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    You've been waiting 16 years to play this level and thanks to Dude we can:
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    I still can't take this thing seriously, even in HD.
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    Damn that set between Axe and Mango was insanely close. Game 3 last stock wow. If Axe took that I would've flipped.
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    Sonic Lost World. Was it that bad?

    Yes they did...Sonic Adventure 2 is a slower yet still fast paced platforming Sonic game. It allows you to run fast through levels and it also allows you to do some really basic to not so basic platforming and puzzles to get through the levels. The game's main level design is platforming, when you're not in a safe part of the level going fast, you're doing a lot of platforming which will normally be in the hard, slower part of the level. Sonic Unleashed is a much faster Reaction based Sonic game. Running really fast through the levels is not what you're trying to do, its what you are doing as the game is just testing your reaction times in the levels. The game gives you the ability to dodge obstacles and do some really basic platforming to get through levels. The game's main level design is obstacles that test your reaction a fair bit, if you aren't in a section where you're going fast on automation or through a slower basic platforming section...the game is usually testing you're reaction skills in those very fast boost sections that may or may not be trial and error. Sharing "similar" game-play mechanics do not make the game-play style of each of those games any less different.
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    And the award for the most boring by the books Fox ever goes to PewPewU yay! It was very solid mind you, just very dull to watch. Shame too because his Marth is pretty cool.
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    You know, I really dig the gameplay in this title. It's really fun. But everything else about it and go DIAF.
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    So I've never really dug up many samples on my own (and quite frankly I think Spinny is some sort of superhuman for all of his finds), but I did uncover something from Sonic CD. This is from Datafiles CD 2. Sound familiar? https://app.box.com/s/g7inuzcqeau2yu80hizt
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    Avatar: The Legend Of Korra

    2 and 3 were great, I even got a few laughs. Keep it up Season 3.
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    The Mario Kart TV Thread

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p1wiTn0RD7A Finally got round to compiling/uploading some off-screen stuff I recorded due to incompatibility with MKTV's in-game upload system. 0:00 - Wario tries to claim victory through camera hogging. 0:16 - Super close finish between SuperLink and I. This was actually from a previously uploaded highlight reel, but I wasn't able to do the slowdown there. 0:28 - Just a little tram trick jump that was super satisfying at the time. 0:42 - Awesome finish with Felix. Watch the green shell... 0:57 - Baby Mario was on my team. He was also an idiot. 1:06 - Race from the other day where I rekt Soniko not once, but twice with bombs. The second time was so unnecessary but I saw the opportunity and couldn't resist taking it.
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