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    Sonic's world? Sonic doesn't have a world, the devs just make shit up If we were supposed to believe these games are all on the same canon the world would look something like this: Let's not start pretending anything about this series is consistent. Gameplay or Canon.
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    I just want a game that does the same shit SA1 did conceptually. Big, layered 3D levels with enough diversity in design to support multiple playable characters' playstyles. Multiple characters all with important roles in an overall grander plot, all treated like respectable individuals (Amy living on her own, doing her own shit, making her own choices, influencing other characters in meaningful ways thank you thank you thank you). Meaningful additions to the series lore that really expand upon the universe and strengthens the series identity while also setting foundations for future stories. Grounded, detailed art style primarily recognizable by taking real world ideals and giving them a "Sonic" flourish. Frankly I don't care if they do that in a new original game or a nostalgia-focused one. I don't care. The frame of the photo doesn't really mean anything to me - it's the composition and subject that matter. Of course, different things matter to different people, so I can sympathize with people that want to see all new locales and stuff like that, I get it. But to me, eh. Whatever. If at some point in the story I hop in the Tornado, play a rail shooter minigame, and land in Station Square, fully redesigned now to match modern standards with unique NPCs and shit who tell me they saw a shiny gold egg hidden behind some corner in the newly renovated Casinopolis I'm happy. If there's some little town called "Japanese Neighborhood Zone" that's cool. If there's some little town called "Yokosuka" and it has some Shenmue easter eggs that's cool. I don't really care lol. I know what I want, I don't care how they present it. I don't expect it to happen either. Whatever. The second I see anything even remotely like this shit I'm mentally clocking out: it's hard to reasonably describe how much I fucking hate these mario-ass world maps GOD BEEP BOOP I AM A VIDEO GAME WHAT'S IMMERSION WHAT'S WORLD DESIGN LOL WHO CARES FUCK YOU
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    Bonjourno. Yes, against all odds, against the legendary feats of the Greeks' mightiest, I have decided to give the 30 Days of Sonic another chance. Truth be told, aside from the occasional pondering, for the longest time I wasn't intending on going through with a sequel, as I wasn't sure if a second one would do as well, among other personal matters of curiosity. But in the end, I figured that since many of you seemed to enjoy the first one well enough, I might as well give it another go regardless. (It's not like I'm doing much at the moment anyway.) It's clear to me that some of you have been feeling down ever since the server wipe had consequently removed a few past events, so I thought this new event could perhaps cheer some of you up at least, and give you something to look forward to. I'm also aware that some of the newer members here have expressed regret at not being present during the time of the original, so I wanted to give these other members an opportunity for them to join in as well. You asked for it, because you didn't ask for it, so here it is, for one more year only! ...Well, actually, it's not here yet, since this is merely the preparation topic, just like the one I made in March last year prior to that year's 30 Days of Sonic. The actual 30 Days itself won't be until June. I may have my own questions ready for this new one, but as with last time, I can't think them all up on my own. (Actually, I probably could, but audience participation comes first.) I'm gonna need your help. You can be a good samaritan, right? So the purpose of this topic is the same as it was last year: For the remainder of May, you are free to make suggestions for questions about a subject relating to the Sonic franchise. Whether it's about characters, cartoons, levels, or anything else, it's all good with me. Once May is over, the 30 Days itself will begin, and then we'll just have to see which ones get picked alongside my own. Of course, a lot of questions will end up not making it in, as the empty spaces will be limited - thirty days is still thirty days, after all - but let it be known that none of it is in any way personal. Every question is still considered and appreciated. Now, I won't go into the rules for the new 30 Days right now, I'll go into more detail about the rules when it's time for the event itself to properly begin. I will however list a few little things for you guys and girls to take note of in regards to your current query suggestion shenanigans. They're mostly just the same things I listed last time, but here they are again. -Don't worry about suggesting the same question(s) as someone else. It's an almost inevitable scenario, so no worries. -There are no limits to how many posts you can make in this topic, but you can only ask one question per post. I don't really feel that a potential situation involving one person only suggesting two questions followed immediately afterwards by another person suggesting twenty five questions would be all that necessary. -Try to keep the questions relatively light and upbeat. Now that's not to say that we can't have a jolly good laugh about the time when SomeGuy240 rage quitted at his inability to beat the Doodlebug Mecha in the Underground Zone, or how ridiculous this bit of animation in that one game or cartoon was, but I think you already get what I'm actually referring to anyway. I understand that a few folk have their own personal grievances with the series, and that's all very well, but while there may be a handful of other opportunities on SSMB in which you can vent about whichever and whatever at your leisure... this event ain't one of them, I'm afraid. Above all else, this event is about having some fun, so if you could keep that in mind when thinking about your ideas for questions, it would be very much appreciated. -Not absolutely necessary, but if possible, try to come up with more atypical questions. As the last 30 Days of Sonic proved for better or worse, there are some aspects about the franchise that we maybe don't think about as often, and while not EVERY question can or will be an obscure one, one of the key goals behind the 30 Days of Sonic is to get people thinking about some of the things that don't get discussed as much as, say, what your favourite story is. Some questions will still be the age-old ones of course, but it would be nice to shake things up nonetheless. One more thing: If anyone is wondering why I only created this topic now as opposed to the beginning of May, it's because I reckoned that now-to-June would still provide plenty of time for you to post your questions. Didn't see any reason for the topic to stay dead for half a month once everyone was already done with their suggestions. Well, that's all I have to say for the time being (unless I get asked something, I guess), so to repeat myself from last year, without further ado... ask away.
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    Man even rumors aren't interesting anymore. Nothing but cheap nostalgia.
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    So yeah, I'm crossposting this from Retro, its a very fun and useful tool you should all bookmark:
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    Signal fading...must get message out...before...crash...
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    Your Vest Friend

    Sonic Channel

    Amy why are you poking the ground.
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    @ Azoo: Let's also not even downplay the concept that it's difficult to be nostalgic about something that's never left. Sonic Team's not made a truly classic-feeling game arguably since Adventure 1, but that hasn't stopped the actual classic games from being constantly re-released on anything capable of even playing a video game in the first place, the iconography from being plastered on every single bit of merchandise imaginable, Sega from having the gall to try a Sonic 4, nor the fanbase from singing these games praises and doing little in the fan game scene to create something new to the point of having begun or outright cause some burnout in some people, me included. Most of my interest in Generations was merely seeing what levels they would use, and even then instead of using some interesting surprises like a carnival or snow level, they just fucking pulled the most popular levels without any regard for variation, because after all we haven't already played Chemical Plant and Speed Highway 50 million times. This isn't even nostalgia anymore. It's milking in the most egregious sense. Nostalgia has a personal, magical quality to it that recalls better days due in large part to the difficulty or inability of reliving something that once gave you joy, something that has given you a strong positive memory. But Classic Sonic hasn't been absent, he's been dragged across this entire series the whole time. Sonic's bedrock for years has been this kind of shallow "nostalgia," so I'm not even sure how anyone can be happy about this like this is some brand new mode of operation or that it guarantees anything.
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    Playing games your way: It's always fun to play through the game as it was meant to be played, but sometimes we like to do other things. Sometimes, it's fun to just explore the levels or examine things within the cutscenes or the like. What is your favorite thing to do in Sonic that is not an attempt to achieve a gameplay goal? (Meaning, things like clearing stages or raising Chao are out) This can be as interesting, silly, or boring as you want. Just fun little things you like to do that aren't inherent to the intended gameplay formula.
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    Oh yeah. Even today, you still have stuff like DC's practice of "dirivitive characters" and Gerry Conway's long post about it; Archie's in-house problems like their owner-infighting, creator crediting (i.e. Dan DeCarlo), their problems actually giving a sh*t about their licenced properties prior to 2005, and even their problems with keeping contracts which led to the Pendering; Marvel's own issues with creator rights/credits (Gerber with Howard the Duck, Wolfman with Ghost Rider, etc), and even one of IDW's editors, Bobby Curnow letting his mods delete topics on their forums when they turn to complaints about their writers. Everything is f*cking ugly when you look beneath the surface; especially when money is involved. Pen is at least right on that one, but even a broken clock can be right twice a day.
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    I can garuntee you that was a big part of it. When I was reading it as a kid, the whole thing seemed deep, and as I got older and more capable of complex thinking and reasoning I began to PROJECT a deepness that simply wasn't there. I had always thought that the big 'point' of the Knuckles story was that both sides were wrong and that Knuckles was slowly starting to become aware that the entire conflict was foolish, and that he would be the one to try and settle the dispute instead of continuing it. Can you tell that this was in the days BEFORE I learned that Penders worshipped at the altar of Locke and deemed the Brotherhood sacrosanct? I think one of the reasons it was as successful as it was then was for the same reason Twilight was successful. Jokes about quality aside, protagonist Bella Swan has very few real character traits or thoughts of her own. There's so little to her that you can interpret whatever you want about her, and that in turn makes it all the easier for the readers to imagine themselves in her position and with all that magical dramatic stuff she has going on in life. Same deal with Penders writing; you'd see what you would want to see, and get so caught up in it that you wouldn't bother to really think TOO deeply on how shallow and nonsensical it all is, really.
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    Some variants for the rounds.
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    Archie Sonic Main Discussion

    So only Super Sonic and Super Armor Mega Man again? And solicits! And the cover is complete!
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    Oooh, yes, I forgot about this thing! How about "Favorite game that is generally disliked"? We all have that one guilty-pleasure (or non-guilty) Sonic game that's been given negative reception but holds a special place in our heart. If that's too negative, how about "Favorite alternate outfit of any Sonic character"? This could range from the Riders designs, Smash alts, Rivals costumes and the Sonic Boom designs. If not that, maybe "Favorite art style"? The series has so many art shifts in the games and cartoons. From the whimsy of the first three games, to the realism of Sonic '06 and Unleashed and then to the stylistic simplistic design of the Lost Hex.
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    Because I'm tired. I'm tired of hoping for a series to shape up when it hasn't for over a decade. I'm tired of awaiting a game I should know is not coming. And I'm tired of telling myself "Well maybe NEXT TIME!!" Look, I understand the frustration with this series and the passion that we all have for it, but there needs to be a limit dude and I have hit mine. I'm not gonna put my faith in a series that pretty clearly doesn't have faith in itself, its fruitless and I have gotten nothing from it but frustration and disappointment. I'd much rather put my enthusiasm towards franchises that actually do consistently entertain me and aren't completely oblivious to what the audience wants. So if you wanna keep waiting for that magical game Sonic Team is going to make, be my guest, but I have no obligation to be enthusiastic about this series and I see no reason to be. The community is great and we've done some amazing things, but creators and publishers clearly do not feel as much love for the series as we do. I'm fine with this announcement because the fact of the matter is, Generations has been the most well received Sonic game in years because of its nostalgia factor. When you think about it from a business standpoint, Sega going down that route again is probably the smartest decision they've made with this series. Because honestly, the only thing left this series has to offer me to remind me when it didn't suck and the developers actually gave a damn. So yes, I'm kinda sick of how this series is being run honestly and would much rather be reminded of the good old days than to continuously be frustrated about it.
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    Why do we want or come to terms with this, though. Why has it come to the point where we would accept this. Why is nostalgia pandering okay? All it is for us is reminding us of better days, and all it is for the kiddos is a regurgitation of things they weren't around for. What is there to gain, other than the same old drag pooped out again, probably worse than before? What's the point of this? If we think it's okay for Sonic to just keep prodding at nostalgia instead of actually doing something with passion then we're pretty much saying we're okay with Sega forcing Sonic Team team members to sit on the grind and make the same old baloney over and over again instead of doing something they want to do. Granted, we're not a big crowd and we may not change anything, but why does that mean to give up our wants and hopes and just accept our fates that everything we want from this is very likely to be in the shitter? If we keep thinking that games like Generations are the best we're ever gonna get now then we might as well say we have just as much confidence for Sonic to be any better as Sega. I know we won't really change anything, and I know I don't trust Sega worth shit, but I will always hope for better than that and I can't see myself losing it. Why do we want to settle for better publicity instead of better games, anyways? Tbh, FUCK the critics. ... I don't know. I'm at a point where I'm tired of hoping for better, and I'm tired of settling for less.
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    I can't tell you how much I don't want this to be yet another nostalgia game. I mean, the idea of going through Sega worlds sounds great and all, but I am so sick of this. If it ends up true, my interest in this series is probably gonna distance even further off than it has the past couple of years.
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    Official Anime/Manga Thread

    Hideki Naganuma's official status on Love Live:
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    Why stop there? Just go full blown Evil Dead and make it a chainsaw.
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    I think it was more a matter of not knowing any better. It seemed more "mature" and "sophisticated" to people who probably didn't fully grasp those concepts beyond being stuff that was basically over the head of the target audience. Frankly, I think Penders managed to exploit that during his run, what with all his politics and misappropriation of things like Holocaust poems, and I'll bet some of his fans were defending their Sonic books as not being boring, but "mature." Yet when that audience grew up and did begin to know better, that's when the tide really began to turn on him. As for the art, let's face it, it was bad more often than it wasn't. Getting a story that approached the quality seen on the covers was like some sort of special treat, but we kept reading along anyway to keep up with the story, as they basically kept leading us along with plot threads that never went anywhere. The best thing about the Sonic Adventure arc was that it ended. There was probably more closure to that than to most stories during those days. Though he'd probably try to tell you otherwise while informing you of how great it actually is, thanks to him. "...and that's when I said 'how about we make him purple?' Then they made me Emperor." ShroomZ: Most of those images aren't working for me, except a few of the single panels. In defense of the desert BBQ, I imagine they had to stop and eat sometime.
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    Sonic Lost World Announced

    My biggest hope gameplay-wise, if they stick to LW's style (which could easily not happen, but...could also easily happen??? 50/50 I guess), is that they do away with those hidden springs. I mean, in the very first level I can maybe understand it, but it's annoying how, until literally Lava Mountain Zone 3, they rely too much on springs to take you somewhere that you can easily by running up a wall and/or wall jumps. I mean, you can always just avoid said springs, just like dash panels and stuff, but 1) that's a bit too much work, 2) this sort of thing shouldn't be a self-imposed challenge, and 3) ...it feels pointless, especially since the game wouldn't be that much harder if they got rid of the springs and stuff? So yeah, having that sort of crutch in the first level(s) as you learn the ins and outs of these moves makes complete sense, but should be something you leave behind by the second world at least. Also one thing that annoys the hell out of me is that they bring in Omochao for Generations which has a gameplay style that was already fairly established and is really easy to get into even if you're new to it, and not only that but you can always turn his hints off whenever you want, but then a game where he would've been extremely useful has a terrible hint system. If he had been in Lost World and explained everything, I'd go as far as to say that people would suddenly love Omochao...and maybe appreciate LW a teeny tiny bit more? Who knows. What I'm saying is, Omochao will save the series and that's just pure, undeniable fact, trust me SEGA
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    Bad optimization is why we got a game that chugged in certain places, unless you just think it's completely impossible to have a game with grass that doesn't look like construction paper or smeared baby food that runs properly. And my use of consistent refers to in-game consistency that is established with simple, sensible, and understandable design rules. It's much easier for me to accept a world at face value that places a bottomless pit over a large waterfall and that said waterfall exists in an area reminiscent of Thailand, than it is for me to accept that an alien world has a random-ass area made of candy from Earth floating in the background with no reference for how high up you are or even why or how this place exists (other than the meta concept of "The designers are aping Mario to hell and are trying so hard to appease people who don't care about Sonic"). This is the reason Unleashed's world has worked better at being engrossing than any other game after, and frankly it's something I felt Sonic always utilized before people started equating sheer common sense with "realism" or "bad quality" some shit. Also, the fact that you said it didn't have the scale or the environments of Unleashed just proves my point. I want a game with scale and sensible environments, both because those are more satisfying games to me and because Sega is utterly incompetent at actually making a game that can stand only on mechanical simplicity and be just as satisfying. You can argue that this is a problem, and I think it is too as a long-term outlook, but from a mere theoretical standpoint I've just been happiest with the Sonic games that achieve an action-adventure feeling versus a simplistic platformer one. I also don't agree that the new spin on the stuff in Generations was anything worth really commending. The things that made those stages and bosses great in their original appearances relied both on timing and context which Generations couldn't give a damn about appreciating or respecting, because the point of Gens was to use nostalgia as a marketing device over an artistic one, which is clearly working in spades given some of the responses we've seen about this issue today. For example, the Egg Dragoon is awesome because it has the foundational context of being the only fight Sonic has with Eggman in his Werehog form. This design choice was deliberate because it allows Sonic to pay Eggman back proper for turning him into the Werehog in the first place, which makes ripping apart his mecha with your bare hands all the more satisfying. Furthermore, it takes place in the Earth's core which not only sets up the way Sonic and Chip reach Dark Gaia, moving the story along in an interactive way, but it adds an extra element to the fight where Eggman utilizes the surroundings to try and send you to your death through breaking the platforms suspended over lava, which get smaller and smaller over time and can actually lead to him winning the fight. By removing the Werehog and the use of Earth's core as an extra obstacle and staging device for the next part of the game, by saying context like this doesn't matter, that all you have to do is rehash things in a sorta-kinda-similar context or completely remake them and it's literally just as good as the original so long as you don't fall through the floor, you remove the teeth for these stages and boss fights, the reasons they were awesome and actually worked in the first place. It honestly comes across as not understanding the underlying decisions of the game. Generations' Egg Dragoon doesn't invoke any personal payback, nor does it ever really feel like Sonic is at an extreme disadvantage, nor does it advance what little story there is in Gens in an interactive way, so despite one being able to argue that it might be mechanically superior (I don't even feel it has that on it), it still remains the worse incarnation of the boss overall. And this goes for everything in Gens that was once reinforced by this kind of gameplay-to-narrative design aside from perhaps the classic levels, but then again the ones in Gens are marred by simply being a worse game than the classic games themselves anyway. There is barely anything Gens actually does better overall than the original games themselves. I mean, Seaside Hill is better, I guess? I'm also not sure how Lost World is the outlier. It's basically Colors 2, just replace the Boost with some tacked on Parkour mechanics. Otherwise, every design decision from gameplay to art to storytelling it makes would fit right at home in Colors and in the general continued direction of short, light, generic-platforming games, than it would with Unleashed. Finally, my argument isn't saying this can't work. My argument is that I see no reason why I should suddenly expect Sega to cater to me.
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    It's not even just aesthetics anymore though. It's literally the entire game not being a new property.
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    See idk, I don't get this. Pretty much like 80% of Sonic games since Adventure have a modern city level so what difference does it make if that level is called Speedy Escape Highway Zone as opposed to Shibuya Cho?
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    Sonic going through SEGA worlds sounds like hot garbage. I'd play it to get my Sonic platforming fix but it would be such a fucking disappointment. Like, I didn't grow up with SEGA particularly, so the nostalgia benefits would be of little worth to me. I might forgive them if there's a PSO level which I'd hope is more likely to happen if Sonic Team is behind it (as oppose to Sumo who don't seem to be fussed about Phantasy Star representation) but that's about it. But even then, I love Nintendo and am very familiar with their franchises, but I would be annoyed if they did a Mario game along these lines too. But yeah, for now it sounds almost too outlandish to believe so... I guess I won't do so.
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    Given how slippery and dedicated to not answering anything inconvenient he is, I sometimes wonder if he wouldn't thrive more as a politician.
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    Nostalgia pandering is so safe, and it's so pointless by now. If you need any sort of clue as to why I've kept saying for a while that Sega just doesn't have ambition or trust for Sonic to do good on his own anymore, take a look at recent games and tell me which of those games weren't meant to evoke some sort of nostalgia instead of living off of it's own merits. If you didn't feel like looking into it, the answer is Sonic Colors, which is going on 5 years ago. And even that was only a 'pretty good' game that they slapped together in about 9-11 months to compensate for Generations not getting a Wii release. So yeah. If we actually get this game that's being rumored, I'm gonna be pretty disappointed at worst, and mixed at best I think. And honestly? I'm tired of having mixed opinions on this series. Blegh.
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    They really couldn't just use Talwyn and Sasha instead of creating two generic characters?
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    Sonic Channel

    She's drawing a Sonic head with the water.
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    Spin Attaxx

    Game theory's

    First off, as is, the title of this topic means "Game theory is" or "Game theory has". Not "Game Theories" as you intended it to be. /grammarnazi In all, I'm not a fan of these types of vids - they just often tend to be "what if such and such WERE ACTUALLY DEAD/INSANE/THE BAD GUY like and subscribe plz" even if there's minimal or no evidence to support such things. Especially when they try to apply grimdark stuff to otherwise lighthearted works (so Kirby is actually the devil because he eats random people? Gee, never heard that fifty times this week). And they all use the same old clickbaity titles and thumbnails that pop up everywhere you turn. Bleh.
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    Archie Sonic Main Discussion

    Does Sally NEED a love interest?
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    Sonic Channel

    all I can think of is
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    Sonic Lost World Announced

    Ah. I was able to make that jump at first, but once I found out there was a spring there it suddenly got a lot more difficult, as if knowing you're supposed to use a spring to cross the gap made me realize how wide it was... That reminds me, while I prefer the 2D levels in SLW to the boost games for the most part, one problem that stuck around (from Colours/Generations at least, can't recall if Unleashed had this problem) is the really small platforms. It wasn't as common, at least to my memory, but still got annoying sometimes, like in Sky Road Zone 2.
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    If Sega randomly decided that they wanted to make one, and only one game based on another Sonic universe than the game universe, which would it be?
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    Of all the Sonic characters, who has the best shoe design?
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    This is my new favorite out-of-context quote. Congratulations! A lot of that dialogue you shared is pretty awful, though some of it (not much) is okay. Anyway, though, Penders' attempts at "cool talk", painful though they may be, are still usually better than those times when he's not even trying to make characters sound like teenagers and they speak in a weird technical way.
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    Basically, it's not creating new Sonic environments and stories. It's not building upon Sonic's world, and instead just plonks Sonic somewhere else for the sake of nostalgia and referencing. It could be fantastic. But it inevitably means that what we're seeing isn't new. It's very much the same issue that plagued Sonic 4. This is the sort of stuff you'd expect to see once in a blue moon in a game like Generations or in a crossover spin-off like ASR. To form the basis of a new Sonic game after so many years of almost non-existent new content is far too much.
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    I have to say this much - I agree with what Hogfather has said about the validity of the rumor nor the leaker to zone in on Runners, itself a mere rumour at the time, really makes the whole thing sound believable. I do have to wonder how much information these guys would have access to though. Is it normal? So on to Sonic Digital 25 itself. The story sounds like ass and the idea of yet another anniversary, shallow Sonic game does my nut in. Its the absolute last thing we need. I want to say that the idea of Sonic visiting some SEGA world's sound great. It does sound potentially great for an odd stage in one game. Seeing Sonic in NiGHTS or Jet Set Radio worlds would just be fantastic. But ffs that's not the game we want or need. Not an entire game. Can we just get another full-fledged, original and big Sonic game again please?
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    Plonk me in the camp of 'I don't particularly care if it's nostalgic or not, if it's a good game I'll buy it.' As for the post itself, now I've had time to think about it, here are my thoughts with regards to 'is this legitimate.' Yes.... but... is my reply. Let's take the claim out of order for a moment. This is the smoking gun, the one thing that makes it all true, so lets look at this. Did we know about Runners before this post? Yes... but... It was a post on 4chan which hadn't been verified, it wasn't until a few weeks after Boom came out that people realised that the Boom leaker was telling the truth. Here is the thing, with Sonic Boom being as interesting as it was last year, if you were going to post a hoax, why would you do it on Runners? Surely you'd do it on Boom last year? It doesn't make sense to post fake details on Runners which was an unverified statement from another random guy at the time. Why would you use that in your claim? Now lets look at the detail in this. mobile game a bit of pay2win addictive fast paced platforming From the name alone, could you tell this is a mobile game? Possibly.... Could you guess it's a pay2win/f2p game? It's kinda a given, but notice how he says 'a bit of' not a lot, not loads, not some.... just a bit... how much is in Runners? It's small, really small, when we found the domain names for Runners, everybody was joking about stupid DLC prices, heck even yesterdays Boom mobile news, people were joking about loads of DLC prices. Saying there would be a little pay2win seems very contradictory to what the stance usually is whenever someone hears 'free to play mobile.' If you wanted to wind people up, or make this rumour go places, you would say it had loads of pay2win, not 'just a bit'. As for the fast placed addictive platforming, was the game addictive? Oh heaven yes, couldn't put it down when it first came out... but can you get that from the title alone? Yeah quite easy. The thing which makes this more than plausible for me is the detail on the pay2win, because he didn't say there was loads, he was very accurate with how much is there. Now for the next bit.... I..... actually think this sounds really cool. The first thing which came to my mind was Sonic running over water as Ecco the dolphin leaps over him. But yeah, I think it sounds really really cool, and it would be exactly the kind of thing I would expect Sega to do. There is one problem... that ownership thing, Sega have to get the IP owners to OK every single level in the game otherwise it won't get put in (see ASRT topic). The next thing however is the biggest red flag for me... What... A 4th Wii U exclusive? Sega... when are you going to realise that every exclusive game on the Wii U that you have released has totally bombed? Yakuza... Sonic.. Sonic... Sonic again. They've all bombed... This seems utterly stupid, even for a port of two old games, why would you make this a Wii U exclusive? Especially when Sony and Xbox owners never got colours? Sonic doesn't sell best on Nintendo, it sells best where the kids are, and the kids are not on the Wii U these days, they're... still on the past gen and moving to the PS4, just look at the update numbers. This for me is the biggest red flag just because of how disastrous the exclusive deal has been and how utterly random it is. So is this post true? Personally... I think some of the content is true, the runners stuff is too spot on and considering how accurate the person is with the P2W comment when it would be so easy to exaggerate, they must have had some insider info, but that said, I have a feeling that there are some red herrings in there.
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    Neon Zephyr

    Archie Sonic Main Discussion

    I don't think CSS is attacking him, or anything, though? It's a natural conversation? I mean, if you post something on a public forum, people might reply to it. shadowhunt expressed wariness, CSS asked why, shadowhunt provided explanation, and CSS pointed out why those specific worries might not even apply in this case. You know what, to make sure that the conversation *is* one, just to be safe: shadowhunt, what about Evan's writing style do you like or not like (not counting her plot choices, which would be things like the hedgehog focus or plot holes, etc). As in, do you dislike the way she writes action, or the way she writes character dialogue or voices? Lack of focus is a legit worry, I'm not debunking that. But I do also agree with CSS that working on the official book, under a team of other writers and an editor (whose job it is to make sure things stay focused, coherent, etc--recall that a lot of the issues with Penders' work before is because the editor at the time just let him do whatever with no real leash on him) is likely going to take care of that. I'm excited, but I don't think anyone needs to be, and I understand why shadowhunt might be wary, even if some of the causes of that wary might not be applicable in this situation. I like the way Evan writes (aside from mentioned flaws) so far, so I'm optimistic that it'll be an enjoyable arc. If nothing else, having some more people on the team keeps the book's style from stagnating.
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    Your Vest Friend

    Sonic Channel

    That's probably part of her appeal to Japan, though. Which is why Boom Amy hasn't gone down too well with them, as far as I've heard. And it's also why the Boom Amy personality won't translate to the main games.
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    Doctor MK

    The LEGO Dimensions topic

    GREAT SCOTT! DOC BROWN JOINS THE BRAWL! Doc Brown driving around in his goddam time travelling choo-choo train. I am falling more and more in love with this game the more I see of it. Also confirmed are: DC Comics Team Pack (Joker, Harley Quinn), three additional DC Comics Fun Packs (Superman, Aquaman, Bane), two additional Ninjago Fun Packs (Sensei Wu, Lloyd) Roll on the official Doctor Who announcement - maybe they'll even get Peter Capaldi to do a trailer like Christopher Lloyd has done here...?
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    My argument wasn't so much about eating, but how Archimedes was this asshole who was basically stalking Knuckles around, and then he just kidnapped all of his friends. When Enerjak teleported Knuckles and Archimedes to the desert and they start wandering around, they barely know each other. From what Knuckles knows this guy should be a major cunt, but there's never any conflict about it. Knuckles never asks why Archimedes was fucking around putting his name on rocks and kidnapping his friends. They just become best friends in like 3 seconds, its forced and awkward. Yeah, my fault. The problem was that I never even grew up with these as a child. I was like 14 when I first saw these and I was more dumbfounded at how ridiculous and boring most of the stories were, then thinking it's so deep as I was already a teen. So, it was more ignorance on my part then "Penders propaganda".
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    Oh, wow, this is neat! It has a strange name though. I actually tested it out with Sonic's 1 boxart: Here's the regular image. Here's the box art put through it with the default settings: There's a pretty noticeable difference.
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    Then my sense of humor must be horrible because I enjoyed every episode I've seen.
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    Oh God. The horror of what I've just thought of. Mario's 30th and Sonic's 25th at the 120th Olympic Anniversary Games Rio 2016.
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