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    Seriously, all these accounts of Chunky Kong being an assist trophy and still no footage of it?
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    "Fact is" Smash is planned alongside other games to promote them. SSB4 started development ~2 years ago, and Sakurai has been privy to all sorts of information, not just the entire roster of Pokémon XY but information on Sonic Lost World (evidenced by the completed Windy Hill stage), long before they came out. Dixie Kong could easily have been planned to promote Tropical Freeze if that were the case, because Sakurai quite obviously knows about a lot of things that no one outside Nintendo knew a thing about 2 years ago. "Fact is" Smash doesn't /always/ expand that much and people who expected a big expansion from Melee to Brawl well.. 90% of people expected 40-45 characters in Brawl, and they got 35/38. Most people were extremely disappointed, even angry at Sakurai, because their expectations for how "easy" they, the general public with no development experience, thought fighting game development was, was far greater than reality. Limitations are not "artificial", it's called keeping your expectations in check and realising that game development is not a magic spell where you say "ok this will happen" and then magically it happens. You need time, and money, so much time and money. Those limitations are the reality Sakurai faces. Sakurai can plan out an idea of what he wants to do with the roster before development, and like we saw with Brawl many of those planned characters may not make it in at all in the end (Mewtwo and others), some characters might have just barely made it in before launch (Lucario). Saying they have an idea for a roster planned out before development doesn't mean they'll put them all in, it means they've narrowed down the creative process for focused development rather than having ideas thrown at them in the middle of development. The reason I don't always listen to your arguments is because you are thinking in terms of "if Sakurai wrote this down on a piece of paper and said he would like to do it it'd definitely happen" and not in terms of "Sakurai will only do what he can do with his time and money. There is no such thing as an "artificial limitation" on something by which the final product is largely dictated by various "limitations". System power, cartridge size, time, money, censorship, these are all very real limitations that game developers have to deal with on a daily basis.. You also keep saying Nintendo are far better with planning than other companies, but what? Melee was developed in a hurry in a ~year with tons of cut content, Brawl was delayed and even then had a fair few cut characters. Smash Bros. absolutely does not have a history rich with 100% accurate long-term planning. We won't know if this time is different until the game is out. You literally have no idea what you're talking about. You have no idea how much work goes into creating fighting game characters and how expensive they are. That's how much work and money needs to go into one already partially finished character from an indie game (Skullgirls, their Indiegogo campaign was a fascinating time for everyone who thought they knew how cheap game development was). That's the fraction of the price and work each Smash character might take in comparison. These figures are corroborated by many developers and many developers have also remarked on how these figures are cheaper than the kind of work they're used to. It's true that we don't know how big the roster is going to be, we have no idea, but I'm saying keep your expectations in check. When Brawl came out and its roster size was revealed, a ridiculous amount of people were angry and acted self-entitled and pretended they understood game development better than Sakurai. Nah. The point I'm trying to make here is that you don't seem to appreciate how much work goes into a game when it's being made (supposedly) from scratch, especially since you said characters are smaller than stages or modes. Brawl was made in ~2 years, SSB4 is two games across two systems, one of which is far more expensive to develop for that the Wii was. Sakurai isn't such a magical man that he can pull 15 extra characters out of thin air in an extra half a year. Yeah, 50 characters is possible, but no, I don't think it's likely unless the team working on SSB4 is considerably bigger than Brawl's was (and Brawl had collaborators from many other development teams), and I think I've made it perfectly clear why multiple times.
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    SteamBoy (Valve's Handheld Console!)

    Sounds like a load of bullshit until we know what GPU it uses. Also more touch circle crap, I'll pass. Have fun with installing 3 games on your shitty handheld.
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    Sonic always went out of his way to be a different experience than Mario. Narrative was one of those things that made the difference. Especially when most other platformers were following in Mario's footsteps. It's apparent from all the way to the Genesis games. And yes, it was in the JP instruction manuals, not in the actual games until S3K and CD. Regardless, the point is that they always intentionally had much more depth than Mario ever did. And even if we used Mario as an example to follow, who said Mario sticking to samey plots was ever good? Most of Mario's RPGs, Mario Sunshine and Rosalina's backstory in Galaxy are highly regarded as good, and I don't think many Mario fans are really that against a story in those games whenever the RPGs and what they've done before deliver so well.
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    The only person I trust in regards to deciding something is myself, so I'd rather have the game give me a good reason to warrant my money.
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    I'm also not sure that people's desires aren't once again getting misconstrued into something they're not. We don't want complex, mature, and "deep" storytelling. We want solid, entertaining adventure stories, like an animated film. Why people's demands for something adventurous and action-riddled in an action-adventure franchise are always framed as wanting too much or something the series has somehow never been equipped to handle is beyond me and half the reason talking about this issue for the years I have has become exhausting at this point.
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    Edge of Tomorrow

    Image courtesy of GAF Synopsis Trailer Cast Tom Cruise as Major William Cage Emily Blunt as Sergeant Rita Vrataski Bill Paxton as Master Sergeant Farell Brendan Gleeson as General Brigham Source Material All You Need Is Kill by Hiroshi Sakurazaka Reception -~- So has Tom Cruise done some wacky Scientology shit in recent weeks that are making people just say "no" to this film? Are people still reeling over the twist in Oblivion? Even if you are, like I am, you need to let go of such inhibitions and take the plunge into what is arguably one of the best Hollywood sci-fi movies in recent history and the best to adapt a Japanese property in God knows how long (sorry Godzilla). It has everything-- highly visible and suspenseful robotic action, really bad-ass aliens, time travel that is actually consistent and makes sense, and character acting that is more subtle than it should be and thus all the more charming for it. It refuses the low-hanging cheese factor of something like Pacific Rim in favor of lightheartedness that naturally emanates from the characters and their development on-screen. However, it still knows how to get down to business and raise the stakes in a way that will prey a little on the squeamish during the climax without breaking its own rules. This film is just really fucking good, and if you like robots, aliens, explosions, time travel, good characters, and summer fun, there is literally no reason you should not see this before it leaves theaters. For the love of God nerds, please support this so we can get more adaptations like this one.
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    Disney's "Frozen"

    The problem is that the original fairy tale had a LOT more prominent female characters, and Disney replaced them with dudes. This is an issue because so many movies do this. They have far more male minor characters and background characters, making things highly unbalanced. So, when both princesses use essentially the same facial model as Rapunzel, it's frustrating. Yes, there are background female chars with different physiques, but they're just that: extras.
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    Misty Milo

    Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric (Wii U)

    Can we please not pull the "you can't judge it on X" card? Yeah it's obvious that dismissing a game entirely isn't necessarily the most fair of judgement calls when the game is still in development, hasn't been released, and/or is a game you haven't played, especially for people actually looking forward to the game. But that doesn't mean people can't negatively judge it at all because of some specific reason(s) (and if that was the case, you can't eat your cake and have it too-it would only be fair if people wouldn't be able to positively judge it at all under the same circumstances). It's also worth nothing that when the developers/publisher(s) release new information concerning a game (including screenshots and footage) and/or allow people to play their selected/latest build of the game, one of the reasons they do is because they want to see/read/hear about other people's thoughts on the game. If they didn't they wouldn't have it on display or release new footage/screenshots about their game in the first place. (And personally, from what I've read of the more critical impressions made about Sonic games prior to release, they usually tend to be the more vindicated ones when the game launches and people/critics discuss the game.)
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    What the hell is Speed?

    Well, I obviously can't speak for everyone, but to name just one example: Bullshit like this needs to fucking stop. I'm not sure how many other platforming games can get away with platforming consisting of blocky, microsocopic platforms that practically scream "HEY KIDS, LOOK, PLATFORMING! NOW YOU CAN'T SHOUT AT US FOR NOT TRYING", but Sonic is not one of them. Now, I'm not saying Sonic level design has always been perfect in this regard, but ideally want you want in a Sonic game is to be able to tackle what you'd call a platforming segment in one smooth motion, with minimal or no loss of speed - that's essentially how you sum up "flow" to an experienced player. Here, not only do you have to come to an almost complete stop just to land on these kinds of platforms without immediately slipping off them, there's almost no lateral component to this kind of jumping, and any momentum you do build can't be used towards progressing further upwards (like you would with, say, a quarter or sideways half pipe, for example). Worse still, there's segments in Planet Wisp where these exact kinds of platforms move, which means either fighting against a metaphorical current just to get anywhere, or worse still, standing completely still and having to put up with a few seconds of utter non-gameplay while they carry you somewhere. That is complete and utter crap as far as flow is concerned.
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    Here is my problem with this idea. That movie was made with partnership of Both Disney and Warner Brothers. They both worked amazingly hard to ensure that movie was good, because if it did, it would make both of their properties look bad. However, the key thing that they both had.... they both were the best people to get who understood their IPs on every level! Ever since then, most animated movies, especially those who take someone else's IP and try to make a movie, simply don't get why it was popular, or in some cases care about the subject material. It would be shorter to find a list of movies in which a studio has taken someone else's IP and make something which shows they do care across all media. Every few months or so, this forum has had had a topic or a bump about 'Hey what if there was a Sonic movie' and almost universally, everybody says "A live action movie is a BAD idea" And they're right to say that, Sonic is a cartoon! It's got nothing at all to do with a real world real life experience. We've seen what happens twice when that occurs both in official and unofficial adaptations. So why would a studio decide to go for even partially live action when virtually everyone who understands Sonic agrees that live action is not the way to go? Today we live in the era where many films, especially animated movies stick to a formula, have product placement all over the place, guaranteed to have some kind of celebrity tie in (in this case it'll be the soundtrack). When it comes to the people behind this, there is absolutely NOTHING at all to suggest this will be different. Just take a look at the bibliography of the producer: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0605775/ There is nothing in his entire library of movies that suggests he understands even the genre that Sonic exists in, Now I want to be proved wrong with this, as someone who grew up during the 16bit era, ask any kid who owned a MegaDrive, they wanted a Sonic movie, heck even the OVA had in it's adverts 'The Prayers of Sega fans have been answered' as a selling point. But god, we want someone and people who understands the genre and the IP. And not people who will sit in a hotel room during interview times and say. "We know this franchise has a long history, so we're working closely with Sega and the fans to bring a true experience"
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    How Kickstarter inspired the Burnout developer’s next game: http://www.polygon.com/2014/6/10/5796632/criterion-new-game-e3-2014-matt-webster-interview This was probably one of my most anticipated games coming out of E3; it just looks like so much fun, and I can see many great memories being made playing it. I've heard it said that it looks like Just Cause, if JC were a racing title, and I can't help but nod in agreement at that sentiment. Time will, of course, tell if I'm saying that a couple of years from now, but I have a huge amount of hope for this game, partly because it's Criterion and these guys are super good at what they do. Adding to my hope is this quote from another forum I visit: EXCITEMENT I can't wait to see proper footage, hopefully at next year's E3.
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    Neither Ness or Captain Falcon were confirmed for Brawl until after it came out :v Assuming SSB4 does have secret characters, and the character select screen apparently being the kind that will rearrange itself again makes me believe it will, there's no reason to believe Sakurai will reveal all secret characters before launch.
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    There is almost no fan of Mario that thinks his "save the princess" plots are good, it's just that those fans are the minority while the majority simply doesn't care enough about the series and just play the games for what they are. If you ask any serious Mario fan, 9/10 they will say that the RPG's have pretty decent plots and that the main series should try to incorporate that. One of the most universally praised things about Super Mario Galaxy was the storybook of Rosalina's backstory, and one of the biggest criticisms of Super Mario Galaxy 2 is how scaled back the plot was. This is in addition to the people who claim Sticker Star wasn't very good because of the lack of plot and characterization. So with that said, where the hell are people getting the impression that Mario fans are just a bunch of sheep who couldn't care less about plot, because I'm really not understand how this sentiment even came into being in the first place. :\
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    Yeah I consider that a good thing.
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    New Challengers Approaching

    Recently, two of our long-time staff members, Sean and Pelly, resigned from their mod activities. We here at the SSMB Staff are forever grateful for the influence they have had on these boards during the years and will miss them dearly. We would like to take this opportunity extend our heartfelt thanks to them for their years of service. With the stride that Sonic Boom is hitting and the heated discussions on the boards the Staff has done some thorough discussing, and we decided to recruit some active and varied new blood to fill the void. These are familiar names you might know, and we're very excited to bring them on board. Many of our members might have had a keen eye already to the details, but without further ado, please welcome SuperLink, Azukara and Ogilvie to the moderator team!
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    So I went to Smash fest yesterday. I got to only play one two-minute match and played as Greninja (using the Shiny color alt). I got third place because Pikachu got his final smash and wrecked everyone's shit. Greninja's up-B is like Pikachu's, by the way. His side B reminds me of one of Metaknight's moves. Didn't use much else, as I was not used to using the Wii U pro controller and didn't have much time to adapt to the game or the controller. Also, somewhat related, I met Bill Trinen at my Best Buy (this is a photo of me and him). I was surprised that he was there!
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    Not a whole lot recently but here's some more stuff that I've sorta let pile up: Chili dressed as a chili pepper. Thought it'd be a fun doodle. More original characters from the Frieda comic project that I haven't drawn in awhile, mainly just a general check-up on my progress/ making sure I can still draw them when I can get around to that, etc. Speaking of that project, I've redrawn it's logo and gave it a newish name. I may use it as a header on the place that I'd post the comic in the future. Right now, Cheesecake Odyssey is what I consider my main project, but once that's done, I'd be getting to work on Side of Frieda as my next one, given I still have the free time to even do any of this stuff that I currently have now. A doodle of May's new design. Went for something different here in alot of aspects just because. Another character of Robrainiac's. Her name's Leslie Mcginniss and she's part of a group of fictional videogame characters. I took cues from the refs I had on hand but mainly did my own thing. Was tired but wanting to draw something at the same time so I drew various Stocking doodles in various ways, and also added some stuff that sorta add a geeky "deconstructed" feel to the drawing. Mainly I wanted to visually show the little things that go through my head at times when drawing stuff.
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    I just found out they changed Sonic's "You're too slow." Smash 4 ruined forever
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    That's right, folks! Valve is entering the Handheld market with their very own, SteamBoy! A standard edition of the console is setting up to launch on 2015, featuring the possible hardware of a Quad-Core CPU, 4GB RAM, a 32GB built-in memory card, and a 5" 16:9 touchscreen, as well as having support for WiFi and 3G networks. Aside from this, not much else is known about the system at this point in time. Here's some comments from the team making the device. Source Link: http://www.escapistmagazine.com/news/view/135381-SteamBoy-Aims-To-Be-The-Handheld-Steam-Machine-Update Any thoughts on this new mobile system?
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    Actually, I'd suggest writers such as Ian Flynn. The guy has a great connection with the series lore, both in the games and outside of them, and can definitely make use of the material and characters Sonic Team continues to neglect. And while he may not be perfect, he's far more well-rounded than Sonic Team are when it comes to a narrative. All in all, I think a better idea would be to split the control between Sonic Team and a head writer who utilitarian has a great inside depth to the fandom's desires and the stuff the gaming media says about the writing. One who can deliver on good ideas from both the fandom and the gaming media, while ignoring the self-centered nonsense that comes out of both factions mouths (including the factions of the fandom). I say split control because there are some things that Sonic Team has a good grasp of as far as the identity is concerned, as well as keeping the writer from going too far with making material for their own ego (like Penders, regarding the Archie comics); meanwhile, the head writer can use their half of the power to tell where Sonic Team are screwing up when it comes to the narrative and how they want to use their characters, and can likely avoid some of the mistakes that Sonic Team can't seem to figure out what they're doing wrong, such as them making a new character every single title instead of finding places and making use of the ones they continue to neglect, and add some grey into the black and white mentality of how to write a Sonic narrative. Of course, that's not a guarantee of getting what I think would be a good idea. So, at the moment, with Ian aside as far as the games are concerned, BRB writers actually sound like they have a better grasp of the characters than Sonic Team does in terms of writing. So I wouldn't mind it. But I'd say we can do somewhat better.
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    Suddenly, a horde of OCs - because I draw other things than Jessica :U And after that bombardment, here's something completely different: Here’s a pic of JezMM’s character Alice against a whole lotta ghosts. Clockwise from bottom left: Charlie Brown (Peanuts), Chozo Ghost (half drawn, Metroid Prime), Ghost Kirby (Kirby Squeak Squad/Kirby Mouse Attack), Hyudoro (Sonic 3 & Knuckles/Sonic & Knuckles), Slimer (Ghostbusters), Starscream (G1 Transformers), Ghini (The Legend of Zelda), Boo (Mario), Ghost Familiar (Castlevania: Symphony of the Night), Mega Gengar (Pokémon).
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    So yea, Direct video AND audio of Mushroom kingdom U stage. And no commentators. http://youtu.be/DtnFSqe81S8 And here is sonic face planting the screen! XD Edit: I just realized this. lol look at Mario in the thumbnail, checking out Samus.
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    Oh my god Splatoon squid hats I think we all secretly need one of these in our lives
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    Apart from the economic reasons other members have said, I feel another reason why Stealth is saying this is because someone from SOA went to SOJ and pulled the "remember how in the 90s we made Sonic and Sega successful? You should give us control again." If this project fails, it seems obvious SOJ is going to try to take even more control and give less changes for SOA to have more projects. Though, at the same time, I hate messages like this. I only supported the mobile versions because they are solid games. When it comes to Sonic Boom, I'll probably support the TV show, but I'm not really going to support what seems to be a mediocre/sort of decent at best game for the vague promise of a "trust me guys."
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    Here are all the alternate costumes for the characters that could be playable at E3: These seem to be just the basic four that they were able to put in this build of the game, and we're probably gonna have more alts than this since: 1. Little Mac's alternate costume is nowhere to be seen. and 2. Other characters, like Yoshi and Kirby, had more alt colors to choose from.
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    Eh, there's not really anything to get out of this leak. Ganondorf will obviously be in and he'll have his TP design like Link and Zelda. The guy says he could fight completely different in the final game. How could he be wrong?
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    Did I miss something? What of Boom is written better than SLoW? I mean from what I've seen the cutscenes are alright but nothing special, and the in-level dialogue ranges from dull to obnoxious. And I liked SLoW's writing overall (though I fully admit that there are some rough parts), and I haven't seen anything from Boom that's significantly better.
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    How do you decide what is or isn't worthwhile criticisms from the fandom? How about by reading the criticisms and see if they're trying to offer improvement in a constructive way or if it's nothing more than childish ranting about stuff they don't like? Is it really that hard to notice the difference? You call it a cop-out response, but it's like you're not even bothering to find answers to your own questions while looking at them so black and white. Can you not tell the difference between a constructive response and one that's just simple complaining? For example, if someone were to give constructive criticism vs ranting for Colors: Constructive criticism - I can see where the plot was going with a more lighthearted approach, which isn't bad, but the script seems a bit off and a little too joke heavy, especially during the scenes where Sonic is talking to the bosses that don't respond back. It would probably help if the bosses were actually throwing banter right back at Sonic, which would make the scene feel less empty. Ranting "criticism" - Colors just tries too hard to be silly when it really isn't. All it is is nothing more than "Someone order an extra clobbering" and Sonic just standing there talking nonsense. My god this story is terrible. Would it kill them to actually write a good story? (or even - This is why Sonic shouldn't have a story, because they always suck!) The constructive one is something they should keep an ear open on, the ranting they should just ignore. And no, not all of them will be listened to, but it helps that they can actually show some measure of listening and differentiating through responses they get to try and remember that for their next titles if they can. And part of the whole reason we're in this current mess in the first place is partly because Sonic Team goes too far in extremes in dealing with the problems and don't seem to do much analysis over figuring out what they screwed up on and figuring out how to improve and fix their mistakes, and simply don't bother trying to deal with them. Meanwhile, in the past, their lack of care to these things is what lead to this current problem, such as with the characters, with them having either been flanderized or poorly written which led to people hating them, and their neglect not just in their presence, but also in any attempt to improve the character's faults to make them better. And while there are moments where some fans will be alienated, a lot of it has to do with them being so single-minded that they can't seem to comprehend or accept any solutions different from their own even if, or especially if, it would result in taking away aspects that other fans like that they do not, hence them being self-centered. And when it comes to these kind of fans, ones who would want something gone, regardless of other people's liking in it, I don't think we should bother entertaining these people since they can't seem to tolerate others liking something they don't. So if it alienates them, then so be it. Except, I'm not asking for them to adhere to a list of rules to based on certain divisions of the fandom. Just to simply keep an ear open and see if they can try to make room for any potential good ideas or criticisms that come from them, while differentiating that from the childish ranting from other sides. I'd rather Sonic Team have rhino skin when it comes to criticism, while also being a lot more competent than they have been. And it isn't better for them to keep doing what their doing without at least keeping an ear open to such criticism, because it's that lackadaisical approach that risks leading them to another Sonic 06, which I'm pretty sure is something near-universal for everyone to want to be avoided.
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    The difference between Donkey Kong and Wario is that the Donkey Kong Country games managed to do well enough to set themselves apart from the Mario series. Wario and Yoshi are still mostly known as Mario characters, and most of their own games' success comes from their recognition as Mario characters. I also believe Diddy's absence from MK8 is an attempt to distwnce the two franchises
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    I think potentially the reason for that is that arguably DK reps are Mario reps. DK and Mario span off of one another and DK characters often appear in Mario games but never vice versa (you never get Mario characters in DK games, Mario is the central hub and DK is still an offshoot). It might not be that 2 DK reps is too little, but that 10+ Mario-universe reps is too much. Ofc this is all arguable, but I can see why Sakurai might want to prioritise the expansion of other characters' universes that are completely separate and unique to Mario's over DK. ..I can see why DK fans might be annoyed by that kinda thinking though. Esp since mainseries Mario continues to get new reps.
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    Honestly I can't understand why Mii Fighters would be restricted either.
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    Disney's "Frozen"

    So you're saying that because there are so few female characters in the movie, that that's why there was absolutely no effort put into making any of them look any different from each other. Am I reading this correctly? Because I'm not sure in what bizarro universe is there no fucking irony in making the dozens of background male characters actually stand out as unique-looking compared to the central fucking female characters By the way, my point about not seeing personality and body movements in still images is referring to the fact that those factors are byproducts of character design, not facets. You don't make two generic white girls, tell me that one of them has a different personality or walks differently, and claim that that's what sets them wholly apart.
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    Roger Rabbit is always the cited exception to the rule, but it's not relevant anymore nor even an exception, considering most of the blockbuster films we watch nowadays are already a mix of CGI characters and live-action to varying degrees. Aside from the companies and people involved understanding the properties in Roger Rabbit, highlighting the differences between the humans and the toons was both a deliberate stylistic and thematic point. This isn't so with the children's films people are citing as indicative of trouble ahead with this production. It is always played perfectly straight, as if these creatures and their physics and brand of humor always existed in the "real world," and it's that very disconnect that allows you to realize that the filmmakers missed the point of the original property entirely. However this is, again, ignoring the fact that one of the key people has worked on a slew of films with middling to awful quality. He is undoubtedly going to have an impact on the film as the main overseer, and I'm not willing to bank on him giving enough of a damn about Sonic to understand the property intimately. The fact is, this shit should have been fully animated.
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    ~Tons of concept art, he'd like to have them in the game as unlockables. ~The speed levels we seeing are very basic compared to what is in store and what we saw is transition from hub to level. Challenges will vary, crazyness will vary. The directions and how you running will be very different from this. ~Lots of pacing going speedy, slow, combat, speedy, slow, platforming, puzzle solving etc ~No one likes hours of constant fighting and slow going he says. ~Connectivity between 3ds & Wii U. ~Demo in E3 is meant to show what is the difference between traditional Sonic and this sonic but its not only what you will see in the full game ~Sticks is a collaborations between Sonic Team Japan, SoA, BRB & tv animation guys. Tv animation made the personality, Sonic team made sketches and brb did the rest. ~One principle guy writes the story and dialogue but Tv animation dudes had key involvement. ~Lyric member of an old race, you can see glimpses of that. There is a reason why he is sealed and why he got freed so he can continue his mission. ~Sticks not playable in Wii U ver but she makes an appearance. ~Collectibles are rings and robot scraps. Rings = health. ~100 is the standard but you can upgrade to hold more. ~ More combos = more robot parts. ~ Robot parts = more upgrades + objects for hubs + objects for sticks too. Sorry kinda quick rundown and not in much detail but i think i got most of it
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    Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric (Wii U)

    I don't feel the problem is that it's not a "Sonic game"(because I hardly believe we even know much anymore) but rather it's a very generic game with Sonic's name on it. I think the game would have gone over better had they added their own twist on the Sonic formula...but then you realize that there really isn't a Sonic formula to twist in the first place :V Sonic Team more than likely just told BRB to do whatever and just slap Sonic's name on it, and not really any input on the mechanics of the series itself. This is just baseless assumptions on my part, but it seems to be a popular opinion lately. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    What the hell is Speed?

    There's been kind of a string of "how should we Sanic?" sort of topics lately, and I keep trying to come up with a good reply, but end up trashing it. Maybe I don't really know what speed means for Sonic. I know it's important, in some form. It's part of how the series defined itself apart from other, competing platformers. It's an essential part of its identity. Mario jumps, Megaman shoots, Link collects new tools, Sonic goes fast. I didn't like how speed was used in the boost games. It was too much of a constant. When I play a boost game (3D ones especially), it ultimately feels like I'm barely moving at all. I've acclimated to their speed. They just become a task of reacting to obstacles in time as you're guided through the level, and after a few playthroughs it's basically all memorized. And it's not as if they can just continually raise the stakes, since the boost is already pushing the limits of reasonable reaction times; you take a few steps more and you end up with a game that is biologically unplayable. Relying on scripted events and automation doesn't work either, because you can't actually play with them. They're just spectacle, cool-looking things that you watch rather than play. You wouldn't play a Mario game where Mario jumps for you, because you play a Mario game to jump. I don't get any joy from watching Sonic go through a loop on his own. At least not after watching 15 years of it. I always end up coming back to the Genesis mechanics. Relying on physics inherently introduces variation into the speeds you achieve; an uphill area plays fundamentally differently from a downhill area, and the constant crisscrossing of uphills and downhills, plus your choices of which to take and how well you use them, means that your speed is always changing. I think, even if it doesn't reach the extreme highs of the boost gameplay, that this would actually feel faster. And while it's a mechanic that's not entirely player-controlled, it still allows you to make meaningful choices that automation does not. Especially in 3D, since it gives you the option to run across slopes rather than just up or down them. And the speed doesn't necessarily end when the hill does; as long as you can handle it (and the level design allows it), you can hold onto that speed, you can make it work for you. Maybe it's all about the contrast. Mario jumps, but gravity pulls him back down, and some of his most fun powerups are about temporarily defying that. Megaman shoots, but only straight ahead, and the strength of his copied weapons is often the ability to attack at different angles. And what good are Link's tools without the obstacles they solve, and the times you meet a problem without yet having its solution? Sonic's speed needs to be tested, and it needs to have limits. There needs to be room for it to succeed and to fail.
  38. 3 points

    Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric (Wii U)

    Let's not pretend that speed and flow aren't part of the Sonic series's identity at this point, even if it isn't an essential component. It's not like it's out there for someone who isn't super into Sonic to miss the faster pace that most Sonic games have in common. It's going to turn people off, whether you like it or not.
  39. 3 points

    Mario Kart 8 (Wii-U)

    I hope Luigi has dynamic head turning action for stop motion death stare videos.
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    Apparently, Zero's in the know about something Smash related that he can't disclose yet. http://smashboards.com/threads/zeros-mystery-announcement.358217/ He says it will benefit the competitive scene and all Smash games, but has no direct effect on Nintendo. Wonder what it is. In the meantime, Zelda Screen KO:
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    That's not what he's doing. Yeah, he doesn't like Colors, but you basically said that Sonic should have plots that are like Sonic Colors, not because you enjoyed it, but because you questioned why Sonic Team should even try to deliver anything more than that when they've failed previously. This is like giving up on a game because you died trying to get though a level instead of trying to find a way to beat it, or like taking a class in school and then giving up the whole course just because you failed on 1 or 2 assignments - not only are you devaluing the passable work you've done, but you're not even bothering to try to find ways to do better. Essentially, if something's broke, rather than fix it you just don't bother trying again to succeed, which is not really a creative or productive way to find a solution. What some of us want, which SenEDtor Missile is saying, is a much better and richer plot than what Colors gave us, along the lines of the Adventures or Unleashed. Something that we can enjoy experiencing and exploring, because they've been able to pull it off in the past, and can do so again if they pull themselves together over the problems that resulted in other plots like that of Sonic 06 and ShTH. There's nothing wrong with more simplistic plots from time to time, but just because we had bad games like those two doesn't mean they shouldn't bother trying again. Failure doesn't come from falling down, it comes from refusing to get back up; so if you stumble somewhere down the line, get up, dust yourself off, learn from your mistakes, and try again. Nobody got anywhere they wanted by not bothering or struggling at it. And that's what some of us are wanting when it comes to having a better plot than Colors.
  42. 2 points

    Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric (Wii U)

    Going back to the video Wil posted, I don't think it's a glitch that the player was able to slow down. But ultimately it doesn't matter if they can as long as the speed levels are still designed like hot wheels tracks, because there's not really anything to do with that freedom.
  43. 2 points

    DreamWorks Animation SKG

    I saw HTTYD2 today and I was going to create a lengthy post about how I adored it but ionitron echoed my thoughts pretty much perfectly. The only difference was that I don't rank HTTYD1 as my favourite animated film. Don't get me wrong though, it's a damn good film just not one of my tops. But this....might even top the Toy Story trilogy for me and that's a massive feat. One thing I will make note of though is just how jaw droppingly beautiful this film is. The subtlety of the movements, the detail of the characters, the masterful cinematography, the spectacle of the more kinetic scenes and the overall expressiveness of the world really come together so eloquently. This isn't just a good animated film. It's not even a great animated film. It's a film that pushes the boundaries of animation as an art form. DreamWorks have created something truly special here and I can only encourage everybody to see this.
  44. 2 points

    Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric (Wii U)

    Not to be rude, but not this again. I admittedly didn't buy the Taxman versions since my phone isn't capable of playing them, so I feel a bit like a dick complaining, but when that stuff was said, I was hopeful it actually meant something, but all we got was a fat load of nothing. That said, I was planning on maybe buying Boom anyway, and this hasn't changed anything , so whatever, I guess>_>
  45. 2 points
    Probably, yeah.
  46. 2 points
    If this is in response to ZeRo's tier list, this tier list means nothing. Regardless of the fact that he's a top player he's barely played the game. It's a tier list of a work in progress game with an incomplete roster. It will take months of tournament play before an actual decent tier list is formed.
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    Ok, so, holy shit i have absolutely no life, i just spent the past maybe three days reading this whole thread all because of a freaking echidna plush i got at a theater festival making me remember my childhood love of Knuckles and his family from the comics. So uh. Yeah. My nostalgia lense has been utterly shattered by Ken Penders stupidity. Granted, i'm still a fan of our resident mary sue, Lara Su, but thats because i read 25YL at probably the hardest time in my families life and child-me thought of her as the coolest damn thing. But yeah. This topic and its treasure trove of Penders nonsense have destroyed many a childhood memory, probably for the better. Now i'm excited for the Lara Su Chronicles, just to see it fall on its face. I'm also getting back into sonic now. Woohoo! If only i were good at the games or had money for comics.... in any case, i will offer my two cents from here on out, be it on the topic of horrendus 3D models, idiotic tweets, or just general Penders shenanigans. Yes i signed up just to join in, what of it?
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    Miis can be used with friends so I doubt it. Anyway, check out this page http://www.smashbros.com/us/howto/entry2.html This doesn't imply that Mii and Palutena have to use custom movesets, it implies that: Most characters in the game's custom moves involve slightly changing their special move, i.e. making a blaster more powerful or faster, it's still a blaster Mii and Palutena however can change to use totally different attacks, rather than variations. That's all this implies to me. It then says that you can't use custom moves with randoms. This image also appears in the game options; Customisations: "Off" If Customisations can be universally turned off, that means that even Palutena and Mii must have default movesets, i.e. "basic" as opposed to custom like Sakurai said. Off is probably the default option, and I doubt Palutena and Mii are missing from the base game. They must be fully playable even while customisations are off, which probably means that Palutena is playable online with Randoms. I think. This page also singles out Miis. So Palutena is probably fine. As for why Miis aren't allowed in randoms, it might be that the game would require additional time to render each Mii's specific costume and transfer it to random consoles, whereas with friends they might be pre-loaded or something. Or it could be something as simple as Sakurai not wanting randoms to be overcrowded with Miis, or perhaps even censorship if people purposefully use offensive faces or stuff.
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    The American version of Castlevania 3 is pretty freaking stupid. Let's not kid ourselves; the classic Castlevania games are all pretty hard. Not to mention, they feature some really dated mechanics. Needing to press up and B to throw your sub-weapon makes acting quickly with it very difficult, especially on the stairs. It's also super unresponsive because you can only throw it on certain frames when moving up. But what makes the international release worse than the original Japanese one? Well, it's a lot harder in ways that mess with the game's difficulty balance. In the Japanese version of Castlevania 3, each enemy deals a specific amount of damage to you. In the American version, they all pretty much deal the same damage, except that number gets higher and higher as you progress through the game. So a Crow will do the same damage as a Skeleton in level 6, but a Skeleton in level 6 will do more damage than a Skeleton in level 1. What this essentially means is that the enemies that were originally designed to have tricky or fast patterns at the expense of low damage are now far more effective at killing you. There are other changes, too. Bone Pillars, for example fire faster shots, more frequently. This makes Level 5 on Sypha's path, and level 9 incredibly frustrating. Trying to get past these things while dodging the winged bone fuckers is so difficult. It's actually worse than Death's Hallway in Castlevania 1. In the Japanese version, you can actually walk past some of these before they fire, but here you have to wait, move up and down, and be absolutely perfect if you don't wanna take a hit. And everything drains almost a quarter of your life. It's ridiculous. There isn't anything this hard until way, way later. Some characters were nerfed, too. Grant used to be able to throw his dagger, as if it were a sub-weapon with unlimited ammo, but here he stabs uselessly with it making him far less effective in combat. Yeah, no. But perhaps the most infamous change is the fact that if you even lose a life on the final boss, you don't get another shot at him- you go back to the middle of his stage. You're able to get a game over in the Japanese version because you can continue at him, but no, not here. I ended up beating both versions of the game with Sypha, who is allegedly the worst partner. The original is far superior, and the difficulty is much more tightly designed. Not to mention, it's got better music to boot. I'm usually against calling games bullshit, cheap, or unfair, but this game made me incredibly angry.
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    Guess who isn't happy about Microsoft's poor attempt to pander to Rare fans?
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