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    About two-thirds of Unleashed is played in night levels, so that makes the game approx. 66.6% dark, thus making Unleashed a pretty dark game. Statistics don't lie, guys
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    Well... I came in here originally asking if anyone could upload a video of that chao figure... and then I found this... Ok... I don't know who decided to do that but... I think Aaron Webber deserves full praise for how he handled that. Quite frankly that was an ambush and the person asking the question fully knows it. Oh I'll just gather some people around, say to the guy with the camera 'hey record this' and then instantly call over the community manager and ask him about people with autism in the Sonic fanbase. What was he expecting Aaron to answer with? Just what was that if not a 'oh I'm gonna try and get a lol moment here.' Maybe you could claim it wasn't an intentional attempt to try and mock or embarass someone if someone had just been recording and caught it by accident, but when you say 'hey record this' then ask the question. Seriously, what the hell? That had ambush written all over it, and for how quickly and professionally Aaron answered that, he deserves full respect.
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    Sonic Lost World Announced

    Okay, I'll just remind you that those monsters are the minions and component pieces of a demonic entity that is composed of (and amplifies) negative emotions in people.
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    Sonic Lost World Announced

    Sonic Lost World DX Version Revealed! More: http://www.sonic-scene.ru/eng/?p=899
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    Sonic Lost World - Previews

    Hogfather, I played the game extensively at Sonic Boom and while I agree that the cyan wisp needs adjusting, I found most of your control complaints to be completely over-blown. The game felt very nice in my hands and holding the r button to run felt fluid and natural. The "mach speed" sequence also felt great. I don't know what kind of games you are into or which games from this very franchise are your favorites but I can't help but suspect you went into the event with. . . well, a bad attitude. I did see some people at Sonic Boom get frustrated but when you're standing in a line of people itching to play the game and they're watching you foul things up, there's a lot of pressure to just give up. It doesn't help that the members of this community (and possibly modern gamers in general) are EXTREMELY judgmental of how you play a game. I actually heard the girl in front of me laugh and whisper to her friend when she watched the person playing die. The game is very different from any Sonic game thus released. Don't you remember how steep Sonic Unleashed's learning curve was?
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    Zones we hate

    Oh. There's a topic here too? Well in that case: Security. Hall. That level is a bloody nightmare, and the one reason I've always put off 100%ing SA2. It's a pain in the arse through and through, and it was pure luck that I managed to beat it on the DC. On the Gamecube version, I sat there for 9 fucking years unable to beat that hellhole.
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    Doctor MK

    [Wii U] The Wonderful 101

    So it turns out you can actually obtain Wonder Pink and Wonder Yellow in the demo's mission mode: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1eIGHLt2Gp8 Platinum, you sneaky geniuses! EDIT: Also, don't know if this has already been mentioned in the topic, but... Roger Craig Smith is voicing The SuperSonic Blade himself... Wonder Blue! I thought it was him from the trailer, and it's good to see it actually confirmed! Wonder Blue is shaping up to be one of my favourite characters and I love the Unite Sword ability. Plus, "The Supersonic Blade"... Wonder Blue... it's all too coincidental, surely? Tara Strong - aka the voice of Dil Pickles from the Rugrats and many, many other things (including... *sigh*... My Little Pony) - is also voicing Wonder Pink. Looks like Nintendo and Platinum are really getting some high profile voice actors in for this one! I am excite.
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    Because nobody thought they could ever make a good game after 06, and yet the last three games have all been critically acclaimed in some way. So yes, I do believe they can do it if they can make something good after some as bad as 06. This defeatist attitude is really starting to annoy me, its like nobody wants to push the bar and just wanna remain complacent out of fear of failure.
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    I R Retired

    Hiya, Roarz! I got back from UK just now (1 week England, 1 week Wales), so I did not hear about this until now. I just wanted to thank you for being the awesome raccoon that every forum should have, and obviously also for helping every staff member through difficult times and protecting us for all this long. I am sure I speak for pretty much everyone when regarding that. You will certainly always be remembered. You resigning has been brought up by yourself a few times, so I should not be surprised that you finally feel the need to step down. I doubt any of us wants to see you do this, but I know that you must have felt this way for some time, so I just wish to say thank you for everything from a staff perspective, and I hope we can chat again at some point. Throw me a PM or a conversation on Skype anytime!
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    Ratcicle King

    Sonic Lost World Announced

    About the whole discussion about Tails not jumping into action, remember what he said? Remember that Sonic decided to be impulsive and fucked up? Yeah, doesn't look like a good idea to jump in, make things worse or even get blasted to hell like he almost was. And speaking of the adventure games, yes, Tails made some cool stuff while there, chasing Eggman, rescuing Sonic from prision, fighting Eggman on his own, helping Sonic on running away from the cops, finding the president... Wait a minute... Did you see the patern? No? Well lets dig into this a bit more, shall we? Where was Sonic when Eggman dropped that bomb on Station Square which ended up in a chase and Tails' final boss? Away, going to Eggman's lab. Where was Sonic when Tails was fighting his way in prision Island? Stuck on said prision. Where was Sonic when Tails went to chase the president? Running away from the cops, after changing places with Tails, who was doing the same moments ago, and where was Sonic when Tails fought Eggman? Oh yeah, DEAD... Well, almost... In 06 he was dead when Tails fought the demons, though... Thing is: Tails will take action, but only when Sonic isn't there to do it himself, or, like in Adventure 2 and 06, he's dead and Tails is either angry enough to beat the shit out of Robotnik, or full of determination to save his friend from dying, even if it means going through hell and back to collect a Chaos Emerald. Now lets see in the modern Era... Unleashed: Tails was about to get killed by Dark Gaia's minions, he had no reason to fight them, probably didn't even know what they were, and take into account they have nightmarish powers, so who knows? Kid was probably facing his worst nightmare. Sonic Colors, Tails was never on the levels with Sonic, he probably was either working on the Translator, investigating the situation on the park, or probably just shopping and not caring for Sonic trying to show off. Now In Lost World we have Tails saying something akin to ''Dude, don't do anything stupid, we have like, a mini army of Badniks, seven demons and Eggman all at the same place'', and Sonic screwed up faster than you can say ''Fuck my life'', and considering how almost no one reacted to the attack, its safe to assume everything happened REALLY fast, with only Sonic being able to keep up with everything, and Tails not even having time to facepalm at Sonic screwing up big time. Now before you say that Tails was really a scaredy cat on the Unleashed cutscene by saying he faced worse... Let me just remember that all these times he did so, he either was doing it because he felt like he needed since Sonic couldn't, was trying to save Sonic, or avenging him, or was with Sonic all the time, just like Metal Overlord.
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    Spin Attaxx

    Brawl in the Family (BitF)

    Welcome to the Family, Mega Man. Also, there is most definetly not Pikmin eating fruit.
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    I can't believe someone actually asked Aaron about autism in the Sonic fanbase. What a sick and twisted individual!
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    Pic of the day Poor Weegee That bastard mutt's got the shifty eyes.....
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    But... but it does have dark elements..... Like Dark Gaia. S'pretty fuckin' dark thing in the game.... S'in the name even.
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    Sonic Lost World Announced

    Maybe the one that is literally darkness personified, and not the robot ladybug.
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    I have a Vita and am getting Tearaway, but I still don't care.
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    They're just there to tell you that something is going to go down the next screen over. Despite being able to save anytime, I prefer that they be there to warn of an incoming boss.
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    It's rather difficult to say at the moment. If this question was asked after Generations came out, and we thought that the proceeding games were going to keep to the boost formula I would've definitively said no. Not because I disliked Generations (quite the opposite, it still remains to be my favourite 3D Sonic game as a whole) but because of I felt the style would've got stale rather quickly, that developing games to cater to that style was impractical (Generations for example was in development for about 3 years yet overall it's a rather short game and various elements of it feel rather incomplete) and I was just tired of the boost mechanic as it undermines a number of the other mechanics of the game. However, with Lost World on the horizon I'm not quite so sure any more and until I get the opportunity to play Lost World in its entirety I still cannot be sure. Lost World is such a radical change from what we're all used to, despite Sega's PR dribble about how it's Sonic going back to the series' roots. Additionally since it's such a radical change, what's to stop Sega pulling off more radical changes to the series such as this in the future. After all at Sonic Boom Iizuka did say that they're always constantly trying to mix up the series and whilst I can appreciate the fact that they're constantly trying to make each Sonic experience stand out from the last, you don't have to completely reinvent the foundations of each game to do so. It ends up just dividing the fanbase. On the other hand, what I do appreciate about Lost World so far is just how vivid an experience it seems to be so far. And no I'm not talking about visuals or even presentation (even though I'm pretty content with the art style, graphics and I love the fact that it's 60 FPS) but more how much variety there is in the gameplay so far. As a Sonic fan, I stand by the opinion that Mario's games are still head over heels better than Sonic's. The Galaxy games are vastly superior to anything Sonic has come out with since the early 90s, and are two of the greatest platformers ever created. Why? They're pure, refined experiences that focus on delivering varied, distinct level designs punctuated with interesting and fun level gimmicks whilst the game as whole is presented in this grandiose way that makes you feel like you're going on a great adventure. The primary focus is gameplay, and it pulls it off in spectacular fashion. I get a fair bit of this from Lost World so far but as aforementioned it's difficult to say overall because there are various elements of the game we don't know. We've only seen a tiny portion of the total levels in the game, we have no idea about the progression of the game, we know almost nothing about the plot on how characters will interact and we don't know what kind of additional content the game will offer or how you obtain said content. Nonetheless, I'm rather glad they're pulling back various elements of the other 3D games to focus on offering a more varied platforming experience. Now note that I'm not saying these elements don't have the potential to do anything for the series. Plot can help drive you through the game as a whole, and futher justifies incentive to play and good characterisation can help you better connect with the characters. But honestly I don't feel that any Sonic game has pulled of developing a plot or building a world particularly well. Whenever Sonic has tried (i.e. Adventure, 06 and Unleashed and....well that's it really) I thought he failed kind of miserably. As though it's Sonic trying to channel the sort of world building you see in a JRPG except it just comes off as a pale imitation. Empty, pointless and a waste of time. Characterisation throughout the series has been up and down. Some games have done it well, others haven't. Again with regards to the direction of said characterisation it's hard to say until I get my hands on Lost World and get an idea not only on how the characters interact throughout the space of the game but also how it ties with the gameplay. I feel that if Sonic were to try to build a greater focus on its characters and world, it should do it much more like the Ratchet and Clank series because the way those games do it I personally feel makes much more sense for a platformer. A Crack in Time in particular does this in quite spectacular fashion in my opinion.
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    Not exactly... The scripts are different in the US and in Japan.
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    Bayonetta 2 (Wii U)

    I can't see this going over well. Seems like a huge screw up. Weeelp...
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    Sonic Lost World - Previews

    I believe I've said this before, but an extensive tutorial at the start of the game would really help communicate how exactly you play the game. And they REALLY need to think through this carefully because of how different the control scheme is comparative to every other game. As the preview is of a demo I'm willing to give it the benefit of a doubt for the time being, but if this persists to be the case then it will be a real issue in the initial stages of playing the game. Sure, the game will eventually start making sense and everything will click after you've adjusted to the various mechanics, but it's pretty poor design if Sonic Team fail to acknowledge just how different this game is from every other Sonic game and fail to communicate the basic concepts of the game. Something that I noticed though, IGN's newest video on Lost World claims the controls to be great, a complete clash to your views Hogfather (which I find quite interesting as despite the fact that you hadn't touched a WiiU before the Lost World demo, I trust you to be more of a hardcore Sonic fan than the guys at IGN). I'm not discounting anyone's credibility (heck your opinion is more credible than most people's because you've had the opportunity to actually play the game), it's just rather interesting to see how vastly people's opinions can vary on a subject like this.
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    We have a new JonTron video! Well... it's more of an update, but still!
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    IT'S HERE, Trailer for Guardians leaked out, HYPE. Download it here if that link goes down http://www.mediafire.com/watch/vcu76ndavlcfs3k/GotG_E1.mp4
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    Blaze/Sonic and the Altitude Limit boss in Rush. A button broken. 'Nuff said.
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    Remember how in the first game, if you turned the analogue sticks their bewbs would move... ... ... .... The vita has a touch screen..... .. ... And you are all bad people.
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    Yeah, I'm really thankful for the footage regardless. I appreciate your efforts, Sapphire!
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    This isn't outright hilarious but I do find it slightly amusing; Sonic's butt-brow is still visible in Cube and Quake forms despite his body being vastly different in these forms. Not even the molecule-transforming nature of Hyper Go-On can stop it making an appearance. Morphic Resonance indeed!
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    There's nothing to see around here, I mean I live in Stockton. I feel sorry for you if you've ever visited here
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    And that was the day I plucked out my own corneas, poured bleach in my eye-sockets, and dunked my head in a pool of acid. The end.
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    The Frozen Factory gameplay will be available here after it uploads, but it's NOT done processing. I'm not gonna wait around all night for it to be done. Just be patient, it'll be up by morning I'm sure. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-pSc8f4Cwm8&feature=youtu.be
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    I think it's great that Sega made an effort to reach fans that aren't on the west coast with Sonic Boom this year. I plopped down a lot of cash to fly to San Diego last year, but I'm an adult and if I want to blow that much cash, I can. The majority of fans I've seen at both events are under 21 and need to ask their parents to go. So I think changing the location every year is a great idea to give the greatest amount of fans a chance to attend at least once in their life. I never dreamed I'd ever get to see Crush 40 play live unless I flew to Japan, so I was thrilled to have a chance to see them again this year and not spend several hundred dollars to do it (they're the main reason I go...I'd certainly never spend that amount of money just to play the latest game or hear Takeshi Izuka answer questions in Japanese). That said, I do think St. Louis was an odd choice considering that previous years were always tied to another major event (E3 in LA and Comic Con in San Diego). The fact that they scheduled this year's event the same weekend as Wizard World Comic Con in Chicago but decided on St. Louis instead is kinda puzzling (and I'm not just saying that cause I live in Chicago and it would been super convenient). The turnout was definitely lower than I expected. I told my friends who came with me this year my story of getting to House of Blues in San Diego an hour before doors opened and getting in a line that already wrapped around the entire block. And yet we wandered down pretty much right at 5 and waltzed right in. Maybe HoB was just more cramped though, cause the floor level was packed all night. The 21 and over balcony was fairly deserted, but then so was the bar area in San Diego. I think everyone there had a great time (myself included) and I wouldn't be surprised if Sega announced next year's Sonic Boom on the east coast to give that last section of the US a chance to go. My only disappointment was not getting a chance to meet Jun or Johnny. I got to meet Jun in San Diego and got a pic and autograph - he was just hanging around the stage after the concert and was super cool. But if Sega keeps this event going, maybe I'll get the chance to see them again! I'll conclude this post with my favorite pic of the evening...Someone get some memes going on this please.
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    As soon as it finishes uploading I'll link it, don't worry! It shouldn't be too long. Oh yeah, I definitely liked how it played. I love the snowboarding parts. Something I noticed though (as I got to play both 3DS and WiiU versions) was that the 3DS levels seem a lot longer, or at least take a lot longer. For instance, Frozen Factory 3DS took around 11 minutes, while for WiiU maybe took 7.
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    Xbox One Discussion

    I hope the drivers for it aren't fucking awful like they are for 360 pads.
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    Sonic Lost World - Previews

    I have a slight objection to the preview: The cyan wisp doesn't seem to be very well-implemented, but that doesn't necessarily mean that all the wisps will be as bad. It seems like we're writing them off too quickly because ONE of them is bad. Will the others be hard to control? I can't say without trying them. As for the controls, there have been plenty of positive and a few negatives (Even the preview reflects this), so I'll have to play it myself to see how well it controls in totality.
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    Sonic Adventure 1 and 2 are not perfect. Also, I actually kind of liked Secret Rings, probably because I was ten when it came out.
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    Bayonetta 2 (Wii U)

    Pffffhahaha Sega you clowns.
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    Sonic Lost World - Previews

    They also used footage of the Classic Sonic mod for Sonic 4 Ep2... wat.
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    The Trayvon Martin Case

    I'd say the pictures of Martin on Facebook of him smoking dope are pretty damn material to the case, considering: Stereotyping (and racism) is bad. I get it. Not all black teens who wear hoodies and look "shifty" are thugs who are going to hurt you and steal shit from you (though it was rarer to see someone actually say that than it was for the rebuttal to be given). But I'm seeing increasingly less evidence that Martin specifically wasn't... um... a thug (or at least some wannabe idiot a la Riley Freeman), so I have to ask: Just what exactly would he have had to done in his life to make it so we don't have to treat him as if he was a saint without being racist? Also, something isn't character assassination if the person in question actually did those things. The thing with Zimmerman, where the media dragged out just how totally racist he was, up to purposely manipulating evidence of the case and similarly misrepresenting facts from something that happened a decade ago? That's character assassination. Showing the pictures Martin posted to Facebook of him smoking drugs (after allegations that there was no need to drug test him; because drug testing a kid with a history of drug use to see if he was on drugs at the time of the shooting is racist, yo), or his history of violence to that point, or the fact that he was only in the neighborhood temporarily to get him to stop fighting people in his own neighborhood? That's making relateable information for the case public knowledge.
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    At least this watered down version is in 3D. Which already makes it more appealing to me. I was never a huge fan of Dimps whole "watered down 2D only" games.
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    Because the general consensus I get from many people is that Shadow the Hedgehog has a largely forgettable soundtrack, I point them to the OST version of Lethal Highway. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tU0NpKd2OfM The game attempted to create a badass feeling. The success of these attempts are debateable, but I couldn't debate the sound of this one. If I could only use just one reason: the motorcycle in the beginning and the end. To me, that screams badass. Pointless in the grand scheme of things, but it's the little things that help.
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    If it has Sonic in the title I wouldn't worry. ... If it doesn't, on the other hand... :c
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    Doctor MK

    Mario & Luigi 4 (Dream Team)!

    By their logic, Sticker Star is also better than Paper Mario 64 and on par with TTYD. Excuse me while I go roll on the floor with laughter at how ridiculous that notion is.
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    Spin Attaxx

    Brawl in the Family (BitF)

    Sorry, can't think of anything witty to say. Soz.
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    Jack / Joker

    Best level in Sonic 4: Episode 2

    Why so serious? If its any consolation, I still don't like it. Or this game. But that's assholish to say in a positive thread about Sonic 4, so *zip*
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    Jack / Joker

    Best level in Sonic 4: Episode 2

    ...ummm... I love Oil Desert. ESPECIALLY the music. -flees-
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