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    Zone 11: Sonic-related Plushie I had one when I was 6. But if I show it to you.... promise not to laugh? Okay Don't judge me.
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    Blue Blood

    Sonic Boom announced (Wii U/3DS)

    It shouldn't. A commercial product with a budget simply needs a deadline to make project a success. Working to a deadline absolutely is not synonymous with rushing.
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    Day 11: Sonic Plushies + Wish List I sure do have Sonic plushies! Here is my current collection: Basically my Sonic plushie collection so far is a lot of Sonics and not a lot of everyone else. I definitely need to fix that. This little Sonic is my travel buddy. He is usually clipped onto my suitcase and he comes along with me during my travels. This Sonic plushie is my absolute favorite. I liked it so much that I bought 3 of them! This adorable Classic Sonic plushie is of special significance to me, considering the story of how I got it. As for the plushies that I wish to have, if it is by any means possible now or in the future I would like to have at least one plushie of every character in the current Sonic cast: Because I like each and every one in this cast of characters and I would love to have them all in adorable plushie form. Especially Knuckles. I'm travelling to Atlanta in a few days, and every time I go to the Toys R Us stores down there I tend to find a lot of Sonic-related goodies as their Sonic selection is way better than any of the Toys R Us Stores here in Virginia. So I hope to "hit the jackpot" and find more awesome and cute plushies to add to my collection in the next week.
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    Question #11: Do you have any plushies/figures of any Sonic characters, and/or are there any Sonic characters that you'd LIKE to have a plushie/figure of? I have a few... Ancient shot, but most of my stuff is packed away now and it's the only photo I've got that features a lot of my plushies. For sentimental reasons, my favourite plush is the Sonic with the red baseball cap on the top shelf. Got him along with my Mega Drive when I was a kid and I used to take him everywhere with me, and he's still my favourite even though he is a little worse for wear now. Just in terms of plushies I love, the AoStH Robotnik is my favourite because he's amazing. And hilarious. Plushies I want... I think I'd like the STF Metal Sonic most of all.
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    Even with a computer generated voice, Samus has more emotion in her speech than in Other M! :V This looks wonderfully ridiculous. I must have it.
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    Because not everyone has a PC which can run Generations at decent settings? And not everyone has a controller that will be compatible with Generations on the PC even if they do.
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    ARTWORK: Gregzilla's Art Topic of Art

    Sketched this in school.
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    Sakurai you said Alfonso would only conduct the train if Toon Link was battling. :V Holy shit do you see how far Samus's grapple goes? Sonic's looking pretty good in the 3DS version. We hadn't seen pics of him in 3DS for a while, so it's good to know. But his expressions here don't come close to how he's looking in the Wii U. I'd say he's second to DDD when it comes to expressions in Smash now. He looks a hell of a lot better than in Brawl, and he's got some nice-looking pained expressions and snarls to go with his smirks. "He's got an attitude" alright.
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    So it appears Tomodachi Life is based more on reality than we first realised: The Regginator and the Virtual Boy in the same picture... I don't know who to bow down to first!
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    I really want a Big plush, but preferably not the ones that look like... what we have. I think the majority of Sonic plushies are pretty funky-looking. Rather, I want a Big plushie that looks just like this one: In fact, I need to buy a Totoro plush. brb
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    Oh goodie, I have been missing these questions in the topic and now I finally have every opportunity to brag about my Eggman plushie. Just look at him. JUST. LOOK AT THAT CUTE LITTLE SHIT. SO EVIL AND FLUFFY. LIKE A COTTON BOMB POISED TO NUKE A TOWN WITH OVERLORD SNUGGLES. I forgot which member on the SSMB dressed their Sonic plushie up in a Santa outfit ( think it may have been IndigoRush,) but I blame them for making me realize that I can do it too to my plushes. And before you ask, Waluigi is an honorary Sonic character in this topic. I said so. Stop it. I know my facts. But liking my Eggmen plushies? Why, whatever gave you that idea? I would love to see a Nega plushie, or a huge oversized Eggman plushie that looks decent like the SEGA ones. Why? Because plush evil scientist, that's why.
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    ~SSMB Has Cleared Design Diplomacy Act 10!~ See... they're here... Question #11: Do you have any plushies/figures of any Sonic characters, and/or are there any Sonic characters that you'd LIKE to have a plushie/figure of? Such an adorable little mass murderer. (I know someone who has a good number of them. Hohohoho.) Due to the majority of Sonic characters looking like Mickey Mouse's family tree bitten by radioactive nineties, this makes them easy pickings for the plushie treatment. Whether it be Sonic and his Nike grin, Blaze and her passionate nervousness, or Shadow and his karate lessons, there's a plushie for everyone. Even Metal Sonic has gotten in on the action, despite him having the perpetual stare of a botox disaster. But what about you? Do you have one of Knuckles? Do you have one of Rouge? What plushies - or figures - do you have that manifest themselves as Sonic characters? And in addition to that, are there any characters who you do not have a plushie or figure of, but would like to get one? Note: If you find yourself unable to answer this question due to not having or wanting any plushies/figures, you're free to talk about some other Sonic-related thing that you would like to have instead, game or otherwise. Crusher's Thoughts: As of now, I only have one. ...Well, maybe more than one, but according to my calculations, the one on the left isn't actually a Sonic character. Shame, I was completely convinced that she was. So with that out of the way, you may now post awaaaaaayyyy!~
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    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5lQIoUK4SLI Official Website: http://www.nintendo.co.uk/Games/Nintendo-3DS/Tomodachi-Life-871968.html Nintendo has just announced that 3DS title Tomodachi Life will be getting a European and North American release on 6th June 2014 by means a very special and very obscure mini Nintendo Direct. Warning! Contains Shigsy x Peach shipping, and everyone wants a piece of Zero Suit Samus. The game itself is a lifestyle simulator in which you can basically create anyone and make them do anything. The characters you create move in together and live together, with hilarious consequences that you get to laugh at as they pan out. This looks genuinely funny and definitely not just Animal Crossing with Miis. The Direct alone is enough to convince me that it's worth keeping an eye on, at the very least! Plus, with a Tomodachi Life stage already confirmed to be in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS, it only makes sense that we see the game get a release beforehand to familiarise ourselves with the source material. What do you make of how the game looks? Even if you're not interested, what did you think of the Direct? I think there's something we can all agree on from the video though... ALL HAIL THE VIRTUAL BOY!
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    This actually made me throw up in my mouth a little. SUMO only did that because SEGA told them to. Stop pinning the blame on SUMO when they've done nothing but put love and fanservice into their games.
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    I'd actually say NSMBU plays better in single player. Too much frantic chaos when you throw in other people - yeah, it's good for a laugh, but in terms of actually making progress, 2D platformers like that are best played solo. And while NSMBU isn't the most amazing game in the world, it's a pretty solid 2D Mario, you could definitely do worse. NintendoLand... yeah, you'd probably need more people to get the most out of that. Really? I personally think the GamePad is surprisingly comfy and one of the nicest controllers I've ever played on. I like to think of it as just being like a big GBA, and I've had no qualms with it so far. The Pro controller is pretty nifty though once you adjust to the fact that the right analogue stick is above the buttons rather than below, like on a 360 controller. Has an insanely good battery life too - way better than the GamePad's itself, so if you're planning on any long hardcore gaming sessions, Pro controller is definitely the way to go. Unfortunately not, you have to boot up Miiverse every time you want to use it. It's a bit of a pain, yeah, but hopefully something they'll work on in due course, like they've been doing with the load times. Nintendo are still fairly new to the whole online thing so for them to have even implemented this kind of social media for their games is pretty impressive - baby steps, after all!
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    Lady Soniko

    Rio 2

    Just another example of a movie that never needed a sequel imo, I didn't care much for the original Rio either.
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    Except Unleashed and SLW are worth defending. Lost World has good ideas to be salvaged, and Unleashed is a solid title. I'm a little shocked that you'd compare them '06; a game which, barring techincal issues like glitches, is still terrible in both concept and execution.
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    Aside from the odd man out that show up from time to time. Nobody here defends 06 as an objectively good game. Nobody. Even the people who personally liked/enjoyed the game outright or liked some aspect of the game. Same goes for divisive games like Unleashed and SLW, though more people are willing to state their personal preference/enjoyment for (aspects of) those games.
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    A real GOOD thing they have a For Fun mode, cause I don't want to be anywhere near Tournament crazed folks unless I feel like it on occasion.
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    Rio 2

    I'm very lenient on the Rio franchise because Carlos Saldanha did a fan-fucking-tasting job nailing down the look and feel of the area the franchise is set in. It's very obvious from both the interviews and the sheer effort going into the aesthetics- the musical numbers, the art direction, the focus on Carnival, the fact that characters actually spoke Portuguese at points, the use of other cultural signifiers to point out things like child poverty, soccer culture, and the exotic animal trade that have an effect on the local culture- that this is ultimately a love letter to Saldanha's native area. It is refreshingly Lion King-esque in the way it completely embraces the country it wishes to celebrate. And frankly, I don't see anything wrong with that. We can have simple child-friendly films without demonizing them as some fucking scourge on animation. Small films have a place. The biggest problem with Ice Age at this point- or at least the one I feel that people miss- is that it completely distances itself from its more poignant and sentimental roots. The original was a great film in terms of characterization and storytelling- one that was much more adult. But if we were to assume it didn't exist, the rest of the film franchise would more or less be fine on its own. Rio thus far hasn't demanded audiences to accept a completely different package than what it has established thus far, so it shouldn't necessarily be lumped in as a symptom of the problem with Ice Age. It is what it is, and it does its job well. I know I'd personally enjoy seeing the sequel in theaters because, again, it's just a bouncy, upbeat, and heartfelt take on Brazil through the life of some cute birds. For God's sake, some colorful optimism can't hurt every once in awhile.
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    We all have that one movie we love that nobody else seems to have seen, I mean, be it because it's been lost to the mists of time, or that it was marketed horribly, a lot of great movies slip through the gaps. This thread exists to correct that, this is a thread where we can bring up and discuss movies that others may have not heard of, suggest and recommend them. Really, the main goal is to expand horizons, make you watch something you may have not watched otherwise. I'm gonna open this with a little known comedy film from the 80's, this film is called UHF. Indeed, the movie does star "Weird Al" Yankovic, the famous parodist, and he also wrote the film. The basic premise is this - Al plays a character called George, a lazy day dreamer who stumbles into a job managing a low-budget television station, and, rather surprisingly, find success in his bizarre programming choices. This causes a major station to gain an intense dislike for this competitive upstart, leading them to plot his, and the station's, downfall. The film also contains various cutaway scenes, showcasing the programs shown on the channel and George's dreams. This gives us such bizarre hilarity as this advert for "SPATULA CITY", http://youtu.be/2XbCWmY0eqY This film wasn't exactly well received at the time, and I have no idea why. It has a hilarious vibe to it, and you can really feel Al's writing come through with the various parodies of popular movies at the time, such as a rescue sequence, seen in George's eyes as a Rambo style rescue. A cult classic that'd I'd heartly recommend you watch. So, let the obscure movie sharing...BEGIN!
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    I lost it when I heard "ALL HAIL THE VIRTUAL BOY!" And this. What the hell. http://www.reddit.com/r/allhailthevirtualboy/ Founded this on reddit In a good way, right?
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    Yeah, the Gamepad can be a bit to get used to, but I'm almost certain that picking Lost World really just left you with a bad first impression. I'm pretty used to the Gamepad myself and it doesn't seem all that big. Honestly, if there was no screen, it'd be around the same size as a Dreamcast controller, probably. If you had the chance to play more games then you'd probably find some good in it, so I'd suggest borrowing some games or playing some demos in the meantime before going out of your way to buy a Pro Controller. Those things are quite hefty in price, but then again so are PS4 and Xbone controllers. And yeah, the UI is limited. Why do you think I was saying doing some tweaks and refinements would be good for them?
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    Wii U version releasing in Fall 2014 As long as they stick to their word on this one, that's actually not a bad time for it to come out. Summer on Wii U will be dominated by Mario Kart 8 but then there's (for now at least) a big empty gap in the Autumn where Watch Dogs slots in nicely, before Smash Bros comes along in Winter at the end of the year to cover the Christmas period. Of course, this is all assuming Nintendo doesn't have some other huge games planned for the second half of the year, but it's just good to see that Ubisoft hasn't abandoned the console completely.
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    Plushies? No, I don't own any plushies, but I am a big figure collector. Not a big Sonic collector, as I mostly buy Transformers, Marvel Legends, DC Universe Classics and some miscellaneous lines. Regardless, Sonic merchandise has found a way into my collection, even if it's a minor one. I own only four figures: Resaurus E-102 Gamma, Jazwares Eggman and two Jazwares Egg Fighters. WALL-E was apparently brainwashed by Eggman. It's not much, and while that's in part because Sonic toys don't interest me nearly as much as the other brands I've mentioned, it's also because Sonic doesn't have a whole lot of stellar figures. Resaurus, Toy Island, Jazwares... they've made admirable efforts, but their work doesn't really compare to the work of companies like Hasbro or even Mattel. I choose to only buy Eggman and Gamma because they're the best ones they have made. The former was the Jazwares figure with the least visible joints and better stability; the sculpt is also good and very accurate to the game design (his two Egg Fighters are nice too). The latter is one I treasure deeply because of its rarity, and because it's an excellent sculpt - unlike his wide-eyed comrades in the Resaurus line, he looks dead on to his look in Adventure and fits well in my shelf. Woah guys, I swear I didn't mean to crash my Eggmobile into the Batcave... While I have very few Sonic-related products, I love the ones I do. It would be a sin for me to not have a good Eggman to command all the robots in my collection, and he and Gamma are both very genuine figures.
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    We got a new Guardians Of The Galaxy trailer with an extended version of the "I'm the Star-Lord" scene. http://youtu.be/OAcNoppMuUM It's good to see more of Star-Lord's helmet, because that helmet is seriously one of the coolest ones in the universe.
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    I don't have any plush toys handy, but Indigo's post reminded me that I found some old ones a few years ago... ... and photographed them. As you can see, there's the original Sonic plush that was all the rage back in the '90s. Back then, my dad made him shorts out of some of my boxers (since they were too small for me and were going to waste otherwise). Knuckles was also the result of my dad's sowing skillz, responding to the lack of echidna merchandise outside of Japan at the time. Funnily enough, he ended up looking a bit like his Sonic R model would later. There was a Tails in the house, but that was my sister's. Oh and if you're wondering what the mutilated bear was once upon a time; it was Winnie the Pooh. A lot of the damage was done by the time I was 3. XD
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    GAAAAAAAAASP I ACTUALLY FINISHED SOMETHING!?!??!?! Yeah I did this because of boredom. Felt like drawing a Sonic character, result was this. Overall I think it's... okay. There's a few weird proportions that bother me, though.
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    Day 11: Favorite plush you wish you had Alright, call me simple... But GOSH DARN GEEZ if that's not the cutest little fella there ever was. Just wook at how fat and wittle he is [squees internally]
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    Actually turns out Doki Doki Panic was a reskin of a proposed sequel to Mario (they were gonna change everything up like they did with Adventure of Link - remember there was no set way to do a Mario game at this point). So my one is totally the real Mario 2 after all. Reskin nothing. >8U
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    OVA Sonic is the best Sonic, bar none. I adore the modern design of Sonic to pieces and also love the original artworks of classic Sonic (the original Oshima look, the pudgy look, the Watanabe drawings and the SCD style), but this one just takes the cake. He keeps all of the cuter elements and simplicity of the classic Sonic design, as well as his emotional range, but does it with proportions similar to modern Sonic. The way they drew his head and body is just so smoothly drawn and appealing, and you gotta love the way his spikes twist to what looks best at each camera angle (without looking dumb like Sonic X did). Heck, his spikes even stiffen and his ears twitch just like a real hedgehog! This Sonic is full of fun quirks. Plus, the OVA Sonic embodied that ooze of "attitude" while also showing his more nicer and sentimental side. His body language, animations and dialogue just told you naturally that he's just a super chill dude who's got a bit of a feisty temper and a bombastic way of presenting himself when in action, but on the inside he's a big goofy dork that cares a whoole lot for both his friends and what he believes in. It's one of the most genuinely good takes on Sonic the series has ever had, so he gets massive points not just for his design but his portrayal. Also, since Tails, Knuckles and Eggman are all some of my favorite characters too, can I please point out how great they look in this as well? Double points to my man Knuckles. Not one time since has he looked as fresh as he does here.
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    To those who have suggested a SSMB edition of Tomodachi Life... we could actually make it happen! If, closer to the game's release, everyone wanting to be a part of the fun shares the QR codes for their respective Mii characters, we can all then download those into our Mii Makers and transfer them into the game when it arrives. And then voila! Tomodachi Life: Starring SSMB! Just an idea, anyway. There's lots of potential for hilarity!
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    Pic of the day is back up again today! Also something totally mindblowing:
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    I see a new meme has started:
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    Another Earth was a cool movie, I wasn't hugely satisfied with the ending but I enjoyed the journey. A very quiet and thoughtful experience. A couple from me: Moonrise Kingdom A sort of surrealy done film about two kids in love who run away from home together. There's a huge cast of characters and a lot more to the film than that. Plenty of humour and sentimentality to it, and it's a Wes Anderson film so it is shot absoloutely impeccably. You'll remember pretty much every single scene for years to come. Another film by him is out at the moment, The Grand Budapest Hotel. I recommend that one thoroughly too. Much more dark in its comedy, but just as quirky, tremendously funny and perfectly - to an impeccable degree - shot and acted. The Science of Sleep By the same director of Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. You know how he so perfectly visually captured the feeling of recalling partially complete memories in that film? In this he does the same with dreams. The story's about a not-all-quite-there guy who is struggling in life and losing touch between what is his dreams and what is reality more and more. It's set in France but it's a bilingual film where the characters talk in a mixture of (subtitled) french and english. The dream sequences themselves are full of cool stop-motion effects inspired by arts and crafts, and regularly just manage to capture that certain... SOMETHING about dreams that makes them so floaty and disjointed and surreal. If you're a fan of stuff like Eternal Sunshine or Amelie - films that love to blur the line between imagination and reality on a regular basis, absolutely watch this film. Like Amelie this is full of lovely off-beat awkward human humour moments too.
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    I guess if that's needed; you could use AA4 or AA5 Apollo Justice, either one, doesn't matter: Ace Attorney 4 Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney 5 Apollo Justice:
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    Important announcemount! Today we shall be starting our 06 commentary and rest assured it's a long one! As of now we are accepting guest commentators! In the case that there are many applicants, we expect to rotate between guest commentators for segments of parts, with some possible twists thrown in. Those interested need PM all three of us: Jovahexeon, Teoskaven, and Princess Ganondorf in ample time before 4:00 PM NA/Canada/EST. Also we have a War For Cybertron playthrough pending, guest commentators (adpet knowledge of Transformers franchise be extremely welcome) are welocme to that as well. PM all three of us if you're in the mood for either. Skype connection, mic, and/or headset will be needed to participate in the commentaries. ENjoy!
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    Gabz Girl

    DreamWorks Animation SKG

    Aaaand a new trailer has been released as well as one epic looking poster. Bit annoyed about the spoilers within the trailer but eh, I'm still excited to see it! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e1s7Z6ZoYss
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    A stage that is banned on a case-by-case basis depending on whether the organizers of a specific tourney want to discourage stages that are deemed to grant significant advantages towards certain characters. For example, a stage which has an explicitly wide terrain can be exploited by campers. Fox in particular used to be the guiltiest offender of stage abuse in Melee and he skewered so much of the meta game.
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    Just look at this adorable little thing. Got this Cream plush for Christmas last year, not sure what make it is though. Case in point, it is freaking adorable. ...A million times better than Cream's current CGI render, that's for sure. no seriously i'm not sure what it is but the face on cream's modern render scares the fuck out of me *cough cough* Any plushies I would want, though? I believe I've actually mentioned this before, but I'd love to have an Amy plush. Sadly, most ones on the internet are poorly-made... Amy Rose confirmed for Bigfoot. ...yeeeeeeah no comment.
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    Do I have any plushies/figures and are there any characters that I'd like in plushie/figure form? Well, as far as my collection goes, here's the rundown: First off, we have most of my Jazwares 3 inch/5 inch collection. Up next is my collection of Super Posers (Still need Knuckles and Silver), mini ASR vehicles, some more 3 inchers, and finally the Sonic sticker pack and Wisp plushes that I won from you-know-what-site back in 2010. More Jazwares 3/4 inchers and the Resaurus Gamma that I scored back in 2009. The big'uns come in with the Jazwares 10 inchers, including the now elusive Metal Sonic. Also included are some battery-operated and Jazwares figure ASR vehicles. Wrapping up the figures for the most part are the Jazwares Sir Lancelot and Excalibur Sonic as well as the Sonic Nendoroid. Starting off the plushies, we have Knuckles, Tails, Shadow, and Amy ones that my family were able to snag me at a fair. Then we have the Kellytoy Silver and Super Sonic plushes released back in 2009 that I pre-ordered because those two had a serious lack of soft collectibles. Next, we have Jazwares' Modern mini figures and F4F's Classic mini figures along with my Joyride Sonic and Shadow that I got for my birthday when I was in elementary school. Next up are my GE Sonic plushes. One classic and one modern, both received as Christmas gifts. (Modern in 2010, Classic in 2011.) Finally, here's a mixture of random smaller plushes, ranging from a Sonic X Tails plush that my sis got me at an anime con, to a random modern Sonic plush that I scored at a Goodwill by chance, to some Jazwares plushes gotten at TRU (Werehog) and for Christmas (Knuckles), and finally, my way-too-big collection of Denny's Sonic Underground plushes. (Featuring one Knuckles and MANY Sonics. Whenever I spot one at a thrift store, I just buy it. ) As for plushes/figures that I'd like to see, I'd definitely be interested in scoring some more obscure characters in collectible form, as there are already about 500 good Sonic, Tails, and Shadow ones, but not nearly enough Rouges, Omegas, Metal Sonics, Blazes, or Vectors. Those rare Fighters plushes and the Jazwares Classic Eggman/Super Sonic/Metal Sonic would also be really neat to score.
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    So seeing as the subject of music - remixes specifically - came up in the Direct thread, I decided to waste my morning gathering some statistics from Brawl, if it's any indication of what to expect. Out of the 258 selections total available to My Music, 129 of them - exactly half of them - were not directly ripped from a previous game, according to the Dojo. A stage would on average receive 6-7 songs, and 66.8% of those would be remixes. But this isn't to say there aren't outliers - for example, 75m and Flat Zone 2 received a mere three songs each with one per being a rip, whilst Green Hill and Shadow Moses received a whopping twelve and nine songs but only one and three remixes respectively. Taking a quick glance over the songs and stages, one of the main factors considered seems to be whether or not the stage in question, and the game it originated from for that matter, is already modern enough muscially speaking not to juxtapose with the rest of the soundtrack. Another, obviously, is whether the existing soundtrack will fit in with people beating the shit out of each other. Norfair and New Pork City, for example, filled neither of these criteria, so all of its music is exclusively remixes. Green Hill, again, is the obvious exception because of Sonic's late inclusion, so they had to make do with whatever they could snap up on short notice. As far as how Sonic's music could fare in SSB4 based off patterns established by Brawl - even in a worst case scenario I'm expecting at least three remixes this time around, but still a very generous helping overall for Windy Hill of post-Dreamcast songs and maybe 2-3 chiptune era songs for the sake of it. And one of them will almost certaintly be Green Hill. If Sakurai and the music team feel especially generous this time around, we can hope for around six remixes at best. Of course, I'm not providing any guarantees, considering this is based off a game that came out six years ago.
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    Day 11: Merch Madness Zone I don't have any plushies! I've gone on record as stating I'm not particularly interested in merchandise most of the time; though admittedly the reason for that is that I don't exactly have a lot of spending money, so even when I do see something I find cool I can't really do anything about it. Oh well. I do have a Sonic shirt, though...somewhere. But that's about it. An Eggman plushie would be awesome! But he'd probably start shoving the ridiculous number of Beanie Babies my family has obtained over the years into robots.
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    Thanks to both of you. And not yet, I do already have figured out how I'm gonna make them though
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    Remember folks; it's not about what is accurate, but what is easy. Bashing Sonic is considered a badge of honor and superiority to justify their own sad existence or to gloss over the fact that there are far crappier things that exist (especially if it happens to be something they like), or simply because they can't think for themselves and are desperate for easy e-fame/infamy.
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    NA box art: And for everyone who's thinking of not buying this glorious game... you might want to think again... or else Reggie will haunt your nightmares...
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    Found a few pictures:
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    Your Vest Friend

    Archie Sonic Main Discussion

    I'll beat you to the off-panel, but I've got nowt for the rest.
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