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    The mutability of the Sonic series

    It boggles my mind that Sonic isn't dead. Not saying it's a bad franchise or anything, But as much as Sonic has jumped drastically in pretty much every aspect of the game and as much as he's dropped the ball, he's still kicking. Series that have been through half as much have been dead in the water. The little blue fucker is unstoppable and better than ever and if you think about it it's mindblowing. In a way, his failures have only made him stronger.
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    You're missing the point. Secret Rings had resoundingly more appeal at its time of release, probably due to Sonic 06 being so bad in comparison but also due to genuine hype of what it had to offer on its own merits. People were excited for it, and previews were positive. This is reminiscent of a situation we've had for several games now regardless of the fact that Secret Rings aged quickly. Point blank: There's a game on the horizon we're excited for, and as with games we're excited for, criticism or anything less than 100% hyperactive-bouncing-off-the-walls hype is seen as an attack to some degree. Those who hold negative or even neutral opinions on the same thing others hold positive opinions for- even if they've played the fucking thing- are pinned to the wall and more forced to justify themselves. Or, if something is clarified, those who had doubts have their faces rubbed in mud, and this is regardless of the fact that said doubts always came with the caveat of "I would love to be proven wrong, because that ultimately means the game would be better and thus everyone would be happy in that scenario." It's actually quite annoying the way people act when a game is in it's hype phase. <3
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    Awful filler character in a very bad racing game who can't compete with the other characters in any decent way with an unfunny obnoxious meme that, suprise sur-fucking-prise, made it's way as yet another forced meme into the godawful Archie comics. Oh you're so funny and clever Archie. Clap. Clap. Clap. Theory? What theories? It's a plush doll that's obviously been augmented with mechanics which clearly exhibits no sentience beyond what has been programmed into it. Metal Sonic and Metal Knuckles exhibit triumph upon winning a race, what makes Tails Doll different from them considering it's an artificial construct like them?
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    Late to the party, but here's another gif dump! Gameplay CG/Cutscenes And regarding Amy, I think she's in the "background" portion of Windy Hill. The actual ground area, so to speak.
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    Most people have a dislike for bad characters, but they go for the easiest thing to pin the blame on (like humans) because they don't like to put much effort in critical thinking. Screw thinking deep about the subject, let's just make a scapegoat and move on. This series should focus on Sonic and the good guys stopping the bad guys, as it was never about the animals and more about Sonic vs. Eggman when the series first began. Especially when in this same world of "animals being the primary species" we've had three different species of aliens (the Wisps, the Black Arms, and I'm assuming the Zeti), several different godlike eldritch abominations (Chaos, Iblis, Dark Gaia, Solaris, Light Gaia), and Chao, yet it's the humans people cry foul over. No, this is an arbitrary double standard. You wanna convince me otherwise? Stop giving a damn about it and simply demand for more animals to equally populate the world. We don't have to shrink one group for the other when a resolution can be reached with making the animals equal in number with the humans. I mean really, notice how despite being around humans absolutely none of the bat an eye about a talking blue hedgehog? It's like the same case with Looney Tunes here when a talking rabbit, pig, or duck goes out to a city for a job or to play baseball, again, with a bunch of humans. I could pile on examples, but I've made my case - if we can have more than one animal, we can have more than one human in this series.
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    Checked my Wii U notifications and it looks like we finally have an exact release date (For NA at least): Looks like we can expect it pretty soon.
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    I'm gonna parrot the past few posts and say the Babylon Rogues. They always love talking shit to the other characters but without their boards they're just as useful as Chris Thoryndyke. ESPECIALLY Wave, good lord.
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    Widescreen format button not working

    I fixe. Saving bugs I will work on sometime.
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    I swear the Extreme Challenges are harder to beat on a basic level than the regular ones are, but once they’re beaten it feels like the Trophy requirements are way WAY more lenient to mistakes on the Extreme Challenges. I pretty much get a Gold first time on most of them, while I’ll have to work my butt off sometimes for even a Silver on the regular Challenges. Makes the Lum reward the next day feel a bit dumb considering you only get half as many for regular Challenges as you do for Extreme ones.
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    Sonic controls just fine, idk why people we're freaking out D=. The only issue is, you have to get used to holding the L or the R at certain times, like when your platforming or your on a small platform, cause Sonic will fly right off if your not paying attention. What I did was stop holding the L & R button when I was on platforms alot like Desert Ruins Zone 1 Pillar's. Frozen Factory is great too, you just have to time your L & R Speed Up's when your on that slippery ice, cause you will slide off if your not paying attention. Then there's Desert Ruins, avoid the quicksand or use Indigo Astroid to cross it & your good. My suggestion for Parkour is, start out with a Spindash towards the surface unless they give you a dash pad, then keep progressing up the wall until Sonic starts sweating, then press Y again & Sonic speeds up the wall for awhile.
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    Probably, but the point is it shouldn't happen in the first place. Assuming there were appeal systems, "guilty until proven innocent" thinking would be in effect here. Also it is simply the principle that what you do on other sites is none of Sony's business.
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    "Hey Nintendo, why are all my purchases locked to the console and not my account?" All of the big 3 have stupid points about them.
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    Characters you don't want to return

    Storm is annoying. He is like, what would happen if Knuckles got exaggerated and got merged into Big the Cat's body then magically transformed into a bird! Well, a bad description. but I agree, he is a repeat with very little to show for his own character!
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    Kuzu the Boloedge

    Official Anime/Manga Thread

    The hype for Gurren Lagann has died down significantly, with most of the fanboys being on Youtube and the sane fans acknowledging that while its good, its not the second coming of anime. Really, I try not to let a fandom affect my view on a show, which is why I tend to stay away from hype in general. As for the fanservice parts, I honestly never cared because aside from two episodes, the series doesn't really focus on it that much aside from maybe a 30 second gag. Even in the first eight episodes, more focus was on the mech battles with most of the comedy coming from how over the top Kamina was. I understand why people are turned off by excessive fanservice, but I've seen so much Anime with it, that I can either just swear off 90% of the anime out there or just deal and look at other aspects of the show. Naturally I went with the latter solution, fanservice only becomes a problem for me when its what the entire series is based around it.
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    Happy 20th Sonic SatAM!

    (crosspost from Sonic HQ, FUS, and SMS) Yep! It was 20 years ago today, Sept. 18, 1993, that the ABC Sonic The Hedgehog SatAM animated TV series made it's debut on that network, 1 night after it's preview segment on the ABC Saturday Morning Preview special during TGIF. In fact, the Sonic SatAM might be a big reason why the Sonic online community came into it's existence. Again, Happy 20th, SatAM! =)
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    A Hedgehog Horror Story.

    Hey. I'm back. The Zomom Mac 'n Cheese guy is back. "Back with what?" Another comic. "Oh. :|" So this is technically a horror spoof with for no reason, Sonic characters in it. It's my first time working with models and everything, so bare with me. I'm really embarrassed to put this up, but, worth a try. Apoc Hedgie: Creating source for models. Orfkip: The house Everything else was done by me.
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    Why a doll? I am going to go out on a limb and say because of "Tails' cute factor". They didn't want to make the cute & cuddly fox a hard hard & menacing robot.
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    If you only want to spend $30, hold off until you can afford something else or spend that $30 on the eShop. There's some gold in there. But whatever you do, don't jump into the NSMB series with Luigi U. It's specifically tailored to be DLC for expert players.
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    The General American Politics Thread

    Yes, but so long as companies continue to paying low wages (and getting money from the government for helping them onto food stamps, hello Walmart), a large part of the American workforce working full time hours will require them.
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    RIP Hiroshi Yamauchi

    Such a shame to lose such a huge part of Nintendo's legacy. He'll be remembered more than fondly by me and I'm sure many others. Rest in peace, good sir. Also, this is probably the only comic I've ever seen about a recently deceased person that's in somewhat good taste. Gave me a good little chuckle:
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    because OMG DONT U KNO ITS POSSESSED MY COUSINS FRIEND'S LOVER SAW IT ONE NIGHT WHILE WATCHING JERSEY SHORE!!!!11111 but seriously, I don't even know why people find this scary at all, when really...I think Tails Doll is sorta adorable.
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    Looks like SEGA has put together this short little video as a recap. They must have been very busy with other things to finally get something rolled out. Good on them!
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    This girl dont even want to learn how to play the game, popping tutorials for losers i guess. Am i the only person who actually press every single button out of curiosity at the start of the game to learn what they doing? i thought that this is basic instinct of gaming.
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    Worst Sonic soundtrack?

    But the topic title is worst Sonic soundtrack. >=/ But seriously, I love that creepy, atonal "welcome to Hell" nightmare fuel. Not something you normally expect from the games, which makes it all the more interesting.
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    Sonic Lost World Announced

    For the first time, Thank god for boosters!
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    And what It says is: "They need to be paying attention to that other person to the right who seems to know how to play the game."
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    The footstool jump is back...yaay...
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    Sonic Channel

    You can be grumpy all you want, but no 15 year old can resist the call of free candy.
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    All of the nighttime music in Unleashed. I sometimes feel that the nighttime music doesn't get as much respect that it deserves compared to the daytime music. Spagonia - Rooftop Run Night is probably my favorite actually. It's probably because of the fact that it makes me feel like a spy so much.
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    The Cake Topic

    C A K E ! I like Chocolate Cake since that my favorite food Chocolate that is. Cherry Cake is great as well. Actually most flavors of cake are great!
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    ARTWORK: Gregzilla's Art Topic of Art

    Greg, I am disappointed. You know damn well that Waluigi does EVERYTHING right! ...ahem. Keep up the great work, man. I love your stuff - it's so expressive!
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    RIP Hiroshi Yamauchi

    I never really considered him to be much of a "gaming" figurehead - he's a businessman who built an empire on entertainment of all sorts. Regardless of whether or not I was personally fond of him, death is always a sad thing. He was a really smart guy, and I respect him for that. May he rest in peace.
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    RIP Hiroshi Yamauchi

    His legacy went into action the moment he left the company. With projects like the Wii, Wii U, and 3DS, they were most certainly following his philosophy of bringing something different to the market from the competitors. I imagine what you're talking about is getting into core game design, worrying about things like Mario not stretching into new grounds much anymore, but really, stuff that far down in detail was probably never his direct concern.
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    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wv8ZyBgxWJQ ...oh GREAT. This HAD to happen AFTER I left...
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    Playing with your Pokemon with Pokemon-Amie ACTUALLY benefits you in battle by increasing that Pokemon's evasion and allows them to deal more critical hits. http://www.nintendolife.com/news/2013/09/first_impressions_pokemon_x_and_y
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    Ok now... this might be nothing only... it strikes me as being very suspicious the more I think about it. Remember how there was a certain rumor regarding a Mr Dave Polsky and a possible new TV show? And before that there was the interview which hinted at TV stuff? Well... Check this out. I was originally going to post that just for the new renders of other characters. Then I read this bit... "For over two decades, Sonic has appeared in over 60 video games, 4 series annimations, and he's just getting started" So why did this stick out? Well, this particular advert was released during the Vegas Licensing Expo held earlier this year.. but... in previous adverts Sega have only ever used the 'Sonic has appeared in over 60 video games' line. They have never highlighted the cartoon shows so dominantly in this way, it has been mentioned in smaller notes on press kit releases, but never so bluntly on a single page advert. I assume this is the cartoons? AOSTH, SatAM, Sonic Underground and Sonic X? So why put it on there so dominantly unless they had something planned... if there were several things listed there along with it, it wouldn't strike me as anything, but the fact it's there listed with games which we know are active and coming, why include it at all if there are no plans at all for anything? Also this follows into something else of interest I found, keep eyes on TSS in the next half hour.
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    Happy 20th Sonic SatAM!

    I've been on Sonic forum hiatus just to come back and show you guys I made a SATam 20th Anniversary video! I feel so old, considering I was 12 1/2 years old when the show first aired LOL. Anyway, along with the fact I recorded it using my cheesy phone camcorder (til i can get an HD one hopefully soon) yes that's me singing along to the theme music in the beginning. I would've sang better but my voice wasn't in a singing mood the other day. I did the best I could though haha. I hope you guys like it http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fdb9aLBtY98 HAPPY 20th ANNIVERSARY SONIC SATam!!!
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    Official Anime/Manga Thread

    Gurren Lagann only had any notable amounts of fanservice within the first seven or so episodes, mostly due to its comedic bent. It's almost purely action-drama after that.
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    Ahem, ladies & gentleman, I would like to show you that the 3DS version has circular stages & acts! (Ik this is multiplayer but most likely this goes to show that in the main game the same could apply.)
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    That beach level at 0:41 really reminds me of some of the floating platforms in SMG's beach levels. Combined with the music, and the game really does seem like a Sonicfied version of Super Mario Galaxy. lol Then again he's more or less made some appearance ever since Sonic 2 so it's pretty much now a given. Remains to be seen whether it ties into the story or not like how Colors handled it. I see Super Mario Galaxy isn't the only (recent) Nintendo game SLoW's taking cues from in terms of visuals...
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    Worst Sonic soundtrack?

    Well here's an overreaction if I've ever seen one. None of us said there was anything objectively wrong with the Black Knight soundtrack or its quality. We just think (subjectively, I might add) that overall the soundtrack wasn't as catchy as other soundtracks, considering the majority of it is orchestral pieces with more focus on the overall piece instead of the melody, unlike most other Sonic soundtracks that put much more focus on the rhythm and the melody. That's not to say it doesn't have any memorable songs; just that most of them aren't that memorable to us as individuals. Plus I feel a bit insulted that you assume none of us have any musical talent or knowledge.
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    Shadow's whole story was probably one of the better parts about Heroes, at least to me. The whole android subplot was actually a good way to keep him relevant without undoing SA2's ending.
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    Sonic Lost World Announced

    Something many people are fine with when it comes to me and my negative reaction towards SLoW even if it's justified and has some points (a couple of pics above just prove how far some go to miss the point and make fun of my posts). Yet when I do the same, you feel like you must point out how rude of a person I am. How hypocritical! Oh yeah, and I find it hypocritical that I usually get no likes even though other people do when they make the same points. Nah.. It doesn't matter that much anyway.
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    Sonic Lost World Announced

    Its annoying that ArtFenix for once is making a perfectly valid point and its just being tossed aside. The sunset in Windy Hill there is literally nothing more than the sky being painted orange. You can dismiss those screens that he quickly modified if you want to, but they do prove his point. There isn't any real lighting. They swapped the sky texture and that's about it. I mean it has less sophisticated lighting than Sonic 4 E2 for goodness sake. The sunset in Green Hill Gens looks a whole lot better because the change in lighting impacts the whole stage area. Yeah the colours are less vivid and have lower contrast, but that's because its at sunset. There is usually, less light, which reduces brightness and contrast in and of itself. There is also the the fact that there usually orange-red light, so objects that aren't orange or red, don't reflect of the incident light, making their colour appear less saturated. Then there is the positioning of the light source in the background. The sun appears to be almost directly behind the tree. Yet the scene looks like its being lit from above, rather than from where the sun is (which one would imagine to be the primarily light source). If nothing, they could have at least got the position of the shadows correct. I'm sorry, but that just looks lazy to me.
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    Tails and Knuckles have had meaningful variants of Sonic's gameplay. They share the same core gameplay, but Tails' flight, and Knuckles' gliding and climbing, offer new ways to get through the levels. Shadow has usually either been too much of a clone, too different to be a proper variation of the core gameplay, or simply not very fun. I wouldn't doubt that you could do something S3&K-ish with him, but he's yet to prove himself in that area.
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    Cyrus' Art - Gotta draw. Just draw.

    Buttercup - The Powerpuff Girls
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    Johnny Boy

    Pokemon Origins (October 2013)

    I'm gonna be a pokemon master! BELIEVE IT!!!!
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    Ming Ming Hatsune

    Xbox One Discussion

    Here is my response to Microsoft's DRM removal: Is this a victory for the gamers? Has Microsoft learnt their lesson? Well. We have been crying in anger at Microsoft for months, they heard us in fact they to show that they heard us, they released the policy article of the 24 hour DRM and introducing "family sharing" up to 10 friends. Which angered us even more. They had to wait until after E3 to remove it. Why? Whyyyyyyy? They can't they remove it before E3? Then Sony wouldn't have dominated your behind! I'll tell you why. It isn't because they heard us, in fact they were ignoring us the entire time. What they did was look at the preorder numbers. It must have gotten to a point that it was sooo embarrassing for Microsoft, they said "S***! We are going to lose money and support if this continues! The most requested thing from everyone is to remove DRM. Remove it, remove it!". Yes it was embarrassing for Microsoft. The standalone PS4 and even some PS4 bundles were beating XONE preorders. People were canceling their preorders in favor for PS4. So yep they removed DRM. They are now hoping that the people who preordered the PS4, would cancel it and crawl back to them. And you know what? It worked! Some people actually canceled the PS4, for XONE. But I bless those poor souls who just did that. Have Microsoft learnt their lesson? My answer? No. They haven't. Where's the apology? Where's the "We made a terrible mistake, DRM is not the way forward, we know we tried to f*** you over and we apologize. Forgive us". There's none of that. Which means they will do it again at some point. Heck what is stopping them from turning DRM back on later in to its life. Microsoft can change their policies at anytime remember? If it's THAT easy to turn off DRM in games, it will be THAT easy to flip the switch to turn on DRM back on games with "must install" firmware. Or they will find new ways to screw you over. I can almost guarantee they will find a new way to screw you over. Heck, they maybe even hiding something from us that we don't know, and we can't find out until release. Them removing DRM shouldn't be the first step forward in my opinion to redemption. Well at least not on its own. Apologizing should be the first step. Asking for forgiveness for what you've done. Then we can see some good in you Microsoft. But until then, you are still one arrogant company. EDIT: PLEASE open the spoiler tag after reading this. Yeah but I don't see why people should get the XONE. It has the Kinect (Codename: Spynect) that can't be turned off. Well fine you can turn it off, but it's still listening to you. So technically it's NOT off. Spynect is coming home ladies and gentleman to watch you do whatever you do!
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    Blue Blood

    Sonic Dash (iOS/Android)

    Oh gawd hahahahahahahaha! No, SEGA. That is still not how you render a mouth on Sonic!
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