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    This seems completely backwards. Instead of making as many peoples' lives as good as we can, we restrict superficial happiness so as to be equal on some lower level? I can't even imagine who that would benefit. Instead of having those rich in material or joy pour out into those who have less, it just removes the excess joy. It's not even an averaging out of goods, it's just less net happiness. This ignores the fact that Plato was creating an allegory to the human mind and body in constructing the Republic and not building a literal city, and that thinking of it in those terms would be such a misery to the inhabitants that the characters in the dialogue themselves comment on it, but at that point I'm just mad on a much geekier level.
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    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zbvzyY1FKr0 SOURCE
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    Despite already writing 4 stories, Ian apparently still wants to write more. He is trying to get a new monthly series started called Raiders of the Abyss. https://www.patreon.com/IanFlynnBKC Meanwhile Penders still is taking an eternity releasing one book of TLSC. The difference between the two is night and day.
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    I got my issue today and since there don't seem to be any spoilers yet...
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    Glad somebody finally brought up the fact that Ian HAS done some Archie stories, that's been in my mind since Penders started going on about it. Heck, one of his Archie stories is being included in a reprint book that's released tomorrow!
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    Courtesy of SomecallmeJohnny: I'm excited for this years Nintendo E3 event.
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    Penders believes only he can make facts.
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    So, how many Yoshi patterns will you be able to unlock by collecting the Wonder Wool in each stage? Absolutely freaking loads, if this new teaser trailer is anything to go by! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d4_JRPhDtiY Oh mah gawd they are so adorable! In other news, further amiibo support has been confirmed for the game (the back cover of the box art was leaked) - Yarn Yoshi amiibo will have both read and write functionality, allowing you to spawn a second Yoshi and also save a chosen Yoshi pattern. The normal Yoshi amiibo will just have the read functionality, spawning the second Yoshi. Other amiibo including Mario, Luigi, Peach "and more" will unlock special Yoshi patterns based on those characters. EDIT: Here's some new artwork and screens! (more here)
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    ...I can't really even blame this on Konami. that is a ridiculous DRM system.
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    Basically as Soma said, The Republic, and a lot of philosophical texts are excercises in thought and not actual genuine propositions, but rather a text that starts with a lot of "what if?" questions and tries to whittle them down to as few as possible as the "characters" in the book discuss the subject matter (in the republic's case, the idea of the "perfect" societal state). They aren't really meant to be taken completely literally. Philosophy as a subject is about the questions, not the solutions. When philosophers come up with answers, they're saying "well based on this, the LOGICAL answer would be..." and someone is always welcome to say "but what if..." in response. Ancient philosophers were often devoted mathematicians too, since the whole concept of philosophy is to try and think about non-mathematical elements of life in as logical a manner as possible. It's pretty fun stuff to talk about (not so fun to study at A level and memorise everything about these philosophers for exams lol), but yeah, I think this article is either taking the ideas too seriously, or is just worded a little badly and too easy to misread as them doing so when really they're being just as "what if" as the original philosophers in question..
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    Aye. I can safely say I liked Penders *ideas* more than I liked his execution of them. A secret order of Guardians of whom Knuckles is descended from? That's workable. Them just leaving him in the middle of nowhere without telling him crap for years and years and not intervening against Robotnik despite him threatening the island repeatedly? Idiocy. Pure, simple, idiocy.
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    Soma pretty much said it all. We are supposed to strive for equality in abundance, not equality in poverty. Equality is not good for its own sake, but for the things that come with it: self-worth, opportunity, etc. There are cases where equality is absolutely stupid and undesirable, and this is one of them. What we could absolutely look for is finding ways to make the family unit more level. Instead of taking away the elements of the good family, why not suppress the elements of the bad one? Above all else though, any such social engineering should not be coerced. We should absolutely strive to make sure parents are informed, but we must preserve their choice. Why? It's a necessary evil. When the government starts mandating things left and right, there's not only the problem of enforcement, but the slippery slope one's establishing where the state can actively intervene in our personal lives for our own good. Parents ultimately are lazy with regards to things that take a lot of work and don't see an immediate effect; this is why second languages die out rapidly in a lot of immigrant families. However, reading a bedtime story is a simple activity, and if parents were told how much of a difference it makes in that person's long term socioeconomic performance, they'll probably get right on board.
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    And more from the douchebag. https://twitter.com/KenPenders/status/598217987607306240 https://twitter.com/KenPenders/status/598218709031780352 https://twitter.com/KenPenders/status/598219171789344768 Yet more insisting what an honor it would be for Flynn to work on Archie proper, even though Flynn's pretty happy where he is and already does a fucking lot for the company. But hey, since he's not working on the FLAGSHIP character, it's all worthless. Wonder if he views his own run as the same; oh wait, no, he screams about how much better and more successful HIS run was any chance he gets. And it's still hilarious that he's pretending he gives a shit, given that in the past he's accused Flynn of being a thief, abjectly refuses to read his work and passive aggressively disparaged him whenever he could.
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    Hey guys! I think this best represents Penders' thought process. and after he's done with that, he comes to this conclusion: First off. Ian has written a lot more than just Sonic. He's written Mega Man, The New Crusaders, Young Salem etc. Young Salem also takes place in the Archie-Verse, as does Sabrina so when he wrote an origin story for Salem, he was writing an origin story in the Archie-Verse. Secondly, maybe Ian just enjoys writing action comics more than just simple slice of life stories, or off the wall crazy stories, and he does have to juggle 4 books at the current moment, along with a massive crossover (A second crossover because the first was so well praised, might I add, where's your big 12 issue crossover Penders?). Thirdly, and I think this is the one Penders' mind can't grasp. Maybe, just MAYBE, Ian actually enjoys writing Sonic Comics? I mean, not like Penders would understand, seeing as he doesn't have a clue what the games or characters are like, but Ian is a Sonic fan first and foremost, he's played a lot of the games, and he knows a lot about the characters, he's a fan, so maybe he enjoys writing the comic that's based all around these characters and their adventures, and people like it. There's a reason it has two spinoff books, something Penders never had going at the same time.
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    No doubt we'd see speciesism against them if they existed in the real world considering that so many are prejudiced against people with arbitrary differences.
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    So, seeing as if I didn't do something like this, it would of just lead to confusion come the actual day, I figured that dumping some info on it would be much more beneficial. So without further ado, let's talk about this. Rucdose, what exactly are you doing? E3 2015 with TSS/SSMB is a stream that I'm currently developing so that all members of TSS and SSMB can have our very own chat room and stream to partake in when E3 2015 rolls around in June. The website I'm hosting this on will be Taima.tv, a lovely little streaming site that's very easy to get used to. How exactly will this work? Basically, turn up to our stream at around the time before the exact conference starts as you would with any stream, and you'll be greeted by a page that features a chat section that is the Taima streams' own so you can talk to your fellow friends from TSS/SSMB and enjoy the conferences! Taima.tv doesn't have a dedicated video system, so the streams you will be watching will be either the official streams from the companies who do E3 or the next best thing. So even though you could be watching a stream from Twitch on our private page, the chat room isn't that Twitch stream's official chat and is instead Taima's own chat that's full of different people from TSS/SSMB. How do I use Taima? When you get on the page come E3, to enter the chat you enter your guest name in the chat and you can begin chatting with your friends. You can also make a account for the website as well and that'll give you access to making your own streams, having a profile and the like as well. Timetables? Timetables' for the conferences can be found at the Taima link being taima.tv/r/E32015STREAM (the text on the banner is white so I can't exactly link it here). Is there anything special I can do in the chat? EMOTES! This is where Taima really shines. A channel is allowed to program into their stream their very own emotes being such things as reaction faces, small sized gifs and such. A pastebin with all available emotes is here and if you'd like to submit some suitable emotes, send me a message and I'll program them in (make sure that their dimension size is around 100x95 though!) I'll still be programming in some of my own though, so we'll surely have a huge amount of available emotes come the day! That's pretty much it in terms of information. Once again, the Taima link is taima.tv/r/E32015STREAM with timetables for the stream being available on that link, the Pastebin for emotes is pastebin.com/kT35wAVe and you can submit emotes to me via PMs. This should be fun, I think. See you from June 14th - June 17th!!
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    In coming link spam! https://twitter.com/KenPenders/status/598559393995628545 https://twitter.com/KenPenders/status/598559928370921472 https://twitter.com/KenPenders/status/598560195883569152 https://twitter.com/KenPenders/status/598595728974295040 https://twitter.com/KenPenders/status/598596200527331328 https://twitter.com/KenPenders/status/598596788103159809 https://twitter.com/KenPenders/status/598597160288919553 https://twitter.com/KenPenders/status/598597461075042304 https://twitter.com/KenPenders/status/598597922339495936 https://twitter.com/KenPenders/status/598598693739106304 https://twitter.com/KenPenders/status/598599639999221761 https://twitter.com/KenPenders/status/598599955628982273 https://twitter.com/KenPenders/status/598600474133008385 For those of you who dont have the energy, these are basically two different discussions and two different flavors of douchery. First up, his usual and most favorite lie; how he isn't responsible for the reboot happening. Hahahha. To recap, his terms would have gone against Archie's contract. There was literally no way to work with them, to say nothing of his demand that Julie-Su and Locke be inspected by him with every use and approved by him, as well as making 25YL 'the' future. Next, more of his phony and self serving 'support' for Flynn. First of all, your work outside of Archie? Please. You never worked more ten issues on *anything*. You didn't even make it THAT far on Star Trek. And your work outside comics? The Bratz Movie and an episode of King of the Hill, as a storyboard artist. Furthermore... you're not a professional, Ken. You're just a mediocre writer and artist who lucked out and found the one company that was willing to overlook your deficiencies as an artist, a writer and a human being. You don't have what it takes to last at a company with standards, and you never have. Flynn's doing some pretty amazing work, and while neither Sonic nor Megaman can last forever, he's giving more than you did and GETTING more in return. Jeezum Crow, this guy.
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    Wii U discussion and upcoming news

    Just letting you guys know that the new Nintendo E3 announcement video is once again done by Mega64. Praise be. Also, all I wanna really hear about this year is Star Fox, Zelda and Metroid. But with Zelda all but confirmed to not get any new info for some weird reason and Metroid almost confirmed to be dead forever, Star Fox is the only one worth betting on. Also, Mother 3 for VC announcement please.
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    Says the one who STILL hasn't moved on from Sonic.
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    The actual model of a "perfect" family is based on archaic notions of what a family should be, made worse by nostalgic purists of the previous generation who base their definition of such on what they believe families "used" to be. For example, it's generally believed that the family has become more about independent members rather than the entire unit in recent decades. This often coincides with tidbits about eating together as a family and other rituals that people attribute as a past-time of familial communication. However, sociologists tend to disagree that these were ever staples in past decades, and by extension, families have always had their own unique way of communicating. Basically, sociologists say that if your family functions well by watching TV while they eat, then go for it. There is no scientifically correct model for a perfect family, just as there is no ideal model for happiness. That's not to say that a family can't improve their functionality with these concepts in mind, but they're ultimately just suggestions, and ones that may or may not work for a particular family.
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    All this talk about the horrible adaptations almost makes me sad that we didn't get a total reboot on the comic. I mean it may be personal preference but I would have loved to see what Ian and the current art team could have done with adaptations of all the older games that in this universe have all happened. Triple Trouble with the introduction of Nack, and Tails coming into his own more, Sonic 2 with the Death Egg, 3K with Knuckles introduction. Especially Sonic CD with Metal and the concepts of the Little Planet and the Time Stones etc. They could have been some really interesting and fantastic story arcs under Ian's penmanship. The art too would have been great, what with today's talanted team. Especially for Sonic CD when you look at the covers for the giant black and white reprint volumes, they have that old edgy straight line art style of the era down really well. Such imaginative games with such great stories when you look hard enough and yet what we got back then was so abysmal. Who knows tho, maybe we will get more old stuff via flashbacks like with Sonic 2 (Master System/Game Gear) in the current arc or with Origin stories.
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    Can I take the option where they fix the problem and where I don't intentionally con someone? That's the best option.
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    Drew this picture due to how excited I am for Splatoon. ...I regret nothing!
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    Uh... OK, so he's basically undermining the majority of comic books? Because the way he's saying it, only stuff like Batman, Spider-Man, etc are the really relevant books and anything else is stuff you write simply to make a living off of. DESPITE his mind numbing statements of how he practically made the Sonic book God's gift to readers, which if we go by that recent tweet of his, isn't a pinnacle book to work on... even though he's sort of been trying to say it is in the not so distant past. Also, did he also, inadvertently undermine L-SC with saying that? Jeez, the man will not think before he speaks...
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    My thougt is to ignore the votes and call left for dead the winner since it had the lead before the spam votes
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    Don't give Penders so much credit. At least Homer knows when he's wrong and can try to make up for his mistakes. Something Penders will never do.
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    A lengthy trailer for Supergirl.
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    Yeah, going to request that we keep social justice discussions out of this thread before that works its way into flame war territory.
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    can we not get into this
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    Is it really worth my time to read beyond the title?
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    Jix Hedgehog

    SSMB Awards List

    When are our Sm4sh U/3DS tourney badges coming back?
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    While those are technically nice news, given the current situation of DQ in the west and how we haven't gotten a single one of the 3DS games here, I really can't get excited. :/
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    so i'm listening to this because it's relevant. and catchy. and actually quite nice to listen to. not to mention, it's hilarious.
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    You do realize that the majority of people regard that cycle as a load of bullshit and flat out ignore it yes?
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    if Sonic and friends were real...

    Would you say Sonic would perform a... City Escape?
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    "an unfair advantage" this is a contest now?
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    There are Japanese fans of American baseball teams. In fact, MLB games are broadcast in Japan. Also The Mariners are owned by Nintendo.
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    Well, I guess having fun is all that matters.
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    Both. Sony for having such a stupid DRM license check system. Konami for doing a full pull when they must and should have been aware of it. However looking at GAF, it seems to be mainly hitting US accounts: http://www.neogaf.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1044670
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    Same here, but the guy seems to tag everyone all the time, whether they should be dragged into it or not (usually not). I think he's just basically saying that doing the headliner books for a company is like the Super Bowl of the main event of working for that company, to be working on the brands that company is synonymous with. Fair enough. Except that unlike football or fighting or something, you can't just basically do what you've been doing on a bigger stage when jumping to a different book. Even within a company, just because you can write a great Batman story doesn't mean you can write a great Superman story, or vice versa. There's a lot more nuance, tone, and other things to adapt to. Maybe Ian had a chance to write Archie and turned it down? I know I'd be iffy about it; I love Archie, but trying to get inside his head with a lot of the-- and let's be perfectly honest here-- stupid things he does (good intentions or not) is something I could imagine having trouble with. Not to say Ian couldn't do it, but only he could answer if he's confident about that or not. Still, it shouldn't diminish what he is doing for the company. Just look at poor old Simon Furman. He created Death's Head, but never got to write Captain America or Spider-Man (that I know of). Guess he'll just have to settle for being the guy who helped define so much of the Transformers universe. Which, come to think of it, might be where Penders' head is at. Furman took a licensed book in the 80s and basically became forever identified with it across continuities and such. I guess he thought that's what he did and is doing, even though he's effectively burned it all down now. To their credit, I did like how they at least tried to avoid having Sonic and the Sega guys just run off and leave Sally, etc. behind for the whole story, choosing to work them in around it. Sort of like how Unleashed is being done, I guess.
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    I just realized that he was talking about how he needed to have good incentives for a Kickstarter. Which suggests he thinks Kickstarter would be harder to pitch his product to than industry folks, because he's talked very big about how he's going to have movies/series/etc and 'already has prospective interests'. It's easier to lie or tell half truths than it is to put up and shut up.
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    Forest doesn't seem like Sonic's style, honestly. We see him chilling by the pool at a fancy hotel at the beginning of Sonic Adventure, and in Secret Rings he apparently has some swanky living accommodations. I feel like Sonic's almost too "human," culturally at least, to live like an animal. Knuckles probably lives outside though. He seems more like the "one with nature" type.
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    Oh, not to mention, "they don't just let anyone on those books, even if it seems like it at times"- basically he's saying that Ian isn't even worth that. The salt is so strong it's corrosive.
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    And more from the Pendoofus. https://twitter.com/KenPenders/status/598121821825695744 https://twitter.com/KenPenders/status/598122323124715521
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    I'll give Pen & Karl this: if SEGA wanted them to promote Adventure, then they were the most unhelpful jagoff when they went around doing it. No advance copy of the English game or script, no character bios, nothing. I remember reading that Spaz had to import a Japanese copy and he and Gabrie had to manually try to translate the plot in a way that Karl (& Pen) could work with. And according to KKM, Sonic the Comic had even LESS to work with. Not that it excuses the final product and the crap Pen put in, but it's understandable.
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    Sega has no control over the system compatibility of a game they published which was partially developed by a studio they own?
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    PSI Wind

    The New Muppet Show

    Oh fuck ye- Well, my hype just died down quite a lot.
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