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    Fun fact: Sky Sanctuary Zone in Knuckles's story of S&K has the usual time limit of 10 minutes. It also has the very cool tidbit that Angel Island is sinking slowly off the screen throughout the boss fights, and will fall completely offscreen at the 10 minute mark. The falling only stops when you beat the boss and Sonic flies Knuckles back to the island with the Master Emerald in hand, as you've conveniently provided a screenshot of. That the whole island flashes white when the Tornado reaches it and that Knuckles and the Master Emerald stay behind when Sonic flies off are relevant details. Also if you don't get the Chaos Emeralds, and save the Master Emerald, Angel Island falls into the ocean. This provides a demonstration of both a scenario where the Master Emerald is returned, and one where it is not, and the immediate after-effects of both such scenarios. This means that you are wrong. I have zero confidence in you that you will admit that you're wrong, but you still are wrong.
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    Cyrus' Art - Gotta draw. Just draw.

    I fixed her pupils to make her look less freaky. I don't know why I made them so small. This character, Cherry Garcias, was made by my friend and inspiration, David Baron, aka RedBlooper, who obviously inspired me to draw girls so much. You can thank him and hormones for my perviness.
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    Gabz Girl

    Sonic Boom announced (Wii U/3DS)

    This concerns me too. If next year's game is a new All Stars spinoff, then the game released in 2016 has to blow our minds. It's Sonic's 25th and they're obviously not going to do another Anniversary game since we had one only 5 years before. I want it to be something on the scale of Sonic Unleashed without all the dumb gimmicks; great story, great characters, great level design (not too much QTE and boost2win though pls), great music and above all, next gen graphics! I swear if we don't get any of that in Sonic's next gen outing, I'm never trusting Sonic Team again. =P
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    ...Um? This is what others are trying to say and frankly they have an incredibly clear point. Your posts... near to never match up. One minute you're saying Sonic should be on top of the world, the next, sorry to be blunt, but most likely as a safety net, you play innocent. We're not trying to be 'horrible' or anything.
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    Sonic Boom announced (Wii U/3DS)

    When people are reported, know that staff can see the original post. Since you edited it, you probably know what you said wasn't cool, but I'm going to reiterate anyway: do not provoke people by bringing off-site drama here and stirring the flames. It will get you in trouble here as well.
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    So uhh, Penders has gone mad with ego: Pffffft-
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    You said, and I quote: It blatantly states that you think that only Sonic should have his own game, which is, frankly, a ridiculous and fanboyish thing to say. There's nothing inherent about Sonic's more major supporting cast members that prohibits them from carrying a game on their own merits. Okay, let's be fair now: there were a lot more variables at play for why that game was critically panned than that it didn't star Sonic as the lead character. That's all well and good, but that game was pretty much the outlier in regards to the whole "spinoff game disrespecting Sonic" deal. Tails Adventure, Tails Sky Patrol, Knuckles Chaotix and Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine didn't "disrespect" Sonic at all. Heck, in Tails Adventure, he was a somewhat useful item, and in Chaotix, he, in his sole cameo in the game, was even featured in the Best Ending for a job well done for getting all the Chaos Rings and kicking Metal Sonic's butt. This is in stark contrast to, say, SONIC the Hedgehog (Sonic 2006), where Sonic was constantly jobbed (in wrestling terms) left, right, and center and was essentially irrelevant in the grand scheme of things. My point is this: a game centering around a supporting character isn't inherently bound to diss Sonic and everything that's respectable about him. Conversely, as Sonic 2006 has unfortunately shown, a game about Sonic isn't inherently bound to respect him.
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    Sonic Boom announced (Wii U/3DS)

    I'm a big fan of the interaction with the fans these days. It's just a shame Sonic Team themselves have the language barrier between them and fan response.
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    Aaron Webber continues to be glorious.
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    This whole thing is the textbook definition of a trainwreck. It's horrifying and completely awful, but you just can't help but watch. Personally I'm just waiting to see if he actually gets this thing off the ground. The only sad thing is that the whole drama has put me off the Sonic book for a while. I'm sure I'll catch up and get regular...eventually
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    Good Licenced Games

    Pretty much everyone I knew had a copy of this game and just about all of us admitted our favorite thing in the game was just goofing off and exploring the city for hours on end. I used to set myself a challenge where I could only sprint and use the wall jumping abilities to explore and make a kind of parkour game. I still remember how mind blown people were when they found out you could get to the other island by hanging from the helicopters. Pretty great game all round and it tends to be the bar new Spider-man games are expected to reach.
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    SSSSHHHHHHHH, he's sensitive about that!
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    Sonic Boom announced (Wii U/3DS)

    Yeah that's what I was gonna say..Amy gets that as a double jump of her own. Sonic gets the default double jump which is a good thing for an exploration platformer and the rest keep their default abilities... ,,,I wonder if Knux can glide with all that weight../= Classic Sonic: Ha! Who's gained weight now, huh? XD
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    Sonic Boom announced (Wii U/3DS)

    Most likely Amy will have double jump because of her acrobatic skills. Sonic will probably have his homing attack, Tails most likely will be able to fly for a short period of time, and hopefully Knuckles will be able to glide.
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    Metal Gear Solid

    Okay serious post time. Guys, game length is not synonymous with value of the game. It just isn't. If a game had 70+ ours of bullshit and you carried on through it felt nothing for anything, would that mean the game is worth the price(Final Fantasy 13)? No. It just wouldn't. Like I understand what I am implying gives credence that developers give give anything and put a price on it, but I am just stating that game length should not be the measure. Saying a game is too short is ot really a criticism at all even if the game allows you to explore and have fun. If someone like Discoid can play the same game and find through amusement with it for 14 hours out of a game that can be beaten for an hour by someone who is not even trying to explore it, whose validation of experience should lend to the credibility of the game?
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    Official Sonic 2006 topic

    No it wouldn't be, and that's the point. The story is in its entirety unnecessary, because if Mephiles really wanted to urgently fuse with Iblis and destroy time itself, he would have warped straight to Elise, killed her and there you go, job done. If, hypothetically, Mephiles was a real entity would he have bothered recruiting Silver to kill Sonic? No, he'd go straight to Elise, kill the bitch and get Iblis. Moreover, HOW COULD HE KNOW THAT KILLING SONIC WOULD MAKE ELISE CRY? HOW? She didn't cry when her own fucking father died, when she was 7 years old....so how could Mephiles; who didn't even MEET Sonic until he showed up and murdered him in last story, know that Elise and Sonic have over 2 days formed a relationship more powerful than her relationship with her own fucking dad, and that subsequently eliminating Sonic would make a girl who hasn't cried for 10 years, suddenly start weeping like a child? I mean, what if Silver killed Sonic in their first fight? The one in Soleanna square. What then? At that point, Sonic and Elise barely knew each other. Her apparently "profound" relationship with Sonic wouldn't have been developed enough for her to cry yet. If she did, then she would have been written as being too emotional, which means it would have made no sense for her NOT to cry when her father died, or when she fell over and hurt herself, or something (she was only 7 when Iblis was sealed in her). Once again, how could Mephiles have know that Sonic would die, after his relationship with Elise was fully developed? To that end, why didn't he get Silver to kill Elise? Why take a chance and kill Sonic, when there is every possibility that Elise wouldn't cry when it happened. Why not just target her and get it over with. It would have made a whole lot more bloody sense if Elise was the target, and Sonic was protecting her from both Eggman and Silver. It would also have made his death more palatable, as Meph could have aimed for Elise and Sonic dived in the way to take the hit, and die in her place. This whole plot point is so stupid. Elise could have been replaced with the Scepter of Flames instead and it would have made a the whole thing much easier, with less bullshit. It was within Mephiles' power to just kill Elise himself and get the job done. He had no need to hire Silver, other than for the sake of the plot. When a character does something that doesn't make sense for their character, simply for the sake of the plot, its bad writing. Yes he is the reason the Story happens. However, based on what we know of Mephiles' capabilities the story shouldn't have happened. Mephiles could have gotten what he wanted in minutes, hours maybe (as proven by the cutscene in last story). If he had done that, then he could have happily destroyed time and he would have won, without making an enemy of Sonic, Silver and Shadow. Mephiles decided to get them involved because he's a bad villain who did stupid and pointless things for no reason other than because the plot demands he do those things. Bad writing, bad writing everywhere.
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    Sonic Boom announced (Wii U/3DS)

    As much as it's gonna pain me without such a game, I wonder if I'd mind it being that long until another one. If it did, then it'd have to be a big game. No excuses for small / under-developed stories, no excuses for lack of extra content, no excuses for unrefined gameplay. Then again, going until 2015 I should expect the same there too, since four years on a Sonic title is still almost unheard of.
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    Sonic moments that you found haunting?

    Young me: "Oh jeez, a skeleton badnik? Eh, shouldn't be a probl-"
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    Good Licenced Games

    Nah nah nah nah, you can't go 3 pages into a thread like this without mentioning this baby This was a fucking awesome game made by Radical Entertainment back in 2005 for the GCN, XBOX, and PS2. And what exactly did you do in it? "D-d-drink tea and talk about our feelings-" NO! YOU SMASH! SMASH! Boring missions? Well I guess if you wanted to be a pansy you could do them...or you could SMASH! This shit was SMASHING! Let's ignore the (mediocre) story and writing. Let's pretend for a second that you're a 15 foot monster with incredible strength and agility dropped into a city and everything wants to kill you. What the fuck do you do? This https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kAsK1uEhOx0 DID YOU SEE THAT SHIT!? No of course not. If you did actually watch that video, you'd probably be having a seizure right now. You could SMASH people into people, tear stop-signs and streetlights from the ground and whack them while singing "Take me out to the ball-gameeee!" You could fucking stomp on-top of buses and cars and actually SURF on top of them in the streets. SURFING You could rip apart a god-damn ANYTHING and turn it into boxing gloves. Boxing gloves of DESTRUCTION Did I also mention GIANT ROBOTS!? That shoot missiles that you could GRAB and throw back at them! Remember that awesome shit the Hulk did in the Avengers? You know, when he was jumping from building to building doing all that crazy awesome shit like smashing aliens into the sides of buildings? YEAH YOU CAN DO THAT HERE TOO! Wanna grab a person and climb to the top of a building only to throw them across the city and see how far they go? Wanna super-jump into the air and the slam down on the ground creating a massive shockwave? Wanna grab a bus and use it as a shield as you charge right into the military? Wanna throw a pipe-line at a gas station only to walk away slowly while it blows up like in the fucking movies? GO RIGHT AHEAD! Fuck man, I need to replay this game. So. Much. SMASH! Play.This.Game.
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    New Crush 40 EP for 2014!

    It's been a long time since i've posted on here, so please move to the necessary forum if needed. My good friend Angie interviewed Johnny over the last weekend while touring Axel Rudi Pell's new album. Among the delights of the interview, you'll learn his favourite film, his favourite ice cream, but also that Crush 40 have a new EP coming out this year!! Enjoy! PS: There is a little adult humour here, but i'm sure you'll be fine...
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    In regards to the C&D I'm torn. On one hand I can understand Hasbro protecting their content that I would hate to see them lose due to the absolute mess that is the government; but on the other hand this is starting to feel like a common occurrence. It seems like more than half of long term fan projects in this fandom end due to a C&D. It worries me about the future of this fandom and this sort of content. I know events like this can't be helped but I just wish there was some other option instead of ending it outright. Especially with a project that had so much promise like this one. I wish Jan and his team the best of luck in their future endeavors and I hope they continue to add to the fandom in some form (seriously, his animations are amazing!). Now in regards to the episode... It started off as a normal Saturday for me. I got up, took a quick shower, and had my normal cup of tea; Green with a bit of sugar. I hopped into my work clothes quickly after and drove to my job in retail where I sold a couple of games and discussed much about the new infamous to interested customers. At 3, my shift was over so I drove home. I got some lunch and went down stairs to my tv. I accessed my DVR and found it had recorded the most recent episode of MLP for me. I saw it's a Sweetie Belle episode and without any other knowledge I started it up. I'm greeted to some nice sisterly interaction between Rarity and Sweetie Belle and am really enjoying this episode. It had some believable lines, nice animation, but something felt weird. Like this story paralleled an already set plot point. I brushed this off due to the fact that I know what I was thinking couldn't be true because DHX and the writers seem to forget that character even exists most of the time. Ignoring my wishful thinking, I progress into the episode when it shifts to a dream sequence. At this point my suspicions were coming back in full force. I forced them down due to not wanting to be disappointed but then... then... she appeared... Princess Luna... ... Pros: - Woona the Moonbutt Cons: - What the hell took so long DHX?!?! Overall, Luna luna luna luna luna episode luna. 10/10, 5/5, Luna/Luna, would watch again (Luna). Done. Best episode of season 4. Everyone go home. ... Ok, now that I have that out of my system... Here's my... more put together thoughts *switches Luna bias off*: Pros: -... Luna - Again, I can't overstate how much I love the moral of this episode and how it parallels Luna's story. A very nice touch that could of easily been ignored in the writing process. - Wow, Spike is so classy in this. XD - That whole rant Sweetie Belle goes on about the color red was hilarious. - Nice to see Sapphire Shores again. - That dream sequence was amazingly trippy and well done. - Hey, pony Oscars. - I'm with Sweetie Belle and those show tones though. - I love how the rest of the main six weren't overplayed in this one like in previous episodes. - "It's a dolphin. That's my lucky animal! They swim with me in my dreams."... Ok then. Cons: - The way Sweetie Belle acted for about the first half of the episode did kind of seem off to me. I can understand that she was frustrated but even then her actions seemed pretty drastic and also a bit unnecessary. - Man, those little kids were jerks. I mean really, it's like they were all written as Diamond Tiara or something. Side Notes: - So can Luna actually see into the future or was she just dramatically speculating the outcome. Probably the later though. - Serious question; exactly how long does it take to get from Ponyville to Canterlot by train? Because we have that MMMystery episode telling us it's at least a night and this one telling us it's a couple of hours. - So last season we had a Scootaloo episode with Luna, this one was with Sweetie Belle. Does this mean next season we're getting one with Apple Bloom? Yes! *Edit: An extra note I forgot to add earlier* - I did notice Luna's voice change. In fact, I actually do recall mentioning it happening back in Scootaloo's episode. I think it has changed every single time she has appeared so far to be honest. There could be multiple reasons for this though I think the main one being that she's so rarely used that when she does come up the writers/ voice actor forget what/who the character is actually like and start changing things to make her fit into what they believe she is at that given time. That or they go back to see what the character is like and find that there are already multiple ways she's been portrayed so they just try to fix things, only ending up changing her a bit more in the process. Seriously, go back and watch some of her other appearances (should take you all but 4 minutes sadly) and then watch her here just to see the changes. It's a sad problem that can only be fixed with (and this is with my bias opinion aside) using her more but I just don't see that happening. Well anyways, I did like how she was portrayed here so... I guess it's not to big of an issue at the moment. *long note over* Overall, I did quite enjoy this episode. It's a nice little episode that plainly focuses on character building for Sweetie Belle. While it's not quite my favorite of season 4 so far, it is a great watch in my book. ... *causally re-flips switch*
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    Sonic Boom announced (Wii U/3DS)

    Why wouldn't they give us a 25th Anniversary game? We've had anniversary games for every 5 years (3D Blast, Adventure 2, '06, Generations), so why wouldn't we get a new one for the 30th? I agree with everything else you said though. I'd love a game on the scale of Unleashed, as opposed to Colors, Gens, and Lost World. Big story, great gameplay (albeit controversial in Unleashed's case), plenty of stages and post-game content, new and fun/big characters, and hopefully more than one playable character (no new Sonic transformations OR Wisps please, thank you). Amazing music and looks are a given of course, seeing as it's a SEGA/Sonic Team game. Oh, and PC port please, not console exclusive. Generations did it right.
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    I posted this in my status a few days back, but I'll post it here too for anybody who missed it xD
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    I like the way you spell suggest! Anyway I am sorry people giving you a hard time and I know you mean well and you can change and edit the topic change it to "If a Sonic character got their own game, how would Sonic interact with them?" or something like that. Sonic would appreciate you by the way. Please try to relax than okay. Now if we can talk about characters that deserve a chance at getting their own game that be real nice like Silver!
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    How much does anyone want to bet that he's doing everything in his greedy little power to TRY to get characters like the villains Sc'ourge and Robo Ro-bot'nk into his sinking ship of a "project"? Meanwhile, his ALREADY CREATED Robotnik ripoff, Dr. Ian Droid from the Lost Ones and the Sonic/Image crossover, (who was supposed to be the figure who Knuckles faced in Locke's vision) is doing jack shit and is looking like he's doing nothing, like every other one of Kenders' non... Echyd'nya characters like Geoffry, Hershy, the Wolf Pack, Drago, Sleuth Dawgg, etc. At least if he didn't make "The Floating Island" an alien society, he could conceivably use skunks, hegdehogs, chameleons, etc, but now that the main species are aliens, then what the f*** are those others supposed to do? There's no non-bullshit stupid way for those other characters to EXIST in TLSC; which by the way still flies straight into the face of "MY SERIES EMBRACES IT'S HISTORY" crap Ken put out. ...Wait, if those stupid overprices Patches are for the Kingdom of Acorn (which presumably is now run by Alicia & Elias), then what the hell are THEY SUPPOSED TO BE??!! Alien Echyd'nya like the others, Squ'rrls, or what? Has anyone asked the fool?
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    no one


    I've been receiving some... gifts from fellow DA members. These gifts have come almost daily and have really impacted me over my artistic career. To show my appreciation for their generosity, here's a shout out to them peeps. (got in some practice with my tablet too)
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    Metal Gear Solid

    You can beat Super Mario World in 5 minutes. You can beat the MGS2 demo in less than 5 minutes. You can beat any number of games in an extraordinarily short amount of time compared to how long is "intended". Here's a big 'ole list of them. "10 minute completion time" isn't a point in and of itself, because if someone buys a game (that's not "full price", by the way) to beat it as fast as possible so they can bitch about how short it is when they do so, that's... kinda on them. I don't like Prologue games particularly, which is why I didn't buy GT5 Prologue; but if someone buys it and gets however much time they feel justifies their expenditure (and in Kojima games there are always things to do to extend playtime drastically, making the "10 minutes" bit even more misleading), what difference does it make to people who didn't buy it for that same reason? Your attitude probably has something to do with it. The cherry picking probably doesn't help.
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    I don't mind reviewing this comic provided that someone buy it for me or scan the pages and send it to me. I don't want to waste my money on this garbage, but I think it would be an awesome way to lighten up for a few laughs.
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    Season 2 of Space Dandy airs in Japan this July, Baby! Source: AnimeNewsNetwork
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    Oh, so they C&D'd who is most likely the best fan animator we have... ... Let me munch over this for a while... ... EDIT: Oh and I totally forgot about the DST switch, this day keeps getting worse for me. D:
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    If this show wasn't CGI, I'd suggest giving a cape like this to Shadow. It's so stereotypical anti-hero badass, but it'd look cool.
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    That is the greatest article I've ever read about Sonic. The grammar was perfect, they really showed that they know about about the series and it was truly a joy to read. I look forward to more amazing articles from them. I have such amazing sarcasm~
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    I will admit a spinoff for any given character at this current point in time would feel rather sudden. I mean, yeah, we've got Sonic Boom incoming, which will bring back Sonic's closest friends as playable characters, but that's a different universe, and we've gone so long seeing only Sonic in the spot light. Let's say a character were to get a spinoff, (which I don't feel is going to happen for a while). I have a hunch that tells me it would be based on a Sonic Boom universe character depiction. I feel like if it's a success, then Sonic's friends will start to be looked upon in a more positive light. If there's one character that undoubtedly deserves a spinoff above anyone else IMHO, it's Silver the Hedgehog. Lord knows how untapped his gameplay potential is. Yeah, he may not really seem all that relevant anymore, but if Sonic Boom brought him back into the fray at some point and he became incredibly popular, his own title would be perfect. I don't care which version, but you could easily set it far into the future with his own unique world and cast of characters. No need to get Sonic involved at all, I really think a Silver spin off would be the best candidate for a self contained, standalone game. That's assuming Sega would even be willing to invest in that and allow Sonic Team or BRB to go through with it. Yeah, it's honestly unlikely to happen, but I truly think Silver having his own game would have the most potential out of any Sonic character.
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    RIP Fred Phelps (1929-2014)

    And I daresay that no one who is genuinely glad he is gone gives a shit, so you can park the high horse in its stable. We don't need half of the thread preaching at the other half because not everyone is enlightened enough to feel saddened that a complete piece of shit has finally been put in a position where he can no longer infect others with his thinking. And I say this even though the majority of the time I found the increasing public idiocy of the WBC to be entertaining, compared to the outrage most people responded with (and, indeed, the WBC thrived on).
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    Kill La Kill

    The episode was basically what I thought it was going to be, set up for the final battle. That said, it was really awesome set up. And look guys, Sonic & Shadow made a cameo:
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    Sneak Peek at new Tom & Jerry show TV series

    Kidz love the flash animation these days. That's kind of a major problem for me. People mentioned the obvious motion tweens going on. Tom and Jerry was very much an animation-driven show. It had a script, and great comedic timing, sure, but it was funny because they made it look funny. The new show may look alright in still images, but in motion it lacks the personality of the original. There's no weight or impact to the way the characters move. Flash animation isn't always terrible, and I understand that it's cheaper, but it's more suited to shows that aren't all about action or physical comedy.
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    Your Vest Friend

    Sonic Channel

    Flowers and tea, as expected. The first character to not have a clothing addition since the Werehog, funnily enough.
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    Same here! It wasn't amazing, but I really liked the characterization of Sonic, Tails and Dr Eggman. True the Deadly Six were just animu archetypes but they were hella funny and I like their designs! Very unique for Sonic games. Flaws include a lame ending, Knuckles and Amy doing jackshit (though at least Knuckles wasn't the clown), but this was as a whole a lot better than Sonic Colours and especially Sonic Generations' story. I also agree that the Japanese script is boring and sounds very uninteresting. I mean they're really good seiyuu but the script is so bland.
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    Recently bought the Ænima album so... yep
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    I really rushed this in alot of ways due to just being a concept-thingy (right before bed too,) but: Basically, I took two characters that I wasn't doing much with, and put them together. Since the first time I drew the girl with the toaster thing in the earlier pic I thought that she and Chili would make an interesting pair in some kind of hypothetical project. In this scenario they'd be two friends who build things of varying quality. I don't have any "real" plans atm for this concept (I've already got a big backlog of stories already, only recently actually starting one of them,) but if I did do something with this, these two would have a story and universe to exist and play around in that they don't currently have. Wish I had more to post in these recent updates, but I haven't been 'feeling' it as much for the past week or so, probably directly related to my lack of energy, but once I'm back to normal again I'll probably start doing more again as well.
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    Yeah I'm just gonna leave this here before I gather my thoughts
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    Random Mighty Switch Force 2 Sketch: Gave her an extra big hose-thingy. Probably gonna ink and color later but for now I thought this was fine, as I rarely post stuff in the sketch-phase and thought it'd be interesting or something.
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    no one


    Leonardo Dicaprio as a Child.
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    Cyrus' Art - Gotta draw. Just draw.

    Hyped as Hell for
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    Official Sonic 2006 topic

    Whiny, insulting, and overall terrible.
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    Nina Cortex Jovahexeon

    Mario Kart 8 (Wii-U)

    Shame Bowser's car from Super Mario 3D World didn't make it in. That would've been a thing of legends to drive!
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    Wow, has it been 20 years already?! You're making me feel old, Knux! Happy Anniversary, Knuckles! It's a real shame to see how far he has fallen from relevance to the Sonic series. It really hurts me to see Knuckles go from iconic Classic character to the modern-day joke of the series. I admit I didn't like Knuckles at first. When I first saw him back in 1994 at 10 years old in Sonic 3 when he punched Super Sonic, knocked the chaos emeralds away from him and took them with that stupid big grin on his face, I thought Knuckles was a jerk. That's probably why it took me 16 years to finally see him as an echidna as opposed to an enchilada. I admit that I wasn't interested in getting his species right due to lack of interest in the character. Yeah, I wasn't feeling Knuckles at first. Thankfully my opinion of him has changed for the better. I started warming up to Knuckles in Sonic & Knuckles, and I had a blast playing with him with his different skills that he had compared to Sonic such as wall-climbing and gliding. The cartoons helped a bit too. Knuckles was awesome in the OVA, the only character that was tolerable in Sonic Underground, and I actually liked him in Sonic X aside from him being hot-headed. Some 20 years later I can say that my initial negative perception of Knuckles is no longer the case, and in fact, Knuckles is right up here among my favorite Sonic characters now. Of all of the Sonic characters being reduced to chatty cheerleaders, seeing Knuckles among that crowd hurts me the most. Especially when time and time again he is portrayed as incompetent and idiotic, temperamental as well as helpless. Like others said, I miss Knuckles being right along Sonic and Tails as Team Sonic. I may not be all that fond of Sonic Heroes and the Sonic Riders games, but at least those games gave us Sonic, Tails and Knuckles working together as friends and a team: I really miss seeing these 3 working together. I would love to see Team Sonic playable again in the main series games. Oh, and for the record, THIS is the best incarnation of Knuckles (I am really disappointed that no one else got this right at this point): It's the hat. All about the hat. Although I wish Knuckles was a playable character again and not portrayed as an angry idiot, I'm thankful that Knuckles is still around to a degree. He has made appearances in recent Sonic games and is a playable character in the Spinoff games and while this isn't ideal, its better than us having no Knuckles anywhere at all, as this has been the unfortunate fate of some characters in the Sonic series already. Here's to hoping in the years ahead Knuckles will be treated in a decent manner at the very least, if not better.
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    Sonics future

    As others have said, I don't think your worries are warranted involving Sonic as well. Since Sonic '06, Sonic has been the only character that has been playable in the main series games. Even Sonic Generations had 2 Sonics playable! Sonic's friends haven't come close to threatening to take the spotlight from him in recent games and at the rate it's going for their portrayal of being nothing but useless chatty cheerleaders, they won't come close to threatening Sonic's "spotlight" anytime soon. Even if Sonic's friends would be playable, they would enhance the gameplay giving variety to it as opposed to detracting from it and Sonic himself. Sonic can be awesome with his friends playable too. In fact, I think it would make him and the series look better having his friends being awesome too in actually doing things that are worthwhile. As I've said before, SEGA/Sonic Team brought this massive cast on board so the least they should do is use them at least a decent manner. It's really not fair to the fans of the other characters to only have them standing there talking way too much and doing nothing useful. Now as for Sonic the character, I think he is fine. I understand what you are saying about Sonic's portrayal in Shadow the Hedgehog and Sonic '06, but I think his character has ranged from okay to excellent since then. The only exception to that in my opinion was Sonic's portrayal in Sonic Generations, which irritated me to no end with the way that he treated his friends aside from Tails. Sonic's positive qualities including being protective and selfless and his negative qualities like being overconfident and impatient makes him more balanced and realistic, IMO. As long as Sonic continues to be portrayed with both his personality strengths and flaws, and isn't portrayed as bumbling idiot that doesn't seem to care about his friends, I am sure his character will be fine. It won't be perfect, but it will be just fine. Now when it comes to the future of the franchise. I'm not too worried even though I'm not too pleased with the direction that the series is going overall. As I complained in another thread recently, I'm annoyed with the fact that Sonic Team/SEGA seems to be incapable of having a complete, decent story, having minimal effort and dedication involved with the games, not making you feel like you have gotten your money's worth from nearly every Sonic game, and the biggest thing that annoys me is the way Sonic's friends are being used or not used, rather. Overall things aren't by any means perfect with the franchise, but they aren't abysmal either. I look at it this way: if the Sonic franchise can survive the dark days of Shadow and Sonic '06, it seems likely to continue surviving for a while, issues and all. Things within the Sonic franchise are not as bad as they were back then. Despite the franchise's rough patches, it is still standing and has been doing so for over 22 years now. Many other franchises haven't been that fortunate to survive while undergoing difficulties. Despite the blunders and the not so favorable current direction the franchise is going, Sonic I feel still has a lot of appeal, especially with the beautiful level design, outstanding music, and Sonic's awesome and varied personality. I only hope that the issues will be resolved in the near future with Sonic games so we can see this franchise be successful again and stick around for a very long time. The future for Sonic has the potential to be very bright, assuming that SEGA/Sonic Team actually gets it together.
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