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    So I'm starting to understand why people hate the "waste of a roster slot line" because I'm really having a hard time seeing how Lucina, one of the most popular Fire Emblem characters of all fucking time, is a waste of a slot in a fucking fanservice game simply because she doesn't pander to tourney fucks by being a clone of Marth.
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    He is. We got three original FE characters and one unexpected low-effort clone for fan service. Win-win.
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    The past like, 3 pages of this thread have been a back-and-forth of people saying "I don't like clones" followed by someone responding with "yeah but it took no effort to do this so don't complain." I think it's fair to not like seeing clone characters for a number of reasons, whether you find it cheap, or boring, or poor realization of something potentially fun and interesting. Or maybe you just don't like getting the same character twice as often when playing random matches- I dunno, who cares. Alternatively, if you're really glad a clone is in, that's fantastic. People shouldn't be telling each other what they should and shouldn't be satisfied with. I feel like the "character slot" argument is moot whether we're talking about clones or completely original creations, though. Yes, one takes a lot more effort than the other, but what matters is that just because one character gets in doesn't necessarily mean that another was on the table for consideration. People shouldn't look at roster choices as being "X instead of Y." Obviously the amount of time and resources they're willing to spend on a game is finite, but it's not as if they say "we're gonna have 50 characters, now let's start deciding who they are." It's a more intuitive process than that.
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    Sakurai says a lot of things, none of which give us the full picture. "Physical abilities" can mean anything. Most people have already noted how markedly different Lucina's Nair is compared to Marth's. The only reason Sakurai focused on the sword is probably because that is the key differentiator due to it being Marth's gimmick, and he doesn't get overly technical on Miiverse descriptions. I mean, "being shorter" is not really much of a detail. That's just a casual observation which most people will notice while the game play details are something only the dedicated players will find. And while "crippled" may have been pushing it, most second hand accounts from the game imply that Marth is overall slower and has a worse air game than he did in Brawl. Ken was notably among the people who pointed this out. Meanwhile Lucina exhibits speed more comparable to the Marth we all know. I sincerely doubt the sword is the only different thing between the two, that's just the main thing that sets them apart. The likely scenario is that Marth is having his properties split between characters, just like Fox and Falco. In Melee, Fox had very little to do with his N64 iteration. To make up for the fact and cover an additional newcomer, Falco was introduced and inherited most of Fox's traits that stemmed from his original N64 iteration.
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    I very much doubt this. In all sonic games there is not just one area for each Chaos Emerald. So I assume that it will be the same for the Chaos Crystals. However, whats interesting is that Vernon mentions that there are "guardians" so could that mean that there may be a LoZ dungeon system to it. However, I doubt that every area has a Chaos Crystal. Stages have past and future version of themselves. For example (mining level): Past or Present Version: Future Version: Hmm... I wonder if this just applies to strength. Could it also apply to other stats such as speed?
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    Why does it matter how much "work" is done on them as long as they all are solid and unique in the end? Seriously, sometimes it seems like we're just looking for things to be mad at.
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    Regarding clones, I don't have an issue with them with the EXCEPTION of Ganon. When clones go cross-franchise like that it feels so wrong and disrespectful. Can you imagine the rage if Ridley was in... but he's a Charizard clone with the same level of difference as Ganon to Captain Falcon.
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    But then Ganondorf would just be a Marth clone. Like the rest of them. As long as Ganon keeps his Thunderstomp Dair and his Skullcrusher Fair and his Choke Hold though, I'm good.
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    The game has several problems with character balance, but I still find it a lot of fun, especially with multiplayer. It has an awesome art style and cool music though. Those are easily it's best features.
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    The only good thing about this game is the music. The rest is unbalanced arcade bullshit.
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    So do a lot of people, for all we know Sakurai might do too, but like Xenos said, time and money constraints exist. Hypothetically, if Lucina as a fully fledged character, another Newcomer would likely be cut instead. For example, we could get Lucina instead of Villager, instead of Rosalina, instead of Palutena, instead of Mac, either way, time stacks up and there's only enough time in 2 years to add so much to a game. Smash isn't just about character variety and balance, it's about fanservice, and if they want to stick in as many characters as they can in whatever way they can, isn't that understandable? Fire Emblem getting one completely original and new rep is great. AND it's getting a bonus character too that it didn't have to get at all. Would yesterday's trailer have been better accepted if Lucina wasn't in it at all or something? Sakurai gave everyone like two cakes, one of them was fantastic and fresh and full of unique ideas, but the other one was kinda disappointing, not terrible, but disappointing and really samey. It was so disappointing in fact that people were more annoyed at the second cake than they were happy about the unique amazing cake. Infact they kinda hate Sakurai for making two cakes. Maybe Sakurai should have only made one cake. Even if people were still hungry after only one cake, they would have at least been happier than they are now. I don't have a problem with people disliking clones. I have a problem with people acting like Sakurai is somehow a worse developer for wanting to put as much in the games as he can with the time he has.
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    Gabz Girl

    Disney's Big Hero 6

    The trailer must've been leaked early! And yes, this movie looks really good! We might have another Wreck it Ralph on our hands. =D We also finally get a good look at the villain and he looks pretty badass.
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    The irony is, taking those 12 seconds of game play at face value, Lucina looks better than Marth. At least when comparing that footage to what people who have played the game know from having played Marth, Lucina looks to be generally faster, and having a much better air game. Most people who played the game agreed universally that Marth's been crippled, that his speed was reduced and that his air game isn't as potent. I think the reason people realized so fast that Lucina was a clone in this context is just because she looks a lot more similar to the Marth we are all familiar with. I never thought Lucina would have been the best addition to the roster since her existence in Fire Emblem is literally as a bait-and-switch clone, and this was the only way you could probably approach a character like her in Smash (hence why I expected someone like Anna if Sakurai preferred original reps this time around). So she's basically going to be a "Melee" clone. Can't call this a waste of a roster slot though.
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    It's happening again! New DBZ movie coming in 2015
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    So I finished the second request I received. It's G1 Soundwave, from Transformers! I never really cared for Transformers as a kid, it usually bored me to sleep. But you know who does like Transformers? Spin Attaxx! I know I sort of messed up the design but Google images gave me like 3 different versions of the guy so I just sorta morphed them together. It's an Autograph... from an Autobot! Or at least I think he's an Autobot, I have no fucking clue.
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    Today I asked for requests from SSMB, I got 3 but have only finished one. This one is for Komodin.
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    Disney's Big Hero 6

    No, he appears at the end as Nick Fury and invites them all to join the Avengers. XP
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    You mentioned "work" in the context of the 3 original FE reps. Not Lucina. Either way, I can't see why Lucina is worth getting worked up over to begin with. She's there as a bonus. You can either take her or leave her. You still have a new character with an original moveset to work with, so it's not like we're loosing out on anything by just having her there.
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    Actually this isn't the case. Quite a lot of resources have been recycled from Brawl for the sake of saving time and making development more efficient. Whilst Melee and Brawl reanimated every character from scratch, Smash 4 recycles quite a lot of Brawl animations. There are still a lot of fresh ones mind you, but only the newcomers are 100% original.
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    No I'm saying she was purposefully decided as a clone from point one, so more dev time could go into more unique characters, what is it about this that you don't get? She didn't, again, what about this aren't you getting? Lucina was intentionally developed as a clone from point one using a smaller development period so they could fit more characters into the game, it's really not that complicated. Ganondorf is different because he's literally extremely different from Captain Falcon and doesn't really fight that way at all and was only developed that way because Melee was rushed in just a year, Lucina does fight like Marth. Are you really? Because it sounds like you thought Lucina got as much dev time as any other character. She evidently didn't, and if she did, another character or factor of development would suffer for it. We don't know if she's different like Wolf or Luigi, but if she's not it just means she was made in an even shorter time to make room for other characters, she would basically be an alt skin with her own character box, which a lot of people would have considered preferable to her not being in at all. Also, she didn't get the dev time of other characters because there isn't enough dev time for that. Like I said, it's not like they're going to finish the game way early and twiddle their thumbs for the month up to release, they put little effort on Lucina because as far as the dev team are concerned, other factors need more focus. It's fair enough if you don't like that she's a clone, I'm not telling you or anyone that you have to like it, I'm saying that from a purely developmental point of view it makes sense as far as making as many people happy as possible with limited development time and funds. Insulting the way the game is being developed isn't going to make them discover a way to pull time and money out of thin air. You don't seem to get that if Lucina had the dev time of a regular character (she evidently didn't) then some other factor of the game's development would be affected negatively. Making Lucina a clone was a conscious choice that prioritises other factors of the game, Fire Emblem already has one full-fledged newcomer and 4 reps in total. If Lucina got full development time instead of another character from another series, people would be more unreasonably annoyed that Sakurai is giving Fire Emblem so many reps because it would mean she did "take someone's slot" by taking dev time that would have been for someone else. Instead, it got one new rep and one rep that took a fraction of development and people are still annoyed. So in doing something he didn't have to do and adding in a little more fanservice, he just made people annoyed, seems kinda ungrateful to me. Anyway I hope I've made my point clear this time, now, onto more important news: Finally I have discovered proof that Pittoo is ON Smash Bros. ON Wii U.
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    Woah, woah. I agree that this "wasting a slot" stuff is utter nonsense and that it always has been, but "tourney fucks"? Really? I don't play in tourneys. I couldn't give less of a shit about that- I play Smash Bros very casually. But a clone character is a clone character. I'm a big fan of Lucina and I think she's really poorly realized. Especially considering that, in Smash, I don't feel like characters with slight differences add nearly as much as, say, Street Fighter with its shotos. There's literally no reason to be saying that so far, though. Any comparisons between her and Marth are being done from 12 seconds of footage based on 2 different builds, after Sakurai already said their abilities are identical.
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    It's not "lazy" when she's most likely a "why not/bonus" character that we wouldn't be getting at all otherwise. Sakurai puts every moment of development time into packing these games with as much content as he could make, and he can't make everyone happy, but if he only has enough time to make a certain amount of unique characters, it's not "lazy" to throw in a couple of characters that are little more than costumes, it's a bonus. Would people complain if Male Wii Fit Trainer got his own character slot? Yes. Why? The exact same amount of development has gone into Male Wii Fit Trainer and Lucina, Lucina perhaps a little bit more, but it's not like she's imposing on anyone else's development time. If you complain about her, you may aswell complain about all costumes, because the only difference between Lucina and Male Wii Fit Trainer is that you select her with a box programmed onto the character select screen rather than an alternate costume select button programmed onto the character select screen. Sakurai can't please everyone, but I can say with confidence that we would not have gotten Lucina otherwise. If we did, she would have taken up the development time of another popular character, and even more people would "hate Fire Emblem for taking up character slots". I think people need to realise that this is the best situation for them, the players. Sakurai knew that people would complain "too much Fire Emblem" so he did this in a way that would not interfere with development time. If Lucina wasn't a clone, we'd probably be losing one of the other original characters we've gotten. It's pretty simple.
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    Guys one thing you have to realise about clones is that they take almost no time to develop compared to most characters. What I'm saying is, for example, the full development time could go into making 40 characters, or it could go into making 40 characters PLUS a few clones. Lucina and Dark Pit for example are highly identical within their own series' to Marth/Pit respectively, that means that it's kinda understandable for them to control similarly. A lot of people wanted Lucina to be an alt. skin for Marth (especially preferable to not having her in at all), and this is a better alternative to that. It is a bit disappointing that she doesn't have her own moveset, but Robin was the focus of that trailer and I think having Lucina at all is better than not having her, especially since she's supposed to fight like Marth. Lucina takes as much time to develop as male Wii Fit Trainer, or one of Villager's outfits, plus some additional audio work. She's not "taking up" a slot. She's adding a slot on top of what we're already getting. Fair enough if you don't like clones, but don't get the wrong idea about slots being "taken up", it doesn't work like that. On that note, it's worth mentioning that the reason Melee had so many clones was because it was developed in only a year, the clone characters were to round off the roster number because the roster would have been pretty small without them. Yeah I'm pretty confident we'll see Dark Pit now. On the CoroCoro thing: http://corocoro.tv/next/ Here's a source And here's a more accurate translation; It's hard to know exactly what this means, whether it means all starter characters or all of everything, and while this sounds a little concerning that our fun may be over so soon, keep in mind that the Gematsu leak (which is correct 9/10 times) seemed pretty confident that there would be post-release DLC. I'm thinking characters on the base version of the Wii U game will be available for purchase on 3DS when they're ready, for example.
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    I think it'll just show all previously revealed characters and stages. I'm not bothered by clones. I get that it's annoying that some characters have more potential, but in the end I think they're just some bonuses the team is throwing at us. They're not all too much work and I can play as another character I like. Falco for example is my favorite Star Fox character and I was really happy to be able to play as him, even though he's very similar to Fox. I don't think they take any spots from anyone else. It's probably them as a clone or nothing at all.
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    Gabz Girl

    Disney's Big Hero 6

    http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2014-07-15/big-hero-6-is-1st-disney-film-to-be-previewed-with-manga-series/.76668 So Big Hero 6 is going to have a manga adaptation by Haruki Ueno in August! I like the artwork in the article, it's cute. I wouldn't actually mind reading the manga if anyone translated it, but I'm worried it might spoil the movie
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    I understand wanting her to be her own original character. I do too. What I mainly have a problem with is all the talk of character slot and disc space limitations that don't even really exist.
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    This exactly, and its why I'm so annoyed by these complaints about Lucina. Who cares? We've got probably the most original character in Smash Bros. to date in this update. If we JUST got Lucina, I'd be pissed, and I'd be irritated if it was Chrom and Lucina, but Robin is extremely original and represents a huge part of the Fire Emblem franchise, so... I really can't be angry about Lucina being an easy clone.
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    I would propose an alternative theory: What if Lucina was decided from point one as an alternative costume for Marth, and they only later decided that they wanted her to be slightly different? This is how I'm reading her - not as a clone, but a glorified costume swap. Sakurai's Miiverse notes give me this impression - she's not a lazy roster slot, she's a costume with more effort than usual, to the extent that it was felt misleading to bracket her with Marth.
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    I'll agree that it's disappointing. But I also think it's not a huge deal. Marth is already incredibly fun to play as, and it saves everyone the work of getting used to a new moveset. I just wish I could be happy about Fire Emblem related news for once.
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    I don't think you're getting me because I'm saying she can't get more than that, there isn't enough development time for her to get more than that x-x she's a bonus because she is being made on top of the unique movesets in the game, but development is mostly focused elsewhere, there isn't enough space or time within development to make her her own unique moves because that takes tons of work and money. How can it possibly be a "lazy" bonus if they're doing everything they can with the time they have? It's not like they're gonna lie down 4 weeks before launch and say "phew, that's it, nothing else to do", they are packing this game to the brim. It's this Lucina, or no Lucina, she is a bonus addition on top of the many unique movesets we're already getting, and I personally would rather have her at all than not have her. Like Red Cap said, if she was an alt. skin, people would be hype as shit, and this is better. I can understand that you'd prefer her to be original, but if you'd rather not have her at all than have her in the bonus state she's in, all that proves is that it's impossible for Sakurai to please everyone because I'm certain he knows there are many people who'd rather have her as an alt skin than not at all.
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    The funny thing about all this is that everyone would have been freakin' hyped if she was revealed to be just an alt skin for Marth. But for some reason it's worse that she's a clone (which is objectively a better choice)? I don't get it.
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    I'm gonna list my favorites and - as per the guidelines - provide a few reasons for each. Here we go! Hydrocity Zone Act 2 Bar none, this is my favorite song from the classic trilogy. Hydrocity Act 1 was already a swanky jazz tune, and a perfectly catchy number in its own right, but then act 2 comes along and mixes it up into something amazing. Check it; This song starts out frantically, as you're caught off guard and have to quickly run from the advancing wall of death. It's timed perfectly, so that by the time you've safely outran the wall, the song shifts to this sweeping, downright majestic melody as you hop out of the water and gaze upon the grand hall of platforms and loops before you. It's great, and suits the mood of the level incredibly well. Classic Sonic had a bunch of amazing songs, but this is the one I always find myself coming back to, again and again. E.G.G.M.A.N. Come on, surely you eggs-pected me to include this one (Not sorry). It's the theme of my favorite Sonic character, and man, does it ever suit him. One thing you'll notice is that the other characters' themes are more - shall we say - figurative in how they describe their subject. They allude to their focus character, their philosophy, their outlook, etc. "E.G.G.M.A.N." has none of that, and just bludgeons the listener over the head with who Eggman is and what his goals are - conquering the world and crushing Sonic, all while saying Eggman's name over and over. It's the polar opposite of subtlety, and while I'd normally dislike that, it totally fits Eggman's bombastic and egotistical personality. And those are just the lyrics; The song also sounds awesome as well, with a catchy rock instrumental and expertly-delivered vocals by Paul Shortino. The whole song is a masterpiece, and I love it. Every Single Rouge Level I'm leaving Egg Quarters here, because it was my favorite of the bunch, but seriously, all of Rouge's level music is some of the best BGM in Sonic Adventure 2, if not the best level BGM in the entire 3D series. I've always been a huge fan of both jazz and funk, and Rouge's stages deliver with some of the smoothest tunes in the franchise. They get stuck in my head, and fortunately are quite welcome there. I'm not even a huge fan of Rouge as a character, but her musical motifs are top-notch as far as I'm concerned.
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    The company isn't necessarily indicative of the quality. For example: while The Smurfs came from Sony Pictures, so did Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs. Why one movie is an bad cash-in and the other is one of the funniest CG movies so far is because of the people involved, not the company. So for example, in this case: The Smurfs was directed by Raja Gosnell, who also directed Beverly Hills Chihuahua and the live action Scooby Doo movies, and written by people who also wrote Daddy Day Camp. Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs on the other hand was written and directed by Phil Lord and Chris Miller, the creators of Clone High. They also later went on the write and direct The LEGO Movie.
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    I'd rather have WW!Ganondorf in Smash because dual-wielding swords would be pretty interesting. Maybe his schtick would be parrying attacks
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    I think one character in particular is going to love the two new Fire Emblem characters
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    I used to get really annoyed about clones but I guess the reason I keep defending Lucina and am so excited for her is because before yesterday I had convinced myself we'd only be getting 3 more new characters and one of them would be Chrom, who I assumed would be similar to Marth or Ike in some way. I expected a similar character I didn't like much, and instead I got a similar character I really like and a completely fresh and unique character. Also it kinda proved the Gematsu leak wasn't gospel, so there are probably more than 3 (including yesterday's) newcomers left, and I honestly can't be annoyed or sad about that no matter how hard I try because the majority of their reveals will probably be very unique characters and if we do get more than 2 more Newcomers that will already be far more than I expected.
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    I feel bad for Chrom supporters, but this is definitely the best thing to happen. I never wanted Chrom, not because I didn't like him, but because of lack of roster variety. Especially on the FE cast. I always wanted an FE mage, and early on I thought "the Awakening Avatar would be great," which turned later into me 100% supporting Robin, with Robin basically replacing Lyn (disconfirmed) as my #3 most wanted character. It also gives me hope we'll get both King K. Rool (#1) and Dixie Kong (#4), too. Before Robin, the only character who was even in my top 5 was Mega Man (Little Mac I did want, though).
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    Ah fair enough, I get where you're coming from better now at least. I'm one of the people who didn't expect Lucina to be her own rep because I thought she'd be too similar to Marth to be considered, even though she's really awesome, so I can't help but be happy with the way things turned out. I'm happy we get to play as her at all, since back in the Brawl hacking days I was content with giving Marth an alt. costume that resembled her, and now she even has her own name, audio, and maybe even Classic mode ending. For me, I'm happy with how she's turning out, especially since she fights just like Marth in her own series to begin with, and I don't like Marth that much despite his moveset being a lot of fun so using Lucina will be a great alternative.
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    Oh, nice find. That is definitely in the same area. Similar rock patterns, trees sticking out of the walls, (dead and wilted in the future version) old wooden mine carts/futuristic metal mine carts, etc. It all goes hand in hand with the "Machines VS nature" cliche they said they were doing a while back. This confuses me, though. If the time travel is directly related to the state of the levels, does that mean it's analog? I can't see every single stage getting a remix if it isn't. And on that note, if they go through the stage after going through the future version of the stage, wouldn't that create an alternate timeline from the fiddling they do to fix it in the future? Wouldn't that directly conflict with the time loop logic the plot is already incorporating? And on the other hand, where exactly do the heroes and villains come from, besides Lyric? The past or the future? And how would the ancient artifacts be able to depict them going back in time and saving the day in the bad future, if the only way they can save the day is through a good future, which didn't happen? Bah, time travel. While we're at it, here are a couple of things I noticed from the existing footage: - at 0:15, there appears to be a broken down, three-maned ship near the water. At first I just thought it was one of Eggman's devices, but three seats seems awfully specific. Perhaps it's the vehicle that the rest of the team uses while Sonic runs across the water? I dunno. Just something I noticed. - Also at 0:15-17, there are a couple of animals seen. One is a crab in cartoony proportions, and the other is... a seagull. Just a normal seagull. Oh well, at least they give the environment some life. Wonder if Eggman will use them in his own robots, and keep the animal mofit because of it. - Again, at 0:15-17, there's a small pathway to the right of the road that is hidden by the trees that I haven't seen anyone actually explore. I wonder if anyone even knows about it right now. There's also a collectable over the left edge of the road for some reason; probably another hidden route. - That slow down that everybody loved on the speed section? Yeah, that just happens if you don't run over boosters often enough. No analog control to see here; move along. I like the apparent switches and springs that hang over the main road, though. Makes me wonder how many secret alternate routes are hidden in this stage, actually. - Yeah, the music for the speed level and the boss fight is 100% placeholder music. No other way about it. It's the exact same music as the title screen's; they didn't even bother to reset it once the level started! - You can't really see it from here, but if you look in the general direction of up, like at 7:9-17, you can see a lot of unexplored level in the stage. It's absolutely criminal that so much of the demo footage takes the Sonic routes only and whizzes by it all, as pretty much the only thing people have to judge the level design on is the exploration right now. :\ - 14:54 I spy the worm guardian. Come to think of it, has anyone actually brought up that thing since the first trailer? It was definitely a guardian. No. Don't ever hype up something like that for a game like this. It will only lead to backfiring. It'll probably just be health and strength, like the usual ND/Insomniac formula.
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    So Lucina sounds like the cloniest clone of the entire entire series so far. As a fan of her, this is pretty disappointing.She's also the only newcomer like this in a sea of characters who have been looking incredibly unique. Not gonna lie, yesterday's reveal was awesome but gave me a lot of mixed feelings. I hope we do find the rest of the roster next month just so the speculation can end.
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    I actually remember thinking back when they rebooted the comic "Hang on, Finitevus is not a Penders character. That means they can use him! Cool, it's going to be great to see how they will explore Knuckles and Finitevus' reaction after their entire race disappeared and how they get along after losing everything!" But NOPE! Even Finitevus is out of bounds because somehow Penders managed to stop people like Bollers to not have their characters published in the comics either! I know this has already been talked about countless times in both this topic and the main Archie comic one, but I can't help but feel how much better some of the comic would be if they could keep characters like Finitevus, Mina etc. It would've been a fresh new start for these characters as well, not just SEGA and SatAM, and it's a damn shame we'll never see them again. Thanks to...him. >_>
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    I did say "likely." Not everything he's done is made out of gold. Not every episode of your favorite show is a winner. It never is. For Unleashed, sure. I know it's being criticized, but they're criticizing how it's being changed, not how it's written. A lot of the complaints directed towards it were, in fact, premature assumptions based on very limited knowledge -- dynamics, by those who view it so, being ruined. I didn't mind the changes, most of what I view in pure Unleashed has been an absolute underwhelming... everything. Everyone was just, "Oh, okay." about everything. Here, it's different. Different for the better, in my view -- which is "more than Unleashed." And yes. Charmy's change was bad. I admit that. You didn't need to point it out. Even Ian regrets making that decision. More reasons to trust him, he can admit a flaw and tries to not repeat it. You should really calm down.
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    Ian would have likely done the Marauders better than the games. And those guys would probably have been better than the Dark Egg Legion. So, it's a sad thing. It's always a sad thing, for me, to not be able to see Ian make something better.
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    Gabz Girl

    Disney's Big Hero 6

    Saw these on Tumblr. They...made me laugh.
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    What else would you expect from a man who quit his job because his employers began to tell him he had to make further use of game characters, characters that were a part of the franchise to which he had been licensed to write for mind you, and then after leaving over that fact went right back around and tried to convince the company whose characters he scorned into letting HIM take charge of writing for a major theatrical adaptation of their best selling product? The ego and hypocrisy of this man is boundless. As I said... he does more than enough to make himself look like some kind of cartoonish caricature of a man. Why else would we have enough material on him to LAST a hundred pages? XD
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