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    More Classic/All Star ending images
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    Secret Boss Revealed
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    So, the Smash site updated; the stream thumbnail now has BLACK AND RED ARROWS OOOOOH NOOOOO this probably means fuck all but sssh ALSO I cannot believe this just happened.
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    Question #13: What is the single most hilarious thing to come out of the entirety of Shadow the Hedgehog for you? This little bit of comedy gold in the game's intro; The agape mouth, the frenzied look in that Hedgehog's eyes, the gratuitous unloading of bullets, and the way he's holding the gun with his other hand as if the recoil would smack him in the chest if he didn't all come together to make an image that is truly hilarious. But you know what else is just as funny? The fact that Sonic Team, I kid you not, expected me to take this seriously. Sigh...it's sad that Sonic is often at it's funniest when it's unintentional.
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    Expand dongs like it's the 90's again! That's right, YTV and Nelvana (they're sister companies) confirmed that they have created an official YouTube page called Nelvana Retro, and ALL 40 episodes of Donkey Kong Country are up to freely watch officially! Season 1 (26 episodes): Season 2 (14 episodes): Also included at the moment is Season 1 of Dumb Bunnies! Looks like more shows will be added on a regular basis, as shown in the trailer above. And just in time for E3, hmm... Enjoy!
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    DreamWorks Animation SKG

    So damn beautiful, and even then the screenshot really doesn't do it justice. The animators and artists at DWA / ODW are unbelievably on their game with this film.
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    I heavily associate the black and red with the Challenger Approaching! Screen, since it was used in both Brawl and Smash 4. So maybe an unannounced character will get shown after all. Could just be reading too much into it tho'
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    Don't ask and just love Dk's amazing singing voice
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    Question #13: What is the single most hilarious thing to come out of the entirety of Shadow the Hedgehog for you? OH MAN OH BOY There's SO MUCH to laugh about here in this game it's like it was intentionally written that way. The INTRO CINEMATIC before you even properly start the game is lolworhty. Shadow raining gunfire upon who-know-what with a look of scorn on his face already leads you into not taking this game seriously at ALL. From there it was pretty much downhill. The use of 'damn' really drives home whatever the hell audience Sonic Team was trying to reach here. Then there's this: HOW IS THIS SUPPOSED TO BE TAKEN SERIOUSLY MY GOD HAHAHA
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    Okie-doke! Catch up time again! My most nostalgic Sonic memory is... The Road to Sonic Heroes After Sonic Adventure made me a hardcore fan and Sonic Adventure 2 blew me away, I was lying in wait for the next big 3D adventure. Sonic Shuffle was a fun distraction, the Advance games were cool, and the Gamecube ports were fine, but I REALLY wanted to see what was coming next. I got that wish when I flipped through a random issue of Nintendo Power and spotted two new games announced: Sonic Heroes and Sonic Battle. While Sonic Battle's screen caught my eye for the inclusion of Shadow, my favorite Sonic character, despite his supposedly-deceased status at the time, I couldn't wrap my head around the Heroes screen. Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles hanging on to one another as they floated through the air? I then looked at the description. Three characters at once? Could they even make a game that worked like that? It was a while before I got the answer, as that one screen and description were my sole pieces of Heroes info for quite a long time. That is, until I discovered the wonders of the internet for the first time and found Sega's website where they had a trailer for the game uploaded. Upon watching it, I couldn't believe my eyes. Shadow WAS back from the dead? Gamma (Or at least something that looked an awful lot like him) was playable? Big was back and Cream made her 3D playable debut? THE CHAOTIX WERE INVOLVED?! METAL SONIC HAD A SICK NEW LOOK AND WAS THE MAIN VILLAIN?! Every new second of the video made me drool just a little more. I couldn't believe that they were actually going through with this. Judging by the generic name and the use of Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles in the screen, I thought this might just be a solo adventure for them, but FOUR WHOLE TEAMS WITH DIFFERENT STORIES?! RETURNING ADVENTURE ERA AND CLASSIC ERA CHARACTERS?! This settled it. I NEEDED to own this game. But I couldn't just wait for a holiday or birthday, no noooo NOOOOOOO. I needed to PURCHASE this MYSELF. ON RELEASE DATE. Thus, Heroes became the first game that I actually saved up cash for to buy DAY ONE. And boyyyyyy, was the road to its release memorable. It seemed like January 2004 took FOREVER to finally get here, but just thinking about that trailer and finding out new tidbits from magazines like Nintendo Power and the very same Electronic Gaming Monthly issue pictured above made me even more excited for what awaited me. I just KNEW that THIS was going to be something special. Probably played a key factor in why it was my favorite game for a time. That's why simply thinking about Heroes these days brings good, good memories back to me every time. Those were certainly fun times. As for my vote for most hilarious ShTH element... "WHAT'S WRONG WITH COMMANDER TOWER'S FAAAAAAAAAAAACE?!" So you want to give a mysterious, grizzled military official that's been out to get your game protagonist from stage 1 a sympathetic backstory by tying him to a character from your protagonist's past. All well and good, but THEN YOU MAKE HIS PAST FORM LOOK LIKE THIS. Between the dead, soulless expression, the horrifying wide-open mouth, the GIANT, DIFFERENTLY-COLORED BUG EYES, and just the low quality of the model in general, he looks more like one of the game's aliens than someone you're supposed to feel bad for. It's absolutely hysterical how much the flashback fails to have ANY impact JUST because of freakboy here. They seriously couldn't have made this model look ANY better? Even playing through the game for the first time in High School, I couldn't help but stifle a chuckle over how awful this looked. Talk about a Tower built on a shaky foundation.
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    Sonic Concept Art

    Hirokazu Yasuhara. Main level designer for the classic Sonic games (minus CD & Chaotix), 3D Blast, and Sonic R.
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    To add to Klonoa's above post, you need GameRanger in order to join. Just follow these instructions:
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    My most nostalgic memory is probably using SA2's Chao Garden. Literally like a Sonic version of Pokemon, I'd spend hours in the game taking them to the kindergarten, unlocking the hero and dark gardens, trying to master the racing and karate. If it wasn't for the Chao Garden I wouldn't have put nearly as much time into the game as I would have otherwise. I remember the constant cycle of dropping into a speed stage, collecting tons of Chaos Drives of one colour and modifying the Chao to my liking (but I'd never use animals - I actually thought they made the Chao look kinda weird and imperfect). It all kinda accumulated when I had gotten the ultimate versions of Hero, Neutral and Evil Chao in all my respective gardens, in which the whole thing kinda shut down for me following it. They all destroyed every challenge thrown at them now so I felt my mission(?) was finished. They're still on a memory card somewhere though, and it was a lot of fun when I was younger to breed and perfect them for so long that they could be the best they could be.
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    Question #12 - Favorite Nostalgic Moment? I'd probably have used the same one I mentioned in the last question, but hey, I have a better one in mind! Sonic VS Shadow, SA2 Damn, where to begin? This when I first saw this cutscene, I was pretty ok with Sonic Adventure 2, I never thought too much of the story or how all the pieces of the plot connected, but after watching this scene, I was fucking pumped. Not only the music had a pretty somber and epic feel to it, this is it, you have only a few minutes to stop a mad man of destroying the planet, and you last obstacle is the guy who's been shown to get the better of you again and again through the plot, the closest being you two ending in a tie. But now there cannot be a tie, you MUST win this fight or it's all over. The dialogue just makes it all more epic, with Shadow and Sonic just discussing how Sonic did something impossible just from his will to save the world, Shadow even complimenting him on it, but saying it won't change the end result. And the battle being a running fight just makes this even more satisfying, as both of Sonic's and Shadow's styles are based on their speed, and Shadow having all of Sonic's moves, making both having equal chances of winning. And the music, dear god, For True Story is somber but blood pumping at the same time, it has this empty beat that makes you feel how dire the situation is for everyone, and this is the only chance of fixing everything, with the lyrics sounding like Shadow's point of view of LIFE ITSELF, as it describes how he can't appreciate anything in life, not even smaller things because he's too focused on his rage, how he's locked himself from everything and everyone with his rage and despair, but even then, you can't let him have his way, you need to put a stop to his madness once and for all. Damn, replaying the boss always gives me chills, especially considering SA2 was my introduction to Sonic.
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    The Ren and Stimpy Show

    Ren and Stimpy was most definitely one of the most important cartoons to ever be released. It basically introduced television animation to the idea of drawing characters off-model. Before then, it was pretty much unheard of to draw characters differently from their normal appearance for any reason, but then John K came along and went crazy with it. Just think, without this show, cartoons may have never given us these beautiful moments:
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    I truly enjoyed the film about Stuart Little brainwashing Luigi into cooking and fooking. 10/10 would watch again.
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    If people here could not resort to immature name-calling or of being unnecessarily snarky when refuting someone, that would be great.
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    I was thinking the same thing too, lol. I could be wrong but I feel the crouching animation is really evident of this.
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    Truly, this is the kind of thought process you'd like from producers of a show. So much for trying to make witty jokes.
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    Oh yay! I'll be able to join this week's movie night! I haven't seen Ratatouille in 5 years so this will be fun. Plus I've only seen it twice so yeah. Hopefully I won't fall asleep halfway through the movie since it will be midnight at my time. :V
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    Day 12: Nostalgic Memory Oh this was always going to be the story leading to me getting Sonic Heroes. I first got a proper introduction to Sonic Heroes via a UK Playstation Magazine DVD that I actually still have. It had a bunch of Demos, reviews and so on and one of them was a preview for Sonic Heroes. The preview was only a few minutes long from memory and the voice-over gave an explained the whole team mechanic as well as praising the game as "Sonic's fastest adventure to date" and the lack of camera issues found in the adventure titles. Now, at the time I wasn't caring about the technicalities of the game. I was too busy taking in the colourful environments and seeing these characters blow through them faster than I'd ever seen a game go. The preview just sort of ended and never gave any indication of a release date. So, here I am with a game that I want to get and no means of actually knowing when it was out. I never even did the common sense thing of at least mentioning it to my parents in case they just happened to hear something about it at some point. After that, I just kind of moved on from it and figured I'd probably encounter it at some point in the future. Fast forward a little while and I'm at my Nana's house for the weekend like I always did. My cousin would always turn up later from Saturday night until the end of the weekend. Sure enough, one weekend he did just that. On the Sunday I had to go out for a bit and when I came back I found that he'd been at the game shop. Cool, I think to myself, I wonder what he got. Of course, a glossy new copy of Sonic Heroes emerged from the bag. I couldn't believe it, this fabled game that I had no way of keeping track of was now sitting right there. My cousin ran up stairs to play it, with me right behind. He booted the game up and there we stayed. I watched him play that game for hours. It was every bit as amazing as the preview had made it seem. I knew I had to get that game. One time my cousin brought the game to my house with his memory card and made a little bit of progress there. When it was time to leave he packed up his stuff and I waved as his car drove away. I go back to the room to discover the game still on screen. I couldn't believe it. This was when I discovered consoles like the PS2 will actually keep playing the game until it next needs to load. So for the first time, I got to play Sonic Heroes. He'd left the game running with team Rose on the Power Plant stage. It didn't last long. Not knowing the controls I ended up getting myself killed fairly quickly and eventually the game tried to boot the menu which obviously never happened. Still, no matter, I'd finally gotten a taster of the game. From then on, I'm actually at a blank as to what circumstances actually led to me getting my own copy. I can remember the car ride home from the shop wit the game in my hand but that's about it. From then on, Heroes has become one of my favourite games and I really do think the "so close yet so far" relationship I had with it prior to getting my own copy made me appreciate it more. I still have that same copy of the game but I've since gotten an Xbox copy as well for the convenience of playing it on the 360 rather than setting the PS2 up. Here's to you Heroes. Eleven years on and I still remember that story. Day 13: Shadow's Funniest Moment Hmm, just one eh? Tricky. Alrighty, let's go with the storytelling. Due to Shadow's branching storylines, depending on the path you choose, cutscenes can often completely contradict prior events during the playthrough or certain plot points and characters can be introduced and then never heard from again. Let's just take one example for this. This post's long enough already and I could write a book on Shadow's issues. Say a typical player starts the game for the first time. It's quite likely they'll pick the "neutral" mission which simply asks them to get to the goal ring and thus collecting a Chaos emerald. If you do this, the cutscene that follows has Black Doom scold Shadow for deliberately disobeying him. Hang on though, In the opening Black Doom tasked Shadow with collecting the seven emeralds and delivering them to him. Shadow's actually done exactly what Black Doom wanted, even though Shadow justifies it as collecting the emeralds for his own purposes. Black doom then teleports them both to another location and both completely act like the friction form the previous cutscene never happened.
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    Disney Comics

    Donald slowly develops his intentions as a super hero. He picks up the "avenging the poor People that get screwed over by the rich" part of Fantomius and applies it to himself and Scrooge (since, to be fair, he IS constantly tricked and abused by his uncle), which is why he acts that way, getting revenge on the People that treat him like shit constantly. Over the years, he starts to not only revenge himself when he gets treated badly, but the public in general when they get screwed over by, for example, Scrooges Business practices, which then slowly transforms into not only avenging them, but also helping them out in general. He basically slowly slides out of the whole "avenging" Thing and into the usual super hero persona. Also, I don't know how many of the old Donald Comics you read, but especially in the old Comics, Scrooge constantly, and I mean pretty much every freaking Story, forces Donald to do something he doesn't want to do or something really dangerous, promises him some awesome reward, and then completely pulls the rug underneath him, leaving him with absolutely nothing. Reading those stories pretty much on a daily bases when I read the reprints of the older books, I found it INSANELY satisfying to see Donald getting an opportunity to get back at him.
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    Dat ending shot with Peach as Hinawa, Duck Hunt Dog as Boney, his Cowboy summon as Flint and Lucas and Claus... This makes me so happy. <3
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    Re: Leaked videos/JP update data mine
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    To be fair those things can work, but it's one of those things that is VERY easy to screw up if you don't have any sense of nuance or writing skill...which they didn't.
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    "Fan demand" doesn't necessitate large numbers from a certain region. It could simply mean they've gotten a lot of letters about it from a percentage of the, however small, already established fanbase in Japan. We live in an age where the Japanese fans can see what we have and potentially want it, just like we often do with them. It makes sense that during the initial hype for Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric that the Japanese fans would ask for what was at the time considered a huge shift in the Sonic series. I am curious to see how it was received in that country, though, since Japan seems to have more of a tolerance for the things that might be more tedious to western audiences.
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    Question #13 - The most DAMN Hilarious thing in Shadow the Hedgehog? Oh man, that's so hard. I have one official and two runner ups The official one This is like taking candy from a baby! WHICH IS FINE BY ME! I mean, SERIOUSLY? I think the alarms there went off because there was too much edge on that scene. This is fucking hilarious, it's like they wanted to make Shadow look so evil, that he not only would say ''LIKE TAKING CANDY FROM BABIES'' but HE'D MEAN IT. Note that this is the good path. His edge is so high even on the good path he's a meanie. Runner ups - DAMN DAMN DAMN DAMMETY-DAMMENY-DAMN DAMNATION DAMN DAMN Also the fact that Shadow and Sonic act like if they're Squidward and Spongebob respectively. Just think about it for a moment.
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    Day 13! The single most hilarious thing to come out of the entirety of Shadow the Hedgehog! - Damn damn damn damn damn DAMN NOT HERE! I know they swear in the Japanese version but this is ridiculous. At least use other swearwords besides damn! - Sonic being WAY too fucking happy, like, weirdly so. "Time to ROCK and ROLL!" Sonic, please for the love of God go away and let Shadow mope by himself. You're just annoying him...and me. XP - But I think the most hilarious thing in Shadow the hedgehog hands down is this; Dr Eggman really likes to repeat himself in this game, but especially in this infamous boss battle! When I first played this, I couldn't stop laughing because of how annoying it was. Pure gold.
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    The second Felix wins I hear rat puns from my friends, people talking about Ratatouille, and somebody making a stupid joke on a reddit page. http://www.reddit.com/r/gaming/comments/39lmyk/mustve_had_a_really_big_forehead/cs4h8yy?context=3
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    One Piece Topic

    I can't believe how long it's been since I updated my status on this show. Well, I finished the Water 7 arc and I'm now in Thriller Bark. To sum up my thoughts on Water 7: The main Water 7 arc was like "Alright, this is pretty good so far. Yeah." Then came the CP9 arc and I was like "Oh my gOD" and THEN THE BUSTER CALL HAPPENED AND I WAS LIKE "oooOOOOOHHHHH HOLY CRAP" AND THEN- Well, you get the idea. It just got more awesome as it went on. The only bull they pulled was the Gear 2 form with Luffy. He... just observed and learned? That makes no sense. That's like... he pulled a Goku! But bleh, the arc was still amazing. And now Thriller Bark is pretty great as well. When Nami, Usopp, and Chopper first got on the island I was constantly on my toes. It was actually pretty scary and suspenseful! I guess the voice actors did that good of a job. There was like, constant screaming but you could feel the danger! Ahhh! I noticed there's also a huge animation upgrade starting from this arc. Everything looks so beautiful. So far I've watched up to episode 353 and I'm at the point where Brook was facing his zombie self and Luffy got into that massive monster zombie body. I like the idea of taking someone's shadow, actually. And I got some Peter Pan vibes when I saw Luffy's shadow get cut off. It's got its own mind kinda like Peter Pan's and I like that nice cartoony touch to it. Pretty interested to see how this arc will end. Oh, and uh, Perona is super cute. Just saying.
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    -she still looks like she has hams instead of thighs, if you ask me- The only one that looks more older is definetly Bison because white hairs and all. Wich makes me wonder what happened to Seth and S.I.N..
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    Disney Comics

    Huh. Well Scrooge #1 and #2 had 3 stories but one of the three were short. So I'm guessing they just had slightly longer stories? Maybe each was 2? Anyway, my issue of Donald #1 just shipped last week so I'll probably get it later this month. (Or in August since I'll be in Greece for summer :V) But yeah I didn't get the chance to pre-order any of the other issues. I'll get them later this year though. It's kinda tough getting American comics, especially with no subscription service. Also I can't believe I missed last month's solicits. Urgh, I was in Italy when they were released with no form of Internet access so I'll just post them now. IDW Disney Comics Solicits for August 2015: Walt Disney's Donald Duck: The Newspaper Comics, Vol. 1 From the Disney Vaults! The early Donald Duck daily strips are collected for the first time ever! The daily newspaper comics premiered on February 7, 1938, and within eight weeks became the all-time fastest growing syndicated comic strip in the world. This premiere volume includes more than 800 sequential daily comic strips from 1938 to 1940 drawn by Al Taliaferro and written by Bob Karp, and reproduced from pristine original material in the Disney Vaults! Writer: Bob Karp Cover and Interior Artist: Al Taliaferro Cover: Donald Duck #4 Sick of the mayhem that his temper wreaks, Donald seeks "The Perfect Calm" from a remote mountain guru. But duck-eating yetis may get in the way! Writer: Rodolfo Cimino Interior Artist: Romano Scarpa Cover Artist: Dave Alvarez Subscription Cover Artist: Derek Charm Jeez, I really have no idea what story this is. I couldn't even find it on Inducks. :U If anyone knows, tell me so I can update this. Gosh, I feel bad I can't find the original story. IDW Regular Cover by Dave Alvarez: IDW Subscription Cover by Derek Charm: Uncle Scrooge #5 "The Grand Canyon Conquest" wraps this month with a pulse-pounding cliffside showdown between Scrooge and schemers! Writers: Miquel Pijol and Freddy Milton Interior and Cover Artist: Miquel Pijol This issue wraps up the story "Grand Canyon", which part 1 was included in Uncle Scrooge #4. It was originally published in Germany in 1986 in issue #5 of Abenteuer aus Onkel Dagoberts Schatztruhe (Uncle Scrooge's Treasure Adventures). The story received an average rating of 7.5 from readers. IDW Regular Cover by Miquel Pijol: IDW Subscription Cover by Derek Charm: Walt Disney's Comics and Stories #722 Mickey battles Scorpion Valley's giant bugs in Part 2 of the epic "Search for the Zodiac Stone!" Then it's Scrooge versus Beagle Boys in a new Freddy Milton tale! Writers: Bruno Sarda and Jonathan Gray Interior Artists: Massimo De Vita, Freddy Milton, and Al Taliaferro Cover Artist: Giorgio Cavazzano This issue continues the story "Alla ricerca della pietra zodiacale" (In Search for the Zodiac Stone) with part 2 out of 12. Part 2 was originally published in Italy in 1990 in issue #1781 of Topolino (Mickey Mouse). The completed story received an average rating of 7.7/10 by readers. Original Publication Cover: IDW Regular Cover by Giorgio Cavazzano: IDW Retail Incentive Cover by Derek Charm: Edit: Wow, my post was so big it didn't fit everything. :V Gonna make a second post continuing stuff. Double posting because my last post was too massive apparently. Continuing from last time with the IDW solicits: Mickey Mouse #3 "The Mysterious Crystal Ball" can tell Mickey anything—even where crimes are about to strike! So why does our adventurous Mouse smell a rat? Writers: Carl Fallberg and Floyd Norman Interior Artist: Paul Murray Cover Artist: Jonathan Gray This story is actually a strange inclusion. It originates from the USA and was published originally across issues #203 and #204 of Walt Disney Comics and Stories back in 1957. A bit odd to reprint a story that was already published in the USA but I assume it's just rare? Anyway, the story originally had the title of "The Crystal Ball Quest" which I actually like better. The story received an average rating of 7.4/10 by readers. Original Publication Covers: IDW Regular Cover by Jonathan Gray: Uncle Scrooge: Pure Viewing Satisfaction The adventures of Uncle Scrooge return in these kid-friendly-sized collections. Includes the stories "The Wraith of Gigabeagle," "Shiver Me Timebers," "The Duckburg 100," and more! Writers: Jonathan Gray, Rodolfo Cimino, Jan Kruse, Romano Scarpa, and Joe Torcivia Interior Artists: Romano Scarpa, Bas Heymans, and Tony Strobl Cover Artist: Derek Charm So here we have Volume 1 of the Uncle Scrooge trade paperback series. Looks to be collecting 3 issues at once instead of the typical 4. Unless IDW does 3 at a time normally, I'm not too familiar with them. Since these include previous stories already covered in the solicits, I won't bother talking about them and just present the description and cover. Vol 1 TBP Cover: And now time for a little something new! Introducing the International Spotlight! Yup, you heard that right. Why look at just Disney comics published in the USA? I think it would be fun to present some foreign stories in this thread. If any new, big story comes out at any part of the world the same time IDW solicits come out, I'll be presenting them here. They'll mostly be Italian or Greek since those are the ones I follow mostly but that doesn't mean I won't be looking at others too. Anyone can post about stories from their country (or even translated versions) or PM me to include them in next month's spotlight. So without further ado, here we goooo! Italian Spotlight: Topolino #3107 featuring "Le strabilianti imprese di Fantomius – Il nobile dietro la maschera", or "The Amazing Adventures of Fantomius - The Noble Behind the Mask" (correct me if I'm wrong, Nald :L). Writer and Artist: Gervasio Marco Cover: Fantomius is one of those Disney characters you don't see much in comics these days. He's had a story every now and then, but he used to be who we know now as PK, Paperinik, or Phantom Duck. Donald Duck's superhero alterego in other words. At least, that's what I've been told from people who have read his stories. Now, I have yet to read a Fantomius story. Greece had one last year but I was unable to get my hands of a copy of the issue. It was sold out everywhere. Even the publisher didn't have any copies left, so that goes to show just how popular his stories can be. So I can imagine this is a big deal. Having no access to the Italian books and so far with no information on this issue yet online I can't say what it's about or what it's like but I'm sure some Italian Disney comic fans can share their insight on the story. Looks to be pretty exciting though, judging by the cover. Greek Spotlight: Μίκυ Μάους #51 featuring "Φάντομ Ντάκ - Μάχη στον Ωκεανό" or "Phantom Duck - Battle in the Ocean" Writer and Artist: Andrea Freccero Cover: So, last week Greece started publishing the 4 part story "Paperinik sull'oceano scombinato" (Paperinik and the messed up ocean I think?) originally published in Italy in July 2013 in Topolino starting with issue #3006. The complete story got an average rating of 7.2/10 by readers. So far I've seen people rave about how good the story is and the folks at GreekComics Forums are giving the parts a 7.5 to 8.0 (so far 2 have been published). Can't wait until I go to Greece next week and read the story for myself. ^^ I always love a good Phantom Duck story. Edit: Okay wait what? Now the forum combines your posts if you double post? That's convenient.
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    Gabz Girl

    DreamWorks Animation SKG

    That is the stupidest excuse I've ever heard. No Dreamworks, the reason why those movies underperformed at the box office is because they're simply not that good. First you have a movie about a snail who wants to be an Indy race car which sounds stupid as hell on paper, then there's a movie about two old Jay Ward characters that barely anyone remembers today (especially in Europe!) and finally a movie about Penguins who have already appeared in so many shorts plus their own TV series that most people are tired of seeing them. The reason why How to Train Your Dragon 2 and Kung Fu Panda 2 did so well in comparison to these is because they don't have lame pop culture humour, predictable plots and annoying dance party endings. Dreamworks, your audience is sick and tired of seeing those kind of movies, and even if Home was a moderate success it still didn't gross the amount that HTTYD and KFP did and there's a very good reason why! To think that tripe like Trolls and Boss Baby are in the future line up of Dreamworks Animation, while unique and special films like Me and My Shadow have been canned really disappoints me and actually makes me dislike the company even more. I like a lot of their stuff, but if they keep releasing the kind of stuff that makes them so infamous then I don't think I'll ever watch a film of theirs in the cinema.
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    Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice

    After getting some of my questions answered on the NeoGaf thread, really happy with the direction this game is going in . The collection system is completely revamped, with the forced collection for completing the game being gone, with that being for unlockable content to play through (the 'extra' levels and the content on the seveth island). This leads to the original games biggest problems (forced collection and short length) being solved; the former working a lot better, with it flowing like a normal sonic tittle and the latter being fixed through very replayable levels. Never got the full version for my 2DS, but the demo I played had its level being very long, so with the exploration not being forced, that leads to levels being lots of fun to explore through . That alongside the fire/ice mechanic working for maintaining your speed, Amy looking fun to play as and the bosses looking fun to fight, I am looking foward to picking this up this fall . While I hope this E3 brings the announcement of a huge Sonic Team tittle for the series on PS4/X1/Wii U, I am happy knowing that the new Boom game will be a good game in the long run .
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    Day 12: What is your most nostalgic memory with the franchise? My most nostalgic memory with Sonic is actually my first encounter with the series my means of playing Sonic 1 for the first time back in June 1991 as a 7-year-old: I was immediately intrigued seeing this box art for Sonic 1, as I had no idea what a hedgehog was at the time, not to mention I never recalled any video game characters being such as well as being blue, so I found that really cool. I got Sonic 1 and the SEGA Genesis as a reward for doing well in school (as that was what I chose) and as soon as plugged in the Sonic 1 cartridge and turned my brand new SEGA Genesis on and saw this: I knew right then and there just from the title screen and expression on his face during the idle animation that Sonic was definitely a character with some personality and that definitely captivated the attention of 7 year old me. Within a span of 5 minutes, I knew that Sonic was a cool dude that was fast and energetic with an attitude to boot-which I liked a lot. Something that I still think of Sonic some nearly 24 years later and then some. It was a fine first memory of the Blue Blur that has stuck with me just as long Runner up would be watching SatAM. Nine year old me and my 2 younger sisters and baby brother would wake up early and work together to make breakfast before the newest episode aired that always included pancakes . Right after cooking breakfast we would run to the TV and turn it and the VCR on and pop in a video cassette to record the new episode so we could watch it again later as we did so repeatedly. We memorized the theme song for SatAM very quickly and the four of us would always sing along whenever we heard it. Good times
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    Oh for fuck's sake, no. We don't need more redesigns, and it's pretty plain to see why - Sonic has been through a lot of them, both aesthetically and in gameplay, and every time it happens it just drives a wedge into the consumers and divides them further. We don't know what Sonic even is anymore because of moves like this - absolutely pointless reinventions for people to bicker over which is ultimately more worthy of our attention than the other, especially when previous approaches already worked perfectly fine before Sega ditched them anway. I can at least appreciate that this guy put effort towards seeing his idea in motion, but this just isn't going to help.
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    Nintendo @ E3 2015

    That doesn't necessarily mean it's not a new DKC. Remember, Returns and (presumably) Tropical Freeze ran on the Metroid Prime engine. It's very possible that Retro thought they could do more on an engine that wasn't ten years old. It's no secret where my loyalties lie. I really want Retro to make another DKC game, and I'd be even happier if they made a Diddy Kong Racing sequel. Whatever they make, it's given me a big reason to pay close attention to Nintendo's E3.
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