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    Clearly what we need is a redesign Only took 10 hours in MSPaint
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    They're seriously just heels, I never got why the internet exploded over this lawl. It was a design choice, prolly because Zero Suit is a lot more revealing than super body armor Samus version. Also she's in a skin-tight ass suit that basically hugs up-under her underboobs, but people press the sexualization button when she wears some futuristic jet heels? I just feel like I'm the only one that sees them as just a design choice because they look futuristic and crazytech for a pair of rocket feet essentially, compared to throwing some regular boots on her feet. Missile slingin' Samus is still more rad anyways, >:U
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    Sonic Boom announced (Wii U/3DS)

    Before we jump to any conclusions about the reliability or otherwise of IMDB, let's take a little look at the credits listed on Episode #4, "Shadow": Don't trust IMDB.
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    Wow. All I focused on is how kick-ass jet heels are. I didn't realize that people were looking at this sexually.
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    Okay, hold on. I'm going to chuckle at the so-called noble sentiment of this post for a second- particularly the bolded- because if any one of you leveled posts with the tone and accusations present in these few below, I'd fucking chew you up and spit you out: Let's ignore for a second that "x is better" and "I think x is better" have such a pedantic difference in meaning (they're both opinions) than people on this forum think they do that basing an entire post on that difference in order to essentially shame and insult someone is annoying. Like, really annoying. I honestly hate this unwritten rule present in discussion around here of "you can like x, but you can't say it's good" because it smacks of forcing people to own up to arbitrary, ill-thought standards no one is obligated to subject others to in the first place. But different discussion for a different time. The bolded in these posts and the overall hostile and judgmental tone leveled towards Sonikku is more than enough for someone to get angry and throw their hands up in the air. As I implied before, I would've done it, because fuck anyone making assumptions about my motives over my opinions about the graphical differences of a six-year old Sonic game. So it's amazingly hypocritical for anyone involved in this to act all shocked or surprised when she (or anyone else) gets defensive when posts like these are written, especially more so if you've further judged her negatively for it as well. Seriously, get the fuck over yourselves. All of you.
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    This is the awkward thing though, do we let heels remain a symbol of sexuality, or do we allow this to be part of a transitional phase in which we stop thinking of them as automatically meaning "sexy"? If we keep separating characters into "allowed to be sexy" and "not allowed to be sexy" and design choices are "sexy" or "not sexy", it only perpetuates the idea that, for example, heels could only ever be added for sex appeal.
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    Toonami Is Back Bitches [05.26.12]

    http://ask.fm/Clarknova/answer/110647169769 I love that quote by Jason, hes totally right without Toonami I wouldn't have been exposed to anime until way later or none at all and it was thanks to TOM that I played games like Pikmin.
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    This again? Goodie. No one cares if you like the Wii version better. Like whatever you want. However, you have to be pretty in denial to think that the Wii version has superior graphics. How can you even get this wrong. It's an objective fact that the HD version has more polygons, more draw-distance, more colors, more powerful rendering and lighting applications and overall more processing power than the Wii version.
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    I normally buy my Sonic things for myself. The only gift I can really imagine is my Jazwares Eggman (& Egg Fighters), which I like very much. Since I already talked about there's not much to add here. But since it's relevant to today's question, I'll take the opportunity to post more pictures of it: Robotnik decides to catch a ride: He then presents his newest creation: Looks like Ivo has been angering some people... luckily Iron Man is there to protect him. And I'd like to finish Day 20 with a reference to my good man Crusher's profile:
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    Might as well throw in my two cents. I don't think the design is bad or problematic on it's own (then again, I can't really notice a difference in breast size from Brawl, and I've been comparing in-game screens since this debate started). HOWEVER, 1) I won't argue with people who do have problems with it because there's no real point in doing so and 2) the outright fanservice in the way certain screenshots are taken does bother me. I don't remember any official Brawl screenshots that did this--though I'm sure it happened--but either way, I think it's worth complaining about. So I shall. Seriously, Sakurai/whoever is taking screens, is stuff like the one Discoid included up there necessary? Really?
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    It's not just the heels, though. The only reason they're the first thing to be brought up is because they're literally glowing yellow and completely unnecessary. Her boobs are bigger than before, she's got dark spots and lines added to the suit to draw your eyes to her tits and ass, an added beauty mark (albeit from Other M) and... high heels. Her movements also look like something I'd expect from Bayonetta. Maybe I'm just misremembering, but I don't remember Brawl being as bad about this, or any Metroid game for that matter. Other M was stupid about it too, but it's at least not as bad at a glance. Of course, her character was completely fucked but you get the idea. I just don't like the idea of anime uguu mascara sexy samus. Didn't like it before, and I don't like seeing them get progressively worse about it every time she appears. There's more than enough sex appeal in gaming as is, there's just no need to make Samus an addition to the list. I'm not outraged or whatever, but it's irksome. Metroid's characters and tone are my favorite things about it.
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    If Knuckles was elected mayor, I think I know what his first two decrees would be: #1 Knuckles must be included in every video game and must be prominent on the title. #2 The first decree applies for pizza too.
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    Again, I'd rather not play what is essentially a stripped-down version of Sonic Unleashed.
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    You're antagonizing us yet again, for the umpteenth time. It's getting kind of aggravating. No one is telling you to dislike the Wii version's graphics. I'm just baffled as to why you're being stubborn and making a big deal out of this, and we're simply comparing and proving why Unleashed HD looks far superior. Again, you don't have to dislike the Wii version in any way, shape, or form. No one is forcing you. Just please quit victimizing yourself and treating us like bullies, when we are simply trying to explain something to you.
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    Day 20: Favorite Sonic-related Gift Without a doubt, it's these Sonic gifts that I got from my friend who has also been my co-worker for the past 11 years: I mentioned in the 'Emotions' thread the story behind how I happened to get this gift exactly a month ago, but I don't mind mentioning it again. After having a rather stressful day at work, my friend and co-worker told me to come and see her after I finished my shift. Mind you after that stressful day I wanted to get right out of there and get some sleep as I had been awake since 5 AM but I obliged and said I would come see her at her department after I finished my shift. So after I clocked out I went to see her at her department and we talked for a while. Then she told me that she had something for me. She proceeded to give me a pink gift bag and a big box. Shocked and puzzled, I had wanted to ask her why she was giving me these things but customers had came up who she needed to tend to, so I just thanked her, told her to call me later so we could finish our conversation and I went home. I waited until I got home to open my gifts and she gave me other things, but the Sonic gifts were the gifts I valued and loved the most. My friend knows that I am a big Sonic fan so for her to remember that and get these gifts for me just meant so much to me. Cute Sonic plushies are so hard to find in Virginia and I had been looking everywhere in stores for a Sonic bed set as I really wanted one. And now I had them both in my possession! I was so happy with having these that I cried-happy tears, of course. Here's a better view of my cute Classic Sonic plushie Later on my friend called me and after I thanked her repeatedly, I had to ask her why she did this for me. She basically said because I am her friend, and during our friendship I have done so much for her. She proceeded to mention things like taking her to the doctor and other places that she needed to go as she doesn't drive, picking her kids up from school and even babysitting them, and every year before the start of the school year I would always buy a ton of school supplies for her kids, as she is a single parent (who my heart naturally goes out to single parents as my mother was a single parent herself) among other things, and she felt like she needed to do something to show her gratitude. That wasn't necessary as I enjoy helping others just to do it, but I admit it does feel great to get something aside from a feeling of satisfaction in return, especially something awesome and personal like this. That's why this Sonic gift is my favorite due to the reasons for why I "earned" it. At some point in time good deeds will pay off in some way, and this way was one of the best ways possible for me.
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    Xbox One Discussion

    Can I just say that seeing MS's original Xbone reveal was like seeing their vision for the video game market -- that is how they see it to be in the future. Obviously the consumers made them backpedal, but it doesn't change the fact that we've seen what they wanted to pull off. Can't say I was impressed with it either; that's why, despite the reversal on Xbone's features, I don't trust the company anymore. Call it a silly argument or whatever, but that's how I feel.
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    Unwiished does look much nicer emulated playing hi-res, but those screenshots still show off how huge and empty the locations are compared to the HD version. Large, empty environments give a really crappy sense of speed compared to the dense population of detail on the HD version. Also important to remember: if you played the PS2 version, these screens will seem even more impressive in a "whoa I don't remember it looking that good" way, because it -didn't- look that good. For example, on PS2 the sea has an N64-sort of quality simple tiled water texture, similar to the (deliberately cartooney) water textures of Wind Waker, none of the reflective light effects or wibbly wobblies. It's basically just less deep. Unlike HD where you can boost through the entire stage if you're good enough, or use it cunningly if you so wish, the WiiS2 version more of requires you to memorise the particular points where boosting is beneficial and use it then. Often these are pretty obvious - whenever there's enemies in a row etc. The issue with saying something like this is the chain of replies this came from is you telling people they should play Unleashed Mod or Colours or Generations instead of Unleashed. So here you basically said "You should play these other games!" "But these other games don't have these things I like." "Well I don't like them." That's very silly logic. Aesthetic things like story and world-building can be easily ignored by a player not interested in them, whereas a player interested in them gets nothing at all when they are removed. Think about that. "It doesn't matter, this is Sonic!" The fact that Sonic games without them merely exist is not any sort of argument against them. Regarding the general A+X homing attack debate I have no issue with it and actually preferred the feeling it gave. In Unleashed, A was purely associated with jumping - ascension, and X was purely associated with homing attacks and boosting - forward propulsion. As a result it made me feel more in control over Sonic, like I was doing more as the player. With A button serving two entirely different movements depending on context, it feels more automated to me somehow. There's less punch to it. The only slip up they made is awkwardness caused by accidentally air boosting when you wanted to homing attack because you went out of range of your target at the last second, etc.
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    On the subject of Sonic Lost World, I liked the Deadly Six. They may have been flat characters, but they were no more one dimensional than the average Sonic villain-of-the-year. They were stereotypical and far from "deep", but they were colorful and entertaining, and after years of dark, mysterious villains, I found that a nice change of pace. Besides, without the Zeti, we wouldn't have gotten this battle with Zavok, which I consider to be one of the more unique Sonic bosses:
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    Xbox One Discussion

    Assure me that the DRM crap is gone for good, and maybe I'll think about getting one. Maybe. As it stands, I really don't trust the thing. Because it's not impossible they may bring back the DRM crap, I don't even want to touch one right now. Yes, I'm paranoid. Maybe too much for my own good.
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    Gabz Girl

    Disney's "Frozen"

    But..but Esmeralda was always meant to be sexy. Remember this part? No wonder Frollo wanted dat! Besides, she wasn't just sexy. She was also one ass kicking Gypsy not to be messed around with. It's a shame Disney doesn't use her more often in merchandising since I remember back when HoND came out there were Esmeralda dresses similar to the Disney Princess dresses (hell I even had a dress of my own at the age of 6!). Maybe the sexiness is why we don't see her often anymore, I dunno. Tis a shame too cos I really like the character... =[ Anyways, going slightly off topic there! >>
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    Popular? Unpopular? Before I start, I should say ahead of time that I am very sorry for the negativity, and I hope I haven't offened anyone by typing this. Also, this is a long post, so if you decide to read it, better have some time to spare. While the Wii U version was decent, if not great, the 3DS version of Sonic Lost World is probably the worst Sonic platformer I ever played. First, it has all the flaws of the Wii U version, most notably questionable level design, and cranks them up. The game starts off decent enough, but it gets too hard too fast, in just the second world! Now, I'm not saying don't make the second world a little harder, since it's supposed to be gradual...but the second world is way harder than the first. It barely lets up from there. Unless I'm doing something wrong, the larger enemies seem to take too freakin' long to defeat. I guess I could say the same at certain points in the Wii U version, but it isn't as offensive there. Here, the length is something I'd find reasonable for a boss, but for just a large enemy that isn't even a miniboss? No, at least not in a platformer. Also, the Special Stages show that just because the technology is there to make Special Stages like that doesn't necessarily mean you should. Yes, they're optional, but what if I'm in a place where moving the 3DS isn't the best idea? Heck, even when you are there, the controls are a bit questionable, not to mention uncomfortable. Speaking of moving the 3DS, some of the Wisp powers force you to do this as well, and sometimes, you wind up going in a completely different direction from where you intended, which, depending on where you are, could be fatal. I actually found it better to walk in that stuff that slowed you down whenever I could in Silent Forest act 1 because of this, because it was actually easier! Yes, some that you should avoid is still easier to deal with than something you should use! I wish I was kidding. Also, with the cutscenes transferred from the Wii U version, why is it so grainy? I mean, yeah, it won't look as good as on the Wii U version, but I've seen better picture quality for cutscenes like these on the original DS than here! Also, they're not all there, which isn't a problem most of the time, but Zor knowing that their attempt to capture Sonic failed before everyone else does seem kinda confusing unless you've played the Wii U release. It's not even at the same quality as the 3DS version of Sonic Generations, which, while still inferior to its own console counterpart, was still a fun game. I must ask: what happened, Dimps? You made great games like the Sonic Rush duology, and good ones like Sonic Colors DS, and I already mentioned Sonic Generations for 3DS. Why did you design it this way? I thought you were smarter than this! Once again, this is probably the worst Sonic platformer I played. I first heard the 3DS version was a pain in the butt, but I thought "it can't be that bad!" Boy, was I wrong. Heck, I never even beat the thing, which just makes me feel worse. May very well go to the positives, though. The controls in the main stages aren't too bad, as long as you're not forced to move the 3DS. Once again, the first world isn't bad, either. Plus, the graphics are good for the 3DS, at least in my opinion. Also, there's the novelty of the 3D segments actually being in a handheld Sonic game. Sadly, the novelty wears off quickly. Overall, I hated the 3DS version. If you liked it, that's fine, I'm not gonna judge you, but if someone was to ask me which version they should get, I'd recommend the Wii U version. Again, I am sorry for the negativity, and sorry for the long post. It seems my fingers grew a mind of their own when I decided to type my opinions about this.
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    Egg The results of this poll, including replies over on tumblr, was joint 1st place for Rani and Alice plus one suggestion (from our very own Sean) to draw jackalope girls instead of plain ole bunny girls.
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    Sonic the Hedgehog (Sega Genesis)-Spring Yard Zone The Spring Yard Zone is the first city level in the Sonic Universe. It also was a prototype for future casino/carnival levels, which I'm a fan of. Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (Sega Genesis)-Casino Night Zone The Casino Night Zone was the first Casino level to be made in a Sonic game. You've the slots, you've got the pinball machine, and you've got Casino themed music. Sonic the Hedgehog 3-Ice Cap Zone Sonic's first ice/snow based level, which sets itself apart from the other levels. Sonic starts this level snowboarding at the start. It also had awesome music. Sonic & Knuckles-Lava Reef Zone This one was a little tough...while I like Sky Sanctuary....Lava Reef has better music plus I liked the backgrounds of this level. In fact, Lava Reef is the longest level out of all the Genesis Sonic games. Sonic CD-Stardust Speedway Sonic races through a highway, made out of instrumentand parts of instruments, that's above a city. In fact, it seems that the whole city is having a giant dance party. There's alot of boosters and pathways that shoot Sonic in all sorts of directions. You have to carefully maneuver through amaze and touch switches to rearrange the level and find your way to the Signpost. Sonic Triple Trouble-Sunset Park Zone A park where enemies roll along in carts and platforms which Sonic and Tails can ride in after destroying them. There's alot of platforming here. After Act 2, instead touching a signpost, Sonic/Tails run on a train and dodge bombs being dropped by enemies until they reach the boss, which is the steam engine pulling the train. Sonic Adventure-Speed Highway This level is broken up into 3 parts. The first part is the actual highway itself, which takes place at night. The second part has Sonic run down the side of a Skyscraper, dodging helicoptors and pillars and grabbing items. The third part takes place in a downtown area during the morning. Most of the animals from thislevel, which can be given to Chao, are the Speed Type. Sonic Adventure 2-Metal Harbor After being released from the G.U.N prison cell, Sonic runs on the harbor towards the forest. While it is a short level, Metal Harbor is fun. Sonic even ends up on a rocket that gets launched on base. Sonic Advance-Egg Rocket Most of the levels in Sonic Advance have an Act 1 and Act 2. However, for level 6, both Acts are seperate levels themselves. I like Egg Rocket because of the idea that you're inside of a rocket being launched into space, and you're trying to get to reach the cockpit where it's safe. As you reach checkpoints, the previous areas are detached from the rocket. Sonic Advance 2-Music Plant A colorful level where Sonic and friends run and bounce across keyboards, trumpets, and music notes. After clearing this level, you unlock Tails. Sonic Heroes-Egg Fleet This level is like a bigger and longer version of Sky Deck from Sonic Adventure. In this level, players must destroy the flagships of Eggman's fleet. To destroy them, you must kick the Speed Character through it, causing 4 mini explosions, followed by a big explosion with the entire team coming out of it. Sonic Advance 3-Sunset Hill While it is a remake of the Green Hill Zone, it's actually alot better. It's even got a sweet remix which is a combo of the original Green Hill and Central City from Sonic Battle. After clearing this area, you unlock Knuckles. Sonic Rush-Huge Crisis Zone This is basically a 2D version of Metal Harbor, except now you can actually go inside the ships. You do have to be careful when inside however, there are a few areas where you can be crushed to death by the ship's pistons and platforms. Sonic the Hedgehog 2006-Radical Train What can I say? I like Sonic and I like trains. I will admit that the chase scene at the end of the level is kinda hard since you're running nonstop and the traincars are exploding. Sonic and the Secret Rings-Night Palace A beautiful castle that can change its own gravity and have Sonic walking on the walls and ceilings. The missions for this level are hard. Sonic Rush Adventure-Blizzard Peaks Another great ice/snow themed level. You start out with a snowboard in Act 1 and slide yourself the rest of the way. Sonic Unleashed (HD)-Jungle Joyride Day A level based off of South East Asia. Sonic runs from the decks of the village, to the jungle, to the ocean and beaches, and finally to the ruins. This is the longest Day Act in the HD versions. Sonic and the Black Knight-Dragon's Lair The climax of SATBK, where Sonic races through an underground cave. As the level name suggests, you have to fight a dragon in order to beat the level. This one is alot stronger than the Mist Dragon and it's getting backup by different enemies. To defeat it, you can either cut off its horn or knock down the pillars. Sonic Colors (Wii)-Planet Wisp While all the other theme parks were made, the Wisp's home planet was the last one to be transformed. Sonic must run through construction sites while trying not to fall into the purple waters and dodge Aero Chasers. Planet Wisp is also the first area where you can unlock the Pink Spikes Wisp, which is my favorite Wisp Power Up. Planet Wisp Act 1 is an awesome soundtrack.
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    The issue is, I think, that Samus is a character that people have thought of as a well-respected and modest character apparently? I'm not so sure about the controversy, either. Actually, scratch that. It's not that she's sexy, it's that she may be turning into a sex object. Those are two different things. Earlier games gave her sex appeal, but she was still respectable. Other M dumbed her down a lot, apparently. I think that's what the issue is?
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    Any human design in Brawl was straight up hideous. Marth and Zero Suit Samus were the guiltiest offenders and looked absolutely awful in those games. Despite ZSS being modeled after the Prime 3 iteration, it looked nothing alike. The game not only had a terrible color palette but also had the most dead, lifeless faces imaginable and were uncanny valley territory. I could do without the heels on Zero Suit Samus, however it is not a big deal to me. I appreciate Sakurai wanting to stay faithful to one of the more recent games in terms of design representation while at least taking some liberties to justify it's practicality, and character design was hardly one of the worse things in terms of Other M's many offenses. The primary color palette in Smash 4 is easily remedying some of the many worse aspects of Brawl, as well as Other M come to think of it. Samus sporting a bit more of a stylized look here is hardly the equivalence of barbie doll depiction. She's expressive, agile and overall, generally more appealing to look at when placed alongside her peers. Sexualized or not, she, along with Marth and a plethora of other inclusions, have been changed to blend much more with the rest of the cast and look less out of place. If the price of that is that I have to see her sport Bayonetta shoes then frankly I say let Sakurai go nuts, because at the very least I'm not looking at a model going for a jarring and dead realistic angle. If the games they hail from want to go for a more detailed approach then by all means they can do that - but trying to emulate their exact appearances is one of the many things that can make crossovers like these fall flat on their face, case in point being Playstation All-Stars. Incidentally, even if her general design attributes are modeled more after Other M her facial details has a lot more common with her look in Prime 3. Team Ninja did a pretty hideous job at modeling Samus anywhere outside of the pre-rendered cutscenes courtesy of D-Rockets.
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    I know some opinions are subjective, but I have no clue how this.. can possibly look better than this. Unwiished doesn't look half bad for a Wii title (although Colors really did push the boundaries for how good Sonic games could look on that platform later on), but I can't possibly fathom how it is graphically superior to Unleashed's Hedgehog Engine.
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    So yeah I'll be updating this in a second... just want to get it in before the jump since I've been out all day. Day 20: favourite Sonic themed gift. Ok so this might make me sound gushy but https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PAqxWa9Rbe0 Anyway... This is STC issue 113... and this is technically the best Sonic gif I have ever received... but I bought it myself... SSMB Member: Why Hogfather whatever do you mean? Well... this issue came with some free gifts and during my 'must get a perfect 100% complete STC collection' I slapped a huge bid on ebay for this issue of STC along with a second issue I was going for at the time... I thought 'nobody else besides me will be daft enough to bid that high' And then I gets a stupidly high bill for £30... Yeah... So I came to SSMB, posted in the status update and said something like "Oh jesus... Why have I just spent £30 on an issue of STC!?" I then get a reply from an SSMB member which said "So it was you! *points* who outbid me!" From that moment on... we got chatting... and they're now sat in my room trying to watch what I'm typing on here. =p Anyway... this brings me onto something that I think symbolises our relationship quite well. This is the Sonic Generations limited edition T-shirt package.... It was given out as a pre-order bonus with HMV copies of Sonic Generations... only in very limited orders. And it was quite hard to get a hold of. So my now girlfriend was able to get a copy with great difficulty, and kept it safe for me for a very very long time, And in that time this shirt was going for insane prices on ebay, but this person kept it safe just for me for ages... and despite all we went through in the early days, she kept it for me and gave it to me as a pressie. And I have kept it in the wrapping, never opened it up. And I never will open it, I will never sell it, and I will never ever trade it. Because this says a lot about this person and the feelings they have for me and that I return for her. So thank you so much for this and you know very well who you are. P.S. Stop trying to read the post over my shoulder.
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    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vyJHjyFEXIw that face
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    Hello, I'm sorta new, used to lurk and decided to sign up, not much to say about myself really other than the fact that I love Sonic games and Knock Out is the best Transformer
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    Disney's "Frozen"

    Her dress shows a lot of leg when she walks, and her hip movements and body gestures are pretty suggestive. http://youtu.be/moSFlvxnbgk?t=3m12s
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    A line of which we do not know the context and would be wise not to foolishly assume upon.
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    Disney's "Frozen"

    So, I finally saw the movie yesterday. My boyfriend has been singing its praises since it was in cinemas, so since he had the Blu-Ray, I watched it with him. I definitely enjoyed it. I was a little worried that, after all the hype I'd heard for the film, it would fail to live up to it. Admittedly whilst I didn't think it was quite so "OMG most amazing thing ever", it was still a good film and if I had to put a number to it out of ten, I'd give it a solid eight. I did think the pacing was a little... irregular. That's not to say it was bad, but I noticed that it had a very long build-up, and it took quite a while before the payoff hit. I did spend at least the first half of the movie if not more wondering where they were going with it. The late-game plot twist was nicely done, and managed to do a 180 on what would have been an otherwise pretty cheesy, clichéd concept. It's funny that I went in expecting to find Olaf really annoying, but ended up liking him a lot. I think the only slight weakness of the movie was the race of rock troll people- to me, they just seemed somewhat out of place with the rest of the film. I've already grabbed the soundtrack off of iTunes and will be picking up the DVD tomorrow.
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    Not really, considering everyone's already picked their characters by the time this text appears. Melee covered more.
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    It's a toss up between my 7th birthday or Christmas in 1999. I'm not sure how my parents afforded either haul, to be honest, but I'm glad they did. Of course, the Mega Drive also came in handy for my dad, who was very interested in getting further into console games at the time. Prior to my 7th birthday, we'd been 'borrowing' one of the Mega Drive consoles from my mum's place of work for one night every week. Rarely, if ever, was more than one of the two available consoles rented at the same time, so the other would always be neglected. So, er, it was our duty to put the poor thing to use... yes. I don't really remember a lot about owning it and Sonic 1 and 2 for the first time, unfortunately, but I imagine that I was pretty damn chuffed (not least to have enough time to actually complete a game). Now onto the best Christmas ever; the Day of the Dreamcast. The friggin' hype surrounding it and Sonic's big comeback was immense. I was so excited by the funky new 2D art style, more playable characters, individual story arcs, CGI opening, new villain and of course, incredible 3D graphics. It did not disappoint. Despite the anticipation, I didn't actually start playing Adventure until 1am, as I'd recently become a Pokemon fan and received Red on the same day. The highlights of my first time with it were hearing Sonic and Eggman talk, exploring Station Square, the ardent opening to Emerald Coast's Azure Blue World and the exhilarating run from the whale.
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    Question 20: What was your favorite Sonic gift? I've gotten a lot of Sonic gifts time and time again, I really love receiving them, but I don't think they could even compare to likes of this: Got Sonic Adventure as a Christmas gift back when it was released in 1999 along with this little baby as an extra bonus too: I still love the Sonic gifts I got later in my life, but I still always remember the excitement I had getting Sonic Adventure as it turned out to be one of my favorite 3D Sonic games. It seriously was the best Christmas of my life and I always thanked my parents for it!
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    Archie Sonic Main Discussion

    At this point all I want is Mighty, Ray and Shard back. we'll make due with new characters.
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    I guess with all that said that'd pretty fair then. I guess with the bigger boobs/ass, beauty mark, darker eyelashes, and whatnot, heels are probably the biggest change/addition that it'd kinda be the running headliner of just her dramatic change in appearance in general. Like you I'm not really fussed over the matter, and not even fussed that people are making a fuss, I guess I just still can't see why the heels specifically were such the big deal, but I guess if the rest of that baggage is to be accounted for, I can totally see why people would be fussy, especially if they're passionate about the tone and atmosphere Samus and the rest of the Metroid series brings. I guess I just hope that eventually the heels are just seen majorly in the light that I see them on their own, as just being flashy tech gear to give her rocket boosting abilities essentially. Since she came to brawl I always thought she was basically a naked woman covered in blue, but thought the changes in this Smash with the heels made her a little more badass or something. Like she's getting more gear-oriented, true to her powersuit variant *shrugs*. But yeah not gonna ignore that she's not sexualized, just was kinda lols about the heels of all things being the offense for most haha
  42. 2 points
    No, I know what you're talking about. That's exactly what I was pointing out in my earlier post. Of course, it's different for western audiences which have no problem seeing themselves as an animal like Sonic - Sonic is only animal in form, while he talks like a human, walks and runs like a (super-)human, eats like a human, and has emotions like a human, even wearing shoes and sometimes other clothes like a human. So in this sense, to western audiences, Sonic is more human in general, with the only animal thing about him being his appearance. So for us, it becomes annoying when we want to be or see Sonic in action, but we focus mainly on the human's he's with, especially with Chris and Elise having much better living standards than most people. That last part tends to distance western audiences from them; how is Chris or Elise suppose to represent us when they live far better than we do? I suppose that's the difference between the East and the West when it comes to anthropomorphic characters, hence why the west has far more anthropomorphic characters than Japan does as their lead characters.
  43. 2 points
    Oh boy! I'm-a bringing the beans! Episode 4 of Sonic Boom is apparently called 'Shadow' Edit: IMDB dates Sonic Boom as airing in October!
  44. 2 points
    Oil Ocean has always been a personal favorite. It's weird because actually playing it is pretty boring I feel, but ever since I first saw it when I was really young, I thought the idea for it was nuts. Was so used to just the normal ass "fire level," "beach level," "cave level," and the list goes on, but when I finally got to, well, this, it just blew my mind. The music stand-alone feels like it belongs to a desert sounding track, and I guess it's still fitting since it's not a cool ocean breeze like you'd think, well, an ocean would be. There's this looming hot orange sun scorching this aquatic oil rig thing out in the middle of nowhere, all over the sludgy black waves. The first time I accidentally missed a jump and fell down there, I was surprised that you could still be alive if you jumped enough since the oil was so thick. I think it's just because I think it's literally an entire ocean ruined by an oil spill, that I feel like it's one of Eggman's worst offenses, even if it's never really played up. I start thinking how he'd have not just crammed a handful of animals into machines, but utterly decimated an entire environment in this. Maybe I'm over thinking it, but I guess that's why I like it so much. Other than that there's just little artistic designs and quirks about it that are kinda the icing on the cake, such as the crazy awesome cannon things that zoom you around, those green tops that flare up from too much pressure, robotic sealife, and the works.
  45. 2 points
    Unless your TV has a problem displaying Sonic Unleashed HD, I still can't possibly see how Unleashed Wii looks superior. Unless you're impressed with Unwiished's graphics for a Wii title more, sure, but it really can't stack up against the Hedgehog engine. I can make numerous comparisons, but I love how smooth the Werehog HD model looks, especially with the fur texture. Whereas the Wii/PS2 model looks a bit more... sloppy, to say the least. Not to mention the HD version makes better use of its lighting, is able to render cutscenes in its own engine, and features better enviroments, like full blown Hub Worlds, which already makes the Wii version's graphics look inferior. Graphics aren't really subjective, you can be impressed with how Unwiished looks, but there's no denying which version is more of a powerhouse, in terms of visual fidelity.
  46. 2 points
    This fella; The guy on the right I received him as a gift in...2007 I believe from a close friend of mine when he came to see me. He has been my most treasured Sonic possession ever since next to my poster I had signed by Naka, Iizuka and Senoue and my Sonic Nendoroid. Sonikku there was in fact my very first Sonic plush :> He is what inspired me to begin collecting Sonic merch and in addition, I've took him to every Summer of Sonic I've attended with the exception of the last one in which another of my Sonic plushies went instead...just for the sake of change for once. No matter if I get even better quality/more on-model Sonic plushies, I don't think they'll ever knock this Sonic plush from his position in my heart <3
  47. 2 points
    Pet peeve of mine right here. It's "HUD", which is short for "heads up display". A "hub" is somewhere where you can free-roam between the main gameplay. Very, very different things.
  48. 2 points
    It's not really exclusively the fact that she's being sexualized so much as it is her tougher amazon image being put aside for sex appeal. I kinda don't know how some people aren't seeing what makes this design different. It's not really just the heels, although those are beyond silly. She's given several subtle changes to make her seem more feminine, including a beauty mark, an adjusted figure, and suit coloration that draws attention to these adjustments. The heels I guess are just an easy thing to go after since they pretty obviously favor aesthetics over functionality. Try doing badass space warrior shit in heels. YOU CAN'T EVEN DO IT WITHOUT THEM. To clarify, I'm not really up in arms about this. I don't dislike the design or anything (I sitll think it looks good) and I'm not trying to pretentiously tell anyone what they should or should not think is offensive. I just think the motive of the design is sorta lame. It's this, basically. That was a lot more succinct than what I said.
  49. 2 points
    I don't really see her as that much more sexualised than she did before either. She has pretty much the same figure her modern look has always had (only the early games portrayed her as muscular or super tall etc). I honestly think most of the aesthetic changes that make her look more attractive are basically just side effects of redesigning her for the higher graphical fidelity. I guess I just don't see heels as being automatically a sexual thing. I think they look cool and flashy.
  50. 2 points
    Gabz Girl

    Unpopular Gaming Opinions!

    I dunno if this is unpopular or not buuuut... I wish Naughty Dog could go back to doing cartoony games again instead of all this seriuz bizness stuff in recent games. I mean, the Uncharted trilogy is fine and whilst I really, REALLY do like The Last of Us it certainly doesn't have that ND charm that even friggin Uncharted had. Now I hear there's another Uncharted game coming out and I'm like wut. Let's see something new and original again on the PS4, preferably cartoony a la Jak and Daxter!
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