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    I was in the Casino level, and I was on one of the giant bumpers trying to get a second Red Ring, but then SOME HOW the screen just exploded in the world's most psychedelic way imaginable. Groovy. Anyone else experience this? I was actually able to just pause and quit, it didn't freeze, first the framerate started chugging, but paused it really started almost flickering. Went back to the map and then redid the stage just fine. I don't know if this is a bad sign, but it was an experience to be sure. O_o FYI, I have the retail copy in NA if that makes a difference.
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    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sO6pj6ZGZRo Prepare your virgin ears.
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    If this is what ear sex feels like, I want more. So much more... It was like all of our souls were there, haunting Knuckles as he searched for those emerald pieces. And I just lost it at the ranking. This was a masterpiece, plain and simple. I thank thee for the opportunity to help advance this journey for many virgin ears. For the love of all that is holy and sacred, we need to do something like this again. SatAM theme, Sonic Heroes, Endless Possibility Escape for the City, whatever we do. I swear, this has been the best Halloween that I've ever had. Ever.
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    I was pretty burnt out by the time the video came together, but I'll be adding credits (plus mp3 download) into the description tomorrow after work.
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    The VMU rip-off that never got off the ground is getting a reboot? Oh joy, because we really needed something that connected to your PS4...wait, doesn't that already exist? Oh yeah, the VITA.
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    Sorry I never got around to doing this haha, RL hit me pretty hard this October. Looks like people enjoyed it and people seem to be enjoying the ensuing "disasterpiece," that resulted. Thanks for your hard work Vizard!
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    Knuckles is not a tool except only to Eggman.
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    I can't believe I participated in this disaster father I have sinned
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    Edit: Actually you know that banner? The SSMB one with Tails and Sonic saying 'I'm scared.'
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    In all honesty, I immediately thought of this, but a thousand times groovier:
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