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    More Classic/All Star ending images
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    Oh shit. Oh mother of shit.
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    ~SSMB Has Cleared Remembering Rhexis Act 12!~ "The servers are the seven Chaos... Chaos is power, power is enriched by the heart... the controller is the one that unifies the Chaos!" - Daniel Boone Brown, When the Chaos Rolls By (1919) Question #13: What is the single most hilarious thing to come out of the entirety of Shadow the Hedgehog for you? "ThIs Is FoR mY fAmIlY... aNd FoR mAriA!" You're in a rut because all the new questions you've made or chosen at the moment are still being saved for later. You've also been feeling exhausted due to the temperature. In your fit of desperation to have a question ready on time, what do you do? You copy and paste last Saturday's question and make it about another game instead. It was the only option, obviously. Seriously though, if a Sonic '06-specific question was going to appear in this 30 Days, as was the case for the last one, then a Shadow the Hedgehog-specific one was never going to be too far behind, as was also the case for the last one. I figured today would be ideal for it, given how we're on Question #13 and everything. But because Shadow's own game was just as much of a misunderstood masterpiece in light entertainment as Sonic '06 was, I felt that using the exact same question for this game would do fine. Is that alright with you? Well too bad if it's not, because you don't own me. Crusher's Thoughts: The Library. As funny as it is to see your allies' shouting out contradictory orders, or Shadow's very specific intention of becoming the "ultimate hedgehog", or... everything about Black Doom and the G.U.N. Commander, the Library takes the cake for me in all it's understated magnificence. Look at these names. Look at these names. What's the deal with them? Was Friedrich Nietzsche having an off day? These names get so depressing, so cynical, so... teenager, you can't go through all of them without chuckling at at LEAST one of them. Here are some of my personal favourites from this selection of bootleg Rammstein hits. Purification Via Ruination - Even Dr. Seuss went through that phase. Archimedes and the Tortoise - Doesn't work as well as Ezekiel 25:17. Where is My Happiness? - How do depression make work? Original Definition - But don't worry, the HD remake's coming out next month. Crystallization of Intellect - What does this even mean. Dyed in Lovely Darkness... - This is probably the name of at least five different Sonadow fanfics. Vainglory or Abandonment? - Not sure about this one, I think I'll phone a friend. Transcendentalism - This is a word! =D To Love Oneself - ...This is also probably the name of at least five different Sonadow fanfics. Shadow, the Black Android - Times were different back then. Machine Sunshine - So like, is the sun itself mechnical in this hypothetical Nirvana too? Life is Guilty - Well shit, guess we're all going to jail. Shadow's Second Death...? - You just spoiled Adventure 2 for me, you shoe-tapping pillock. Power of Love - Is this Library trying to hint to us that Shadow likes listening to power ballads? Walk My Way - It's always got to be about you, doesn't it. Machine Boys - Sent by Andy, age 9. *smiley face* I Am Shadow - Well thanks for clearing that up then. Dark Warrior's Advent - They do indeed know it's Christmas time. Stupefaction's End - Not even close to the end, mate. The New, Coldhearted Empire - The previous one wasn't as bad I guess, I dunno, can't remember it. Dark Finale - But it's not the finale... Disappointed in Humanity - Well sorry. At Least, Be Like Shadow... - Balls to you, I want to be like Tails. The Lion's Awakening - I don't see any goddamn lions in this game. I guess the game was lion to me HOHOHOHOHOHO. *slaps knee* Identity - ...Who's? Bullets From Tears - What kind of gun do you have? Journey to Nihility - I think I'll play a Kirby game after this. Sonic Dethroned! - Didn't even know he ruled anything. For the Sake of the Self - Are these titles someone's first stab at poetry? At Vagrancy's End - Starts next Wednesday on Channel 5. Under the Name of Love - "With the power of these Emeralds, let's face the music and dance!" I Am the Strongest! - I love how you have all these big, elaborate, overly detailed titles, and then you have ones like this. It's great. Punishment in Jet Black - That's boring, I wanted it done in lime green. Time of Departure - Missed the flight again. Should have Thomas Cooked it. The Beginning - Of what? Silver Emergence - S is Real 2401. Pulsating Supercurrent - "DON'T WORRY, I'LL USE MY-" Fullmetal Prince - Literally just combining random words now. Shouting at the Morning Sun - Will get you arrested for public indecency. Tear-Soaked Hometown - Who was upset, the BFG? So with that out of the way, you may now post awaaaaaayyyy!~
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    Who's up for some IPhone quality pictures of Part 4?
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    So, the Smash site updated; the stream thumbnail now has BLACK AND RED ARROWS OOOOOH NOOOOO this probably means fuck all but sssh ALSO I cannot believe this just happened.
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    Some of you probably saw some of these yesterday but I might as well post em' here. That's a South African Railways Class 19A 4-8-2, if you care. Pretty unremarkable pic of classic Sonic from the front. This is a really old picture of modern STC Sonic, Richard Elson style. Attempt to replicate Richard Elson's Classic Sonic style. I drew this one today, it looks pretty stupid but I like it. It's Classic Sonic doing a really awkward pose. I will probably post more drawings of stuff over time. I hope you like these.
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    Archie Sonic Main Discussion

    And Mega Man issue 50
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    DreamWorks Animation SKG

    Kung Fu Panda 3 Chinese teaser trailer is here! https://youtu.be/5KWRcBefo2A
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    As many of you know, I am the SEGA Saturn fanboy of this forum.
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    Question #13: What is the single most hilarious thing to come out of the entirety of Shadow the Hedgehog for you? This little bit of comedy gold in the game's intro; The agape mouth, the frenzied look in that Hedgehog's eyes, the gratuitous unloading of bullets, and the way he's holding the gun with his other hand as if the recoil would smack him in the chest if he didn't all come together to make an image that is truly hilarious. But you know what else is just as funny? The fact that Sonic Team, I kid you not, expected me to take this seriously. Sigh...it's sad that Sonic is often at it's funniest when it's unintentional.
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    Expand dongs like it's the 90's again! That's right, YTV and Nelvana (they're sister companies) confirmed that they have created an official YouTube page called Nelvana Retro, and ALL 40 episodes of Donkey Kong Country are up to freely watch officially! Season 1 (26 episodes): Season 2 (14 episodes): Also included at the moment is Season 1 of Dumb Bunnies! Looks like more shows will be added on a regular basis, as shown in the trailer above. And just in time for E3, hmm... Enjoy!
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    Considering the "foreign appeal" of Sonic's western style is probably what appeals to the small fanbase over there to begin with, Sonic Boom kind of has that to max. With that consideration, I imagine they figured they'd make enough sales to justify spending the money on the Japanese voiceover being created. Honestly the only thing I find truly sad about it is that the result was Chikao Ōtsuka's final role as Eggman being part of such a lame game. =C
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    DreamWorks Animation SKG

    So damn beautiful, and even then the screenshot really doesn't do it justice. The animators and artists at DWA / ODW are unbelievably on their game with this film.
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    Day 13: What is the single most hilarious thing to come out of the entirety of Shadow the Hedgehog For Me? Despite what I feel about Shadow the Hedgehog (the game I mean as I love the character), it has some hilarious moments in it with the majority of them being unintentional. Starting off with the fact that SEGA and Sonic Team expecting me to despite to take a video game seriously with its dark theme including violence and terrorism with these bright anthropomorphic animals running around in a series that is aimed towards children in the first place. Just that thought alone is extremely comical. All at the expense on the Series' main character being portrayed as a bumbling idiot amid all of that, mind you. Anyway, when it comes to the most hilarious thing in Shadow the Hedgehog, the Semi-Hero Stage 6 Boss Fight in Cosmic Fall gets my vote: First off in the cutscene leading to this boss fight Dr. Eggman comes crashing down in the Egg Dealer which is hilarious in its own right with its appearance. Especially with the moustache Dr. Eggman proceeds to talk to Shadow like he is a child while that is demeaning, I find it funny as well. Shadow proceeds to respond with melodramatic gestures and body language like he had done all game long and the battle begins. Shadow attacks the Egg Dealer via a homing attack and several times Dr Eggman proceeds to scream "Stop that!" Isn't this a battle? Generally speaking, Shadow isn't going to stop attacking you simply because you said so. Thinking otherwise is simply silly. Shadow's talk isn't much better: "Death to all those who oppose me!" Shadow is trying too hard here..."Ow the Edge" indeed! Just melodramatic dialogue all throughout the battle which only contributed to the humor. I totally lost it when Dr. Eggman lost his rings à la Sonic kinda sorta: I love how Dr. Eggman always seems to bring a smile to my face as well as some laughs. Even when he isn't even trying to be funny Especially in this mess and joke of a video game. The hilarious shenanigans finally come to an end here with Vector dancing in celebration while Shadow poses after obtaining the red Chaos Emerald. It's not like he did anything useful during the boss fight so that makes him dancing in celebration like he actually did something even more funny
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    Just got back from Jurassic World; not as good as the original, but plenty fun and loads better than the sequels. Then I see this. I have no words about the sheer amount of laziness that statement exhues. You can be damn sure that Karl and Ian read his stuff, if only to try to keep continuity. Guess returning that favor is too much for 'the man who saved Sonic'. I dread the very real possibility of him comparing Bryce Howard's character to Lara-Su as he done to Hunger Games' Katniss character.
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    DEAR SEGA // Sonic Re-design (Video)

    Speaking of blue arms, I spent an embarrassingly long time wondering why his redesign gave him fat, stubby little arms...before realizing they're just bent. I still say it's not a problem for Boom Sonic thanks to the sports tape and gloves, but when the whole arm is all the same blue, and especially with a soft art style like that, it really is easy to lose track of what's what.
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    I think most of that gameplay stuff sounds fun, personally. Inventory system might not be necessary, but other than that I'd at least be interested to see how most of his ideas worked in a game. All in all I liked the video. But criticism where it's due - I'm gonna tear apart that redesign. In detail. First off, let's remind ourselves why Sonic became a beloved design in the first place. Cute. Simple. Iconic. The perfect blend of a few bright colors, a lovable compact figure, and a very unique hairstyle, all strung together in a pose full of personality. Now let's take a look at this redesign. All over the place. First let's get the glaring issue out of the way, the legs. Sonic's head and upper body here are obviously going for an adorable toy-like appearance, something I could picture on a small teddy bear. But then the legs are ridiculously long lanky sticks, maybe even longer than his Boom design. The top half is trying to be cute, but the bottom half gets it wrong because lanky isn't cute. it also has no style or grace. This is more of a personal observation on my part, and long, thin characters can be appealing, but for the most part, the most iconic cartoon characters are shorter, or otherwise more compact. Mickey Mouse has thin limbs, but still has a fairly normal physique that keeps him short. Mario is pudgy with thicker limbs and lots of curved lines. Pikachu, Spongebob, the Powerpuff Girls, Hello Kitty, they all had very broad appeal, because in totally broad terms, smaller is cuter. Speaking of Hello Kitty, that's the first thing that comes to mind when looking at Sonic's face here. One of the cutest and most marketable faces ever right there. When the term "iconic" is thrown around in regards to character design, this is usually the first character that comes to my mind. Dot eyes, little nose, no mouth, blank expression that can be put pretty much anywhere and still look cute no matter what. No real personality, but it's just a cute design that is completely sweet, charming, and inoffensive. That ain't Sonic. While I do think Sonic should be cute, and I don't think his personality should be overplayed, he is NOT a blank slate. In the Genesis classics, he always had a look of focus and determination, which turned into angry impatience when left idle for too long. Even without dialogue you can tell what his personality was like. Bold, hungry for action, but at the end of the day, still a charming good guy. Making his eyes plain dots with no brows or expression is about as far as you can get from that. Lastly, the colors. Removing the big eyes and gloves removes almost all of the white from his design, aside from his shoe straps. Blue, red, white, and peach-ish skin color are the four main colors of his design, and they all work very well together. The red is the loudest color of the four, so keeping it restricted to only his feet is a good way to have them stand out. The blue takes up most of the body, and the peach and white work together to keep the blue from overpowering the others. Without the white of the eyes and gloves, there's TOO much blue, on top of the blue arms, which we're all pretty sick of talking about I'm sure. The original design struck a perfect color balance, but now it leans too heavily in one color's favor. I probably went into unnecessary detail here, but hey, sometimes I think unnecessary detail is...well, necessary. The original design got a lot right, and I feel it's still a relevant character design to this very day. This proposed redesign has good intentions, but there's no way it would be a welcome change.
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    Okay, here's a Sonic CD montage! Warning, these are all really old and shitty. SOOOOOO many pictures! XD So what are you guys' opinion of my drawings?
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    Don't ask and just love Dk's amazing singing voice
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    Artist Association Thread

    I like the interaction and dynamic between the characters in this piece. If I had to make a critique or two, I think the muscle shading could be a little more subtle. The perspective of the bottle Bite's holding is also a little bit unclear - the lip is a bit straight particularly, and doesn't seem to match the direction of the rest of the bottle. Or maybe I'm looking at it wrong. Otherwise, it's a good piece and it makes me want to know more about these characters (it implies that there's a history between these characters and I want to know more about it XD) Right, here's my entry. An OC: Flynn, the fox. Trying out a different shading method. I also tried to limit how many different colors I used, and further limited myself to just two hues (except for the outline). I also learned a new method of drawing twisting humanoid forms, which is where I got the inspiration for the pose.
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    Question #13: What is the single most hilarious thing to come out of the entirety of Shadow the Hedgehog for you? OH MAN OH BOY There's SO MUCH to laugh about here in this game it's like it was intentionally written that way. The INTRO CINEMATIC before you even properly start the game is lolworhty. Shadow raining gunfire upon who-know-what with a look of scorn on his face already leads you into not taking this game seriously at ALL. From there it was pretty much downhill. The use of 'damn' really drives home whatever the hell audience Sonic Team was trying to reach here. Then there's this: HOW IS THIS SUPPOSED TO BE TAKEN SERIOUSLY MY GOD HAHAHA
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    The KKM

    Disney Comics

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    Day 13: Most Hilarious Shadow the Hedgehog Moment Ooo, that's a toughie. I would say it's something that gets overlooked... The neutral ending to Cryptic Castle. You find a secret passage, and Eggman's just "what? I didn't know there was anything down here..." This is what we call foreshadowing kids. When even the evil scientist who's always awakening ancient monsters doesn't know about a passage under his own base... Cue this fucking thing starting to chase you down the rails. I was screaming all high pitched, Eggman was freaking out too, and to me, that's what made this moment hilarious. It was terrifying the first time, but that's also what made it so funny. The fact Eggman himself was clearly on edge when he's usually so smugly confident in his control of every situation was icing on the cake.
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    The KKM

    Archie Sonic Main Discussion

    I don't know, I'd put it in the same category. they looked over saturated there, now they're looking grey and metallic in a way that's genuinely annoying me every time I look at these.
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    Day 13: Funniest Shadow the Hedgehog Moment "Damn" -almost every character. It just sounds so silly and out of place to hear Sonic characters say "damn". To be fair, I at first didn't notice them saying it (aside Shadow) until the mission where you have to defeat the flying airship. When you lose, Sonic says "Damn, they got away!" and it took me twice to realise it was Sonic saying that. XD It caught me off guard, not gonna lie. I guess they were really desperate to make the game have a mature feeling, huh?
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    .   .

    Disney Comics

    "Donald the persecuted dies, and from his ashes, Paperinik, the devilish avenger, is born!" Ok, edited. I had a feeling it would be Adventures since it would make sense but I didn't know Italian so it was a 50/50 guess. And wow, those are some stark similarities. I had no idea of Fantomius' origin, as I just took the word of a German student at my school who used to religiously read the Donald Duck comics. Apparently in the German version (according to him), Paperinik is still called Fantomius and is seen as the "new generation" Fantomius. Sort of similar to how you said that Donald got inspired by Fantomius. In the German version he took his name as well, and just changed his outfit. If the original Fantomius died, I can assume Donald wanted to keep his legacy alive by taking on his role. And that makes a bit more sense than becoming a new superhero, actually. Bravo, German writers. Also, oh lordy, I should know this stuff about Paperinik's origin. X( I bought a graphic novel called "Phantom Duck - The Birth of a Legend" in Greece last year. And surely enough, after flipping through a few pages I see this. Also there's one story with Fantomius and yeah, Donald seems to be in the same shot as him so that basically confirms they are indeed different people. I should really get to reading all the graphic novels I bought. I haven't touched a single one yet. But since it's summer now, and I have no school I guess I'll get to reading it today!
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    >Mega Man.EXE and Zero. SO MUCH YES.
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    I just realized it would be smart to put this under a spoiler. So uh, here's what we're probably hearing about Tomorrow
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    DEAR SEGA // Sonic Re-design (Video)

    It seems most of the members here are arguing that Sonic has both cuteness and an attitude to his design and that the proposed redesign lacks the attitude.
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    Sonic Concept Art

    Hirokazu Yasuhara. Main level designer for the classic Sonic games (minus CD & Chaotix), 3D Blast, and Sonic R.
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    Question #13: What is the single most hilarious thing to come out of the entirety of Shadow the Hedgehog for you? "It's like taking candy from a baby, WHICH IS FINE BY ME!" -Shadow The reason why I believe this to be the funniest thing in the whole entire game is that it's just the most blatantly generic and obvious "Look at me, I'm evil! Look at how evil I am!" line in the history of scripted entertainment, plus Jason Griffith's hammy delivery made it that much better. The fact that you only encounter it on the Pure Hero path is icing on the cake.
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    To add to Klonoa's above post, you need GameRanger in order to join. Just follow these instructions:
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    Question #12 - Favorite Nostalgic Moment? I'd probably have used the same one I mentioned in the last question, but hey, I have a better one in mind! Sonic VS Shadow, SA2 Damn, where to begin? This when I first saw this cutscene, I was pretty ok with Sonic Adventure 2, I never thought too much of the story or how all the pieces of the plot connected, but after watching this scene, I was fucking pumped. Not only the music had a pretty somber and epic feel to it, this is it, you have only a few minutes to stop a mad man of destroying the planet, and you last obstacle is the guy who's been shown to get the better of you again and again through the plot, the closest being you two ending in a tie. But now there cannot be a tie, you MUST win this fight or it's all over. The dialogue just makes it all more epic, with Shadow and Sonic just discussing how Sonic did something impossible just from his will to save the world, Shadow even complimenting him on it, but saying it won't change the end result. And the battle being a running fight just makes this even more satisfying, as both of Sonic's and Shadow's styles are based on their speed, and Shadow having all of Sonic's moves, making both having equal chances of winning. And the music, dear god, For True Story is somber but blood pumping at the same time, it has this empty beat that makes you feel how dire the situation is for everyone, and this is the only chance of fixing everything, with the lyrics sounding like Shadow's point of view of LIFE ITSELF, as it describes how he can't appreciate anything in life, not even smaller things because he's too focused on his rage, how he's locked himself from everything and everyone with his rage and despair, but even then, you can't let him have his way, you need to put a stop to his madness once and for all. Damn, replaying the boss always gives me chills, especially considering SA2 was my introduction to Sonic.
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    Having links to the original content by a different person, not to mention the fact that the English in the post is of a higher quality than what you normally post, I'm going to assume plagiarism and lock this thread (which in turn puts the rest of your similar topics in jeopardy.) In the forum where personal works are to be posted, intentional plagiarism is listed as an offense that is punishable up to a ban. However, you will merely be getting a strike for this. If you can instead prove you are the person responsible for this game, I recommend you actually send us the Unreal files for us to review (one of our staffers can look into it), and the strike and topic lock will be removed. Until then, the punishment stands.
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    Won't Stop, Just Go

    Nintendo @ E3 2015

    I don't even care if Retro's last two games were Donkey Kong. I want another one. Those games are fuckin GOOD, man. Really, whatever Retro does I'll probably be satisfied with it(they're my favorite studio right now for a reason)but I feel like someone else should take a crack at Metroid. Namely Nintendo themselves since they haven't really made a new Metroid by themselves since Fusion.
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    Day 12: Nostalgic Memory Oh this was always going to be the story leading to me getting Sonic Heroes. I first got a proper introduction to Sonic Heroes via a UK Playstation Magazine DVD that I actually still have. It had a bunch of Demos, reviews and so on and one of them was a preview for Sonic Heroes. The preview was only a few minutes long from memory and the voice-over gave an explained the whole team mechanic as well as praising the game as "Sonic's fastest adventure to date" and the lack of camera issues found in the adventure titles. Now, at the time I wasn't caring about the technicalities of the game. I was too busy taking in the colourful environments and seeing these characters blow through them faster than I'd ever seen a game go. The preview just sort of ended and never gave any indication of a release date. So, here I am with a game that I want to get and no means of actually knowing when it was out. I never even did the common sense thing of at least mentioning it to my parents in case they just happened to hear something about it at some point. After that, I just kind of moved on from it and figured I'd probably encounter it at some point in the future. Fast forward a little while and I'm at my Nana's house for the weekend like I always did. My cousin would always turn up later from Saturday night until the end of the weekend. Sure enough, one weekend he did just that. On the Sunday I had to go out for a bit and when I came back I found that he'd been at the game shop. Cool, I think to myself, I wonder what he got. Of course, a glossy new copy of Sonic Heroes emerged from the bag. I couldn't believe it, this fabled game that I had no way of keeping track of was now sitting right there. My cousin ran up stairs to play it, with me right behind. He booted the game up and there we stayed. I watched him play that game for hours. It was every bit as amazing as the preview had made it seem. I knew I had to get that game. One time my cousin brought the game to my house with his memory card and made a little bit of progress there. When it was time to leave he packed up his stuff and I waved as his car drove away. I go back to the room to discover the game still on screen. I couldn't believe it. This was when I discovered consoles like the PS2 will actually keep playing the game until it next needs to load. So for the first time, I got to play Sonic Heroes. He'd left the game running with team Rose on the Power Plant stage. It didn't last long. Not knowing the controls I ended up getting myself killed fairly quickly and eventually the game tried to boot the menu which obviously never happened. Still, no matter, I'd finally gotten a taster of the game. From then on, I'm actually at a blank as to what circumstances actually led to me getting my own copy. I can remember the car ride home from the shop wit the game in my hand but that's about it. From then on, Heroes has become one of my favourite games and I really do think the "so close yet so far" relationship I had with it prior to getting my own copy made me appreciate it more. I still have that same copy of the game but I've since gotten an Xbox copy as well for the convenience of playing it on the 360 rather than setting the PS2 up. Here's to you Heroes. Eleven years on and I still remember that story. Day 13: Shadow's Funniest Moment Hmm, just one eh? Tricky. Alrighty, let's go with the storytelling. Due to Shadow's branching storylines, depending on the path you choose, cutscenes can often completely contradict prior events during the playthrough or certain plot points and characters can be introduced and then never heard from again. Let's just take one example for this. This post's long enough already and I could write a book on Shadow's issues. Say a typical player starts the game for the first time. It's quite likely they'll pick the "neutral" mission which simply asks them to get to the goal ring and thus collecting a Chaos emerald. If you do this, the cutscene that follows has Black Doom scold Shadow for deliberately disobeying him. Hang on though, In the opening Black Doom tasked Shadow with collecting the seven emeralds and delivering them to him. Shadow's actually done exactly what Black Doom wanted, even though Shadow justifies it as collecting the emeralds for his own purposes. Black doom then teleports them both to another location and both completely act like the friction form the previous cutscene never happened.
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    Ducktor Naldush Repulsa

    Disney Comics

    Simply put, Paperinik was not created as a superhero parody. Instead, he was inspired by noir and pulp villains, and he was just that in his first stories; a villain. But Guido Martina, the writer of his first stories had an unique concept of the duck world; every single character was depicted as hating each other and sticking together out of necessities. Donald, Scrooge, the nephews. Martina's Donald wasn't foreign to telling his uncle "I'll dance on your grave" or "Die already!". Same thing with Scrooge. "(Donald) you wouldn't be able to steal from a deaf paralytic". Or the countless times Donald was in danger and he just didn't care. Not only that, but Scrooge was a dishonest rich guy, always conning those who had deals with him and a massive tax dodger. That's how he made his fortune, according to Martina. The nephews outright hated their uncle, calling him a useless, lazy man. Rockerduck planned many times to have the old fool killed, either by hiring the Beagle Boys or someone else. Gyro was the only one truly honest and friendly. But that's because Martina depicted him as being a complete moron outside of his tinkering with inventions. Yeah, I really dislike Martina's ducks myself. Nowadays, whenever there's a flashback to Paperinik's origin in a modern story, it's usually about Donald finding the diary, nothing else. You can guess why. Also...Paperinik's character just mellowed out with time, and all of sudden he was the hero of Duckburg and a thief no more. There's no explanation for the change in-universe, so far.
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    Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice

    Honestly... I rather did enjoy Shattered Crystal. It wasn't the perfect handheld Sonic game, but I did enjoy what I played. I think the only real negative I had with it was the writing for the story itself. I felt that Pontac and Graff really did flop hard with the bland comedy, and I just really hate how they wrote Knuckles in the game. It was just terrible. So, after watching the trailer... I'm actually somewhat excited to get this game. It'll probably be a day 1 purchase for me. The core gameplay style seems the same which I'm fine with, but I'm hoping the new levels are pretty fun to play through. I'm mostly questioning the fire/ice gimmick the game is having. On one hand I can slightly see it adding a bit more fun to the levels, but on the other hand it really does just look like a pointless gimmick that was added on. Yeah, I'll have to see how this'll be like when I play it. Also, why are some people acting like Shattered Crystal was a "train wreck"? Last i recall, it was Rise of Lyrics that was the train wreck, and Shattered Crystal was overall seen as meh from the beginning and end. Shattered Crystal was never really seen as the game people were really talking about the most.
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