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    I was in the Casino level, and I was on one of the giant bumpers trying to get a second Red Ring, but then SOME HOW the screen just exploded in the world's most psychedelic way imaginable. Groovy. Anyone else experience this? I was actually able to just pause and quit, it didn't freeze, first the framerate started chugging, but paused it really started almost flickering. Went back to the map and then redid the stage just fine. I don't know if this is a bad sign, but it was an experience to be sure. O_o FYI, I have the retail copy in NA if that makes a difference.
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    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sO6pj6ZGZRo Prepare your virgin ears.
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    So errr….. I liked them…. They were refreshing bad guys, literally better than every single non-Eggman villain in the past for me who barely even HAD a character. They had funny dialogue and stuff…liked most of their personalities, sure they were stereotypes, but they were fun stereotypes…*shrug* And Zavok was a cool villain, his taunting speech in Sky Road 2 was the highlight for me.
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    If this is what ear sex feels like, I want more. So much more... It was like all of our souls were there, haunting Knuckles as he searched for those emerald pieces. And I just lost it at the ranking. This was a masterpiece, plain and simple. I thank thee for the opportunity to help advance this journey for many virgin ears. For the love of all that is holy and sacred, we need to do something like this again. SatAM theme, Sonic Heroes, Endless Possibility Escape for the City, whatever we do. I swear, this has been the best Halloween that I've ever had. Ever.
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    I thought the cutscenes were... okay. It tried to tell a story using the same structure and pacing that Colors did, which doesn't exactly work. With Colors, most cutscenes were just fun little interactions between the characters and were for the most part dialogue-driven, rather than plot-driven. This structure works for Colors because these interactions don't require much overarching narrative or flow, they just exist for the sake of existing. I quite enjoyed it for that reason - I liked the portrayal of the characters in Colors very much (especially Sonic, who was hilarious), so I had fun watching them just... "hang out", basically. With Lost World, the game actually attempts to tell a story. While this may seem like an improvement on paper, all it really does is prove that Colors had its script written with the structure of the game in mind, whereas Lost world doesn't. Think of it this way - In Sonic Adventure, after fighting Chaos 0, the game "really" begins with Sonic lazing around at the pool, enjoying his day. Tails' plane crashes in the distance, and that's what gives Sonic a reason to take a run through Emerald Coast. Once you save Tails, he delivers some exposition about the Chaos Emeralds and tells you to meet him in his lab, thus giving you your next objective in a context that fits the game's story. Lost World doesn't work that way. Rather, the cutscenes exist completely independently from the levels themselves, existing more as "rewards" for finishing the level than to explain why Sonic is going through this particular area, doing what it is he's doing. As a result, everything feels very disjointed. At the end of one cutscene, Sonic is in one location, while in the next, he's somewhere else entirely. Where was he? In the level, yes, but where was that level? What's its context? how does he know exactly where all of the animals are and how is that going to help him get any closer to the Deadly Six? The game simply lacks narrative structure, and the story suffers greatly as a result. The gameplay and story are completely independent from each other, so rather than working together to tell an effective story, they instead just get in the way of each other. While this works for a more dialogue-based game like Colors, where the actual plot is very light, it doesn't work for a game that actually tries to do something more. For the sake of a metaphor, Colors is Sonic Rush and Lost World is Sonic 4. Though the physics engine in Rush works fantastically in the game it was designed for, taking it out and trying to apply it to a vastly different style only highlights its flaws and takes out its benefits. It does much more harm than good, and it's really just an awful way to design a game.
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    Going live in a bit - YouTube's just being a bitch.
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    I was pretty burnt out by the time the video came together, but I'll be adding credits (plus mp3 download) into the description tomorrow after work.
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    Nintendo 3DS

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    This better be Luigi's alternate costume.
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    Yeah, I don't know where the "slower than mario complaints are coming from" he definitely moves faster in this game and I honestly want some of you to play this game and a mario game side by side and see if that statement is still true cause sonic definitely doesn't run that slow.
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    Well, at least he's able to eat two chili dogs at once now. Seriously, they should patch this. It looks positively ridiculous.
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    The thing is, the "bunnies to Badniks" process is different from roboticization. It makes sense that the parts would basically be strapped on since badniks are basically just little robots that you put animals inside. It's the same thing, but applied to one of the anthro characters for the first time...in this continuity. I don't think they could shove Tails into a Buzz Bomber, after all. Plus part of the point in...badnikificating(??????) Tails was to make Sonic suffer, and if it was just a normal badnik, Sonic could just smash it and Tails'd be free. But as it was, he probably would have had to hurt Tails at least a little to get those parts off of him. You can turn that off in the options, I believe. On another note, I find it funny (and a tiny bit sad) that the "He's so upbeat I wanna beat him up" line was at a point in the story where Sonic...wasn't cheerful, at all. Unless Zor meant all the upbeat in-game voice clips (Sonic is really enthusiastic about going through checkpoints it's kind of adorable). Said voice clips also become rather depressing later on in the game if you interpret it as a case of Stepford Smiler.
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    Blue Wisp

    [Badge Contest] Werehog Winners!

    oh man uh I actually missed YoshiUnity's entry, just saw it and it's goddamn AMAZING. Congratulations to the three winners, you all did a fine job yes.
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    Considering all the other monsters-of-the-week are either mute (Chaos, Dark Gaia) or incredibly bland despite speaking (Black Doom, Mephiles), the Deadly Six were a breath of fresh air. They were flat characters, sure, but they were entertaining flat characters. They kind of remind me of the robot masters from the Mega Man series; Rather flat, stereotypical personalities serving to add a bit of flavor to each stage's boss. And to that end, I'd say they succeeded.
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    General British Politics Thread.

    Surely the best solution to piracy, Ogilvie, is to provide a better service than the pirates, rather than defend in vain old business models which are fast becoming obsolete??
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    The LEGO Movie

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yj4GeCk5SBk I didn't laugh that hard at a trailer in a long time. The choppy stop motion style also really grew on me and the lightning and stuff just looks gorgeous. I can't wait to see this movie.
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    Expect the video to go live sometime this afternoon!
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    So, er... this came up on tumblr...
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    If the top running speed in a Sonic game feels slower than the top running speed in a Mario game, then no, it's not fast enough. I don't see how it's any more satisfying than boosting; running in Lost World works pretty much the exact same way: you continuously hold down a button to move at your max speed. There's just as little challenge to maintaining it as boosting. Sure, continuously running at mach 1 may not be the ideal way to achieve satisfying movement dynamics, but in a game where I'm playing as the so-called "fastest thing alive," I'd rather be able to run too fast than too slow.
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    The VMU rip-off that never got off the ground is getting a reboot? Oh joy, because we really needed something that connected to your PS4...wait, doesn't that already exist? Oh yeah, the VITA.
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    Lipstick! It's what I thought in Generations, and it's still the case now. His mouth looked fine in Unleashed, without the dark colouring.
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    What's wrong with Aromatisse and Slurpuff?
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    I love the Deadly Six and hope that they do return in the future, but with more development. Has anyone ever took note that Eggman specifically said that the Zeti have an ability to manipulate magnetic fields? That's something I would liked to see be touched on more, and I would love to know the Zeti past, what other types of Zeti are out there, and any information tying them to Lost Hex. For the moment, I'm already impressed at how the Deadly Six managed to overthrow Eggman once Sonic decided to come in and help. Then Zavok overall plans kicking in were great. As many already said, the Deadly Six pretty much have stereotypical personalities for villains, but that's just what I really love about them. I love how Zazz is a loud punk that get in your face and tell you that he's itching for a fight, I love how Master Zik couldn't tend to his garden anymore and show that an old man can still fight, and I even love how Zor thought this fight was pointless and how everyone will die eventually. Zavok himself had great strength, but he ended up also having brains that could actually push the group forward so they wouldn't just be walking around like mindless idiots fighting without a purpose. And darn it, I love their lines. I felt Zazz had the best lines in the game overall, but I certainly won't leave out how good Zor lines were. Zavok surprised me when he taunted Sonic about how Sonic friends will continue to fall and soon he'll be all alone. Last thing to say is that the Deadly Six had quite a theme song. This certainly is one of the best songs in the game!
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    You know what I'd like? I'd like them to go back to the stage design they had going on in Generations, but replace the boost with the spin dash and alter the stage design to accommodate for that, and maybe throw in the parkour since that's been received pretty well so far. If Sega really wants to focus on slow-platforming but at the same time put an emphasis on speed, I think that would result in the perfect combination. So essentially, refined adventure gameplay.
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    Lesson for today: DON'T FUCK WITH ROLL.
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    Sorry I never got around to doing this haha, RL hit me pretty hard this October. Looks like people enjoyed it and people seem to be enjoying the ensuing "disasterpiece," that resulted. Thanks for your hard work Vizard!
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    It's a nice port. Though it can be argued that the BAT mode trivializes combat. If you haven't played the game before, I would definitely say pick up the Armored Edition.
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    I didn't like Red Bowser much, I thought he was dull. Master Sifu reminded me of that master dude from Kung Fu Panda except evil. I liked Kung Fu Panda Master Shifu better though. Purple Crazy is really ugly and loud. I didn't like him. Yellow Fat reminded me of Storm the Albatross but with a voice that makes me want to kill myself a bit less. Emo Vic Monogna was probably the best of the bunch. I got a chuckle out of "SIGH". Otherwise he was just kind of there. One joke that made me laugh is better than none though, so I guess he wins by default. I didn't like Girl at all though. Her personality shtick is one I'm especially sick of seeing, and one I find borderline offensive at this point. I really hate it. All in all I'd say they sucked, yeah. Hope we don't get them again.
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    Ice Vec

    GTA V (Trailers in OP)

    I have a good laugh with these videos http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=POJYTPot-6k Werther it's the silly stuff they do or the guy's scream but I can't help but laugh with some of his videos So far he made 6-7 with story mode and 9 with online
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    It'd be different if this was an existing IP, but The Crew is a brand new IP build around multiplayer. They're introducing new online based games in an age where lots of gamers are online. Makes sense to me.
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    Knuckles is not a tool except only to Eggman.
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    I can't believe I participated in this disaster father I have sinned
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    Edit: Actually you know that banner? The SSMB one with Tails and Sonic saying 'I'm scared.'
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    [MUSIC]: thapoint's stuff

    Have some more French House for your listening pleasure.
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    Sonic Lost World Reviews

    It's been flip flopping depending on the person you talk too. Reviewers have stated the 3DS version is crap compared to the Wii U. Fans have been split on whether the 3DS or Wii U version is stronger. I have a feeling that Jez talking for days about his opinion may have given off the wrong impression.
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    In all honesty, I immediately thought of this, but a thousand times groovier:
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    Your Vest Friend

    Archie Sonic Main Discussion

    *Born 1982* Excuse me?
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    Helmetless Mega Man is what I'm expecting to see as his alternate costume if he gets one.
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    Sonic Lost World - Music Thread

    *checks* Whattttttt reaaaaaaally. What a waste, its one of my favorite songs from this game. should've been the Super Sonic theme, would've fit soooo good
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    Just to keep things level I'd certainly say that the amount of reading in Lost World 3DS isn't good game design for teaching mechanics, but yeah, like it or not, it's there. Ideally, they should have setup a first use area where you are faced with a hairpin turn that can only be easily dealt with as regular Sonic. The turning point would have a breakable floor (that regenerates after) preventing you from ground pounding to turn here. As you approach the turn, an icon flashes up to draw your attention to the touch screen, where the Sonic icon is glowing brightly, encouraging you to touch it and learn that you can disable the Quake Wisp. Failure to cancel or breaking the floor would cause Sonic to roll off onto some springs that send him back to the start of the sequence. This would have allowed them to teach with no reading required, as the only way to pass is to understand you can turn back into regular Sonic.
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    Honestly, all I want right now is a character reveal of someone new. After E3, all we got are characters that were already present in Brawl - I just can't get excited about characters I know almost everything about besides maybe a few tweaked attacks, it just makes me go "Eh, cool to have you back.", except maybe Sonic. My hype for this game is almost non-existant anymore. There's no need for "An awesome thing every day" like the Smash Dojo was, but just give me anything. I'm just bored at this moment.
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    An AT wouldn't make sense. Why would you have what is essentially the same character as both a character and an AT? Not to mention the male model is of the same level of detail as the female model (typically ATs are significantly less detailed in terms of model, texture and rig). Not to mention both are in the exact same animation pose.
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    So I've just finished Lost Worlds for Wii U. I... didn't care for it. The most important thing in a Sonic game (except arguably for physics) is the level design. For the first few levels, it was okay. There was some cool variety. By world 3, though, it started to get a little samey. Mario Galaxy had some incredible imagination in its levels; they were robust and took advantage of all of the character's abilities from many angles. The level design in Sonic Lost World doesn't really get much more interesting than a few Donkey Kong Country-esque on-rail stages and this one level where you're stuck in a snowball, but the controls are basically the same but more slippery. Other than that, it recycles things like an ecologist on Earth Day. Enemies, level structures- hell, the entire game is basically just the Green Hill Zone "checkerboard" motif in various cliched platformer settings. But by World 5, things started taking a turn for the worse. It started throwing in absolutely INFURIATING precision platforming, irritatingly long checkpoint distances and mechanics that literally get as cheap as I Wanna Be The Guy. For instance, there's a stage in the last world where the floor collapsed underneath me WITH ABSOLUTELY NO WARNING and dropped me into insta-killing magma. Twice. FUCK. THAT. SHIT. I can be very forgiving. Hell, I 100%ed Sonic and the Secret Rings and I still regret taking the time to simply finish this game once. As for the gameplay itself, this is not a Sonic game. This is a Mario game pretending to be a Sonic game and failing at being either. I know people don't like blindly boosting through levels, but they should have at least tried to find a more interesting way to the provide the high speed thrill that Unleashed and Generations provided rather than removing it outright. There's no real kinesthetic thrill to moving in this game. I keep wanting to go faster through the game's broad, open spaces, but Sonic's sprint and jump is somehow LESS powerful than Mario's. Of course there's the parkour mechanics, but they become kind of irritating; it doesn't really give you that Assassin's Creed "ninja run" feeling, it just breaks the flow. Clinging onto edges I don't want to cling on, continuing to run up walls when I want to drop- it just feels like I have less control. Finally, the wisps. The wisps were probably the worst part of the core gameplay, creating artificial variety and breaking the flow of play. They worked in Colors because the paradigm shift was pretty quick and seamless and most of the options had a very Sonic-y feeling, i.e. Drill and Spikes. The ones in Lost World (except Drill, which was still pretty cool), just kind of exist so they can find a way to take advantage of the gamepad. They didn't need to be there for the most part, but the only one that they should have just kept out was Rhythm which is the most infuriating thing to control ever. It bobs up and down while you poke the screen in the direction you want to move desperately hoping it doesn't touch a wall along the way and drop you to your death. There was also some bullshit on the menu that lets you trade items you can use in game with other people, which is pointless but is there because a producer probably asked them to find a way to utilize the Miiverse without having a purpose in mind. I'm starting to rant at this point, but I think you get the idea. To even things out, it wasn't ALL bad. The only thing that really kept me going was the storyline which is, in my opinion, the best one in the series since Sonic Battle. Sonic is actually a relatable character with flaws as opposed to the usual indomitable and infallible paragon of freedom and virtue, Tails is a fucking badass, Eggman's relationship with Sonic is developed, and the villains are Saturday Morning Cartoon villains but in the good way. Also the soundtrack is great, but this is a Sonic game so that kind of goes without saying.
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    Previously I thought giving enemies a health bar was the worst change to the enemy system they series had ever introduced. Now I believe the worst change is giving enemies invincibility phases where touching them even-if-you're-in-attack-mode from any angle causes you to get damaged. Having an extra attack move for making enemies vulnerable to attack just ads an unnecessary extra step. If you're in the right position to do a kick, then you're in the right position to do a homing attack. I don't like this newly introduced middle man. Oh, and also having health bars that require you to stay still in attack range until you can get ready to do a super-duper homing attack is even worse. Sonic is fast. Having a key ingredient to attack be staying still is dumb. Rar!
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    I want wild west sonic with dual pistol action as the next storybook game.
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    Modern gamers are not bad at games, they should just try stuff that isn't you know what series, like play older games, like Sonic 1. My skills at games greatly improved when I started playing games that didn't really tell you what this enemy or that button does.
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    Neglected this thread a little! Ellie from The Last of Us. Olympia from Rayman Legends. Inferno's Character Beverie.
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    They'll release a sequel with similar but majorly simplified gameplay to address the criticisms of it being too hard, and will then be criticised for it being too easy. They'll then release a third game that finally perfects the formula, giving us only 9 levels to enjoy it before abandoning it in the very next game. Worked for Unleashed gameplay! grumble
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    Kill La Kill

    ......wha? I guess I didn't watch the show frame by frame but it looked gernally fine and pleasing to the eye for me, I mean, im not a color buff, but still.
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