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    I was in the Casino level, and I was on one of the giant bumpers trying to get a second Red Ring, but then SOME HOW the screen just exploded in the world's most psychedelic way imaginable. Groovy. Anyone else experience this? I was actually able to just pause and quit, it didn't freeze, first the framerate started chugging, but paused it really started almost flickering. Went back to the map and then redid the stage just fine. I don't know if this is a bad sign, but it was an experience to be sure. O_o FYI, I have the retail copy in NA if that makes a difference.
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    [Badge Contest] Werehog Winners!

    AND THE VOTES ARE IN! CUE THE RESULTS FANFARE TESTBISH! No no no, not that one! This is a good thing Testbish! Just look the monstrosities these wonderful people have made! Sure they may wreck havoc on the planet, run Stretch Armstrong toys out of business, and make cleat companies sweat in production hassles; but they're beautiful creatures Testbish, I beg of you! Now please, roll the correct one! *cough*ahem well now Without any more delay, congratulations to everyone who participated in the Werehog-ify Anything Contest this year! It was really fun to bring it back from last year after some talk about it wanting to return, and definitely turned out just as fun. Had a blast powering through the pages seeing what crazy things you guys came up with, with quite a few that really dropped my jaw in awe. After counting the votes I think just about every damn near person got at least one vote for their top 3 favorites, so that was extremely neat to see, <3. That said, in the end there were quite a few close calls, and for awhile while I was counting was even an intense 3-way tie going on. It finally settled in the end, but by damn was it close. So I now present to you, this year's top 3 Werehog'd Monstrosities! =3RD PLACE= Nepenthe once again nailed it with another fantastic entry this year. The short clip was well animated and smooth, and really damn cute if I might add haha. A real original look on the character we all know and love in more than one way, and a super d'aw/lols at the end of it. Awesome job Nepenthe! =2ND PLACE= When I first saw it I almost died LOL. Everyone has a strange love for the common kitchen appliance it seems, so what better idea than to transform it into a dark blue monster that spews fuzzy toast. Sitting comfortably on any shelf, it's not going anywhere with those sturdy spiky shoe-base. Be like your hero Dark Gaia and have a kitchen as fabulous as he does with the weretoaster today! Most badass Inferno! =1ST PLACE= Pages 1-4 Pages 5-8 Holy hell this one. Starting off extremely epic like the movie's general tone, it looks like most of us agreed that this was definitely a contender! Seeing the doggy Gypsy Danger in actual action through comic was stellar, and not to forget super lols as the comic went on. Extremely creative on the hilarious ways of delivering brutal blows to Kaiju in forms of common cutesy typical dog actions XD. May final-blowing chew toys live on forever. Super rad YoshiUnity! You are this year's most wolfiest of werehogs! --- Once again, congrats to everyone who participated this year! And another round of applause for the winners we all chose! I hope everyone had a really good time with this and are happy with the results. Remember it's all for lulz and fun, and there's always next year if you didn't get to top 3. There were a number of close ones though: -Indigo Rush's -Diogene's -Scarz' (continues on pages after) And even those aside there were a giant handful with more than a couple of votes! Anyway, that's the contest, and again, hope everyone had a blast haha (I sure did). I'll be distributing out the correct badges for everyone (see post above this for details) over the next few hours/days (depending on laziness). But that said please let me know if you didn't get yours after a few days just incase I forgot ya~ I'll leave this topic open for awhile for celebration and any of those that still want to make some more just for fun! Awesome job everyone!
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    Obviously this means that Samus' alt is going to be...
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    I'd say they're kinda underdeveloped. I think it's obvious that they weren't the focus of the story; they were a tool used to put Sonic, Tails, and Eggman in interesting situations more than anything. I don't think that's necessarily a bad thing...in fact I think it's very good to have a story where the meat of it is built on the long-time cast rather than being the story of whoever is new, which Sonic just sort of stumbles into, but it does leave the Six a bit shallow. We don't learn much about them, and they never really advance beyond their base archetypes (although they are pretty well written within those archetypes...I think Zor especially was a great take on the emo/nihilistic archetype). Maybe a Deadly Three would have been better? Split the screentime not given to Sonic, Tails, and Eggman among a smaller group, develop each of them a little more... Overall, I think they worked ok as one-shots, which is fine, because that's probably what they'll remain. But if they do ever decide to bring them back, they'll need to step it up a bit.
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    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sO6pj6ZGZRo Prepare your virgin ears.
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    WOW such song many voices good singing ssmb rap WOW great emeralds feeling in feet WOW (for serious good job guys)
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    Smash Bros was my first fighter. I didn't really get into the more traditional stuff until later on, but I always found it kind of disappointing how you had EVERYTHING right off the bat. It pretty much makes any single player useless. No point in struggling through Arcade on the hardest difficulty or whatever since there was no incentive to.
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    Yeah, kinda don't know why everyone is getting their knickers in a twist. The game has got a long way to go before it's released, so not only is there plenty of time get new info out there's also plenty of time for things to change. One thing that always comes to bite developers in the arse is when they show something off and then change it later on, even if it's only as minor as an animation that some fans might prefer over the final one. Better this than breaking news every day, which becomes tiresome, hard to follow and ultimately disappointing when all the best surprises are out of the bag before release.
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    Jump without pressing the analogue stick = fly off the rails Jump after pressing the analogue stick for a while in the direction of another rail = fly off the rails Jump after pressing the analogue stick for only a little while = fly off the rails Get lucky = don't die It's not rocket science, it's a mess.
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    So errr….. I liked them…. They were refreshing bad guys, literally better than every single non-Eggman villain in the past for me who barely even HAD a character. They had funny dialogue and stuff…liked most of their personalities, sure they were stereotypes, but they were fun stereotypes…*shrug* And Zavok was a cool villain, his taunting speech in Sky Road 2 was the highlight for me.
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    I've been silently pulling for you in the hopes you would learn your lesson, but after months and months of staff repeatedly telling you what you are doing wrong in spite of everyone else, and repeatedly threatening you with strikes and bans, you haven't. But this right here is what we're talking about: this nasty, mocking, personal, passive-aggressive bullshit you always resort to whenever an argument involving you flares up, regardless of whether or not anyone has said anything to you. These kinds of statements do no service to the discussion standards we strive to have on this board, and without any signs of improvement, I've finally decided that SSMB just isn't the place for you. You can make an appeal in a year after you've hopefully learned not to be so spiteful towards your fellow members on another message board.
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    It's been fun (and somewhat masochistic), so I'm happy to have put it together! On that note, project credits are up in the video's description (hoping I haven't missed anyone), and you can now download said disasterpiece for yourself.
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    >Colors bots, Shadow, and Amy are being offered in discussions of Sonic's alt skins I guess I'm the only one who wants to see a classic Sonic alternate skin. I'd think it's be a giant missed opportunity if "slight darker shade of blue Sonic with pink bracelets" or somebody else got in over the Genesis design, especially considering that they even have the Generations model at hand to use as a basis. Some people have even hacked the Generations model in Brawl with little if any problems. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tX93A8hyZM8 On a slightly lesser note, a Metal Sonic skin would be pretty cool though.
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    Wow... I mean... WOW! This is -- heh -- this is AWESOME! Call me crazy, but I think my avatar expresses how I feel perfectly right now! Seriously, this is great! No one ever knows what to expect when ever entering a contest, so I didn't see this coming at all. Still, it was exciting enough to encourage me to try something I'm not all too familiar with. I mean, I love to draw and paint. (You know I never shut up about it...) But making a comic? Even making the panels made me nervous. And despite wanting to go back over a few things even now, I'm proud with how it came out and had a lot of fun making it. Plus, I love me some Pacific Rim! Though what made the contest even more fun were all the awesome entries from everyone here. "A contest is only as good as the entries that are submitted", I always say... starting now. Look, we had sketches, paintings, comics, animation and 3D art submitted. A few wanted to write stories and submit songs if they had the time. So it's moments like this that really makes me appreciate the variety of talent of this site. Whenever I have the time, I'd be honored to talk with quite a few of you to get some pointers on how to improve my skills or to learn something completely new! Kissing all of your other cheeks now, creativity was the name of the game here and I can see why it was so damn close. Hell, it's why I gave every entry a like on here. Whether by design, idea, action or all the above, every entry here had something about them that stood out and was deserved the win. And it's that amount of creativity that makes me eager for a third Werehog contest next year. Congrats to both Inferno and Nepenthe for placing 2nd and 3rd! Congrats to Scarz, Diogenes and Indigo Rush for getting Honorable Mention! Thank you Wolfy for making this contest and thanks again to everyone who entered! Now if you'll excuse me...
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    See here's the thing, I still don't want to see this whole "representing a different character as an alt" thing. Male Wii Fit trainer is literally the same character as the female equivalent but with a different gender. There is nothing different in terms what they do, what they represent, heck even in the Wii Fit game they basically say the same things and have the same personality. Doing something like Shadow over Sonic on the other hand would be stupid. Shadow is completely different to Sonic in terms of character. Not to mention beyond sound clips in order to create a faithful representation of the character you'd have to reanimate him and give him at least a handful of different moves (because let's face it a lot of Sonic's attacks in Smash simply wouldn't look good on Shadow). Metal Sonic is the same case. Overall, it would just be unprofessional more than anything.
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    Mario is in no way faster. Not even close. Anyway after finishing Lava Mountain I would say the game is very good. I had fun with it all the way until Lava Mountain actually, though I did appreciate the difficulty and atmosphere. I can see why it is divisive though, because it takes patience to get into the way the game feels, and even then some stll might not be able to get into it because it is very alien. Despite that, in the best levels the controls and system really shine.
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    Yes this is certainly a reasonable interpretation of the scenario and not extreme levels of buttmad. Well you don't have to "waste" 20 hours. You could, simply, play the game.
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    My opinion on this I'm assuming is incredibly unpopular, and no I haven't played the game but I have pretty much watched the whole thing on youtube as I don't own a Wii-U. So I know what the story is like - and I hope we never see them again. I don't like them at all, and haven't really enjoyed them from Day 1 when I first saw them. I hate their designs and I don't like their personalities. They are absolutely boring, cookie cutter villains. Of course expecting more fleshed out characters in Sonic games I guess is a high expectation to hold the writers to, but I mean this just reeks of being stereotypical and more or less "safe". I think for what it is worth they could have easily done something different than to tick off a bunch of boxes off the checklist of stereotypical villain roles. How many other pieces of media have the incredibly vain, obsessed with looks sexy lady of the group? How many other things include the bumbling fat idiot? And so on. For as much of an interesting and intriguing villain Eggman is, every other attempt at putting someone else into the villainous spotlight always ends with disaster because they're sort of stuck I think. Sonic Team has a hard time with trying to bring more villains into the mix without taking away Eggman's spot as Sonic's number one nemesis, which is unfortunate as a lot of other series have done it well enough. The thing is Sonic just kind of steps into these situations with these guys and nobody in the story really reacts realistically or according to what is going on in my opinion, the cutscenes have made me cringe. They're flat and awful characters and I'd really hope that when/if Sonic Team tries to write in another big bad villainous group into the mix that they at least put some more thought and care into them.. Why should anyone care about fighting these guys? At the very least with Monster of the Week the damn things never opened their mouths to start babbling some of the most awful dialogue in a main series game yet (and don't get me started on Sonic and Tails' weak dudebro, trying way too hard to be cool jokes). So yeah if they never return I'll be glad and that's about all I'm gonna say on that haha.
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    If this is what ear sex feels like, I want more. So much more... It was like all of our souls were there, haunting Knuckles as he searched for those emerald pieces. And I just lost it at the ranking. This was a masterpiece, plain and simple. I thank thee for the opportunity to help advance this journey for many virgin ears. For the love of all that is holy and sacred, we need to do something like this again. SatAM theme, Sonic Heroes, Endless Possibility Escape for the City, whatever we do. I swear, this has been the best Halloween that I've ever had. Ever.
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    I thought the cutscenes were... okay. It tried to tell a story using the same structure and pacing that Colors did, which doesn't exactly work. With Colors, most cutscenes were just fun little interactions between the characters and were for the most part dialogue-driven, rather than plot-driven. This structure works for Colors because these interactions don't require much overarching narrative or flow, they just exist for the sake of existing. I quite enjoyed it for that reason - I liked the portrayal of the characters in Colors very much (especially Sonic, who was hilarious), so I had fun watching them just... "hang out", basically. With Lost World, the game actually attempts to tell a story. While this may seem like an improvement on paper, all it really does is prove that Colors had its script written with the structure of the game in mind, whereas Lost world doesn't. Think of it this way - In Sonic Adventure, after fighting Chaos 0, the game "really" begins with Sonic lazing around at the pool, enjoying his day. Tails' plane crashes in the distance, and that's what gives Sonic a reason to take a run through Emerald Coast. Once you save Tails, he delivers some exposition about the Chaos Emeralds and tells you to meet him in his lab, thus giving you your next objective in a context that fits the game's story. Lost World doesn't work that way. Rather, the cutscenes exist completely independently from the levels themselves, existing more as "rewards" for finishing the level than to explain why Sonic is going through this particular area, doing what it is he's doing. As a result, everything feels very disjointed. At the end of one cutscene, Sonic is in one location, while in the next, he's somewhere else entirely. Where was he? In the level, yes, but where was that level? What's its context? how does he know exactly where all of the animals are and how is that going to help him get any closer to the Deadly Six? The game simply lacks narrative structure, and the story suffers greatly as a result. The gameplay and story are completely independent from each other, so rather than working together to tell an effective story, they instead just get in the way of each other. While this works for a more dialogue-based game like Colors, where the actual plot is very light, it doesn't work for a game that actually tries to do something more. For the sake of a metaphor, Colors is Sonic Rush and Lost World is Sonic 4. Though the physics engine in Rush works fantastically in the game it was designed for, taking it out and trying to apply it to a vastly different style only highlights its flaws and takes out its benefits. It does much more harm than good, and it's really just an awful way to design a game.
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    Going live in a bit - YouTube's just being a bitch.
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    Yeah, that Mii is showing quite a bit more skin than I'm comfortable with.
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    I kind of liked the Deadly Six. They really need some backstory, though, along with some more interesting development. At the moment they're little more than generic stereotypes, and while that's not necessarily wrong, they still could use some further fleshing out. Who are they, where do they come from, what is their motivation? Trust me, I'm not asking for anything like Shadow or his deplorable excuse for a dark story, (ALIENS!!!!) but any depth is better than no depth. But then again... ...being flat stereotypes might work an advantage to their character placement. With Eggman, he's a villain that you kind of root for in secret, he's got a lot of development and personality backing him up. As for the Deadly Six, there's not much to them, they don't show a lick of compassion or depth and only seek destruction, but also happen to fit some basic stereotypical behaviors. This can work if they're trying to create villains that we aren't supposed to like. A flat character is a flat character, don't get me wrong, but there's something about the idea of 6 recurring (occasionally, anyway) baddies that are friends to nobody, don't have any depth to them, and they don't even care about it, that I kind of like. Maybe that's the entire intention of creating the Zeti race - a breed of nasty albeit goofy monsters that just want to blow things up for fun. No deeper motivations, no sense of partnership aside from their own kind, just raw chaos and disarray.
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    Nintendo 3DS

    I told Nikki to stop sending me bikini pictures every goddamn summer and now look what fucking happened.
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    I don't like them. Any of them. They're all uninteresting, walking stereotypes. They try to build themselves up the entire game and act like you're insignificant, but they barely put up any sort of fight at all. The only difficulty in their fights comes from the shoddy physics and game mechanics themselves. Then they just fucking disappear at the end, with no explanation or afterword. I would definitely not mind never seeing them again.
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    Nintendo 3DS

    You can share nude pics on Facebook, Gmail, and Skype too. Who the fuck cares. None of it is public.
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    I was already behind in terms of completion, so I figured I could add your request while I was finishing up. Mr Needlemouse has been replaced by Amy, while your stand alone picture has both of them in it. ---------------------------------- So this is it. I can't even remember when I officially started the project, but if you go back to the opening post of this thread, you'll see Felix toon form. The very first member I drew and coloured in. I'm going to lay everything out in a certain way here. I reckon it's going to be a long post if I'm gonna include everything I originally wanted to. So it's also more likely to have spelling or grammar mistakes. I always check and check again before submitting a post, but mistakes always seem to slip though... The first spoiler tag will feature the group picture. With a second spoiler tag featuring an "Index" image. It's 3 screenshots of the folder I stored all the separate pictures in, brought together into one image. The descriptions and direct links to the individual images had to be uploaded to a special website because it was so long. I've put a link to it at the end, hopefully it works. TSS 13th Birthday Compilation! An idea that first surfaced from the possibility of an SSMB based animation with some influence from Hogfather and his "HypeTrain" Project. It started under the name "SSMB Toons" and focused on giving physical appearances to members of the board in different cartoon styles. What started as simple fun, became something big as I wanted to take things further. I previously created a peace of Sonic FanArt that featured 99 Sonic characters from the past video games in a single image. This became it's spiritual sequel. Featuring 115 (+ the hype train) members of the board, including staff and the top 20 highest posters of this board. The idea of it being a birthday celebration picture came much later, when a sudden curiosity had me look up the date that TSS first came to be. The date was several months ahead and seemed like a perfect deadline for completion. Why go so far on a simple project? Because life is hard and I just enjoy spreading whatever kind of joy I can, even though I'm not a very positive person. The dedication to Gunther was something I had uncertainty about. I originally planned my next major project to have a dedication to him, but I wasn't sure how long it would take and I was already behind. I didn't like the idea of waiting to give him a proper dedication. I was also worried it might bring everyone down, once they saw the picture. While on the other hand, his memory should bring a smile, not sadness. He also knew I was making this and had seen his own entry that I made. It just seemed appropriate to make this have a dedication to him. As completion was approaching it suddenly occurred to me that I had a problem. I had been showing the single images in random posts up until now. But what if a member missed the post they were featured in, they might never even know that they'd been included?? I needed to have the entire cast shown with the names of who's who, next to them.
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    Why do people like this exist on the internet. I don't get it. It's like they just don't like fun.
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    He's barely taller than Miss Fit from what I can see. The body structure is also very similar. It would be less work to change the hitbox on these two compared to Where the size is dramatically different and the proportions are also radically altered.
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    Okay so I've finally started playing the game. Got to Desert Ruins 4 and completed it so far. Uhhhhhhh... I wasn't expecting this. The game's hilariously slow. I thought that the slower platforming was because all the players decided they really needed to slow down and were pressing lightly on the sticks, but wow; you press as hard as you can and Sonic barely inches across the screen when jumping, crawls at a snails pace when moving around (yes, while with the run trigger), and as satisfying as Spin Dashing sometimes is, even it feels way too slow. I mean seriously, what the hell? I wasn't expecting Unleashed speeds, but I mean.. no wonder there's so many dash-pads, Sonic almost never gets to the speed they offer, or at least in what I've played so far. No slopes seem justified too, since even when you have them around they seem to do absolutely nothing. Parkour also seems rather twitchy and unresponsive at times (but occasionally satisfying), and so does using the homing attack (why doesn't it even work half the time?). The kick attack is alright and so is the bounce, but I rarely use either, and the somersault-roll thing is pretty annoying to use. What gives, though? Theres very little flow to this game. I mean don't get me wrong, its been pretty fun as a platformer itself, and all the ideas are GREAT for a Sonic game, but.. what?? I'm just kinda dumbfounded at the moment.
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    >everyone freaking out about alts >probably just going to get WFT and Wario
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    Nah, unlocking the characters was kind of half the fun for me, it gives alot of incentive to even playing the game and its probably the only thing that really gave the game some replay value for me since unlike kid icarus uprising (and kirby air ride to some extent), getting most of the achievements done was just boring and the rewards were really lacking too so unless they made some pretty cool unlocks, id rather they keep the unlock characters rule.
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    Sakurai, stop giving us these completely free images as I may be disappointed when they differ from the finished game. Please understand.
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    The game doesn't fare well not only for not justifying where Sonic was and why he was there, but also because it doesn't bother to explain anything. The script and voice acting had lots of charm, and the writing gave pretty great character interactions, but it's pitiful at telling a story. Its almost like a backwards Sonic Adventure.
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    I was pretty burnt out by the time the video came together, but I'll be adding credits (plus mp3 download) into the description tomorrow after work.
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    That was amazing XD! Feel really bad I couldn't find the time to jump in on this since I really did miss a fun opportunity, but here's to hoping there's more in the future or something I guess. Anyways, it's surprisingly not as shaky as I thought it would be in timing, during most of it anyways. Definitely lol'd a few times at some of the people that took it a step further with added emphasis in places or little side things haha. Grats to everyone~
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    Nintendo 3DS

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    I think all three of them look awesome. Don't hurt me.
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    This better be Luigi's alternate costume.
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    Alright, I know for a fact that that's BS. SLW is not that slow. And even in a game about a mach speed hedgehog, I'd rather go too slow then too fast because in the end the game is a fast PLATFORMER, not just a fast game.
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    [Badge Contest] Werehog Winners!

    If it's any consolation Aero, one of my votes was for your Were-Zavok :> But yeah, congrats to the winners! They were certainly more than worthy and the winning entries were fantastic I'm so going to up my game if this competition happens again next year. No more half-assery from me!
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    SSE isn't great but there's hardly grounds to compare a gameplay mode turning out to be kind of lame to the designer consciously and overtly telling you to get fucked. 20 hours is peanuts compared to how long the game lasts overall, and the time is cut to a fraction if you aren't playing alone. I got Melee on Christmas and had Mewtwo by New Years, and I can't say the wait bothered me one bit.
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    Swampert? Sceptile? Poryzon-Z? Rhyperior? Honchkrow? Typhlosion? Meganium? Feraligatr? Salamence? Dragonite? Kabutops? Gallade? Weavile? Raichu? Gliscor? Zangoose? Seviper? Yanmega? Hydreigon? Haxorus? Volcarona? Krookodile? Magnezone? Magmortar? Electivire? Crobat? Zoroark? Machamp? Golem? Groudon? Kyogre? Rayquaza? Frosslass? Dusknoir? Chandelure? Mismagius? Steelix? Lapras? Hitmonchan/Lee/Top? Arbok? nah just two pokemon that are already practically recolors of one another
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    They could be better. At the same time they provided a refreshing take on how various Sonic characters interact. Zazz left the best impression, mostly because he's the only character so far in the series that can live up to the writers' actual sensibilities and mentality. It's clear he was the favorite during the writing so in terms of being the one character that they could get away with doing a lot of crazy things with, I'd be cool with him staying. Zomom's food shtick really wore out after quite a while, but he had his moments. His level dialogue and the sandwich cutscene with Sonic made me laugh. Zik was my least favorite. Completely throwaway. Zeena was pretty good, mostly because I loved how vain she was. She'd probably not even be up for a fight if it wasn't for people exploiting her personality. Her being the token "girl" of the group kind of shows, but at the same time I like her simply because she's probably the least "evil" one out of the group and would probably not even bother doing what she's ordered to do, so there's someone who can be taken in some interesting directions. Zor is probably the most unpredictable in a sort of predictable way. Here's another one I admittedly see some promise for, because ideally he'd be the kind of character who might not be a threat at one point, but eventually turns into something rather sneaky and deadly. Of course these are things I probably give Sonic Team too much credit for. Zavok is... well. He's a serious Eggman. It works. If nothing else, he does a good job making a team that could branch off and become just as much of a threat as Eggman is. It would be interesting if a game had Sonic having to fight both Eggman and the Deadly Six while the two of those are generally squaring off against each other with different "armies" I suppose. The characters are pretty flat but they serve their purpose well, and they end up leaving me a relatively good impression, mostly because these are personalities that Sonic hasn't really gotten much of a chance to deal with. They're pretty good if only because of the traits they bring out of Sonic that Eggman could never manage doing (his zinger against Zeena comes to mind). So... yeah I'm 50/50 on keeping them. Even just being mere personalities I can imagine some of them being more than just that if they end up being mainstays.
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    I know it's been said a lot but, why can't we have both? A game with a decent single player campaign (maybe multiplayer co-op) and a decent multiplayer. A few games have a solid single player and multiplayer, Starfox Assault was great in my eyes and I enjoy the multiplayer on that, Pikmjn 3 looks great for that multiplayer (and who wouldn't love online co-op for story) and has a solid story. Heck I've said it before that I'd love if the Pokemon games had a feature where you could connect and go on adventures with your friends. I don't see where this "single player is doomed" mentality has come from, some games are designed with multiplayer in mind, heck that's the whole point of Wii Party U and there is nothing wrong with that, you can dislike multiplayer games all you like due to circumstances, but that's no different to someone not being able to buy a PC game because their machine isn't powerful enough or someone not being able to play SLW because they don't have a Wii U. It's not so much as saying "screw you", but more, "we are sorry you can't enjoy this game to its full potential". I really dislike FPS's (with the exception of TF2), admittedly it's probably because I'm crap at every one I've played, but that doesn't mean I complain, it just means I don't buy games that I dislike. Heck Mario Kart Wii is a solid 1P experience, but multiplayer adds a whole lot when people come over it my gf fancies a go.
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    Did the music change to this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lrle0x_DHBM&feature=youtu.be&t=1m18s
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    The General American Politics Thread

    I really don't know what to make of the whole Healthcare.gov debacle. On the one hand, I want to give the administration the benefit of the doubt, I mean governmental I.T. projects always seem prone to shittiness, but on the other hand, this is a very tech savvy administration, and it has had well over a year to get it up and running, tested and such. Are the state-made exchange sites doing better than the federal one? Also:
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    Indigo Rush

    [Badge Contest] Werehog Winners!

    I'M NOT GIVING UP. I'LL FIGHT ANIMATION WITH COMIC! seriously though Nepenthe your animation is adorable and I like it a lot and I'd like it with the button if I hadn't run out of likes
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