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    Accurate depiction of Venemoth vs Dragonite
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    So for those who missed it. This is what happened on 'This Week' At the end of the show the host said 'And we leave you now with footage of the Governments new IT system for the NHS in action,' They then showed a sped up version of the twitch plays pokemon.
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    I wrote a big article charting Sonic's various redesigns through the years, if anybody wants to check it out: http://segabits.com/blog/2014/02/28/the-weekly-five-how-sega-redesigned-sonic-the-hedgehog/
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    Indigo Rush

    Official Sonic 2006 topic

    One thing to note about that concept artwork is that it was put forth by Blur Studios, the group that did the beautifully rendered CG cutscenes in Sonic 06 and in Shadow. Literally the best thing in Sonic 06 wasn't even made by SEGA themselves. Also, here's the beta version of the intro cutscene: Before they included the final music. It's much better than the soundtrack they ended up going with. ...another thing Blur Studios did better than SEGA. EDIT: Beta ending scene, if you're curious.
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    How 'bout them snowboard physics I have yet to laugh harder than I have watching this video. The controls in this game are so broken.
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    I'd just like to say in my defence that I find Sonic '06 a facinating study in game design in much the same way one would consider, say Jekyll & Hyde on the NES. The simple fact that '06 is a terrible game goes without saying, but there's actually a lot to learn by deconstructing and analysing its mistakes and actually rationalize what exactly this game has done wrong - something, as individuals, not all of us have done. If anything, games like this are better guides to making great games than actual great games are. All you really have to do is not do what Sonic '06 did and you're relatively safe. More to the point though, this is a fucking huge thread, and most of us will find it incredibly painful to dig through years of forum history to link back to a discussion that has already taken place. =V EDIT: Actually now that I think about it, I think I'll bow out of the conversation for the time being. I'm on holiday right now and while some elements of the conversation intrugue me, there are more practical uses for the time I've earned.
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    Hey you guys! Guess who got makeovers? AND THEY'RE OUT OF VICTORY ROAD!!!!
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    I didn't intend to de-rail this topic at all, so let me explain myself. I brought up that old post of his to illustrate the mindset that he has been working from since the day he joined. His comments towards Chaos Incarnate are what urged me to search back for it, and said comments are also why I feel that this is still what his angle is. So I would like to appeal that it is indeed relevant given the context, and it may help shed some light on where his motivations lie for this entire debate in the first place. I don't understand how anybody can so aggressively defend something like Sonic 2006 unless they somehow felt morally obligated to.
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    Don't feel bad. A lot of these things are subtle and you really have to dig into his character to find out more things about him. Animations, phrasing, manual phrasing (though some of it is to be taken with a grain of salt since they are reversed - this is with all characters,) ect. To categorize as short, Waluigi is one great big unwelcome mat who can be loyal if he finds someone to trust.
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    Chaos Incarnate

    Official Sonic 2006 topic

    As a fan of Sonic the Hedgehog and making sure to specifically present my argument as a "what if" scenario, I find this down right offensive and insulting. I'm a huge fan of Sonic, and you questioning me being on this site is just plain rude. Think before you speak next time.
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    Like or dislike whatever you want Personally, I really enjoy all the the official Boom designs, and these are just adjustments that I would make personally. I would like to see some of the Knuckles designs you prefer though, for the sake of curiosity. I went back and made one final revised version. Amy's got her purple sleeves and tan arms back, but I changed the colouring on her shoes. It actually more resembles her in-game model where her shoes are the same pinkish-red and white as her dress. Knuckles has got slightly longer legs again, and I also made them a bit thicker so they're less like twigs. So yeah, just as I like the Modern and Classic designs a whole bunch, I'd say all of them could do with a few tweaks and Boom is no exception. Still happy with what we've got though, particularly because they'll make very awesome merch. Here's hoping we get some high quality, highly detailed figures/statues and not just Tomy's toys.
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    The decision making bodies of the world have a very poor idea of what can be enjoyed by whom. Grand Theft Auto, a supposedly "adult" franchise, is beloved by all sorts of teens and even people younger than that. My Little Pony is enjoyed by plenty of men and not just the young girl demographic it was meant. The worst trap anyone can fall into is to assume that children are inherently stupid. We don't like to use that word, but let's be honest, that's what the general sentiment is. I think an alternate dimension is a fairly simple concept to work with, and plenty of kids' shows have used it before. "In this universe, x happened instead of y," or "X is Y in this universe." It might seem complicated, but it's a simple concept if you remember how the base universe was. Heck, I'd argue that some level of economics or political science could probably be grasped a good deal by younger audiences, it's just it would bore 99% of them. The same way they still bore a good deal of adults. Children can be surprisingly intelligent; the main issue is really what they'd prefer to use such for. Does a six year old want to remember History, or the exploits of a superhero?
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    Should probably make a separate thread for this at some point, but for now chapter 4's done: Getting faster and faster as I pick up little tricks and techniques here and there to speed things along, just gotta stay motivated,
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    Kill La Kill

    Ah the "dead dad" business that Ryuko eventually proclaimed she had no interest pursuing anymore. She got her time to think rationally after Ragyo popped up. She wasted it and decided its all on her for her petty goals.
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    Status update disappears on profile

    I clicked on my notification that someone left me a comment before, and when I got to my profile to view it, my status update was missing from the top of my profile page This is a picture of it here. If I go directly to my profile it usually shows up, but when I clicked on my friends comment in my notifications to get here, it didn't. So yeah, it isn't a major crisis, just a weird thing that happened. Anyone else see this happen?
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    Kill La Kill

    Real talk; this whole rationalizing with "expecting" Ryuko to become a villain is completely nonsensical for me when she's effectively spent the entire goddamn series doing nothing and amounting to nothing. She's the audience POV. The vehicle that drives the plot. A completely unrelatable non-character. Kill La Kill isn't doing some deep Evangelion stuff here, it's a series billing itself as a straightforward action adventure which wanted to compare itself to GL but due to shoestring budget had to be more comparable to P&S with it's over-reliance on gags as well as action elements/tropes that the directors and screenwriters felt were cool, and that disconnect is jarring to the point of repetition. The entire show's point wasn't turning Ryuko into a villain. The only overarching character point to Ryuko learning to deal with her detrimental issues, evident with her personality at the start of the series being depicted as a naive bully, and the peak of that was shown already at this series' halfway point when the writers made it evident that she knew she was a loose cannon and wanting to change that, but didn't do anything about it. She's just an observer to a grand scheme and she's still letting herself get used. This series is well passed it's threshold where we can see her character evolve from what she's learned because with 4 episodes left the only thing she can amount to being is a mood swing back to her normal self among the plethora of other mood swings she's had throughout the show. If you pull the whole "but she's imperfect" excuse; Shinji was imperfect. Simon was imperfect. Hell the Angel Sisters were imperfect. But they got shit done. Satsuki may not have flaws and I'm not going to claim she's the best character ever either, but what makes her interesting is that she gets things done. Ryuko does neither. Watching the character we're meant to root for get nothing done is really the biggest flaw this series has had to offer. And the whole "human" rationalizing is beyond me too because I'm convinced that anyone who can still find someone jumping onto a motorcycle to race off across the land simply to find the patience to kill someone that just pulled out another useless "I'm your soul sister" crap in order to avenge someone who you never even knew relatable is clearly not from this planet and should probably meet some people. And I'm done ranting for now. Carry on everyone, see you next week.
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    TSS Staff are not allowed to lie regarding forum/site matters.
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    Except, there wasn't any indication that it was out of his league. Sonic may have assumed it, or he may have just thought that two geniuses is better than one, but Tails at least was pretty confident that he could handle it, and he was right. See this is the thing, this is the mistake. "Should" Tails have calmly talked through his feelings with Sonic? Yes, that likely would have allowed them to solve the problem with a minimum of drama and hurt feelings. But that doesn't make for an interesting story, and it doesn't make for interesting characters. People, real people, do the "wrong" thing all the time because we're stupid, emotional, irrational creatures. We don't always talk things out. We bottle our emotions up, we end up snapping at people who maybe don't deserve it. Sometimes we hurt people without realizing it and we don't know what to do about it. And we need that in our characters, too. We parse everything through our fucked up, illogical human nature. And for a character to endure, for a character to feel real and human, they need to connect with our fucked up nature, they need to reflect our flaws, just the same as they reflect our successes. A character not acting perfectly logically isn't necessarily bad writing; it can be just the opposite, it can enhance them, it can make them more real, more vivid, more honest. That's why I get so frustrated with this. Because for the first time in a long time they're actually trying to make these characters human, not just marketable archetypes, not just pawns in service of a "clever" story. Even with the story's flaws this is something that deserves to be acknowledged, but all I ever seem to hear is complaints that the characters act stupid, or like jerks, or "out of character".
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    Sonic 4 thread

    I wanted to make a thread on the game I like to talk about: Sonic 4, both episodes. If anyone doesnt know what the game is: Sonic 4 is the game that comes after Sonic and Knuckles. There are 2 episodes so far and we dont know if there is episode 3. (or I must warn, my opinions might be mix in the post) Episode 1 starts really simple. Stop Eggman from stealing animals. You race through the funky worlds and face bosses you might have met before but on hard mode. You use your moves such as the homing attack and you run really fast through the world. Its a VERY simple game. This is ANOOTHER simple game! It got Tails and hes playable! You use Tails in all stages and he helps you with flying anf powerful spindashes. All levels are more orginal than Sonic Episode 1 and the bosses are more challenging. uncurling thing is fixed. So a very simple game. My thoughts on these games? I LOVE them! Especially Sonic 4 Episode 2. When it comes to gameplay for Episode 1: Sonic's gameplay in this game was wonderful. He was really fast and has his spindash. He also had his homing attack from the 3-D games I played. I liked the homing attack because it felt like the chain attack from the 3D games and I liked the sense of speed when I bounced off a chain to get to another side. It added a fun challenge. The spindash was really fast and it was good to roll up those 90 degree slopes. The boosters also added a nice sense of speed. The only thing that annoyed me was that when I would roll up a slope, I would uncurl and bump into a badnik and loose my rings. The stages were awesome as well. For example, Casino Night had you shooting out barrells and walking on playing cards which was cool. It felt like a casino than in Sonic 2 and alot more fun. Lost Labrynth was my favorite stage because of the cart levels (Ipod version of Act 2 was better but) and the walking on ball. It was a run and hard way to get across especially when you had to walk on them without falling. Egg Station was another favorite because you get to fight the bosses from the other levels in this level. Before fighting the final of course! The special stages were very easy and getting Super Sonic was rewarding The bosses in this game I saw when I played the earlier games were almost the game but in this game they were harder to deal with, which added a challenge from the 3-d games. Like when I played Sonic 1, I saw the first boss and was easy to beat. It was the one where Dr Eggman had his wrecking ball machine. In Sonic 4, he actually made it to that it could crush you by flipping the wreaking ball. In Sonic 2, the final boss was the Death Egg. In Sonic 4 they made that boss alot tougher... and really tough! The robot actually trips and you have to move and you can use your homing attack to shoot rockets at it. and Episode 2: Sonic 4 Episode 1 was near perfect gameplay but Episode 2 was perfect. It fixed the problems from the last game such as uncurling and loosing momentum when you spindash. Not only that but the newly added character, Tails was more than a follow me character, you can actually use him to help you through the game. He can pick you up and fly to high places making it easy to avoid water pits and go to tops of loops to get those +1 life boxes. Tails can also combine with your spindash make your spindash stronger breaking through those tough metal walls. Also when you are Super Sonic you can break from it by calling Tails to help you. Speaking of Super Sonic, he was easy to control. Most games have uncontrolable Super Sonic but this game, he was faster but you had more control over the gold hedgehog, which also makes this game perfect in gameplay. Episode 2 wins to me in gameplay. Its the same as the 1st but better. Sonic 4 is my first 2D Sonic game and then Sonic Colors DS Sonic Rush and Sonic 4 Episode 2. Unlike the other 2D games this game they put some passion and thought into a very simple game. So what do you think of this game? Thoughts?
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    Sitronhog's Pencil Land [Artwork]

    Just because I was bored
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    Could I just enter in this guy? Boom, now there's a horrible fan character, who just happened to make it to the drawing board. Eh, on second though, I'll come up with something else.
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    IDW presents: Super Secret Crisis War

    Seems exciting. I'll keep a look out for this in the future! Also, the picture is quite cool.
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    Remember those Hitler parodies of Hitler ranting about current affairs? A few years back, I made some, including a series of videos where the characters of Downfall (where the parodies came from) played Who Wants To Be A Millionaire! Want to see them? Here they are in a playlist! https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLE9594ACFC838825F&feature=mh_lolz
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    This has to be some sort of allegory for the determination of humanity when enough of us are united towards something. Music related.
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    I dunno, I preferred Origins for whatever reason, don't get me wrong, City is a wonderfully crafted game and I know I'm in the pretty vast majority, but yeah.
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    Is this because the internet suddenly got a massive boner for Shrek that just won't go down?
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    Steel Diver: Sub Wars

    Here's the multi-player trailer. Here's the multi-player trailer in all of it's multi-player... player-ness. It's fun, but I'm still a little disappointed that this game doesn't have friends list.
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    I'm wrong then, that was a good bio of him. I take back what I said. I was not sure of most these things. I knew he was a sore loser but not realizing all those things you mention were constant in the games he is in. The more you know. But the rivalry with mario and luigi vs wario and waluigi could be its own series.
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    Lady Soniko

    Kill La Kill

    *SCREEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMS* FUCK YES!!!!!! Satsuki and Senketsu, I'm dying from this turn of events. FUCK RYUKO ALL HAIL MY GIRL SATSUKI Ryuko makes a badass villain though, yes yes yes Satsuki kick her ass!
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    At what point in development did you decide to include multiple playable characters? Or was that the plan from the beginning? What are the biggest challenges that you have faced while developing the game?
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    Is Shrek really relevant enough nowadays to warrant his own theme park? I know it's been 15 years since the first film came out (holy crap I was only 11 back then!) and I know the films are still great fun to watch, especially the sequel, but after Shrek the Third the franchise sort of overstayed its welcome. I think a How to Train Your Dragon theme park would've been a much better choice!
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    Official Sonic 2006 topic

    I didn't forget Secret Rings, I just considered it as a spin-off, but perhaps I wasn't giving it enough credit. I still think the main point stands, though. If Sonic '06 had never existed, any games that responded to it wouldn't have existed in the same way - and it shows, in all the discussions we have about how the perpetuation of Sonic-only gameplay and the underuse of Sonic's friends all have their roots in Sonic '06's reception.
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    This seems like a pretty good time for Nintendo to put Red/Blue up on the 3DS eShop, honestly. (Although the fact that they haven't already suggests to me that GameFreak don't want them there for one reason or another.)
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    We should totally have one last Brawl/MKWii tournament or something before it closes down, maybe just for funsies.
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    Would've been hilarious if he was playable but deep down, I knew he would just be another AT. Mario already has enough reps as it is.
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    Japanese culture is kind of odd. On one hand, in some cases it can seem fairly xenophobic to varying degrees towards the West. But at the same time, there are cases where it absolutely adores Western culture. Why else would they so regularly use English swear words or English words in general? I don't mean transliterating it into Japanese; I mean actually making use of it as is. Hideo Kojima has a great love for Western culture, too. I think the real tension is in business or anything that involves decision making. Someone else making decisions implies they do it better than you; this is an insult to one's pride, technically, since it implies you're not capable of doing it yourself. National pride is a big part of Japanese culture, so I can understand any Japanese company not really liking the idea of being shown the ropes by a foreigner. This sentiment shouldn't be too odd to us Americans in particular - we have no shortage of national pride ourselves. So, to the common Japanese person, the mystique of a Western Sonic could actually do fairly well, in theory. I don't think SEGA Japan would be happy with Sonic Boom arriving there, however - it can be interpreted as Western studios saying they can make the brand better than the ones who invented it to begin with. Never mind the possibility it could indeed do better than SEGA Japan's own efforts. Let's just look at this the simple way. Say you create a product. It doesn't sell well. Then I obtain a license for that product and make a fortune from it. While you get a cut, of course, let's ignore the money; you might feel a slight bit of resentment at your own inability to really market it. This isn't a strange concept; it's actually the basis of the sin of Envy in theology: your desire for someone else's quality leads to resentment.
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    Sixth-Rate Soma

    Official Sonic 2006 topic

    I trust my opponent is mature enough to answer a cordial question without needlessly devolving into dramatics, and I'm trusting that the rest of us will give him some breathing space if he does. You mustn't always expect the worst of people, comrade.
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    The Tails Topic

    Tails the greatest Sonic character ever. Period. He's intelligent He's humble He's loyal He's kind He's fast He's strong He's powerful He's the best flyer He's a technological expert He's the ultimate pilot He's Sonic's best friend What more can I say?
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    The Thread of Glitches and Tricks

    Wanna level up Sonic quickly in Unleashed HD but can't be arsed to play stages over and over to garner EXP from enemies? 1 - Find Wentos in a hub. 2 - See if he's selling Pizza and for 20 Rings. 3 - Buy as many 20 Ring Pizza's as you can 4 - Find him in another hub. 5 - See if he will buy back the Pizza for 100 Rings each. 6 - If he does, sell them back to him for a profit of 80 Rings per Pizza. If he won't buy them back for 100 Rings, simply keep finding him in other hubs until he will buy them back at that price. 7 - Buy loads of Chili Dogs/Dureeks/Hero Sandwiches/Sonic's other favored foods with your many Rings, feed them to him and see that EXP roll in.
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    I think that's exactly what they did, actually. And that sucks. If anything comes out of this, I want to see Sonic Boom become immensely successful, so much that Sonic Team will have to take notes. Looks like SEGA West is pulling the weight again.
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    $100 that its the main universe characters
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    Sonic Boom announced (Wii U/3DS)

    I don't know about you guys, but I'm getting some very distinct Sky Sanctuary vibes from this concept art. Maybe it's just the ruined temple in the sky look, but...well, if they want to draw from Sonic lore...
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    So Amy is a strong, independent woman who-don't-need-no-man now? Guess her days of chasing Sonic around are over.
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    Could someone please explain to me why I did this: Why? And why am I still Laughing?!
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    I had to make a quick correction here, because she had like... 5 of those things sitting there. I mean, fuck, she probably ate all the nachos Spike made too. Also: This is like, the most brilliant thing I've ever seen. I've never considered simply using more food as a napkin.
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    Indigo Rush

    Official Sonic 2006 topic

    I stopped reading there. I'm done. You're delusional. Goodnight everybody, it's been fun. See you tomorrow.
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    The Sonic topic of utter positivity

    I absolutely loved Sonic in Sonic Lost World. I already liked him for what he was and what he did in Unleashed, Secret Rings, Black Knight and Colors, but SLW was the game that definitely made me empathize with the character. I'll not make a recap of the plot (in a nutshell: Sonic commits an idiocy that puts his world and his friends in mortal danger and has to face the consequences) let's just say that our favourite blue hedgehog shown a range of emotions that made him look like a real person like never before. He felt rage, anger, sorrow, grief, horror, sadness, lonelyness (and I admit, without shame, I cried like a fountain after that part) and all of these emotions were well animated on his face. I could post every screenshot of Sonic in SLW, but this and especially this take the cake in my book. I also loved the ending with Sonic taking a deep breath and falling asleep on fresh green grass, surrounded by his three closest friends. It was... cute, can't find other words.
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