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    Well! I'm making a topic for this! ...Because Kirby! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rAxUzGbF5A0 Can't say that i was expecting this! Hell, at the most for new reveals, I was expecting just new eShop titles at the max from the Nintendo Direct. So color me surprised and hyped for more Kirby! As you can tell, this is nothing but a teaser but it does show a good amount of gameplay! There seems to be some good use of the 3D with foreground/background jumping, enemy movement patterns and incoming obstacles like the Waddle Dee train and Kirby learning up close what the five fingers said to the face. Even though we're only seeing Kirby in action, I'm pretty sure there will be some form of co-op in there. And if I'm right, I do hope that there's an online option so I can actually play with others more than a blue-moon. Though if it has it or not, I'll still purchase it on release no problem. It's freaking Kirby! I'll enjoy the solo fun anyway like I always do. Anyway, not much is really said about this game at this moment. So we'll have to wait and see what other monsters are here to clobba that thar kirbeh as well at what new features await in 2014! Hopefully i won't have to get it with a money back guarantee!
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    October 2007 - Sonic revealed for Brawl. October 2013 - Sonic revealed for Smash 4. October: Month of Sonic.
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    That is easily one of the biggest un-hype moments I've seen in this game. Good grief. Sonic bosses usually aren't very good. I mean, remember this?:
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    Sonic Lost World Announced

    I can't get it out of my system. I gotta type it out. I am so happy that this game just feels so.. grandiose, so big. This (what seems to be) bigger and better-handled story. This mission mode. All of that variety in the stage tropes and environments. All of this extra content across platforms and through multiplayer and collectible content and pre-order bonuses and.. man. The gameplay is probably my favorite aspect of what we've seen. Do you know how happy I am that Sega is re-re-reinventing Sonic to once again be about momentum and flow-based platforming, instead of "gotta go fast" and semi-memorization? I feel like this could potentially be the best this has ever controlled in 3D, because while he kept the basics of his gameplay (flow, platforming, speed; running, jumping and rolling) they completely reinvented his gameplay to suit more open movement and variety in the same vein that Mario 64 did for the plumbers' jump in 3D. And while I don't really want planetoids to be a thing after this game, and there's also a distinct lack of slopes; the usage of gimmicks and platforming in this game is nothing short of impressive, and I love it. Sonic's really been missing this feeling of being a platformer first and foremost, and its a feeling I very warmly welcome. There's just something that feels so ambitious and massive about this game, and I've progressively just sucked into the hype. I may hope for some minor improvements in gameplay, and a future game based in a more close-to-home plane, and the like. But honestly? I'm so happy for this game. Its trying for so much, and (surprisingly) there seems to be nothing bad or cringe-worthy about it! And with that, I feel like this is the game a good lot of us has been waiting for. I know I am.
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    SWAG They added so many new things... ...I take back every negative opinion I have ever had of this game.
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    And suddenly, the duplicate characters on the box art make sense. WE WERE WRONG NOT TO TRUST YOU, NINTENDO
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    Sonic Lost World Announced

    Hey guys! First time poster here! I'm posting because I just found some interesting footage from some website that had Spanish footage of Windy Hill Zone 2 AND the boss with Zazz at the end of the level. I don't think we've seen this level outside of screenshots, so I thought I'd post it here in case people were curious. https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B7b7sg4abTHERDhrTkx3MlVqQTQ/edit?usp=sharing
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    Honestly, I already wanted this game before. But now, to say that I really want it is an understatement. It looks freaking beautiful and there seems to be a load of different items and gadgets to use! I just from the trailer, I can see a good amount of level design variety as well. So yeah, I'm game, and ready to pre-order! Also here's a few story and gameplay details from the game. http://venturebeat.com/2013/10/01/super-mario-world-3d-preview/ http://www.gamespot.com/features/super-mario-3d-world-safety-in-numbers-6415102/?tag=Topslot%3bSlot1 http://www.ign.com/articles/2013/10/01/5-unexpected-joys-of-super-mario-3d-world?abthid=524ae3585a0399126a000009 Also, some art! The Princess Fairy Citzens... whatever their names are. Bowser in his pimp-ass O.G. Beast Car. And yes! Mega Mushroom! Because I fucking love growing huge a crushing everything in my path! More art can be found here. http://www.flickr.com/photos/25792657@N00/page1/ They're mixed in with images from other games. But they are of pretty good quality.
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    He'll look even better dead for fucking with my man Luigi.
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    Sonic Lost World Announced

    From the same website, I found the full level of Windy Hill Zone 4. https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B7b7sg4abTHENHhFQTU3eEtXYWs/edit?usp=sharing We've seen most of this Zone in that Gamescom demo before, but this includes the second fight against Zazz at the end.
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    Wow, that's a shameless shill if I ever saw it.
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    hmmmmmmmmm meanwhile yeah i had to so worlds collide is a game...sort of
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    Nintendo knew EXACTLY what they were doing.
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    Woah, I haven't posted in a while. Anyway, this was just posted on the Sonic facebook page. Snazzy, eh? I know they're amping up the special effects in this one, but this honestly looks like a new attack. Kinda looks like the Fire Kick from Sonic Battle almost. Might be the new SFX, but hey, anything's possible considering they've had and still have lots of time to fix Sonic's moveset from last time.
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    Holy fuckaroony this game looks fucking good. Like fuck, Nintnedo you have completely won me over, I can't believe I was so skeptcial at first.. this isn't "standard Mario fare" this is the absolute essence of fantastic Mario game design in his purest form! I want this inside me right fakkin now.
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    I honestly doubt Capcom cares - if only because they probably blew about that much money on the opening cutscene for RE6. =V
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    Proper cutscenes. Short, but sweet. There's a level select (there's a map-like hub) and most levels (so far) have been between 10 and 20 minutes in length on a first playthough (and then there's the red rings to collect as well as getting better times/scores, so lots of replayability).
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    gasp Portal 3 confirmed
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    I got an idea. Shut down the republican party.
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    Of course mere hours after I have my rant about how the character reveals have been underwhelming they fucking drop Sonic I'm not to fussed if he keeps his Brawl attacks as long as he hits harder and faster and has better priority this time round.
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    Nintendo Direct - October 1st

    Donkey Kong is delayed, crying.
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    Screenshot credit goes to Woun 3DS special stages cut scene or Tails' lab Windy hill multiplayer
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    That Bowser car better be in Mario Kart 8, it's too sick looking.
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    Blue Wisp

    Sonic Lost World Announced

    I'm pretty damn sure that technofied version of Wonder World is the
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    Sonic Lost World Announced

    Looks like the next Smash Bros. game will have a Lost World stage.
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    Mighty No.9 - New Inafune title!

    Hoooooooooooooooooooooooooooorrrrrrrrrrrry craaaaaaaaaaaaap It's been done...that means...Vita/3DS versions. Now....now I REALLY WANT THIS GAME. I WANT IT I WANT IT I WANT IT.
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    New Screenshots WiiU version from Japanese site: 3DS version screenshots:
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    Trademarks work very differently from copyrights. A copyright is protection of an idea and can work for a long time without actual use, whereas trademarks are used for names and require use to be kept. Once a trademark is claimed, legal protection of that mark hinges primarily on usage. Meaning, a company cannot defend a trademark that they never actually use. So while not definite proof, this is evidence there's a plan for developing the game within a certain time period. Especially since the type of trademark filled was intent-to-use, which will require actual use in commerce to keep that registration.
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    I'm actually happy to hear that Sonic's back even though I don't like playing as him, Mario/Mega Man/Sonic is the ultimate triforce of video game mascots in Smash and having them all in the same game makes it feel so much more complete. I'm going to have lots of fun kicking his ass with Mario and Mega Man. I still don't give a shit about Pac-Man though.
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    The General American Politics Thread

    Social mobility has been in the shitter for a long time, mainly because of things like the long-term wealth distribution to the country's wealth to the top brackets since roughly the 70s, which means wages are not scaling with our increased productivity, which in turn means it's harder for people who aren't already rich to use their money and skills to actually climb the social ladder versus using them to simply eat and stay stable. Or even simple things like the increase in demand for college degrees, which inflates the cost of private colleges while simultaneously creating a huge pool of workforce all with the same degrees, which in turn increases competition and thus lowers your chances for a job, and also saddles tons of people with ridiculous debt that's difficult to waive away because student loans kind of suck. There's a ton of things that are eroding the working class that are not some sudden direct result of the ACA knucklesgirl. In fact, you were pretty much guaranteed to stay middle-class, or even have greater chances of slipping into the lower class brackets, by the time you were born, so no fault on the ACA for that one. Also, socialism in healthcare is not evil. Yes, there have been problems with the way it has been implemented, but so have their been problems with our healthcare system, even before the ACA would be enacted. Do you like spending hundreds if not thousands of times more than other countries on the same products and same healthcare without any noticeable increase in quality output? The free market's kind of failing us with that one: Despite all the money we spend on healthcare- roughly 18% of our GDP- we still don't live longer on average than, say people in countries like Switzerland and Japan for various reasons like inefficiencies from defensive medicine or, ironically, paying for people who can't afford health insurance because it's too expensive but who get sick anyway, which in turn goes on to be subsidized by you. Do you also like being at increased risk for bankruptcy for merely getting sick? 62% of all bankruptcies in 2007 were from essentially getting sick, which is a ridiculous, life-ruining possibility that most people in places where there is a public option don't actually have to worry about. Did you enjoy the fact that insurance companies could deny you for having a pre-existing condition, something which is completely out of your control (and something the ACA stopped, so yay for that)? Yes, that was a thing once before. Besides, socialism as a concept already permeates the United States in many forms, and has for a long long time. We have public services, like fire, police and military, education, road provisions and upkeep, and the like that are paid for by the collective population, not privatized. Social Security (< Social is in the name) is basically one big pot we all pay into the moment we start working so we can help subsidize and take care of retirees. You've been doing it the moment you started working. Medicare and Medicaid are others. And on a moral front, as I understand things, I personally don't mind paying for these things because I feel that the country is better off for it when everyone- rich or poor- has access to public goods that allow them a basic standard quality of life, which ideally in turn allows them decent opportunity to be productive, to have more education and ultimately more money, to use that money in the market to buy needs as well as wants, which helps companies and ultimately everyone is better off. I feel healthcare should be in this same category, because there is no tangible benefit when people are sick and cannot properly afford the care they need to get better, get back on their feet, and be productive citizens with free time and lots of disposable income to pump back into the economy. When people are sick, but go to work anyway because they can't afford to lose their job due to too many absences and their employer's benefits are the only ones they can afford, they are less productive, and are also more likely to get their co-workers sick, which in turn hurts the company as a whole. But tons of people do that because the reality is our current system is a load.
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    Kirby games rarely fail to make me smile with glee. I'll be picking this one up for sure. Return to Dreamland was so much fun.
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    Haha, just look at this asshole! "Do you even Smash, Bro?" I was sure he was going to be in, but I still squealed like a little girl! Is it me or does he have more knockback to his attacks?
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    Mighty No.9 - New Inafune title!

    >Online battle race mode You know, some of these goals would have been so much more deserving on lower tiers. I highly doubt it's going to take 100k to make a fucking intro stage.
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    I'm really sick of hearing this from right wingers. The "thousands of full time workers" meme has been floated (and extrapolated) every time some box retailer makes any sort of announcement at all. The meme ignores the fact that most of the jobs they are talking about are low wage, and most have been part time for years. No box retail store pays a living wage. So this silly notion that people are being forced into poverty is nonsense. Most of them are already there. The claim that people are being forced into exchanges and losing their "good" health insurance is a myth also. This line peaked when Home Depot (and several other big box retailers) announced that they were doing away with the cynical fig leaf "limited payout" health insurance plans they had been offering. Which is just as well. These plans offered very little benefit and were relatively expensive. They were precisely the sort of insurance that Obamcare was intended to displace. The change at Home Depot affected 5% of thier work force, But you never heard that on Fox Noise. There is no solid evidence that insurance rates are going up in most states for people already insured. Even if that were so, it's unlikely that most workers would feel it. There are a lot of ancedotal stories. But these sorts of stories are isolated, often don't hold up under much scrutiny, and don't serve as reliable indicators of overall trends. Conservative media and the K Street crowd has used every single trick and tactic it could think of to scare people over health care reform. They have lied about what's in the law. They have falsely represented it as government run health care. And they've manufactured a long string of lies and predictions that have not come true. Why anyone listens to Fox or the right wing talkers on this subject is beyond me. They have been lying to their audience for four years now, and their predictions have turned out to be utterly and completely wrong.
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    Mighty No.9 - New Inafune title!

    Next gen console versions of MN9 are go
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    GTA V (Trailers in OP)

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jb5nv5W9VSE&t=1m35s We are going to A-Team the fuck out of this game!
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    There's a difference between grammatical correctness and what the line is getting across; Tails' noticing the presence of Eggman's robots. Which is a sentence that makes sense for the context. You're forgetting the Storybook games. Which at least had competently-told, interesting stories and thoughtful, non-exaggerated characterization.
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    Er, no. If we weren't getting these clone characters, our limited roster would just be smaller. Really.
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    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Adln7A3lu3ohttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Adln7A3lu3o A few new screenshots, and good news! RC gadgets can be used in the 3DS version, too!
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    Not believing a god damn thing until Valve themselves says something.
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    It's not going to happen, dude.
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    ...Why the Soonic Heroes theme?
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    So much better than Brawl's model. There's actually a blend between badass and cute with this one.
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    First post here, but I just wanted to say that the controls for the 3DS version are extremely responsive. I've just reached the sixth world and I've only disliked one level. My biggest problem with the game are the gyroscope controls for the special stages and one of the bosses (so far) - you have to stand up and spin around (and move the 3DS up and down) to aim.
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    Okay so I don't know if this was on this thread since it was made 8 months ago, but I thought it's better being closer to the release date for hype purposes:
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