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    New Artwork of Dr. Eggman from GameSpot
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    Blue Blood

    Sonic Boom's New Characters designs

    Eggman's design is really bloody awesome. And what's more is that it really, really works. All the main cast and even the various NPCs we've seen so far look kind of rough, which the sports typeand wilder detailing. Eggman on the other hand looks very smart, military and well-kept. It's a great contrast. I genuinely love how well it sets him apart from the good guys. Here's the article from GameSpot, since is hasn't been linked to yet: Heh, appears I was right on the money with what I just said about Eggman's contrasting military look Also, one of the levels is called Tunnel Canyon. I believe this was mentioned in one of the earliest reprts as well, but seems to have gone under the radar.
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    If May isn’t chosen to be the new host I will be very disappointed.
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    Westboro Baptist Church

    This is nothing to celebrate. For most people, it's nothing to feel bad over either. The man's death isn't going to change a single thing. If nothing else his family deserves peace, because they aren't the ones who robbed it from other people. The whole situation's tragic, really. Not the death specifically, but whenever you see a person who's this fucked up, you know it could've all been different. He's ultimately responsible for his own actions and we shouldn't forget that, but hate isn't something you're born with. It's learned, and I think that's equally important to keep in mind. But now I'm just waxing philosophical here, and it's not something I'm particularly good at, so I'm just gonna end this by saying the dude was a tremendous asshole and his death means nothing to me, but I'm sure it does to someone else. The WBC will continue to be fucked beyond belief. These are people who can't be reasoned with; you can't get on a soapbox with fanatics because they're really good at tuning you out.
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    Dr. Mechano

    Westboro Baptist Church

    As a bisexual man, I too am a part of the group Phelps spent his life preaching hatred against, but I wish no ill will on this man. Rather, I'm disheartened by his wasted life, his severed ties with his own family, and the bitterness that he appears to be taking to his grave. Does he deserve my pity? No, but I can't help but feel it anyway. I look at Phelps and I see not a monster, but a tragically misguided man that was taken in by extremism and hatred. I think about what he could have been, and what he tragically wasn't. I am curious about his ex-communication from Westboro though. Could he have had a late-life change of heart that we didn't know about? It's too early to say, I suppose, but the topic does interest me.
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    I am a member of the group he has said so many hateful things against. Yet, as tempting as it is to say this is a good thing... I won't. I hope he goes peacefully, and wish his family well in their time of need. To us, he is the hate-spewing preacher of a vicious hate group... but to them, he's probably just Dad or Grandpa. I will not lie as if I am a saint. I still feel an inclination towards anger and vengeance in my daily life. But in recent years, my development of religiosity on top of it, I've started to feel that these emotions are primal and something to overcome. We should not kill the killer. We should not rape the rapist. We should not wish ill unto others, even if they have done so themselves. Death is a tragic part of reality, just like murder, rape, and all the other forms of suffering and misery on this planet. It is something we should regret, not celebrate or encourage. I do not wish ill on him or anyone who he has been close to. My only wish is that he go peacefully, and hopefully reflect on his life and genuinely lament all the evil he has espoused. I believe God forgives anyone who is sincere about remorse and change. We all make stupid choices... some more serious than others, some more often than others. But none of us are perfect, and I think God's well aware of this. It's probably impossible to be saintly given the limits of reality... but we can make a good effort. Whether he will feel remorse... who knows. If there's a Heaven, I hope one day he will have learned from his errors and found his way in. Nobody deserves eternal separation or punishment, no matter how vile they may have been. I similarly hope that the organization he has formed shall decline as its members one by one realize their mistakes and embrace compassion over cruelty. It is really weird he'd be able to even be removed from his own organization. This is a church, not a North Korea expy where the old regime gets purged by the new. I assume the family are using their legal rights to bar who can and can't see him, rather than church authority.
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    Just to ask, which character are you playing as? (Also, what control scheme are you using?) Generally, I find that Knuckles is the best character to play as when you're not too good with the controls yet, because you can climb/glide around obstacles and precision platforming. Tails is even more maneuverable, but controlling his flight can sometimes be difficult. By the way, I take back anything I've ever said about SRB2's engine sucking. I had no idea this was even possible with the engine:
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    Westboro Baptist Church founder Fred Phelps is on his death bed. From one of his Son Nathan Phelps's Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/NatePhelps/posts/10151924300961765?stream_ref=5 As cold as it sounds, even on the verge of death I feel no sympathy for that cruel mad man.
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    Best example, I think. The ATs lack a lot of detail, like all of Waluigi's fingers being fused together, and his racquet handle being totally square. But what else can you expect? The stages and playable characters are all super detailed and will have a lot of screentime, while the ATs won't show up for long and don't require the detailing beyond what's necessary for their limited appearances. You won't notice the so-called "problems" in game.
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    Have to say that the psuedo-cel shading style is something that suits the series very well. The game itself looks horrendously dumbed down, though.
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    Not saying Burn-bot is specifically derived off of Egg Dragoon, but: In addition to the wide upper frame with some sort of "wing-like" attachments, other more specific details carry over. Saying there's no resemblance is rather disingenuous to the observation.
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    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8ZKpdihzeIo They Bite! They Fight! The Street Sharks JAWSOME
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    Let's not fill this thread with false equivalences by saying everyone is equally guilty of being barbaric. No. I will not be compared morally to a person who- somehow at the very least- beat his children with his fists, simply because I said I don't give a crap about him on a message board due to the fact that he is a child abuser among other things.
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    Westboro Baptist Church

    This seems apt. Nothing to say other than he was a sad old pathetic man who will die in peace yet the funerals his "family" picketed didn't get that peace. The man was a coward I didn't seem him picketing just giving out "the words of God". Same here no sympathy.
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    I was looking all over for this! It's Twitch Plays the Pokemon Anime. Can they make it through an episode?
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    Sonic Robo Blast 2 - v2.1 has been released

    I love me some SRB2 so I can't wait to try this. Also the game handles way better using WASD/mouse controls. It's an FPS engine so it's best played like one.
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    The Last Guardian

    You guys act like the PS3 is dead or something. Persona 4 was a late PS2 title and that didn't stop it from selling well and getting critical acclaim. Persona 5 is a PS3 game too. I'm pretty sure The Last Guardian is staying on PS3. And none of Team ICO's games are that short so.. nothing to worry about.
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    Sonic Boom announced (Wii U/3DS)

    Well it is a co-op game and you can't just dismiss a game because all the characters going fast and it's kind of unfair. Heck, they might only be minor parts of the level. You should be more open to these kind of ideas, I'm pretty sure everyone will play as Sonic and he will be treated with respect in this game since he is the main character after all.
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    Rebecca Sugar, music maker and storyboard artist who helped created I Remember You and Simon and Marcy from Adventure Time, had branched out to create a new cartoon on CN, Steven Universe. I've created this since a preview clip for the show is up on CN's site along with other cartoon shorts (that may or may not be previews to new toons as well): http://www.cartoonnetwork.com/tv_shows/cartoon-network-shorts/video/steven-universe-clip.html Garnet (the girl in the middle of the pic) looks pretty bad@$$ and the clip was pretty funny and the premise seems to be shaping up into something really interesting, promising and good along the way. So anyone excited for this?
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    And a lot of those plots where she changes tend to be in different places. We've had this discussion before - you'll recall me saying that characters are not solely their personality, nor are they their abilities. Things like the events, the settings, situations, background/upbringing, and actions within also play a part in characterization. It's a chemical mix where different things lead to different results, with some being more similar or different depending on what they're thrown into. For example, when she's in unknown or enemy territory, she's cautious and careful or in some cases desperate; she's not like Sonic, she knows she can't just burst through places since she lacks his abilities that would make one cocky like him, but she knows she has to do something for her part to help out or to escape a situation. When she's on her homefront, her attitude changes, because she knows her surroundings; when you have the home advantage you know things better than your enemy, which boosts confidence to varying degrees. And when that home advantage is rendered null and void, such as when Nicole was under control of the Iron Queen, that's when she becomes careful or desperate, because now she's in a vulnerable state that can really cause harm to both herself and other people she desires to protect. Then there's her interactions with other characters, such as Fiona trying to tempt Tails again, showing she doesn't take betrayal lightly (really, who does?). Not really the first time this has happened, having felt emotionally betrayed by Sonic himself at times. I get what your saying that there is some inconsistency with the characters, but you also need to realize that there are a myriad of things at play here than just the select few you're judging the whole things by. However, as I said before, we're in a new direction now. A lot of this is rendered moot thanks to the Genesis Wave changing things. Considering this is Sonic, someone who tends to leap before he looks, I doubt forgetting is a cheap excuse. Again, if there was to be any background checks, the person you should be directing that fault on should be Khan since he was around the Iron Queen long enough to know what she could do. Now Snively? Granted, they should have known better. We already knew he was planning something like always, but even then there's considering the resources that he uses every time he makes a move. Before the Iron Queen came, he had a small group of Dark Legionaires that were on the defensive getting tossed around by an even smaller group of Freedom Fighters and Chaotix, an insane uncle to tend to (rather than a non-existent one not to worry about) and a capital city in total ruins due to the work of a demi-god screwing up most of the technology in the area. This put him a disadvantage that had him call in the Iron Queen to begin with, something no one bar Monkey Khan at the time saw coming until he thundershocked Mina's concert raging about it. I could have sworn they intended Hamlin as the Complainer is Always Wrong from the get go considering how much of a jerkass he is on the council. None the less, being hostile to criticism isn't anything new, particularly when a character believes they're right. We see it in not just Sonic and Sally, but every other character in similar circumstances, such as Tails, Antoine, Geoffery, Khan, Knuckles, and so forth. But I fail to see how this connection, when the going really gets tough, ruins the drama - it looks more like it's adding onto it instead. And when things really hit Sonic where it hurts, he's not always joking around. Most of the time when he treats things like a game, he's usually the one who has the advantage, or is at least on the offense and winning. It's the kind of confidence boost and cockiness we've known him to have when the ball is in his court. But when that advantage is taken from him, we see that he's not treating it as a game as much, such as Eggman annihilating Knothole, Antoine in a coma (where he completely wrecks his wall to show Silver his condition when the latter accuses him as a traitor), or in cases where his friends are in danger such as when Mammoth Mogul held Tails, Mina, and Mighty hostage and was forced to give him a Chaos Emerald or lose them. Or even Endgame, when Sonic was accused of killing Sally and was treated like a criminal for doing so. These are moments among many when the situation is played straight and Sonic isn't joking and playing around anymore. Yeah, it does. One could say it completely neuters the tension that was building. Silliness does not mean harmless. You'd think we'd learn not to judge things by a cover like that. You say that like everyone hates these characters for how they are now. Did you forget that this is post-Genesis Wave? Where everything is mostly different now, up to and including the characters? The point in changing them was because of the legal mess that forced them to change everything connected into a new direction, because the stuff they took out and the plot that they left dangle couldn't be finished. So considering the wide gap they made, and the plans that would have continued up to issue 300, they had to restart things and redefine things for this new world and the characters. While not everyone likes these changes, it has less to do with the characters and more to do with outside circumstances. And do I need to point out how your overgeneralizing again? Yes, Rotor is a tough guy, but he's still a mechanic and he's not as strong as the likes of Bunnie or even Big who freaking tossed a giant Silver Sonic into the air like it wasn't a huge inconvenience. But as I already said, characters are not just their personalities, and the converse is true that characters are not their abilities. Rotor may be more confident than before, but he's still friendly towards people he cares about, and seems to be regaining some of his easy going nature thanks to regaining his memories of the old world. People like the characters for certain aspects, but not everyone is opposed to having these aspects grown out of; in this case people had to deal with it because there are reasons outside the comics that led to it in the first place.
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    The Ukraine Thread

    It's amazingly immature to make fun of someone from behind big brother's legs. But enjoy your assimilation I guess?
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    I wholeheartedly agree. I love orchestral themes. I love orchestral music in general, but the orchestral themes from Sonic tend to be the most bland adventure music ever. In my opinion, anyway. In addition to sounding incredibly derivative, which isn't an inherently bad thing mind you, I feel that a lot of the orchestral themes lack any sort of narrative purpose or resonance with the plot. When you listen to a good deal of Final Fantasy openings, for example, you get the feeling of adventure, but also mystery, emotional drama, etc. With Unleashed and Colors' title screen, the most you get is "grand, epic adventure sounds sort of like Star Wars but not really." You don't get any attachment to the actual plot or the personality of the characters.
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    I would love to see it top Unleashed/Generations in the extras category. Unlocking developer interviews, concept art (a fantastic opportunity to see some of the unused ditched designs we've all been curious about), choosing what music tracks to use in a level, and extra+viewable cutscenes would great. Sonic Boom would certainly outclass those two games for being able to see some unused ideas for this new direction in-game.
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    Legosi (Tani Coyote)

    Westboro Baptist Church

    I believe pretty much every one of his kids has gone down the path of "Jesus Dad, this shit is so stupid," and yet still feels, "But I love you regardless." The same way hearing my grandmother's Biblical literalism makes my brain hurt, but I love her dearly. One can say such views don't hurt people, but I don't think it's as simple as that since it can still test a lot of emotions and exposure to scientific theory. Speaking of which, I don't really see how what he does is any more hateful than the "nonbelievers go to Hell" thing that's implied in a ton of mainstream churches. The Westboro Baptists just aren't as subtle about it. Sure, said churches may say to be kind, but it doesn't hide the fact they still think you ultimately are going to endure eternal pain and suffering because of what you believe (or don't). I'd consider that a pretty cruel, harsh thing to say about people, it's just the WBC don't bother trying to hide it. I mean, I'm gonna be blunt here. Calling me a "fag" seems rather tame in comparison to "You're a good person but you don't believe in X so therefore when you die you're going to be tortured for all eternity." Not saying the WBC are innocent of anything (they most certainly are not), but it sounds to me like they just don't have as much diplomatic tact as larger organizations and thus are a lightning rod. The mainstream churches are often just as full of themselves, but they at least have a nice face on top of it. WBC skipped the makeup.
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    Johnny Boy

    Westboro Baptist Church

    Well it's about damn time. Good riddance Mr. Phelps, may your soul rot in the burning pits of hell. Sorry if that sounded harsh, but I can't feel for the man after all the shit he's done over the years.
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    That was already posted in the New Character Designs thread.
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    Sonic Boom announced (Wii U/3DS)

    Not sure if this has already been posted, but... Not sure if 40's general or equestrian (those boots)....
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    Wow I haven't been on here in a while, anyway I think the way the character's are set up are sorta like Heroes, you have the main character which is Sonic or whoever you have in charge & then the 2nd character (Amy, Knuckles, Tails) that you can switch to depending on certain situations like flying, smashing stuff, climbing, getting to higher ground, etc. I don't think they are forcing characters on you but they are needed to do certain stuff sorta like how in Colors the 1st time you go through a zone you don't have the wisps needed to get to that certain area but you can replay the level with more wisps or in Sonic Boom's case another character at your side you get more replay value. As for Sonic's physics, It sounds like they'll be pretty fun! Running on Water, Homing Attack Action, & Spinning up Ramps sounds nice! I was wondering though, does Sonic get the Boost in this game or might it come as an upgrade cause I kinda miss the boost =/. Also I heard the word's Speed Segments where you basically run through stuff with all 4 of your team present, I got so excited when I heard this because that was my favorite thing about Sonic 06 =D! Another thing I wanted to say was, I want to know more about the 3DS version of Sonic Boom since I don't have a Wii U. I've heard that Sanzaru Games have pretty great rating so I was happy to hear that. Then I heard the 3DS version didn't have all the exact same levels that the Wii U Version had & also a different story line which I'm okay with but I hope that they don't stray to far away from the Wii U version in similarity & that they include some levels that the Wii U version has like that one Sky Sanctuary looking place which looks so beautiful =O. Also is there any information about the hub worlds for the 3DS version? So far I've heard that the hubs include multiple missions, lots of run around space that i'm glad to hear about since I wanted more of that Sonic Unleashed hub vibe.
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    Yoshi's New Island (3DS)

    The backgrounds are actually really nice. They're all similar to that one haunted swamp stage in NSMBU. It looks pretty good in motion, the best bit is actually the background and the stage elements themselves, though. The stuff really does look like a better version of what they were going for in Yoshi's Island. It would have been absolutely gorgeous if Yoshi and all the enemies and such were 2D Sprites pastel style, but I can see why they did models since they "pop" more.
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    I am honestly SUCH a huge fan of this series. I read the manga and watched the entire anime. It shows something different. I loved the concept of gangs, a "headless" rider in the mist of all the chaos. And even people playing in backround who is playing everyone like pawns. Such a great series....
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    Eggman is definitely one of the better looking designs! He looks like an evil general. Dunno why they had to clip his moustache though, as it looks fine in this concept art.
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    Official Anime/Manga Thread

    Well I wouldn't be able to find more than half the shit I like if it weren't for my friends liking them first. Solkia's posts on his tumblr were what got me interested in checking it out.
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    And somewhere, in a far away region, a quiet girl begins to hear the voices being born anew.
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    I'm gonna wait to see the inevitable pirated version that comes. Hell no I'm giving Penders my money.
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    Some new screenshots: Hey diddle diddle answer my riddle. I could swear Commissioner Gordon looks younger than he did in Arkham CIty. Penguin looks creepy. Barbara Gordon/Oracle looks good. Here's a few more really big screenshots:
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    Sonic Boom announced (Wii U/3DS)

    Switching between characters seems to be optional and, like in Sonic 3&K, (and the wisps in Sonic Colors in most cases) can be used to reach paths with secret goodies and/or another way to reach the goal (if this game does have point A to point B structured levels) only accessible using certain characters.
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    Wisps. Good in Colors, not so good in Gens, even worse and downright unnecessary in SLW. Yeah, Wisps can go to hell from here on in. They were good for one game (two if you count Generations) and that's it.
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    Unpopular? Opinion; I hate the bosses in Advance 2. Who thought it was a good idea to have running bosses in this game? I always have the hardest time with trying to hit a boss, while at the same time trying to dodge the attacks. I think it's the 2D playing field - because I'm actually okay with the 3D running bosses in Unleashed as I find them much easier to handle.
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    Kill La Kill

    One of the YouTube comments is saying that when will Ryuuko get her own background light, since she's a Kiryuun. lol
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    Kill La Kill

    Oh and im sure the final fight with Nui will be an embarassing curbstomp
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    This is unpopular? I figured Sonic's playstyle was the favorite of many people.
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    Blue Blood

    Sonic Boom's New Characters designs

    One thing I'm liking about all of these designs is that you really get a strong adventuring vibe from each and every one of the characters. Even the robots look like they're roughing it a bit. It's all very different and not like traditional Sonic at all which can be seen as bad thing, but at the same time I think everything is currently doing a very good job or portraying the same sort of theme. It's a real breath of fresh air.
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    Sonic Boom's New Characters designs

    This image was distorted a bit in photoshop to give a clearer view. Sorry about the empty space dont know how to take the space out.
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    Official Sonic 2006 topic

    Whiny, insulting, and overall terrible.
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    The Amazing Spider Man (Comic Series)

    Superior Spider-an was supposed to be Spider-man that did not have the direction of an Uncle Ben. Slott made it notable that he was supposed to represent the kids who clearly think they are better than everyone and that they are always right. Problem with this concept from the beginning is that there is already a superhero who was that(Alpha) and it failed horribly unlike Superior Spider-man which sold solely because of the controversy of it. The problem is that they made everyone involved in this comic look like a fucking idiot. J. Jonah being cool with Superior before Spock blackmailed him just recycled the recursive loop of regressiveness that the character has been in since his debut for the past 50 years. J. Jonah hated Spider-man because he thought he was a murdering menace and when Spidey kills someone on live television, he applauds him? The fuck? Not only that, Punisher must be pissed because he has pulled that shit for decades and he is treated like anyone who engages in such vigilante behavior would be treated as(a fucking criminal). Spock gets a slap on the wrist simply because "Spidey is having a hard time dealing with the supposed death of Silver Sable?" Is this comic fucking serious? Not to mention just how stupid everyone has been. Mary Jane recognized a Peter Parker imposter in Kraven after he took Peter's body once. She recognized it when the Chameleon tried the same damn thing and he was professional about it. Spock is not even trying to be Peter Parker. It is crazy because all of the sudden, the entire Marvel 616 universe acts like this type of thing has never happened. And don't get me started on the schizophrenic behavior of Spock. He is all over the place with this shit. He is at his best when he is written by Christos Gage as Gage makes no attempt to make him at all sympathetic. Slott keeps bringing up a childhood of Doctor Octopus's that never matched with his character. "Otto was picked on as a child so he hates bullies." So when he attacked that high school that Peter used to teach at after Peter revealed his identity during the Civil War and a kid pleaded with Otto to stop because he should have realized that the Spider-man that he fought for all these years was a child, he did not seem to give a fuck about the fact that he could be seen as bullying Peter Parker or the children at the high school. When Otto led the Sinister Six to rob an invention created by Hank Pym and was confronted by Avengers Academy(a group of tormented super teens), he did not seem to care that about the possibility of killing them for the sake of being inferior in intellect to Hank Pym. Spock has no excuse to be an evil prick. He is just is one. And then there is his love interest Anna Maria who is a little person. People treat his relationship with her as the one positive aspect in his character. I'm thinking, "Holy shit, rape!" Octopus has yet to sleep with her, but the overall tone of the romance is just creepy. Not to mention the reason why Spock is even interested in her is not because he genuinely cares. You see as Slott pointed out. Otto loves women who are beneath him physically from his standpoint as if they cannot begin to challenge him or they should be thankful that he has their attention. It is a sick fucking game. He did this with the much older Aunt May. He did this when he was dating Stunner who used to be an overweight woman. He loves these women because he feels like he can save them or be appreciated simply for being with them or being in their presence. He is white knighting them. And I'm not saying that women only need to be beautiful for this to not happen. I'm saying that they should not be pitied for being who they are and for a love interest to work, they need to be loved for whom they are. And finally, the Superior aspect of this entire run bothered the fuck out of me because it was as if Slott was blaming Peter Parker for not doing things that he should have done but couldn't because writers like him had no fucking clue what to do with him. Spock finds a way to depower an AI full of robots and this is somehow above Peter's intellect? Excuse me, motherfucker, but didn't Peter make a power suit to stop Spock? Didn't Peter make a whole host of gadgets to help him become a better spider-man? Peter Parker was always capable of being a genius...fuck he was one. The only reason why is was not comparable to Reed Richards, Hank Pym, and Tony Stark was because the writers never saw fit to develop him. This little bastard made webshooters along with the web fluid in his basement when he was 15. And the best Otto has ever done was to make mechanical arms(really fucking impressive). It only infuriates me when Spock gets annoyed with Peter when he realizes that Peter doesn't have his doctorate...why the fuck doesn't Peter not have a doctorate? Oh wait, it due to the writers making the decision that Peter had to be the normal guy and retconning or stalling any development that the character could make. You are literally using your own fucking writing fuck ups as a reason to why Spock is better. Not to mention it seems like the world agrees that it is okay for Spock to brainwash super-villains to fight for his side. It is okay for Sock to have surveillance cameras in the form of robot spiders running around the fucking place. It is okay for Spock to buy an entire fucking mechanical robot that looks like some shit straight out of some mecha anime and level an entire city block. It is okay for Spock to have a veritable army of minions that harass people all day. And you wondering if this raised anybody's suspicions? Yeah...the robot did. Slott has officially killed any interest I had in Peter Parker as a character. He will never development. He will never grow up. He will just be Bart Simpson, the fucking superhero. He will forever be tortured because there is nothing that will stay static to the character, He will just remain in this still-life of being happy, being sad, being happy again, etc and why should we bother? Why should relate to this asshole? At least Miles Morales learns. At least I have fun watching him grow up and be a better person. It reminds me of the old days of Spider-man where little shit like talking to your parents meant something. Family meant something in this series. Now it is a clusterfuck of comic book bullshit. God, I hate this series.
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    Just caught up with Cat Fingers, looking forward to tonight's new episode. Man, one thing that really sticks out to me is just how positive this show is. I'm only six episodes in and I already have a real sense of affection and friendship between the main characters. Even the occasional playful barbs never feel over-the-top or mean-spirited (a complaint I have about a lot of Cartoon Network's shows). They've hooked me on the characters already, and I'm so already hoping this gets a second season. It certainly deserves one.
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    Can I mention that there is a POSITIVE FAT GIRL in this cartoon. Took them long enough. Maybe Lumpy Space Princess counts.
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    Y'know, I also really like that this show features a young boy with three strong, positive female role models. You don't see that a lot in children's animation (or much of anything), so I'm definitely impressed with that aspect of the series.
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    Anyone remember some obscure cartoons?

    All this reminds me of another show which really deserves some attention, I like to think of it as Thomas the Tank Engine's younger, but much more mature brother. This is a little show called TUGS: It was a brilliantly written show with some even better music (written by Thomas composers Mike 'O Donnel and Junior Campbell) and even better characters. Every character has their own distinct personality which is likeable in their own respect and recurring villains which are brilliant in their own right too. The style is identical to that seen in Thomas, the use of scaled down models and animatronics. The main difference that separates this series from Thomas is that it has a lot more drama, and IMO a lot more atmosphere. The whole series is on Youtube, go check it out! (The models have also recently been acquired by a new charity who is looking to restore the models for exhibition too)
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    Dr. Mechano

    Westboro Baptist Church

    Is it bad that I find their antics more hilarious than rage-inducing? I mean, I completely disagree with their hateful ideology, but they're like... living stereotypes. They're the kind of people you'd expect to see in an exaggerated parody of homophobic fundamentalists, but the fact these kinds of people are actually real makes me laugh because of how ridiculous the prospect is.
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