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    I'm also not sure that people's desires aren't once again getting misconstrued into something they're not. We don't want complex, mature, and "deep" storytelling. We want solid, entertaining adventure stories, like an animated film. Why people's demands for something adventurous and action-riddled in an action-adventure franchise are always framed as wanting too much or something the series has somehow never been equipped to handle is beyond me and half the reason talking about this issue for the years I have has become exhausting at this point.
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    Oh my god Splatoon squid hats I think we all secretly need one of these in our lives
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    How do you decide what is or isn't worthwhile criticisms from the fandom? How about by reading the criticisms and see if they're trying to offer improvement in a constructive way or if it's nothing more than childish ranting about stuff they don't like? Is it really that hard to notice the difference? You call it a cop-out response, but it's like you're not even bothering to find answers to your own questions while looking at them so black and white. Can you not tell the difference between a constructive response and one that's just simple complaining? For example, if someone were to give constructive criticism vs ranting for Colors: Constructive criticism - I can see where the plot was going with a more lighthearted approach, which isn't bad, but the script seems a bit off and a little too joke heavy, especially during the scenes where Sonic is talking to the bosses that don't respond back. It would probably help if the bosses were actually throwing banter right back at Sonic, which would make the scene feel less empty. Ranting "criticism" - Colors just tries too hard to be silly when it really isn't. All it is is nothing more than "Someone order an extra clobbering" and Sonic just standing there talking nonsense. My god this story is terrible. Would it kill them to actually write a good story? (or even - This is why Sonic shouldn't have a story, because they always suck!) The constructive one is something they should keep an ear open on, the ranting they should just ignore. And no, not all of them will be listened to, but it helps that they can actually show some measure of listening and differentiating through responses they get to try and remember that for their next titles if they can. And part of the whole reason we're in this current mess in the first place is partly because Sonic Team goes too far in extremes in dealing with the problems and don't seem to do much analysis over figuring out what they screwed up on and figuring out how to improve and fix their mistakes, and simply don't bother trying to deal with them. Meanwhile, in the past, their lack of care to these things is what lead to this current problem, such as with the characters, with them having either been flanderized or poorly written which led to people hating them, and their neglect not just in their presence, but also in any attempt to improve the character's faults to make them better. And while there are moments where some fans will be alienated, a lot of it has to do with them being so single-minded that they can't seem to comprehend or accept any solutions different from their own even if, or especially if, it would result in taking away aspects that other fans like that they do not, hence them being self-centered. And when it comes to these kind of fans, ones who would want something gone, regardless of other people's liking in it, I don't think we should bother entertaining these people since they can't seem to tolerate others liking something they don't. So if it alienates them, then so be it. Except, I'm not asking for them to adhere to a list of rules to based on certain divisions of the fandom. Just to simply keep an ear open and see if they can try to make room for any potential good ideas or criticisms that come from them, while differentiating that from the childish ranting from other sides. I'd rather Sonic Team have rhino skin when it comes to criticism, while also being a lot more competent than they have been. And it isn't better for them to keep doing what their doing without at least keeping an ear open to such criticism, because it's that lackadaisical approach that risks leading them to another Sonic 06, which I'm pretty sure is something near-universal for everyone to want to be avoided.
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    I think potentially the reason for that is that arguably DK reps are Mario reps. DK and Mario span off of one another and DK characters often appear in Mario games but never vice versa (you never get Mario characters in DK games, Mario is the central hub and DK is still an offshoot). It might not be that 2 DK reps is too little, but that 10+ Mario-universe reps is too much. Ofc this is all arguable, but I can see why Sakurai might want to prioritise the expansion of other characters' universes that are completely separate and unique to Mario's over DK. ..I can see why DK fans might be annoyed by that kinda thinking though. Esp since mainseries Mario continues to get new reps.
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    You have a decent GPU, CPU, and a nice amount of RAM. You should be fine. Now for the people using Intel Core 2 Duo with 2GB RAM, don't even bother.
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    That's not what he's doing. Yeah, he doesn't like Colors, but you basically said that Sonic should have plots that are like Sonic Colors, not because you enjoyed it, but because you questioned why Sonic Team should even try to deliver anything more than that when they've failed previously. This is like giving up on a game because you died trying to get though a level instead of trying to find a way to beat it, or like taking a class in school and then giving up the whole course just because you failed on 1 or 2 assignments - not only are you devaluing the passable work you've done, but you're not even bothering to try to find ways to do better. Essentially, if something's broke, rather than fix it you just don't bother trying again to succeed, which is not really a creative or productive way to find a solution. What some of us want, which SenEDtor Missile is saying, is a much better and richer plot than what Colors gave us, along the lines of the Adventures or Unleashed. Something that we can enjoy experiencing and exploring, because they've been able to pull it off in the past, and can do so again if they pull themselves together over the problems that resulted in other plots like that of Sonic 06 and ShTH. There's nothing wrong with more simplistic plots from time to time, but just because we had bad games like those two doesn't mean they shouldn't bother trying again. Failure doesn't come from falling down, it comes from refusing to get back up; so if you stumble somewhere down the line, get up, dust yourself off, learn from your mistakes, and try again. Nobody got anywhere they wanted by not bothering or struggling at it. And that's what some of us are wanting when it comes to having a better plot than Colors.
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    Sega Knuckles has never said anything on par with the sheer obliviousness of his Boom counterpart. Knuckles is also interesting as a guy with archaeological expertise, which they used once in Zero Gravity to great effect and usefulness of the character. This is less of a long-running problem and more of a new one they created through exacerbation in an effort to separate the characters from their Sega counterparts. Even if it were a long-running problem, telling people to deal with it just because you don't give a fuck is not the way to handle a conversation.
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    Well, mang, the stories and writing that the Mario RPGs (and Mario Galaxy, through Rosalina's Storybook) all had were executed far better than any Sonic game ever managed to do. At least, that's the way I see it, anyway...
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    I was being facetious, but I otherwise do agree with Solkia, aside from a few good exceptions, the series is pretty damn lousy with the writing. To give Boom some credit, they seem to be at least trying to tell a story this time instead of just making it like how previous plots have been. Sonic isn't in constant "Lol I'm funny" mode and seems *Gasp* toned down and reserved, I haven't seen much character from Tails or Amy to make a call, although the latter not being annoying and contributing is already a plus in my eyes, and Knuckles` degradation of intelligence is rather...off putting, but at they're trying to make it actually funny by giving him amusing lines instead of just derping around and doing stupid things, so I'll hold judgment off. In terms of the actual plot itself....well yea, can't say much on that yet.
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    After the media circus about his health last month, I'm not surprised that when the ruling finally came down it happened so quickly. Truly a shame that his prolific career was essentially a footnote tacked on the end of his custody battle.
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    I'd actually rather they hire whoever wrote the new Kid Icarus but this isn't really Soma's Dream Team topic No. Credit where credit is due, Pontac and Graff, for all their shortcomings, wrote a decent Sonic and Tails bond, whereas BRB seems to have written a few more tinier bonds. It's more a toss up at this point, but that might change once Boom is out the door.
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    Disney's "Frozen"

    You try to shoot down the "they look too similar" argument by pointing out subtle differences between the female characters and drastic differences between the male ones. How about some drastic differences between the female characters for a change? How about different face and body shapes, rather than depending solely on traits that you have to analyze under a fucking microscope to point out? Also, I don't know about you but when I look at that picture, I don't see different "style, personalities and body movements."
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    The American version of Castlevania 3 is pretty freaking stupid. Let's not kid ourselves; the classic Castlevania games are all pretty hard. Not to mention, they feature some really dated mechanics. Needing to press up and B to throw your sub-weapon makes acting quickly with it very difficult, especially on the stairs. It's also super unresponsive because you can only throw it on certain frames when moving up. But what makes the international release worse than the original Japanese one? Well, it's a lot harder in ways that mess with the game's difficulty balance. In the Japanese version of Castlevania 3, each enemy deals a specific amount of damage to you. In the American version, they all pretty much deal the same damage, except that number gets higher and higher as you progress through the game. So a Crow will do the same damage as a Skeleton in level 6, but a Skeleton in level 6 will do more damage than a Skeleton in level 1. What this essentially means is that the enemies that were originally designed to have tricky or fast patterns at the expense of low damage are now far more effective at killing you. There are other changes, too. Bone Pillars, for example fire faster shots, more frequently. This makes Level 5 on Sypha's path, and level 9 incredibly frustrating. Trying to get past these things while dodging the winged bone fuckers is so difficult. It's actually worse than Death's Hallway in Castlevania 1. In the Japanese version, you can actually walk past some of these before they fire, but here you have to wait, move up and down, and be absolutely perfect if you don't wanna take a hit. And everything drains almost a quarter of your life. It's ridiculous. There isn't anything this hard until way, way later. Some characters were nerfed, too. Grant used to be able to throw his dagger, as if it were a sub-weapon with unlimited ammo, but here he stabs uselessly with it making him far less effective in combat. Yeah, no. But perhaps the most infamous change is the fact that if you even lose a life on the final boss, you don't get another shot at him- you go back to the middle of his stage. You're able to get a game over in the Japanese version because you can continue at him, but no, not here. I ended up beating both versions of the game with Sypha, who is allegedly the worst partner. The original is far superior, and the difficulty is much more tightly designed. Not to mention, it's got better music to boot. I'm usually against calling games bullshit, cheap, or unfair, but this game made me incredibly angry.
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    Doctor MK

    Mario Kart 8 (Wii-U)

    I just want an item that acts like the Blooper except it obscures the screen with Luigi's death stare face
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    So I've decided to write up my own original story after playing with the idea for a few weeks. This is the story I plan to use for a video game idea. I don't know what to call it, though, so this is currently untitled. EDIT: Here's a prologue to make things feel a bit less jarring considering setting shifts: Here's Chapter 1. Sorry it's a bit slow/rubbish/long winded, it's mainly introducing the three main protagonists. Feedback and reviews would be much appreciated. Thanks for reading this (or not... if so then why are you here >:U)!
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    I already congratulated the new mods via the statuses, so I want to thank Pelly and Sean for being fantastic mods, its hard to believe some of the last of the old guard is retiring and its going be weird seeing them both with red banners (unless Pelly gets her own special retirement group =p). There aren't gonna be many mods like you guys so thanks for staying for soo long and putting up with us (and me). Hell of a run, enjoy your retirement. EDIT: For those wondering, I didn't forget Wolfy I thanked him when he announced his retirement sometime back in the emotions topic(?).
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    ^He put this into better and less angry words than I did.
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    Emperor Robrainiac

    Disney's Big Hero 6

    Somewhat better quality images of the main team have been leaked onto tumblr, apparently from D23. Pretty cool stuff, but Honey Lemon's (The one in the Pink armor) face is kind of giving off an Anna or Elsa vibe... Kinda concerning for me. Of course, given the quality of the pic, I could be wrong or looking to deep into it, here.
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    Yeah one thing I noticed in the first preview was Sonic mouth wasn't all that well synced with the line "So what? Is he gonna burn me with flamethrowers or something?" the part where he said flamethrowers had strange lip syncing. Also in a lot trailers for animations, they tend to mix the audio of one scene with the video of another and it looks really lazy and the lip syncing makes it obvious. I'm not so sure if this happened with Boom but it looked like it when Sonic said "The plan had holes!". The only problem is, the audio fits the scene fine. But I wouldn't be too worried. At least it won't be on Garfield levels of bad lip syncing. And anyone who's seen that show knows how bad it can be at times.
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    I'm not gonna sit here and kiss Ian Flynn's ass, because he's not perfect (few writers are). But, he clearly is, by and large, the best writer that Sonic, across any medium, has had so far. Do some of his plot threads fall flat on their faces sometimes? Sure. But, the guy has proven, time and again, that he has a deep understanding of the Sonic lore. And he manages to balance witty banter, character development, meme-references, and fan-service with great skill. I mean, come on, the guy single-handedly made the Archie comics readable. I think that, in and of itself, is the greatest accomplishment that any Sonic writer has bagged thus far. And to all of the guys complaining about Knuckles being the air-headed muscle, deal with it. The most interesting aspect to Knuckles' character has always been his strong bond with the Master Emerald, and his guardianship of it. Without it, he's pretty much boring as shit. Since Boom doesn't have Chaos Emeralds, and Knuckles is being placed within a team, making him a bit ditzy and goofy is the only way I can see him adding an interesting dynamic to said team. Hell, I'd take that over "the hothead, with a chip on his shoulder" any day of the week.
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    Unacceptable. 8I There's no doubt either are returning. Regardless of their obscurity, Mother and F-Zero are EXTREMELY well loved by Nintendo fans, and their games are acclaimed every time they're brought up. Also, they're iconic and part of the original twelve. They won't be gone.
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    I live in kansas, so attending might be a problem for me. Really hope I can still go though..
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    Don't you think it's a bit presumptuous considering Boom isn't even out yet, so the verdict on whether it's writing actually being good is still up in the air? Yea it shows promise, but so did Lost World based on the cutscene that we saw and that ended up being crap in my opinion. So yea...not making any calls yet. Also, I'm kind of confused; is this in context to the game or the television series, because from my understanding, they're both run by completely different factions who just converse with one another for consistency.
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    Found it. Not exact words, but you can get the point.
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    Huh. I remember reading that specifically somewhere, but I can't seem to find it and all other (reliable) accounts are somewhat vague. It could have just been some sort of word-of-mouth thing and stuff being taken out of context I guess. I don't really think K. Rool is a shoo-in by any means, despite maybe coming off that way in my posts. But he's certainly more important than some people make him out to be. I might be partly biased towards him and teh Kremlings, but I can honestly say that it's at least 50/50 between him and Dixie. Or possibly both of them, who knows?
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    Disney's "Frozen"

    No I'm just saying there would literally be more noticible variation in the designs of female characters if there were more of them to begin with. You called me out on showing off the possible variety the Frozen artstyle offers on male characters, but I only did so because there were no other female characters outside of background characters to show. Unless you count....Bulda.... ....gotta admit....at least she looks different. Again though, I'd make the point that characters who look similar have their place and aren't automatically a bad thing. I'm not saying that Anna and Elsa shouldn't have had a little more difference in their designs, but I don't think they necessarily should have either... You could have changed them up sure, you could have squared off Elsa's jaw more, plumped Anna up, gave them different heights, whatever. But why? What would be the reason? What would it achieve? Just because you can do it doesn't mean you should. Anna and Elsa are the only two characters who look so similar, there's enough variety in all the other characters, even the more generic "guy" designs of Kristoff and Hans, to set them apart. Anna and Elsa look so similar because they're sisters. The viewer looks at them among the rest of the cast and understands straight away that they're related. That then leads to the slight differences, Anna's cheerier demeanor vs Elsa's cold, professional one, to show how both sisters have lead drastically different lives and are very different people. Maybe the film could have been better if the designs of the two were more varied, maybe not. We'll never know. But in my opinion at least, the similarity between the two serves a very clear purpose and definitely didn't hinder the film for me or anyone else I know who's seen it.
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    Disney's "Frozen"

    Gotta say...i think that posts really badly written. The writer doesn't do anything to back up their points at all....hell, they don't even really make points at all, just vague claims. The movie sucks! The story sucks! The writing is crap! they spout all that...yet offer no reasons...what part of the story sucks? Why are the characters bad? They don't even go into why having three characters that look similar is a bad thing...just "I do animation and I have to work hard to make my characters unique". Well, good for you, but that doesn't mean that characters with similar looks don't have their place. That they can't or shouldn't exist. They then go on to say "instead of being met with cohesive arguments we are left with such weak and trivial excuses like: "Well, they’re related!" Why is that a weak or trivial excuse? The three caracter are related....they look so similar...because they're related. The characters of Anna and Elsa look a lot alike but their hardly carbon copies of each other. There's subtle variations in their faces and very noticible variations in their style, personalities and body movements. There's no way anyone could get the two mixed up or confuse them as one character. They may look similar, but they're far from identical. It's not even like there's ay genericism throughout the rest of the cast. The film has a clear style and the characters are all built to fit into that style, but that style still offers up the oppertunity for a lot of differing looks, body shapes etc. So yeah...long story short...similar looking sisters in an animated movie? Not that big of a problem to me
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    What the hell is Speed?

    The most important part is that momentum needs to be conserved outside of techniques that generate it - something not a lot of games to my memory have gotten right. All too often I find that there are ways to build up speed, but not many ways to retain it. Hell, somehow even jumping has become something of an air brake in many games, which doesn't even make sense - ideally when most people take a running start to a jump it's because they want a friggin' long jump and expect to retain all their momentum until they touch the ground, so it kind of seems like a horribly arbitary gameplay trait to me to just waste it all as soon as you press A. I guess the fuckups kind of depend on the game, don't they? Like Lost World completely locking your airspeed depending on whether you were running or not before you jumped. Or the Dimps engines stopping you completely if you release the control stick, even if you were in midair. Or the topology simply failing to matter in the Boost games because boost energy was cheap and it could overcome almost literally everything. Or just the insistence on a physics scheme with slow acceleration and quick deceleration in general, which is just awkward and frustrating on top of being fucking discordant. There's all that stuff about flow in level design too, but as far as I'm concerned it doesn't feel like Sonic has moved naturally in a very long time - the fact that I have to think about this at all is kind of an indication that many things just aren't gelling right, but apparently Sonic Team would rather wrap themselves in gimmicks and reinventions than simply focusing on a game in which merely moving is fun.
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    DreamWorks Animation SKG

    This was originally quoting PPPP in some parts but I really effed up with the quoting formatting ang blagh So I'm just going to gush. But, Oh my GOSH. The movie had so many amazing moments. I both agree and disagree with the Astrid thing. I kind of agree that she might not have /really/ had a point, I mean she did some important things. But, I really love the interaction between her and Hiccup. Like their gestures and communication with each other was just so genuine. I personally thought they had chemistry. Man this movie was... really damn good. Now, I'm incredibly biased, HTTYD is actually my favorite movie of all time. For multiple reasons beyond the movie itself, I might add. One thing I was incredibly concerned about was how they would handle Hiccup, because the gem of the first movie was his development from this dweeb to someone respectable. This movie handled it really well and he did in fact continue to develop, and as one reviewer put it: The first movie was about him meeting his best friend, and sticking up to and proving himself. This one was.. him becoming a man. By the end? Sheesh. The animation in the movie was.... just unbelievable. The way the shots were composed, the renderings, like, the most cartoony things were some of the dragons designs. It was so interesting, but jeez... how beautiful. I watched it with my boyfriend, and having seen the first movie like a good 20 times at the least, I compared it to seeing like Mario Kart 64 to Mario Kart 8, lmao. A little dramatic? Maybe. But in four years the jump in quality with the first movie and second was really incredible. It was just amazing seeing a continuation of the world, like, I can't wrap myself around it. And my favorite things about this one? The character interactions. Hiccup and Toothless was just beautiful to watch together. You really felt their friendship shine through. The flying scenes? Oh my god I can honestly go on for ever about the little moments that truly made me.. agfh. Spoiler talk There were a couple of things I had problems with myself, I wasn't soooo into that subplot with Astrid and the other Teenagers as much as I would have liked. I also felt the Mom thing was a little unnatural and kind of strange to do in a movie, but, for what it was, it was really well handled. I just found it kind of strange, I dunno. I really need to formulate my thoughts more but I really did enjoy the movie. I really felt like its themes, characters, and execution cater more to an older audience than one would really expect.
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    That E3 Gifs Thread: 2014 Edition

    The gifs have been rather slow coming, haven't they? I guess that this is what happens when nobody or nothing really fucks up and everybody has at least a reasonably fair showing. It's simultaneously disappointing (because we all love E3 drama) and really quite heartening. That said though, Matt Lees has still managed to hilariously sum up the press conferences with his E3 2014 Abridged vids... He might still be working on the shows of the other events as this was all I could find from him, but damn, that's good stuff.
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    *sniff* that makes me feel warm inside somehow ;w; but yeah, no probs In case you haven't seen it already: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ykr2KZT0K6g&list=UUfAPTv1LgeEWevG8X_6PUOQ&index=4 Greninja, Little Mac, WFT, Villager, Megaman Kirby hats https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=quEunnROJrI&index=7&list=UUfAPTv1LgeEWevG8X_6PUOQ Taunts from the newcomers https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v7ao5KReP8U&list=UUfAPTv1LgeEWevG8X_6PUOQ&index=6 And Luigis FS footage All from GameXplain. Really nice to see taunts and how Luigi's FS works. I'd enjoy the Kirby one more if it was a tad clearer, but still awesome, they're all exactly how I expected them to be. WFT Kirby even has pale "skin".
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    The Kremlings are not an indication of King K. Rool whatsoever. They're just the most iconic Donkey Kong enemies (besides Mario, but he's kinda in the game already) - and seeing as we have two DK reps, both notably from the Donkey Kong Country games, it makes sense for them to have the generic grunts from that series. K. Rool is still a possibility I suppose but I really really wouldn't count on him being in. I'd say Assist Trophy at best, if I had to guess. Having obscure Rhythm Heaven and Xenoblade Chronicles enemies pop up though... yeah, that's suspicious. Especially as the latter is now topical again thanks to Xenoblade Chronicles X on Wii U.
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    Even if the leaks are true, I think there's gotta be SOME surprise characters we wouldn't know about. The leaker didn't mention Rosalina, after all.
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    New Challengers Approaching

    I came into this thread thinking that another Smash bros character was announced lol......... Congrats though
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    The Mario Kart TV Thread

    That ending. THAT fucking ending. Rosalina was just about to cross the finish line, but I was like "NO THIS IS MY RACE BITCH" and threw a boomerang right at her. She stopped just before the finish line and I shot past her just before she could start driving again. That's probably one of my closest finishes yet.
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    Shaddy Zaphod

    Game Grumps

    Except for the part where not-so-grump leaves and everyone hates the new guy for another year. Let's not have that again.
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    Maybe Link, maybe not. Maybe female, maybe not. Doesn't matter to me. Real talk though, this games looks wonderful.
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    Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric (Wii U)

    It's all just so...dull. Dull speed, dull combat, dull environments, dull music, dull writing. At least Amy's voice is no longer annoying.
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    Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric (Wii U)

    I've never considered Sega Knuckles as outright stupid or moronic. In Heroes and Shadow he was tame and competent enough to not draw attention to his intelligence. In Sonic 06, people seemingly flipped the fuck out simply because he had a clumsy moment yet quick moment ("He fell on his head and Sonic didn't! Flanderization!") and because Rouge teased him like she's generally prone to do as seen in SA2 and Heroes. In Riders, he had one moment of "I cannot" that was subsequently made up for not only with the rest of his performance but with actual use of his archaeological expertise in the sequel. And in Generations, every single other decent moment, mission, and line of dialogue he had was completely drowned out by him being the object of Amy's rushing. I've always felt that his "stupidity" was massively overstated by the fandom simply because Sega saw fit to just continue using humor at his expense like they'd been doing since the beginning. Seriously, I don't remember anyone complaining about how fucking dumb he was when he fell in a collapse or was electrocuted in S3&K. Seriously, I personally just don't get it and I doubt I ever will. I never saw Knuckles as this Shadow-like character who was completely manhandled into an idiot by forgetful writers. He was always a slight bit of a buttmonkey but a loyal, capable, and ultimately respectable friend when he was in his element. But.... That delicious cream line from Boom Knuckles? Yeah, that kind of trumps most of if not all of the shit Knuckles has said in the Sega games.
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    Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric (Wii U)

    Everyone that has already stated their opinions multiple times. Also calling someone a dick because they think it looks unpolished is really stupid, the game is out in 4 months or so. It's perfectly reasonable to be worried.
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    How many times are people going to claim this is the reason why people are angry when nobody from the first 19 pages of the topic (since I've stopped bothering to check since then), has said that they wanted a 'Sonic game like this Sonic game.' It was obvious from the announcement day that this game wasn't going to be like 'insert game here.' People don't like it because it doesn't look like a very good game! Nothing to do with the fact sonic is or isn't in it. It just doesn't look very good. Now if Sega want to release some footage which shows this game being awesome, or bring me down to playtest their awesome build, by all means I'll say 'hey this looks like a great game,' but based on what got shown yesterday, it doesn't look very good, and this is a statement being said by people who do and don't know much about the Sonic franchise. Edit: Wait... now I've just said that... isn't there an interview somewhere in which someone on the development team does say it's like Heroes & Adventure? For some reason I think I've read/heard that somewhere?
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    Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric (Wii U)

    Fan's discontent with Boom doesn't center on it not being a main series entry. It doesn't center on it doing something different. It primarily centers on it looking like shit.
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    Okay, read all 20 pages of the thread so far. I'm a bit on-and-off about this game. I mean, I don't find it shit like some people, but I'm not exactly optimistic about it. I knew right from the beginning that this was going to be different from the standard Sonic, and that has probably kept me from making very cynical judgements of the game. This also made me a bit more flexible in what I would assume or expect from the game. Now, I'm a fan of brawlers, I'm a major fan of Jak and Daxter esque gameplay, but this looks like a bit of an expansion and not necessarily in a good way. Combat doesn't look too special, and it kind of reminds me a bit of Heroes with it's major emphasis on combat that risks being too tedious. I've been one to advocate more combat in Sonic games, but I've had a specific way to go about it that even the strongest non-boss enemy takes no less than 3 hits to bring down. The most basic enemy looks like it might take more than that, but who knows? I have to say that the enerbeam concept has some interesting parts to it, such as using it to throw back Eggman's missiles. Kind remniscent of Silver's telekinetic powers in Sonic 06 which, although that game was obviously bad, was actually a pretty interesting idea. But all in all, while I was expecting a brawler out of this game, I was expecting something more fast pace by comparison. That specific expectation has likely clouded a lot of my views regarding the beat'em up nature of this game. The art looks pretty decent. It lacks the same vibrancy we've gotten in games during the Unleashed-Colors-Generation era, which I prefer above all, but some of the themes, such as the ancient temple parts in the game. Some of the boss fights, such as the one chasing Amy and Sonic through the tunnels I somewhat like visually, but not so sure how that would be playing it. I'm a bit "meh, but okay" side of this game. The writing looks amazing tho, which is a plus in my book, although I am fearful of how reviewers would look at this game doing this thing. I'm worried that, should they pan it, that it would signal a return to the era that some of the "Quality" Sonic fans would fear to return to with no attempt at improving these things for the original verse. So, all in all, I guess your mileage may vary on this game. Especially given the responses in the topic, but some previews do seem to hold some interest in seeing how it plays out.
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    I wanted to say "I was pleasantly Surprised by this..."I really wanted to say it considering how good various news and things had been in the last few weeks. Instead I'm sat in here in awe at how bad this looks and before people say 'oh you can't please everyone' or 'well you're an older fan, let me explain why I think this looks terrible. Case in point. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5YWdDO5jVeA Every single part where we have high speed sections look totally barren and dull. My point from the first reveal trailer stands, they look lifeless and lack any enemies. There's not a single one. Combat as predicted seems to be restricted to these arena areas. Sonic's speed grinds to a halt and it just looks like I should be playing a new IP character. I don't know if it's the art style but the colours look awful too. It looks like it's running through a Call of Duty brown filter, What happened to our bright colourful environments? Parts of Unleashed look more colourful than this does. Purple Pit or whatever it's called, really!? Are you going with that background!? It looks like you just clicked the purple paint fill tool to colour in the environment, it looks awful. It's the same story for that underground base type level and the sewer segment. Even the guy describing the game sounded like he was struggling for encouraging things to say "Oh well when you damage docotor eggman he reacts like tugging on his mustache!" OH WOW REALLY!? "And he struggles to get it started up again!" Erm... what does this have to do with the gameplay!? And then he finishes with "The boss battle wasn't terribly remarkable." The speed levels are totally empty, theres nothing in them! It's literally boost to win + ender beam to make a long jump. That is not fun, that is automated gameplay with a tiny bit of interaction. From 4:20 onwards to 5:05... Thats 40 seconds of a Sonic stage in which the player knows what they're doing, moving at high speeds through multiple parts of the level in we did not see ANY of the following. * Enemies. * Traps. * Item boxes. We did however see a lot of the following. * Bottomless pits. * Rings. * Automated sections. It looks out of character, painfully slow, amazingly sluggish and void of life. Combat stages look like it's just going to be 'enter room, defeat enemies at end' progress through door which will then open. Amazingly disappointed by this footage. Roll on Sonic 2015. Oh P.S. anyone else spot the giant Sonic tribal statues in the video?
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    Uh, Auto... It's being held on the 4th...which is a Saturday...breathe young one, breathe...
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    Poor Dunkey, I feel your pain
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    Adventure Time!

    http://www.watchcartoononline.com/adventure-time-season-6-episode-1-2-wake-up-escape-from-the-citadel http://www.avclub.com/tvclub/adventure-time-wake-escape-citadel-203683 Also, here’s a sneak peek of an upcoming one-off non-canon episode by a guest artist/writer/director (like David O’Reilly’s A Glitch is A Glitch) called Food Chain. Who created this episode? Why none other than anime artist Masaaki Yuasa (The Tatami Galaxy, Kaiba, Kick Heart, Space Dandy, Samurai Champloo)! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sg1kGCXO9zs
  49. 1 point

    Soniman's Art Zone - Act 0

    Haven't drawn Sonic in awhile so...
  50. 1 point
    So here's Chapter 2: Again, feedback = much appreciated.
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