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    Day 6: Favorite Video Game Level: I would of loved to try to think of something other than Sonic for this round, but because of me working a 13-hour workday, I don't have time for that, sorry. That said, I am going take advantage of some limited downtime I have at work to make this post and I am going to go with my actual favorite level: Sweet Mountain from Sonic Colors. I love this level so much because it has so much creativity, it is fun to play and it involves my favorite level trope: food! The fact that I have a huge sweet tooth gives me plenty of reason for this level to appeal to me as well. Cake, cookies, donuts, ice cream, gingerbread men, lollypops, jelly bean rockets, cheeseburgers all being part of the level design... even the Egg Pawns are fitting to this level with the Chef hats and whisks that they have: I thought this level was very creative tied in with some gameplay factors such as: Running around loop de loops being made out of candy canes and donuts: Using the Drill Wisp to drill through cake Bonus points for this level having all the other Wisps available to use as well. The music for Sweet Mountain is great too: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=--J1326hTc0 To further sweeten the deal are some of Dr. Eggman's hilarious public announcements over the loudspeaker: "We know they look delicious, but please refrain from licking the rides. That would be disgusting. Do you know where those rides have been? People have been sitting on those rides! With their BUTTS! Okay, go ahead; lick them. Don't say we didn't warn you." "We hope you're enjoying this sunny day here at the park. Sadly, a sunny day once again means that the Choco-Coaster is out of service... due to melting." "There's no line at "Bake Me Crazy", the ride that simulates what it's like to be baked like a cake. The ride itself lasts an amazing 20 to 25 minutes or until golden brown, not recommended for our guests who are sensitive to temperatures exceeding 350 degrees." "Due to cost restraints, some of the donuts used in this ride are of the stale variety. We apologize for this cost-cutting measure, and hope that you enjoy the ride." Every time I play through the levels in Sweet Mountain I always see something new as it never ceases to amaze me. I had no idea that a level design based on food would be so fun to both look at and play through! Now, I'm hungry...
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    ~SSMB Has Cleared Spinoff Saloon Act 28!~ Die... Question #29: Which character(s) do you feel that you're the most similar to? This isn't even Diogenes' final form. As we get closer and closer to the end, I started to think to myself. What should today's question be? Should I ask about your favourite final bosses, just like how I asked about your favourite first bosses in the past? Should I ask about your favourite final zones, just like how I asked about your favourite first zones in the past? Should I ask about your favourite Robotnik airships and space stations, a question that I was planning on asking, before finding out the hard way about some people's viewpoints on there being too many Robotnik questions? ...No. Let's ask a completely different question instead. Because, you know, shit happens. Crusher's Thoughts: I would say that I'm similar to my second favourite Sonic character, Tails. The reason for why I think that is because even during my high school years, I never entered the "rebellious teenager phase". At the risk of sounding like a half-hearted public service announcement, drinking and drugs and all that jibba-jabba has never been my thing, you know? I've always behaved, and I never had a problem with behaving. My two sisters even refer to me as "the golden child". So in other words, I'm not very "cool", but there's a good chance that you knew that already. After Tails, I would say that I'm similar to Blaze in regards to the "far too nervous about a lot of things" aspect of her personality, and also like Blaze, I like to plan things ahead, since I feel it's easier that way for me most of the time. And I tend to keep to myself, partly because of being bullied not being that popular with most folk, and partly because... I'm just the kind of person who would keep to myself anyway. A more minor example would probably be Big, if only because I'm rather tall, but I'm also really quiet. And I usually like to keep things simple, albeit not necessarily in the exact same way as Big. An even more minor example would possibly be Tikal, because like her - and call me naive if you must - but I like to keep an optimistic outlook, and I like to see the best in things... Unless it's about me, but even then, that's my self-esteem at work more than anything else. Finally... Zomom. Because I really like my chocolate. Yeah. So with that out of the way, you may now post awaaaaaayyyy!~
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    Day 6 - Favorite Level So Mega Man X finally makes it's jump off of the SNES and into the fifth generation of consoles. Naturally, Capcom would want to show off all the changes they made in this console leap, and they would want to do it as soon as they started playing. This level is the result of that. This level perfectly shows off everything that X4 has to offer right off the bat. The level shows off the vastly improved stage spritework to it's fullest degree, featuring moving spotlights, destructible terrain, a robot dragon fighting you from the foreground and background, and in the second half of the stage, you're exploring the area's destroyed remains, changing the look of the stage completely. The stage also has some pretty great songs too, both X's and Zero's versions of the track are some of my favourite songs in this series, both getting you pumped to beat the shit out of whatever you're going to be faced with in this level. The stage's level design, while being somewhat simplistic, is also a nice precursor to what the rest of the game's level design will be like, having a lot more emphasis on fluid movement and reaction times than in previous installments in the series, and it's easy enough in this level to where you'll be adequately prepared for the stages that follow. Overall, it's a great start that shows off everything that's in store for you during your run of this game.
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    Well, considering the game is Western-oriented and, as far as I know, won't have any Japanese release, I think it's safe to assume any cutscene we see will be in English. lol
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    I'm lazy, prone to repetitive and pointless tasks, and am completely oblivious to everything that is going on around me I also value the real superpower of friendship
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    Day 29: Sonic Characters That I Feel I'm Most Similar To: Like many others here, I feel like I have several Sonic characters that I can relate to because of personality: Like Sonic, I am fully committed to helping out those in any kinds of trouble or distress all within my means, even if doing so would have consequences and inconvenience me in the process. I also aim to be honest and always keeps my promises, no matter what it could potentially cost me as well. Sonic and I both are very loyal towards our friends. I can also be pretty stubborn at times, too. Tails is kind, sweet-natured and loyal with a positive attitude and is always willing to help out others, and I am the same way (I think I have made the latter obvious around here if I may say so myself! ). I also relate to Tails by initially being timid and shy, but in time I have slowly opened up and become more outgoing. Tails is not one to grab the spotlight for himself and is more the follower and supporter-type as opposed to the leader. This is me also as I would rather help out and follow along as opposed to initiating things on my own accord. I resonate with Amy as she never gives up, and is very optimistic in always seeing the good side of things and cheerful, always cheering others on. Amy is always full of hope and she almost never seems to find anything hopeless. Also like Amy, I can be very bossy. But you know which Sonic character I feel I am similar to the most? Cream. Yes, Cream. Barring definite exceptions, I tend to be polite, use manners and do what I am told or asked to do even like Cream. She is very friendly and tries to befriend nearly everyone that she meets, which is something I definitely tend to do when I meet someone, only to no avail at times, unfortunately, but it's worth a try! Cream tries her best and everything she tries to do. Helping people due to an obligation is one thing; helping people because you actually like to do so is another, and that's exactly how I feel like Cream does. I think it's very interesting that I resonate the most with the Sonic character with whom I am 5 times older than in age (Cream is 6, and I am 30 years old)
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    TAKE FIVE (NO, REALLY) ~ Doing Things the Hard Way ~ And now, for something completely different! Day 5/30: Favourite Indie Game Game Selected: VVVVVV Platforms: -PC, Mac (2010, second version owned) -Nintendo 3DS (2011-2012, first version owned) -iOS, Android, Ouya, PS Vita (2014) "Phew! That was scary! At least we all escaped, right guys? ...guys?" ~Viridian Note to self: do not run too many tabs and applications at once at the risk of browser crashing and failure (COPY YOUR TEXTS WISELY GUYS; YOU SHOULD HAVE MICROSOFT WORD. USE IT.). Anywhosers, finally back from the gym, so let's finally get down to this belated edition of Day 5, and I'm honestly surprised no one even mentioned this game yesterday! Such tragedy, such injustice! So, allow me to rectify that mistake -- I don't care if it's late, I'm talking about it either way! Hang on there, slow down, let me finish! So yes, I might be mouthing the game off like it's the worst thing ever, but it's far from that. Yes, it's Nintendo Hard, yes, it tests your patience to the absolute limit, but that doesn't mean that VVVVVV doesn't have its charms! The soundtrack, composed and arranged by Magnus "SoulEye" Pålsson, is a popular potpourri of chiptune and electronic goodness. If you don't plan on getting the game, at least get the OST; PPPPPP is gorgeous -- that's how I wound up hearing of the game anyway. This, along with the charming 8bit-composed visuals that make up the entirety of VVVVVV, help keep that ride all the more smooth and plenary from start to finish. [ From left to right: Vermillion, Vitellary, Violet, Verdigris, Victoria, Viridian. ] Each room in the game is individually named (one room taking up one screen), usually sticking to a certain theme that room entails. I can't really pinpoint a description for this, so you'll have to experience it for yourself. All I can say is that Terry Cavanagh and Bennet Foddy (creator of QWOP) came up with the names, so make of it as you will. There's also a level builder tool that you can use, so there's potential for anything to be made possible, really. Share your dastardly creations with your friends and see how they fare! There is one notorious series of rooms that are completely optional to go through, if only for the sake of getting one of the 20 collectable trinkets in the game. Some succeeded, some gave up and failed. That particular sequence is the aptly named Doing Things The Hard Way route, which is comprised of the room with the same name/Veni/Vidi/Vici!/Easy Mode Unlocked/Your Bitter Tears...Delicious/Getting Here Is Half The Fun, with spikes adorning the walls and the ability of flipping gravity being usable only once at the other end for nothing but a split second. Have fun with trying to get there and get back. You can see for yourself how the Steam Train/Game Grumps crew handled it here (this stretched a usual 10 minute video into over 30 minutes), or watch how a fan interpreted their reaction at making it in the end. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gllr_kZTvek That positive force you feel when that path complete. You might as well say that you actually beat the game with this out of the way. Danouddadan. Congratulations, you won! So yeah! This game is a thing. Spooper awesome. Nintendo Hard and brilliant at it. As said before, the game is already out on Steam and the Nintendo 3DS eShop, but it has yet to hit mobile phones, Ouya, or the Vita. All of these versions are slated for release sometime this year, so hopefully those interested in having this indie title on those devices won't be waiting for VVVVVV for much longer. sorry i'm such a filthy heathen indie scrub i promise i will change also did any of you see what i did there with the peculiar wording ALSO THANK YOU SO MUCH KIAH [;W;]b And now, onto the main event for Day 6! PUTTING THEM SIX FEET UNDER ~ Veni, Vidi, Vici, Kirby ~ Day 6/30: Favourite Level Stage Selected: "Tower of Midbosses" Appearances: -Rainbow Resort 7-2, Kirby: Nightmare in Dreamland (Game Boy Advance, 2002) -Nutty Noon 5-5, Kirby: Return to Dream Land (Nintendo Wii, 2011) "Somehow, despite what an ordeal this has turned into... it's been worth it." ~Magolor
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    This one's too hard, so I'm just going to list my top 5 (in no particular order). Day 6 : City Escape (Sonic Adventure 2) Simply put, I can't think of a level that better defines the personality of the character you play as. This is how I and many others were introduced to Sonic and it still provides my favorite image of him. Skydiving from a helicopter, sliding down the streets of San Francisco, evading military pursuit, destroying assault robots, running down the side of a building, grinding down rails, crossing bottomless construction sites and finally getting chased by a truck until it trashes itself on a tunnel. Just playing this level is the definition of not giving a FUCK. And it's done more justice to Sonic's character than all the cutscenes in the franchise combined. Phendrana Drifts (Metroid Prime) I've gushed about this level in the past, and it's still among my favorites. God, there's just so much depth to this environment. You feel the serenity of a dying world slowly meeting its end. The remains of a lost civilization frozen in time. An arctic world with a fascinating ecology and structure. It would be enough for it to simply be pretty and interesting, but it's also where some of the most tense moments happen in Metroid Prime. It's where you first encounter the pirate labs on Tallon IV and start to uncover their nefarious intents. The pirate labs is one of the most chilling areas in any game I know; the hairs on my back stand up while I'm walking through there. There's amazing ambient music no matter which corner of the level you are in and I honestly have zero bad things to say about it. Sanctuary Fortress (Metroid Prime 2) While I don't hold Prime 2 as highly as 1, Sanctuary Fortress is its saving grace. After some very desolate and often claustrophobic levels, Sanctuary Fortress was a welcome surprise which completely rejuvenated my interest in the game. With awesome high-tech vistas, upbeat and energetic design, engaging enemies and some creative and just plain fun-as-hell use of the spider ball, Sanctuary Fortress is one of the most downright inspiring levels I've ever played. And its boss... well, let's save that for Favorite Boss Fight day. Whomp's Fortress (Super Mario 64) Being one of the first 3D platformers, Mario 64 was tasked with teaching its audience some of the most fundamental conventions of spacial interactions. While Whomp's Fortress is the second level, I believe it is the most important in the game- maybe even the most important level of its era. Where Bob-omb's Battlefield got players acquainted with 3D movement in a non-threatening environment with wide open spaces, clear direction and no pits, Whomp's Fortress is where the cuffs come off and the true promise of the game comes alive. It's where you learn to THINK in 3D. It teaches you how to use your environment to make your own shortcuts, how to judge distance, timing your movements, looking for secrets- everything. You can tell that this started as an early prototype or pitch level like Dark Souls' Painted World of Ariamis; it's Mario 64 in a nutshell- a microcosm of the game's purpose and most interesting mechanics all laid out in a compact yet liberating environment. Ravenholm (Half-Life 2) After a brief respite in a safehouse with your allies, Gordon Freeman is thrust into a ghost town full of monsters, booby traps and a whole lot of saw blades. This isn't a particularly pretty or original-looking level, but it does what it's built to do and it does it well. Much like Whomp's Fortress, Ravenholm feels like a showcase level. In this case, it's for the Gravity Gun. You already learned how it works with Alyx and DOG, but now you have the chance to experiment and go nuts without any guilt or reservations. Pick up sawblades and shoot them at zombies. Crush them with cars and light them on fire. Half-Life 2 is a very fun game from beginning to end, but Ravenholm in particular stands out for the way it gives the player extra freedom to experiment and play with the environment itself. It's just a super satisfying trek from beginning to end.
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    Brawl in the Family (BitF)

    Unexpected Archer reference is unexpected. Flavor text keeps the references going, but with one closer to home than Archer:
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    The Amazing Spider-Man (The Movies)

    This is a stupid argument. First off, Hispanic is not anything correlating with race. Miguel O' Hara is a white passing Hispanic compared to an Ava Ayala who is clearly dark skinned Boricua. So you are saying," I don't mind replacing a white guy with a white guy with an accent" which kind of makes your statement redundant as fuck. Second, fake Spider-man? Okay, so Wally West and Barry Allen were the Fake Flashes. I am pretty sure Barry Allen is getting his own Tv series and Jay Garret is not involved. Tim Drake, Jason Todd, Stepanie Brown, and Damien Wayne were never Robin because they weren't Dick Grayson. Hal Jordan, Guy Gardner, Jon Stewart, Kyle Rayner, and Simon Baz are fake Green Lanterns because they aren't Alan Scott. Who the fuck is Alan Scott because he certainly was not in that especially shitty movie? And I guess Scott Lang is the fake Ant-Man because he isn't the original Ant-Man, but apparently he gets the starting role as Ant-Man...just skipping over Hank Pym. So apparently your requirements for fake happens to revolve around skin color which sounds kind of racist. And do I think Marvel is more likely to introduce Miles than Sony? Yes. If you don't know, Marvel has a committee of writers of comics that ensure the source material of the characters and story are in tact. No movie gets a pass in Marvel without going through them. Guess who is on that board? Brian Michael Bendis. Writer of Ultimate Spider-man. He has already been pushing for Marvel to have more media for Miles. You think he wants a movie? You damn right he does. Not to mention there is a class action lawsuit directed at the movie industry calling them out for employee discrimination as a lot of starring roles cast white males. Disney don't like that so they will have a minority lead. Problem is that Marvels black superheroes prior to the 90s are stupidly racist so they are chomping at the bit for a minority character without the history of racism in the industry. In other words, the newer super heroes who are gay, more diverse, and encompass a lot more than a relic like Peter Parker. In other words...
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    I think I read something about a demo being playable at E3, not sure. If we're lucky, they'll have a cutscene somewhere. Maybe a new trailer and possibly a teaser (probably a silhouette, Sonic sure loves silhouettes) of Monster of the Week. Regardless if there's a demo or not, I'm sure gameplay will be shown.
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    No intro this time. I need to get to sleep. Favorite Indie Game: The Stanley Parable I've been a fan of this game since the original HL2 mod, and the remake is pretty neat too. The game might be about a man named Stanley. On the other hand, it might be about video game narratives. It's funny, cool, and it doesn't take itself too seriously, a fact that not only helps it's storytelling, but also helps separate it from the pretentious bullshit the indie scene just can't seem to get enough of. It's very clever, and I recommend it.
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    Day 5: Favorite Indie Game Without a doubt, SPELUNKY. In Spelunky you are a fearless explorer... You collect gold and gems... You save the girl... You reach the exit for fame and glory. Looks very simple, right? And it is! Except for one thing. This game is freaking hilariously devious. It's a game where you DIE. Many, many, many times. But! It's not cheap in any way, this game prooves that ALL your actions will have consequences. And God, it is painfull. Painfully funny. It's not a hard game by itself, like I said, it's very simple. But it really shows how we humans can be very careless, greedy and impatient. This 3 factors will be the cause of 99% of your deaths. If you take it slow, collect just the treasures you need, you'll will finish this game with almost no trouble. The real challenge is YOURSELF, and I find this brilliant. So you know you're going to die in this game, right? Lemme give ya some notions: -No level is the same, they are randomly generated, therefore you can't memorize any layout to avoid dying. Sometimes, thanks to this randomizer, some monster will spawn near traps, triggering them and causing madness EVEN before you do something. -Most of the times you will end up dying by a chain reaction of stuff, like this image perfectly illustrates: These are the game's funniest moments, because things can happen in a flash and out of fucking nowhere, sometimes even endless. I remember one time when I planted a bomb to make a hole in a wall, and a micro-second before it exploded, a living skeleton approached it, and explosion sent his skull flying, right into my face, making me fall in a arrow trap that pushed me off a pit full of spikes. Great stuff. -This game has hundreds of traps, hazards and monsters. And THIS GUY is the worst of them all: Looks warmless right? I would say it even looks cute. This fucker has the worst hit-box ever, 2 out of 3 times it's going to bite you before you kill it with your whip, I guarantee. And since it's too little, it's easy to miss it in the background. -And finally, there's him... The shopkeeper. DON'T YOU DARE PISS HIM OFF. Because he will get you... like... this: OUT OF FUCKING NOWHERE. You know you're fucked whenever you hear this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WuRRDbVrlwM The music here is great, with some really catchy tunes, and they sound just like a game from the SEGA Genesis era: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8t-AyG-Ur48 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sp24iYAGfKg http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YjI2-cAFJzQ It also features many secrets to discover (some of them requires luck, others making stuff in an especific order), many items to buy and use. --- In a nutshell, buy this game, it's on Steam, PSN and XBLA, and it's amazing. If you like Super Pitfall, you're gonna love this. The main game has 4 worlds, with 4 levels each, plus 2 secrets worlds. You can also play co-op up to 4 players, making the experience even funnier. But be warned, you may lost some friends. PS.: I haven't finished yet, the farther I got was Temple 2-4.
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    Zone 29: What Sonic Character Am I Most Like? ... ... ... Big is chill. I'm chill. Big probably likes to eat. I like to eat. Big is rather lazy. I'm rather lazy. I guess Big is my jam, then. ...sigh I'm sorry, this is just the hundredth time I've picked Big for something. Kinda underwhelmed with myself.
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    The Amazing Spider-Man (The Movies)

    I would pay so many moneys if they brought in Tobey Maguire to play Ben Riley lol
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    Day 29 Ah, the Sonic universe! Filled to the brim with colorful characters! To which character could I be the most similar? Sonic? Tails? Eggman?...Espio?...Jet? I'd like to think of myself as a mix between Prof. Pickle from Sonic Unleashed, an eccentric guy with a knack for academic work and Archieverse Bean. I guess I could throw some Big in there; I'd like a lazy lifestyle just with my dear pet...So, in short: But I guess that on my worst days, I'm JUST like Archieverse Bean; obnoxious, petulant, blabbering about nonsense. But, thank God, I'm not always like that.
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    I don't really have a favorite level, so I'm going to take the unconventional route and use my favorite Ace Attorney case instead. Case 5-5: Turnabout for Tomorrow I can't begin to froth over how much I loved this case from beginning to end.
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    Day 6! Favourite level! Fort Frolic in Bioshock. Not only is this the best level in Bioshock but it's also my all time favourite level of any game I've ever played. There are many reasons why this is my favourite. There's a lot to explore in this level and it's probably the most eerie area in the game due to all the plaster sculptures (read: corpses) scattered in places like the bathroom and a creepy flooded basement. Speaking of basement, this level also introduces us to the most intimidating enemy in the game called the Plastered Splicer. They're basically more powerful Spider Splicers covered in plaster, and they can suddenly sneak up on you by acting like one of the sculptures. The first time you meet these Splicers you will be freaked out! And then there's this guy. Fort Frolic introduces us to its insane owner, Sander Cohen. He's one crazy ol' mofo, but he has charisma and he's...I dunno, awesome. I like Cohen, for all his craziness. There's even a part where he sends Splicers at you just because he assumes you don't like his "masterpiece," whilst Tchaikovsky's Waltz of the Flowers blares through the speakers in the grand entrance hall of Fort Frolic. Yet I still like the guy. Huh. So not only is this my favourite level for its design and great exploration, but it has some of the most memorable moments (and characters!) in the entirety of Bioshock and hell, any game at that!
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    SDCC exclusive cover for Dawn of X part 1: SHINY!
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    DAY 28 OF PRESIDENT CROW MAKING SPINOFFS! Eh, I'll echo my previous day for this and say... The Deadly Six! As I mentioned in my previous post, the Deadly Six were very underutilized as antagonists. We never get to explore their characters much so all we got going for them is that they like to destroy stuff for shits and giggles. But honestly I love them regardless and I do wanna see them more. If they receive their spin off I really expect a lot from it. Firstly it would be a chance to expand their characters and their role in the Sonic universe which is always a good thing. And secondly since they are avatars of destruction I would expect that playing as them wrecking shit up which is something you didn't see until Shadow, and even then that game didn't had much destruction. Hell I think their control over robots would make a unique gimmick for puzzles and what not. I feel like these characters have plenty of potential to be great and I would love to play as them to be honest. I think it would be cool to play as them so yeah. Until next time SSMB!
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    Day 5! Favourite Indie game! Well, there's two...first one is pretty obvious. When I first saw Journey and heard about how great it was I was very curious to play it, though to me the game didn't look too special. So what if it's got co op with people you don't know? 10 dollars for a game that's only an hour and a half long? Blah. So after playing the wonderful yet super short Flower I was expecting much of the same with this one. Okay, so it was super short, like Flower. But wowwww it blew Flower into oblivion! THIS is better than Flower. Journey is incredible. Not only is it probably the most beautiful game I've ever played (the ending makes me all teary eyed) but there's something wonderful about meeting people who you don't know on your way to the mountain's beacon, and how you can only communicate through the character's vocals. Great stuff. The music is fantastic too. Definitely my favourite Indie game. Oh wait, there's the other one. Well, this one is completely different. This is Dust: An Elysian Tail. Now before you start shouting "Omfg furries lawl" the creator of this game, Dean Dodril, was inspired by Don Bluth's movies. Also, he was the character designer of Jazz Jackrabbit. With that out of the way, here's some reasons why I think this is the best Indie game I've played in years. As you can tell from that screenshot, the game itself looks gorgeous. All of it is hand drawn and looks great in motion. It's a very colourful game too with lots of details in the background and character animations. The gameplay is solid. This is a Metroidvania game with sidescroller beat em up and RPG elements and it controls superbly, especially once you've powered up your character. And for an Indie game this will take you a while to complete! I think I beat the whole story (including most of the sidequests!) in about 10 hours. Speaking of the story, it's pretty good. Basically it's about the main character Dust trying to regain his memories, whilst Fidget the Nimbat and Dust's talking sword The Blade of Ahrah tag along. It all sounds very cliche at first, but once you get halfway through the story it gets real good and there's a twist or two in there as well. The voice acting is impressive, the script has some great moments and the music is wonderful! If there's one flaw with An Elysian Tail it's that the villain's motive isn't explained very well, but apparently that's because they didn't have time to add all that backstory into the game so I can forgive them for that. Overall, I'd totally recommend trying this game out especially if you're a fan of Metroidvania gameplay. Or if you like games with furry characters, like me XP I hope they make a sequel soon! PS: One man created this game. Programmed it, animated it, designed it, everything except for music and voice acting. Now if that's not amazing I don't know what is!
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    What difference would there be, though? Riding the elevator is pretty trivial; it's only worth noting because they come back to it while escaping the park. I think the game does better by getting the characters into the park and the player into a level immediately, rather than the game opening with them riding an elevator.
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    Brawl in the Family (BitF)

    Gadd's original plan was just sucking the thing into a new model of the Poltergust. Luigi seems to be the least pleased about this, than again, a Spikey Shell was on a balloon with his face on it. Also, it's good to see Gadd, I love how happy he looks in the last panel.
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    http://www.totalxbox.com/76032/game-on-microsoft-dates-xbox-e3-2014-conference/ Can't wait to see what Microsoft has in store and I look forward to seeing more of already announced games like Halo and Sunset Overdrive. 9:30am Pacific would make it 5:30pm here in the UK if I know my time zones, and with it being on the day before my wife's Birthday, then I can watch it live with you guys EDIT: Official stream link: http://www.xbox.com/en-GB/e3#fbid=MMrBECYrVmc
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    Day 29 Challenge: Which character(s) do you feel similar too 28/30 Challenges Completed So many characters, so many different personalities... Okay, well, let's see... Miles "Tails" Prower I feel like I'm somewhat similar to Tails because I'm interested in tech things. I'm not as smart as Tails to build my own dog, though. I also see myself sometimes as a sidekick to a few people and I'm always wanting to do whatever I can to help in a situation when it comes to helping a friend. Blaze the Cat I feel like I'm somewhat similar to Blaze because of the fact that in Sonic Rush when both her world and Sonic's world was in danger, she carried the entire weight of both worlds on her shoulders and didn't want any help, and I really do feel that I'm that way a lot of times. If a friend is having a problem, then I'll help. If I'm having a problem, then most of the time I want to handle my problem on my own. I believe majority of the times I want to use my own strength to get things done and don't want to rely on others because of the simple reason of being stubborn, or maybe because I simply think I can take on anything and do anything. Something along those lines. Another thing is how Blaze can be quite honest and blunt. In Sonic Rush Adventure she ended up telling Marine that she was a nuisance. I'm really the person who doesn't like to hide his true feelings towards people and will honestly be straightforward and tell someone what I think of them and whatnot. Though, I'm not a straightforward person 24/7 that'll be honest with you on every single last thing you said and did today, but majority of the times I will be when I feel it's needed. I feel like experiencing Blaze introduction story again... 29/30 Challenges Completed
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    Day 6: Favorite Level Eh? Pretty vague question. Even for someone who doesn't own that many games this is tough one to pick out. Mystic Mansion (Sonic Heroes) Yeah yeah, avoid Sonic related answers, but stick with me here, and I don't make this choice lightly. Mystic Mansion is by far one of the most creative levels in the Sonic series. Despite it being one of the longest levels in the game, it never feels dull due to the way the level progresses. With mysterious switches altering the room, bringing inanimate objects to life, or transporting you somewhere completely different, the layout constantly becomes more warped, twisted and distorted as you progress with all manner of ghosts and illusions constantly appearing. Highway 17 (Half-Life 2) For starters, I love desolate coastal settings in video games, and whenever I think of Half-Life 2, I always remember Highway 17. What makes it a personal favorite of mine though is the fact that it's the first real 'quiet' part of the game. Serving as a bridge between the horror town Ravenholm and the claustrophobic Nova Prospect, this part of the game feels like down time between all the action and plot development and really gives you a chance to take in the atmosphere. It really drives home just how dystopian the world has become, with what little interactions with other lifeforms being either small resistance camps being bombarded by gunships, Combine scouts, or ravenous Antlions infesting the sandy areas. Gameplay wise it's the most open section of the game with very few tight spots to engage enemies in, there's plenty of leg room to move around and move between cover points.
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    Gotham (New Batman TV series)

    Why should it matter if you know what happens to the characters later on down the road? By that logic, prequels should never exist. And its not about where they end up, its the journey they take to get there. This show isn't even solely based around Bruce, its mostly about Gordon. Its about Gordon's start as a detective and how Gotham is making its plummet down the toilet. People know Bruce's story and his evolution into Batman, but few know the story of Gotham itself, and that's what this show is focusing on. Hell, I doubt Batman will even be in it unless there are some major time jumps later on. I'm looking forward to seeing more.
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    My favorite level is... Bramble Scramble from DKC2! Being probably the only bramble level in the game that doesn't rely entirely on blast barrels or racing gimmicks, this is a stage that really keeps you on your toes and causes you to hone your precision platforming skills so you aren't skewered by a prickly branch because of a goof. My good buddies Squawks and Squitter also show up to help you out, so that adds to both the variety and the plain old fun. (Shootin' eggs and webs like a boss!) Plus, did I forget to mention the TON of secret goodies laying about typical of any DKC level? Finally, the best and most famous part of Bramble Scramble... MOTHATRUCKIN' STICKERBRUSH SYMPHONY! Oh...my...GODDDDDDDDDDDDDDD, is this track fantastic. Although the bramble levels are usually giant pains in the neck, you last through them not because you absolutely love them, but because THIS track is backing you up every time. Levels and music like this are why DKC is my absolute favorite platforming series. DAT ATMOSPHERE. Before I go, there's an honorable mention I'd like to make: The Forest Maze from Super Mario RPG is also an absolutely fantastic area with beautiful music, terrific atmosphere, and a boss fight with an interesting gimmick. The only things that held it back from being my #1 are the "ehness" of most of the enemies that reside in the forest and the fact that it kinda stretches what a "level" is. XD
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    Day 6 - Mambo's Favourite Level (that's not in a Sonic game!) Hmm, this is tough... I guess I have many favourite levels! XD But this is one that springs to mind: Assassin's Creed Revelations: The Prince's Banquet Ezio, Yusuf and their Assassin buddies have to break into Topkapi Palace to ensure the safety of the Prince of the Ottoman Empire. To do so, Ezio beats up some minstrels and gives his Assassin accomplices their costumes. The level itself involves Ezio walking around in a ridiculous costume, playing a lute and singing whilst using Eagle Vision to point out any would-be attackers to Yusuf, for him to kill them. This level is absolutely hilarious! Walking around in tights, singing songs about all of Ezio's past assassinations, past lovers etc is so funny. Yeah, this one is up there in the favourites list for sure!
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    Train Your Brain (Bugs Bunny Lost In Time) The very last level of the game, and one hell of a fun! It's a marathonic series of puzzle linked together with platforming sections, combined with a musci that makes it feel like you're really doing something epic. And after a particularly hard puzzle (I believe it's called "Master Mind"), when you think it's finally over and you can catch a break... ...a last race against a green alien, like in the cartoon (and the loading screen, which foreshadows what's to come). A last exciting challenge that will keep you on the edge of your seats. Awesome. Similarly... Rickety Race (Donkey Kong Country 2) After the painful Bramble Scramble, this is a genuinely entertaining level. To sum up: it's a RACE on ROLLER COASTERS. It means that the only way to do an overtaking is by throwing the opponents off of the rails. One hell of a competition
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    The Amazing Spider-Man (The Movies)

    There's gonna come a time where the Spidey films run too stale for Sony and/or audiences, or Garfield gets sick of playing Peter Parker - whichever comes first, Miles is the next best solution since it gives Peter a heroic exit and gives the film universe another brilliant Spider-Man.
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    Official Sonic 2006 topic

    I'm actually curious as to why the Duke sealed Iblis inside Elise. Maybe Iblis would have been released when the Duke died, but the story never mentioned any 'rules' like that. I think the story is probably the worst thing about this game, the gameplay alone actually wasn't all that terrible for me. The game as a whole was still bad, but it was the story that was the smelliest part.
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    Day Numbero 5 Hear Gold Edition: Ninja's "Your level is worse than any given Escort or Underwater Mission, Kami" Favourite Level Ever! now, last year again I talked about stuff like Glitz pit from TTYD, and that still applies too, so here is a level I grew to love more recently Chapter 2:2 from Resident Evil 4 specifially, the end of it, where you, Ashley and your buddy Luis are trapped in a cabin and have to survive an onslaught of enemies, wave after wave, storming the small Cabin, and you with somewhat Limited Ammunition, trying your best to survive the attack. its a really cool and tense scene, you gotta barricade windows, knock down Ladders, Luis provides you with some Ammo but not too much, Ashley is in the safety of a closet so you can focus on pureley taking down the Ganados, its great.
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    Dammit Day 6: Favourite Level Well my number one choice is City Escape from Sonic Adventure 2, but in the interest of non-Sonic stuff: Whomp's Fortress from Super Mario 64 is a level I adore, as it takes the basic skills you learn in Bob-Omb Battlefield, and applies them to a classic Mario style obstacle course, throwing varied stage design, interesting enemies and challenges, and a nifty boss to (literally) top it all off. I will say that Blast Away the Wall is a ridiculous star, and defies all common sense, but overall I reckon this level's pretty great, and the small additions in Super Mario 64 DS only provided more exploration possibilities.
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    I really hope so. Maybe the interview will tease some features not present in the demos. Or hint at some of the other characters show up (since, apparently, they're looking to bring characters in when they make sense into the game-world.)
  37. 2 points
    We'll get a new trailer (obviously), a live demo, possibly a cutscene reveal and lots of interviews and gameplay videos. And this time they will open up and tell us lots more about the game and not just repeat the same thing over and over again.
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    Day 6: Favourite Level ...Hm. That's really tough, actually. I've played enough games that there's a lot to choose from. But I guess I have to pick one that I always enjoy playing through, one that's very special, one tha-- Angel Island Zone SSMB's reaction: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kV0Ou_4i7ww Now, I promised myself I'd avoid Sonic answers as much as I possibly can. But an exception had to be made for this question. And let me to tell you, this wasn't an easy choice who am I kidding? I was bit by the nostalgia bug. I mentioned AIZ in my "favourite first levels" post in the 30 Days of Sonic, and for good reason. It's one of the best first levels in the series. It was also the first I experienced, hell, the first platformer level I experienced. But that's just part of it. It's a very well crafted level in many areas. It's simple enough for a first level, but with plenty of different ways to run through it--particularly Act 2--and with some parts that test you even at the very beginning of the game. You can very easily end up underwater at various points, and even for someone who hadn't played the first two games to let little-me know that water in Sonic is terrifying, it was still enough to make me realize I had to take things seriously. There's also the fact there's a few sections where you have to go left. Doesn't sound like a big deal on paper, but compared to Green Hill and Emerald Hill? Yeah. It sure blows my mind! Also, the music is incredible. Wow, can't believe I'm mentioning music in this topic, but here we are~ Also also, it introduces the Rhinobots who should clearly return in the modern games as a faster alternative to Motobugs you'd meet later in the game. Or something. Plus I mean the whole dang level is set on fire. Gives a neat feeling of progression, sort of. Keeps it fresh, like the way Mushroom Hill changes in seasons as you go through it.
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    Come on down and visit El Swanko Casa. All yours for the low price of $26.
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    I don't see how that's hypocritical. It would just be adapting game stories and putting Eggman as the main guy. But it would still be unique from the games. Except I'm not demanding the comics to be mandated in a specific way, or getting upset at it for being different. I'm accepting the comics for being it's own thing with it's own charms while liking the games for being their own main thing. The kind of story the games do can be far better expanded than the comics ever could be because with video games being more interactive medium, there's more you can put into one game than you could a few dozen issues especially when it comes to narrative which its nature as an interactive medium enhances far more than the comics could ever pull off. But it's not saying you can't expand on that in a different way, but that it should be its own identity even with these stories being adapted to it. Basically think the Arkham series for Batman, with its more intense portrayals of even the series lowest villain by making Riddler or Penguin far more bloodthirsty and sinister than they have been in any other medium - regardless of it being the comics or the games, it's a different representation of these same elements. Well, for one, it is a Sonic comic due to having Sonic and his co present in it fighting Eggman like he does in the games. It's the one thing that's omnipresent in Sonic series in every medium out there, whether it was the cartoons (even different ones like Underground), the games, or the comics. So you're going to have to find another strawman to invalidate this. The point in making it this way is that since the games are more rigid in what they use, the comics have a bit more flexibility and can get away with using other elements that the games aren't going to use, such as preserving the characters from cartoon series, and considering the games are being more light on story the comics can be more narrative heavy and tell a different story than the games do with these adaptations as well as continue advertising Sonic's presence it another medium. It can pick up on what the games won't do, having it's own charm that sets it apart from the games while still being part of the franchise as a whole.
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    Day 5: Favourite Indie Game Part 2 So I yesterday, but I was a little pushed for time while I was writing that post and didn't get a chance to ramble on about another one of my favourites. And I've not seen anyone else mentioning it in the topic and it's a game I'd like to recommend to people, so just going to throw in an additional post before the question changes. I paid $1 for a Humble Bundle a while ago and this was one of the games that was included, and it's the best dollar I've ever spent. Offspring Fling is a game I love for similar reasons to . You're a mother rabbit-thing who's lost her children in the forest and you have to gather all the babies scattered around in each level and get them to the goal gate safely. The only controls are the direction keys, jump and throw babies and it seems like a simple enough game when you start out, but it gets so much more complicated and addictive as it goes on. The puzzles are well thought out and it sometimes takes you a while to figure out just how you're supposed to reach a baby or make it to the goal gate while carrying one as it slows you down and prevents you from jumping higher. You also get a blue, yellow or rainbow flower depending on how well you do on the stage, and that's the reason I've kept playing the game for as long as I have. Each level has dev times that you need to beat to get a rainbow flower and there's an achievement for earning all of them as well as more secret levels that can be unlocked, and to do this you need to complete all the stages as fast as you can without a single mistake. Some of the stages seem absolutely impossible to beat and you find yourself playing them over and over just to knock another millisecond off your previous time, and although it does get frustrating at times it is still enjoyable and is what got me hooked on the game as it's immensely satisfying when you manage to get another flower. I also love the art style and it looks just like something you would have found on the SNES and has quite a Yoshi's Island vibe to it, and while the soundtrack might get a little repetitive for some people after a while, it also captures the feel of something straight out of the 16-bit era and I love how upbeat and cheerful it is. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K08WWwP_LGI I'd recommend Offspring Fling to anyone who loves classic platformers. It's got some excellent level designs and loads of replay value if you're interested in getting 100%, and even if not it's still quite fun to play through. Although be warned: You will get addicted.
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    I was going to make a Cinco de Mayo pun but then I realized that it wasn't funny so I'm just going to put this here instead... um yeah it's Day 5: Favorite Indie Game... wait, what do you mean the mic is still on? Turn that o- If I hadn't changed my avatar recently, you probably could've guessed, it's Touhou Project, all of it. it spawned my favorite character, my favorite song (or at least in my top 3 favorites), and hell, one of my favorite games too. The amazing part though? It's all done by one man. One man with amazing music talent might I add, I truly admire his composition ability. If I had to single one out for this entry, ugh that's tough. They're all fantastic gameplay wise. My only complaint is that I just wish they weren't so hard sometimes so I could get the good ending on all of them. They're still pretty accessible to newcomers depending on the game if you've never played a Bullet Hell before though and I really like that, just avoid Touhou 11 if it's your first time playing. Ultimately I'd have to say Touhou 7: Perfect Cherry Blossom though. That was my first I played and fully beat without using any continues (which says a lot because that's really bloody hard to do even when on Normal). It's Sakuya's first playable appearance and the story/graphics/music/atmosphere were lovely. Out of all the ones I played, I also feel 7 was the most forgiving and accessible to play so that's just another reason why I love and recommend it. Also if Touhou doesn't count for some reason, then I vote Stanley Parable. That's another brilliant title, and I'm glad to see it mentioned a few times around here as well. Not much else I can say about it that hasn't already been said other than 8. That's all. Just 8. Previously on Day 4: Next time on Day 6:
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    Day 29: What character are you most like? Blaze/Knuckles I don't know why people count these two as different personalities; they're practically identical. Anyway, like the two guardians, I prefer to work alone. I am very solitary, content with the company of my thoughts and nothing more. I'm also very paranoid about strangers, though usually keep my thoughts to myself, unlike Knuckles. I'm usually chill, but if something ticks me off, I'll probably have a pretty hot temper afterwards. Finally, I'm very stubborn, I'll admit, and usually don't take kindly to change. One thing that I don't have in common with the two, unfortunately, is their determination and dedication to their responsibility. They'll guard their emeralds to the end of their days, (when they're not being re-written by SEGA, that is) and if their emeralds are shattered or stolen, they won't rest until they restore them back to their former glory. Me, however? I'm an all-or-nothing kind of guy. If I don't feel like it can be done right, I won't want to do it at all. I should probably change that sometime... Day 29: Complete
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    Day 5: Favourite Indie Game Since the early days of the industry, developers were keen to create their own games without the strict control of bigger development teams by sticking with a very reduced development team (or even to the point of being the only person who produced every component of the game) and without the reliance of an external publisher by distributing them on their own terms. Throughout the years, the process of creating an independent game have evolved to better accommodate the needs of these developers thanks to the Internet: bigger budgets can be conceived with the help of crowdfunding, more development kits and game engines licenses are created and distributed as well as easier to license, and due to the raise of digital distribution methods developers can easily publish their games online in comparison to retail. Also in comparison to mainstream development teams, indie developers pursuit innovation, creativity and artistic experimentation, allowing the creation of exceptional game experiences. Unlike the first questions of this 30 Days Of challenge, I haven't played as many indie games to the point of giving a big list of honourable mentions. I can, however, say that games like the hardcore platformer Super Meat Boy, the gorgeous puzzler Braid, and the extremely fun beat 'em up Castle Crashers are considered my really close seconds to favourite. My favourite indie game goes to... Dust: An Elysian Tail Going back in time to 2009, I was extremely hyped with this game during its participation at Microsoft's Dream Build Play challenge for two reasons. First reason was the pre-alpha build trailer released at the competition which won me over at the art direction and the quality of the animation, as well as the game being Metroidvania-styled; the second reason goes to its creator, Dean Dodrill, who was already familiar to me due to his involvement with the Jazz Jackrabbit series after being a cutscene animator and illustrator for Jazz 2 and for being partly involved with the development of the cancelled project Jazz 3; since I enjoyed the series a lot back in the late 90s (which still remains as one of my many nostalgic favourite game series), hearing the news of Dean Dodrill behind this gem caught my interest even more. This game won the Dream Build Play challenge, which was grated with a publishing contract with Microsoft for an Xbox Live Arcade release, and since then until the release of the game on August 2012 it was 3 years of development and await. All I can say is they were totally worthy. Many reasons are attributed to why Dust: An Elysian Tail is my favourite indie game in recent years. The gameplay is really solid and simple, sharing the characteristic platforming, action, exploration and lite RPG elements of the Metroidvania style. The combat is simple yet fun and engaging, and the controls are tight and responsive on both combat and platforming elements. From the technical standpoint, the game is literally a beauty: the character sprites are really well animated, the effects are impressive and the background work is astonishing; the voice acting is very good for the standards of an indie game and the soundtrack composed by HyperDuck Soundworks and long-time composer Alexander Brandon (known for his past works on several game series such as Jazz Jackrabbit, Unreal or Deus Ex) is a bliss to listen. Story-wise, while its first contact may be quite cliche at first (amnesic character who must find out who the hell is he/she), its development is very well carried as well as the plot twists and how the characters are well connected and developed throughout the story; love how well scripted the game is as well as the dialogue of the characters, with Fidget easily stealing the show in many occasions. The deep theme of the story alongside with how well animated the game and the few cutscenes are give the feeling of watching an animated show or film from the early-to-mid '80s and, in fact, does resemble some of Don Bluth's notable works such as An American Tail or The Secret of NIMH. Oh, and the game itself is full of references to many classic video games series such as Castlevania as well as some recent indie games too. All in all, Dust: An Elysian Tail is an incredibly well crafted game and the result of a one man's hard work and commitment (outside of the voice acting, music and part of the writing, Dean Dodrill programmed, designed and animated everything in this game). It's a game that gives the Metroidvania-styled gameplay another exceptional entry in their catalog ready to be explored and which I can assure you will enjoy if you ever desire to give it a go; truth be told, I would recommend it to anyone! All I can say is that after playing Dust I am really looking forward to see how Dean Dodrill will expand the universe of Elysian Tail with more games and also with the culmination of the animated film that he had in the works way before Dust was even in the works.
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    DAY 29 OF PRESIDENT CROW BEING A SANIC CHARACTER! A bit too soon but oh well. Zazz! Yeah I'm bringing him up again. Like our favorite President, Zazz is loud and hammy and has a sense of humor to him. He's pretty maniacal and is willing to do crazy shit at times. I've mentioned before he does have a punk theme to him which I sort of have. The only reason why I didn't pick Shadow or Zor over him is mostly because he's just a hilarious, hammy character much like myself. Shame he does lack my wits and charm. ;D But anyways UNTIL NEXT TIEM SSMB!
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    Day 5: Favorite Indie Game The Binding of Isaac Honestly, I don't care much for this game's aesthetics, nor do I find the soundtrack to be anything incredible. Still, this is definitely my favorite as far as indie games go. Binding of Isaac is a game played from a top-down perspective where you control a little boy and kill monsters with your tears, throughout randomly generated levels that are very reminiscent of the original Zelda dungeons in their design. Along the way, you'll find a huge variety of items that will improve your stats (like your health, or the range of your tears), some that will change your method of attack, some that will help find secrets, among others. The beauty of this game is that it's very simple to get into, yet is also a very complex and challenging game, AND it's a totally different experience everytime you play, since most things in the game, like the layout of the levels, which bosses will show up, or the items you will find, are randomly generated. You have to think carefully about which items to pick up, as they could be a nice perk but might also give you a disadvantage later on, or maybe if you don't pick it up you might find an even better item later. Luck plays a significant role in getting good item drops, but more often than not it isn't something that hinders the experience, and when you do manage to find a ton of powerful items, it's incredibly empowering and is one of the biggest joys of this game. The only thing I don't like about this game, as I've said before, is the aesthetics and sound, and I guess the general tone. The game is shock full of crude, morbid and/or gross themes and humor coupled with a lot of religious references, which just isn't my thing. I'm also not a big fan of the art and the animation, and I find the music pretty forgettable. Those are just my opinions though. But yeah. Really great game, one of my favorites even outside of indie games. Some honorable mentions:
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    Disney's Big Hero 6

    Ever since John Lasseter took over, he said he didn't want Disney to get repetetive with its films, that's why we're not getting fairy tales all the time. Wreck It Ralph was considerably different from their other stuff and yet it did fine.
  48. 2 points
    That's just....stupid. Yeah, we have precedent for it, but that doesn't make it any less retarded on Sonic Team's part. Like, even from a business standpoint this is just...daft. The worst part is that Sonic Team's been doing this for a long damn time. It actually feels like the Japan branches are not only out of touch with well...the rest of the world as far as Sonic overall, but lack a fair deal of business sense. You don't wanna use the classic looks that you just pimped out (with figures still lining up the shelves in certain TRUs mind you) in a handful of pages in because?...Brand Management? Consistency? Yeah, let's be consistent with a product that really hasn't been consistent since 1999! There is literally no harm in such a use in the classic designs. Not even a sliver of a chance of monetary loss, target demographic confusion, or any of that jazz. This is purely Sonic Team exercising their rights as the brand holder in a really short sighted and idiotic way. It's not a huge deal at the end of the day, but it's just awfully telling of how out of it Sonic Team really is. I've pretty much not had a problem with any of their mandates either. Most of them at least had some semblance of grounding or logic behind them. This one is just...why the F do you care Sonic Team?
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    Going into another massive problem concerning the game and its piss poor programming is the fact the unfinished state of this game really shows when you have text telling you that you've unlocked something that you can't even really recieve at all, such as the gem that makes you go Super Sonic, left out stories, etc. One way I'd try to go about making Mephiles extremely less idiotic of a villain, aside from replacing him completely would be to have him work for Eggman, in the sense that the Doctor would've brainwashed him and wiped his memory of his original chaotic goals, thus helping legitimize why the heck Mephiles constantly does stuff that really onlt hinders his plans. The said mindwipe would be removed after Shadow's actions at the end of his story, trying to seal Mephiles again, of course.
  50. 2 points
    Yes, regardless on how you feel about that game the soundtrack is top notch. I recommend giving it a listen even if you never played the game.
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