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    Keep your condescending bullshit out of here. It's responses like this that strike such a fire in the Sonic discussion forum, ones like these that are just begging to rub edges and make absolutely waste of time arguments and fights. If it's not that it's a mob of users getting angry at what you're trying to start, and for a good reason. So please, the one thing we really ask aside following some simple rules is for people to have the maturity level to respect other people's opinions. People are going to like it and some people aren't, but if it's really causing you so much discomfort over a static image of a robot, I think you need to step outside and get some fresh air to clear your head. This isn't up for discussion and it ends here, and goes for anyone really.
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    Hey everyone! Today is a very special day! First, it's my birthday! Second, Pokemon X Y comes out today and finally, my german friend and I have uploaded our Sonic GMV collab we have been working on since mid-summer. We're very proud with how it turned out! I hope you all will love it as much as we do!
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    Hey! I'm RosaRosaRosalina (or temporarily PeachyPeachyPeach) and this is my thread where I post things that involve me posting my sprite work (and sometimes drawing!) Now, I'm not the greatest pixel artist as I've only been doing this stuff for the past 5 or so years. Sprite making isn't really my greatest talent, but I just do it for fun. I also tend to edit and sometimes recolor sprites to give them more poses or just to make them look more modern. I'm more of an 8 Bit kind of guy, but I also do 16-bit stuff pretty decently. And without further ado, let's start off with one of my earliest sprite sheets! Ta-da! This was one of my first (almost entirely) hand drawn sprites. It's just a simple SMB1 Mario Remaster in my own style. It has the original Mario's color palette and part of his jumping sprite was used and edited to fit my style. There's even a Mario 3 styled running sprite. It also includes a hatless sprite based off of when he loses his hat in 64. Luigi's also included in this. I had a lot of fun making this back then, it was really great to make. But enough of the old, let's get into something a bit more recent! This is a little Peach sprite GIF I made about a month ago for people to use as an avatar for anything. It was late at night and I was bored and this was made. It's based off of Peach's Paper art style (which is weird because I used a MKWii mugshot for a reference.) I...well, Soniko thought it'd be a good idea for me to use this as an avatar, so I figured "why not"? And last but not least, and even more recent drawing of Sonic: I usually draw Sonic in his Classic design rather than his Modern one, because I end up getting some sort of "Cladern" Sonic, like the one above. But I thought this would look nice enough to share, despite the not so great quality of the lighting for the image. I'll be back with more art sooner or later to share and I hope you guys like what I've shown! EDIT: Please don't be afraid to give feedback on what I post! I really enjoy hearing what you all have to say about the stuff here and it a lot more encouraging!
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    I love how that land mass at the back is shaped like a treble clef
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    Is it all right if I call that dickish? Because that's what it feels like. They underestimate their own power when they have a review copy.
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    The KKM

    Kill La Kill

    ... holy shit have we all been this angry at fanservice at everything else? Even things like Super Sonico? Because for once there's a show that yes, undeniably has fanservice, but the fanservice isn't the point- Imaishi always adds fanservice, but the point is the high-octane action. Compare to something like Seikon no Qwazer. That wouldn't work without the fanservice. TTGL? Cover Yoko up, still works. I mean, sure, you're not comfortable with scantly-clad characters. But do we need to bring it up OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER again?
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    Honestly, I think with time not only Heroes fluctuates on it's stance with the fans of the series, but any Sonic game really. As long as I've been here I've seen Sonic Adventure 2 go from godtier praise from a majority of fans to it's current stance with most people saying it's utter garbage. Heroes was once blah or irrelevant and now suddenly it's being backed more and more as this overlooked gem in the series. SA1 slips in and out of relevancy, Sonic 2 goes from common fan-favorite to most boring of the original trilogy, Werehog was taboo and on occasion to now seen as "well it's not the worst thing to happen and kinda tolerable,"and series the list just goes on and and on and on. My point is, even with how the Sonic fanbase feels in majority about Heroes right now doesn't really matter if you're looking for an opinion to play it, or just out of sheer curiosity to find a like mind of yours. Simply, like opinions tend to do, it changes with perspective over time. I know I'm kinda being a kill joy but I guess I'm using this topic as an excuse to reflect my feelings for this kinda deal since I've been feeling it for quite some time. I guess after awhile it just gets old, idk. Honestly I think all the games have their faults and their plus sides, and each of them are unique in that kinda deal, and a further look into that, unique for everyone in that regard. I thought the copy-paste characters of Heroes was redundant, the team gimmick making the game very not-sonicy, and the character acting reeeeally bad. Though I thought the tropes were imaginative, music was stellar, and I liked some of the variety of moves characters had at times. I'm sure just about everyone here doesn't agree with me 100%, though maybe 7 years down the line they do, and I don't anymore. So I guess to put my thoughts aside for a second and strictly answer your question, from what I've seen of Heroes talk over the past few months on Sonic Stadium, I would say that more fans are seeing it as an "okay" game, though there's still a fair share that still see it as a horrible mess and a catalyst to the inevitable Shadow and Sonic 06. So take what you will *shrugs*
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    Princess Hilda and Princess Zelda, huh? do they both have a Snarky Talking cat too?
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    Fuck him, seriously, what if someone actually take his word and think the game suck? That not freaking cool, even if he joking, it still gave people a wrong impression about the 3DS version.
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    You haven't looked at the Twilight Princess in a while then.
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    Criteria? My criteria is "I just like it." It all falls to subjective design preference, and I don't feel I (or anyone else) should have to back that up with anything. But I'll try to explain why I prefer it anyway, for the sake of argument. First things first. Make no mistake, I like the Egg Dragoon, and I think it's a very cool mech. This doesn't have to be a false dichotomy, where liking one equates to disliking the other. But I like this one more. My reason is very simple- I feel this mech reflects Eggman's narcissism and ego in a humorous (while still somewhat imposing) manner. One of Eggman's defining character traits is the love he has for himself, and this mech demonstrates that love in a very showy, over-the-top way (the way Eggman likes to do everything). "Badass" isn't the only qualifier; Sometimes "charming" is a better quality to shoot for, especially with a humorous villain like Dr. Eggman. Do I want all of Eggman's mechs to be themed after himself? Of course not, and I'm certainly for original designs and experimentation. But I welcome each iteration of Eggman's self-modeled robots, and neither want nor expect them to go away anytime soon.
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    ... Well, this certainly casts those Zazz/OC shipping pictures I've been seeing on Tumblr in a new, wholly creepier light.
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    Anyone who gets mad about "Lorule" is wrong. It's a perfect little piece of wordplay. You are aware of the whole parallel world thing the game has going on, right? What part of this is a remake, when there's an entirely new story and major changes to the gameplay?
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    Dude, I would lOVE it if they had each of the Zelda Reps from a different game. Link being Twilight Princess The Younger Link from the toonish universe of Wind Waker, Phantom Hourglass, Minish Cap, etc. Zelda coming from A Link Between Lords or Skyward Sword And Ganondorf being his Ocarina of Time self
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    Some new screenshots I found while wondering the net =D, Tropical Coast Zone 2 seems to feature a tubular zone outside of Windy Hill Zone 2, pretty fucking awesome =D In this next screenshot we have Frozen Factory, most likely Zone 1 or 3, loving the platforming look it gives off, Sega did say the 3DS version had a balance of moving fast along with lots of platforming & some puzzle content: Lastly I have a screenshot of Sky Road Zone 1 which is looking pretty swell, looks like the 3DS version can get some mach speed in here too:
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    >lorule >LORULE getting real tired of your shit nintendo
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    [Badge Contest] Werehog Winners!

    Considering I did Phoenix last year, I figured I'd do another Ace Attorney character (or two) this year. Presenting Werepollo Justice and Trucy Arooight and terrible puns! I'm sorry.
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    So will Link have a dark counterpart called Harvey?
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    I once did a graph on my opinion of the Sonic series' stabability and what stuck out to most was this... While I don't believe Heroes is a better game than Sonic Adventure, I still think it's a great game to play at times and I'd take it over Sonic Adventure 2 or Shadow the Hedgehog anyday. Granted, the PS2 version is a steaming pile of dog shit with the absurd framerate, glitches, etc. But going by the GameCube and PC versions (my usual turn-tos for playing the game), it's an absolute blast. Frog Forest is easily one of my favourite levels in the entire franchise and the nostalgia of 10 years ago that has never faded away in recent years really holds the game up in high regard in my personal opinion. The music is also great to listen to when working on a story, art, etc. It's almost as variable as the Sonic Adventure soundtrack; keyword: almost. The controls are slippery, yes. But I would rather take this game's controls over twitchy and just plain BROKEN 06/Secret Rings style controls. I also believe that this game has slightly better controls than Unleashed. Yes, it takes warming up. But when you do, the result is so satisfying. Sonic Heroes has a very similar setup to the Classic trilogy; two acts, a boss fight, then onto the next trope. The tropes seen in this game are often claimed as some of the best in the series; and I have to agree with that. The tropes are imaginative (...sans Green Hill Clone Seaside Hill :U) and provide me enjoyment every time I play through them. Overall, Sonic Heroes is an enjoyable game that I've had a blast with every now and then over the past 10 years. It isn't the best, but I'm not gonna lie... to me, it's up there.
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    Never played it, but probably will soon. It's a very mixed game among the majority of the fanbase, the team-based gimmick seems to get a lot of praise, but I've seen a lot of people criticize the control, finding it to be very slippery. In shorter words, I think the majority of the fanbase liked the premise, but thought the execution could have been handled better.
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    Well, it had to happen at some point...
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    In a way, he already is. Pickle is refined and has a fine taste in things as evidenced by the manner in which he appreciates what the world has to offer such as souvenirs from around the planet. Eggman's tastes are pretty screwy and he doesn't appreciate much more than his own image and power. Pickle is subdued. Eggman is much more flamboyant. Both are highly intelligent but Pickle puts his immense knowledge of his field (Archaeology and History) to good use, teaching the younger generation whilst Eggman puts his knowledge of his field to diabolical effect and only wants to teach the younger generation because he likes holding power over people as proven by the JP script of Generations. Pickle is kind and very even-tempered, treating Sonic like a favored grandson and he gets along very well with Tails and Amy. Eggman is spiteful and has a very short fuse, even attacking his own henchbots with little to no restraint. Their differences are subtle yet definitely there, something Unleashed often had. They just aren't flaunted in your face relentlessly.
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    One opinion whose status I'm unsure of is my relative apathy to Sonic R. People LOVE this freaking game, and I can't really empathize. The racing mechanics are pretty bunk, balancing is nonexistent as picking Sonic is an insta-win, it's extremely short even with its extra content, the replay value suffers as a result, and the ever-lauded soundtrack does nothing much for me. Don't get me wrong: it's a cute little distraction, something I compare to my adoration of Sonic 3D Blast, but whilst I liken 3D Blast to a decent little side game to at least have one go-around, everyone else around me genuinely seems to gobble Sonic R up as something significantly worth praising, and I don't really get it at all. xP
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    What a fucking asshole. I was shitting my pants when i read his impressions first, even making people cancel their 3DS pre-orders. >.>
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    Xbox One Discussion

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    Sonic Heroes...it's a decent game and I know the fanbase have had mixed reactions and mixed reception to it. As for me, Sonic Heroes is definitely not one of my favorite Sonic games, but it isn't like I hate it either. It has both good and bad points, as do all Sonic games. First I'll mention what I did not like about the game. As interesting as the teamwork concept was, it got tedious and boring real quick beyond Team Sonic. I found most of the voice acting in this game to be not so good. It didn't help considering the characters talked way too much during gameplay. I usually enjoy rewatching the cutscenes in Sonic games, but not this one. The camera system was downright terrible and proved to be a real nuisance at times. I really didn't feel the story and characterization did not stand out to me. I just didn't find Sonic Heroes really fun to play to be honest. Now what I did like about Sonic Heroes? As repetitive I found the gameplay among the 4 teams, I am glad that Sonic's friends were actually playable. I've said it time and time again that it annoys me to no end to see Sonic's friends reduced to standing around being cheerleaders running their mouths. Their mouths were going non-stop in this game (I also liked the fact that Metal Sonic actually talked), but at least it was happening while they were actually doing something gameplay-wise. They felt like actual characters in the game with their interactions and whatnot. I personally really enjoyed seeing and playing as the Chaotix in this game. I thought the references to other games such as Sonic & Knuckles and Sonic Adventure 2 was a nice addition to the rather excessive dialogue in the game. Another thing that I liked was that it took some time to go through every level, not whizzing past it all in a minute or two like usual. The soundtrack was good too, although not memorable for me like other Sonic soundtracks. The levels were very bright and colorful. Bingo Highway had to be my favorite with all its beautful bright colors as well as the beautiful nighttime city background: I couldn't decide between which of the images to put up here so I went with both of them. I think this level is absolutely goregous! Interestingly enough, I wrote more positive things than negative things about Sonic Heroes in this post. Yet, those negative things that I mentioned is enough for me consider this game as one of my least favorite Sonic games, also the negative things caused me go a couple of years since I last played it, and the things I dislike about Sonic Heroes will probably continue to prevent me from playing this game again anytime soon, as I still have no desire to play it again.
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    The sad yet annoying thing about SA2 is that its aging, as well as backlash against this mystical majority of people who still praise it as the best Sonic game, has completely overtaken the recorded knowledge of its actual reception at the time. I feel like people nowadays honestly think that SA2 was just pure shit when it came out partly because they're pissed that some 12 year old kids still find fun in it, when that isn't the case. The line for when the base broke really needs to stop going backwards, when I feel like 2005 was the blatant downhill spiral of it all.
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    The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds

    omfg there's no way Hilda's name was not intentional I can't fucking breathe
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    .... Can I just like the new Eggmech as well as the Egg Dragoon? I mean, gosh, it's like you have a problem with me preferring something from this game over something from the other games, and it's getting rather annoying.
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    Mr. Pollock is now 100% confirmed to be voicing Eggy.
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    I'm being flooded at the moment with games. Just the Wii U ones - Pikmin 3 kicked it off, followed by The Wonderful 101, Wind Waker, Sonic Lost World, DuckTales, Pokemon Rumble, Wii Fit U, LEGO Marvel Heroes, Super Mario 3D World . . . Also my husband just gave me Xenoblade Chronicles for my birthday (s'okay, it's actually a Wii game, but I'm not pulling the Wii out just to play one game). I already had LEGO City, SASRT, NSMBU (+DLC), Epic Mickey 2 and Nintendoland. . . I think Nintendo's making plenty of money off of my Wii U. Unfortunately, I'm 'Excepted' furlough - I'm not getting paid 'til Congress gets it's act together, but I get to keep working 40+ hours a week anyway - so I can't even play much right now.
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    A change of subject, I know it's really unlikely since it was due to the 25th anniversary, but would anyone else love to see Robin Williams return for the commercials? I still love this one:
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    Chaos Incarnate

    Best Sonic fanart ever

    I prefer the good future image and constantly use as my wallpaper, but they're both awesome. I'm not too sure who created it, but it's something Sonic Retro was telling people about.
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    Totally impressive. Unbelievably seamless transitions. Great choice of music too. Happy Birthday
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    My god, how did I not note that in my post? What makes this worse is that there is absolutely little difference between the different teams worth calling unique and varied. Team Dark can simply stop enemies in their tracks with their team blast, but save for a few clutch moments that's pretty pointless after it already clears off every enemy on the screen. Rose has Cheese that tries to function like the gamebreaker it was in the Advance titles, but you have to get rid of your speed and power character to use him, and doing so is paramount to suicide as there are certain enemies that need the other two characters to take out that become more numerous as you progress. Team Chaotix is the only one with a drastic difference with Espio's invisibility allowing him to sneak past enemies, which is pretty useful to bypass certain portions and even get through laser gates until the moment you reach a dead end that requires the flight or power character to bypass. About the only real difference is the number of certain enemies, which makes it more of a frustrating chore than anything enjoyable. Team Dark gets even more of the games strongest enemies, Rose gets the least (making it easier), and Chaotix tends to have a few search missions that become enraging to beat when you go in circles trying to complete them. And this is just hitting the surface.
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    GTA V (Trailers in OP)

    My first car with the SSMB Crew emblem. The color is obviously based on Sonic's shoes cause I always gotta go fast
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    >Implying manufacturing costs don't drop every year. It's a loss of about 50 dollars per unit sold. So they make it up with 1 game sold. Bleeding out due to that? Then what are Sony and Microsoft doing?
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    So while this is official (CoroCoro), still going to label it a spoiler... Safari spoiler
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    Eh. It has a lot of good qualities to it, the presentation in terms of visuals, art design and music are very much classic. It definitely had some kind of nostalgic essence to it that I can't seem to shake off for whatever reason. It was a fairly decent game... ...but it doesn't really stack up well nowadays. Our expectations for gameplay, storytelling and structure are so much more refined and developed that I can't see the fanbase going gaga over Sonic Heroes like it did when the game first came out. It did a lot of cool things, but at its very core, it's barely passable in terms of the standard of quality that Sonic should be known for. It's just... eh.
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    Wait, 3DS? Wow. If that's the case, then yeah, here's wondering how it'll look on Wii-U. How about you define lazy and cheap, and elaborate how based off a single image you were capable of deducting such a thing when we have yet to fully see it in action? Because I could stretch that definition over everything you've loved about this series, such as the artstyles of SA2 or Unleashed, and mind you I love those games and believe the exact opposite of such a thing when talking about them. I find the mech simplistic and underwhelming, while still reserving judgement over you going far to the extreme with it. I don't know anything beyond how it looks to judge whether or not it is lazy and cheap, and appearance alone isn't enough. But looking simplier does not equal to lazy or cheapness in design; laziness is doing a bad job because you weren't putting any effort, which we have yet to see of this mech in action.
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    Okay, time the fuck out. Yes, I find the new mech far more basic and underwhelming than the awesome and badass Egg Dragoon, but "lazy and cheap" is just being downright insulting. It's far more simplistic in design, yes, and that makes it look underwhelming in comparison, but we've repeated this time and time again on these forums: simplicity does not equate to lazy and cheap, nor does complexity equal depth. These terms are not black and white like that. And that is especially when we don't know much about it anyway. So wait til we get more details before you make full judgement, 'k?
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    Mighty No.9 - New Inafune title!

    Even if Inafune feels this way I believe it's a sentiment he should have kept to himself. MN9 was advertised solely on the basis that it was a Mega Man game without Capcom's involvement. If Capcom steps into the picture, then it completely goes against that, even if they're just publishing, which means they're going to profit in some way from this project. And no one wants that.
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    >capcom agrees to produce the project >immediately cancels it
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    Sonic Lost World Announced

    What's so bad about the Deadly Six? Sure they might not have a big backstory or has multiple personalities. But they look like great characters in their own right. And we all can agree that this franchise needs more villains. Maybe we can see some character development of these characters if they are going to come back fo future titles.
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    SenEDDtor Missile


    Sixth Rate Soma has been holding out on us .
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