as you put it, isn't dark and you need blood in order to make it dark, but the way it was presented doesn't really offend in my opinion.
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    source:http://news.yahoo.com/blogs/sideshow/carnival-life-savings-135411650.html?vp=1 I don't know whether to laugh at how stupid he was, or shake my head in shame. For the sake of all, if you lost $300 the first time, why in fuck's name would you go get $2300 more, just to lose it? And to make this more embarrassing, the Kinect isn't even worth life savings, let alone $2600.
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    Hell yes. This movie will rock, all the years of mecha anime and kaiju films couldn't prepare you for what this movie will bring in store. Del Toro, is awesome, I love the Hellboy films (iwantmythirdfilmdammit) He's such a fantastic and fun director, and I could not imagine a more perfect director for a project like this. What a great cast too, Charlie Day,(KITTEN MITTENS) Idris Elba, and Ron Pearlman up in here. Day -1, my most anticipated movie of the summer. I mean did you see that robot beat a monster over the head with a giant ship?! Let me say that again. THAT ROBOT JUST BEAT A MONSTER OVER THE HEAD WITH A GIANT SHIP. THAT ROBOT JUST BEAT A MONSTER OVER THE HEAD WITH A GIANT SHIP.
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    Luckily I just happened to be bored with my tablet nearby: I didn't see the original EMH but I did hear good things about it, hopefully this is a worthy followup to that series.
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    Maybe it's just me, but I don't get what's so shocking or dark about this. Comparing to other things we've seen in Sonic and are accustomed to, I'd say this is just... out of place, but not to the point where it has shock value.
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    So this guy wanted something that can do...this? What the hell? There are better things in life than a Kinect, you crazy man.
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    Linky. Oh, wow. It's like... well drawn and not stupid and everything. : O
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    Official Anime/Manga Thread

    They're called teenage girls.
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    This is coming to the eShop next year: http://www.nintendolife.com/news/2013/04/exclusive_tengami_confirmed_for_wii_u_release Quite the interesting art style. David Wise of ex-Rare fame is doing the music, and there are a few other ex-Rare folk at the studio too. Should be good.
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    Okay, here's the thing. If you guys cannot stop devolving these Vs. threads into shit slinging at the slightest drop of a hat, these Vs. threads will stop existing. And I happen to really enjoy these threads, and see no reason whatsoever for them to keep falling into this petty bullshit; so I'll be rather pissed if you guys won't knock it off.
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    I've been thinking about giving this a go for a while, so I thought I might as well give it a shot. --- The Sonic Stadium Epic is a sort of "What-If?" story, where, in an alternate Earth, The Sonic Stadium is, instead of a message board, a virtual reality hub, where people visit (via avatars) to talk about Sonic and such. Time in The Sonic Stadium occurs much faster than in real life, allowing members to seemingly spend days talking and otherwise horsing around, while only taking hours of real time. However, after a mysterious hack attempt of unknown origin, a few members begin acting strangely. A few concerned users begin investigating the hack and slowly come to realize that the attempt was actually from a parallel dimension, which is, in fact, Sonic's World. Dr. Eggman has found a way to cross virtual dimensional boundaries, allowing him to hack into the "real" world's internet. If allowed to continue, he could eventually garner enough data to launch remote attacks on the world's governments, and, possibly worse still, bring himself through to our world. The news hits the community like a truck and immediately divides the userbase; one half, dubbed The Freedom Fighters, is against Eggman's attempts to enter our world, and will fight with all they can to prevent it. The other half, The Eggman Empire, is optimistic about Eggman's foray into our world, believing that he can, in fact, rule it better than the many corrupt governments currently do. However; The Freedom Fighters aren't alone in their struggle; thanks to Tails' genius, Sonic and his friends have been able to bridge the same gap, allowing them to appear (as avatars) within The Sonic Stadium. Unfortunately, Eggman's been able to do the same with some of the less-savory denizens of Sonic's world, such as Fang the Sniper, Metal Sonic, and many of his other robots. That's where you come in. Which side are you on? Do you want to fight alongside Sonic and friends to stop the Eggman Empire from bringing its founder to our world and creating global tyranny? Or do you want to help Eggman put a stop to the corruption humans have brought upon our world? The choice is yours. --- This thread is all about sign-ups and a bit of voting. List some basic stats, such as your avatar's appearance (adhering to a theme that you take on on the actual Sonic Stadium is recommended), their personality (your own), and other facts. Your characters' ability to fight or otherwise help the cause of your choice is up to you. The voting part is about whether you'd rather this be A.) a community writing project, where you write for EVERYONE for a certain amount of time, or B.) an RP (which would have a set of rules in place to prevent stagnation or flooding). I hope this can be plenty of fun for everyone. Cheers~ PROLOGUE *** Display Name: Waribro Overview: Waribro is usually crude, fun-loving, and silly. He's not afraid to grab a girl's behind or otherwise be a jerk, but at heart, he's a nice guy. However, after being hacked by Eggman, he's become a bit more aggressive due to some bugs with the doc's upgrades interfering with his thought patterns. This side of him resembles his inspiration much more closely, being erratic and selfish, as well as causing others trouble any time he gets the chance. This side of his personality is especially prevalent when he becomes frustrated or irritated, another mirror to the real Wario. Appearance: Waribro takes cues from Wario's design, obviously, but prefers to combine the WarioWare and Wario Land designs rather than choose one or another. Built like a regular human instead of like a muscly dwarf, he wears a goldenrod tank-top with a purple denim jacket, along with the finest blue jeans this side of Diamond City. He wears Wario's biker helmet, but prefers to leave the goggles off to prevent rings around his eyes. Abilities: Strength, speed, and agility to match Wario's. Generally has a keen eye for detail, adapted from Wario's love of adventuring and treasure-hunting. Is a Jack-of-All-Trades... Weaknesses: ...but master of none. While he is strong, fast, and smart, there are others that are stronger, faster, and smarter, although he'll give anyone a run for his money. Quick to anger, slow to diplomacy when he's in "Wario" mode. Can be easily bought or tricked into doing things. Cannot turn down a fight. Cannot cover much ground without his motorcycle, which has a tendency to get destroyed...
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    The Things Wrong With Dimps' Sonic Games

    I'd say the arguments that Pocket Adventure show all of the issues that would later plague Sonic 4 are made invalid by the original Advance; but made even more invalid by the 10 year gap between the two.
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    Cyrus' Art - Gotta draw. Just draw.

    What, you thought there were organs in that shell of his? Pffft.
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    It's sort of the whole "never say die" thing. Well, they say it plenty of times but they never show it. That's the important thing. It's like, you can kill the Black Arms troops by attacking them, yet you can only ever injure the GUN Soldiers and they can always be healed. Maria's case is very similar because you don't see her die. Actually, I'm always confused about that cut scene. If it was supposed to be where she died, how was this possible? It's got to be before the shooting scene because after this one Shadow's pod is sent to Earth, otherwise he wouldn't remember Maria getting a hole in the head. But then, if she was shot and died in the shooting scene then how could the above have happened? Am I getting things wrong here?
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    I think it's because it was cut from all versions of the game, and the only time we ever saw it was when a trailer was filmed off-screen. Either way, it's a legitimately dark and sad scene. I can't fathom how SEGA and Sonic Team ever felt that was the right way to take the series. Or how if they were able to do a scene like that that they would ruin the game with bloody Black Doom.
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    And why not? Why is it that there always seems to be a problem with doing even a good attempt at edgy with Sonic? Why is it that even if it's done well it's still a bad thing?Why is it that for all this discussion about variety of colors we can't have variety of tone for the series either? Why should we limit ourselves and not enjoy an edgy feel in the series when we pull it off well? Sorry if this comes off a bit personal, but frankly, it just flat out annoys the piss out of me that we can enjoy all sorts of cartoons and animations like that such as Disney that manage do it and yet it seems to feel like a taboo and unnatural for Sonic. I just flat out hate how one-sided and close-minded that is. And dialogue talking about the "Superpower of Teamwork" is actually decent by comparison? And don't get me started on how flat out hypocritical it is to the plot when the teams go fighting each other when they might be after the same thing, and for the most ridiculous misunderstandings. Dude, I like lighthearted plots as much as I do edgy ones, but I know when the dialogue is sounds like it was written by kindergardners, and Heroes was far worse in that aspect than SA2 could ever be.
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    Archie Sonic Main Discussion

    Preview of Part 3 of the Crossover
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    Very excited for Tengami. This is coming to eShop too, both for 3DS and Wii U.
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    Don't think I could hold out for another RP to fuck up and get complicated and off topic so I'll be sitting this one out, it's just too much work to commit to.
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    Dafaq's a condom. Ya know, I have every reason to believe that's how it happened.
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    Xbox 720 / NeXtBox / Durango / Infinity

    I'm sure the people who bought PSN games that required you to be connected to PSN to play them were thrilled when Sony shut down PSN in 2011 for... what was it? 4 months? But it's okay, because before it happened Sony thought it would never happen to them.
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    You remember that awesome Twilight Sparkle plush that's totally official and awesome and stuff? There's going to be more! I wonder who they'll do next- Linky. I need to lie down for a bit.
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    Seeing as there is a multitude of different Vs topics going on I thought I'd give a new spin on them. Now we all have our favourite levels, and we all have our favourite Tropes right? (And topics on both) Well what about the tropes that you don't much care for? This is a topic where I thought we could explore each trope week by week and compare the levels in them/see if there are unanimously praised and loved levels for that trope or gimmicks that you feel particularly work within it. Getting you to think about the style of levels you don't like and saying "we'll I don't much care for X type of level but Y was actually pretty decent" Please try to only choose one favourite level for each trope as sometimes there are only 2-3 levels in said trope, so obviously the more common tropes can have a couple of choices. (if you really can't pick!) and yes SOME levels can be in more than one trope (e.g.ShtH Prison Island is jungle and industrial) And yes levels from any game goes. So without further ado... This week. Green Levels! We all know the ones generally they are the opening levels that we see first and not every game has them, rather opting for a "jungle" trope instead (Green Forest, Lost Jungle, ect, but thats for a different week) Some examples Green Hill Zone Emerald Hill Zone Angel Island Zone Mushroom Hill Zone Emerald Coast Seaside Hill Leaf Storm Plant Kingdom Planet Wisp Usually bright and vibrant and occasionally getting more sinister as you progress (Angel Island, Mushroom Hill, Planet Wisp) they show us the harmony of nature within sonics world where Eggman has yet to penetrate, abundant in flowers of different types and colours and (usually) Checkered soil common for Sonic world. Thinking long and hard about this trope (I couldn't start the topic without it) I think my favourite would have to be Mushroom Hill Zone Now don't get me wrong i like a lot of the green levels but this one stands out to me as more different to the rest along with the way that the level is designed around the greenery. First you have those vines that grab and stick onto you, yes annoying when your playing but a very real hazard we never really get to see, I mean sonic is running through these places at breakneck speed, surely he must get tangled up at some point. Then you have the roots or Giant vines that you can run on for loops and twists, I feel they are interfgrated really well into the level, looking natural unlike some of the loops in other games, (alright they look natural but not part of the scenery). Then you have the changing seasons from luscious summer greens to autumn browns and oranges to chilly pale greens and blues of winter. I have no idea what Eggman was doing to change it, or why, but I loved how you could run through the level at different times of the seasonal year seeing how it changed. Also you can't forget the bouncy mushrooms and their squelchy boink noise, the fact they are level decoration that you can actually use is something people are constantly complaining about in Unleashed and games after, how you can see things but not touch them, the majority of the mushrooms in the level you can bounce on and use to get to new places. It's a really cool and in place gimmick (that they did indeed reuse for Plant Kingdom) that I feel is used effectively and can be really fun! So there you go, I'll probably change my mind after writing this as there are a HUGE volume of green levels to consider (I haven't even played a lot of the handheld/spinoff ones!). I hope you all have some interesting thoughts and feelings regarding the level tropes but that you most importantly enjoy reading and posting on this thread. So over to you guys!
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    Besides from all the fake reeking, it does sound pretty fun even if nothing about it sounds plausible. By far the most plausible thing he mentioned was the lack of a Vita version. That's.. depressingly plausible.
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    For $300 I would have just given him mine. ...It's just sitting there.
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    You might as well keep your 360 if you have to pay an additional $$$ for BW/C.
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    I'll definitely admit that this choice was surprising. When I said I didn't find it shocking, I was mainly referring to the scene itself and how it was presented, not the fact that Sonic Team decided to show the death on-screen. And Blue Blood, I dunno what to tell you, man. Haha. There's a lot of inconsistencies, we all know that. If I remember correctly, this all played out completely differently in SA2.
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    Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D

    One problem with that, Mr. Phorus: I can't run Dolphin on my 3DS.
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    This looks terrible. Well, the trailer itself doesn't look terrible, but it's a good trailer with all the signs of a terrible movie. I think this is going to be all style and no substance like a bad Michael Bay movie. Meh, good ahead Pacific Rim, prove me wrong
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    This film can be one of two things. Either one of the best geek sci-fi films ever created or a shining example of missing the mark and squandering potential. For these reasons it's the film I'm most eager to see.
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    Yeah, 3 out of those 4 games you mentioned are ambassador games. So I don't know if this slew of releases is even a minor accomplishment.
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    Depends on what's defined as colorful? Because the way I see it, if it's because one or two colors are more dominant than the others somehow implies that it's not colorful, anyone could easily skew that against either game with levels like Hang Castle being mostly grey like that of Prison Lane, Rail Canyon being mostly brown like that of Pumpkin Hill, Final Fortress being mostly dark blue and grey similar to Metal Harbor, Frog Forest being mostly green like that of White Jungle and Green Forest, with levels like Casino Park, Grand Metropolis, and Seaside Hill (including their second acts) being Heroes' only exception. And this is before getting into level tropes. And what about the other examples I mentioned? Dry Lagoon White Jungle: Why didn't you address those? I'm seeing loads of green here compared to the "brown and grey" you make it out to be. I'd go so far as to throw in blue as well with the color of the water and the skies being part of the background. Or how about in addition to those, Radical Highway making use of the colors Red as the more eye catching color: Dude, I will defend Heroes on its variety and how much it pops out at you, and I happen to disagree with Nepenthe on the front that Heroes looks like it just throws color around. But at the same time, I'm not going to let SA2 get hounded for being nothing but "Brown and Grey" when the both of us know full and well there's a lot more color to it than just those two.
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    Alright that's enough. People have a right to react and feel however they want to feel about this show as long as they're not attacking others for it. Some people think it's utter shit and if you want to debate about the quality then that's fine, but saying "It's just a children's show, get over it" is not how you convince people to change their minds. You're not winning or ending any argument by saying it, and you certainly don't look like the better man.
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    Favorite Sonic Games!

    I despised '06's story because; - It was pretentious in it's 'seriousness'. Like Shadow the Hedgehog before it, it's poor attempts at 'maturity' made it look pathetic and 'trying too hard' instead as the writing was nowhere near solid enough to carry it without it looking contrived and stupid. - It featured a Sonic that had all the personality of a tree and who is shunted sideways out of the limelight by his two co-stars, reduced to an incompetent buutmonkey who fails at practically everything he does. He's utilized as a mere catalyst to further the story along in an extremely ridiculous way. We're supposed to believe that the way Mephiles kills him was believable or a worthy death for Sonic the Hedgehog, a guy who escapes exploding space stations, fights ginormous chaos emerald-powered aggrieved water monsters and gives gravity the finger when leaping from a military helicopter and then gives death the same treatment when he succeeds in teleporting from an escape pod rigged with explosives? This game is called "SONIC THE HEDGEHOG"? "Shadow The Hedgehog 2" more like. - It's main villain Mephiles has a stupidly overwrought plan that screams of complexity addiction. There's no cleverness to what he does, the writers just saw fit to morph everyone else into complete and utter idiots so they fall right into his insanely badly pulled-off plan. And Mephiles himself is not immune to the logically-bereft scenario's the game's story comes out with. - The time travel plot included multiple gaping plot holes including the paradox with the Blue Chaos Emerald. Ignoring established continuity for a plot point that could've been written another way without screwing continuity? It's here. Missed opportunities, yes. Putting it's tone above other things that need to be considered in the writing of a story, yes. Needless exaggeration of character personalities, yes. But it's certainly not terrible. Colours' cutscenes were quite entertaining to watch and Sonic-Tails Bromance was made of pure awesomeness despite the shortcomings and it's far more competently written than the drivel that's the excuse for '06's plot.
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    There, he's more of a stepping stone you use to hurt the actual boss, rather than a full-fledged boss.
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    Thank you for explaining that whole situation. As much as I might have preferences for what games Retro might make, truth be told I really have no idea what could be going on over there. They were making original IPs, then they focused on Metroid for a long time, now we just don't know. Zelda? F-Zero? StarFox? New things? God knows. I just hope that it's pleasing, and that they reveal it at E3.
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    I'd like to take this opportunity to announce SOS 2025. Location: International Space Station. But at $200,000 for a ticket, I might wait until that lunatic millionare opens Jurassic Park... Or someone invents a Sovereign Class starship.
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    Official Anime/Manga Thread

    I think most people grow out of that though. Like I am not in the anime club at my uni or anything but I haven't met someone like that in a looooooong ass time. It also seems way more prevalent in the US than here in Australia, haha
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    You're all speculating that Sonic got beaten up by the Black Arms or Shadow? Now that's tame compared to what people were saying back in 2005... you know, cause of the positions Sonic and Shadow are in.
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    I was never really all that fond of the Frontier-type areas, but that's purely personal. The creativity of them in pitching battles under altered rules is a good thing to be in the games, and I don't really understand why they weren't in Gen V. Because I'm not personally very interested in them, though, the main thing that irked me about the Battle Subway was that it didn't actually take you anywhere. As far as the contest analogue goes, I think they should be more like the contests and movies and less like the musicals and Pokeatholon; that is, like the Frontier facilities, they should take the ordinary rules and gameplay of Pokemon and turn them towards a different end. I thought the stories in the movies were entertaining; it's just a shame that there were dozens and you had to do each one three times and then go and watch it three times... it became a chore. But as to what the new version should be... tricky. Maybe breeding contests, but I feel like it should be something useful. Like Pokemon science somehow, or Pokemon emergency services where you have to choose the Pokemon best-suited to putting out a fire or rescuing people in a collapsed building or something.
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    I'm don't normally watch this kind of film; all big special effects and little in the way of meaty characterization and all that, but the trailers for this film just blow me away and really get me excited. It's weird. I have a small feeling that this film might possibly end up becoming this decade's Independence Day; one of those big, bold sci-fi blockbusters that we'll remember for a long time afterwards. It might not, of course, we'll just have to see, but I'm looking forward to it. I posted these in the movie thread some time ago, but here they are again, Pacific Rim's posters: USA - Gypsy Danger Australia - Striker Eureka Russia - Cherno Alpha China - Crimson Typhoon Japan - Coyote Tango
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    How exactly can you come to such a conclusion if you haven't played it? It's a solid fighter with some nice albeit top heavy characters for the most part, the only thing it's weak on is roster size and because of it, the stories tend to drop off into cliffhangers because the character's they introduce in the story arcs aren't playable and only serve as a massive cocktease at the end of each story as to what happens next. The game is merely incomplete, but character designs are solely down to personal preference.
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    Xbox 720 / NeXtBox / Durango / Infinity

    Yeah...why exactly is this a thing? It's not like PS4 is going to have a huge launch either. This is what happens every time they're transitioning from generation to generation. Do people just forget that it happens? 6 years isn't that long, is it?
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    Best Sonic fanart ever

    Giving this topic the bump o' justice. One of my personal favorites are the Sonic game cards by Sonicguru. I've always loved minimalism when it comes to artwork, but Sonicguru does a perfect job of providing simple imagery showing iconic objects from each game.
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    Storylines you want to make better

    Yea, I feel its a lot more appropriate for those two to be together to confront Eggman. Heck, you can even have a small scene of Tails warning Sonic to not be reckless, but Sonic ignoring him of course. I always felt that the emeralds weren't so much depowered, but rather corrupted like Sonic with Dark Gaia's energy. It would explain why the Gaia temples needed to be used to restore them rather than just positive thoughts. You can still show Sonic's will be trying to resist the form from within, but still yea. Its a plot point I want touched upon. That's where I got the inspiration from. I also want to include a scene where Knuckles calls out Sonic's reckless behavior when he finds out what happened to the emeralds. Sonic's technically responsible for all of the events unfolding so it would have been interesting to see how guilty he feels about it in addition to all of the other things happening to him. I would have him go around the world, conquering areas bit by bit. Another interesting plot point I feel would have been good is for him to kidnap Chip after he was revealed to be Light Gaia. Eggman realizes that Chip would be the one thing that can stop him, and opts to prevent that from happening. Dangerously Genre Saavy at his finest. Nothing wrong with a good ole slugfest. Knux would probably still continue attacking Sonic after the fact because he's a dick like that. It also gives Amy's role a lot more meaning than just simply being there for the sake of one scene.
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    Does anyone even like Pokémon Rumble objectively as more than a "silly fun thing that'd be good for £1".
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    Speaking of Worlds Collide... Expect the usual in a bit.
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    No one here is strongly defending the show the same way people defend crappy Sonic games with their life though. It's mostly Teen Titans fans explaining why the new show sucks as a comedy and has nonexistent action when the original had beautiful animation and funny stories. The other side doesn't really care either way because cartoons are meant to be dumb apparently so why complain about them? I'd say the Titans fans have a better argument.
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