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    Honestly, I think with time not only Heroes fluctuates on it's stance with the fans of the series, but any Sonic game really. As long as I've been here I've seen Sonic Adventure 2 go from godtier praise from a majority of fans to it's current stance with most people saying it's utter garbage. Heroes was once blah or irrelevant and now suddenly it's being backed more and more as this overlooked gem in the series. SA1 slips in and out of relevancy, Sonic 2 goes from common fan-favorite to most boring of the original trilogy, Werehog was taboo and on occasion to now seen as "well it's not the worst thing to happen and kinda tolerable,"and series the list just goes on and and on and on. My point is, even with how the Sonic fanbase feels in majority about Heroes right now doesn't really matter if you're looking for an opinion to play it, or just out of sheer curiosity to find a like mind of yours. Simply, like opinions tend to do, it changes with perspective over time. I know I'm kinda being a kill joy but I guess I'm using this topic as an excuse to reflect my feelings for this kinda deal since I've been feeling it for quite some time. I guess after awhile it just gets old, idk. Honestly I think all the games have their faults and their plus sides, and each of them are unique in that kinda deal, and a further look into that, unique for everyone in that regard. I thought the copy-paste characters of Heroes was redundant, the team gimmick making the game very not-sonicy, and the character acting reeeeally bad. Though I thought the tropes were imaginative, music was stellar, and I liked some of the variety of moves characters had at times. I'm sure just about everyone here doesn't agree with me 100%, though maybe 7 years down the line they do, and I don't anymore. So I guess to put my thoughts aside for a second and strictly answer your question, from what I've seen of Heroes talk over the past few months on Sonic Stadium, I would say that more fans are seeing it as an "okay" game, though there's still a fair share that still see it as a horrible mess and a catalyst to the inevitable Shadow and Sonic 06. So take what you will *shrugs*
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    Eh. It has a lot of good qualities to it, the presentation in terms of visuals, art design and music are very much classic. It definitely had some kind of nostalgic essence to it that I can't seem to shake off for whatever reason. It was a fairly decent game... ...but it doesn't really stack up well nowadays. Our expectations for gameplay, storytelling and structure are so much more refined and developed that I can't see the fanbase going gaga over Sonic Heroes like it did when the game first came out. It did a lot of cool things, but at its very core, it's barely passable in terms of the standard of quality that Sonic should be known for. It's just... eh.
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    current state of my shrine area I decided to make an area in my room look as lavish as possible because I always loved shrines in movies and such of the like. It kind of reminds me of that “big moment” where the protagonist (or protagonists) have to prepare themselves in some ludicrous way for a final battle or final war. In other cases, like Bioshock: Infinite where you are first put in front of a monumental shrine to show how powerful the city of Columbia is overall. ...well because it looks cool Pretty much I am trying to find ways to add flair to this empty space in my room. From where it’s positioned, everyone can see it the moment you walk into the room and I want it to be more than just a bare wooden space. What kind of designs do you guys have in mind when it comes to making a “shrine”? Also, I am thinking of putting some type of statue or water display to make this area look cool. So far I am thinking of fountains or large statues of angels, animals, or something to at least make it as cool as I possibly can. So far I am just inspired by other pictures of traditional far eastern countries and a little from the Vatican City…well, not because of religion, but because it looks cool.
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    That was amazing. Excuse me while I go wipe myself after seeing how excellent this video was.
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    Does vocal quality matter? Either way I'm in, time to get more familiar with this song.
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    ... Dude, it's a near-inanimate doll. It's barely a character.
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    Verte! A Werehog fan! There is another among us! This calls for celebration.
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    I have a soft spot for Sonic Heroes.
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    I'm actually doing it right now DUE TO POPULAR DEMAND - I AM DOWNLOADING THE PC VERSION OF SONIC GENERATIONS! I will extract the models and rig them Happy now guys?
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