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    Oh hey, apparently there's been another Sonic pic floating around! If this is legit, then yes, his facial expressions have been changed up from Brawl. His original face in that position was, iirc, eyes closed with gritted teeth.
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    Kill La Kill

    Who's ready for a bit of Trivia: For those who don't get it, the title of the show is effectively a pun. In fact, the entire plot of the show is a fucking pun. Jesus...
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    Westboro Baptist Church

    I think she was saying it's in poor taste to do this on one of his kid's Facebook pages, which I agree with, especially since he still sees him as his father. I'm the same. I've got no sympathy for Fred nor any care for how he goes, but I don't think my personal hate for the man would prompt me to shit on him in the direct presence of his kids. There has to be a line somewhere.
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    So this was briefly brought up in the auctions topic, but since it's also an insight into SA's marketing, figured some of you lot who don't check out that area would find it of interest. Basically, it turns out that back in 1998, Sega had intended, or at least Burger Kings marketing agency had pitched a Sonic Adventure toy line which never made it into production. All the main cast were due to get toys including Gamma, Big and Eggman. Some of the toys looked pretty cool, Eggman came with a mini Sonic figure and Gamma looks great. Though the names of some of the characters are just bizarre. E.g. Walk 'Em Sock 'Em Knuckles? Erm.. don't you mean 'whack 'em?' And we get Amy's toy... Jesus Christ... And then there's this puzzling one... Does that exist anywhere in Sonic Adventure? Full story and images on TSS.
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    Blue Blood

    Sonic Boom's New Characters designs

    Eggman's design is really bloody awesome. And what's more is that it really, really works. All the main cast and even the various NPCs we've seen so far look kind of rough, which the sports typeand wilder detailing. Eggman on the other hand looks very smart, military and well-kept. It's a great contrast. I genuinely love how well it sets him apart from the good guys. Here's the article from GameSpot, since is hasn't been linked to yet: Heh, appears I was right on the money with what I just said about Eggman's contrasting military look Also, one of the levels is called Tunnel Canyon. I believe this was mentioned in one of the earliest reprts as well, but seems to have gone under the radar.
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    Because It's not like we haven't had Nintendo exclusivity for so many years nope it just happened randomly no joke no more exclusive nintendo sonic i highly doubt it'll continue not like Nintendo and SEGA are partners This is the one thing I honestly do NOT understand. People were freaking out over Nintendo getting some exclusive games. Nintendo has ALWAYS been getting exclusive games. This "contract" has been going on for decades. Sonic Adventure 2 Battle, Sonic Adventure DX, Sonic Advance, Sonic Rush, Sonic Colors, Mario & Sonic, Sonic Chronicles, and the list goes on. Sonic has always sold far more on Nintendo platforms and they're usually the cheap platform. Sonic Lost World is the equivalent of Sonic Colors. It's not a "big" game and it's made by the same team. It had a smaller budget and had a smaller team compared to other Sonic titles. Just look at the game, its new "gameplay" and "artstyle" are a way of cheapening the costs of development. Mario & Sonic has always been exclusive for obvious reasons. Sonic Boom is aimed at little kids, who surprisingly enough are affiliated with the audience of Nintendo. And then there's the next "big" Sonic game that's multiplatform just like always. This is nothing new. It's incredibly naive to think that Nintendo won't be securing future exclusives and that the current situation isn't pretty much what we've been having for over a decade. Honestly, if Nintendo had a "MAJOR" title like Sonic Generations that's made universally for all Sonic fans exclusive, then I would start to get a little worried. PS: I am not being paid by Nintendo to write this post.
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    It is when you state it as fact to support your argument time and time again and then change your story when backed into a corner and proved what you said was made up. No, don't even try to change your story again. You used that topic as an example to show Lost World was as glitchy as Sonic 06, when the topic itself proves this is not the case. That's an outright lie and you know it. This is utterly ridiculous as well as a completely weak attempt to forge an argument. "Oh I can't defend this so I'll just compare it to something else and if people don't side with me they must be biased." Sonic 06 is crap, everything about it is crap. That is based on my stance from playing the game and nearly 8 years of people looking at it and examining it. That does not prevent me from also stating that Secret Rings is amazingly average and a bad game due to terrible controls and a step learning curve. But at least it's somewhat playable unlike Sonic 06. That does not prevent me from heavily criticising Lost World due to poor design decisions, confusing artistic direction, step learning curve and being overall a painfully average game. I don't think you understand what programming or programming glitches are anymore. Especially when it comes to comparing one game to another.
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    Westboro Baptist Church

    This is nothing to celebrate. For most people, it's nothing to feel bad over either. The man's death isn't going to change a single thing. If nothing else his family deserves peace, because they aren't the ones who robbed it from other people. The whole situation's tragic, really. Not the death specifically, but whenever you see a person who's this fucked up, you know it could've all been different. He's ultimately responsible for his own actions and we shouldn't forget that, but hate isn't something you're born with. It's learned, and I think that's equally important to keep in mind. But now I'm just waxing philosophical here, and it's not something I'm particularly good at, so I'm just gonna end this by saying the dude was a tremendous asshole and his death means nothing to me, but I'm sure it does to someone else. The WBC will continue to be fucked beyond belief. These are people who can't be reasoned with; you can't get on a soapbox with fanatics because they're really good at tuning you out.
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    Because that's not what people were freaking out about. People were freaking about the extended circle jerk that immediately started happening around here following the exclusivity announcement because the huge success Lost World was obviously going to be should be the first step towards permanent Nintendo exclusivity; and that everyone should be happy with that when it comes to fruition (there was rarely any "if" when people were discussing it) unless they hate Sonic or something. The popular sentiment around here just turned into "Sonic should be a Nintendo franchise now and the sales success of the 3-game agreement will prove it;" and no reason was ever given to justify the argument when the holes were poked in it despite how widely it was held. I distinctly remember discussions that amounted to little more than people asking why a permanent Nintendo partnership should be viewed as a good thing and getting responses that might as well have been "fuck you, that's why" for all the care people put into defending the viewpoint. And Adventure 2 Battle was the only game that we know was a de jure exclusive like Lost World and Boom, by the way.
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    He's a Starfleet officer, clearly. He's even got Shatner's girdle~!
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    Westboro Baptist Church founder Fred Phelps is on his death bed. From one of his Son Nathan Phelps's Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/NatePhelps/posts/10151924300961765?stream_ref=5 As cold as it sounds, even on the verge of death I feel no sympathy for that cruel mad man.
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    Peach looks so happy to be covering roadkill with that parasol of hers.
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    Yoshi's New Island (3DS)

    Naoto Ohshima (creator of Sonic) drew Yoshi to celebrate the game's release! Awesome stuff.
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    House of Cards

    House of Cards is a remake of the 1990 UK version with the same title. The show focuses on a character, Frank Underwood, who has a thirst for power after winning the President his seat and being promised a position that ended up being a lie. Frank is determined to gain the loyalty of others while controlling them to do his bidding, essentially making a House of Cards. The show has been universal appraise for the story and the actors in the show. It is one of the best shows I've seen and if you haven't seen it, you need to. It is a Netflix production with Netflix having seasons 1 and 2 available to stream. Other companies have been getting rights to stream it as from what I've heard, Amazon Streaming has the first season available. The seasons have been coming out yearly on Netflix with Season 1 out Feb. 2013 and Season 2 out Feb, 2014. House of Cards Season 3 will be coming out Feb. 2015. I'm surprised there's no thread yet. I also haven't heard other users discuss this show. It's amazing and people need to watch it.
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    Let's not fill this thread with false equivalences by saying everyone is equally guilty of being barbaric. No. I will not be compared morally to a person who- somehow at the very least- beat his children with his fists, simply because I said I don't give a crap about him on a message board due to the fact that he is a child abuser among other things.
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    Unpopular Opinion: I realized today that I actually don't like the orchestral themes we've gotten for this franchise all that much, from Unleashed onwards. I'm not musically inclined so it's difficult to describe my apathy in concrete terms, but basically when you're used to listening to incidental music from Hans Zimmer, John Powell, John Williams, James Horner, Michael Giacchino, Carlos Siliotto, Alex Wurman, and heck even M83, the orchestral stuff we get in Sonic games is just painfully lacking in terms of standout leitmotifs or soul-stirring compositions. Even when it comes to games only, Koji Kondo's stuff from Galaxy and Skyward Sword, or Grant Kirkhope's music from Viva Pinata, was absolutely gorgeous and heartrending. But Sonic games' orchestral themes do nothing for me; they feel like a series of generically-produced adventure-sounding themes. There's something amateurish and flat about them to the point that I'd rather Sega further outsource the music to better composers, go back to lyrical themes, or go back to jingles.
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    It's not entirely impossible. Louis XIV reigned France as pretty much a tyrant. All he cared about was reckless self-indulgence with his lavish palaces and consolidation of power, and he happily sent his people off to war to die en masse. He bankrupted his nation and abused his people to no end. And yet... the stories about his final years are somewhat interesting. His health rapidly failing and his palaces increasingly empty (rather than being filled with huge parties), he seemed to become cold and reserved. Almost as if he regretted it all. When he died, his wife wasn't even with him and had run off to a monastery. It is said that when his young grandson, who would become Louis XVI, was near him shortly before he died, he told the boy, "Be a good King," one who would not destroy his country with wars and selfish projects. It could be creative liberty... or it could be that someone who spends their whole life indulging in a vice learns to regret it as they grow older. Maybe Fred Phelps has, far too late, realized the monster he's unleashed. It seems that very often, it is our own mortality that seems to instill humility and remorse, far too late to be of any use. He could very well still be the same hate-spewing, bitter person he's been for decades. But at the same time, people can change if they truly want to. We can regret that time we called someone ugly or fat, or having stolen someone's possessions, or having passed that homeless guy without giving him some money. Regret is something every ordinary person can feel, why not someone who's well-known? The prospect of dying alone and unloved in a hole like a filthy animal does a fine job of making one change your perspective, I'd imagine.
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    Westboro Baptist Church

    I don't think Phelps was misguided in the sense that he was totally ignorant. I feel he knew exactly what he was doing the entire time; his whole entire church is a scam to eke money out of civil suits by enraged people. What's an easy way to enrage people? Picket the funerals of gay people and scream they're going to Hell by using the rights given to you by our well-meaning country, of course. Throw on that a dash of extensive child beating, overall cult-rearing, ruination of those he had grudges with, and other psychopathic behaviors, and you have a man who by all accounts is pretty much the definition of evil. I don't feel sorry for him. I feel sorry for the children and gullible people who fell for his disgusting shit and perpetuated his nonsense. I hope they're able to go on without him and better themselves as people. But if there's a positive afterlife, Fred Phelps certainly doesn't deserve to experience it.
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    Sonic '06 broke a lot of things.
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    Westboro Baptist Church

    Do your research, then. This man deserves no sympathy for the things he's done in life.
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    How about we see some actual footage or a screenshot? Or would that reveal how bad the game is a bit too early?
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    Westboro Baptist Church

    This seems apt. Nothing to say other than he was a sad old pathetic man who will die in peace yet the funerals his "family" picketed didn't get that peace. The man was a coward I didn't seem him picketing just giving out "the words of God". Same here no sympathy.
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    I was looking all over for this! It's Twitch Plays the Pokemon Anime. Can they make it through an episode?
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    In all likelihood. For the most part America sticks by its allies, even when it could be advantageous in some way to ditch them. We could probably jettison Israel and Taiwan, for example, to increase our standing with the Arab countries and China, respectively, but we nonetheless remain committed to aligning with them. America has a policy of trying to be friends with pretty much anyone, though, even if those same people absolutely loathe each other. At the end of the day, your word is pretty valuable. If we don't stand by our allies, why would they stand by us? Which they very well have - despite all the poo flinging that tends to erupt in NATO between the US and Europe, we have backed each other when under attack. I think what Patticus stated is the most likely move on the Baltics - outright military invasion can't be done, but Putin can most certainly try to get them to leave NATO's protection.
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    Yoshi's New Island (3DS)

    I'm really not getting most of the hate for this game, to be honest. I'm about 2/3 of the way through, and whilst I can certainly understand and agree with most if not all of the criticisms made against it, I don't think they spoil the game anywhere near as much as a lot of people are saying.
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    Sixth-Rate Soma

    Too old for Sonic?

    Yes, Sonic is for babies. That's why everyone in this forum is actually a two years-old baby. yeah that's right I see through your ruse
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    Sonic Robo Blast 2 - v2.1 has been released

    I love me some SRB2 so I can't wait to try this. Also the game handles way better using WASD/mouse controls. It's an FPS engine so it's best played like one.
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    The Last Guardian

    You guys act like the PS3 is dead or something. Persona 4 was a late PS2 title and that didn't stop it from selling well and getting critical acclaim. Persona 5 is a PS3 game too. I'm pretty sure The Last Guardian is staying on PS3. And none of Team ICO's games are that short so.. nothing to worry about.
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    I'm really really sorry, but I can't help but think that this Eggman actually wears a very tight corsage that hides his fat
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    Sonic Boom announced (Wii U/3DS)

    Eh, look at it this way: us Sonic (the character) fans have essentially been getting our way for close to a decade now. I say it's about time that we give his supporting cast some love again, as well.
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    Sonic Boom announced (Wii U/3DS)

    Well it is a co-op game and you can't just dismiss a game because all the characters going fast and it's kind of unfair. Heck, they might only be minor parts of the level. You should be more open to these kind of ideas, I'm pretty sure everyone will play as Sonic and he will be treated with respect in this game since he is the main character after all.
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    Too old for Sonic?

    This comic comes to mind. Typically, in high school people are still concerned with their reputation and all that, so they tend to avoid being fans of anything that may seem "immature" (Sonic and cartoons in general fall in this category). Not in my case though; I was still a proud, geeky Sonic fan. But yeah, after high school that stigma kind of goes away, for the most part. Not to say that everyone who liked Sonic as a kid will like it again in college, but, you know.
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    And a lot of those plots where she changes tend to be in different places. We've had this discussion before - you'll recall me saying that characters are not solely their personality, nor are they their abilities. Things like the events, the settings, situations, background/upbringing, and actions within also play a part in characterization. It's a chemical mix where different things lead to different results, with some being more similar or different depending on what they're thrown into. For example, when she's in unknown or enemy territory, she's cautious and careful or in some cases desperate; she's not like Sonic, she knows she can't just burst through places since she lacks his abilities that would make one cocky like him, but she knows she has to do something for her part to help out or to escape a situation. When she's on her homefront, her attitude changes, because she knows her surroundings; when you have the home advantage you know things better than your enemy, which boosts confidence to varying degrees. And when that home advantage is rendered null and void, such as when Nicole was under control of the Iron Queen, that's when she becomes careful or desperate, because now she's in a vulnerable state that can really cause harm to both herself and other people she desires to protect. Then there's her interactions with other characters, such as Fiona trying to tempt Tails again, showing she doesn't take betrayal lightly (really, who does?). Not really the first time this has happened, having felt emotionally betrayed by Sonic himself at times. I get what your saying that there is some inconsistency with the characters, but you also need to realize that there are a myriad of things at play here than just the select few you're judging the whole things by. However, as I said before, we're in a new direction now. A lot of this is rendered moot thanks to the Genesis Wave changing things. Considering this is Sonic, someone who tends to leap before he looks, I doubt forgetting is a cheap excuse. Again, if there was to be any background checks, the person you should be directing that fault on should be Khan since he was around the Iron Queen long enough to know what she could do. Now Snively? Granted, they should have known better. We already knew he was planning something like always, but even then there's considering the resources that he uses every time he makes a move. Before the Iron Queen came, he had a small group of Dark Legionaires that were on the defensive getting tossed around by an even smaller group of Freedom Fighters and Chaotix, an insane uncle to tend to (rather than a non-existent one not to worry about) and a capital city in total ruins due to the work of a demi-god screwing up most of the technology in the area. This put him a disadvantage that had him call in the Iron Queen to begin with, something no one bar Monkey Khan at the time saw coming until he thundershocked Mina's concert raging about it. I could have sworn they intended Hamlin as the Complainer is Always Wrong from the get go considering how much of a jerkass he is on the council. None the less, being hostile to criticism isn't anything new, particularly when a character believes they're right. We see it in not just Sonic and Sally, but every other character in similar circumstances, such as Tails, Antoine, Geoffery, Khan, Knuckles, and so forth. But I fail to see how this connection, when the going really gets tough, ruins the drama - it looks more like it's adding onto it instead. And when things really hit Sonic where it hurts, he's not always joking around. Most of the time when he treats things like a game, he's usually the one who has the advantage, or is at least on the offense and winning. It's the kind of confidence boost and cockiness we've known him to have when the ball is in his court. But when that advantage is taken from him, we see that he's not treating it as a game as much, such as Eggman annihilating Knothole, Antoine in a coma (where he completely wrecks his wall to show Silver his condition when the latter accuses him as a traitor), or in cases where his friends are in danger such as when Mammoth Mogul held Tails, Mina, and Mighty hostage and was forced to give him a Chaos Emerald or lose them. Or even Endgame, when Sonic was accused of killing Sally and was treated like a criminal for doing so. These are moments among many when the situation is played straight and Sonic isn't joking and playing around anymore. Yeah, it does. One could say it completely neuters the tension that was building. Silliness does not mean harmless. You'd think we'd learn not to judge things by a cover like that. You say that like everyone hates these characters for how they are now. Did you forget that this is post-Genesis Wave? Where everything is mostly different now, up to and including the characters? The point in changing them was because of the legal mess that forced them to change everything connected into a new direction, because the stuff they took out and the plot that they left dangle couldn't be finished. So considering the wide gap they made, and the plans that would have continued up to issue 300, they had to restart things and redefine things for this new world and the characters. While not everyone likes these changes, it has less to do with the characters and more to do with outside circumstances. And do I need to point out how your overgeneralizing again? Yes, Rotor is a tough guy, but he's still a mechanic and he's not as strong as the likes of Bunnie or even Big who freaking tossed a giant Silver Sonic into the air like it wasn't a huge inconvenience. But as I already said, characters are not just their personalities, and the converse is true that characters are not their abilities. Rotor may be more confident than before, but he's still friendly towards people he cares about, and seems to be regaining some of his easy going nature thanks to regaining his memories of the old world. People like the characters for certain aspects, but not everyone is opposed to having these aspects grown out of; in this case people had to deal with it because there are reasons outside the comics that led to it in the first place.
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    The Ukraine Thread

    It's amazingly immature to make fun of someone from behind big brother's legs. But enjoy your assimilation I guess?
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    I wholeheartedly agree. I love orchestral themes. I love orchestral music in general, but the orchestral themes from Sonic tend to be the most bland adventure music ever. In my opinion, anyway. In addition to sounding incredibly derivative, which isn't an inherently bad thing mind you, I feel that a lot of the orchestral themes lack any sort of narrative purpose or resonance with the plot. When you listen to a good deal of Final Fantasy openings, for example, you get the feeling of adventure, but also mystery, emotional drama, etc. With Unleashed and Colors' title screen, the most you get is "grand, epic adventure sounds sort of like Star Wars but not really." You don't get any attachment to the actual plot or the personality of the characters.
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    Official Anime/Manga Thread

    Heads up: the next Koe no Katchi volume comes out tomorrow. Scanlations will probably be a while. I have it so the site I read it on sends notifications to my email, I'll let you guys know.
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    Completely understandable. Sometimes orchestral themes kind of make a Sonic game lose their identity in the musical department, and I can see why it would make so much of it all blend together and not be recognizable. Granted, I would disagree with you to some level. I'm fine with having orchestral songs as the main theme of a game as long as it fits and tries to be memorable. I don't like Lost World's OST all that much, but Wonder World is one of the few standouts for having a catchy melody, and its bright hearted yet adventurous vibe suits the game's atmosphere perfectly. However, if I got to choose between vocal themes or orchestral themes being the main theme of a game, I would choose vocal in a heart beat. They just do a better job explaining what the tone of the game is, and for better or worse, leave more of a memorable impression on people.
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    deviantART link ‘The Lover’s Spat’ Or, ‘How Mark doesn’t plan ahead/ GODDAMN DRAGON WING OVERLAP’ Because DragonitexCharizard are totally OTP. God damn, this was a bit of a tricky one. I totally didn’t think ahead when drawing this. Having drawn both Charizard and Dragonite separately and then put them together (d’awwww *shot*) afterwards, the issue of their wings/ tails overlapping was a bit of a pain. It was mostly Dragonite that needed modifying, since I anticipated the problem by the time I’d got on to Charizard, so tried to ‘draw him around’ Dragonite, so to speak. If you look for them there are still a few little niggles here and there (mostly regarding the edits I needed to make to Dragonite), but I’m happy enough with it that I don’t really want to spend an extra god knows how long on making everything perfect. Cuter version here. I couldn’t decide which one to make the ‘main’ version, but decided to go with the simpler (and slightly less-shipping ) version. The Japanese text in the one linked above says: (Dragonite): “Hmph” (Charizard): “Ba-bakairyuu…” ...the latter being a completely untranslatable play on the Japanese words for ‘idiot’ (baka) and Dragonite’s Japanese name (Kairyuu).
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    I bring great news my Neptunia fans. 2 new neptunia games were announced, the first one is called. Hyperdimensional Action Neptunia U, yep it's called like that. and yes like the title says it's an action game, yay! the system for it was not announced but, can it be for the WiiU? because it has a U at the end of the title and it's blue. and the second one is called Shin Jigen Game Neptune VII (New Dimensional Game Neptunia VII), was introduced with a video at the end of the panel. The video showed the phrases "The goddess who fell into the dark side, "Gameindustri's change," "series' greatest looming threat," and "violent Gameindustri battle over the dimensions." what do you guys think?
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    I'm really an EDM fan tho I have so much songs on EDM. One of them that I listen to is Porter Robinson's Language.
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    Do you know a correlation I made the other day that blew my mind? Chao and Pokemon. Think about it. You can breed different kinds of Chao to be stronger in different attributes, right? And these attributes reflect how well they'll perform in certain events, namely the Races and Karate matches. Why not implement something like this into whatever Sonic RPG you guys are thinking about? In Chronicles, they just boosted certain attributes or changed battle statuses, right? What if Chao raising was the main attraction? In fact, screw the Sonic RPG idea. Make it all about the Chao. Raise, play with, train and breed your Chao to take on a rival group of Chao or something. Nothing too massive scale, maybe something you can put on a 3DS. Yes, there can be races and karate, but why not add a turn-based combat system as well? How do their stats in flight, swim, speed and power affect those battles? Are there any other stats that can be added? How would you find animals or chaos drives in this game? Minigames? What if you could give your Chao little outfits, some of which may affect their battle stats? What if those jewels they win in the races affected their defense or attack mechanisms? And what if you could trade Chao eggs over the Internet? Make the breeding scene a major player in raising the best Chao possible, though there should probably be limitations to how powerful certain stats can get, similar to Pokemon's IVs. Once you iron out those details, you could have a very replayable Pokemon-like RPG. The setting? Aw yes, you got that right. Make Chao in Space a reality. Make it an RPG where you find rare Chao eggs across different planets, breed them and raise them in their native gardens, perhaps even create new breeds, and bring out the best of them in order to take on your rival Chao armies. CONQUER YOUR ENEMIES, DEFEND THE GALAXY
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    This point being the key words. Of course it won't happen soon, given the whole contract they've surely got. However. If they're changing the game around for a 3DS release, they would logically be able to do the same for PS4 and XBO versions. I see only great things from the designer choices so far, so can imagine SEGA America would get the right people for other ports. Boom is meant to reinvigorate the franchise. I don't think SEGA's staying with Nintendo forever, so it stands to reason that if this does well they're going to eventually want to port it elsewhere. Especially in time for a sequel so as to introduce the non-Nintendo gamers to the brand. It would just be completely bizarre to mark this as a re-invigoration of the brand, and then shut out most of the gaming market. Transformed still gets loads of love and has enormously expanded its reach. I see no reason Boom wouldn't do the same if it sells well (on 3DS, anyway; failure on the Wii U is practically a given).
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    Melee is coming to EVO 2014
  45. 1 point


    sounds like a PS1 game... or Independence day the game
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    Not to criticise you for having a favourite character, but if the only reason you would buy this game is it having Tails in, and the only reason you'd refuse to buy it is his absence... then I think you've missed the point of the game. Let the character selection sway your choices if you like, but I think it's a fighting game first and a character showcase second. If you're a fan of fighting games, I don't see how you can ignore it just for one character, and if you're not interested in fighting games, I don't see why you would buy it just because it has one character you like out of forty or so. One character who is important to his series but not nearly so much as Sonic. Let me put it another way. If, by some improbable chance, it turns out that Tails is playable, I may have to ask you not to get this game - because the game is neither about Tails, nor will it be mostly Tails. There will be an overwhelming amount of non-Tails content relative to what Tails content there is, and if you don't care about the non-Tails content, you're not likely to find the game very enjoyable.
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    no one

    Tarzan - New 3D Animated Film

    While we're on the subject of Tarzan... has anyone ever wondered how Tarzan doesn't grow a beard?
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    Sonic Boom's New Characters designs

    Honestly, in this picture in particular (maybe because there's no one else around to compare his height against), I think he looks really good. His proportions are different from Storm or wereSonic's, but I think it plays to the differences in the characters rather than looking out of place. Storm is sort of squat and tanky-looking; maybe a little fat, maybe just that kind of all-over big that a lot of actual strongmen are. WereSonic's more animalistic, as much a quadruped as a biped, and he's got a sort of Donkey Kong build to match. BoomKnux has a more heroic build, tall with a lot of emphasis on the upper body, more of a Superman sort of look than the other two.
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    Anyone remember some obscure cartoons?

    Robotboy. I loved that cartoon. I'm surprised by how unpopular it is.
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    Westboro Baptist Church

    Her face, she's got that creepy smile thtoughout that entire thing. These people are zeolots of their religion. I started off laughing at her, but I realised how serious that she really is, it's very sickening.
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