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    Musicians of the SSMB, it's time to bust out the instruments once again. Hell yeah, it's that time of year, and the third album project is now open for business! Click ALL of the spoilers for project details! 1. The Project 2. Da Rules Album Art And finally, to everybody aboard, be cool, be wild, be groovy, be creative! In other words, have fun! 3. Submissions and Deadlines 4. Finding the Computer Room Then, let's get to work! Album art by Spazdaxx
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    Sonic Lost World Announced

    Yellow guy reminds me of Dodoria from Dragonball Z. ... Wait a minute... does that mean... HOLY CRAP, Zeena is a dude!
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    Oliver Stone's Untold History Of The United States is a 10 part Documentary series by acclaimed and controversial film Director Oliver Stone. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XO-Y8wNwbuA http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gM6RqlnTryA The Documentary focus largely on United States Political History from World War II right up to the ongoing War on Terror. It focuses largely on the "distorted" aspects of American History that is warped into a mythology of sorts like the justification of the Atomic Bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki among many controversial undertakings of the United States in the past 70/80 years. There is no Conspiracy rubbish, it is all well sourced and highly accurate Oliver Stone worked along side Historian Peter Kuznick on this project since the late 1990's on sourcing material for it and production took 4 years. Their is also a book that accompanies the series by Oliver Stone and Historian Peter Kuznick which goes into more detail than the Documentary and starts earlier in the late 19th century. I cannot recommend this series enough. If you enjoy History it is well worth a look into.
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    Alright, so this past weekend I went to Fiesta Equestria in Houston TX. It was a lot of fun, and it was the first big con I ever went to. I felt kinda tense for a while at first because so many cosplayers, but once I bought a fleece hat it was all fine. Two friends of mine ran a vendor booth that didn't sell too well, and the one I roomed with at the hotel cosplayed as Harley Quinn and actually pulled it off very well. The VA panel was fun as they always are and I even took VA lessons from Michael Daingerfield. I'm definitely going to more of these! Also, I bought some stuff because going to a con without buying stuff is boring. Time and money very well spent.
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    Animal Crossing New Leaf~

    My god, these are cracking me up!
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    Archie Sonic Main Discussion

    Matt Herms posted the raw artwork to the double-page spread in Sonic 250. I know alot of you peeps want this! :V http://herms85.deviantart.com/art/ALL-The-Robot-Masters-381480738 "Look at all those Wily's Robot Masters"
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    Watch it come out in 2014 and everyone will be confused saying "Isn't it 2014 now not 2013"
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    Pet hates in gaming.

    My pet hate that everyone is probably fed up of me talking about is the fact that 99% of ~AAA~ western games revolve around white men killing things usually with guns in uninspired depressing settings in order to bring out gamers' apparent innate desire for a traditional patriarchy where muscles and violence are actually useful. Gaming is the only remaining outlet for male power fantasies and it's so rampant that it's killing off almost any other interesting or legacy franchise in its path!! Yay. EDIT: Oh and paying for the rest of a game you've already bought. "Day one DLC" my ass. Don't make me seem like a rose-tinted gamer but wow gaming was so much better back when you actually got a full package by buying a game!! Unlockables and costumes and everything, it's all there, you didn't ask for it, you don't need it, but the developers put it in the game because they actually thought it'd be a nice li'l thing to put in their game. For free.
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    Hey there folks, I’m Nicolas Quiles, and I’m the head of the Sonic Segatenderations Team. Now you might be wondering “ What the hell is Sonic Segatenderations?”Well, I can tell you it’s not a chicken tender recipe... so don’t assume that’s why it’s called that like a couple of people did. Anywho, Segatenderations started as a collaborative project between me and Victor Volkman, otherwise known as BaluvXaluv. But as we grew more popular and gained more support, a lot of people have come and gone to help out with the project: K-Lub L, Charles Ritz, Marvin Valentin, BoxRobotStudios, $adiq Wade, Willo9000, Neko Sol, Justin Blocker, Dizcrybe, 6StringTyphoon, Joshua Taipale, GottaGoBass, Faseeh, Shirojyuu and Sly4Good. So as you can see, we have quite the diverse team, but by this point, you may be wondering how we use our talents, and the answer for that is very simple: We remix music. Our main specialty is remixing in the style of Sonic Generations in our main Segatenderations album, which is named after my YouTube username: Segatendo360. Each member brings their own new style to the team, from techno, to orchestral, to rock, to make a rather satisfying final product. We do have other projects going on, filled with original themes, or just random remixes of something Now, before we continue, click on the spoilers to see some select works of certain members of the team: [spoilerS] Now, this is one of my works: {http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ANuh8E5YDkY} [spoilerS] And, here we have one of BaluvXaluv’s remixes: {http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yyv0bd0S_LU} [spoilerS] Now, we have a song by $adiq: {http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JaNbHOSMI5I} [spoilerS] Willo9000 is next: {http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yHy35dpVNDo} [spoilerS] And, then we give you Neko Sol’s big song for the album: {http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DP_gdr1CpPE} [spoilerS] Next up is BoxRobotStudios: {http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x_Jz5EOxcIk} [spoilerS] Finally, here is something from Dizcrybe: {http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=icxequxyqeU} So, now you should see that we’re not just lying to you when we say that we have potential. We put a lot of effort into what we do, and we always try to please. Our basic goals in mind are to create an album by Sonic fans for Sonic fans. We wish to get more involved in the fanbase, meet a ton of other fantastic people who are just as invested in creating and composing as the rest of us are. And, with The Sonic Stadium Music Adventure 2013 & Knuckles starting up now, we can get the chance to meet even more people and learn even more about how we can improve. We have a lot of goals to achieve, and to achieve many of these goals, we’ll need a lot of support. We’re not saying this to be greedy, or selfishly looking for subscribers and followers, but we are all just aspiring young artists with a dream, and a passion for something truly great, and I feel that the Sonic Stadium would be the perfect place to let that sweet passion shine. Anywho, if you wanna check us out, check the links at the end of this for our YouTube, SoundCloud, and Tumblr, and leave some thoughts below, and subscribe to us if you wanna see more! Thanks for reading. YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/Segatenderations?feature=watch SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/segatenderations_team Tumblr Which we very rarely use: http://www.tumblr.com/blog/segatenderationsteam
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    Doctor MK

    Doctor Who

    The Twelfth Doctor and his new companion confirmed! Okay, not really. It's just Prince Charles and Camilla visiting the set of Doctor Who. You can see more about it here: http://www.buzzfeed.com/ailbhemalone/what-happened-when-prince-charles-met-the-daleks
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    Disney's "Frozen"

    New Japanese trailer. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kh959s_xj90
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    Ahh...if only ;_;
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    Some Funko prototypes have popped up. Might not be real, but they seem like it.
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    I disagree. The Mario and Sonic series isn't the place for it.
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    Crash Bandicoot: The Thread

    Something for old school fans. (And most fans)
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    The comparison to the Stasi would indeed be upsetting because it's still a dishonest comparison. Americans don't get put under house arrest for criticizing democracy or our officials. If nothing else, constant bitching from the constituents is still one of the ways shit even gets done around here. It's one thing to criticize our surveillance measures but you're approaching Godwin levels of silliness here.
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    Mario & Luigi 4 (Dream Team)!

    My apologies for the double post, but I couldn't fit the following videos in it without going over the media limit. It's not something I want to do, but it will have to suffice. We've got a whole 5 minute overview trailer AND a commercial! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RHz3r6nFNkc http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hP4DS5JiQqE
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    Pet hates in gaming.

    Although I guess it can't be helped, I hate the current trend of games getting shorter as graphics capabilities increase. Games like the uncharted series look absolutely beautiful but they're soooo short. So much effort needs to be put into modelling nowadays, every flower model needs to be near photo-realistic, every floor has scratches and cracks...that it means that developers have no option but to cut down the amount of unique environments they put in their games. It's the main reason Square have given for never making the FF7 remake. There's simply too many environments to be able to make on the ps3, a ps1 game is too big to make these days. This is what worries me about the next generation of consoles, the graphics are even more detailed. What effect is this going to have on the games?
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    While I realize I had to back out last year, I'm fully on board to return. Much like what I failed to deliver on last year I'd like to call dibs on a remix of Sonic Rush's Deep Core, along with Sonic 06's Aquatic Base.
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    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tj24MJRq4C4 Sonic dancing with the scandilly clad ladies at E3... I am no longer suprised anymore.
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    Hopefully most of that extra stuff aren't shitty minigames like BiS'. Those were awful.
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    Sonic Lost World Announced

    Considering the whole Name-Starts-With-A-"Z" theme the Deadly Six has, I can't help but wonder why they weren't called the *ahem* "Zinister Zix?" ...too obvious?
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    Folded King CC14

    Mario & Luigi 4 (Dream Team)!

    A fan translation of the Iwata Asks for Dream Team is up. Bullet points below: Woah, this is sounding like it has A LOT of content. I can't freaking wait to play it in a month.
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    Don Mattrick is leaving Microsoft

    Good job scoring at Zynga Mattrick. You deserve it.
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    CubeWorld (PC)

    (source: http://www.neoseeker.com/news/23327-cube-world-released-in-minecraft-earlyaccess-fashion-store-promptly-explodes-from-purchases/) It's finally here! I've been following the development of CubeWorld on wollay's blog for over a year, but it was kind of a surprise to see it released just in the last few days for me. I'm interested in the game quite a bit and how they've combined various elements of other games into it. I expect what they've done with it too be quite good though based on videos and what I've read. Cube world is a simple looking game, but it's based off of voxels and I personally think it looks fantastic. I don't expect to be able to buy the game for a few days because of the demand, but I expect this game to be really, really big. At the moment it's just PC, but it'll be coming for Mac and they have plans for consoles in the future. In terms of what you need for a PC as long as you can run Minecraft you should be good. If you want to see more screenshots and some videos check out wollay's blog here: http://wollay.blogspot.ca/ If you want to buy Cubeworld when the servers can cope or learn more about the game you can do all that on the official website here: https://picroma.com/cubeworld Any of you guys excited and/or interested?
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    SEGA CS is complete BS. I had issues with the game (Episode 2) under iPhone 4 and they kept toying with me. First they made it sound like it was a problem on my side. Suggested me to redownload, close app, turn off, hard reset, etc. Came back and told them none of them worked. As soon as I did, they magically found out there was an issue with the game under iPhone 4. But an update will come out soon, so don't worry, right? Oh, the update adds some advertisements. DID IT FIX YOUR GAME? no "Go get a refund" thx saga But yeah, SEGA is pretty crappy at getting fixes out.
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    Blue Blood

    Sonic Lost World Announced

    I wonder who the art director of Lost World is. Sachiko Kawamura headed the art in Unleashed through to Generations, and this sudden shift in art style makes me wonder if someone else is in charge now. It doesn't scream the style of Akira Mikame (2006 art director) or Kazuyuki Hoshino (SA1 to ShTH art director) either. If it's any of them then I'd put my bet on Kawamura, but I'm not sure. Anyone got any ideas?
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    Your Vest Friend

    Ultimate Spider-man (cartoon)

    Speaking of the stagnant body of water.
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    Nomura has stated that even after the Xehanort saga is over, the series will still focus on Sora as the hero, so I kinda doubt it. Sounds to me like keyblade armour will be given to the main trio. It was given a backstory in BBS, and otherwise littered subtly and mysteriously around the other games. For example, Xemnas wore keyblade armour as early as KHII, Xion wore it in 358/2 Days (in an appearance oddly similar to Sora, she's a Sora replica so I think Xion's keyblade armour could well be Sora's.) and it also appears in KH3D here and there. Assuming the dark realm will be visited to rescue more worlds or to save Aqua, I think it's likely that Sora and Riku (maybe Kairi and others too) will be taught how to transform their keyblades into armour and vehicles like Terra Aqua and Ven could (iirc the armour is for protecting against the dark realm like the Organization's cloak is). PS. one of my favourite things about Kingdom Hearts is how the earlier games offer foreshadowing to future games and the puzzle comes together, stuff like Xehanort's robed heart, Castle Oblivion, Marluxia's giant Nobody and Xemnas wearing keyblade armour. It's all very neat. I can't think of many other games that do it, usually in game series' when a new enemy appears they appear literally out of nowhere with no presence in previous entries, but in Kingdom Hearts everything has kind of always been there.
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    Blue Blood

    Animal Crossing New Leaf~

    I think the suggestion was more that you pick the initial location of their house, not that you can move them around at will. Start up the game one day and Isabelle should say this: "Uh, Mayor? There's a new resident looking for a place to build their house. I'm sure they'd appreciate it if you met them at the train station to help them find the perfect place to call home!" And then you just go through the same process you do when building your own home or development project.
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    ARTWORK: Super Meow in Litterbox Land

    That mech/suit/robot/person/gunman/sex/mypantsaretighter/etc is fucking amazing. I'd love to give them all my fighting spirit ;D. But yeah, was good to catch up on some of these. I've seen a few recently on DA but not some of the others. But I'm always watching! and waiting and loving shhhh
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    ARTWORK: Super Meow in Litterbox Land

    Etna doodle: and some concepts for the VOID PPT round 3 (aka: my loveletter to Gurren Lagann hopefully):
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    Pet hates in gaming.

    *deep breath* GODDAMN. ESCORT. MISSIONS. i fucking loathe escort missions (you know, those missions that are like "Get this person/people/thing/safely to the goal without letting them get killed"). A lot of the times the game will throw 9000 enemies at you and you have to kill them all while keeping watch of the parcel, or worse: barrage you with ENEMIES TONS MORE POWERFUL/FASTER THAN YOU ARE AT THE TIME, so you have no choice but to try and hopelessly run back as your package/person gets FUCKED IN THE ASS. Add more rage if the package/person is delicate and has low-ass health.
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    One final trailer, unf. Shows off the plot and human elements, for those still worried (for some reason) it isn't going to deliver any substance.
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    Pet hates in gaming.

    This pisses me off badly, too, and as you said it ties in pretty well with my pet peeve. This is 2013, "AAA" games have budgets on a par with top of the line Hollywood movies, we're looking at incredible levels of detail and amazing visuals in a lot of games... but we still have to deal with animations really no better than they were at the start of the generation. Da fuq? Same with A.I. actually; emphasis on certain aspects of games seem to have taken a back seat to "dem grafix" in a big way.
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    Sign me up homie. Ill let ya know what songs ill be doing later viz.
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    Will this be the year I finally revisit this? (had to link from my old bandcamp 'cause Soundcloud is down but if you're curious as to where my new bandcamp is: http://a-laserbat.bandcamp.com/). Though I am thinking of possibly doing a chippy, in your face, rock based Launch Base/Death Egg track... I won't commit to anything but I am considering this my last hurrah for any real Sonic related project. I may cap it off with some album art too if I feel inclined to. So I'm interested definitely but not 100% committed to the idea yet. I still have my own remix project to get in gear too lol.
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    Pet hates in gaming.

    Let me start off by saying that I love when a game has a feeling of progressively getting stronger. It is so exciting to go through a game and pick up new items and power ups to gradually upgrade the gameplay. But there is one way for the game to totally fuck this feeling up, and it seems like such a small thing, but it ruins the whole sense of progression: by completely decking out the player with awesome stuff at the beginning, and then taking it away. Metroid Prime does it, Symphony of the Night does it, lots of games do it. The protagonist will have some awesome tools and items to use, then the game smacks them, gets rid of those cool things, and tells them to go find them again. This creates a whole different context. Rather than "I wonder what cool stuff I'm gonna find," the player thinks "Ugh, I gotta go find that stuff I lost." The game stops being about discovery, and starts being about picking up all that shit you dropped. Also, everything Dio said about RPGs.
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    Sonic Lost World Announced

    So much for it having nothing to do with Galaxy =P
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    Pet hates in gaming.

    Accidentally deleting a 100%ed save file and having to do it all over again.
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    Sonic Lost World Announced

    They're a little silly-sounding, but this is a series that's given us a big guy named Big and a silver guy named Silver. Goofy Z-names are practically the zenith of wit next to those. I wonder whether the game will provide its own warrior princess jokes re: Zeena, or if they're just going to ignore that particular elephant.
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    Yeah, it's pretty depressing I guess. The whole inevitability of it all and whatnot. This kind of thing, plus the heat death of the universe, or however the hell existence in general will, well... stop existing, it honestly makes me a little glad I'm not immortal. I guess everything ceases to be eventually. Creepy. On the other hand, if humanity hasn't moved the Earth's collective asses on to a bunch of self-sustaining space colonies or whatever by then, I'll be more surprised than anything.
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    Indigo Rush

    Sonic Lost World Announced

    I like to think that somewhere in the barren deserts of Egypt, there is a giant cave filled with donuts and rock candy.
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    Cyrus' Art - Gotta draw. Just draw.

    If you don't know who this guy is, I'm gonna slap you. Sonic the Hedgehog
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    Ming Ming Hatsune

    PlayStation 4 Discussion

    Sony should release PS4 in white as well. So beautiful. <3
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    To make sure that it doesn't seem like I'm making this shit up, here is an interview with one of the former designers at DICE. Why is the game so linear? They wanted to make it open world, but EA wanted a strict timeline. Why is there some random ass gun fights and combat areas? EA wanted to ramp up the intensity. Why did they settle on art design time trail DLC instead of a full expansion? EA wanted some DLC out after the production of the game was completed. Why did the game feel unfinished? Because it was.
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