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    Because nobody thought they could ever make a good game after 06, and yet the last three games have all been critically acclaimed in some way. So yes, I do believe they can do it if they can make something good after some as bad as 06. This defeatist attitude is really starting to annoy me, its like nobody wants to push the bar and just wanna remain complacent out of fear of failure.
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    I have a Vita and am getting Tearaway, but I still don't care.
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    We have a new JonTron video! Well... it's more of an update, but still!
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    Blaze/Sonic and the Altitude Limit boss in Rush. A button broken. 'Nuff said.
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    There's nothing to see around here, I mean I live in Stockton. I feel sorry for you if you've ever visited here
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    The Frozen Factory gameplay will be available here after it uploads, but it's NOT done processing. I'm not gonna wait around all night for it to be done. Just be patient, it'll be up by morning I'm sure. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-pSc8f4Cwm8&feature=youtu.be
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    As soon as it finishes uploading I'll link it, don't worry! It shouldn't be too long. Oh yeah, I definitely liked how it played. I love the snowboarding parts. Something I noticed though (as I got to play both 3DS and WiiU versions) was that the 3DS levels seem a lot longer, or at least take a lot longer. For instance, Frozen Factory 3DS took around 11 minutes, while for WiiU maybe took 7.
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    At least this watered down version is in 3D. Which already makes it more appealing to me. I was never a huge fan of Dimps whole "watered down 2D only" games.
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    If it has Sonic in the title I wouldn't worry. ... If it doesn't, on the other hand... :c
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    Jack / Joker

    Best level in Sonic 4: Episode 2

    Why so serious? If its any consolation, I still don't like it. Or this game. But that's assholish to say in a positive thread about Sonic 4, so *zip*
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