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    Remember when this... ...used to mean something? Because it doesn't anymore, not to me. Seriously though, FORTY SIX mobile titles? I know mobile games aren't exactly expensive or difficult to churn out but Christ that is a lot. Did I mention how terrible it makes them look? Not even EA, who are allegedly evil, pump out this many mobile titles, and they are much bigger than SEGA are. Also, I wonder how many of these are Sonic games, and how many of these Sonic games are Sonic Boom games.
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    "B-but... Sally was all OVER Geoffrey! Don't you remember the end of her mini, where she thinks that instead of her heart having one person in it (Sonic), now there's two (Geoffrey)?" "There are different ages of consent in Knothole/Mobius!" "You shouldn't have such narrow minded cultural differences. Imagine saying what you are saying to someone from another culture in real life!"
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    I actually really like the idea of Knuckles being paired with Relic, but it would have to be a super gradual and subtle thing for it to be doable, and i accept that it will never happen anytime soon, if at all. I've always wished Julie-Su could have been an independent character, one that didn't exist just to be paired with Knuckles. i like her as a character, but i'd like her a hell of a lot more if she had a character arc and hard time leaving the Dark Legion, not even thinking about being with Knuckles and him being her cool guy friend. this isn't because i ship him with someone else or something silly like that, as i thought this even before i shipped him and Relic, it's because for a "strong and badass female character" there isn't much supporting her character other than soultouch and supposed badassery. shes got such a cool visual design, why can't she have an interesting character arc too? look, just imagine! what if she was Knuckles rival among the Dark Legion members, the one who always had to go up against him? the two would clash many a time, and in and around those clashes she would observe him and be all "whats this guys problem?" until one situation seperates them both from their group and they have to work together to get back. initially unwilling, the two quickly discover they have no choice but to work together and end up begrudgingly bonding. when they return to their groups, Julie-Su doesn't understand why Knuckles helped her back there and wonders what to do about it. eventually, through many different situations like these, Julie-su chooses to leave the Dark Legion and find her own path, going on a quest to decide whether her family, Knuckles, or a whole new brand of "right" is whats Right to her. she then continues to be a more friendly rival to Knuckles, and helps him and the Freedom Fighters a few times during her journeys until she is offered a spot with the Chaotix, and her and Knuckles become close friends. i really like the idea of her as a rival character searching for her own path, as opposed to a token girl with little to no reason to leave her family behind. she'd have to discover where her loyalties lie herself, deciding between family and her own morals. this would also be really cool if she didn't have a bad relationship with Lien-Da, and that she has to realize her "loving older sister" is not the great person she thought she was.
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    Welcome to my world. That comic was a constant in my life. I had quite the collection. I loved all of it. The Knuckles Books, the stuff he did for Sonic... the Archie continuity was something I was truly and wholly invested in, and it was my favorite version of Sonic. Even as I got older and realized the flaws in the work, I never stopped loving it. I even defended Penders, in ways that eerily mirror his current defenses for his indefensible behaviour. Heck, I even wanted to become a writer for the comics some day, all because of him. And then came the lawsuit. Then I finally took a look at his forum and his social media. I finally got a look at the real him, and the real nature of his work. Years spent on his work. Years spent loving what he made. And in the end, it was all the lazy hackwork of a mind that could not be bothered to even half-ass things... and he was a horrible excuse for a human being, as horrible as one could get without having committed a major crime. I had contributed to that fuckwit's paycheck for years and sung his praises, all the while being totally unaware of the kind of person he was. I feel worse for Flynn, Dubs and Agnew though, and a few other fans from the olden times who dedicated themselves to his work. Flynn in particular. I can't begin to imagine what it was like to finally make it into comics, into Sonic, only to get THAT response from Penders and then the whole mess with the lawsuit. That he had the will to continue afterwards amazes me.
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    On the Ken Penders newsfront, we have some random guy asking Penders why he took Jules and Shard away and Penders taking a potshot at both Archie and Sega. For the antics
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    That's just fucking disgusting. Can't believe people still act that way.
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    Except neither Ian nor fans WANT Relic to take Julie-Su's place and become Knux's girlfriend. At least not for a long while; shipping wars has burned Ian out on most romances. Whenever I hear about people missing the old Pen characters, they usually say it's because they LIKED the concept or how Ian wrote them. It's never how Pen wrote them or had them say or act. In fact, the only person like that whom I can recall is our reclusive troll Naugus... I mean FuhrerMustang, who believes Geoffrey was the best character in the book (only when Pen and maybe Karl wrote him); how Geoffrey was Sonic's greatest rival, more than Knuckles or Shadow, largely due to Endgame and his (preditorial) wooing attempts of Sally. I am not even kidding.
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    Doctor MK

    The LEGO Dimensions topic

    *sees the latest news* So then, it happened. It only went and bloody happened. God dammit LEGO I was so convinced I wasn't going to buy into your overpriced toy to life shit And then you had to go and include the one sodding franchise I will absolutely throw money at no matter what You sick, clever bastards I hope you're happy with yourselves you smug gits, because I now have until September to convince myself of the logical conclusion that shelling out over £100 just to play a half-decent Doctor Who game is simply just not worth it Oh, how my wallet cries for mercy
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    I just constantly feel sorry for the people who grew up idolizing Pen, like Paul Agnew, Ian and Dubs Gray. It sounds like there were there at the beginning of Pen's online life with his forum. All three of them managed to make it into their childhood dream jobs in comics, yet not only did their idol not want to encourage them, but was either indifferent or completely disparaging. And the latter two are already becoming more successful than Pen, while I'm sure Paul will make it big as well; all the while Pen wastes away in the social media wasteland, talking shit while his "dream project" progresses at less than half a snail's pace. I know I've said it before, but I know how soul crushing it can be when someone you look up to turns out to not only have feet of clay, but is actually a completely awful person. I barely read the book when Pen was backupping Bollers, and I still can't believe the guy who I saw write Knuckles dying and then becoming Echidna Jesus (tho I didn't make that connection at the time) would lead to so much drama, jackassery, and the worst IP I've heard of in a good long while.
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    Sadly, for the most part.... yes. Espeically if the artist in question was Ron Lim or Pen himself. Early Mawhinney was great, Late Mawhinney was tired and sad (it's telling his only energetic post-Adventure story was a fairy tale which used the old SatAM designs) Manny Galan tried (having to draw so many echidnas...), Frank Strom's concepts were better than his art which clashed with the SEGA style of Sonic & Tails, Early Manak was (personally) servicable but awkward and got complaints, Late Manak was really kinda sad to see, Scott Shaw did work on the original mini which lead to Sonic's ongoing and a story here or there and was very Kelly's Pogo-esque (tho even he got invovled with Pen's crusade, which led to both of them over-inflating Shaw's importance to the book), J. Axer was great but he oversexualized female characters like Sally & Mina which didn't help the accusations of "furry comic" and "furry drama" back then, Ron Lim seemed to have gotten his tenure due to an admittedly sharp looking pinup but his regular pencils were garbage (Eggman was his only consistantly on-model character, Sonic became a literal cyclops), Dawn Best was rough around the edges but for a fanartist turned professional she wasn't too bad, Spaz was alway great but almost never around (and his SA2 art seemed shockingly bad and off model for some reason IMO), Many Hands... hopefully those interns they used never drew professionally again, and Pen himself was nearly bottom of the barrel; nearly impossible to tell whether his art or his scripts were worse. If I missed any pre-Flynn & Yardley artists, let me know; those were the only ones I can remember off the top of my head.
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    Which as I'll mention again, Penders confirmed recently that by the time of Sonic #44, Geoffrey was in his early 20s (About 21, 22) and at the time, Sally was 16. Which means Penders knowingly paired up a 21/22 Year old with a 16 year old girl, which is made even worse considering Sally never made any advances towards him, that was all Geoffrey who usually appeared on the scene and just up and kissed Sally without her permission,
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    "PlayTonic, you need to add shorts to the reptile!" "There, we added shorts to the reptile." "...What the fuck." Such a charming design.
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    Oh, so close. I very nearly called it. Somewhere at Konami head office is a very angry man who doesn't understand how the Internet works.
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    The KKM

    Fleetway Design Conventions

    I think this one works because for all the "yeah he's badass evil", he also feels genuinely flawed? He needs assistants, does stupid decisions, often ends up with his butt kicked to him, and by the time he begins approaching critical levels of competency in evil, he's also approaching critical levels of insane nihilism. also personally I prefer Nigel Dobbyn's old colouring work, his digital feels too sterile. Love his inkwork though. is this a good place to bring up the StC redesigns I commissioned freelance-who-works-with-Archie artist Ben Bates to do?
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    Almost 4 millions !!! Holy schet !!! xD (Let's see how long I stand in 1st position )
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    This is just speculation and a tinge of conspiracy. More then likely he's just a miserable, petty jackass who doesn't know when to leave well enough alone.
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    I just love how he keeps tagging Archie and Sega, as if they are really going to get slightly annoyed by his stupid ramblings and reply back to him or something.
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    *Fluffle Puff gasp* Oh yeah, that... I have not forgotten about it nor abandoned here, I just have been avoiding spoilers until I caught up watching the episode(s), so I did obviously. To make up for my thread absence, have a couple of angry pones. :Y
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    Disonoid 3000

    Pixar Animation Studios

    I love the portrayal of Joy. It's great that they're being more nuanced than "Positive emotion = Good, negative emotions = Bad". Plus, I just love her animation. That twirl...
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    Being totally honest, every time I read the Archives series and read an issue by Penders, I actually chringe a little when I see his attempts at outdated slang, in fact, I even had a review of the Sonic Adventure arc that got wiped in the forum wipe but I should redo it. That had one of the single most awful lines ever muttered in the comic. When Sonic is fighting Perfect Chaos, the Freedom Fighters including Sally and Knuckles are fighting as well. Sonic goes to help Sally and what does he say? "SALLY! GET OUT OF THE WAY GAL PAL!" Where do I even start with that? Firstly was the phrase "Gal Pal" ever cool? I mean could you ever imagine anyone saying to one of their friends, "so what's up gal pal?". It sounds like some 45 year old man trying to sound "hip"and "cool". It sounds like something Technus from Danny Phantom would say (Big difference there is its meant to sound uncool). It's most certainly something Sonic the Hedgehog would never say. Secondly, why Gal Pal? Why does Penders feel the need to make the distinction that this isn't just a pal of Sonic but a female pal of Sonic? I mean, why not just "Sally! Move out of the way pal!" Or just "Sally! Watch out!". It makes it sound ever more idiotic that for whatever reason, Penders believed he just had to distinguish Sally as one of Sonic's female friends. On another note, I hate the way that whenever Penders talks about characters or franchises, he always does it in all caps. For example "SONIC" and "KNUCKLES". Is this how he would do it if he was talking to someone in real life? Would he just shout the characters names at the top of his voice and then just return to normal conversation level?
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    This image was made at least five years ago and for fuck's sake it's somehow become more relevant over time. Goddamnit.
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    So yeah Archie is now entering the kickstarter craze. The stretch goal is $350,000 and within less than a couple of hours they've already made over $11,000. Im interested in this and when the money is right I'll back this up hopefully they'll be able to reach their goal https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/2096518612/riverdale-reborn
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    Lol, trust former Rare guys to come up with a name like that. XD He looks great though!
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    Most of the complaints about Sally's attire was turn of the millennia recent, when she was more often sexualized by artists like Axer or Butler. In the early days, Sally was more cute than 'sexual' when drawn by people like Manak or Mawhinney. It's how the curves are emphasized where the complaints come in. One of the most bizarre outspoken detractors about Sally's design was from a DA artist called Gameboysage who seems to have a fixation on female furries who go pantsless, even getting others to edit Rafa's artwork to remove her shorts. (S)he also gave support to Penders during the lawsuit because they hated Mecha-Sally's redesign and how it would lead to her regular design having the top and shorts. They also cancelled their subscription during Countdown to Chaos when Sally was reintroduced.
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    ...Geez, you guys. :U I thought it was great. The thing with Vader actually dumping the games on Jon made me laugh pretty hard. Also "NOT THE POOPY ONES" made me laugh like an idiot for some reason.
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    Fleetway Design Conventions

    I've always found StC extremely weird in how it started off like a straight adaptation of whatever the creators could piece together from the games at that point (thus starting off as, by default, the most accurate-to-the-source-material alternate media for Sonic), and then suddenly became darker and grimier and more Judge Dredd like as it went. If everyone that worked on the comic came from working on 2000AD though, I guess that explains why. Still always found the non-main character designs to be extremely odd all the way through, that is whenever they weren't being directly based on the reference art. Everyone who ever got their mitts on Sonic in the 90s seemed to not want to bother making anyone that wasn't Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy and the Chaotix fit into the "rubberhose cutesy" style. That said, I still find that StC's artwork most often reigned supreme over Archie's. At least the Fleetway crew had some talent behind them, because those backgrounds and the amount of detail in the environments was stunning.. not to mention how incredible they all looked thanks to being painted instead of just plain ol' inked. ... Can I also bring up the elephant in the room? That being how Sonic always did that one pose? You know, that one pose? Seriously what's up with the O mouth, legs spread, bending forward, 'both hands in front or with one hand in front clenched with the other behind him' kinda pose? It's like 3/4s of Sonic's poses past about the S3K adaptation or so, and it's really irritating to look at over and over, especially since Sonic only seemed to get more and more fat/squat and scowly. Was really ugly.
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    I dunno who that was, but I think they only did one or two stories. I forgot to mention Butler, who was less detailed than Axer, but had many of the same pros and cons. One one hand, he also oversexualized females and went more furry than SEGA. On the other, he did his duty so that at least the art on his stories at least looked nicer than others. I mean, just imagine: 25 Years Later with art as done by Lim or Pen. It would have been a failure on EVERY level and not merely most as it really turned out.
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    Who was the artist from that issue where Sonic saves Bunnie from something or other and kisses her full on the lips, I think it was an issue from the 150's? God it looked awful! Awkwardly proportioned, weird faces and like J. Axer's work it made Sonic the hedgehog look like a furry comic. Now that I think about it, that particular comic was drawn by two separate artists! The first was done by Jon Gray, the second by whoever created those off model abominations. So jarring.
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    What kind of a storyteller is Penders if he thinks the original Sonic didn't have a story? Does he think there's no plot unless there are dialogue boxes and cutscenes? There's a great story in Sonic 1 that's absolutely perfect for expansion into a wider universe, and was used in exactly that way - Sonic 2, Sonic 3, these expand directly on the ideas and formula establsihed in Sonic 1. There's loads you can do with Sonic and Knuckles without deviating from a word of canon. This guy's meant to be a writer; how can he not see this?
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    He should have let it go a long while ago. I think Archie's smart just ignoring him, or at least barely acknowledging him, if at all.
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    Yep, there indeed was. And it really would not surrprise me if THAT was the reason for his constant need to needle and link to Archie and SEGA in those tweets. He'd be perfectly capable of complaining about them without alerting them, but for some reason wants their attention... granted, he also tends to do that for various individuals and companies he has no real business bothering, but in the case of SEGA and Archie it's particularly glaring given his sordid history with the two.
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    Wasn't there an NDA on the settlement? Do you think he's trying, however passive aggressively, to get them to break it?
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    The LEGO Dimensions topic

    Damn... Honestly, is there really any point to Skylander's anymore? Skylander's is an original IP with totally brand new things except for three characters drawn from the Spyro series. Amiibo is 100% Nintendo figurines, so if nothing else you get a relatively inexpensive figurine (yes, they are inexpensive compared to full-fledged figures) for franchises that often don't get any merchandise at all for them. Disney Infinity is for everything Disney, which is a massive amount of IP's including Marvel and Star Wars, many of which date back 30+ years. And LEGO Dimensions (as expensive as hell that it is) has a massive number of IP's that have actual full-fledged LEGO sets as well. Its a pain in the butt that many of these things cost a lot of money to get a lot of out of them, but at least everything but Skylander's consists mostly of pre-existing IP's at varying levels of popularity. I still can't justify buying this game, but eventually I might consider it.
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    Ah, not quite. She never 'joined' the Legion, she was literally born into it. She was then mindwiped to forget she was in fact siblings with Lien-Da and Kragok, and then mindwiped YET AGAIN to make her forget her foster family as well. She did however give up the only life she knew because of a funny feeling. Her mindwiping only happened in the past, and her reasons for doing anything still only amounted to the Soul Touch... it's still a pointlessly convoluted backstory, and very, very bad writing.
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    There's three reasons Penders' Julie-Su is so annoying and terrible. 1. She was designed to be nothing more than Knuckles' love interest and yet Penders couldn't be actually arsed to give them any chemistry or any reason to fancy each other, other than ''OH SOUL TOUCH, GUESS I'LL LOVE YOU FOREVER PERSON I DON'T KNOW AND HAVE JUST ONLY MET, DESPITE US BOTH BEING ENEMIES'' 2. Penders tried his hardest to make her into such a fucking mary-sue, including turning Vector into a idiot who's only purpose was to be there to look stupid while Julie-Su kept one uping him and making him look pathetic while she looked awesome. 3. Her backstory is so unbelievably convoluted. Between her hating Lien-Da, she joins The Dark Legion anyway, then despite not agreeing with their motives, she still worked with them, then she turned her back on them and gave up her entire life just because of a funny feeling when around Knuckles, only to then be mind wiped back to The Dark Legion, only to once again rejoin Knuckles, to then being revealed that she had kept being mind wiped so she wouldn't leave the Dark Legion, to even that not making sense because clearly Lien-Da and the others hate her anyway so you'd think they'd enjoy the fact she's left so they can kill her next time with an actual reason and UGH IT'S JUST SO CONFUSING.
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    Fleetway Design Conventions

    If you ever read the series you're in for a treat. Captain Plunder's one of the most enjoyable characters in the whole series.
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    Zelda Wii U Link isn't a girl. I don't know why people ever thought that. Anyway, with regards to Toon Ganondorf, I'd rather not have multiple versions of more characters. Even if they play differently, I'd rather they branch out with their characters. I can see the appeal, though, considering that a lot of flagship fighters really dwarf the rest of the cast in importance and iconic value.
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    Usually bolding words is intended to mean that emphasis has been put on that word. Sort of like when you speak, you may greatly emphasize one word or the other. It's intended to mimic the flow of speech and give you an idea of how the character is speaking. However, Pendejo overuses all of these things so if you emphasize the words the way he has them written in your mind, all the characters are speaking like Shatner.
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    One thing that always bothered me about Penders' speech apart from unnecessary bolding and the overly technical jargon that makes characters sound convoluted is that he'd have Sonic often refer to Sally as "Princess" which seems too formal for him considering he'd always call her "Sal" and saddled Tails with that incredibly annoying "Sizzling SWATBots!" line whenever anything remotely surprising occured. Man can't write a good script worth shit.
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    "Lazy" is the wrong word to look for when describing what Nintendo are doing here. "Misguided" would be the better term. It might seem like a small thing but there's nothing more unprofessional you can say as a critic when making a comment about the negative qualities of something. For one thing it's incredibly unhelpful, and for the other it assumes a little too much about a developer in spite of the intent, something that they made clear here. You're not going to convince Nintendo to put it in if you start deriding their capability in effort. With Splatoon it's been mentioned many times in the past how the omission was a conscious decision, spawned primarily by the vitriol associated with public voice chats but also the design of the game itself encouraging individual proactivity over any co-ordinated approaches. Lazy is the last word I would ever use to describe a Nintendo game, lest of all Splatoon which is thriving off of continuous content and a netcode which yesterday was proven to be amazingly stable for a Nintendo game, proving that they have the chops to do online if they put their minds to it. That said, in spite of my general ambivalence to voice chat it is still a short-sighted decision to not provide the ability to opt-in, and I would hope that in spite of the comments made about public voice chat (which I can understand being omitted still when a friend drops into a random game), the matchmaking lobby update will allow to voice chat within teams. Things like this can generally help the competitive side of things and Nintendo wouldn't have to worry about any unsolicited voice chatters saying things that others wouldn't be okay with. I mean, I wouldn't use it, I'd just stay on Skype, but convenience and options are never a bad thing and like it or not, Smash and Mario Kart already had this, so Nintendo doesn't have much of an excuse. I will say that it was pretty funny of IGN to use "celebrate in silence" as an annotation for the picture they posted when that picture has the canned messages in the bottom corner there for that very purpose of positive reinforcement.
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