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    Hey! I'm RosaRosaRosalina (or temporarily PeachyPeachyPeach) and this is my thread where I post things that involve me posting my sprite work (and sometimes drawing!) Now, I'm not the greatest pixel artist as I've only been doing this stuff for the past 5 or so years. Sprite making isn't really my greatest talent, but I just do it for fun. I also tend to edit and sometimes recolor sprites to give them more poses or just to make them look more modern. I'm more of an 8 Bit kind of guy, but I also do 16-bit stuff pretty decently. And without further ado, let's start off with one of my earliest sprite sheets! Ta-da! This was one of my first (almost entirely) hand drawn sprites. It's just a simple SMB1 Mario Remaster in my own style. It has the original Mario's color palette and part of his jumping sprite was used and edited to fit my style. There's even a Mario 3 styled running sprite. It also includes a hatless sprite based off of when he loses his hat in 64. Luigi's also included in this. I had a lot of fun making this back then, it was really great to make. But enough of the old, let's get into something a bit more recent! This is a little Peach sprite GIF I made about a month ago for people to use as an avatar for anything. It was late at night and I was bored and this was made. It's based off of Peach's Paper art style (which is weird because I used a MKWii mugshot for a reference.) I...well, Soniko thought it'd be a good idea for me to use this as an avatar, so I figured "why not"? And last but not least, and even more recent drawing of Sonic: I usually draw Sonic in his Classic design rather than his Modern one, because I end up getting some sort of "Cladern" Sonic, like the one above. But I thought this would look nice enough to share, despite the not so great quality of the lighting for the image. I'll be back with more art sooner or later to share and I hope you guys like what I've shown! EDIT: Please don't be afraid to give feedback on what I post! I really enjoy hearing what you all have to say about the stuff here and it a lot more encouraging!
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    I love how that land mass at the back is shaped like a treble clef
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    Is it all right if I call that dickish? Because that's what it feels like. They underestimate their own power when they have a review copy.
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    The KKM

    Kill La Kill

    ... holy shit have we all been this angry at fanservice at everything else? Even things like Super Sonico? Because for once there's a show that yes, undeniably has fanservice, but the fanservice isn't the point- Imaishi always adds fanservice, but the point is the high-octane action. Compare to something like Seikon no Qwazer. That wouldn't work without the fanservice. TTGL? Cover Yoko up, still works. I mean, sure, you're not comfortable with scantly-clad characters. But do we need to bring it up OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER again?
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    Honestly, I think with time not only Heroes fluctuates on it's stance with the fans of the series, but any Sonic game really. As long as I've been here I've seen Sonic Adventure 2 go from godtier praise from a majority of fans to it's current stance with most people saying it's utter garbage. Heroes was once blah or irrelevant and now suddenly it's being backed more and more as this overlooked gem in the series. SA1 slips in and out of relevancy, Sonic 2 goes from common fan-favorite to most boring of the original trilogy, Werehog was taboo and on occasion to now seen as "well it's not the worst thing to happen and kinda tolerable,"and series the list just goes on and and on and on. My point is, even with how the Sonic fanbase feels in majority about Heroes right now doesn't really matter if you're looking for an opinion to play it, or just out of sheer curiosity to find a like mind of yours. Simply, like opinions tend to do, it changes with perspective over time. I know I'm kinda being a kill joy but I guess I'm using this topic as an excuse to reflect my feelings for this kinda deal since I've been feeling it for quite some time. I guess after awhile it just gets old, idk. Honestly I think all the games have their faults and their plus sides, and each of them are unique in that kinda deal, and a further look into that, unique for everyone in that regard. I thought the copy-paste characters of Heroes was redundant, the team gimmick making the game very not-sonicy, and the character acting reeeeally bad. Though I thought the tropes were imaginative, music was stellar, and I liked some of the variety of moves characters had at times. I'm sure just about everyone here doesn't agree with me 100%, though maybe 7 years down the line they do, and I don't anymore. So I guess to put my thoughts aside for a second and strictly answer your question, from what I've seen of Heroes talk over the past few months on Sonic Stadium, I would say that more fans are seeing it as an "okay" game, though there's still a fair share that still see it as a horrible mess and a catalyst to the inevitable Shadow and Sonic 06. So take what you will *shrugs*
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    Anyone who gets mad about "Lorule" is wrong. It's a perfect little piece of wordplay. You are aware of the whole parallel world thing the game has going on, right? What part of this is a remake, when there's an entirely new story and major changes to the gameplay?
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    Some new screenshots I found while wondering the net =D, Tropical Coast Zone 2 seems to feature a tubular zone outside of Windy Hill Zone 2, pretty fucking awesome =D In this next screenshot we have Frozen Factory, most likely Zone 1 or 3, loving the platforming look it gives off, Sega did say the 3DS version had a balance of moving fast along with lots of platforming & some puzzle content: Lastly I have a screenshot of Sky Road Zone 1 which is looking pretty swell, looks like the 3DS version can get some mach speed in here too:
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    What a fucking asshole. I was shitting my pants when i read his impressions first, even making people cancel their 3DS pre-orders. >.>
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    Xbox One Discussion

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    The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds

    omfg there's no way Hilda's name was not intentional I can't fucking breathe
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    Chaos Incarnate

    Best Sonic fanart ever

    I prefer the good future image and constantly use as my wallpaper, but they're both awesome. I'm not too sure who created it, but it's something Sonic Retro was telling people about.
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    >Implying manufacturing costs don't drop every year. It's a loss of about 50 dollars per unit sold. So they make it up with 1 game sold. Bleeding out due to that? Then what are Sony and Microsoft doing?
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    So while this is official (CoroCoro), still going to label it a spoiler... Safari spoiler
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    Eh. It has a lot of good qualities to it, the presentation in terms of visuals, art design and music are very much classic. It definitely had some kind of nostalgic essence to it that I can't seem to shake off for whatever reason. It was a fairly decent game... ...but it doesn't really stack up well nowadays. Our expectations for gameplay, storytelling and structure are so much more refined and developed that I can't see the fanbase going gaga over Sonic Heroes like it did when the game first came out. It did a lot of cool things, but at its very core, it's barely passable in terms of the standard of quality that Sonic should be known for. It's just... eh.
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    Sonic Lost World Announced

    What's so bad about the Deadly Six? Sure they might not have a big backstory or has multiple personalities. But they look like great characters in their own right. And we all can agree that this franchise needs more villains. Maybe we can see some character development of these characters if they are going to come back fo future titles.
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    current state of my shrine area I decided to make an area in my room look as lavish as possible because I always loved shrines in movies and such of the like. It kind of reminds me of that “big moment” where the protagonist (or protagonists) have to prepare themselves in some ludicrous way for a final battle or final war. In other cases, like Bioshock: Infinite where you are first put in front of a monumental shrine to show how powerful the city of Columbia is overall. ...well because it looks cool Pretty much I am trying to find ways to add flair to this empty space in my room. From where it’s positioned, everyone can see it the moment you walk into the room and I want it to be more than just a bare wooden space. What kind of designs do you guys have in mind when it comes to making a “shrine”? Also, I am thinking of putting some type of statue or water display to make this area look cool. So far I am thinking of fountains or large statues of angels, animals, or something to at least make it as cool as I possibly can. So far I am just inspired by other pictures of traditional far eastern countries and a little from the Vatican City…well, not because of religion, but because it looks cool.
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    You still did a pretty damn good job Zavok.
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    Working on translation... give me a sec.
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    I've never known the fanbase to be particularly positive towards Sonic R. I think most seem to agree that it's a broken, unbalanced mess packaged as a racing game with an ill-fitting soundtrack and bland overall presentation. But I'll concede that I'd rather play it than some of the franchise's other blunders. Probably because the suffering is short, even if you aim to collect all the unlockable content, whereas the other bad games are long and typically take forever. I would love to see Professor Pickle act as sort of foil to Eggman. Have a scene like "I told you, doctor, that cloning dinosaurs would have serious moral implications! Why didn't you listen to me?!" and I'll be happy. ~@3@~
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    TMNT Goes Nickelodeon

    Though I haven't seen the episode yet, one thing I knew about for a while was
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    Xbox One Discussion

    ...You don't have to be tech savvy to know how to torrent. You'd be surprised how many people do it. Chances are people who are too tech ignorant to know how to torrent won't know how to use Xbone streaming services.
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    That was amazing. Excuse me while I go wipe myself after seeing how excellent this video was.
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    Indigo Rush


    Apologies for the double post, everybody... but, a new JonTron video is incoming! How does Jon tell us this? On Facebook, of course. That 4 second video kind of broke my brain.
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    Does vocal quality matter? Either way I'm in, time to get more familiar with this song.
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    Okay, I've acquired Pokemon X! My thoughts so far: * Holy crap there's a lot going on. Game Freak really put effort into the detail in the world, the NPCs and what they do, and in the first forest area you come in, your friends actually move about and talk outside of cutscenes, which is really cool. And your mom has a pet Rhyhorn, which sees you off when you get started, and even lets you ride it a bit. * I was surprised as to how many mons show up so early in the game that can be caught. There's Fletchling, Pidgey, a few bug types, Pichu, Pikachu, all three elemental monkeys, and probably more I missed. * FULL ANALOG CONTROL WITH THE ROLLERSKATES. YES, THIS IS AMAZING. And you can use the D-pad for 8-way control outside of buildings, if you want, which is really cool. * The battles are much what I expected, and there is a bit of FPS dip with the 3D on, but it's worth it. The devs do actually try to make use of 3D whenever possible outside of the overworld movement, certain cutscenes utilizing it as well without slowdown. * Also, there's a few clothing choices early on, especially with hats and hat accessories. I picked a red 'logo' hat with a green feather, kinda neat. * Super Training and Pokemon-Amie are both accessible at any time via the touch screen, which was a surprise. I'm just right up to the first gym, so I'll post more later.
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    The Rouge the Bat topic

    Seriously. Outside of cutscenes, it's almost impossible to notice because (I assume) people are too busy trying to beat the stage than focus on a bat's mammaries.
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    It looks like you can get all mega evolutions in one game. I was reading his discovery thread on his forums. the "if not starter" part is that you can purchase the mega stones from a merchant.
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    Avatar: The Legend Of Korra

    Another thing I didn't really like was Bolin already making moves on that actress chick when he knows fully well that he still has an overly vengeful ex still out on the prowl for him. It's like we're seeing another love-triangle taking place here. He's gone from the biggest victim to the biggest jerk so far this season. He's at least getting more screentime and relevance than last season sure, but at the expense of making him almost like Mako was in Season 1.
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    Avatar: The Legend Of Korra

    i can't tell if i liked that episode or hated it
  30. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 50 posts to view.
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    As with all Plus games though, don't hesitate to add it into your download list ("purchase") so if/when you get a Vita you already have a library ready to download. Same with any PS4 game that goes up.
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    [Badge Contest] Werehog Winners!

    Behold my horrifying lack of editing skillz.
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    If the worlds of Sonic existed in reality... OH MY GOD *packs a ridiculous huge backpack* You will never see me in the same spot for more than a minute. My feet will never stop moving until I explore ALL the zones. Good bye and hello SONIC ADVE- ehrm... I mean EXPLORATION, HERE I COME!!
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    And can we stop using the DIMPS excuse, they actually did really good on Sonic Lost Worlds 3DS And did the Spoilers page on 4chan permanently dissapear or did someone make a new one again, im dyinnn too know cause for some reason I cant get on 4chan =/. Someone PM me ALL of the spoilers for the 3DS version cause im like dyinn to know D=
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    Pffft, don't kid yourself guys. We ALL know who the last character is going to be! I mean, it's so obvious, what with the game being called Tropical Freeze, right? There is only room for Eddie the Mean Old Yeti.
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    Sonic Dash (iOS/Android)

    They added 3 new characters, missions, score boosters, new locations and worked out some of the games flaws. That doesn't sound lazy to me
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    Popular-ish opinion I guess: Colors > SA2.
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    Indigo Rush

    Sonic Boom (Working Title)

    If the assets are already made and the animation is already being worked on, then there isn't too much hope. You could hypothetically change the character models and re-render the animation, considering it's all in 3D, but you'd better believe that Knuckles' shape and form plays a part with the rest of their sets and characters. Sometimes swapping models won't work. It's a shame, really. I am still trying to figure out what was going through their heads to even consider making Knuckles look so radically different. Beyond that, Takashi Iizuka saying that it's okay rattles my brain even more. What on earth is happening over there in Sonic Team HQ?!
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    Here's my submission! #totallydidn'tcopy/pasteanything #originaldeadpoolfancharacterdonotsteal #don'tbehatin
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    Badnik Mechanic

    Xbox One Discussion

    He said U instead of you.
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    ARTWORK: Adamis' stuff

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    Most people seem to agree this is bothersome, though it seems to be glossed over somewhat because of Sonic Generations lack of story; that really isn't an excuse, it isn't even an explanation, if characters are going to be that useless why are they there? Time to tell you what I'm actually talking about: One thing I despise about Sonic Generations is how the other characters are treated so much like they’re mere collectibles. It’s particularly painful when Sonic’s unconscious and they just stand there cheering, these are characters that can fight, seriously outnumber Eggman, all of them have a bone to pick with him for destroying time and space and a fair number of them would have a serious problem with the fact Sonic is hurt. It’s so bloody cheap, these characters abilities and in some cases, loyalty to their friend is completely glossed over just so Sonic can be injured so unable to fight and then still save the day.
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    ... Dude, it's a near-inanimate doll. It's barely a character.
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    Pokemon Origins (October 2013)

    -Ash- Episodes: over 800 Pokedex: 69 Rank: Pokemon Trainer -Red- Episodes: 4 Pokedex: 150 Rank: Pokemon Master Damn dude.
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    A WILD NICKI MINAJ HAS APPEARED! .....Oh that's Zeena. Well you could have fooled me.
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    I've always loved this little pose Rogue does for Eggman in Adventure 2, basically meaning "Of course I can handle it, you can count on me Eggman!"
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    The story of David Wise's involvement made me smile; An original soundtrack with a familiar feel! I don't think Donkey Kong Country fans could ask for anything more. This alone has gotten me much more hyped for the game, I'm already feeling like it'll be a DKCR beater
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    Best Sonic fanart ever

    MRi and Saku have quite the somber styles usually, I think they've influenced a lot of other Asian Sonic fan artists in fact. So here's a new one: http://www.deviantart.com/art/Amy-370560449
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    I find this to be the best piece of Sonic fanart ever. It's so warm and the huge amount of nods to other games is really awesome and fun to point out. And this is just plain amazing. Nice touch with Merlina's partial reflection in Caliburn's blade, the intricate detail on Camelot castle and the stoic expressions and poses of the three Knights of the Round Table.
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    I have a soft spot for Sonic Heroes.
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