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    Zone 11: Sonic-related Plushie I had one when I was 6. But if I show it to you.... promise not to laugh? Okay Don't judge me.
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    Blue Blood

    Sonic Boom announced (Wii U/3DS)

    It shouldn't. A commercial product with a budget simply needs a deadline to make project a success. Working to a deadline absolutely is not synonymous with rushing.
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    Day 11: Sonic Plushies + Wish List I sure do have Sonic plushies! Here is my current collection: Basically my Sonic plushie collection so far is a lot of Sonics and not a lot of everyone else. I definitely need to fix that. This little Sonic is my travel buddy. He is usually clipped onto my suitcase and he comes along with me during my travels. This Sonic plushie is my absolute favorite. I liked it so much that I bought 3 of them! This adorable Classic Sonic plushie is of special significance to me, considering the story of how I got it. As for the plushies that I wish to have, if it is by any means possible now or in the future I would like to have at least one plushie of every character in the current Sonic cast: Because I like each and every one in this cast of characters and I would love to have them all in adorable plushie form. Especially Knuckles. I'm travelling to Atlanta in a few days, and every time I go to the Toys R Us stores down there I tend to find a lot of Sonic-related goodies as their Sonic selection is way better than any of the Toys R Us Stores here in Virginia. So I hope to "hit the jackpot" and find more awesome and cute plushies to add to my collection in the next week.
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    Question #11: Do you have any plushies/figures of any Sonic characters, and/or are there any Sonic characters that you'd LIKE to have a plushie/figure of? 48 Hours ago my answer would be... I'd like a Metal Sonic Plush.... Today my answer is.... Yup. He turned up the other day. Finally own a Metal Sonic plush, didn't think I'd see the day that there would be a new one, it's been so long. And amazingly, despite him being a Jazwares one, he's really good. In fact, just done a video and a review of him on TSS if anyone is interested. Other noticeable ones include the following... AOSTH Dr Robotnik. One of my favourite plushies, it's from Sega World Sydney, not amazingly rare, but definitely one of my favourites. Just look at him, he looks as goofy as he did in the show, and yes it is possible for him to stand on his own accord if you try. Also a little known fact is that this particular plushy took control of a Victorian steam train at the National Railway Museum in York... don't believe me? Here's a picture of him doing it! He also held several SSMB and Emerald Coast members hostage. <--- NOT A JOKE! This actually happened! Dracula Sonic Ever wondered what Sonic would look like if he were Dracula? Oh my! Yes it's official, no it's not my photo, love this one, really odd plush, quite lucky to have him. The next plush... is.. arguably my favourite plush.... ever... and it's not even a Sonic character... it's my favourite for the concept, the size of the plush, the quality of it, and the fact it's just... amazing in every way... Hello Kitty Sonic It can stand on it's own... it is huge, bigger than the Sonic Generations collectors edition. It's probably my favourite plush. Video of it here if you don't believe the size of this thing. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K6vVu-l_-YY There are a few other plushies and figures that I own... but you see... the thing with my plushies... they tend to have a few parties and get upto mischief when I'm not around... As for figures... yeah I have a few but... there is one that stands out... just because... "A man who doesn't spend time with his family can never be a real man" --Vito Corleone "It's not nice to tease MY friends..." -- Big the Cat
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    Question #11: Do you have any plushies/figures of any Sonic characters, and/or are there any Sonic characters that you'd LIKE to have a plushie/figure of? I have a few... Ancient shot, but most of my stuff is packed away now and it's the only photo I've got that features a lot of my plushies. For sentimental reasons, my favourite plush is the Sonic with the red baseball cap on the top shelf. Got him along with my Mega Drive when I was a kid and I used to take him everywhere with me, and he's still my favourite even though he is a little worse for wear now. Just in terms of plushies I love, the AoStH Robotnik is my favourite because he's amazing. And hilarious. Plushies I want... I think I'd like the STF Metal Sonic most of all.
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    Even with a computer generated voice, Samus has more emotion in her speech than in Other M! :V This looks wonderfully ridiculous. I must have it.
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    Because not everyone has a PC which can run Generations at decent settings? And not everyone has a controller that will be compatible with Generations on the PC even if they do.
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    ARTWORK: Gregzilla's Art Topic of Art

    Sketched this in school.
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    Sakurai you said Alfonso would only conduct the train if Toon Link was battling. :V Holy shit do you see how far Samus's grapple goes? Sonic's looking pretty good in the 3DS version. We hadn't seen pics of him in 3DS for a while, so it's good to know. But his expressions here don't come close to how he's looking in the Wii U. I'd say he's second to DDD when it comes to expressions in Smash now. He looks a hell of a lot better than in Brawl, and he's got some nice-looking pained expressions and snarls to go with his smirks. "He's got an attitude" alright.
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    So it appears Tomodachi Life is based more on reality than we first realised: The Regginator and the Virtual Boy in the same picture... I don't know who to bow down to first!
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    I really want a Big plush, but preferably not the ones that look like... what we have. I think the majority of Sonic plushies are pretty funky-looking. Rather, I want a Big plushie that looks just like this one: In fact, I need to buy a Totoro plush. brb
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    Oh goodie, I have been missing these questions in the topic and now I finally have every opportunity to brag about my Eggman plushie. Just look at him. JUST. LOOK AT THAT CUTE LITTLE SHIT. SO EVIL AND FLUFFY. LIKE A COTTON BOMB POISED TO NUKE A TOWN WITH OVERLORD SNUGGLES. I forgot which member on the SSMB dressed their Sonic plushie up in a Santa outfit ( think it may have been IndigoRush,) but I blame them for making me realize that I can do it too to my plushes. And before you ask, Waluigi is an honorary Sonic character in this topic. I said so. Stop it. I know my facts. But liking my Eggmen plushies? Why, whatever gave you that idea? I would love to see a Nega plushie, or a huge oversized Eggman plushie that looks decent like the SEGA ones. Why? Because plush evil scientist, that's why.
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    Do I own Sonic plushies/Figures? Heh! Do I ever! As a matter of fact, Sonic plushies and figures are actually my favorite type of Sonic merchandise to collect as a Sonic collector and I have a sizable collection of figures as well as a good few plushies. This is my complete set of SEGA Prize Europe plushies. I have a big fond spot for these in particular because I've wanted them from the time they were first released, they're high-quality and because I've always wanted to have a full set of a particular line, that's been a small aim of mine as a collector; I have other plushies than that line. The plushies above except for Shadow are included because I didn't own him at the time of this photo; Here's a not up to date photo of my figures. Missing from this particular assemble is my SatBK Lancelot figure, Team Chaotix figures, unposable 6 Modern figures...which are photo'd below this photo; As for my favorite plush? Well San-Ei Sonic (Back far left of plushie photo) is one of my most treasured Sonic possessions because he was a gift from a good friend of mine some years back. He was also my first Sonic plush and he's been to a fair few SoS'. SEGA Prize Europe Sonic is highly treasured because of his sheer cuteness. My favorite figure in my collection is Nendoroid Sonic because again, he's adorable, is legitimate and is such fun with all of his accessories; As for a plush/figure I have my eye on? GE Entertainment's Werehog plushie is what I'd like to own one day because I love Werehog's; And I'd love to own the 20th anniversary statue on the metal base that, to my knowledge, was only winnable in Joypolis crane machines;
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    ~SSMB Has Cleared Design Diplomacy Act 10!~ See... they're here... Question #11: Do you have any plushies/figures of any Sonic characters, and/or are there any Sonic characters that you'd LIKE to have a plushie/figure of? Such an adorable little mass murderer. (I know someone who has a good number of them. Hohohoho.) Due to the majority of Sonic characters looking like Mickey Mouse's family tree bitten by radioactive nineties, this makes them easy pickings for the plushie treatment. Whether it be Sonic and his Nike grin, Blaze and her passionate nervousness, or Shadow and his karate lessons, there's a plushie for everyone. Even Metal Sonic has gotten in on the action, despite him having the perpetual stare of a botox disaster. But what about you? Do you have one of Knuckles? Do you have one of Rouge? What plushies - or figures - do you have that manifest themselves as Sonic characters? And in addition to that, are there any characters who you do not have a plushie or figure of, but would like to get one? Note: If you find yourself unable to answer this question due to not having or wanting any plushies/figures, you're free to talk about some other Sonic-related thing that you would like to have instead, game or otherwise. Crusher's Thoughts: As of now, I only have one. ...Well, maybe more than one, but according to my calculations, the one on the left isn't actually a Sonic character. Shame, I was completely convinced that she was. So with that out of the way, you may now post awaaaaaayyyy!~
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    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5lQIoUK4SLI Official Website: http://www.nintendo.co.uk/Games/Nintendo-3DS/Tomodachi-Life-871968.html Nintendo has just announced that 3DS title Tomodachi Life will be getting a European and North American release on 6th June 2014 by means a very special and very obscure mini Nintendo Direct. Warning! Contains Shigsy x Peach shipping, and everyone wants a piece of Zero Suit Samus. The game itself is a lifestyle simulator in which you can basically create anyone and make them do anything. The characters you create move in together and live together, with hilarious consequences that you get to laugh at as they pan out. This looks genuinely funny and definitely not just Animal Crossing with Miis. The Direct alone is enough to convince me that it's worth keeping an eye on, at the very least! Plus, with a Tomodachi Life stage already confirmed to be in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS, it only makes sense that we see the game get a release beforehand to familiarise ourselves with the source material. What do you make of how the game looks? Even if you're not interested, what did you think of the Direct? I think there's something we can all agree on from the video though... ALL HAIL THE VIRTUAL BOY!
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    This actually made me throw up in my mouth a little. SUMO only did that because SEGA told them to. Stop pinning the blame on SUMO when they've done nothing but put love and fanservice into their games.
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    I'd actually say NSMBU plays better in single player. Too much frantic chaos when you throw in other people - yeah, it's good for a laugh, but in terms of actually making progress, 2D platformers like that are best played solo. And while NSMBU isn't the most amazing game in the world, it's a pretty solid 2D Mario, you could definitely do worse. NintendoLand... yeah, you'd probably need more people to get the most out of that. Really? I personally think the GamePad is surprisingly comfy and one of the nicest controllers I've ever played on. I like to think of it as just being like a big GBA, and I've had no qualms with it so far. The Pro controller is pretty nifty though once you adjust to the fact that the right analogue stick is above the buttons rather than below, like on a 360 controller. Has an insanely good battery life too - way better than the GamePad's itself, so if you're planning on any long hardcore gaming sessions, Pro controller is definitely the way to go. Unfortunately not, you have to boot up Miiverse every time you want to use it. It's a bit of a pain, yeah, but hopefully something they'll work on in due course, like they've been doing with the load times. Nintendo are still fairly new to the whole online thing so for them to have even implemented this kind of social media for their games is pretty impressive - baby steps, after all!
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    Lady Soniko

    Rio 2

    Just another example of a movie that never needed a sequel imo, I didn't care much for the original Rio either.
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    Except Unleashed and SLW are worth defending. Lost World has good ideas to be salvaged, and Unleashed is a solid title. I'm a little shocked that you'd compare them '06; a game which, barring techincal issues like glitches, is still terrible in both concept and execution.
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    Aside from the odd man out that show up from time to time. Nobody here defends 06 as an objectively good game. Nobody. Even the people who personally liked/enjoyed the game outright or liked some aspect of the game. Same goes for divisive games like Unleashed and SLW, though more people are willing to state their personal preference/enjoyment for (aspects of) those games.
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    A real GOOD thing they have a For Fun mode, cause I don't want to be anywhere near Tournament crazed folks unless I feel like it on occasion.
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    Rio 2

    I'm very lenient on the Rio franchise because Carlos Saldanha did a fan-fucking-tasting job nailing down the look and feel of the area the franchise is set in. It's very obvious from both the interviews and the sheer effort going into the aesthetics- the musical numbers, the art direction, the focus on Carnival, the fact that characters actually spoke Portuguese at points, the use of other cultural signifiers to point out things like child poverty, soccer culture, and the exotic animal trade that have an effect on the local culture- that this is ultimately a love letter to Saldanha's native area. It is refreshingly Lion King-esque in the way it completely embraces the country it wishes to celebrate. And frankly, I don't see anything wrong with that. We can have simple child-friendly films without demonizing them as some fucking scourge on animation. Small films have a place. The biggest problem with Ice Age at this point- or at least the one I feel that people miss- is that it completely distances itself from its more poignant and sentimental roots. The original was a great film in terms of characterization and storytelling- one that was much more adult. But if we were to assume it didn't exist, the rest of the film franchise would more or less be fine on its own. Rio thus far hasn't demanded audiences to accept a completely different package than what it has established thus far, so it shouldn't necessarily be lumped in as a symptom of the problem with Ice Age. It is what it is, and it does its job well. I know I'd personally enjoy seeing the sequel in theaters because, again, it's just a bouncy, upbeat, and heartfelt take on Brazil through the life of some cute birds. For God's sake, some colorful optimism can't hurt every once in awhile.
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    We all have that one movie we love that nobody else seems to have seen, I mean, be it because it's been lost to the mists of time, or that it was marketed horribly, a lot of great movies slip through the gaps. This thread exists to correct that, this is a thread where we can bring up and discuss movies that others may have not heard of, suggest and recommend them. Really, the main goal is to expand horizons, make you watch something you may have not watched otherwise. I'm gonna open this with a little known comedy film from the 80's, this film is called UHF. Indeed, the movie does star "Weird Al" Yankovic, the famous parodist, and he also wrote the film. The basic premise is this - Al plays a character called George, a lazy day dreamer who stumbles into a job managing a low-budget television station, and, rather surprisingly, find success in his bizarre programming choices. This causes a major station to gain an intense dislike for this competitive upstart, leading them to plot his, and the station's, downfall. The film also contains various cutaway scenes, showcasing the programs shown on the channel and George's dreams. This gives us such bizarre hilarity as this advert for "SPATULA CITY", http://youtu.be/2XbCWmY0eqY This film wasn't exactly well received at the time, and I have no idea why. It has a hilarious vibe to it, and you can really feel Al's writing come through with the various parodies of popular movies at the time, such as a rescue sequence, seen in George's eyes as a Rambo style rescue. A cult classic that'd I'd heartly recommend you watch. So, let the obscure movie sharing...BEGIN!
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    I lost it when I heard "ALL HAIL THE VIRTUAL BOY!" And this. What the hell. http://www.reddit.com/r/allhailthevirtualboy/ Founded this on reddit In a good way, right?
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    Yeah, the Gamepad can be a bit to get used to, but I'm almost certain that picking Lost World really just left you with a bad first impression. I'm pretty used to the Gamepad myself and it doesn't seem all that big. Honestly, if there was no screen, it'd be around the same size as a Dreamcast controller, probably. If you had the chance to play more games then you'd probably find some good in it, so I'd suggest borrowing some games or playing some demos in the meantime before going out of your way to buy a Pro Controller. Those things are quite hefty in price, but then again so are PS4 and Xbone controllers. And yeah, the UI is limited. Why do you think I was saying doing some tweaks and refinements would be good for them?
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    Wii U version releasing in Fall 2014 As long as they stick to their word on this one, that's actually not a bad time for it to come out. Summer on Wii U will be dominated by Mario Kart 8 but then there's (for now at least) a big empty gap in the Autumn where Watch Dogs slots in nicely, before Smash Bros comes along in Winter at the end of the year to cover the Christmas period. Of course, this is all assuming Nintendo doesn't have some other huge games planned for the second half of the year, but it's just good to see that Ubisoft hasn't abandoned the console completely.
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    Plushies? No, I don't own any plushies, but I am a big figure collector. Not a big Sonic collector, as I mostly buy Transformers, Marvel Legends, DC Universe Classics and some miscellaneous lines. Regardless, Sonic merchandise has found a way into my collection, even if it's a minor one. I own only four figures: Resaurus E-102 Gamma, Jazwares Eggman and two Jazwares Egg Fighters. WALL-E was apparently brainwashed by Eggman. It's not much, and while that's in part because Sonic toys don't interest me nearly as much as the other brands I've mentioned, it's also because Sonic doesn't have a whole lot of stellar figures. Resaurus, Toy Island, Jazwares... they've made admirable efforts, but their work doesn't really compare to the work of companies like Hasbro or even Mattel. I choose to only buy Eggman and Gamma because they're the best ones they have made. The former was the Jazwares figure with the least visible joints and better stability; the sculpt is also good and very accurate to the game design (his two Egg Fighters are nice too). The latter is one I treasure deeply because of its rarity, and because it's an excellent sculpt - unlike his wide-eyed comrades in the Resaurus line, he looks dead on to his look in Adventure and fits well in my shelf. Woah guys, I swear I didn't mean to crash my Eggmobile into the Batcave... While I have very few Sonic-related products, I love the ones I do. It would be a sin for me to not have a good Eggman to command all the robots in my collection, and he and Gamma are both very genuine figures.
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    We got a new Guardians Of The Galaxy trailer with an extended version of the "I'm the Star-Lord" scene. http://youtu.be/OAcNoppMuUM It's good to see more of Star-Lord's helmet, because that helmet is seriously one of the coolest ones in the universe.
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    I don't have any plush toys handy, but Indigo's post reminded me that I found some old ones a few years ago... ... and photographed them. As you can see, there's the original Sonic plush that was all the rage back in the '90s. Back then, my dad made him shorts out of some of my boxers (since they were too small for me and were going to waste otherwise). Knuckles was also the result of my dad's sowing skillz, responding to the lack of echidna merchandise outside of Japan at the time. Funnily enough, he ended up looking a bit like his Sonic R model would later. There was a Tails in the house, but that was my sister's. Oh and if you're wondering what the mutilated bear was once upon a time; it was Winnie the Pooh. A lot of the damage was done by the time I was 3. XD
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    PRESIDENT CROW will be a guest commentator. But it will have to wait until I get a new mic/headset/whatever.
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    GAAAAAAAAASP I ACTUALLY FINISHED SOMETHING!?!??!?! Yeah I did this because of boredom. Felt like drawing a Sonic character, result was this. Overall I think it's... okay. There's a few weird proportions that bother me, though.
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    Day 11: Favorite plush you wish you had Alright, call me simple... But GOSH DARN GEEZ if that's not the cutest little fella there ever was. Just wook at how fat and wittle he is [squees internally]
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    Actually turns out Doki Doki Panic was a reskin of a proposed sequel to Mario (they were gonna change everything up like they did with Adventure of Link - remember there was no set way to do a Mario game at this point). So my one is totally the real Mario 2 after all. Reskin nothing. >8U
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    The Disney Dork

    Rio 2

    The sad thing is, this will still make a ton of money due to all the little kids that don't know any better And I agree with some of you that the animation is really nice, but who cares? You can have the greatest, most groundbreaking animation, but with stale, stereotypical characters that serve no other purpose than to tell lame jokes and a bland, predictable plot...the movie will still suck. The first Rio I saw once, it wasn't horribly bad or anything, but I never thought about it again until now since it was just so "eh". It did not need a sequel...
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    Rio 2

    Not interested in seeing this at all. Even if I liked the first film to an extent despite the plot being generic as hell, I just don't think it needed a sequel at all. I'm not the biggest fan of Blue Sky Studios, their output has been consistently mediocre, the only films by them that I consider to be rather good are Ice Age and Horton Hears a Who. And knowing Blue Sky's practices, they'll probably go on to milk the hell out of this like they did Ice Age. Just look at the trailer: all-star voice cast, slapstick humor galore and sub par jokes, the standard moneygrabbing formula for animated films to get people's asses in theater seats.
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    OVA Sonic is the best Sonic, bar none. I adore the modern design of Sonic to pieces and also love the original artworks of classic Sonic (the original Oshima look, the pudgy look, the Watanabe drawings and the SCD style), but this one just takes the cake. He keeps all of the cuter elements and simplicity of the classic Sonic design, as well as his emotional range, but does it with proportions similar to modern Sonic. The way they drew his head and body is just so smoothly drawn and appealing, and you gotta love the way his spikes twist to what looks best at each camera angle (without looking dumb like Sonic X did). Heck, his spikes even stiffen and his ears twitch just like a real hedgehog! This Sonic is full of fun quirks. Plus, the OVA Sonic embodied that ooze of "attitude" while also showing his more nicer and sentimental side. His body language, animations and dialogue just told you naturally that he's just a super chill dude who's got a bit of a feisty temper and a bombastic way of presenting himself when in action, but on the inside he's a big goofy dork that cares a whoole lot for both his friends and what he believes in. It's one of the most genuinely good takes on Sonic the series has ever had, so he gets massive points not just for his design but his portrayal. Also, since Tails, Knuckles and Eggman are all some of my favorite characters too, can I please point out how great they look in this as well? Double points to my man Knuckles. Not one time since has he looked as fresh as he does here.
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    The multiple characters is never the issue, it's their choice of making these abrupt gameplay shifts for the characters that clash with Sonic's gameplay; Sonic Adventure, Sonic Adventure 2, Sonic 06, Sonic Unleashed. If they just made the characters just play similar to Sonic in terms of speed, but also having their own movesets and abilities to make them unique. That's really about it. I think the critics are just gonna bash and complain no matter what they do. It's inevitable since the critics will always have a hard-on for bashing the franchise. They still act like he's never left the Dark Age at all.
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    To those who have suggested a SSMB edition of Tomodachi Life... we could actually make it happen! If, closer to the game's release, everyone wanting to be a part of the fun shares the QR codes for their respective Mii characters, we can all then download those into our Mii Makers and transfer them into the game when it arrives. And then voila! Tomodachi Life: Starring SSMB! Just an idea, anyway. There's lots of potential for hilarity!
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    Saw this the other day, I figured you guy would get a kick out of it.
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    Pic of the day is back up again today! Also something totally mindblowing:
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    I see a new meme has started:
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    Ohh man, I've been waiting for a topic like this. I have quite a bit of films that little people in general know of, and this might be my time to talk about them. But first, let me begin with this little hidden gem here: \ Of all the anime films I've come to watch, this one only gets some sort of acknowledgement on very, very sparse occasions. But I'm here to say that this film is fan-fuckin'-tastic, and I'm here to tell you why! As you can probably see above, the film's name is Metropolis (or Metoroporisu in Japanese), based off the manga by the renowned artist and animator Osamu Tezuka, of Astro Boy fame particularly. It also takes inspiration from the 1927 silent German film by Fritz Lang, who if you're a film buff, have heard of at least once. But enough with the rambling, let's get on with this film. So yeah, Metropolis, this movie rocks. I already told you that, but it's now time for me to say why... whatever, I know I'm reiterating what I just said, here we go. First off, lemme talk about the animation. It's a mix of both traditional-hand drawn animation with some CGI environments, backgrounds and objects. Considering this came out in 2001, the results can look a bit conspicious at times, but for the most part it's unadulterated eye candy, and the painted backgrounds are still just as stunningly gorgeous as ever. The hand-drawn animation is also very smooth and fluid for the most part, and is at a higher frame rate for the most part compared to most anime films. It successfully brings Osamu Tezuka's art style to vivid life, and it looks appealing despite it's cartoony aesthetic and it oddly fits in a serious film like this. The film's sense of scope makes it feel like you're watching this huge, sprawling story unfold. Seriously, some of the shots in this film are huge, particularly in the third act and climax. With the story mentioned, the basic thing is that there's this boy named Kenichi and his uncle Shinsaku Ban and they find a female humanoid robot named Tima. The rulers of the city want to use Tima to activate a superweapon in a giant skyscraper in the middle of Metropolis called the Ziggurat in order to extend mankind's power across the planet, and it all goes on from there. A sizable amount of people have criticized the story as pretentious and a complete mess, and while I will agree that some parts of the story were there just as filler, it's one of those movies where you have to pay really close attention to the plot to understand everything that's going on, something akin to Cloud Atlas (well this film has nothing like a structure close to that film, but y'know what I'm getting at.) The film has a quite serious story for the most part, it delves into politics, the ethos regarding the line between humanity and technology, and protecting what you believe in. It does have it's more humorous moments to settle the mood, but it's still really dark and at times very violent. Some scenes near the end will particularly stay with you, they sure did with me. One more thing, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Vhc2qg99o0the music, it kicks all sorts of ass. It's jazzalicious and has this perfect mix of orchestra, piano, and some Sonic CD-ish cues here and there. You never thought jazz music would fit like something like a sci-fi anime film, but god does it accentuate the film's setting and mood so well. I've had the soundtrack since I've seen the film, and I listen to it at least once a day. And the ending song is so damn angelic, Minako Obata's voice is heavenly in that song, might even make your eyes a bit teary if you know the context... if you've seen the film and all. Seriously, give this a listen, it's a great song. by Ray Charles also plays during the climax (not spoiling anything for those that haven't seen it), and it makes all the more a tearjerker and more poignant and effective of a scene, one of the most well executed climaxes in any film as far as I'm concerned. Unfortunately, this film didn't do very well at the box office in Japan (or here in America, either, as most anime films here don't tend to do well here) due to a rather sizable budget to make back by Japanese standards, which is why it's slipped into obscurity among most save for anime & animation buffs/Osamu Tezuka fans. I'd highly recommend this to anybody really, it has beautiful visuals and great animation, an involving (though admittedly what could've been less padded at times) story with very thoughtful undertones and messages, excellent music, and it just makes for a great anime flick, and a great movie in general. Go for either the Japanese version or the English dub, both are really good. Here, have a trailer: Might post in here again about another movie, if you know me you might probably know what it might be.
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    Rio 2

    It's a flawed analogy to directly compare the movie-making process with building a physical object with a specific utilitarian purpose. If we're going to entertain the notion the all of the visual aspects of film-making are useless, or without merit, or cannot be the central focus of film unless they are accompanied by the utmost excellent characterization possible, it does not explain people flocking towards, say, Gravity, a film that exists only as a technical showcase to visually simulate the silent, anti-gravity environment of outer space. The characters are not particularly well-written and only serve to further highlight how hamfisted the religious and evolutionary themes are, and the set pieces therein- while more accurate than necessary for a film to be enjoyable- have been nicked at thoroughly by the scientific community to the point of being debunked. Yet, if I were to treat Gravity as what an animated film should supposedly be treated like under the parameters described in this thread, everyone would essentially call it a piece of shit not worth their time because, "Well, Bullock's character was cliche' and annoying and Clooney's character was flat!" (I legit can't actually remember their names right now.) But it misses the point thoroughly of what Gravity itself intended to be, and ironically, this luxury- the ability to downplay narrative at the expense of visuals- is one never afforded to animation- that thing that exists on visuals alone- by either side of the argument. This habit of people turning their backs against any animated work that isn't trying to be an obvious Oscar darling versus something that's simply friendly and enjoyable either for children (because god forbid we make films for them) or for other aspects of film-making that are just as valid to focus on as straight narrative, is ultimately a manifestation of the same cultural prejudices that work against western theatrical animation being as accepted as live-action in society, but on the opposite side of the spectrum. It's an internalization, a defensive reaction against the notion that "animation is for children (meaning it's crap)," which people react against by decrying everything that isn't trying to break some status quo. It's just a pompousness that I can't really stand. Downplaying works, both in theatrical and short form, that focus on animation, color, timing, feeling, and the desire to celebrate a theme through visual metaphor (with or without characters at all, nevermind well-written ones) versus ones that just tell a strict narrative apparently cannot be the groundwork of a animated film because without it, that means the animation work is somehow meaningless...in an animated film. It's kind of ridiculous; I mean, the whole point of animation is that you can do whatever you damn well please. And this isn't even accounting for the fact that even if I did look at it from a strictly narrative viewpoint, Rio actually isn't hot garbage. But as an animator, what the fuck do I know? Let's bring on the next Disney Princess film or whatever.
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    So jelly of that Fluttershy plushie, Crusher! >_< *AHEM* Uh, moving on, this is the only Sonic related piece I own (Not my pic). I believe it's from the DC era. Not really one for buying Sonic merch, this was just a random gift from my mother. Still, he's pretty big and he fits nicely on my shelf, along with my other figures and such.
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    Day #10 - Best design of your favourite character. Sonic Adventure/Yuji Uekawa When I think of Sonic, my mind is constantly drawn to this, Adventure Era Sonic. Having grown up in that era with Sonic this is who I identify the blue blur as, even today I honestly always use this image to relay the personification of my ideal Sonic generation. Why do I love this design so much? Seeing Sonic leap from his Classic design to a much taller, maturer cool dude was just pure bliss, I'm also incredibly fond of the decision to give him green irises and elongate his quills and ears, as well as the updates to his power sneakers. Subtle changes, but for the better as when coupled with Ryan Drummond's role as Sonic's Voice Actor, his new look fit perfectly with his new personality. I like this style more because it was when SEGA were still rolling in the limelight to their fleet footed mascot, Sonic's body language in every piece Uekawa made at the time basically resonated with what Sonic has always been to me, a cocky and sassy thrill seeker. His poses are action packed and bizarre but incredibly fun to look at and just create pure eye candy for the viewer with such vibrant colours and a pseudo 3D-effect going on with the infamous "Sonic Adventure Style Colouring" Did I also mention I fucking love the implementation of the "Nike Grin"? I don't know what it is, but Sonic is just incredible to me in this Era, and will continue to be as I really don't like his modern incarnation, I honestly miss the edgy-nineties look he had going on. Just look at these poses, "Look at me noobs, I'm fucking cool as sin, and you'll never be on my level! Can you bend your limbs like this?" "No?" "Hahaha!" "I thought so, get noodle limbs and get on my level nerd." "Lol Losersssss" Sonic Adventure 2 capitalizes even more on Sonic's ability to go above and beyond to impress the ladies by getting some sweet new kicks to grind down hand railings, pipes and even fencing! I really love that they deviated from the canon path for this game in his shoe design, they scrapped the "absolutely round sneakers" in favour of some oddly shaped sports trainers that breaks up the flowyness of Sonic's curvy design depicted in these art works, Sonic just looks as cocky as ever because he knows he's the epitome of cool. Sonic Battle Another style I dig immensely and I wish they'd bring back for another round is this style, look at how expressive and bold it is! There is no curvy-ness and throws the Sonic aesthetics of design right out the window, it's rough, it's edgy, it's limited colour palettes and bright over the top fighting effects make this style immensely fun to look at. It also gets the character's personalities down to a T as well.
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    I lost it at "All Hail the Virtual Boy" Forget Smash Bros. Forget Mario Kart 8. Forget Zelda U. Forget Pokemon. Forget Animal Crossing. Forget Sonic Boom. TOMODACHI LIFE WILL SAVE NINTENDO I'm getting 50 copies
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    Quoting these two responses because it bears repeating. Why are you here on a Sonic forum if you only want to talk about how bad the franchise and it's fans are.
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