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    Westboro Baptist Church

    This is nothing to celebrate. For most people, it's nothing to feel bad over either. The man's death isn't going to change a single thing. If nothing else his family deserves peace, because they aren't the ones who robbed it from other people. The whole situation's tragic, really. Not the death specifically, but whenever you see a person who's this fucked up, you know it could've all been different. He's ultimately responsible for his own actions and we shouldn't forget that, but hate isn't something you're born with. It's learned, and I think that's equally important to keep in mind. But now I'm just waxing philosophical here, and it's not something I'm particularly good at, so I'm just gonna end this by saying the dude was a tremendous asshole and his death means nothing to me, but I'm sure it does to someone else. The WBC will continue to be fucked beyond belief. These are people who can't be reasoned with; you can't get on a soapbox with fanatics because they're really good at tuning you out.
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    Westboro Baptist Church founder Fred Phelps is on his death bed. From one of his Son Nathan Phelps's Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/NatePhelps/posts/10151924300961765?stream_ref=5 As cold as it sounds, even on the verge of death I feel no sympathy for that cruel mad man.
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    Let's not fill this thread with false equivalences by saying everyone is equally guilty of being barbaric. No. I will not be compared morally to a person who- somehow at the very least- beat his children with his fists, simply because I said I don't give a crap about him on a message board due to the fact that he is a child abuser among other things.
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    Westboro Baptist Church

    This seems apt. Nothing to say other than he was a sad old pathetic man who will die in peace yet the funerals his "family" picketed didn't get that peace. The man was a coward I didn't seem him picketing just giving out "the words of God". Same here no sympathy.
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    Sonic Robo Blast 2 - v2.1 has been released

    I love me some SRB2 so I can't wait to try this. Also the game handles way better using WASD/mouse controls. It's an FPS engine so it's best played like one.
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    The Last Guardian

    You guys act like the PS3 is dead or something. Persona 4 was a late PS2 title and that didn't stop it from selling well and getting critical acclaim. Persona 5 is a PS3 game too. I'm pretty sure The Last Guardian is staying on PS3. And none of Team ICO's games are that short so.. nothing to worry about.
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    The Ukraine Thread

    It's amazingly immature to make fun of someone from behind big brother's legs. But enjoy your assimilation I guess?
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    Legosi (Tani Coyote)

    Westboro Baptist Church

    I believe pretty much every one of his kids has gone down the path of "Jesus Dad, this shit is so stupid," and yet still feels, "But I love you regardless." The same way hearing my grandmother's Biblical literalism makes my brain hurt, but I love her dearly. One can say such views don't hurt people, but I don't think it's as simple as that since it can still test a lot of emotions and exposure to scientific theory. Speaking of which, I don't really see how what he does is any more hateful than the "nonbelievers go to Hell" thing that's implied in a ton of mainstream churches. The Westboro Baptists just aren't as subtle about it. Sure, said churches may say to be kind, but it doesn't hide the fact they still think you ultimately are going to endure eternal pain and suffering because of what you believe (or don't). I'd consider that a pretty cruel, harsh thing to say about people, it's just the WBC don't bother trying to hide it. I mean, I'm gonna be blunt here. Calling me a "fag" seems rather tame in comparison to "You're a good person but you don't believe in X so therefore when you die you're going to be tortured for all eternity." Not saying the WBC are innocent of anything (they most certainly are not), but it sounds to me like they just don't have as much diplomatic tact as larger organizations and thus are a lightning rod. The mainstream churches are often just as full of themselves, but they at least have a nice face on top of it. WBC skipped the makeup.
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    I am honestly SUCH a huge fan of this series. I read the manga and watched the entire anime. It shows something different. I loved the concept of gangs, a "headless" rider in the mist of all the chaos. And even people playing in backround who is playing everyone like pawns. Such a great series....
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    Dr. Mechano

    Westboro Baptist Church

    Is it bad that I find their antics more hilarious than rage-inducing? I mean, I completely disagree with their hateful ideology, but they're like... living stereotypes. They're the kind of people you'd expect to see in an exaggerated parody of homophobic fundamentalists, but the fact these kinds of people are actually real makes me laugh because of how ridiculous the prospect is.
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