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    Mr. Freeze is one of my favorite bosses as well. Although, for me personally, Deathstroke was just as good because it was pretty awesome in itself since it threw out the whole Zelda styled "find the weak point" boss battle that was the problem for a lot of the other bosses or simply enduring them. I was kind of disappointed in Lady Shiva and Copperhead since I expected so much more.
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    You know how they should continue Chao? A Phone App. Think about it, it'd be perfect!
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    Sonic Dash (iOS/Android)

    My fingers are poised!
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    A positive following Lost World, eh? All right, how about this? Yes, it could have been implemented better. But the very idea of parkour and something like Sonic fits like jam on toast. We see the hedgehog do it plenty of times in both the classics and the recent games, so being able to officially do it in game is a brilliant idea. It's a mechanic that has a lot of potential in the series, provided Sonic Team irons out its kinks and utilizes it well.
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    Sonic Themed Wallpapers/Icons

    This was too intense to complete., honestly I felt like adding something to the bottom left, but it was far too intense. Anyway, heres your second request, Makronette. If you got more, then feel free.
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    Anyway, guys, here's a teaser: @Zero Dozer If you want to find me you could, ya know, look at the name of the place i always put in before the title screen in my games =P Anyway, the transparency is likely a problem with direct X and the resolution thing, well, it just seems to happen in some computers for some reason, still, i really don't know a way to fix that, since to allow the screen to stretch in MMF2 all you have to do is press a button. (by that i mean, inside MMF2, the software) there's not much i can do about it.
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    It just wasn't my day in general when I made this, I bit off more than I could chew and was trying to draw stuff in ways that I'm just now beginning to grasp. Still, for the longest time I wanted to redo it so: It's crazy what a difference a year makes, especially one filled with constant trial and error and not much else to do with my time. xp I usually don't pour this much detail into a group shot because of how long it takes, but figured "why not?"
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    Star Wars

    Vader: If only you knew the downfall of Lucasarts. Obi Wan Never Told You how much of Battlefront III was completed. Luke: He told me enough. He told me it was barely a beta. Vader: No, There was fully rendered cutscenes. It was nearly finished. Luke: No. No! That's not true! That's impossible! Vader: Search your feelings, you know it to be true! Luke: NOOOOO! NOOOOOO!!!
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    Barry the Nomad

    JSR Vs. JSRF

    I love them both equally. JSRF improves on some aspects of JSR, but JSR retains some aspects that were stripped away in JSRF. In JSR I love: • The arcade progression • The character designs • The music • The ability to fight enemies WHILE tagging <- this is a biggie that I really missed in JSRF • Importing photos from the internet for tags • The ability to take photos with the Dreamcast Dreameye and upload the pics into the game • The story, as crazy as it is In JSRF I love: • The open world gameplay • The expanded cast • The character designs, and how they are similar but different from the first game. It's like a different artist's take on the same world. Similar, but with its own style • The soundtrack, and how it remixes some tunes and adds some more tunes • The story - it is a lot more complicated than the first game, but has a lot of crazy cool moments (Like Prof K getting kidnapped, and the getting trapped in the stadium bit) • The many new locations It's really hard to say what I prefer between the two when it comes to art style and music, both rock. But I can say that I prefer the controls of JSRF. Mainly scrapping the need to pull the trigger to speed up. I speed up all the time in the first game, so it was great to have it as the norm in the sequel. I also love the ability to trick on rails and to pull off multiple tricks in the air. Reminds me a bit of Sonic Rush actually. Wonder if Sonic took a page from JSRF? However, I much prefer JSR when it comes to enemies. I hated that JSRF roped you off and took away the ability to graffiti when baddies were about. Still, it didn't make the game worse. I also prefer the graffiti system in the first, though I totally get why it was simplified for the sequel. Overall, BOTH games are awesome. In fact, I love both titles more than any 3D Sonic game. You might say that Sonic titles are my favorite 2D SEGA games and the JSR series are my favorite 3D SEGA games.
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    If other developers had Sonic

    I would love to see Nintendo's innovation in a Sonic game And Capcom would also re-release Sonic Battle and Sonic The Fighters and call it SUPER Sonic Battle and ULTIMATE Sonic The Fighters with a WHOLE NEW 4 CHARACTERS
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