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    Wii U discussion and upcoming news

    Dude remember how much attention he got for Fan Remix? Got interviews with GameInformer and shit, everyone was saying he could work professionally. Putting that talent into a non-profit fangame is honestly kind of a waste of his potential.
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    Persona 5

    I can't believe Persona 5 is going to be a mediocre Mecha anime
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    Wii U discussion and upcoming news

    I remember when this was in Kickstarter. Looks great!
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    Ratchet & Clank is a franchise that should familiar to a lot of people, and who could blame you? They're one of the classic PlayStation mascots that's managed to live on for a long time with it's unique brand of shooter and platforming gameplay, great brand of humour, and charming characters. In recent years, Ratchet disappeared for a bit, only being in smaller budget titles, however in 2016, Ratchet made a comeback with a movie and a PS4 remake of the original PS2 title, which a lot of people really enjoyed. It's now approaching the 15 year anniversary of Ratchet & Clank, and with that, there's plenty of fun titles involving the two and hopefully more to come. Feel free to use this topic to discuss the series.
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    1. Stay your blade from the flesh of an innocent "I would not have drawn attention to us. I would not have taken the life of an innocent." ―Malik Al-Sayf at Solomon's Temple. 2. Hide in plain sight "Let the people mask you such that you become one with the crowd." ―Al Mualim. hey guys remember the creeds these games used to be about who needs those right lol lets run some people over neigh neigh motherfucker
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    Courtesy of SomecallmeJohnny: I'm excited for this years Nintendo E3 event.
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    It's a shame the gameplay doesn't.
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    The KKM

    Persona 5

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    The Simpsons Discussion Thread

    So this means they're losing: -Mr. Burns -Smithers -Flanders -Reverend Lovejoy -Kent Brockman -Dr. Hibbert -Lenny -Principal Skinner -Otto -Rainier Wolfcastle https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o68jQjPCDtU
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    I got my issue today and since there don't seem to be any spoilers yet...
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    Says the one who STILL hasn't moved on from Sonic.
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    Apologies for the over two year bump, but I promise it's a worthwhile post. At the start of 2013 SoaH City got hacked and closed. It was a huge attack on the site. A rough backup was restored in February 2013, however the site was at a standstill with countless issues. Since then, I have been working on the new version of the site which has now gone live. The site has been given a huge overhaul with a brand new theme, content being revamped, and much more. There are many improvements. An announcement has been published on SoaH's main site covering the new site in more detail: http://soahcity.com/2015/05/11/soah-city-is-officially-back/ The site is still under reconstruction, but a huge amount of progress has been made. SoaH City is officially back!
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    Sonic Chronicles Secrets

    Like Sonic Team usually does, BioWare has left some unused stuff in game, which is pretty interesting, especially plans for intro-movie. Here is all text of the game (exported strings.tlk), sorted by string's id. It's translation of findinds in hope that there is someone who is interested in Chronicles here. Also thanks to RedTF for the article about it. Planned variant of intro movie There is description of the first video for developers, and it's very different from final. Mentions of Nocturnus, maybe, later turned into the quote of Gerald Robotnik about the Fourth Great Civilization. Spoiler Alert! In strings.tlk dublicates of phrases, which is used before credits while Sonic is speaking with Tails, were found, with most of words replaced by "SPOILER". Possibly they are remains of prototype version given to magazines or something like it. For example: Mistakes in the Codex In the Codex Amy entry is mentioned about her team in Sonic Heroes, but is called Team Amy, while it was Team Rose in the original game. In the Shadow Codex entry it's said that he united with Sonic to defeat Eggman (mention of Sonic Adventure 2 events), but they united to defeat the Prototype of Ultimate Life Form or Biolizard. Voxai somehow ended up at the Kron colony. Really, it's the only race in the game to have two colonies — Voxai Alpha and Voxai Beta. Also it's written there that Ix rules the races of the Twilight Clan (should be Twilight Cage). Blue Typhoon Cyclone was called Blue Typhoon first, maybe as reference to the space ship of Tails in Sonic X. There is "Blue Typhoon Interior" in strings.tlk and file called "_typhoonnavigator.dlg" inside test.herf. Hutterite Colony It's mentioned in game's text about Hutterite Colony after others colonies of Twilight Cage (string 19136). Possibly, some fifth race was planned, but it also could be alternate name for Voxai Beta Colony (by the way, it's not mentioned there, but it's possible ID is skipped — there is no string 19135). Tutorial Island Tutorial Island and unknown character, just called the captain there, could appear in the game. Movement abilities You can find descriptions of Climb, Stealth and Teleport II and III in the game text. Descriptions of Climb II, Climb III, Stealth II and Stealth III are the same as Climb and Stealth, while Teleport levels have their own descriptions: Teleport - Teleport short distances. Teleport II - Teleport further. Teleport III - Teleport with maximum distances. Selection between Sector Scylla and Sector Charybdis Looks like some kind of nonlinearity was planned in Sonic Chronicles. In the end of Chapter 7 a player would have choosen where to go next from two sectors. One of mission descriptions shows it: Also images with different chapter numbers were left in the game:
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    Super Bunnyhop's Follow-up on Konami's situation with his youtube claim.
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    I just found out that if you use the hoola hoops as Wii Fit Trainer, you can rapidly tap B to go even higher. I JUST found this out. She's one of my most used characters and I was wondering why her recovery was so awful.
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    The Simpsons Discussion Thread

    It's a couch gag. Damn good one, too. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7ecYoSvGO60 Also, Rick froze and probably killed Ned Flanders, who's VA just quit the show.
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    Sega Sales figures Year End March 2015

    I don't think that's a relevant excuse any more. Other third party games have sold decently on the Wii U. Sonic has also sold well on low performing systems in the past. I don't think there's any way to justify Boom having "the worst selling Sonic games in history". Not to mention, Rise of Lyric is the lowest rated game in the entire series. Ultimately the extremely poor games are to blame, not the Wii U.
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    Cinematic Speedster CC14

    TMNT Goes Nickelodeon

    Time for an update! While we'll be going back on break after this upcoming Sunday's new episode, another title has been revealed. It is... Turtles in Time! That means a certain someone with a time scepter is likely to show up soon. More interesting than the title itself, though, is that a clip of the episode has already surfaced on Vimeo! You can check it out here. (Warning: Spoilers!)
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    Big Panda

    The Simpsons Discussion Thread

    All of Shearer's parts will be recast.
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    Eh, I don't mind the filler, because it's actually hilarious. Vader in particular is a riot, I haven't been amused by a JonTron video like this in ages.
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    Persona 5

    JYB dooomed to be cast in every persona game ever.
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    Amy was always one of my most wanted characters. Maybe it's a bit of bias but I can see her working so incredibly well. Honestly I'm just happy Lucas is back. All I need now is Ice Climbers and Wolf back and I think the roster would be perfect. Anyone else is just icing on the cake. Jill from Drill Dozer please.
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    Well, you also have to keep in mind that executives could change their mind at any time, and this is Sony Films we're talking about. For whatever reason they can snap their fingers and tell the writers to make it a Smurfs type of movie, and the writers would have no choice but to do so.
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    Welp you guys have a game I play a lot so you might see your President aid you in the fight with the undead. Or hinder you if we're in Versus modo.
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    Archie Sonic Main Discussion

    I'm sure it's because he had some ideas to change around since some things about the comic felt off. (i.e. taking it without context, the D6 didn't seem like they were villains, as so much as victims.
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    Well. Considering the fact that in between 30 minutes, Smash Bros went from 5 votes to 19. It looks like someone has been spam voting the straw poll and now thanks to this, me and Klonoa are going to be stuck wasting time fixing this mess. Whoever you are, why the hell would you spam the vote? You're doing yourself a disservice and the others who want to play a certain game. If the game you want to play has been outvoted, it isn't fair for you to start spamming votes just so you can play what you want, and it's especially not fair to the people that wanted to play another game.
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    I don't mind brief skethes here and there or an overall connecting theme to the review as long as it's brief and not detracting. I just hate when there's a huge, detailed plot, like in Linkara's videos. I mean, I love his videos. I just really can't get into the plot of it at all for some reason.
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    I knew that moose scream sounded familiar. I found the source.
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    There's nothing wrong with social justice. Unless you're racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, etc... then maybe
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    Basically as Soma said, The Republic, and a lot of philosophical texts are excercises in thought and not actual genuine propositions, but rather a text that starts with a lot of "what if?" questions and tries to whittle them down to as few as possible as the "characters" in the book discuss the subject matter (in the republic's case, the idea of the "perfect" societal state). They aren't really meant to be taken completely literally. Philosophy as a subject is about the questions, not the solutions. When philosophers come up with answers, they're saying "well based on this, the LOGICAL answer would be..." and someone is always welcome to say "but what if..." in response. Ancient philosophers were often devoted mathematicians too, since the whole concept of philosophy is to try and think about non-mathematical elements of life in as logical a manner as possible. It's pretty fun stuff to talk about (not so fun to study at A level and memorise everything about these philosophers for exams lol), but yeah, I think this article is either taking the ideas too seriously, or is just worded a little badly and too easy to misread as them doing so when really they're being just as "what if" as the original philosophers in question..
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    Pair units can be controlled, moved on the level, have them equipments, ecc.; pair units can assist other pair units in combat, but they must be 1-square close to them (in any direction). Assist only units cannot be controlled normally and must be attached to a pair unit in order to be used. They bring specific skills too that can be used or are automatically activated (example: in the first game, Heiachi had an auto skill that allowed the pair unit he was attached to to break automatically an enemy shield/barrier. Broken as fuck.). On another note, can someone recognize the enemies that are fought in the scans (like for example, that Sektor wannabe fought by the God Eater 2 girls)? I can only recognize one of the DMC3 demons.
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    Sega Plans 2015 - Service Games Games

    I brought for you some interesting information from the Japanese world. Do you remember the director Yoshihisa Hashimoto? Who working at the SEGA/Sonic Team from 1997 and developed the game "Sonic Unleashed". He has show an excellent presentation "his works" on Edu × Tech Fes2015. Take a look: He also showed in his presentation Sonic Runners, but he did not develop it. He praised the game for smartphones and only. Basically, he showed some images from the development of Sonic Unleashed. It may be interesting for you.
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    P.T. Silent Hills "There is pain here..."

    like seriously. 2 different "konami isn't just taking PT, they're taking ALL OUR GAMES" scares in 2 days. I wish there was just 10-15 minutes of fact checking before gaming related mass pitchforking
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    And more from the douchebag. https://twitter.com/KenPenders/status/598217987607306240 https://twitter.com/KenPenders/status/598218709031780352 https://twitter.com/KenPenders/status/598219171789344768 Yet more insisting what an honor it would be for Flynn to work on Archie proper, even though Flynn's pretty happy where he is and already does a fucking lot for the company. But hey, since he's not working on the FLAGSHIP character, it's all worthless. Wonder if he views his own run as the same; oh wait, no, he screams about how much better and more successful HIS run was any chance he gets. And it's still hilarious that he's pretending he gives a shit, given that in the past he's accused Flynn of being a thief, abjectly refuses to read his work and passive aggressively disparaged him whenever he could.
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    Yippee, more special editions with stuff that's only exclusive for certain editions! >> I swear to God I think we've gotten to the point where this is seriously suffering from Franchise Fatigue.
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    And so, it starts. Do you think it'll beat Watch Dogs in levels of stupidity?
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    I'll give Pen & Karl this: if SEGA wanted them to promote Adventure, then they were the most unhelpful jagoff when they went around doing it. No advance copy of the English game or script, no character bios, nothing. I remember reading that Spaz had to import a Japanese copy and he and Gabrie had to manually try to translate the plot in a way that Karl (& Pen) could work with. And according to KKM, Sonic the Comic had even LESS to work with. Not that it excuses the final product and the crap Pen put in, but it's understandable.
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    one theory one youtube channel that I follow brought up was that fnaf4 could take place in a museum here's a link to the theory for anyone who wants to see it https://youtu.be/eYYPZHbmDNM personally if this takes place after fnaf 3 I can see this being possible thanks to the auction plus it might could explain why the animatronics look more nightmarish then normal
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    Mighty No.9 - New Inafune title!

    I wouldn't blame this game for that. I'd blame Capcom for that. MN9 wouldn't have had nearly as many fucks given about it if Mega Man was still alive.
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    "Lazy" is the wrong word to look for when describing what Nintendo are doing here. "Misguided" would be the better term. It might seem like a small thing but there's nothing more unprofessional you can say as a critic when making a comment about the negative qualities of something. For one thing it's incredibly unhelpful, and for the other it assumes a little too much about a developer in spite of the intent, something that they made clear here. You're not going to convince Nintendo to put it in if you start deriding their capability in effort. With Splatoon it's been mentioned many times in the past how the omission was a conscious decision, spawned primarily by the vitriol associated with public voice chats but also the design of the game itself encouraging individual proactivity over any co-ordinated approaches. Lazy is the last word I would ever use to describe a Nintendo game, lest of all Splatoon which is thriving off of continuous content and a netcode which yesterday was proven to be amazingly stable for a Nintendo game, proving that they have the chops to do online if they put their minds to it. That said, in spite of my general ambivalence to voice chat it is still a short-sighted decision to not provide the ability to opt-in, and I would hope that in spite of the comments made about public voice chat (which I can understand being omitted still when a friend drops into a random game), the matchmaking lobby update will allow to voice chat within teams. Things like this can generally help the competitive side of things and Nintendo wouldn't have to worry about any unsolicited voice chatters saying things that others wouldn't be okay with. I mean, I wouldn't use it, I'd just stay on Skype, but convenience and options are never a bad thing and like it or not, Smash and Mario Kart already had this, so Nintendo doesn't have much of an excuse. I will say that it was pretty funny of IGN to use "celebrate in silence" as an annotation for the picture they posted when that picture has the canned messages in the bottom corner there for that very purpose of positive reinforcement.
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    Ratcicle King


    It's out!
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    Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 5 (PS4, ONE, PS3, 360)

    Pro Skater HD is hot garbage and this is by the same team it's probably going to suck ass
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    "Sleeping Giant" was a good episode and it definitely had me laughing quite a bit throughout it. I was disappointed that Sonic didn't sing in this episode but we got that horrid singing from Amy and Sticks instead. Nevertheless it was still a good one Like I've done with the previous 20 episodes I would like to give some observations on my end now on Episode 21: These guys engage in some rather bizarre and dangerous forms of entertainment! I'm glad that they do things together though Those looks on Sonic and Knuckles' faces upon discovering the Giant Rock Monster! I'm really surprised Tails even bothers to keep flying his plane after all the bad things that keep happening to it It was cool seeing Amy dish out her archaeological knowledge with a reference to the Ancients from Rise of Lyric. Knuckles lamenting about not getting potato salad of all things! Loving Orbot's flight attendant ensemble! And is that an egg with wings on it? Covering only one ear...that isn't going to work Amy! And she has no right to "talk" considering how terrible her singing was! Amy shouldn't of opened her big mouth...That actually looks fun now that no hazardous rocks are in the way! Dr. Eggman's skills knows no bounds! That's very impressive! His garden is gorgeous...evil potting soil and all So yes, this was a good episode that definitely had me laughing even though it didn't go the way I thought it was going to go. I hope we can hear Sonic sing at some point in this show...Glad we got a good ending too, even if it wasn't ideal for Dr. Eggman amid his choices. At least he thought of some clever ideas to work around that choice with the fountain and the coin pond with the Rock Monster to his advantage Good stuff overall and I hope we continue to get more of that with the next new episode
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    Yeah I'm just gonna leave this here before I gather my thoughts
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    The Soundtrack Appreciation Topic

    BUMP! I've wanted to make this post for quite the while, but never actually bothered hunting down this thread... but now that I have, here we are. Two soundtracks I'd like to give appreciation to today... Nothing other than the Jet Set Radio duo. Famous for Hideki Naganuma's contributions, the JSR series features music composed by others as well, in particular Richard Jacques, Reps, Castle Logical, F-Fields, Toronto, B.B.Rights, Cold, Deavid Soul, Guitar Vader, Idol Taxi, Jurassic 5, Mixmaster Mike, Professional Murder Music and Rob Zombie. Whilst I completely understand all the credit Naganuma receives for his tracks, the other tracks in these two soundtracks are, in my opinion, ridiculously underlooked. Let's listen to some Richard Jacques... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g4JEpbHEuuM "JUMP AROUND, JUMP AROUND, JUMP AROUND NOW! JUMP UP, JUMP UP, N' GET DOWN!" *cough* ...and some Reps, too. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lm0LXftRtWU "OH I CAN SEE THEM RUNNIN' 'BOUT THE TOWN, I CAN HEAR THEM ALL SAY, BADABABADA DOOWAP DOOWAP LISTEN TO THE MUSIC DOOWAP DOOWAP DOO" These tracks are beautiful in my opinion, yet, since they're not composed by Naganuma, they're usually rather ignored, which is a shame. However, I'm not gonna undermine the man here... let's give him credit too. "HIGH N' A WINNER, PAY THE FRONT LINE, TAKE THE DON'TS! HE'S COMIN' OUT FO' A NEW POINT, GET YER BETS DOWN LADIES N' GENTLEMEN!" Funky Dealer is easily currently one of my all-time favourite video game tracks. The instrumentation, choices of samples, nearly everything is perfect. Really, when it comes down to it, if a new Jet Set Radio was announced, I'd definitely be looking forward to the soundtrack the most. It's that great.
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