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    Super Mario Galaxy 2

    Fast forward to 2013...
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    Best episode of the season, did great job of touching on the "possible" disability without hitting sad-fic territory. I also loved the song, not my favorite but among CMC songs it's just below Bad Seed, and RD was amazing, supportive mentor Dash is the best Dash. Only way this could have been any better is if they referenced how Dash kind of learned a similar lesson herself last week and Scoot got her mark, that tease at the end was irritating. Curse you DHX! Also, did anyone else notice that we've reached the conclusion of the Granny Smith vs. speedy Scoots trilogy? Show Stoppers: Knocked into incoherent angry gibberish. Sleepless in Ponyville: Gracefully dodges the precocious pegasus. Flight to the Finish: High Five- er high...one? Hoof bump/slap thingy.
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    This Egg Gauntlet Zone was close to being done.....like REALLY fucking close. in fact the entire level layout was in their still. feasiably, this could be recreated with a modified Robotnik's Revenge romhack. EDIT: The entire level layout that Jingle didn't post: http://www.sappharad.com/junk/eggGauntlet_map.png
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    Game Grumps

    Table Flip! Watching the first episode, it's hilarious so far.
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    You know, I'm just going to stick to this list format. It's just a lot easier and much more convenient for me. My Thoughts: Pros: - I really loved Rainbow Dash in this. She was way less of a driving force than she usually is and actually helped get the CMCs back on track. She played a nice role in this. - Nice to get a new song. Though it definitely isn't one of my favorites of the show thus far, it definitely isn't bad at all. Especially the reprise at the end. The animations that played during it were also hilarious. - That sunset lighting though. 0_o - Nice to see a connection to Games Ponies Play. I really thought that was going to be one of those ideas that was introduced but then completely forgotten. - Twist is still somewhat present. (No, I don't hate Twist like a majority of the fandom XD) - Touched upon Scootaloo's inability to fly. Though, I think this is the closest they're going to come to addressing it. But I don't think that's a bad thing since this episode did a great job with it. I just don't see the show taking it any farther though. -That last sequence with them rushing to the crystal empire just put a smile on my face. Especially that moment with Granny Smith. As DaBatGuy said, it's nice to come full circle with that gag. Cons... eh not to much actually: - I dislike how quick Apple Bloom was to just give up on Scootaloo in the train scene. It just seemed so out of character for her to just give up on one of her best fri... (thinks of Twist)... never mind. -The opening scene did drag on a fair bit. Plus, is it just me or is this the lowest amount of main six appearances in a single episode? Overall, I really liked this episode. It's definitely one of the strongest in the season so far. Though, I especially can't wait for next weeks episode. Really hoping for some good superhero references as well...*cough*andluna*cough* Also, is anyone else as excited for the Luna micro comic as I am? I mean look at this! I know it's my bias towards Luna but why haven't they made more episodes like this (or even with Celestia)? These characters could be so much more than what they are now. But hey, I'll shut up and enjoy the great content we've been getting. :/
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    Oh my... this sounded amazing.... http://forums.sonicretro.org/index.php?showtopic=31061&view=findpost&p=772621 Edit: So Sonic 2 1992 zones get cut... Sonic 2 2013 zones get cut. Sonic 2 2525 zones get cut... ... .. 2999... Sonic 2 2013 finally comes out on consoles.
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    I've been here for years! I just usually read more than I post...
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    Chaos Incarnate

    Vocal Themes

    What do I love most about Sonic soundtracks? Is it the catchy stage themes that can stick in your head forever, orchestral songs , or the always-awesome Credits Medleys that feature several songs from the game fused together to make an awesome compilation? Ha, none of them compare when they stack up against Vocal themes! Whether they're made by (then) series staples Crush 40, or newcomers Cash Cash, I've always loved Vocal songs in the Sonic series. They add deeper meaning to the game or what they're describing, like how "It Doesn't Matter" is Sonic's POV and attitude on life. Fans generally love them too, but for some reason they've been put on the down-low starting with Unleashed, and now they're non-existent in Sonic: Lost World. Am I the only person that misses then? Heresy, I say! Bring them back! There's so many damn good vocal songs, but I think I would have to say my favorite in Sonic musical history would have to be "It Doesn't Matter" by Tony Harnell (strictly speaking the Sonic Adventure version). The classic hard-rock focus really fits the character to a Tee, and the lyrics perfectly describer how Sonic will never give up the fight for justice and how he lives the lifestyle the way he wants. In terms of least favorites... I think there's only a total of eight vocal songs I don't like: You're my Hero, My Sweet Passion, Fly in the Freedom, Follow Me, Almost Dead, Catch me if You Can(Sonic Riders version), Seven Rings in Hand(Steve Conte rendition) and Free (Original version). None of them appeal to my taste in music, and the vocals in all of them can really aggravate me. This is a place to discuss Vocal songs in the Sonic series in general: Favorites and least favorites, musicians you would like to see working on them, your general stance/opinion, etc.
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    Vizard!logo by Inferno! Welcome to the Fantasy Zone! Get ready! Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to The Music Plant Zone, SEGASonic:Radio's remix-centric LiVECAST! Please, please, sit down, make yourself at home! We're all friends here! ...and yes, it is named after that one zone from Sonic Advance 2. Taking up the mantle for Blitz n' Pieces, the Music Plant aims to bring you only the greatest remixes put together by members of the Sonic community. It was initially created to air previews of The Sonic Stadium Music Albums in previous years before becoming its own entity on SS:R, incorporating what were once Sound Test Saturday and the Sound Check into a weekly hour-long show full of remixes and other goodies! The Music Plant has broadcasted tunes from all sorts of talented artists like Falk, Rocket Ship Resort, Funk Fiction, The Blast Processors, Freen in Green, and the communities at the SSMB, Sonic Paradox, and OCRemix; now it's now asking for you! If there's a tune of yours you'd like to share with us on the airwaves, or if you've any requests, you need only give me a shout! Always welcome to hear your suggestions! UPDATE: [10/05/14] THE HIATUS HAS BEEN LIFTED! The Music Plant resumes with a 2 hour season premiere NEXT SATURDAY at 7PM EASTERN. At the usual place, guys! In the meantime, you are free to check out past shows in the Archive! Comment/Request via -Profile: Comment or PM me -Twitter -Email: vizardjeffhog@sonicstadium.org
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    I'm in a screen posted on the previous page. Also evidence of my participation can be found when Mike Pollock was being interviewed, I submitted a few questions which got asked.
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    EHEM. The badge thing got me really confused So uhh, THANKS FROGGING FOR YOUR KIND HELP. ~~
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    SSMB Movie Nights

    Hello, fellow SSMBers! Recently, me and a few others got together in order to bring back SSMB movie nights. We'll watch fantasy, sci-fi, action-adventure, American classics, and even anime films, all while being comfortable and socializing with other SSMBers. How will these movie nights work, you may ask? Well, it is pretty simple. In the respective Skype chat, there were be a varying amount of movies that are chosen as candidates by SSMBers to be watched during movie night, and one will be chosen by the movie that gets the most votes in a poll. After this, we will be using this Livestream in order for SSMBers to finally watch the movie of choice, along with some possible commentary in the alongside chat. You can either have Livestream account, or simply join as a guest. We meet every Friday night, at 7:50 PM EST. If you want to join the Movie Night Skype chat, PM me, or contact these two., or just me. Hope to see you during the streams!
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    Things you do to feel like Sonic

    At school once for a joke I ran a whole lap around the field stretching my arms out behind my back behind Sonic shouting 'GOTTA GO FAST' and my PE teacher came out from the changing rooms to supervise the lesson and was like 'what in the name of Satan' and then we played Hockey and I started shouting out SammyClassicSonicFan quotes like 'LIKE SONIC' and 'YA FRICKS' and some of my friends actually fucking recognised those quotes and joined in it was deep and meaningful and it felt exhilerating ya fricks
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    .   .

    Holiday Gaming Eligibility Photos

    I beat cheap deaths the game Don't judge me
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    You forgot to tell that Akira from Virtua Fighter will be a boss in this. http://gematsu.com/2013/12/virtua-fighters-akira-boss-dengeki-bunko-fighter
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    Doctor Who

    I think I'll give it a shot and see how much I can stomach It's weird as I find the main arc interesting but he just had to put River Song there too
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    Why haven't they killed off Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon? Can I do it for Hasbro?
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    It's been awhile since I could say that a MLP episode wrapped itself up really nicely, because it did. The ending was pretty much everything I wanted out of it (though, I think Harshwhinny and Rainbow Dash neglected to mention that the auditions were going to be held in a stadium filled to the brim with ponies, but whatever). They delivered the moral of the story well and managed to weave in some of that friendship stuff on top of it. I didn't expect them to do a reprise of the song at the end though, but it worked perfectly and made the ending stand out even more. Good episode overall. Lots of feels and stuff.
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    Look what Sumo Digital's Tim Spencer found whilst shopping today.
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    No matter what I do I still fucking suck at these special stages. Fuck them.
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    Cyrus' Art - Gotta draw. Just draw.

    My first complete attempt at coloring in Photoshop. I got used to the basics of coloring scans in Photoshop, but it's slow as hell on my personal computer, so coloring this doodle was a bit painful. On top of that, I made the mistake of using a pencil sketch instead of an inking, so the clean up was (ironically) messy. Oh well...
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    Chili Dawg

    ARTWORK: Chili Drawgs

    Pretty rough around the edges (and elsewhere heh, but damn if I didn't have fun making this).
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    Sonic Lost World Announced

    "Draw me like one of your fre-
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    There's no true way for me to describe the Blue Blur other than "way past cool." I love everything about Sonic the Hedgehog: his Classic and Modern designs, the fact that he's the color blue, all the voice actors who brought the character to life, his burning sense of justice, carefree, fun-loving attitude: best character in the series, without a doubt.
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    When you complete a story in Sonic 2 you can now replay any level from that story/save file (collect missing emeralds etc). Thank you S&T for adding this. I love the menu: The box with an X is Hidden Palace. I need to unlock it. Think I will do that now I also encountered the best glitch ever. I should have screencapped it. When I was playing as Knuckles in Casino Night Act 2, I had over 50 rings so I morphed into Super Knuckles. I then went into a slot machine, got three Eggman and lost all my rings. However, when I exited the slot machine Knuckles didn't lose his super form. Also, the ring counter disappeared. It didn't say zero rings. The font that shows the number of rings had disappeared completely. So I stayed as Super Knuckles throughout the rest of the zone! Knuckles was immortal! Super for all enternity!!!
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    ... And that's it. This game has bested all of Sonic Team and Dimps' efforts of recreating Classic Sonic. SEGA of Japan need to pay attention to these releases and see just how well they're doing. I'd pay full retail price for a new 2D Sonic by Stealth and Tax. Dammit! Glitch. I let my super form run out so I could enjoy the stage music but it's carried on playing even though Knuckles is in normal form now. lol
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    Mighty No.9 - New Inafune title!

    What source material? This is a new series. Sure, sure, we all know this is taking heavy influence from Megaman. But it is, ultimately, not Megaman. It's got plenty of room to be its own thing, to do things that the Megaman series didn't or wouldn't. Plus I don't think being a big fan of a series should be a requirement for everyone working on an entry in it in the first place. I mean, obviously you'd want the people leading the project to understand and respect what the series has been. But it can be a good thing to bring in new blood, to get perspectives and ideas from people who aren't coming in with a bunch of preconceived notions of what the series "is". Consider the opposite end of the scale, for example. I think there are a lot of fans who are really passionate about a series, who know almost everything about it, but because of that end up putting it in a really small, limiting box. The kind of people that wouldn't have done Legends, or Zero, or Battle Network, because they don't involve a level select that's a 3x3 grid of 8 robot masters and Megaman in the middle. The fact that Dina isn't a huge Megaman fan might help give the game a more unique identity and stand on its own merits, rather than just being Megaman 11 HD. Plus, anything she suggests would have to be approved by someone higher on the totem pole anyway, right? If her enemy designs don't fit Inafune's vision of the game or whatever, then they won't make it into the game.
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    PS3 controllers work too!? Honestly it's like no one even tries Not a true keyboard warrior until you're busting out 360s and Geese Howard pretzels.
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    Sonic Lost World Announced

    Some of this concept art looks less Marioesque than the final art for the game. You still have the blocky shapes and super-surreal artstyle, but the colors in some of this art aren't typically bright and with an emphasis on one or two primary colors, and the environment has a lot more detail to it. Kinda like...other Sonic games... I mean look at the above early Desert Ruins art and this Silent Forest art. What happened...
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    I think that's what I'd rather have too. But, in an ideal world? Both. S3K deserves to brought up to these same standards.
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    Every update they have done so far has been them trying to gain more control over their users and their content. I no longer get feeds of just things I want to see, I am being fed feeds of "what's hot", even on my own channel page, I get recommendations to see channels like Pewdiepie, etc. Being forced to switch over to Google Plus despite how terrible it is. What is ironic for me is that I once viewed Google as the White Knight of the internet, but yea they're just another company out for blood.
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    Probably. Wouldn't be surprised if all the major LPers soon upload videos advertising where they've headed to, just as Doug Walker did when Youtube kept being obnoxious towards his material. I think Youtube with this policy is to other video sites as the Xbox One reveal was to Sony. The longer they (Youtube) keep talking, the more the opposition's stock price goes up. It's just a "Dude, shut up, you're only making it worse!" kind of moment.
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    And then I remember it's not coming to consoles... and I cry inside.
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    Detective Shadzter

    Xbox One Discussion

    Glad to hear both Xbox One and PS4 are off to a great start.
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    Call me petty, but I find this to be such a massive turn off. It bothered me enough already in Returns, but I was hoping it would change for this. Not a good move, Retro.
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    Booooooo! Honestly, I really don't get why they do this. The others have full move sets, so why not let me just play as them?
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    Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze (Wii-U)

    I thought it was Goku.
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    Because they're Cranky Kong is the only video game character that says what needs to be said.
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    To be fair, despite the free advertising you get from it, Let's Plays aren't always good for business. For starters, the player's opinion of the game can shape the opinion of the viewer, so if the particular person doesn't like the game, it will lead to consumer aversion. Second, the LP allows people to see the game's story (depending on the LP'er in question), which could be their only desire anyway. Granted, that's a small minority of your market, but it's nevertheless money you could have otherwise had. Third, and perhaps most importantly, showing real gameplay has a tendency to highlight all the game's flaws, which could deter a purchase as well. I'm not saying I agree with the policy, but I don't think it's as simple as "free advertising, therefore should be okay." Keeping a good public image is essential to maintaining a healthy business, and a single LP can make or break that.
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    Vocal Themes

    I love how varied this music is in Sonic games. Bar a few exceptions, the music in the Sonic series is excellent, and the vocal themes certainly are not exempt from that. I would be here all night if I was to mention every single Sonic vocal theme that I like so I'll just mention a few examples: I have a real fondness for "Escape From the City" from Sonic Adventure 2. I can't help but to sing it every time I hear it as I enjoy it so much. In fact, my 8 and 7 year old nephews and I can sing the song in unison, as they enjoy the song too. It took a while for the 3 of us to pull the feat, but we can all sing the song together, assuming that no one bursts into laughter while doing so. I have to admit that "Free" from Sonic Free Riders is a guilty pleasure of mine. The song is fitting among others in regards to Sonic's personality. I find the song to be very energetic and catchy. I love the trailer that the song was associated with-action, speed, gorgeous CGI and all. Too bad there isn't too much of the game to enjoy aside from that. "Reach For the Stars" from Sonic Colors is another song I find to be energetic and catchy. I also love how optimistic the lyrics are and this song never fails to make me smile whenever I hear it. Then again, the entire soundtrack of Sonic Colors makes me smile as it is my favorite in the series so the fact this song delights me as well is no surprise. My favorite vocal songs comes from Sonic Unleashed. I just love "Endless Possibilities" as I find the song to be very catchy and exhilarating. The song sounds fitting for Sonic to run to after going through a long worldwide adventure. "Dear my Friend" just happens to be my favorite vocal song in the Sonic series, not necessarily of the way the song sounds but because of the meaning behind the song. I find it very soothing and sad, yet beautiful and touching. I thought the song was rich in meaning in regards to friendship, which was a theme present throughout the game with Sonic and Chip as well as friendship being something that I personally highly esteem.
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    YouTube: "Let's make our website even more shittier and even more unlikable than the last time we made it shittier and unlikable! Surely this won't affect our site and popularity!" ^ This needs a YouTube logo 'shopped on it.
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    Well If it's any consolation, this means PewDiePie wont be getting rich anymore.
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    Your GOTY's of 2013

    Wii U and generally speaking: Super Mario 3D World I love platforming and I love Mario so considering it's a fantastically made game this was a given. I was in pure heaven the entire time. I never stopped having fun. The only thing I dislike were mostly based off personal "hopes" rather than anything the game did wrong. It's just incredible. 3DS: Luigi's Mansion 2 Hard to narrow it down since Animal Crossing has given me tons of entertainment but it is all still just busywork and time killing after a while. Whenever I properly put effort in to partake in an event it annoys me how randomised and luck based it all is. So I guess for the good times I've had in multiplayer with online friends (when we weren't having connection issues) and the impressive production values, Luigi's Mansion 2. PS3: The Last of Us No doubt. In fact this is like, a single inch away from usurping Mario 3D World. Such a powerful immersive storyline, great gameplay. My first time playing through this was unforgettable, and has solidly joined the joint 1st place position with the Half-Life 2 series and BioShock as my favourite story-based video game(s) ever. Also possibly one of the greatest and most emotionally complex endings I've ever had the pleasure of playing/watching. PC: The Stanley Parable Was super close between this and Papers Please, but the power to make me laugh just gets the edge. Such a fun and clever game. I played the original mod so I knew what to expect, but this really takes the concept up to eleven more than I could have imagined. I also got decent gameplay time out of doing every ending (yes, even the one that takes 4 hours). But Papers Please also gets a special mention for completely and utterly absorbing me even though I never thought it ever would as I vastly prefer action games to... well I can't really define a genre for it gameplay-wise but it certainly isn't an action game, even if it does require quick movements sometimes.
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    How Sega can fix Sonic

    Not a nostalgia fueled mission? That's exactly what this is! You lied to me!
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    Lady Soniko

    Kill La Kill

    I have to admit, my favourite part of episode 4 was when Senketsu willingly stops the trap developer girl and Ryuko is all... Fucking creased, I couldn't stop laughing at her expressions.
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    Thanks, Yeow! I just finished this not too long ago, but it's probably one of my favorite things I've worked on so far. I had a lot of fun drawing this. If you've seen my status updates in the past few weeks, you might know that I recently beat Mario & Luigi: Dream Team and loved it to bits. I was already enthralled by the visual style of the games before this one, but playing Dream Team on the 3DS just multiplied that tenfold. I've always thought a Sonic game in this style would be amazing, so I finally decided to draw out what a "Sonic & Tails" game could look like in boxart form. I wanted to recreate the Mario & Luigi style while keeping it uniquely "Sonic"-- like something Sega would make. Also, Omochao would be like Starlow and actually be a huge help to Sonic and Tails for once
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    Super Mario Bros is the greatest platformer series in the world. Which makes it funny that in the best game of the series you don't control Mario at all. That's right, Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island is the best platformer ever made. Why? The key is diversity. Out of 46 levels (plus an additional 6 secret levels) every single one either provides a unique obstacle or introduces as new element of gameplay. The music is great, the crayon-style graphics give the game a timeless appeal, and Yoshi's controls are simply perfect. There's no dash button, but you never need it because Yoshi moves at the exact right speed to maintain speedy progression while being able to react to incoming obstacles. The flutter-jump means you always have the chance to correct yourself during a taxing platforming section. And the way you deal with enemies? It's brilliant! You can jump on them, you can ground-pound, you can grab them with your tongue, or you can fire eggs at them. Or, you can spit watermellon seeds, breathe fire, breathe ice, knock them over with koopa shells, home attack with baby penguins, turn them into stars with a POW block, crush them with a chomp rock, and finally you can grab a Super Star to turn the controls over to the mighty invincible, wall-running Powerful Mario. It never gets monotonous by constantly introducing new enemies and more importantly; new ways to use those enemies to interact with the environment. Speaking of enemies, how about the bosses? Can you name another platformer with 12 unique bosses that never recycle the same strategy? Ground-pound Marching Milde into smaller and smaller copies. Push the Potted Ghost off the edge before he does the same to you. Rebound eggs off walls to get around Bigger Boo turning intangible when you face him. Skip eggs over water to hit Naval Piranhna's belly button. And last but not least: Turn the perspective to pseudo-3D as you fire giant eggs into the background to fight the very first and unquestionably most awesome incarnation of the Bowser-Grows-Really-Huge Final Boss; Giant Baby Bowser. Most games fail when they introduce a brand new gameplay style for the final boss fight, but Yoshi's Island nailed it. The only bad thing I can say about the game is that it got the formula so perfectly right that every attempt to repeat it falls flat. Yoshi's Island DS was a really good game, but every change they made only detracted from the experience. Taking away the inventory and delegating Yoshi's abilities to specific babies just added chores. Introducing even harder levels just showed how much the gameplay suffered from the changes, as the hardest levels of Yoshi's Island DS would've been much less frustrating if you were only playing with the character and mechanics of the original game. Anyway, Yoshi's Island. Yay!
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    Sonic X

    And the things that they did to make it exciting (fourth wall breaks everywhere!) are just annoying, which makes it worse (better?) because 4Kids took almost all of them out.
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