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    "It doesn't give me confidence if a man drops a professional-level fangame to do a professional-level game that'll actually earn him a living" come on, man :V
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    Dude remember how much attention he got for Fan Remix? Got interviews with GameInformer and shit, everyone was saying he could work professionally. Putting that talent into a non-profit fangame is honestly kind of a waste of his potential.
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    Persona 5

    I can't believe Persona 5 is going to be a mediocre Mecha anime
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    jesus christ are we going to have to add phoenix wright into the sonic box for this game
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    Wii U discussion and upcoming news

    Dude, you know what would be amazing? They get through all the rounds and there are 4 finalists. To decide the winner, these 4 have to fight one another in Super Smash Bros for Wii U. The round is over and the winner is crowned. Suddenly, the lights go down and a light shines down from the ceiling on a man in the Little Mac hoodie on stage. Everyone is expecting it to be Reggie, so imagine their surprise when the figure walks up to one of the on-stage mics, pulls off his hood and it turns out to be He then says "Take a look at this" and Ryu's reveal trailer is shown off. TO PROTECT HIS TITLE, THE NWCHAMPION MUST DEFEAT YOSHINORI IN A ONE-ON-ONE NO ITEMS, STOCK 5, FINAL DESTINATION MATCH WITH YOSHI PLAYING AS RYU.
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    Ratchet & Clank is a franchise that should familiar to a lot of people, and who could blame you? They're one of the classic PlayStation mascots that's managed to live on for a long time with it's unique brand of shooter and platforming gameplay, great brand of humour, and charming characters. In recent years, Ratchet disappeared for a bit, only being in smaller budget titles, however in 2016, Ratchet made a comeback with a movie and a PS4 remake of the original PS2 title, which a lot of people really enjoyed. It's now approaching the 15 year anniversary of Ratchet & Clank, and with that, there's plenty of fun titles involving the two and hopefully more to come. Feel free to use this topic to discuss the series.
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    So, seeing as if I didn't do something like this, it would of just lead to confusion come the actual day, I figured that dumping some info on it would be much more beneficial. So without further ado, let's talk about this. Rucdose, what exactly are you doing? E3 2015 with TSS/SSMB is a stream that I'm currently developing so that all members of TSS and SSMB can have our very own chat room and stream to partake in when E3 2015 rolls around in June. The website I'm hosting this on will be Taima.tv, a lovely little streaming site that's very easy to get used to. How exactly will this work? Basically, turn up to our stream at around the time before the exact conference starts as you would with any stream, and you'll be greeted by a page that features a chat section that is the Taima streams' own so you can talk to your fellow friends from TSS/SSMB and enjoy the conferences! Taima.tv doesn't have a dedicated video system, so the streams you will be watching will be either the official streams from the companies who do E3 or the next best thing. So even though you could be watching a stream from Twitch on our private page, the chat room isn't that Twitch stream's official chat and is instead Taima's own chat that's full of different people from TSS/SSMB. How do I use Taima? When you get on the page come E3, to enter the chat you enter your guest name in the chat and you can begin chatting with your friends. You can also make a account for the website as well and that'll give you access to making your own streams, having a profile and the like as well. Timetables? Timetables' for the conferences can be found at the Taima link being taima.tv/r/E32015STREAM (the text on the banner is white so I can't exactly link it here). Is there anything special I can do in the chat? EMOTES! This is where Taima really shines. A channel is allowed to program into their stream their very own emotes being such things as reaction faces, small sized gifs and such. A pastebin with all available emotes is here and if you'd like to submit some suitable emotes, send me a message and I'll program them in (make sure that their dimension size is around 100x95 though!) I'll still be programming in some of my own though, so we'll surely have a huge amount of available emotes come the day! That's pretty much it in terms of information. Once again, the Taima link is taima.tv/r/E32015STREAM with timetables for the stream being available on that link, the Pastebin for emotes is pastebin.com/kT35wAVe and you can submit emotes to me via PMs. This should be fun, I think. See you from June 14th - June 17th!!
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    1. Stay your blade from the flesh of an innocent "I would not have drawn attention to us. I would not have taken the life of an innocent." ―Malik Al-Sayf at Solomon's Temple. 2. Hide in plain sight "Let the people mask you such that you become one with the crowd." ―Al Mualim. hey guys remember the creeds these games used to be about who needs those right lol lets run some people over neigh neigh motherfucker
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    I honestly don't think a lot of people would complain if they tweaked Wonder Red to be able to pull off attacks without the use of other characters. Yeah it wouldn't make sense for him to fight by himself, but this is Smash Bros., it's a non-canon crossover fighter and I think programming a fun character to use takes precedent over accuracy to the original series. People keep talking about this imaginary limitation about Wonder Red requiring additional characters to function when they don't take into account how Sakurai can make liberties to a character's playstyle as he sees fit.
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    There's an awful lot wrong with thinking there is one solution that might solve the entirety of social injustice, which seems to be the implication.
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    Don't give Penders so much credit. At least Homer knows when he's wrong and can try to make up for his mistakes. Something Penders will never do.
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    Incidentally, THIS is what he worked on as a storyboard artist for. Truly, a worthwhile endeavor to be a part of.
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    It's a shame the gameplay doesn't.
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    Yeezus. He can't stop with the lying can he? Penders CLAIMED OWNERSHIP of the characters. Like those Echidnas, and Scourge. There's no denying it, I think he knows it deep in his heart. He just refuses to admit it. Huh, he actually worked on something else? Let's see what that- OMG that's what he worked on? XD Yeah that is kinda sad. I was hesistant to put this here, but after seeing that bio of Lara-Su and other pics of Lien-Da, I tried to re-draw them in a more Sonic-y style. Then I thought I would stop there, but I ended up drawing Julie-Su and Spectre for fun: What I learnt is, to draw other Echidna characters, just draw Knuckles and add the other parts. Eek that's horrifying.
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    The Simpsons Discussion Thread

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G3D4gQUWEr4 God damn it...
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    The Amazing World of Gumball

    This show. This fucking show. Okay, let me get this out of the way: it's amazing. Absolutely amazing. And vastly underrated, though I understand it might not be everyone's cup o' tea. But anyway, let me share my story with this show, as it's quite an interesting tale. Now, I remember seeing commercials for the show before it originally aired. It looked quite interesting, from what I could see from those trailers, so I decided to watch the first episodes when they aired. My thoughts? Well, I thought it was pretty good. It was funny, and the animation was top notch, not to mention bizarre. I mean, I didn't think was anything super special, and it didn't grab me like, say, MLP:FiM, but it seemed like a pretty good show (which funnily enough is how I feel about Sonic Boom right now, haha). However, I never really kept up with the show. I'd watch it when it was on, but I wouldn't go out of the way to watch it. I still liked it, but I didn't feel the need keep up with it. Then one day I saw the episode "The Kids", the first episode of Season 3, where Gumball and Darwin's voices are getting deeper (you know, because the voice actors went through puberty between seasons). While I was watching it, I was actually hoping they'd keep the deeper voices and have the character mature with the actors (because those actors were perfect for the roles, not gonna lie). Well, I was wrong, as at the end of the episode, their voices reset and they got new voice actors (who actually sounded like younger, less polished versions of the previous voice actors strangely enough). This change annoyed me. Irrationally, of course, but that made me lose interest in the show almost completely, and pretty much all but refused to watch any episodes afterwards. I mean, this wasn't something that I consciously decided, I just kind of avoided doing it. As a result, I didn't watch the show, like, at all, until very recently. About a week ago, as I was perusing the Mysterious Mr. Enter's channel, I saw his review for the Season 3 episode of this show titled "The Shell" and I watched it. What I saw in that review, interested me greatly (mostly because the romance aspect between Penny and Gumball is prominent, since I'm kind of a romance nut... shut up... but other things looked interesting too). I didn't really act on that interest, but coincidentally, my brother caught the show on CN last Saturday morning (the episode "The Storm" from Season 2), and I watched it with him. Long story short, the episode was absolutely hilarious, and also included some romance elements to it (not necessarily from Gumball and Penny, but from some other characters). Watching the episode opened my eyes to how funny this show could be (seriously watch that episode if you haven't, it's fucking hysterical), as well as to how cute some of the characters are (like Carrie the ghost, Penny, Carmen the cactus, etc... shut up). Later that day, I decided to watch "The Shell" online. It was great. Really great. So I watched more episodes: "The Bros." (maybe my favorite episode because ROMANCE... don't make me say shut up again), "The Spoiler", "The Party", "The Pizza", and many more. I haven't watched the entire series yet, and I plan to at some point (why isn't it on Netflix anymore ;~; ), but from what I've already seen, it might just be my favorite TV show, even beating out MLP:FiM. If you haven't watched this show yet, watch some episodes, especially the ones I've mentioned in this post (but especially especially "The Shell" and "The Storm"). The voice acting is great-- yes, even the new actors for Gumball and Darwin (though the old ones are still better)-- the animation is spectacular, and the humor/writing is among the best on TV. Yeah, this show doesn't have a big, interesting, overarching story or anything, which might be a turn off for those of you who are big fans of Stephen Universe or Gravity Falls, but unlike a lot of similar shows, it does have continuity, as evidenced by every episode after "The Shell" (since Penny keeps her "true form" design from that episode, which is shown in my avatar and signature). Seriously, watch this show. The Amazing World of Gumball is fucking gold, and it's sad that more people aren't talking about it.
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    PS Vita

    30% more
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    I will say this though, I thought Amy's characterisation was only that bad in the aforementioned forced Team Battles. Otherwise I think her personality was actually developed well.
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    Don't feel so bad at least they are in the game, besides you also get some Steel Samurai love in there
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    It's really cool to see the positive reaction so far. Thanks guys. So here is a fun little addition: BINGO CARDS! I plan on having two main ones accompany the stream. One of which I've already finished is "The Highly Expected", which is what a lot of other people are expecting from this year's E3. Here it is, in it's glory. Now I'd like to ask you guys: What you expect from this year's E3? Your answers will make up the 2nd Bingo Card, "TSS/SSMB's Expectations"! As E3 goes along, if any of the games in these cards get revealed/shown, I'll cross it off the list and when E3 finishes, we can see the results and if we got what we wanted.
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    Aside from being a legend in his own lunchbox... what is it with Mr Penders rather bizarre obsession in trying to 1up Mr Flynn? I know it's mainly due to jealousy and spite but if I was him the best way to 1up Mr Flynn would be to put up a highly polished comic or three... It's like watching Homer Simpson trying to 1up Ned Flanders on a usual episode of the Simpsons. Mr Penders playing to Homer's usual snark and rudeness and Mr Flynn playing Ned and just shrugging it off with a smile.
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    Aye. I can safely say I liked Penders *ideas* more than I liked his execution of them. A secret order of Guardians of whom Knuckles is descended from? That's workable. Them just leaving him in the middle of nowhere without telling him crap for years and years and not intervening against Robotnik despite him threatening the island repeatedly? Idiocy. Pure, simple, idiocy.
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    Wasn't sure where to post this... but this just got tweeted by the official Little Big Planet twitter account. https://twitter.com/LittleBigPlanet/status/598910867481239553 Is that who I think it is? Edit: They've also been teasing content based on Thomas was Alone and Velocity 2X.
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    That'd be an interesting conversation. Insomniac: ''Oh hey guys! Long time no see! It's been what? 10 years? Universal: ''Yep. Sure has! Seems like just yesterday that you guys were here making Spyro games for us! Great to see you guys got great success after that!'' Insomniac: ''Speaking of everyone's favourite dragon! How's Spyro been working for you guys'' Universal: ''Yeahhhhh, about that. We sort of...sold him to Activision'' Insomniac: ''WAIT WHAT?! THEY'RE THE WORST! WHAT ABOUT CRASH!?'' Universal: ''We...sold him too...'' Insomniac: ''...''
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    The Simpsons Discussion Thread

    So this means they're losing: -Mr. Burns -Smithers -Flanders -Reverend Lovejoy -Kent Brockman -Dr. Hibbert -Lenny -Principal Skinner -Otto -Rainier Wolfcastle https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o68jQjPCDtU
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    Persona 5

    I really hate how the faces are drawn in Code Geass I'm pretty sure that chin is a safety hazard
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    They're just cringeworthy and awkward to listen to. Ultimately they're not bad ads and they're clearly aimed at the younger demographic. But still. Bleh. Barely Understandable GameXplain guy confirms otherwise:
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    Sorry about that folks! This week has been quite the busy one. I'll be announcing that we'll be switching to a new voting method similar to the Movie Night. We'll release a status update and a link to a google doc with the choices, from there you can vote by submitting your choice via the status update comments. We're doing this as a measure to prevent those not a member of SSMB to vote, making numbers smaller in the poll but much, much more accuracy. Since people decided to have some fun with strawpoll, we are limiting it to status updates from now on. Great job! Anyway, Left 4 Dead 2 has won the poll, before the mess it was at 6 votes while Smash was at 5 before it got spamvoted. The other two choices had 0 votes, leaving TF2 and Payday 2 in the dust. TIME FOR SOME ZOMBIE THINGS: LEFT 4 DEAD 2! Published and Developed by Valve We'll be playing it on: PC HOSTED BY RYAN/NIGHTWING What we might do: The group/groups will decide on what co-op campaigns to play. 5 PM EST/2 PT Saturday, 5/16/15 Join us for some cliche co-op intense zombie fun! Bring a sledgehammer while you're at it too We'll provide more news on what we're doing next week with the new voting method in action after Saturday! Hope to see you there! O_o
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    A note about the Free Halloween Comic aka the Sonic Lost World prologue that came out a couple of years ago.
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    In coming link spam! https://twitter.com/KenPenders/status/598559393995628545 https://twitter.com/KenPenders/status/598559928370921472 https://twitter.com/KenPenders/status/598560195883569152 https://twitter.com/KenPenders/status/598595728974295040 https://twitter.com/KenPenders/status/598596200527331328 https://twitter.com/KenPenders/status/598596788103159809 https://twitter.com/KenPenders/status/598597160288919553 https://twitter.com/KenPenders/status/598597461075042304 https://twitter.com/KenPenders/status/598597922339495936 https://twitter.com/KenPenders/status/598598693739106304 https://twitter.com/KenPenders/status/598599639999221761 https://twitter.com/KenPenders/status/598599955628982273 https://twitter.com/KenPenders/status/598600474133008385 For those of you who dont have the energy, these are basically two different discussions and two different flavors of douchery. First up, his usual and most favorite lie; how he isn't responsible for the reboot happening. Hahahha. To recap, his terms would have gone against Archie's contract. There was literally no way to work with them, to say nothing of his demand that Julie-Su and Locke be inspected by him with every use and approved by him, as well as making 25YL 'the' future. Next, more of his phony and self serving 'support' for Flynn. First of all, your work outside of Archie? Please. You never worked more ten issues on *anything*. You didn't even make it THAT far on Star Trek. And your work outside comics? The Bratz Movie and an episode of King of the Hill, as a storyboard artist. Furthermore... you're not a professional, Ken. You're just a mediocre writer and artist who lucked out and found the one company that was willing to overlook your deficiencies as an artist, a writer and a human being. You don't have what it takes to last at a company with standards, and you never have. Flynn's doing some pretty amazing work, and while neither Sonic nor Megaman can last forever, he's giving more than you did and GETTING more in return. Jeezum Crow, this guy.
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    What I love about that is Ian has done loads of non-Sonic work. He's written nearly 50 issues of the critically acclaimed Mega Man Comics. He did the insanely good (And woefully underrated/unread by many) New Crusaders. He's working with Dawn Best on Slyvanna and is doing his own Patreon sponsored original prose story. Not to mention he has written two mainline Archie stories,
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    I got my issue today and since there don't seem to be any spoilers yet...
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    Says the one who STILL hasn't moved on from Sonic.
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    Odd opinion: The only way the Team Battles in Sonic Heroes could have made any sense was if Metal Sonic had run around posing as various members of the different teams in front of different characters, so while they fought each other he would analyze their fighting styles so he would be better prepared against them later. Oh, and he also could have recreated Metal Knuckles and maybe made a Metal Amy/Tails/Tails Doll and gave them his shape-shifting ability via download to speed things up.
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    The Simpsons Discussion Thread

    It's a couch gag. Damn good one, too. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7ecYoSvGO60 Also, Rick froze and probably killed Ned Flanders, who's VA just quit the show.
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    My goodness, that artwork is freaking killer, it's been so damn long since Axel was officially drawn. I know that Blaze has at least been drawn on the cover of the Sega 3D Classics cover art by Ken Sugimori. Also them sneakers yo...
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    UK General Election 2015 "p.g. 12 DOOM!"

    Oh great, Mr. Smarmy Racist "Man of the People" isn't going away. Wonderful. In other news, Cameron said something actually scary, on the subject of combating radicalization: Isn't that how laws and society are supposed to interact? What's he going to do, turn the awful "if you've got nothing to hide, you've got nothing to fear" phrase into tyrannical legislation? Edit:
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    It's hilarious how he thinks he's some amazing writer who can just go work at whatever company he wants, while he's struggling to get out some comic based on one that ended years ago. Ken is such a joke.
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    Jova, get it. They're a normal assist team, bloody hell. ANYWAY: GRAND UPPAH! http://www.famitsu.com/news/201505/14078494.html Famitsu article with new character renders is a go.
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    P.T. Silent Hills "There is pain here..."

    like seriously. 2 different "konami isn't just taking PT, they're taking ALL OUR GAMES" scares in 2 days. I wish there was just 10-15 minutes of fact checking before gaming related mass pitchforking
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    Penders believes only he can make facts.
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    Hey guys! I think this best represents Penders' thought process. and after he's done with that, he comes to this conclusion: First off. Ian has written a lot more than just Sonic. He's written Mega Man, The New Crusaders, Young Salem etc. Young Salem also takes place in the Archie-Verse, as does Sabrina so when he wrote an origin story for Salem, he was writing an origin story in the Archie-Verse. Secondly, maybe Ian just enjoys writing action comics more than just simple slice of life stories, or off the wall crazy stories, and he does have to juggle 4 books at the current moment, along with a massive crossover (A second crossover because the first was so well praised, might I add, where's your big 12 issue crossover Penders?). Thirdly, and I think this is the one Penders' mind can't grasp. Maybe, just MAYBE, Ian actually enjoys writing Sonic Comics? I mean, not like Penders would understand, seeing as he doesn't have a clue what the games or characters are like, but Ian is a Sonic fan first and foremost, he's played a lot of the games, and he knows a lot about the characters, he's a fan, so maybe he enjoys writing the comic that's based all around these characters and their adventures, and people like it. There's a reason it has two spinoff books, something Penders never had going at the same time.
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    I'll give Pen & Karl this: if SEGA wanted them to promote Adventure, then they were the most unhelpful jagoff when they went around doing it. No advance copy of the English game or script, no character bios, nothing. I remember reading that Spaz had to import a Japanese copy and he and Gabrie had to manually try to translate the plot in a way that Karl (& Pen) could work with. And according to KKM, Sonic the Comic had even LESS to work with. Not that it excuses the final product and the crap Pen put in, but it's understandable.
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    Blue Blood

    Sega Sales figures Year End March 2015

    Combined, Boom has sold 620k. The goal for just Shattered Crystal by November is 1.2m (originally double that). Yep, it's an unmitigated disaster. But that's nothing we didn't already know.
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    Ratcicle King


    It's out!
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    Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 5 (PS4, ONE, PS3, 360)

    Pro Skater HD is hot garbage and this is by the same team it's probably going to suck ass
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