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    Brawl in the Family (BitF)

    Unexpected Archer reference is unexpected. Flavor text keeps the references going, but with one closer to home than Archer:
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    I think I read something about a demo being playable at E3, not sure. If we're lucky, they'll have a cutscene somewhere. Maybe a new trailer and possibly a teaser (probably a silhouette, Sonic sure loves silhouettes) of Monster of the Week. Regardless if there's a demo or not, I'm sure gameplay will be shown.
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    I don't really have a favorite level, so I'm going to take the unconventional route and use my favorite Ace Attorney case instead. Case 5-5: Turnabout for Tomorrow I can't begin to froth over how much I loved this case from beginning to end.
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    Brawl in the Family (BitF)

    Gadd's original plan was just sucking the thing into a new model of the Poltergust. Luigi seems to be the least pleased about this, than again, a Spikey Shell was on a balloon with his face on it. Also, it's good to see Gadd, I love how happy he looks in the last panel.
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    http://www.totalxbox.com/76032/game-on-microsoft-dates-xbox-e3-2014-conference/ Can't wait to see what Microsoft has in store and I look forward to seeing more of already announced games like Halo and Sunset Overdrive. 9:30am Pacific would make it 5:30pm here in the UK if I know my time zones, and with it being on the day before my wife's Birthday, then I can watch it live with you guys EDIT: Official stream link: http://www.xbox.com/en-GB/e3#fbid=MMrBECYrVmc
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    Going into another massive problem concerning the game and its piss poor programming is the fact the unfinished state of this game really shows when you have text telling you that you've unlocked something that you can't even really recieve at all, such as the gem that makes you go Super Sonic, left out stories, etc. One way I'd try to go about making Mephiles extremely less idiotic of a villain, aside from replacing him completely would be to have him work for Eggman, in the sense that the Doctor would've brainwashed him and wiped his memory of his original chaotic goals, thus helping legitimize why the heck Mephiles constantly does stuff that really onlt hinders his plans. The said mindwipe would be removed after Shadow's actions at the end of his story, trying to seal Mephiles again, of course.
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    Dates: June 26th and June 27th, 2015 Location: To be announced You can buy tickets to attend here! You can donate to the fundraiser and receive rewards here! This event is not affiliated with SEGA and is run on a non-profit basis. Sonic Revolution 2014 is not even upon us yet, and already there’s another Sonic the Hedgehog convention in the works! Casino Nights Zone is a TWO-day convention for fans of the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise, though gamers of all ages and interests, as well as their families, are more than welcome to attend. The event is to be held in Las Vegas on June 26th and 27th, 2015. Casino Nights is being organized with the same ideas as Sonic Boom, Summer of Sonic, Sonic Revolution and Weston Super Sonic: a place where all Sonic fans can gather and have hours (or days, in our case) of fun about their favorite blue hedgehog! Event Details The event is being formally sponsored by Dreamerch, a small video game merchandise retailer, but the event itself is run on a not-for-profit basis; any proceeds from the event will be going towards increasing the amount of activities available to attendees. The event is divided into two Acts, each representing a day and dedicated to heroes or villains. Contests and activities shall be held on both days and will be tailored to these themes: for example, the costume contest for one day would be themed around villains and the other day around heroes. A 20-hour event is going to require lots of funding to ensure that there's lots for attendees to do; every ticket purchased from us will make this possible. Money raised from tickets will go towards paying for the event space as well as all the activities we have planned. Activities available at the venue will include: • Contests (Trivia, Costume, Art and more); • Musical performances by various talented musicians; • Panels with various special guests (such as Archie's Sonic the Hedgehog writer Ian Flynn or Sonic comic artists Matt Herms and Evan Stanley) who have contributed to the Sonic franchise in one form or another, such as voice work, artwork, animation, game design, writing, or more; • Raffles for various prizes • Gaming tournaments, ranging from Sonic and All-Stars Racing Transformed to Super Smash Bros. Brawl; • A fangame area where the most promising fangames will be available to view and play; • Tables to have your merchandise signed by various creative talents who have worked on Sonic the Hedgehog; • Fanmade animations and videos related to Sonic the Hedgehog will be showcased throughout the day; • Vendor booths and artist alley tables where all sorts of merchandise will be for sale; • A fanmade Sonic mascot costume as well as other options for photo opportunities; • All this will be to the tune of Sonic music playing in the background all day long; And more! Special guests will be announced as they are confirmed to be attending. Several talented individuals who have contributed to Sonic media over the years have voiced interest (none of these guests are confirmed, just as a note; guests will be confirmed as we make arrangements later on)! Of course, these are only the guests who have announced interest publicly... To help pay for the costs (which will come to around 16,000 dollars) of this event, a small ticket fee is charged; a one-day pass costs 20 dollars, and a two-day pass costs 35 dollars. Las Vegas and EventBee charge some fees as well, and these are levied on top of the ticket price; after service fees and taxes, a one day pass is 24 dollars, and the two day pass is 40.50. We hope you will join us in Las Vegas for the world's first formal two-day Sonic convention! This event is not sponsored by or affiliated with SEGA or any of its subsidiaries and is an independent undertaking. Every person who buys a ticket or otherwise contributes makes this event possible, and we encourage all contributors and attendees to take pride in this fact. Myself and all the other Casino Nights staff hope you will join us at Casino Nights next year in fabulous Las Vegas!
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    No, this page certainly doesn't suffice in the slightest. Not that Mephiles has really had anything in-game going for him in the first place anyway. Wrong again Hedgy. The game informs you that Elise dying will also release Iblis, particularly at scenes such as the Crisis City computer that reveals that Iblis was released when Elise died on Eggman's crashed Egg Carrier. That actually raises an astronomical point. There's no way, Mephiles could've gotten his powers from Shadow, because we see so many people already fully capable of using it!
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    A lot of the music is really good. I'm surprised GUN Fortress only got one mention. It's so wonderfully chill despite all the chaos going on. It's probably cause there's such an abundance of GUN enemies that the dark gauge stays filled.
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    Disney Thread

    The films would not sell like hot cakes day in and day out if they were made permanently available for all time. In fact, I don't think there's any case where a film or other similar entertainment media like a game or TV show continuously sells millions a day for years and years and years, especially when movies are forced to drop in price pretty damn fast anyway. A movie isn't a resource with a short time span of degradation that in turn warrants continuous restocking within a home. One buy and it's yours for basically however long the technology to play it holds out, and that can be a decade or longer. Thus, sales will decline. The Disney Vault is a good way to create artificial demand and thus get more bursts of money at a time, and probably more money over the long haul, not just because of renewed availability (pretty sure Disney's aware that people can just pirate and store their films on hard drives and never have to buy one), but because each specific re-release is unique onto itself. There are only so many VHS re-releases, or Special Editions, or Diamond Editions, and that in itself inflates demand upon availability along with the limited release time.
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