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    ~SSMB Has Cleared Spinoff Saloon Act 28!~ Die... Question #29: Which character(s) do you feel that you're the most similar to? This isn't even Diogenes' final form. As we get closer and closer to the end, I started to think to myself. What should today's question be? Should I ask about your favourite final bosses, just like how I asked about your favourite first bosses in the past? Should I ask about your favourite final zones, just like how I asked about your favourite first zones in the past? Should I ask about your favourite Robotnik airships and space stations, a question that I was planning on asking, before finding out the hard way about some people's viewpoints on there being too many Robotnik questions? ...No. Let's ask a completely different question instead. Because, you know, shit happens. Crusher's Thoughts: I would say that I'm similar to my second favourite Sonic character, Tails. The reason for why I think that is because even during my high school years, I never entered the "rebellious teenager phase". At the risk of sounding like a half-hearted public service announcement, drinking and drugs and all that jibba-jabba has never been my thing, you know? I've always behaved, and I never had a problem with behaving. My two sisters even refer to me as "the golden child". So in other words, I'm not very "cool", but there's a good chance that you knew that already. After Tails, I would say that I'm similar to Blaze in regards to the "far too nervous about a lot of things" aspect of her personality, and also like Blaze, I like to plan things ahead, since I feel it's easier that way for me most of the time. And I tend to keep to myself, partly because of being bullied not being that popular with most folk, and partly because... I'm just the kind of person who would keep to myself anyway. A more minor example would probably be Big, if only because I'm rather tall, but I'm also really quiet. And I usually like to keep things simple, albeit not necessarily in the exact same way as Big. An even more minor example would possibly be Tikal, because like her - and call me naive if you must - but I like to keep an optimistic outlook, and I like to see the best in things... Unless it's about me, but even then, that's my self-esteem at work more than anything else. Finally... Zomom. Because I really like my chocolate. Yeah. So with that out of the way, you may now post awaaaaaayyyy!~
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    I'm lazy, prone to repetitive and pointless tasks, and am completely oblivious to everything that is going on around me I also value the real superpower of friendship
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    This one's too hard, so I'm just going to list my top 5 (in no particular order). Day 6 : City Escape (Sonic Adventure 2) Simply put, I can't think of a level that better defines the personality of the character you play as. This is how I and many others were introduced to Sonic and it still provides my favorite image of him. Skydiving from a helicopter, sliding down the streets of San Francisco, evading military pursuit, destroying assault robots, running down the side of a building, grinding down rails, crossing bottomless construction sites and finally getting chased by a truck until it trashes itself on a tunnel. Just playing this level is the definition of not giving a FUCK. And it's done more justice to Sonic's character than all the cutscenes in the franchise combined. Phendrana Drifts (Metroid Prime) I've gushed about this level in the past, and it's still among my favorites. God, there's just so much depth to this environment. You feel the serenity of a dying world slowly meeting its end. The remains of a lost civilization frozen in time. An arctic world with a fascinating ecology and structure. It would be enough for it to simply be pretty and interesting, but it's also where some of the most tense moments happen in Metroid Prime. It's where you first encounter the pirate labs on Tallon IV and start to uncover their nefarious intents. The pirate labs is one of the most chilling areas in any game I know; the hairs on my back stand up while I'm walking through there. There's amazing ambient music no matter which corner of the level you are in and I honestly have zero bad things to say about it. Sanctuary Fortress (Metroid Prime 2) While I don't hold Prime 2 as highly as 1, Sanctuary Fortress is its saving grace. After some very desolate and often claustrophobic levels, Sanctuary Fortress was a welcome surprise which completely rejuvenated my interest in the game. With awesome high-tech vistas, upbeat and energetic design, engaging enemies and some creative and just plain fun-as-hell use of the spider ball, Sanctuary Fortress is one of the most downright inspiring levels I've ever played. And its boss... well, let's save that for Favorite Boss Fight day. Whomp's Fortress (Super Mario 64) Being one of the first 3D platformers, Mario 64 was tasked with teaching its audience some of the most fundamental conventions of spacial interactions. While Whomp's Fortress is the second level, I believe it is the most important in the game- maybe even the most important level of its era. Where Bob-omb's Battlefield got players acquainted with 3D movement in a non-threatening environment with wide open spaces, clear direction and no pits, Whomp's Fortress is where the cuffs come off and the true promise of the game comes alive. It's where you learn to THINK in 3D. It teaches you how to use your environment to make your own shortcuts, how to judge distance, timing your movements, looking for secrets- everything. You can tell that this started as an early prototype or pitch level like Dark Souls' Painted World of Ariamis; it's Mario 64 in a nutshell- a microcosm of the game's purpose and most interesting mechanics all laid out in a compact yet liberating environment. Ravenholm (Half-Life 2) After a brief respite in a safehouse with your allies, Gordon Freeman is thrust into a ghost town full of monsters, booby traps and a whole lot of saw blades. This isn't a particularly pretty or original-looking level, but it does what it's built to do and it does it well. Much like Whomp's Fortress, Ravenholm feels like a showcase level. In this case, it's for the Gravity Gun. You already learned how it works with Alyx and DOG, but now you have the chance to experiment and go nuts without any guilt or reservations. Pick up sawblades and shoot them at zombies. Crush them with cars and light them on fire. Half-Life 2 is a very fun game from beginning to end, but Ravenholm in particular stands out for the way it gives the player extra freedom to experiment and play with the environment itself. It's just a super satisfying trek from beginning to end.
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    Brawl in the Family (BitF)

    Unexpected Archer reference is unexpected. Flavor text keeps the references going, but with one closer to home than Archer:
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    I think I read something about a demo being playable at E3, not sure. If we're lucky, they'll have a cutscene somewhere. Maybe a new trailer and possibly a teaser (probably a silhouette, Sonic sure loves silhouettes) of Monster of the Week. Regardless if there's a demo or not, I'm sure gameplay will be shown.
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    I don't really have a favorite level, so I'm going to take the unconventional route and use my favorite Ace Attorney case instead. Case 5-5: Turnabout for Tomorrow I can't begin to froth over how much I loved this case from beginning to end.
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    Day 6! Favourite level! Fort Frolic in Bioshock. Not only is this the best level in Bioshock but it's also my all time favourite level of any game I've ever played. There are many reasons why this is my favourite. There's a lot to explore in this level and it's probably the most eerie area in the game due to all the plaster sculptures (read: corpses) scattered in places like the bathroom and a creepy flooded basement. Speaking of basement, this level also introduces us to the most intimidating enemy in the game called the Plastered Splicer. They're basically more powerful Spider Splicers covered in plaster, and they can suddenly sneak up on you by acting like one of the sculptures. The first time you meet these Splicers you will be freaked out! And then there's this guy. Fort Frolic introduces us to its insane owner, Sander Cohen. He's one crazy ol' mofo, but he has charisma and he's...I dunno, awesome. I like Cohen, for all his craziness. There's even a part where he sends Splicers at you just because he assumes you don't like his "masterpiece," whilst Tchaikovsky's Waltz of the Flowers blares through the speakers in the grand entrance hall of Fort Frolic. Yet I still like the guy. Huh. So not only is this my favourite level for its design and great exploration, but it has some of the most memorable moments (and characters!) in the entirety of Bioshock and hell, any game at that!
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    What difference would there be, though? Riding the elevator is pretty trivial; it's only worth noting because they come back to it while escaping the park. I think the game does better by getting the characters into the park and the player into a level immediately, rather than the game opening with them riding an elevator.
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    Brawl in the Family (BitF)

    Gadd's original plan was just sucking the thing into a new model of the Poltergust. Luigi seems to be the least pleased about this, than again, a Spikey Shell was on a balloon with his face on it. Also, it's good to see Gadd, I love how happy he looks in the last panel.
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    http://www.totalxbox.com/76032/game-on-microsoft-dates-xbox-e3-2014-conference/ Can't wait to see what Microsoft has in store and I look forward to seeing more of already announced games like Halo and Sunset Overdrive. 9:30am Pacific would make it 5:30pm here in the UK if I know my time zones, and with it being on the day before my wife's Birthday, then I can watch it live with you guys EDIT: Official stream link: http://www.xbox.com/en-GB/e3#fbid=MMrBECYrVmc
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    Day 6: Favourite Level that isn't Rooftop Run Going to have to keep this one short as I don't have time to do a detailed post tonight, so just going with the first two that came to mind. Both are from Banjo-Kazooie and I couldn't choose between either of these stages, although I love them both for different reasons... From a technical standpoint, Click Clock Wood is hands down the best level in the game. It’s the final stage before you face off against Gruntilda and you can tell that Rare decided to go all out with it. When you enter the main hub for the level, you’re greeted with four doors that each represent a different season and are just able to enter Spring to start off with until you unlock the others. Actions that you take in each of the four seasons will influence the others. For example, there’s a large beanstalk-esque flower that will only grow depending on the time of year and whether you’ve taken the appropriate actions to nurture it during the other seasons. And it’s required that you do so if you want to collect all the Jiggies. You also get to raise an eagle hatchling throughout the seasons and will be rewarded with another Jiggy when he reaches adulthood. You also won't be able to visit Mumbo to transform in certain seasons as he will refuse due to it being too hot to work, or else he just won't be there as he'll have gone vacation or will be busy raking up leaves depending on the season. There's some cool little callbacks to previous levels, and you even come across a character who you met earlier in the game that has now decided to take up refuge in Click Clock Wood. Although he might not be quite as pleased to see you... All the seasons have just enough variations to make them interesting and it never feels repetitive when you find yourself visiting the level multiple times. The BGM also changes depending on whether it's spring, summer, autumn or winter which is quite a cool touch. The stages are detailed enough to stand up on their own, but it's the little touches like that which just make it all the more perfect. But despite all that, it's not quite my favourite stage in the game... or at least it has some strong competition... I've always loved winter-themed levels in games and Freezeezy Peak has to be the most charming one I've come across. Click Clock Wood might be an absolute masterpiece of a stage, but Freezeezy Peak is the more nostalgic one for me and I suppose that's why I love it so much. The stage itself is just the embodiment of Christmas from the advent calendar entrance to releasing the Twinklies (little anthropomorphic Christmas lights, and also the trigger for of my favourite pieces of BGM in the game) and lighting up the tree (and earning a Jiggy for your troubles). You also have to find some missing presents for some kids, and later get to challenge their father to a sledding competition after you've turned into Walrus Banjo and it's one of the more fun sections of the game. I used to play a couple of particular games and stages around Christmas every year and this was one of them, and part of me always associates it with those times when I play through it now and it always makes me smile. Despite its cheerful appearance, it was also one of the more challenging stages in the game thanks to the giant snowman that could only be destroyed by flying and beak bombing the targets on their hats, and the slippery ground that could send you spiralling into enemies or the icy water... which also took down your health if you stayed in there long enough. Unless you were in your walrus form of course. I could go on and would do if I wasn't so tired, but those are just a few of the reasons why it's my favourite.
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    The thing is... They pulled this due to false advertising. Not for the developers abuse of the moderating system. Not for the price point. Not for the quality of the game. Not for the main problems it showed both as a game and as Steam's Greenlight service.
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    Day: 6 Favourite Level... Going to have to do something a little different here.... Spec Ops: The Line ---- That one stage... You know... The one which you... You know? One of my favourite levels would be a stage from Spec Ops: The Line.... however, I cannot tell you which stage it is... because it's different for everyone who plays it. But everyone who has played it agrees it's the best stage. That level is the one where you realise the undeniable truth... That.... Spec Ops starts as a rather unoriginal cover shooter... then very subtly, you get the feeing that something isn't quite right. The main character starts making odd glances to the camera. The deisions you make always seem to end badly, even though you can see a positive outcome and know theres a way to get it, just something always stops it from working out. Wait... why am I shooting American soldiers? I thought I was here to kill.... wait? I thought this was a rescue mission. Wait... Why am I here? Why am I still playing...... .... What's happening to me.. . .no... My character... not me, why did I say me? What's happening to my character? Wait, something isn't right. Why does the screen fade to black at that moment, why does my reflection come into focus just before the main character does? Oh my god... I get it now! My favourite level, is the stage when you realise... that it really was. Journey --- Apotheosis The interpretation to this stage has been debated constantly, and will likely be debated for years to come. The build up is stunning, you fight to control your character in the last stage, you want him to go further on... when he... falls... You don't want him to give up, you want him to go on... but he doesn't... and then... Something wonderful happens... Contains a huge spoiler. Payday: The Heist --- First World Bank. Payday's very first mission is by far one of my favourites, you enter a bank... and rob it. How you do it is upto you, but every time you enter the bank, things change, enemy waves, locations of items, hostage locations. It feels like your first time every time. Really awesome start to a game. There's probably a few others, but these ones were the first to come to mind. P.S. There's another I wanna say... but since I imagine there's going to be a favourite ending day.... "It's only been 6 days... and I'm just gettin' started...."
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    [Day 29 : Character(s) You are Most Like ] I think I am most like pre-Rush Blaze. That is, easily stressed and often anxious in social situations, but nevertheless strong-willed and convicted. Maybe even a little hot-headed. I could really relate to Blaze in Rush, and that's how she became one of my favorite characters. And also because she's a princess. In addition, I think I have my moments of being like Rouge. Sometimes I like to rob jewelry stores. Obsession with jewels, check Seriously, I love jewelry. I fear I may come across as a tad materialist because of it, but they are probably my favorite accessories. In addition, I can be quite dramatic as SA2's interpretation of the character seems to indicate. (It's interesting, really. SA2 featured Rouge to be an over-actor, then her 4Kids voice made her out to be extremely stoic. Strange how that works) Drop my hat? END OF THE WORLD AS WE KNOW IT! I'm also like Tails in that at one point in my life I was the smart one, lol. Now I struggle with everything it seems. Anyway, yeah, I can relate to Tails being a bit more studious. Also, his admiration of Sonic's courage and free will. That's something I've always admired about Sonic, but since I can't apply those strengths to myself, I can only say that Tails' admiration for them match me. XD
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    My favorite level is... Bramble Scramble from DKC2! Being probably the only bramble level in the game that doesn't rely entirely on blast barrels or racing gimmicks, this is a stage that really keeps you on your toes and causes you to hone your precision platforming skills so you aren't skewered by a prickly branch because of a goof. My good buddies Squawks and Squitter also show up to help you out, so that adds to both the variety and the plain old fun. (Shootin' eggs and webs like a boss!) Plus, did I forget to mention the TON of secret goodies laying about typical of any DKC level? Finally, the best and most famous part of Bramble Scramble... MOTHATRUCKIN' STICKERBRUSH SYMPHONY! Oh...my...GODDDDDDDDDDDDDDD, is this track fantastic. Although the bramble levels are usually giant pains in the neck, you last through them not because you absolutely love them, but because THIS track is backing you up every time. Levels and music like this are why DKC is my absolute favorite platforming series. DAT ATMOSPHERE. Before I go, there's an honorable mention I'd like to make: The Forest Maze from Super Mario RPG is also an absolutely fantastic area with beautiful music, terrific atmosphere, and a boss fight with an interesting gimmick. The only things that held it back from being my #1 are the "ehness" of most of the enemies that reside in the forest and the fact that it kinda stretches what a "level" is. XD
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    Day Numbero 5 Hear Gold Edition: Ninja's "Your level is worse than any given Escort or Underwater Mission, Kami" Favourite Level Ever! now, last year again I talked about stuff like Glitz pit from TTYD, and that still applies too, so here is a level I grew to love more recently Chapter 2:2 from Resident Evil 4 specifially, the end of it, where you, Ashley and your buddy Luis are trapped in a cabin and have to survive an onslaught of enemies, wave after wave, storming the small Cabin, and you with somewhat Limited Ammunition, trying your best to survive the attack. its a really cool and tense scene, you gotta barricade windows, knock down Ladders, Luis provides you with some Ammo but not too much, Ashley is in the safety of a closet so you can focus on pureley taking down the Ganados, its great.
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    Dammit Day 6: Favourite Level Well my number one choice is City Escape from Sonic Adventure 2, but in the interest of non-Sonic stuff: Whomp's Fortress from Super Mario 64 is a level I adore, as it takes the basic skills you learn in Bob-Omb Battlefield, and applies them to a classic Mario style obstacle course, throwing varied stage design, interesting enemies and challenges, and a nifty boss to (literally) top it all off. I will say that Blast Away the Wall is a ridiculous star, and defies all common sense, but overall I reckon this level's pretty great, and the small additions in Super Mario 64 DS only provided more exploration possibilities.
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    Day 29: What character are you most like? Blaze/Knuckles I don't know why people count these two as different personalities; they're practically identical. Anyway, like the two guardians, I prefer to work alone. I am very solitary, content with the company of my thoughts and nothing more. I'm also very paranoid about strangers, though usually keep my thoughts to myself, unlike Knuckles. I'm usually chill, but if something ticks me off, I'll probably have a pretty hot temper afterwards. Finally, I'm very stubborn, I'll admit, and usually don't take kindly to change. One thing that I don't have in common with the two, unfortunately, is their determination and dedication to their responsibility. They'll guard their emeralds to the end of their days, (when they're not being re-written by SEGA, that is) and if their emeralds are shattered or stolen, they won't rest until they restore them back to their former glory. Me, however? I'm an all-or-nothing kind of guy. If I don't feel like it can be done right, I won't want to do it at all. I should probably change that sometime... Day 29: Complete
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    That's just....stupid. Yeah, we have precedent for it, but that doesn't make it any less retarded on Sonic Team's part. Like, even from a business standpoint this is just...daft. The worst part is that Sonic Team's been doing this for a long damn time. It actually feels like the Japan branches are not only out of touch with well...the rest of the world as far as Sonic overall, but lack a fair deal of business sense. You don't wanna use the classic looks that you just pimped out (with figures still lining up the shelves in certain TRUs mind you) in a handful of pages in because?...Brand Management? Consistency? Yeah, let's be consistent with a product that really hasn't been consistent since 1999! There is literally no harm in such a use in the classic designs. Not even a sliver of a chance of monetary loss, target demographic confusion, or any of that jazz. This is purely Sonic Team exercising their rights as the brand holder in a really short sighted and idiotic way. It's not a huge deal at the end of the day, but it's just awfully telling of how out of it Sonic Team really is. I've pretty much not had a problem with any of their mandates either. Most of them at least had some semblance of grounding or logic behind them. This one is just...why the F do you care Sonic Team?
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    Panda Claus

    Archie Sonic Main Discussion

    Sega's attitude strikes me as being like that of a fickle child who doesn't give two shits about a toy until another kid shows signs of wanting to play with it. Archie: "So you have no immediate plans for Eggman Nega in a future game?" Sega: "Nope" Archie: "Nor are you particularly eager to establish which of his two conflicting backstories are canon?" Sega: "That's right" Archie: "Soooo...does that mean we can do whatever we want with him in the comic?" Sega: "OVER MY DEAD BODY!!!"
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    Going into another massive problem concerning the game and its piss poor programming is the fact the unfinished state of this game really shows when you have text telling you that you've unlocked something that you can't even really recieve at all, such as the gem that makes you go Super Sonic, left out stories, etc. One way I'd try to go about making Mephiles extremely less idiotic of a villain, aside from replacing him completely would be to have him work for Eggman, in the sense that the Doctor would've brainwashed him and wiped his memory of his original chaotic goals, thus helping legitimize why the heck Mephiles constantly does stuff that really onlt hinders his plans. The said mindwipe would be removed after Shadow's actions at the end of his story, trying to seal Mephiles again, of course.
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    Destiny: Bungie's new game

    more leaked stuff in this GAF thread http://www.neogaf.co...ad.php?t=501672 Concept art looks gorgeous, can't wait to find out what this is all about.
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    Dates: June 26th and June 27th, 2015 Location: To be announced You can buy tickets to attend here! You can donate to the fundraiser and receive rewards here! This event is not affiliated with SEGA and is run on a non-profit basis. Sonic Revolution 2014 is not even upon us yet, and already there’s another Sonic the Hedgehog convention in the works! Casino Nights Zone is a TWO-day convention for fans of the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise, though gamers of all ages and interests, as well as their families, are more than welcome to attend. The event is to be held in Las Vegas on June 26th and 27th, 2015. Casino Nights is being organized with the same ideas as Sonic Boom, Summer of Sonic, Sonic Revolution and Weston Super Sonic: a place where all Sonic fans can gather and have hours (or days, in our case) of fun about their favorite blue hedgehog! Event Details The event is being formally sponsored by Dreamerch, a small video game merchandise retailer, but the event itself is run on a not-for-profit basis; any proceeds from the event will be going towards increasing the amount of activities available to attendees. The event is divided into two Acts, each representing a day and dedicated to heroes or villains. Contests and activities shall be held on both days and will be tailored to these themes: for example, the costume contest for one day would be themed around villains and the other day around heroes. A 20-hour event is going to require lots of funding to ensure that there's lots for attendees to do; every ticket purchased from us will make this possible. Money raised from tickets will go towards paying for the event space as well as all the activities we have planned. Activities available at the venue will include: • Contests (Trivia, Costume, Art and more); • Musical performances by various talented musicians; • Panels with various special guests (such as Archie's Sonic the Hedgehog writer Ian Flynn or Sonic comic artists Matt Herms and Evan Stanley) who have contributed to the Sonic franchise in one form or another, such as voice work, artwork, animation, game design, writing, or more; • Raffles for various prizes • Gaming tournaments, ranging from Sonic and All-Stars Racing Transformed to Super Smash Bros. Brawl; • A fangame area where the most promising fangames will be available to view and play; • Tables to have your merchandise signed by various creative talents who have worked on Sonic the Hedgehog; • Fanmade animations and videos related to Sonic the Hedgehog will be showcased throughout the day; • Vendor booths and artist alley tables where all sorts of merchandise will be for sale; • A fanmade Sonic mascot costume as well as other options for photo opportunities; • All this will be to the tune of Sonic music playing in the background all day long; And more! Special guests will be announced as they are confirmed to be attending. Several talented individuals who have contributed to Sonic media over the years have voiced interest (none of these guests are confirmed, just as a note; guests will be confirmed as we make arrangements later on)! Of course, these are only the guests who have announced interest publicly... To help pay for the costs (which will come to around 16,000 dollars) of this event, a small ticket fee is charged; a one-day pass costs 20 dollars, and a two-day pass costs 35 dollars. Las Vegas and EventBee charge some fees as well, and these are levied on top of the ticket price; after service fees and taxes, a one day pass is 24 dollars, and the two day pass is 40.50. We hope you will join us in Las Vegas for the world's first formal two-day Sonic convention! This event is not sponsored by or affiliated with SEGA or any of its subsidiaries and is an independent undertaking. Every person who buys a ticket or otherwise contributes makes this event possible, and we encourage all contributors and attendees to take pride in this fact. Myself and all the other Casino Nights staff hope you will join us at Casino Nights next year in fabulous Las Vegas!
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    Day 29: Character You're Most Associated With As mentioned in previous days, the impressive array of characters are one of the notable aspects of the series. These characters also possess their unique personalities, being an important factor in how they are portrayed as well as interacted within the series. Fans of these characters may point out their personalities as a strong reason beside of their gameplay elements (if available) as to why they like them; not only that, but they could even be matched with the fan's own personality as well. If I had to choose a character that could be mostly associated with myself it would be... Miles "Tails" Prower I am quite related to Tails' personality in different degrees. His shy and timid nature is something that can be shown from me often when I try to socialize with new people, but I can be outgoing once I feel confident enough. His kindness, loyalty and enthusiasm are, without a doubt, the strongest points I share with him, since I always try to be supportive to others and attempt to find a solution whenever there's a problem. While he may be less of a leader kind as well as being commonly known as Sonic's sidekick, games like Sonic Adventure 1 & 2 have shown that he is willing to kick some of Eggman robots on his own; such determination can be related with me at times since I can be both supportive and independent whenever the situation is required. His knowledge on technology is something that relates with me as well: I know quite a good chunk of techy stuff while I try to stay up to date with what's going with technology's current and future advancements.
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    Day 6: Favorite level Hmm, well like Sean I want to pick the WHOLE of Okami, that game is just brilliant! However as Sean pretty much nailed it and because I wanna be a bit different im going to go with Rainbow Road (Yeah I know i'm crazy!) I really love the Rainbow Road levels from Mario Kart. They are always challenging, using all the skills you have (hopefully) learnt doing the first 3 cups, plus the Music and aesthetics are just breathtaking! My two favorite in particular are Rainbow Road DS and Rainbow Road Wii (Do I get bonus points for having a Waluigi Picture?) Rainbow Road DS This was, from what I can remember, my first time playing a rainbow road track ever. I never owned DD for myself, even though I played it at my friends quite often. It really was breathtaking, full of corkscrews and loops it really felt like the end of the road (pun intended). It left a really big impression on me, of course it helped I was good at drifting which massively helps in going round the course, at speed, successfully. Rainbow Road Wii This was a whole new experience in itself, based heavily off of Mario Galaxy, the music is astounding and the whole track is a spectavcle, especially that first huge drop! drifting deifnately helps!
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    Favourite level... difficult choice here. I'll list a few: Half-Life - Questionable Ethics Everything about the mission is awesome, from the pacing to the atmosphere. You start off with virtually no weapons, moving further to learn how much the scientists knew before the cascade, eventually pitting the military against the aliens, to leaving the level as a walking armory. It's a great sequence in terms of progression. Bioshock - Fort Frolic Chilling and fascinating, the entire level was just such a freakish thrill ride. It is essentially a combination of challenge, unique atmosphere, immersion and epic action, especially if you explore and listen to all tapes and clues instead of racing through. Notably, Fort Frolic is the intermission in the middle of the game. It's a Bizarro episode, like Jerry Seinfeld would say, halfway through the storyline that is more or less isolated from the rest, but manages to be incredibly interesting in itself. Half-Life 2 - Highway 17 The level is composed mostly of running along the coastline with your buggy, which itself is cool, but between each vehicle section there is a great sequence after another. First you have to use cranes to clear a beach, then you have to destroy an airship over a town, then (my favourite) make a run under the destroyed bridge, then defend a settlement against an invasion... along the way there are various outposts you can find, all full of detail which truly shows the bleak state of the world, even moreso than the previous levels. Spyro 2 - Zephyr I think this one is mostly for the novelty of the characters being at war with the inhabitants of another level you'll play later, but it's genuinely such a fun level: blowing things up all the time, herding "cowleks" (who look like a mix between cows and elephants) back to their pen, helping Romeo and Juliet meet each other by planting seeds to make giant platforms... and one of the most cheerful, happy background themes in any game. Half-Life 2 - Ravenholm "Geez, another Half-Life level?" Yes, indeed, and a wonderful one. In a game that so far had only flirted with horror elements, to suddenly force you to go somewhere so terrifying and paranoia-inducing made for a very interesting level. The level starts off with a very surreal feel, with Father Grigori's voice sounding above that hell-forsaken town. It's one of the most twisted scary scenarios I've seen in a game; horror games full of jump-scares? Those do nothing to me. But a zombie town carefully built around terrifying details and elements with genuine desperation, that's genuinely unsettling. Fallout: New Vegas - Vault 11 One of the greatest contained stories in a level, and it's not only a sidequest but a completely unmarked one. Like all Vaults in the Fallout world, Vault 11 was built as a nuclear shelter but with a social experiment in mind. This one presents that through the environment; nothing is directly told to you, but you discover it through audio tapes and exploration, which is a great way to use the interactive aspect of video games for storytelling. The experiment in question, based on the real-life Milgram experiment (about how people obey authority orders even if they violate our own personal ideas, values or morals) is that the inhabitants must kill one vault member (the elected overseer) every year, otherwise they would all die. Sacrifice one for the good of the rest. They complied with these rules, not knowing the alternative, for years upon years until only 5 remained. Finally, the guilt that was burdened upon only 5 people became too much. They didn't give a sacrifice and typed into the machine that they wouldn't do it ever again. Instead of killing them all, the machine deployed a holotape that explained that they were "shining examples of humanity" who should be proud of themselves. The vault doors were open and they were free to leave. The guilt still looming over all of their heads, four killed themselves, and it's unknown what happened to the fifth. The underground sacrificial chamber is where all the past sacrifices had their last moments. You can go there, and you'll see a sort of instructional video about how your sacrifice is for the good of the others, and then turrets/robots will activate and try to kill you. Vault 11 isn't just one of the darkest and most interesting levels I've played in a game, it's also a fantastic example of how a game should use its unique characteristics - interactivity, making the players look for things themselves, revealing plot through the environment - to tell a story. I have to say, Fallout as a franchise, and especially New Vegas, has massively upgraded my expectations of gaming as a storytelling form. It's incredible.
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    Valve Pulls Controversial Game From Steam For False Marketing (Kotaku) And with that, this nightmare is abolished.
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    Okay this is a pretty vague one. Rocket: Robot on Wheels is far from my favourite game, but boy what a first impression it made. It was a collectathon 3D platformer in the wake of Mario 64 for the N64. The setting was a giant theme park. Most levels had a unique theme, such as Ancient Greece, Arabian Nights, and a Candy Haunted House etc, but the opening stage was, naturally, a fairly typical theme park setting. Across all the 20 or so tickets in this stage (Rocket's Stars/Puzzle Pieces, etc), you do the following: Race a hot dog car Climb to the top of a giant robotic t-rex Play various sideshow games like hoopla and launching tennis balls into the gaping mouths of puppets of the presidents of mount rushmore Go through a twisty turny bee themed funhouse Design a roller coaster DESIGN A ROLLER COASTER THIS IS A PLATFORMER WITH A SURPRISINGLY SIMPLE YET FUN ROLLER COASTER DESIGNER BUILT INTO IT AND YOU CAN RIDE IT FROM THE CHARACTERS' POV TOO Like seriously, this opening level almost had too many fun distractions and varied gameplay, because all the subsequent levels were fairly disappointing and revolved around a singular gimmick rather than being a veritable playground of challenges like this one was. I really hope there won't be a day on favourite hub stages or anything coz here's another one that isn't even really a level: I adore the Lobbies in Phantasy Star Online. I could spend hours in them. I have in fact, just sitting around chatting to people and messing around. They're so gorgeously designed too (each lobby has a different colour scheme and various different designs rather than trees - such as waterwheels, planetarium type maps, stained-glass windows etc. There's also a few with totally unique designs, such as the original Dreamcast version's lobbies, or a silly football game arena you can play with people). Music is amazing too: I've listened to this song for hours throughout my life due to hanging out in the lobbies and never get bored of it. It fits the vastness yet laid-back and relaxing design of the lobbies perfectly. FINALLY - I was about to end this post but I have just one more. Spirit Temple from Ocarina of Time. I adore this level so much. The fact that part of it you do as Child Link was such a lovely throwback to the earlier gameplay after you thought you were done with it. Yeah you've already returned to the Present Day to do Bottom of the Well, but something about going through a brand new space, completely out of the way of all the other areas accessible to Child Link, felt so special and lonesome in a nice way. The overall atmosphere of the temple was so warm and inviting after the plain Fire and Water Temples and gruelling Shadow Temple (something that I feel was lost with the duller colour palette in OoT 3D, I confess). Finish it off with a fantastic - and funny boss fight and it all serves as an absolutely pleasant experience - perfect as the final "normal" temple, before you head off to the dark and threatening Ganon's Tower to finish the game. And of course... the music took this all up to eleven. Why has no other Zelda game had a dungeon theme as beautifully atmospheric yet as melodic as this one? At least no Zelda game has to me. Without a doubt the start of my obsessed love with sad music adding an overwhelming feeling of emotion to an otherwise fairly unemotional space in a gameplay context. I want to rattle off a list of other honourable mentions but it was starting to do that which made me remember Spirit Temple - I fear there'll be more I love too much to not chat at length about that haven't come to mind yet, so I'll just stick to these.
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    Day 6: Favorite Level I agonized over this question for a bit. Out of all of the games I've played and the even more numerable stages contained therein, I'm only supposed to pick one that's a favorite? The broadness confounded and frustrated me, until I realized, hey, I probably do have an easy contender for "favorite level." It's literally a stage that makes me positively exclaim when I happen upon it and fills me with adrenaline before it even begins: Nuketown 2025 from Black Ops 2. As much shit as the CoD games get, the thing they have going for them for the most part is that they are genuinely fun. The fast-paced, run-and-gun style of battle is a breath of fresh air from slower and more strategic choices, making it easy to pick up and difficult to outright master due to a welcome human element in multiplayer that ensures constant surprise, growth, and an addictive quality even within its own limitations. And no other stages encapsulates what has made CoD a genuine tour de force in gaming than Nuketown, an extremely small and cramped nuclear testing facility. There's two houses with a street in the middle. Cars and fences on each side, as well as an open truck in the middle, provide just enough cover to keep it from being too much of a ridiculous bloodbath. But with enemies always two steps away from you, Nuketown delightfully keeps you on your toes and the adrenaline pumping in extremely quick matches. And with it being stuck in a random playlist- never given to you outright as with every other CoD stage- the fun never wears thin. I could probably play this stage for the rest of my life and never tire of it.
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    Day 6: Favorite Level Ant Agony - Crash Twinsanity The final and probably the hardest level in all of Crash Twinsanity, better known as my all-time favorite Crash Bandicoot game. This level leads to the final boss, and really feels like it's the end. The music is pretty epic and I love it, but all the music in this game is great, just the music in this stage really calls out "This is the finale." This level basically makes you use the skills you mastered through-out the game all at once to finally reach the end. I think this level is designed rather well, and I love how long it is. This was the level that came to mind when I thought of my favorite level, so yeah, here it is.
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    The Amazing Spider-Man (The Movies)

    Garfield's only signed on for a few more films and he's already said he doesn't wanna do it forever. Considering Sony probably already know when Garfield plans on leaving and they still gave an outright "No" to Miles is absolutely a bad sign for Miles' potential to appear as Garfield's successor. Which is pretty shit imo because actor changes in the same canon rarely go over well, and if you want to create a cohesive universe, keeping a character per actor is important. Hulk being the currently relevant exception because Mark Ruffalo unexpectedly brought the character more popularity and freshness than Marvel expected. The thing with Miles is, TASM movie franchise has already borrowed so frickin much from the Ultimate continuity. Why not just use Garfield's inevitable departure as an excuse to introduce Miles too? It would be a pretty fantastic move. I understand that Peter is THE Spider-Man of the main Marvel continuity, he's far too iconic to ever let go which is why he'll come back every time he "dies", even moreso than Steve Rogers, but with Ultimate.. Miles has already proven to be a popular and well written character in his own right, he's not Peter, and he doesn't need to be. Movies aren't main-Marvel, they've already proven to be borrowing from Ultimate too, and movies advance differently to comics, they demand freshness in crowded territories to stay afloat. It's a shame Garfield doesn't have more say in this. He's a fantastic actor imo, a fantastic Peter Parker, and his determination to be succeeded by Miles in Sony-canon is something that's nice to see him stick by. I don't think he should give up, even if chances for that happening are low. I know I'd rather see Miles adding freshness to the Sony franchise than a non-Garfield picking up Peter's potentially-stale-by-then character arc. Movie theory suggests that there's only so much you can do with a single protagonist character onscreen assuming that each movie needs a separate motive and character arc to keep the protagonist interesting for the audience, Marvel got it good because whenever a character lacks motivation or an arc they can push another character until they do have a motivation again, or they can kill them and start character arcs with their successor, A good example of this is Iron Man 2, which to a lot of people was mediocre, and this is partially because Stark didn't have nearly as strong a character arc as he does in any of his other protagonist roles. The Avengers actually served as a wonderful introduction to a character arc in Iron Man 3, which helped fresh him up again. Sony.. have a little less wiggle room there. Peter can only have so many movie-filling character arcs before they run out of original ideas for him, there's gonna be a snag somewhere if Sony want to keep up this cinematic universe of theirs'. That's one of the reasons I was so looking forward to Miles. But hey, that's just my opinion.
  33. 1 point
    It was difficult to avoid Sonic this time, since very few of my favourites games have a specific level or mission that stands out from the rest. It's a good thing that this one is still fresh in my mind... (Spoilered in case you plan on playing South Park: The Stick of Truth any time soon. It's more fun if you don't expect it.)
  34. 1 point
    Doctor MK

    Mario Kart 8 (Wii-U)

    Exactly the same as they did in Mario Kart 7. Personally I'm not really one for non-gimmicky stages, because racing in just a straight line would be... well, it's not very Mario Kart, is it? Unless there was loads of obstacles in the way to swerve around and avoid, it would basically boil down to a straight speed challenge which is more akin to a more realistic racer than the wackiness we come to expect from Mario and chums. As already stated, tracks like the Wuhu Island ones that were just one long stretch of pretty much nothingness were rather forgettable and I'd never go back to them through personal choice. The reason Baby Park worked so well though is because it was small, it was confined, and with items bouncing everywhere across both sides of the track it somehow managed to transform one of the most boring looking courses into one of the most memorable and chaotic.
  35. 1 point
    No, this page certainly doesn't suffice in the slightest. Not that Mephiles has really had anything in-game going for him in the first place anyway. Wrong again Hedgy. The game informs you that Elise dying will also release Iblis, particularly at scenes such as the Crisis City computer that reveals that Iblis was released when Elise died on Eggman's crashed Egg Carrier. That actually raises an astronomical point. There's no way, Mephiles could've gotten his powers from Shadow, because we see so many people already fully capable of using it!
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    Day 6: Favourite level. Halloween Town. KH or KHII, I can't decide but as an avid lover of The Nightmare Before Christmas, I love this world. It's really nice to see it implemented like this.l It's really an imaginative world, and a good expansion from the movie, and really feels like it should. They captured the essence of Halloween Town's residence perfectly, especially Jack Skellington, who is just as he is characterized in the film, and well written in the game. Oogie Boogie is also a really cool boss, and again a really good character captured perfectly in his scenes. I just damn love this world because I love the film, and it does it great justice.
  37. 1 point
    Day 6 - Favourite Level Okay so I'm just gonna spoiler this in case some people out there haven't played Portal 2. Ugh, I've mentioned Portal 2 twice already! Darn it Portal 2, why must you be such a good game?!
  38. 1 point
    Oh, this is an interesting one. I'm really a mix of a lot of characters. So let's go in no particular order. Shadow - I'm ruthless, blunt, generally quiet and reserved (offline) with some strong cynical tendencies with a massive desire to correct or avenge the past as I strive to protect things I cherish. I can be a quite terrifying, because where as some people might hesitate to do something, I'm more likely to carry something out without a second thought if I'm absolutely certain it will get me closer to what I want. And also like Shadow, I do have a tendency to be proven wrong and accept my mistakes when shown as such. Naturally, I come off as harsh to people, but I'm not above coming to the defense of others in need of it. Knuckles - I'm stubborn, combative, and protective of things I cherish. Only way you're going to get me to move is if you have something that's worth me budging over it. Otherwise, if you intrude on something I cherish, I'll give you one chance to back down or else be ready to put up your fists because we're fighting. Zazz - ironically, despite my comparison to Shadow, if you were to truly get to know me, I'd be more like guy. Crazy, zany, wacky, etc. Eggman - I have a bit of an ego at times, as I like to think I'm brilliant in some places with lots of grandiose ideas I want to bring out. The ideas range from over the top to grounded, and they have kinks that some people may end up exploiting that risk blowing up in my face. But no matter what happens, even if I fall down, I come right back up, stronger and more dangerous than ever. Mwahahahaha! Also, I have a strange affinity for robots, weapons, and a lot of high-tech goodness as I envision building an empire to rule over. Okay, not a territorial one, but more like a franchise. Big - surprisingly, my most disliked character (in the games, this guy is sheer AWESOME in the comics) is the one I'm equally like on a rather chill day. I just spend my time doing the things I love without much of a care, often indifferent to the things other people might throw my way as I continue on about it. And I can be a bit lazy, go figure. Rouge - I can be a sneaky bastard at my worst/best, so people tend to have their guard up around me because they've no clue what I might say or how I might say it. Or how I might react. Sometimes I don't even know. The biggest difference is that I'm not greedy with the stuff I want, as not everything belongs to me but for others I'd like to share it with. But if I were to throw down, oh ho, don't get upset if I start fighting dirty...or do in fact, it'll make things easier for me to deal with. Blaze - Shy, reserved, but with a fiery temper. I have a bit of a loner streak at times, and it's not rare for me to go against a crowd or stay out of it. Oftimes I feel like I'm thrust with a lot of responsibility that makes things more difficult for me to see things, and whether I like it or not, I have to do it or else some consequences result.
  39. 1 point
    I'm easily more like Blaze than any other character, due to my shy and stubborn personality. While I am more open to friendship than she is, I often inadvertently keep people at a distance, hiding my emotions and opting to work or travel alone. I am also terrible at asking for help and can be extremely hard on myself when I make mistakes. Despite my shortcomings, I ultimately overcome them when it counts; whether it be for the sake others or because I am far too stubborn and focused to turn away from my goal.
  40. 1 point

    Archie Sonic Main Discussion

    Something I noticed about SEGA, they seem to treat other forms as different characters. Like, for instance, there was that one advertisement, the "choose your character" deal. On the list they had Sonic, then they had Super Sonic -- despite the fact that Sonic and Super Sonic are both the same guy. In that way, I think they view Classic Sonic as its own character and don't want that Sonic to exist since Modern Sonic is the most Sonicy Sonic right now. They view Classic and Modern as two different beings. Using Classic would, for them, suggest two Sonics in this world. Does it make sense? Not really.
  41. 1 point
    Dawn of the Penultimate Day: Which Character is Most Soma-esque? Who is the most like Soma?? Well geez I mean there's a million characters each with distinct personality traits and other things it would take years or decades or decayears to deci- it's Knuckles. Total moron: check Occasional random, introspective moments: check Horribly distracted by shiny things: check Surrounded by friends who I shamelessly mooch off of: check Has super-strength and wears nothing by gloves and sneakers day in and day out: check It's like Sonic Team spent its entire life monitoring Soma and deciding which bizarre obscure animal would be right to represent it
  42. 1 point
    Day 29: What character am I most similar to? I'm pretty sure it's Blaze. that's her, right? I have the tendency to be a bit stubborn. I'm not especially task driven, but when there is something I want to get done, I do tend to stick with it and turn down help from others. I'm also sort of quiet and can be a bit anal when it comes to certain things. I can also come down pretty hard on myself when I screw something up, even though I usually end up laughing about it later. So yeah, she's definitely the most relatable character to me.
  43. 1 point
    A lot of the music is really good. I'm surprised GUN Fortress only got one mention. It's so wonderfully chill despite all the chaos going on. It's probably cause there's such an abundance of GUN enemies that the dark gauge stays filled.
  44. 1 point

    Archie Sonic Main Discussion

    I just like to know who we have to talk to get our voices heard about these mandates, mind you not to needlessly bitch at them but to ask and get a better understanding. This is what I've been saying, SEGA just really needs to loosen up a bit the comic is rebooted now and in good standing, we got a writer and an art team that pretty much knows how to follow the rules and knows what its doing, and the legal mess is more/less over, lets give the comic back some of its freedom.
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    Day 5: Favorite Indie Game: Am I the only one that when hearing of indie games for the first time, thinking they were video games that came from India? Anyway... Several of the indie games that I like have already been mentioned, so to go with something different at this point, I am going to go with this indie game here: Glow Arcade Racer: I love racing games as a whole, and this one I like as it has a nice colorful and retro 8-bit look to it. It also has an acceleration button, boost pads, power-ups, weapons to fire at your opponents, and unlockables which include more weapons as well as new tracks and play modes for even more fun. You also have the ability to create your your own racetracks for the possibility to have endless racing opportunities and options. This short video does a good job explaining what the game is like and about: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fr3i5dtYvJA Glow Arcade Racer proves with it's bright colors and neon lights that a game doesn't have to be all extravagant with graphics in order for it to be a good game and be fun as well. Simply put, this indie game is both simple and sweet.
  46. 1 point

    Disney Thread

    The films would not sell like hot cakes day in and day out if they were made permanently available for all time. In fact, I don't think there's any case where a film or other similar entertainment media like a game or TV show continuously sells millions a day for years and years and years, especially when movies are forced to drop in price pretty damn fast anyway. A movie isn't a resource with a short time span of degradation that in turn warrants continuous restocking within a home. One buy and it's yours for basically however long the technology to play it holds out, and that can be a decade or longer. Thus, sales will decline. The Disney Vault is a good way to create artificial demand and thus get more bursts of money at a time, and probably more money over the long haul, not just because of renewed availability (pretty sure Disney's aware that people can just pirate and store their films on hard drives and never have to buy one), but because each specific re-release is unique onto itself. There are only so many VHS re-releases, or Special Editions, or Diamond Editions, and that in itself inflates demand upon availability along with the limited release time.
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    This also really depends on how dark and gritty something is. If I were to describe a movie that was about conspiracy in a kingdom where a man commits the heinous act of murder through convincing a smaller, weaker nation to support his regime and then banishes the king's son to the wastelands where the son is only saved thanks to a small group of outcasts. Then the murderer, through his bloodline, becomes king and brings about an age of starvation and oppression -- you'd probably think that's pretty dark and gritty. What if I told you the movie is also about singing jungle animals?
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    To add onto what Nepenthe's saying... I can only assume you're referring to Shadow's game and '06, in which case, that's not what people are asking for when they want the games to be more interesting. I mean, they're certainly asking for more elements that you'd expect in stories featuring a bunch of teenagers with attitude talking animals with superpowers, but casually and "subtly" grouping them in with the sort of fans most of the fandom dismiss on the grounds of liking a game they don't like (see: '06 fans, though admittedly the vocal individuals in that group do make them look pretty bad), in an attempt to discredit their views...isn't helping your case. This is coming from someone who actually likes Colours and Lost World, mind you. Gens was pretty insulting story-wise, though, so I'm not gonna blame anyone for being bitter at this point. More on-topic, as much as I'm looking forward to Boom, I'd rather a Sonic movie be based on the main continuity. It'd be...odd for the first non-OVA Sonic film to not be based on the series everybody already knows rather than the one that hasn't even started yet. I wouldn't be upset about it, really, just kind of confused. But I guess SEGA is putting a lot into Boom as a sub-series, so who knows?
  49. 1 point
    ...... ..... Ya know what, since at this point I know people will continue to repeat the same thing and blame the wrong things, I'm going to start taking a shot every time I hear this same exact sentence, and any variation of.
  50. 1 point
    That's rather extreme. Knowing what you'd be missing out on if you'd left because of Sonic 06, a mainline game, you'd be willing to leave altogether just because of some crappy live action movie? ... Alrighty, then.
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