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    Hey everyone, In my continuing tradition for taking credit for everything awesome around here, I'm here to announce a new killer skin available. I know it's not the Chris Thorndyke skin you all have been waiting for ( :c ) but it's almost as good! Introducing Thief of Hearts, celebrating everyone's favorite character. and why is this skin superior to the others you may ask? Several features included but limited too: Jiggle physics unlocked on every popular star post! 30% increased rate of attracting a secret admirer while browsing the forum! 70% chance of being disappointed it's not a specific character skin you wanted! 100% chance of excess bullet points! So go and enjoy the new skin (which Chris has yet to unlock but I'm sure this announcement will force his hand!)
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    What are you talking about? This is a Shadow Skin... Maybe you should check your eyes
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    Game Grumps

    Been working on this for months. Been plowing through it on Thanksgiving break. Spent literally all day today finishing it. It's 2:00 AM. I'm gonna go collapse. Enjoy.
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    Nintendo could easily come up with an alternative commercial for the Wii U to target the teenager/young adult demographic with Mario and Zelda alone. Here, lemme pitch this to y'all: Two young college students are rooming together in a small apartment, and one beckons to the other, "Hey, want to help me out with this Green Star?" Person 1 is playing Mario 3D World. Cut to his roommate, Person 2, "Oh... no thanks. That game's for kids." Person 2 rolls his eyes, looks at his phone/device, hearing audible gunshots, implying him playing a "mature" game. "Heh, suit yourself, 'Person 2.'" Person 2 sits next to Person 1 on the couch while playing his mobile FPS. As they're both playing, Person 2 keeps glancing up to the TV screen, looking a bit more anxious each time. Meanwhile, Person 1 is just sitting there, straight-faced, cracking the occasional smile as he finally gets the Green Star on his own. Person 2 cracks, "I could have gotten that quicker than you," glancing over to Person 1, they exchange a look. Person 1 smiles, "Prove it," and he hands the gamepad to Person 2. At this point, we see both of them playing Mario and having a few laughs, then the screen fades to them playing another game (possibly Zelda or Wonderful 101), and finally Call of Duty Ghost. After they finish a match, Person 2 looks over to Person 1, "Can we play Mario again?" White text over them looking at each other, "Wii U, not just for kids" --- Or something like that. I'm just spit-ballin' here, at the very least it's better than having a group of little kids scheming about how to get their mommies and daddies to buy them a Wii U.
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    There's obviously always going to be some products that will outsell others based on the amount of value one can provide relative to price as well but for a lot of reasons I don't consider the Wii U to be getting out the most of what it can based on what is actually there. The key push for this holiday season that Nintendo took into account was the exclusives being just one key appeal but alone it generally needs more than that, and it has. A social community where users can connect and interact, a thriving marketplace, all the basic functions one can expect from a current-day console, off-TV Play, asymmetric game play, unique games, applications, social aspects and overall a cheap alternative that, despite Nintendo's insistence of wanting to appeal the hardcore, is still largely a product that has a better chance at appealing to families and kids. It's no Wii that's for sure. But it's competent enough offering experiences that are not possible to do on other consoles which is something that has fallen to the complete wayside, and for a company that flourished in the wake of the previous generation you would expect these features and the console's target in general to be crystal clear.
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    FULL interview with Ken Pontac

    They're avoiding it by not bothering with the snarl that it already is. Seriously, the last thing the series needs is writers who obsess over every little plot point of 20+ years of mediocre to poor writing. It's annoying enough when fans do it...
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    Indigo Rush

    FULL interview with Ken Pontac

    Pretty much - basically he was answering the question of including other characters and giving another character their own story; meaning that Tails is separated from Sonic, so while Sonic is teaming up with some other friends, Tails is off on his own adventure. While it opens up the possibility, at what point (aside from Generations' little Crisis City screw up) did the writers contradict or invalidate what happened in the past? They're just not referencing it, is all. What happened between the Adventures saga and Unleashed isn't really relevant to the Wisps, Lost Hex or the Deadly Six. It'd be like Eggman randomly shouting "REMEMBER THE DEATH EGG? I LIKED THE DEATH EGG! REMEMBER CHAOS AND MY GRANDFATHER? THOSE THINGS HAPPENED!" It.. it doesn't really matter right now. And if you want an example that Sonic Team still cares somewhat about continuity, Sonic 4: Episode II (I really don't care if any of you hate the game) referenced Sonic CD and Sonic 3 a fair bit story-wise.
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    FULL interview with Ken Pontac

    I'm still annoyed they haven't taken the time to look into the history of the franchise. And Orbot and Cubot are just sorta there for me, if they disappeared next game I wouldn't really give a crap
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    I'm gonna be honest and say that I'd like Krystal to take place of Wolf in this game. Everybody immediately now turns to Azonky and tears him limb from limb, the moderators sweeping up the remains of the carcass. It was a tragic day, RIP in peace Azoo, written on the tombstone "you shouldn't have done that." But no really, I know Wolf is more different in his moveset than Falco meaning he has more worth of staying than him, but come on, it's Falco. The reason I'd disclude Wolf is because him and Fox are just too similar in design, Falco is a beautiful animal and isn't a canine, and Krystal is different enough to where she'd be pretty fun to play as. I mean seriously, she'd actually be totes badass to play as, and I don't care if dirty folk jump all over the game because of her either, because you knew no matter what that was gonna happen anyways. The reason she'd be totally badass to play as is because she could use her staff to fight and have all these mystic abilities. We need more weapon-wielding characters in Smash, and one with a flipping staff? That's new, that's awesome, and because she'd be another female added to balance the meatfest roster PLUS would give some variety to the StarFox characters I'd say we have her in. Falco could just have some of Wolf's moves. You can't replace Falco anyways. He's Fox's totally tsundre best friend, his partner in saving the universe, a nearly memetic badass, a majestic beautiful bird-man, a fan favorite, and a Smash veteran. That'd be a sin and you know it and I know it, and if you thought otherwise then how could you. Now if you made an assist trophy out of Slippy in an Arwing being chased by Star Wolf then that'd be a hilarious way to implement him in
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    Indigo Rush

    Sonic Lost World - Music Thread

    For those of you that don't want that lackluster Deadly Six Million album art cover: Y'all are welcome :3 (no really it was a 10 minute Photoshop job anyone can do it; I don't even need credit)
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    I don't care if Kid Icarus gets an additional rep or not. But please, for the love of all that is right in the world, please let there be Easter Egg conversations in the Reset Bomb Forest stage with the Uprising Cast like there is for Corneria, Shadow Moses, and Lylat Cruise. I would literally main Pit and do my damnedest to activate those conversations in every single match I play there.
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    Disney's "Frozen"

    So, yeah. I saw Frozen a few hours ago, so time for my full thoughts, and a little retrospective as well. Ever since 2008 with the release of Bolt, Walt Disney Animation Studios has been on a rather significant streak of quality, a far cry from their dork age in the early 2000s (2000-2007 if we're going to be specific), whereas interest in the company was steadily dwindling due to growing interest in computer animation, and a massive successes of such films in that animation technique. This led to most of their films underperforming or outright flopping at the box office, some even being lambasted by critics or garnering mostly mixed reception. The only film to be both a critical and commercial hit in this dire era in the company's history was Lilo & Stitch, which became the company's biggest hit since Tarzan at the time. In this recent streak of quality being coined by some as the Disney Revival, all these films have been sizable critical and commercial hits and have successfully re-ignited interested in Disney Animation, these are The Princess and the Frog, Tangled, Winnie The Pooh (though not so much a commercial success, only making a mere $33 million on a $30 million budget, but still garnering critical acclaim) and Wreck-it Ralph. Now, we're in 2013, and we speak of Frozen, Disney's 53rd animated feature. I had mixed thoughts during my wait for this movie, especially being turned off by the mostly awful marketing and trailers, but as the weeks closed nearer to the film's release date, it had received widespread critical acclaim, with some comparing it favorably to films of the Disney Renaissance. With these words, you could definitely tell I was interested, and the trailer showcasing Elsa's subplot in the film was excellently done, furthering my interest even more. I walked into the theater with rather high expectations. Did the film live up to them? Let's see. Let me briefly talk about Get A Horse, the short that played before the film. I'll say that it's one of the most inventive and fun animated shorts I've seen in my lifetime, the traditional animation (meant to resemble the Mickey Mouse shorts of the early 1900s, which it does without any fault) blends seamlessly with computer animation in so many great ways, you could tell they were having so much fun making it, it's a commendable tribute to the early days of Mickey & co., and it definitely shows. Hell, they even got voice clips by Walt Disney himself for voicing Mickey Mouse in this short, how cool is that? I literally had the most idiotic smile on my face throughout the entire thing, but nothing could prepare me for what was to come after. Frozen, quite possibly, is the best film to come out of Disney since Beauty and the Beast, and that is saying a lot. First off, the animation and production design is beyond beautiful, breathtaking, even. The animators did their best to include every nook and cranny in showcasing the winter environment, especially regarding snow and ice. The textures on some of the characters' clothing and hair looks near damn photorealistic, it's a sure feast for the eyes. The animation, usual for any Disney movie, is lively and beautiful, so yeah. The storyline, especially the sister-sister relationship between Anna and Elsa is truly both gripping and moving, and the story actually keeps you guessing at times at what's gonna happen, and there's a few surprises throughout. The writing is all sharp, witty, and serious whenever it needs to be, courtesy of Jennifer Lee, who wrote Wreck-It Ralph. (She also co-directed this movie, the first woman to direct a full-length Disney animated feature, in fact!) The characters all have infectious personalities, and all feel like as if they have a purpose in the story, even Olaf. Olaf was probably one of the most loathed films regarding this film prior to it's release, but I can safely say that he does no harm to the story, and his comedic moments are actually rather hilarious mixed with his lovable personality, makes him a welcome addition. Most of the characters get a healthy amount of development, the most needed anyway for a film with a running time of 108 minutes. Now, the music, good lord, the music, I want it inside me. Each and every one of the songs are catchy, fun, and move the story along perfectly. Christophe Beck's score is grand, and the many harmonies playing throughout the film make each scene, perfectly emulating the film's Scandinavian culture. My favorite of them all would be "Let It Go", which I can tell I'll be listening to for years to come. Never before when watching a Disney film have I been so touched (I actually almost cried during one scene regarding Anna and Elsa, I actually saw one woman crying next to me, and I'm sure I heard some other crying/sniffling in the theater during that scene.), laughed so hard, and in general have been so pleased to have seen it. Frozen, in every minute, is simply enrapturing, it simply has that pure, unadulterated Disney magic. It'll be sure to live on through generations, as did The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, and The Lion King. The standing ovation received at the end of the film was fully deserved. Congratulations to you, Disney, for making such a wonderful film. May Walt Disney Animation Studios have a bright and successful future ahead of it. This is the best animated film of 2013, and one of my favorite films this year, period. If it doesn't win the Oscar for Best Animated Feature, I'll be sorely disappointed.
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    PlayStation 4 Discussion

    That is such a ridiculous commercial No one owns a Vita!
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    Some of you discussed this earlier but it wasn't the whole thing. Here is the full interview with comments. Enjoy. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GZTPS1cxZ5A#t=0
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    I don't think he was saying that it is what they are, but that's what he sees. A lot of advertising right now for both Xbox One and PS4 are focusing a bit on the mature audience so I don't think he's wrong. BF4, Call of Duty, Killzone, Dead-Rising, and Ryse came out not too long ago.
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    The fact that the Wii U launched at $350 already makes this an absolutely ridiculous comparison.
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    And then 2013 happened. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QpavkRpw9rY
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    I'll be waiting bby~ Oh god. That should be illegal.
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    RICK AND MORTY forever, a hundred times! Over and over, Rick and Morty! Adventures.com! www.RickAndMorty.com! www.RickAndMortyAdventures all a hundred years! Every minute RickAndMorty.com! www a hundred times! RickAndMorty.com!" What do you get when you combine Doctor Who, Back to the Future, Futurama, and Superjail? You get this little series, Rick and Morty set to premiere on [adult swim] on December 2, 2013. It's from the brilliant minds of Dan Harmon, the man behind NBC'S Community, (yeah you probably haven't heard of it, it's pretty obscure) and Justin Roiland, who voices Lemongrab on Adventure Time. It centers around the misadventures of Morty (voiced by Roiland), a troubled young high school student, and Rick (also voiced by Justin Roiland), Morty's alcoholic yet genius scientist grandfather who constantly pulls him out of school for a sci-fi acid trip. Morty's parents believe Rick to be a negative influence on their son, though they keep him around the house anyway just as long as Rick keeps Morty in school. The pilot's up on YouTube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tMq3ozw7VME&feature=youtu.be Do check out that pilot episode. I really like it and I think you will too. I'm really excited about this. The animation's top-notch, the writing's brilliant and seriously so hilarious, so is the voice acting. It even looks to have some sentimental moments, in a twisted sort of way. This easily looks like the most promising show to come out of [as] and Cartoon Network in years. Can't wait for the rest of it.
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    I get that you like Amy and that's not a problem, but honestly posts like this are really starting to get rather obnoxious and come off as rude. These skins are made for the forum to enjoy as a whole, not personally for each and every one of you. We are trying to cover a wide variety of bases so that everyone can have a skin (or more) that they enjoy. For you to take this skin release as a reason to complain that it's not exactly the skin you wanted, and then request that you yourself have a personal skin made for you because "your disappointment will be lower" (I fail to see how you can get like 5 new skins in a week and only feel disappointed) comes across as very rude and immature to me. Chris has put a ton of work into these skins for everyone to enjoy, but he's not your personal servant catering to everything you desire. That's not to say an Amy skin (or any other character that people want) will never come, but this is definitely not the way to ask for one.
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    Sonic Lost World - Music Thread

    I haven't listened to the whole thing but to be honest, not much has wowed me as much as I expected. It's not bad music, but I feel like I have to play the game first before really appreciating it. But that's never been the case with previous Sonic games. I was stoked for Unleashed and Colors's soundtracks before I even tried the games for myself, and I loved every bit of them, as far as the level themes and boss music went. I'm actually pretty disappointed at how there seems to be very little Sonic-y music in this game, which in the past I could almost always count on loving regardless of my views toward a game. So I think this is the first time when I thought to myself that I should probably play the full game first before listening to this OST wholeheartedly. There are of course a few select tracks I adore - Tropical Coast 3 is equal with Aquarium Park in pure beauty, and Sky Road 2 is great, although it doesn't hold a candle to Dragon Road due to its somewhat less memorable composition. Windy Hill is always good, especially for being an arrangement of sorts of the game's main theme. Frozen Factory 1 is too fucking cute. The swing-heavy themes are also cool, the excellent final boss theme reminds me of Disgaea, and altogether Wonder World is probably my favorite orchestral theme to come out of the series, mainly because it does more than try to be orchestra for the sake of orchestra and actually sounds like something I would expect to fit the series. The only track I really hate is Lava Mountain. Generic-sounding evil castle bullshit; main Mario games hardly ever resorted to such uninspired blandness with their Bowser castle themes. The final level themes are always the songs I most look forward to when listening to a Sonic OST, but this turned out to be a major let-down. Eggmanland just beats the hell out of it, because unlike Lava Mountain it actually succeeds at sounding like a level full of death traps and peril. I will also admit that I was a little biased against this soundtrack from the start for excluding two of my favorite mainstay Sonic composers. I'm going to assume now that Fumie Kumatani has completely retired from the series; she had been regulated to cutscene duty in Colors, and her absense in Generations shocked me. The fact that there's no sign of her in either Lost World or Mario & Sonic 4 made my heart sink. And where the fuck is Kenichi Tokoi? He did some of his most amazing work in Unleashed and Colors. I'm going to assume here that he was busy working on M&S4, but the fact that Ohtani and Eguchi have mostly taken the reigns for this game makes me worried about the musical direction for future games. I wouldn't be surprised if the next game was a solo effort by Ohtani.
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    FULL interview with Ken Pontac

    Because for the first time in a long time I was actually pleasantly surprised by and interested in the characters, for actually having some amount of complexity to them, but it seems like most everyone else thinks it's terrible because they dared to do more than the bland one-note characterizations of previous games.
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    FULL interview with Ken Pontac

    Pontac's a cool guy This was really interesting to listen to. Orbot and Cubot almost got the shaft because Eggman doesn't need robot lackey's!? Good God SEGA, that would have been a really asinine decision It's really awesome to know that Ken and Warren fought to keep them in the series.
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    I just wanted to address this real quick. Even though Tails was able to magically make an emerald with "the same wavelength and properties" bladda bladda bladda in SA2, it didn't end up fixing absolutely every problem like said skills did in SLW. It was a fake emerald that Eggman knew was fake, none of the heroes knew for sure if the plan would work properly, and the initial plan it was used for was demolished by a mixture of Eggman's cunning and Tails failing to keep his wits in check, thus slipping out and accidentally stating it as it was, confirming Eggman's assumptions. The emerald didn't just save everything, it was proven fake, then through a glimmer of hope happened to work, and Sonic made a new plan to use what he could of it to take down the ARK. There was no moment where Tails somehow was able to thwart every enemy and their plans with no chance of issue or backfire, there was tension and his own flaws could've potentially screwed it up (and it did). This is why I didn't find Tails to have a "boring" personality or juxtaposition back then. Just because he was chipper and smart didn't make him flat or flawless. He had childlike qualities of naivety, stating the obvious, getting a bit overexcited or just distracted in his own interests or pondering; with a lot of these things able to be played off to his stregnths or his weaknesses. He didn't need to be some know-it-all ultra-techie supergenius dude, he was a learning and growing young boy with a heart for mechanics. The former just feels kinda like he's the Good Eggman. (EDIT: Noted by VEDJ-F (via status updates) that Eggman in fact knew about the emerald not being the real deal when he first looked into it. Something I forgot over time and I'm sure a lot of others did too. Fix'd my post in relation to that!)
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    Indigo Rush

    Archie Sonic Main Discussion

    http://amomentofarchiesonic.tumblr.com Brother, you don't know the half of it.
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    Alright, I'll let this slide because this was pretty clever. You win this round Pelly. Oh don't get me wrong, I was saying that mostly in jest. I really am not as concerned about it, I just would like a skin of one of my faves is all. Who has the best color scheme of any character in life and you are fools for thinking otherwise. But yea, you do what you do. I do appreciate all of these skins and think they're a pretty nifty feature and I appreciate the effort you've given to providing them.
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    Sonic Dash (iOS/Android)

    I got a free spin and this happened. That run cycle.... That run cycle. Looks like Amy was in the dangerous part of Mushroom Hill Zone.
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    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y_A0OteocpI This guy hits the nail on the head. nintendo will need some new ips if they want to make a profit on the wii u.
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    The KKM

    Doctor Who

    I can understand not recommending people to watch from Bill Hartnell (despite the fact you totally should), since it's something like 26 seasons, but telling people to skip Eccleston and Tennant? Rubbish.
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    Hey, I love collabs. I suppose I oughta contribute. I've made the "Got Ring?" blimp, based off of Dan's reference material. I used to do a lot of work with Adobe Flash and such, so I may end up helping animate a scene or two. Happy Thanksgiving everyone.
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    Doctor Who

    Ok so I've never really been interested in Doctor Who. I watched an episode of it years ago and I couldn't see what all the fuss was about. I never got interested enough to really care. That is until today. Being that this 50th special thing has been all over the media news, I was grew more curious as to why this show has so much hype. I never understood why this show is so special however nowadays I do tend to give a few more things a chance before cementing an opinion. So it hit me today that I decided "You know what? I'll give this show another chance before I make final judgement on it". So I've not long ago finished watching the first episode of this 2005 reboot or something series. I actually found myself enjoying it. The Doctor character was funny and likeable and getting to understand what he is was pretty fascinating. The acting was good and the plot was good enough to keep me watching. From the look of it this show is gonna have some pretty wacky creatures they will battle. I think I'll be watching this first series to the end provided I can find an easy way to watch it before deciding it's worth buying. It kinda has this nostalgic vibe to it ina way I can't understand. It seems to be innocent enough for most audiences whilst having a few darker moments. A good introduction so far. Hopefully the show will continue to interest me for the rest.
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    FULL interview with Ken Pontac

    I think when people are talking about the series history, it doesn't really include games post-Sa2. Because let's use some common sense, what self respecting Sonic fan would want to relive those games. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I would not expect an LTD higher than a million in Japan and that is an incredibly optimistic estimate. With only Kart 8 left, the most significant software catering to Japan has come out. Smash Bros is too dubious to consider at this point because there is no clear launch window for it and it's also launching on 3DS which will likely be the better selling version. 64 DS is the only historical example of a Mario game launching low yet breaking the million but even that was mostly because the console itself was lightning in a bottle that would not stop selling no matter what. NSMBU's legs are not that significant compared to most Mario games and it only pops up in charts whenever there's a Wii U sales spike. Despite 2D Mario being the far more popular enterprise, it has not reached a million sold units in Japan yet. Worldwide is possibly a different story but I still wouldn't put too much stake in this. The problem isn't even 3D World performing less than the other consoles, the problem is it isn't moving Wii Us.
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    But can't SM3DW sell millions? Mario, as you just proved with NSMBU, has long legs.
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    Historically, Eggman has never really worked with anyone unless the world was at stake, and even in those odd cases (such as SA2) where he forms a partnership with others, he's not exactly nice to them, either. So to have 2 bumbling lackeys with distinct personalities for Eggman to work with while never once mangling them into scrap metal and even opting to fix them when they're broken is a bit of a shift for Eggman. Now, it's a good shift, mind you. Orbot and Cubot (so glad they didn't get cut) are fantastic additions to the series and accentuate Eggman's "affable behavior" with a few henchmen to bounce his silliness off of. Eggman has always been somewhat of a silly villain, but honestly, until recently (as of Unleashed, that is) he's been rather dry, and his goofiness was mostly implied. Naming things after eggs and having a comically large mustache... and being fat, I guess, was about the norm. In the Adventure games... he was quite a buzz-kill. Evil, yes, but not quite likable. I like newer Eggman better, and Orbot and Cubot really help bring that out of him. Even SA-55 did a good job of that in Unleashed. Having characters to bounce his personality off of is very helpful to showing believable character traits. One could argue that he's lost a bit of his villainous edge in the process, but I don't think it needs to be a clear trade-off; you can balance quirkiness with maliciousness quite easily. Take a look at the Joker - in many interpretations, he's a rather whimsical and silly looking character, but he does things so twisted and evil, you easily forget how goofy his name and demeanor are and you take him seriously. I feel that the same should be applied to Eggman: a silly looking and affable villain with a goofy name, even has a few bumbling henchmen for comedy relief, but the evil things he does, the crimes he commits, and his sociopathic goals and mindset make him to be more threatening of a villain than a number of other video game baddies. The only thing is that we've been focusing on his goofy side a bit more as of late, and I wouldn't mind a better balance. As for them only getting a small briefing on the series' history, I'm a little bit disappointed about it, but at the same time I can't really blame them for not taking it as seriously as we would; the canon is a grand mess from the post-Adventure games up. Even Sonic CD doesn't know where it's supposed to be, so I can give Ken and Warren a free pass for not diving too deep into the franchises' history. I like to think they're a little more "in-the-know" than they actually are, but clearly they have some catching up to do... but honestly it probably would have been much more problematic for them, and could have made things worse. And bear in mind, for a pair who aren't particularly fans of Sonic or enriched in the series' history, they did a pretty bang-up job; and if the rushed ending and lack of proper backstories in Lost World was because of time constraints as opposed to them just being bad writers, then I can easily forgive them for the poor climax. Regardless, they're doing a really great job, especially given their background (or lack thereof) with the series' canon. I hope that interview inspires them to do a little more research, at least. A few nods to the Adventure games would be neat. I just hope they don't break their minds when trying to figure out what happened with the moon and the whole Blaze/Nega/Silver kerfuffle.
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    It's poor. There is no defending these numbers and I don't see why people are beating around the bush about this; it is a legitimately poor debut for what was Wii U's killer app that sold only a fraction more in 4 days than Pikmin 3 did in two days. The same goes for Lightning Returns. The most shocking part is that it only boosted Wii U's sales by 6k units, and this is including the fact that Taiko debuted during the same week. It is the lowest a Mario game has ever debuted, even lower than Super Mario 64 DS of all things. These numbers instill zero confidence in the Wii U. Any chance of this console reaching Gamecube numbers are dead in the water. Nintendo dropped the ball completely and have done too little too late. Kart 8 is literally the only chance they have left at proving that the previous performances the titles had wasn't just cause of the 3DS.
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    To be fair, his success in creating a fake Emerald was merely an example to one of my overall points, and I even agreed with you in the instance that his abilities in Lost World were used as deus ex machina. But just like the fake Emerald isn't proof that Tails should know everything to get himself out of trouble, his abilities being taken to the extreme in a few instances doesn't actually devalue the general assumption that can be made about him, that assumption being: it's not some exaggeration to claim that Tails could reprogram Eggman's machine despite not having made it or seen it before. That was a general flaw being tossed around by others that didn't make sense as a flaw given what we know about Tails' past performances, and it was senseless regardless of any issues that were the result of misappropriating his abilities in a few specific cut scenes. It's like saying that because Sonic was too fast in the modern games, he subsequently shouldn't be fast despite the fact that we know he can reach supersonic speeds anyway.
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    I'm still perfectly fine with Samus being her only representation. The way her series works is largely alone and isolated, which I thought was always neat how it reflected to her being the only person from her games in the Smash Bros. dealeo. Other than Ridley, none of the other characters from the series are hardly memorable or important, that would work as characters anyways. That said I'm honestly in the boat that Ridley would be a pretty boring character and kinda only added in as fluff if he were added in. He seems much more suited for a one-shot attack from an Assist trophy or a stage hazard, but that's just me anyways. I thought Zero Suit Samus was an imaginative way to give more out of the Metroid rep without having to throw in a completely new character; it's still just Samus kicking all sorts of ass, just now in multiple ways *shrugs*. Since I guess everyone was saying it the past 2 pages, my bests in Brawl were Wolf and Game and Watch. I'd say Sonic but honestly I think that character has to rely way too much on items most of the time to actually KO anything, which is the only time I'm good with him lmao. Maybe I just suck as Sonic without items haha. Animal love aside, I really like how balanced Wolf is since he's pretty powerful and just the right amount of speed. It also feels sooooo good landing his side-smash perfectly on a character. Game and Watch is someone I've liked using since Melee, but he felt more smooth to me in Brawl which is good. Like his crazy randomness such as keeping players juggled with his air blowing Air Up-A move thing. Kinda sad though since I fully expect Wolf to be cut from this game. Even though I find him a more original character than Falco in terms of gameplay, Falco is just way more popular, and if anything they could take this opportunity to scale it back to just Fox and Falco, making Falco not a clone anymore possibly. Though seeing Toon Link and some other returning characters, pretty doubtful of this, but oh whale.
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    Sonic Lost World - Music Thread

    Anyone agree that this song is much better than Generations's lackluster final boss theme? The fight may have been piss-easy, but man, does that violin rock. In fact, my favorite instrument in LW's soundtrack is that violin. It wins all.
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    Blue Blood

    Sonic Lost World Announced

    EDIT: lol, didn't see this has already been discussed at length in the music thread According to the soundtrack, certain tracks have different names to their corresponding levels. Kind wish they used these in-game. Windy Hill/Silent Forest 3 = Careening Cavern Desert Ruins 2 = Honeycomb Highway Dessert Ruins 3 = Sugar Lane Tropical Coast 2/4 = Juice Archipelago Tropical Coast 3/Lave Mountain 2 = Sea Bottom Segue Frozen Factory 2 = Snowball Waltz Frozen Factory 3 (main stage) = Double Down Frozen Factory 3 (pinball tables) = Tile the Machine Silent Forest 2 = Midnight Owl Silent Forest 2 (searchlight) Owl Lights Sky Road 2 = Dragon Dance Sky Road 4 = Thundercloud Acropolis
  46. 2 points
    Well, that can't be good for Sonic. The Homing Attack did make contact, but Bowser didn't flinch. Maybe his Usmash gives him super armor now? EDIT: Or maybe Sakurai just hates Sonic. That wasn't very nice. :3
  47. 2 points
    The KKM

    Memes and Status Updates

    You've got comedians lined up to post in the status updates? So, a room full of Google+ programmers? *rimshot, chorus sings "topical huuuuumoooooour"*
  48. 2 points
    And with that, here's an image of the soon-to-be Western boxart. Now with even TWICE the angry!
  49. 2 points

    Ken Penders Scrapped Sonic Movie

    Such a great loss, truly. I refuse to live in a world where I won't be able to see a movie where a cyborg Snively operates on a Carebear.
  50. 2 points

    Ken Penders Scrapped Sonic Movie

    Do I have to? It's really, really ugly.
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