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    There are different kinds of financial failure. Microsoft has made money hand over fist with the 360 since 2008 or so. The entire videogame project that they started in 2000 is still a complete failure (and a high profile one among investment circles, at that), to the extent that elements within the company want to be rid of it entirely. Sony haven't turned a dime on the PS3; and they most certainly never will. They probably still consider it to be a success nowadays simply because they've made back all or most of the goodwill they pissed away in 2006. The issue is that you're conflating different considerations of failure together to make a point that I'm not entirely sure what it is supposed to prove. This is important because you bring up the PS3 when its reason for failure are wholly irrelevant to the Wii U's potential failure. Sony spent hundreds of millions developing the PS3 CPU by itself. They hedged their bets for pretty much the entire corporation on the system being a huge success right out of the gate and driving the entire company around. They wanted the extremely expensive CPU design they had built to become the basis of supercomputers. It didn't. They wanted the huge push for the HDMI standard to drive Sony's ultra-pricey home theater equipment (which at the time was some of the few that had connectivity). It didn't. They bet the movie studio they owned on Blu Ray winning the format war for the format they created. It did, but nowhere near as beneficial as they wanted. They sold the system for several hundred dollars less than it cost to make and almost immediately wiped out their profit they had from the previous generations, after writing off the development costs entirely; to try to get the system to sell as good as the 360. It didn't. None of this worked, and the system still flailed around for several years as the company itself went through constant headhunting to find the party responsible (and as the gambles failed and failed to pan out). Nintendo, in comparison, threw some more wattage at system architecture that was more or less the same as it was in 2001; and did so after making so much money doing (to be frank) so little compared to everyone else that it just doesn't matter. The Gamecube bombing out of the market after the N64 had already (expensively, in terms of trust if not actual money) made it a failure, and a dangerous one, even if the system itself turned a profit (which it undoubtedly did). The Gamecube was Nintendo's last shot (albeit an incompetent one) across the bow directly at Sony (and Microsoft). It not standing up to them, and obviously so by 2003, made it a failure. The Wii U failing to meet Gamecube numbers only matters in terms of being a failure if that is the target that Nintendo has set for it.
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    What You Got For Christmas 2013 Topic

    Got some figure action... this Nendroid Sonic is way too much fun to play with >w< oh yeah and fuck the stability of jazwares stuff seriously fuck it And since my parents just learned recently that I love all the Sonic females... brb exploding with adorableness overload
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    I got a chair. No really, I got a chair. (and I love it)
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    But seriously though, hopefully Starfy is playable in the next game. I loved the Legendary Starfy when it came out a few years ago, and he's a painfully underused character. I also hope he isn't taken out as easily as he was in Brawl...poor guy. Ridley's too big for one of those graves. RIDLEY CONFIRMED
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    Not really. Nintendo was never really the hot shit in Japan anyways. First it was PC Engine, then PS1, then PS2, then PS3. Not to mention Japan is currently more interested in handhelds apparently. Japan is like, what, 10% of the global gaming sales? It'd be dumb to only focus on Japan.
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    My haul this year!
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    I'm at a loss why Wii Sports Knock-Off Developer wanting to make a platformer is even news. It's nice that they want to use old Rare IPs, but calling what they'd be doing a "revisit" is quite a misnomer when Microsoft fired everyone who was left from those games years ago.
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    I wish I could experience the game for the first time again, as you two guys above are doing right now. Enjoy the game! =D
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    Kirby Triple Deluxe gets a 35 / 40 from Famitsu Got a pretty good score (8.75 if divided by 4), seems well deserved! Hope it does well once it hits the western markets.
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    I fucking lost it at "The 2DS has more gigabites than a regular 3DS"
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    The option to enable a background customization image for your profile is a wonderful idea, but do you think there could be a warning appear before you choose to remove customizations? I've removed the background on my profile twice by accident while I was trying to edit my profile and my finger slipped by mistake. It's a pain to search for the image you had, copy the URL, paste that URL on Imgur, copy the Imgur URL, and then paste it back onto your background. ...Or maybe it's not a pain for everyone else and I'm just a lazy bum? Either way, thanks for listening to my suggestion. Sorry I couldn't come up with a longer description.
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    The Introduction Topic

    Hi im ShadowDehHedgie im a new fellow, im a huge fan of shadow, thats all i gotta say
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    Did somebody seriously expected Balloon Fighter and Toad as playable characters? I can understand to some degree Skull Kid, but them? Might as well hope for guys like Slippy, Prince Fluff or the Maestro from Wii Music.
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    Doctor Who

    I'm sorry but that was just bad. The story was all over the place, they did a massive cop-out with the regeneration limit, there were too many time skips during the siege of trenzalore (which wasn't that impressive) and it was just a mess.
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    Left 4 Dead 2

    Left 4 Dead 2 is currently FREE to own until 10am PST 26th December Blog Post: http://www.l4d.com/blog/post.php?id=12152 This is not a free weekend. The game is FREE. Install it from your Steam Games list before the deadline and it is yours to keep forever. How friggin’ cool of Valve is that? Get at it guys.
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    J-Stars Victory Versus

    This is just in!!! Seiya confirmed as playable and Allen Walker as support!!! They also seem to tease Hisoka, what we dont know is if hell be playable, assist or what? Im so glad Allen made it, but at the same time so depressed!!! he had so much potential to be playable :C oh well at least he made it and hes looking badass as always!!! he will definitely be my main support ^^ as for Seiya, Im not the biggest fan, but he was requested :3 so its good to have him.
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    Well, guys, after what seemed like an eternity, I finally got my hands on this lovely game. After playing through it for the past few hours, taking as sweet a time as possible (I'm only up to World 4 so far), I think I can safely that it's almost -- almost -- the ideal Mario game to me. Only its minimal story is keeping it from being what I consider near-perfection. Of course, things will most likely change as I go further along, but for now, I give it two huge thumbs-up!
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    The difference between PS3 and Wii U. Sony spent their money on very expensive, hard to program software that ended up being the reason for the console being 599 US Dollars. Nintendo's Gamepad may be expensive, but it isn't expensive enough for Nintendo not to make a profit off the console in its following years. So even if the WIi U only sells as well as the PS3 it still makes more money back than that machine did. I mean, when did Sony start profiting on the PS3; their fourth year? Nintendo makes a profit with Wii U and game. So even PS3 numbers won't be a disaster for Nintendo. Why are you so adamant in putting your faith in first year sales? It's not like the console doesn't have five or six more years to go.
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    All I want is more remixes for Sonic. That's it. =I And a better victory tune!
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    There's really no need to openly bash things in that way.
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    I dunno man, I don't really see that as a logical extension of the character. Then again I never really understood Brawl's portrayal of Luigi either, so maybe it's just me.
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    Captain Fun

    playing as Sonic friends....

    Playing as other characters is nice when it's not just shoved upon you. I didn't like how you alternated between characters in Sonic Adventure 2 and Sonic 2006 during the same campaign because it ruins the pace of the game. Other characters should offer something different while still keeping the pace of the game consistent.
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    Doctor Who

    The biggest offence to me was them effectively side-stepping the limit, I'd have preferred it to be an actual plot point or a reward for when he actually rescues gallifrey from out of the pocket dimension,or something. They wouldn't have had to even address it though if Moffat didn't have to have create the War Doctor or including the bloody Meta-Crisis "regeneration" in the first place. It just seems like he had to get it done because he could.
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    I guess Starfy is now in the Graveyard of disconfirmed characters. But seriously though, hopefully Starfy is playable in the next game. I loved the Legendary Starfy when it came out a few years ago, and he's a painfully underused character. I also hope he isn't taken out as easily as he was in Brawl...poor guy.
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    I beat the main game and I'm now working on the extra world. Great fun, may or may not surpass Galaxy 2 for me, more games should have a playable Rosalina.
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    The Sonic topic of utter positivity

    I absolutely loved Sonic in Sonic Lost World. I already liked him for what he was and what he did in Unleashed, Secret Rings, Black Knight and Colors, but SLW was the game that definitely made me empathize with the character. I'll not make a recap of the plot (in a nutshell: Sonic commits an idiocy that puts his world and his friends in mortal danger and has to face the consequences) let's just say that our favourite blue hedgehog shown a range of emotions that made him look like a real person like never before. He felt rage, anger, sorrow, grief, horror, sadness, lonelyness (and I admit, without shame, I cried like a fountain after that part) and all of these emotions were well animated on his face. I could post every screenshot of Sonic in SLW, but this and especially this take the cake in my book. I also loved the ending with Sonic taking a deep breath and falling asleep on fresh green grass, surrounded by his three closest friends. It was... cute, can't find other words.
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    What You Got For Christmas 2013 Topic

    Snagged myself a new 23" TV for my student place, a decent haul of DVDs and games, a couple of boxsets, and a bit of money. Plus, socks! Great haul this year. Same here. I'm sending a formal complaint to the North Pole as we speak.
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    Let's see.... In terms of games, I got Sonic Heroes for the Xbox so I can finally get the experience of fully playing the game. I got Super Mario 3D Land and Luigi's Mansion 2 for my 3DS too. I also got brand new ear bud Headphones after my old ones blew out a month ago, some gift cards, and Elgato Game Capture HD so I can finally start pulling my weight for my Youtube commentary channel. Merry Christmas, Sonic Stadium!
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    I Dunno, really the only downfall I can see in Goodra is its barely workable Defense and it's lackluster speed. I would think Gooey would take a bit of the edge off that, But Smogon suggests Sap Sipper for the grass immunity. Not sure what a single type immunity has over a speed-lowering abillity, but whatever. And yeah, any Pokemon wil be available, since with the right stuff, you can transfer pokemon all the way from Gen III carts. Hey, it's not Game Freaks fault that they suck
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    The Introduction Topic

    Yes, I'm that FearTear
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    Nothing much. -A $20 PSN card to buy Tales of Graces and Persona 4 Arena (which I haven´t gotten to play yet because my brother got Battlefield 4 and is hooked lol). -A pair of earrings my mother got for me but they are horrible. -And cash! Since here in Spain we also have Epiphany (which is on 6th January),I may ask for a PS3 controller to play with my brother. High-five! \0/
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    I just got the game for Christmas, and I tried multiplayer with my sister earlier, and it was very fun. I love the game so far.
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    Sonic Lost World - Music Thread

    You know, after getting the OST yesterday and listening to the whole thing, it's really cemented my opinion that Lost World is by far one of the weakest soundtracks the Sonic series has had since, well, almost ever- and bar maybe one or two games, it's almost definitely one of the weakest soundtracks we've had since Sonic Adventure. That said, admittedly, that means 'worst of a very strong bunch'. It's still a good soundtrack, it just seems like it has very few genuine standout pieces. Aside from maybe the main theme/ Windy Hill etc and their variants, onlye Sea Bottom Segue and perhaps the Deadly Six theme are the only ones I could really consider earworms. I think the absence of vocal tracks and Jun in general really show. It's still a good soundtrack, but considering Sonic games tend to be almost excellent-as-standard in that regard, this one really feels a little underwhelming by comparison.
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    Holiday Gaming Eligibility Photos

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    Holiday Gaming Eligibility Photos

    Haven't forgotten about this but I won't be able to catch up until the 26th. My laptop is too cruddy to do it. :c
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    Honestly, at this point this topic is starting to sound like a black and white debate of "weapons are evil" instead of weapons are dangerous, deadly tools to be handle with extreme care. And this is coming from someone who is A-OK with gun control to limit shootings. I can see how it's a rather hypocritical not to take responsibility for making a weapon, but unless I'm looking too deep into people's posts, a gun is both dangerous in itself and the person intending to use it. The best weapon is one that doesn't have to be used at all, but since this isn't a perfect world, just as guns can be used by malicious bastards to take lives they can also be used by heroic souls to save innocents against said malicious bastards when there's no other choice. At the end of the day, this guy made a weapon to defend his homeland that is now used widespread to spill more blood. I can at least honor his good intentions for it, despite the outcome.
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    I'd say Nintendo's issue with the system confusion isn't so much the name itself as it is that they for fuck knows what reason undermined both it's original announcement in 2011 and it's launch in 2012 with two completely different redesigned versions of the original Wii; both of them coupled with their own new marketing pushes. They didn't do that until E3 2009. Sony otherwise spent 3 full years trying to pretend that the system's price was the only issue (or, more honestly, a year pretending the system was flawless; and then two years pretending the price was the only issue).
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    Sonic Lost World Announced

    Sure Lost World takes cues from Mario, but it isn't necessarily "emulating" them. Lost World is just a test phase. We can't expect SEGA to nail it on their first try, especially with their track record. I played 3D World and Lost World back to back. Besides some stage tropes and maybe a gimmick idea or two, they really aren't the same. Sonic is focused on being fast(er) with an arsenal of tricks up his sleeves. Like honestly, I feel like the people shouting "copy-cat" the loudest are people that haven't even bothered playing the game. Sonic's play style vs Mario in 3D World is an entirely different realm. Being a Mario clone is something I would worry about the least. The trademark speed, loops, homing attack, and a variety of zones will always be with him. I'm sure Sonic Team will listen to criticism in the next game and try their best to avoid upsetting portions of the fanbase.
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    It's things like this and Hidden Palace that really set the for these remakes way above everything else. S13D is a good port/emulation/whateveryouwanttocallit that goes out of the way to add a few little things here and there, but such can't hold a candle to the kinds of effort shown here. And I know a lot of people don't like the the "doing it better than SEGA" sentiments, but when you look things as objectively as you can, are you honestly able to argue that much? These remakes of the games are of the highest quality even before you get to the fan service. Widescreen, bug fixes (as a result of the games being remade on a new engine), remastered soundtrack or two soundtracks in the case of CD, proposed additional content. It's just great.
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    The dub of XY hits Cartoon Network on January 18th. Here's a little peek at the intro theme:
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    Sonic Lost World - Music Thread

    I posted a status about this but status updates come and go so just thought I'd share again here: In Windy Hill Act 2, when you approach Zazz's boss area, the percussion fades out, leaving you with a peaceful sounding variable mix of the music. Doesn't appear on the OST in any form, and you can only listen to it for extended periods of time by literally stopping and standing there. It's in the area just between the final badnik on the stage and the boss battle.
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    Top Games You Played This Year.

    Games I've played this year in no particular order. The Last of Us-This is the first game that comes to mind because its the first game I've actually beaten in less than a month in quite some time. I was really engaged into the story and the gameplay was swell. I don't really have any gripes about it. Ys Memories of Celceta-It's been quite a while since I've been engaged in a handheld game more than a console game, and dammit this is probably my favorite game on the PS Vita. It's addicting, its fun, the characters are cool, just a good game. Metal Gear Solid Rising-I like to fuck shit up lol so yea this was pretty badass. I still have yet to beat it but yes it is one of the standouts for me this year. BlazBlue Chronophantasma-I don't know how many hours I've put into this game so far. I am still a nooby player but that's ok, the game has been great fun. I guess that's it?
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    Disney's "Frozen"

    So, yeah. I saw Frozen a few hours ago, so time for my full thoughts, and a little retrospective as well. Ever since 2008 with the release of Bolt, Walt Disney Animation Studios has been on a rather significant streak of quality, a far cry from their dork age in the early 2000s (2000-2007 if we're going to be specific), whereas interest in the company was steadily dwindling due to growing interest in computer animation, and a massive successes of such films in that animation technique. This led to most of their films underperforming or outright flopping at the box office, some even being lambasted by critics or garnering mostly mixed reception. The only film to be both a critical and commercial hit in this dire era in the company's history was Lilo & Stitch, which became the company's biggest hit since Tarzan at the time. In this recent streak of quality being coined by some as the Disney Revival, all these films have been sizable critical and commercial hits and have successfully re-ignited interested in Disney Animation, these are The Princess and the Frog, Tangled, Winnie The Pooh (though not so much a commercial success, only making a mere $33 million on a $30 million budget, but still garnering critical acclaim) and Wreck-it Ralph. Now, we're in 2013, and we speak of Frozen, Disney's 53rd animated feature. I had mixed thoughts during my wait for this movie, especially being turned off by the mostly awful marketing and trailers, but as the weeks closed nearer to the film's release date, it had received widespread critical acclaim, with some comparing it favorably to films of the Disney Renaissance. With these words, you could definitely tell I was interested, and the trailer showcasing Elsa's subplot in the film was excellently done, furthering my interest even more. I walked into the theater with rather high expectations. Did the film live up to them? Let's see. Let me briefly talk about Get A Horse, the short that played before the film. I'll say that it's one of the most inventive and fun animated shorts I've seen in my lifetime, the traditional animation (meant to resemble the Mickey Mouse shorts of the early 1900s, which it does without any fault) blends seamlessly with computer animation in so many great ways, you could tell they were having so much fun making it, it's a commendable tribute to the early days of Mickey & co., and it definitely shows. Hell, they even got voice clips by Walt Disney himself for voicing Mickey Mouse in this short, how cool is that? I literally had the most idiotic smile on my face throughout the entire thing, but nothing could prepare me for what was to come after. Frozen, quite possibly, is the best film to come out of Disney since Beauty and the Beast, and that is saying a lot. First off, the animation and production design is beyond beautiful, breathtaking, even. The animators did their best to include every nook and cranny in showcasing the winter environment, especially regarding snow and ice. The textures on some of the characters' clothing and hair looks near damn photorealistic, it's a sure feast for the eyes. The animation, usual for any Disney movie, is lively and beautiful, so yeah. The storyline, especially the sister-sister relationship between Anna and Elsa is truly both gripping and moving, and the story actually keeps you guessing at times at what's gonna happen, and there's a few surprises throughout. The writing is all sharp, witty, and serious whenever it needs to be, courtesy of Jennifer Lee, who wrote Wreck-It Ralph. (She also co-directed this movie, the first woman to direct a full-length Disney animated feature, in fact!) The characters all have infectious personalities, and all feel like as if they have a purpose in the story, even Olaf. Olaf was probably one of the most loathed films regarding this film prior to it's release, but I can safely say that he does no harm to the story, and his comedic moments are actually rather hilarious mixed with his lovable personality, makes him a welcome addition. Most of the characters get a healthy amount of development, the most needed anyway for a film with a running time of 108 minutes. Now, the music, good lord, the music, I want it inside me. Each and every one of the songs are catchy, fun, and move the story along perfectly. Christophe Beck's score is grand, and the many harmonies playing throughout the film make each scene, perfectly emulating the film's Scandinavian culture. My favorite of them all would be "Let It Go", which I can tell I'll be listening to for years to come. Never before when watching a Disney film have I been so touched (I actually almost cried during one scene regarding Anna and Elsa, I actually saw one woman crying next to me, and I'm sure I heard some other crying/sniffling in the theater during that scene.), laughed so hard, and in general have been so pleased to have seen it. Frozen, in every minute, is simply enrapturing, it simply has that pure, unadulterated Disney magic. It'll be sure to live on through generations, as did The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, and The Lion King. The standing ovation received at the end of the film was fully deserved. Congratulations to you, Disney, for making such a wonderful film. May Walt Disney Animation Studios have a bright and successful future ahead of it. This is the best animated film of 2013, and one of my favorite films this year, period. If it doesn't win the Oscar for Best Animated Feature, I'll be sorely disappointed.
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    Oh I can't wait for SGB's let's play of this
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    Hey, a bunch of people here have not got a chance to play certain Sonic games, so not playing Sonic Adventure or Colors is certainly alright. There is no shame in that.
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    So yeah, this atrocity was made by me. I'm not sorry.
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    Finalized boxart of Super Mario 3D World
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    NASCAR Unleashed

    the nighttime Jeff gordon stages weren't all as cracked up to be
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