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    Sneak peek time! Have some purdy Jamal Peppers art:
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    Super Mario Galaxy 2

    Fast forward to 2013...
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    For my first P24 ever? THAT was awesome. cdrom1019's up right now for a bit of a combo of Sanity Within Chaos and Talk It Up! Tune in now, gents and lady gents~! And because I'm such a nice guy... EDIT: Also Darkspeeds confirmed for coolest guy on Earth ever ;W;
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    My main problem with Galaxy's handling of powerups is that they almost never end up feeling like power-ups, just puzzle solving tools. Cloud Mario (due to the incredible flexibility in how it can be used) and some instances of the Fire Flower are exceptions, but otherwise they're too tight a fit with their associated puzzles. They're generally highly restricted by timer or location, and they're often virtually useless outside of the puzzles they were created to solve anyway. Bee Mario's flight is moderately useful, but it's slow, and it usually only shows up when there's flower platforms or honeycomb walls to traverse. Spring Mario is a pain to control, but thankfully it only shows up when there's jumps that are (almost) too high to do normally. And as neat as it was to walljump up waterfalls, about all Ice Mario accomplishes is treating water as if it's plain solid ground. 3D World's oldschool style powerups actually power you up; their abilities aren't just keys to specific puzzles (though some such puzzles do exist), but also general survival tools, enhancements to your attacking and movement abilities.
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    Oh my god though have any of you guys played Galaxy since playing 3D World? I was visiting family and my sis only has a Wii so to pass the time when I woke up early I popped it in and played a few levels and can't BELIEVE how different the gamefeel is to 3D World. Mario is so slow and the way he clambers up things makes the experience practically like an action-adventure game compared to 3D World's simplicity. The levels are so slow-paced and objective-based and... yeah it's weird. I can't believe that it's aged already in the sense that it feels like an era of Mario that has passed. Still great fun of course but... yeah it's weird.
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    Archie Sonic Main Discussion

    Jamal, Ben, Tracy, these guys make it such a joy to pick up a new issue!
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    Knuckles' HP is merely an interactive cutscene to give him some way of reaching Sky Sanctuary. CD, S1 and S2 have all been updated to bring the games up to S3K standards in terms of physics, characters and a few other things. With S3K not really having any cut content and already having levels designed for three different characters, there's not really an awful lot that can be done outside of adding totally new content to the game. Now, Sonic Team did allow Hidden Palace to be restored in S2, but also decided against Egg Gauntlet, Desert Dazzle and Final Fever. Would they really allow any new content in S3K? I'm not so sure. It's like they're taking baby steps in allowing their games to be touched by a third party (though I don't understand why cause they've hardly shown any care over the past however many years). For now I'll bet on S3K being the lightest as far as new/additional content goes, with Special Stages remastered as nicely as S2s. And after that, I'll keep my fingers crossed for an entirely new game.
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    Shadowy spoiler time! Might post some peeks here in a bit. Enjoy in the meantime!
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    Kill La Kill

    I don't know about that. In episode 8's flashback it looked like Satsuki: ...but back in episode 1...
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    I will pay 60 dollars and even preorder this fucking thing just to beat the shit out of Asuna for being such a terrible character.
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    Nothing wrong with Mario's speed in Galaxy, it's still one of the best, if not the best 3D Mario games ever made, it still feels like a grander experience compared to 3D World too.
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    Hidden Palace Zone makes me really want a full original game from Taxman and Stealth using the Retro Engine. They've clearly got a fantastic grasp on what a classic game should feel like.
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    Best episode of the season, did great job of touching on the "possible" disability without hitting sad-fic territory. I also loved the song, not my favorite but among CMC songs it's just below Bad Seed, and RD was amazing, supportive mentor Dash is the best Dash. Only way this could have been any better is if they referenced how Dash kind of learned a similar lesson herself last week and Scoot got her mark, that tease at the end was irritating. Curse you DHX! Also, did anyone else notice that we've reached the conclusion of the Granny Smith vs. speedy Scoots trilogy? Show Stoppers: Knocked into incoherent angry gibberish. Sleepless in Ponyville: Gracefully dodges the precocious pegasus. Flight to the Finish: High Five- er high...one? Hoof bump/slap thingy.
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    Metal the Mario

    The SSMB Banner Thread

    Can't believe I haven't posted this yet, considering it's been pretty much done for a while. This is the finished version of the banner I posted a few months back. I hope the text is readable enough! It's supposed to look like a scan of an early-100s-era Sonic comic, which I tried to replicate with the graininess and the coloring in the style of Josh Ray. For the edges, I'm not sure whether it would look better to leave them as they are or use a background color of the same light gray that exists around the panels.
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    Well I made a reaction screen out of the blue:
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    It's called genre-blending. Calling Metroid Prime both an adventure and FPS is entirely accurate. It belongs to both genres. EDIT: Sometimes I have no idea why people like my posts
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    This Egg Gauntlet Zone was close to being done.....like REALLY fucking close. in fact the entire level layout was in their still. feasiably, this could be recreated with a modified Robotnik's Revenge romhack. EDIT: The entire level layout that Jingle didn't post: http://www.sappharad.com/junk/eggGauntlet_map.png
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    Doctor Who

    I'd love to imagine Jack and River in the same episode actually.
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    To be honest yeah, Sonic CD, 1 and 2 have all had considerable improvements, but Sonic 3 is practically perfect already uh oh. I'm not really sure what they can add besides maybe tweaking the physics slightly, giving some sprites more animations, or adding Knuckles+Tails mode. Sonic 3-level quality seems untouchable to Sonic Team lately (I mean why else do they fail to acknowledge it in any game besides Sonic Generations? It also gets the least re-releases by far. And if Sonic 4 is supposed to be a natural progression in the series, why does it feel like the team only looked at Sonic 1 and 2 for inspiration?) So it's nice to see that StealthTax are capable of recognising how important Sonic 3 is.
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    I thought Pirate Plunder Panic simply wasn't interesting, I couldn't get into Blaze's plight and it was full of false dangers, non events and exposition that clashed with the tone of the script. It got better in the latter half by a bit, but by then I think I was just so cut off. So the things that happened in the last issue and were supposed to be the money moments (Burning Blaze, Amy and Cream (and Bean and Bark) getting back home) just kind of happened and didn't have the emotional effect of awe and intrigue respectively. But Shadow Fall already looks and sound interesting. I can dig it. Edit: Off the thought track, Weaponised Sally and Iron Rotor concept art!
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    The Introduction Topic

    Hello, I'm Furryaoi but you can also call me Luke. Tails, Shadow and Sonic are my faves. :3 My english is not good, but I try my best. >.< I'm a shy person, but I really enjoy chatting! I like yaoi, animals, sweet food in general, games that needs you to use your brain [Like Professor Layton ♥], but also like calm games like Minecraft or terraria. I'm not a healthy person, and I can't work. For that reason, I sell drawings to help with house bills. You can see what I make by searching my nick on google. x3 I think that's it for now~
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    Game Grumps

    Table Flip! Watching the first episode, it's hilarious so far.
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    That picture makes you look like such a badass.
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    Holiday Gaming Eligibility Photos

    Yes! I am the greatest! No it's not.
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    Game Sonic is awesome beans to me. My favourite incarnation of the character for reasons I've explained so many freaking times. X Sonic is incredibly divisive to me due to some negative aspects to his character such as occasional selfishness but his good attributes still outweigh the bad ones and therefore that incarnation is mostly on the "love" side. OVA Sonic is a fascinating take on the character, temperamental yet competent. That's pretty much the personality I always thought Sonic had in the Mega Drive games when I was a kid. Fleetway Sonic is a douche who's jerkassery is an act because he thinks it gives off bravado and his alter ego Bob Beaky was cheerful and 'nice'. Ugh, he even let Tails think he was dead just so he could get a laugh out of his reaction! Not to mention the way he speaks to Tails and his other allies like shit so often. SatAM Sonic is interesting but good God his 'tude is so overdone and cheesy and he was rather dense. One of the things I like about Sonic is that he's far from stupid. SatAM Sonic just seems to be incompetent to make Sally look better :/ Still, it was cool how he had some realistic emotion. Archie Sonic? No....just no. Many of the times he's been written to be more 'realistic' than his game counterpart fail as far as I'm concerned.
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    You know, I'm just going to stick to this list format. It's just a lot easier and much more convenient for me. My Thoughts: Pros: - I really loved Rainbow Dash in this. She was way less of a driving force than she usually is and actually helped get the CMCs back on track. She played a nice role in this. - Nice to get a new song. Though it definitely isn't one of my favorites of the show thus far, it definitely isn't bad at all. Especially the reprise at the end. The animations that played during it were also hilarious. - That sunset lighting though. 0_o - Nice to see a connection to Games Ponies Play. I really thought that was going to be one of those ideas that was introduced but then completely forgotten. - Twist is still somewhat present. (No, I don't hate Twist like a majority of the fandom XD) - Touched upon Scootaloo's inability to fly. Though, I think this is the closest they're going to come to addressing it. But I don't think that's a bad thing since this episode did a great job with it. I just don't see the show taking it any farther though. -That last sequence with them rushing to the crystal empire just put a smile on my face. Especially that moment with Granny Smith. As DaBatGuy said, it's nice to come full circle with that gag. Cons... eh not to much actually: - I dislike how quick Apple Bloom was to just give up on Scootaloo in the train scene. It just seemed so out of character for her to just give up on one of her best fri... (thinks of Twist)... never mind. -The opening scene did drag on a fair bit. Plus, is it just me or is this the lowest amount of main six appearances in a single episode? Overall, I really liked this episode. It's definitely one of the strongest in the season so far. Though, I especially can't wait for next weeks episode. Really hoping for some good superhero references as well...*cough*andluna*cough* Also, is anyone else as excited for the Luna micro comic as I am? I mean look at this! I know it's my bias towards Luna but why haven't they made more episodes like this (or even with Celestia)? These characters could be so much more than what they are now. But hey, I'll shut up and enjoy the great content we've been getting. :/
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    Why didn't I think to screencap my Sonic-and-Tails-with-7-emeralds-before-Emerald-Hill-Zone-victory?! The plan is simple. I'LL DO IT AGAIN
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    Oh my... this sounded amazing.... http://forums.sonicretro.org/index.php?showtopic=31061&view=findpost&p=772621 Edit: So Sonic 2 1992 zones get cut... Sonic 2 2013 zones get cut. Sonic 2 2525 zones get cut... ... .. 2999... Sonic 2 2013 finally comes out on consoles.
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    I've been here for years! I just usually read more than I post...
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    Vizard!logo by Inferno! Welcome to the Fantasy Zone! Get ready! Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to The Music Plant Zone, SEGASonic:Radio's remix-centric LiVECAST! Please, please, sit down, make yourself at home! We're all friends here! ...and yes, it is named after that one zone from Sonic Advance 2. Taking up the mantle for Blitz n' Pieces, the Music Plant aims to bring you only the greatest remixes put together by members of the Sonic community. It was initially created to air previews of The Sonic Stadium Music Albums in previous years before becoming its own entity on SS:R, incorporating what were once Sound Test Saturday and the Sound Check into a weekly hour-long show full of remixes and other goodies! The Music Plant has broadcasted tunes from all sorts of talented artists like Falk, Rocket Ship Resort, Funk Fiction, The Blast Processors, Freen in Green, and the communities at the SSMB, Sonic Paradox, and OCRemix; now it's now asking for you! If there's a tune of yours you'd like to share with us on the airwaves, or if you've any requests, you need only give me a shout! Always welcome to hear your suggestions! UPDATE: [10/05/14] THE HIATUS HAS BEEN LIFTED! The Music Plant resumes with a 2 hour season premiere NEXT SATURDAY at 7PM EASTERN. At the usual place, guys! In the meantime, you are free to check out past shows in the Archive! Comment/Request via -Profile: Comment or PM me -Twitter -Email: vizardjeffhog@sonicstadium.org
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    I tuned in since the beginning of the Project 24 broadcast tonight/today.
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    Chili Dawg

    Top Games You Played This Year.

    TBH I barely played any new games this year... Was mostly me playing catch up. That said, I love love LOVED Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon. A super characterful adventure through some incredibly inventive level designs with everyone's favorite plumber (unless you actually like Mario better in which case you are a lose don't talk to me). Excellent successor to the Gamecube game.
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    No matter what I do I still fucking suck at these special stages. Fuck them.
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    Just finished Tails story. I beat the Death Egg robot at my first attempt with Tails. First time I've done that on this version. The Wing Fortress boss is a piece of cake now that Tails can fly. I have now completed playthroughs for all four character options. Think I will try the boss rush mode. The code for unlocking debug mode on the level select screen is the same as in the original game; (the EU/NA release date of the original). Great find! It's a nice route. I like the placement of the extra life above the death pit, haha. That means there are two new routes in Hill Top Act 1. How awesome is that! I also found a new upper route in Chemical Plant Act 2 (as well as Act 1) which you can access near the end of the normal highest route (which avoids the water). Just keep flying/climbing and you will find it. There are loads of little hidden areas with extra lives and ring boxes in the new route.
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    Sonic Lost World Announced

    "Draw me like one of your fre-
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    Sonic Channel

    It's because I use BUMP, isn't it SA? Something was going on with my post that couldn't enable me to paste what I copied, so I just put it up in my status. Looks to be a rather cute one with Silver wearing a scarf and if he is building a snowman, I'll be the first to call, "IT'S SNOW USE!"
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    I was almost thinking that too, it almost makes too much sense.
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    A little theory that could open up interesting discussion.
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    ... And that's it. This game has bested all of Sonic Team and Dimps' efforts of recreating Classic Sonic. SEGA of Japan need to pay attention to these releases and see just how well they're doing. I'd pay full retail price for a new 2D Sonic by Stealth and Tax. Dammit! Glitch. I let my super form run out so I could enjoy the stage music but it's carried on playing even though Knuckles is in normal form now. lol
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    Spoilers of Hidden Palace Zone and other stuff. In spoiler tag for obvious reasons.
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    Red Cap

    Mighty No.9 - New Inafune title!

    I find it reasonable that people are worried that she's on the design team when she doesn't seem to be interested in Mega Man (before someone asks, I would think the same if Dina were male). I also find it reasonable that people are bothered by the way she got into the design team and with how she locked her twitter and deleted all those posts. I mean, it just seems unnecessarily shady to me and it only made things worse. I think it's pretty dumb how the guy in the video kept bringing up her views though. That doesn't seem to be the "issue" most people have with all this.
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    Detective Shadzter

    Xbox One Discussion

    Glad to hear both Xbox One and PS4 are off to a great start.
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    Vocal Themes

    I love how varied this music is in Sonic games. Bar a few exceptions, the music in the Sonic series is excellent, and the vocal themes certainly are not exempt from that. I would be here all night if I was to mention every single Sonic vocal theme that I like so I'll just mention a few examples: I have a real fondness for "Escape From the City" from Sonic Adventure 2. I can't help but to sing it every time I hear it as I enjoy it so much. In fact, my 8 and 7 year old nephews and I can sing the song in unison, as they enjoy the song too. It took a while for the 3 of us to pull the feat, but we can all sing the song together, assuming that no one bursts into laughter while doing so. I have to admit that "Free" from Sonic Free Riders is a guilty pleasure of mine. The song is fitting among others in regards to Sonic's personality. I find the song to be very energetic and catchy. I love the trailer that the song was associated with-action, speed, gorgeous CGI and all. Too bad there isn't too much of the game to enjoy aside from that. "Reach For the Stars" from Sonic Colors is another song I find to be energetic and catchy. I also love how optimistic the lyrics are and this song never fails to make me smile whenever I hear it. Then again, the entire soundtrack of Sonic Colors makes me smile as it is my favorite in the series so the fact this song delights me as well is no surprise. My favorite vocal songs comes from Sonic Unleashed. I just love "Endless Possibilities" as I find the song to be very catchy and exhilarating. The song sounds fitting for Sonic to run to after going through a long worldwide adventure. "Dear my Friend" just happens to be my favorite vocal song in the Sonic series, not necessarily of the way the song sounds but because of the meaning behind the song. I find it very soothing and sad, yet beautiful and touching. I thought the song was rich in meaning in regards to friendship, which was a theme present throughout the game with Sonic and Chip as well as friendship being something that I personally highly esteem.
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    Well If it's any consolation, this means PewDiePie wont be getting rich anymore.
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    Archie Sonic Main Discussion

    It's not that I want the comic to be 100% exactly like the games. That would be pretty much impossible due to Sega's red tape, and the limitations it would give the story. What I always wanted, was for the comic to at least feel like it was supposed to be the same franchise. I never liked the Sally Power Hour storytelling. I never liked all the useless echidnas mucking about. I never liked all of these elements that cluttered the book created by 50 year old men who knew nothing about, and cared nothing about the source material. That's fixed now though.
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    Thanks, Yeow! I just finished this not too long ago, but it's probably one of my favorite things I've worked on so far. I had a lot of fun drawing this. If you've seen my status updates in the past few weeks, you might know that I recently beat Mario & Luigi: Dream Team and loved it to bits. I was already enthralled by the visual style of the games before this one, but playing Dream Team on the 3DS just multiplied that tenfold. I've always thought a Sonic game in this style would be amazing, so I finally decided to draw out what a "Sonic & Tails" game could look like in boxart form. I wanted to recreate the Mario & Luigi style while keeping it uniquely "Sonic"-- like something Sega would make. Also, Omochao would be like Starlow and actually be a huge help to Sonic and Tails for once
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    Hello SSMB creatives! With the success of the minor rule change we decided to trial a month or so ago, I think it's about time to condense the four or five pinned content-related rule topics in to one simple post, and this is it. With love to Rory who no longer lurks around these parts but crafted the original set of rules, all of which remain withstanding with minor tweaks and additions ♥ Sonic Showcase Rules (Updated 28/10/11) What goes where? As you will be aware, there are two subforum areas in the Sonic Showcase. The simple way to distinguish between the two is "Is this a visual art piece or is it multimedia or written work?" Sonic Showcase: Drawings, paintings, digital art, sculpture, oekaki, tutorials and the like. Miscellaneous: Video, music, fiction, poetry, fan games and everything else that isn't a visual static art piece. If you're unsure where to post, ask a moderator. Presenting your topic It's simple really. Tell us who you are and what type of work you do. E.g. 'DerpMcDerp's Derpy Sketches Topic' or '[MUSIC] TotallyRadGuy's Wicked Remixes' It doesn't really matter how you present it, as long as you've used keywords to let us know, generally, what we're going to be looking at if we click on your topic. How many topics can I have? Can I bump my topic? Generally, it's preferred that you keep all of your creative work in one place, where possible. If you do different types of work that belong in different places, it's fine to have a topic in the Showcase and a topic in Miscellaneous. Exceptions for additional topics may be granted in certain cases, such as if you are doing a comic which updates regularly and wish to devote a thread to that (or a similar ongoing project). As ever, if you are unsure, please ask a staffer. Please do NOT bump your topics unnecessarily. This is unfair to people with new content who are scrolled down the list by people bumping old content for extra views. You may of course 'bump' your own topic with new content, and if you were the last person to post, we will permit double-posting if it has been three days since your last update. If it has been less than that, you will have to edit your post instead. Comments and Critique Please be thoughtful in your commenting, whether you are praising or critiquing a piece. Bear in mind that civil and rational critique is allowed. If you post in the Showcase/Misc forum, you are agreeing not to get butthurt if helpful suggestions are made with the aim of helping you to improve. Having said that, there is a strict NO FLAMING policy in place here. No one wants to be made to feel like crap, and so any mean-spirited or deliberately hurtful comments will warrant a strike. For good balance, try to comment on both what you enjoyed about a piece and where it could stand to be improved. Artists, feel free to ask for more detailed critique on a particular piece if you want it (: Be friendly and civil in your commenting, as I hope you would be on the rest of the forum, and all will be fine. Art/media theft and posting other people's work This is a no-no. Posting another art/creator's work and attempting to pass it off as your own will result in an immediate strike and potentially a ban, depending on how deliberate it was deemed to be. You also may not post other people's work even with permission or as an attempt to get them more views. The Showcase is for YOUR work only DeviantArt and other portfolio sites Please do not make a topic and then simply link to an outside site. Topics like this count as advertising rather than as content and will be locked on sight. DA etc links go in your sig or on your profile page. Post examples of your work directly to the topic, please (: Recent Rule Revision The above rules attempt mainly to consolidate information that exists currently across a number of topics in the Showcase. Additionally, the recently trialled rule change regarding Let's Plays and other work using existing Sonic media is now in place permanently. To remind you: Aaand that's it, really! The list of rules may look daunting at a glance, but it's really quite straightforward and I think it's good to have it all in one place and free up some of the clutter. So, get to it! And if you have any questions, please ask.
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